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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 4

11 Years Old. Boners.

When Connor was 7 years old, his father came home with a pair of used skates someone had given him.

"Here ya go, kid," he said as he tossed them at Connor. That was the beginning and end of his father's efforts to help Connor learn how to skate.

The first time he took his skates to the rink, Connor went alone. He wanted to avoid the embarrassment of falling in front of anyone he knew. After slipping and sliding around for awhile, he took a tumble and found himself flat on his back.

As he was laying there looking up at the rafters, the face of one of his friends appeared in his line of sight.

"How ya doin', Con?" he said with a giggle.

Everything hurt. His shins, back, knees, the back of his head. Connor rolled his eyes. "Not so good."

"C'mon," his friend said as he pulled him up.

Just then, one of his other friends skated up. Oh boy, he thought to himself. Double embarrassment. But, they took pity on him. For the next hour, they held his hands and arms, one on each side, and pulled him around the ice. By the end, it wasn't so bad.

In the following weeks, he went back to the rink over and over. He was determined to learn how to skate. At least one of his friends was there every time to help him. One time, they put a chair on the ice and showed him how to hold onto the back of it for balance. That helped a lot!

Months later, on a cold winter day, it just clicked. Connor was skating and not even thinking about it. He started skating with a hockey stick, one he found in a trash barrel. He picked up a stray puck on the ice and tried hitting it against the boards. The first time he tried it, he slipped and fell right on his butt. Along with learning how to skate backwards, he eventually learned to hit the puck without falling down. At least some of the time.

When his stick handling got good enough, he started joining other kids to play Shinny. It was a fun disorganized mess of skating, shooting, and passing. Connor loved it. In short order, he became the kid everyone wanted to play with. When the hockey association put together the new season, he was asked to join one of the teams.

By the time he was 8 years old, he was considered to be one of the best hockey players on his team. He played forward or center and had a wicked slap shot.

When he was 9, he decided to grow his hair out. It was unquestionably the fashion for young emerging hockey players. He and his friends all watched pro hockey on TV. For a kid, long hair sticking out of the back of players' helmets was totally prime. And they looked even cooler when they skated around during warm-ups without wearing helmets. Their hair flew behind them; they called it "The flow." Sitting together on the couch at Connor's house, they listened in hushed silence when their favorite players gave interviews between periods. They all nodded with approval when one of them commented on how cool a player's tousled hair looked.

Several of Connor's friends had already let their hair grow out. A few of them even let it grow down to the middle of their backs. It was a little girlie looking but, so what? When he started putting off getting his hair cut, his mom gave him a hard time. She wasn't real happy about long, messy hair. After some whining and a few tears, she gave in. Her rationale: it was just hair.

He rarely combed it. Instead, he perfected a move he called the "shrake." Bending over at the waist with his head down, he would shake his hair out. Then, as he straightened up, he would jerk his head back. The final move was to use the four fingers on his right hand to rake the hair from the part on the right over to his left ear. Shake and rake: "shrake."

By the time he was 11 years old, some of his teammates were taking showers after practice. Approaching puberty was creating a mysterious condition called body odor. The rest of them just got their street clothes on and left.

Connor was putting his shoes on one day after practice when he heard a ruckus coming from the shower room.

"Boner! Boner! Boner!" The boys were yelling. He and a couple of other kids ran in to see what was going on. They discovered that one of the boys had popped a boner in the shower. His dick was bigger than normal and sticking right out. The boys were all laughing and jeering. The poor kid blushed scarlet red. But, he just laughed with them.

Connor vaguely knew what was going on. He'd felt some numbness, a kind of pressure, down there himself from time to time. He didn't associate it with anything. But, that night he decided to investigate.

On occasion, if he felt like it, he stuck a finger up his butt. He'd discovered it by accident once when he was taking a bath. He thought he would make sure his butthole was clean. Soaping his index finger up real good, he stuck it underneath himself and rubbed around his anus a bit. It accidentally slipped all the way in. He grunted a bit and pulled it out right away. It didn't hurt so he tried it again. The pressure on his finger was intense as his muscles squeezed together. He pulled it out again because he was afraid it was going to make him go poop.

On this night, during his bath, he did it again. After soaping up his finger and inserting it in his butt, he felt that numb feeling in his dick again. He looked down. To his amazement, his dick was sticking straight out. He flicked it with his finger. That felt good!

He was proud of himself. He could pop a boner, too! But, when he got out of the tub, his pride turned to alarm. The boner was still there! He was afraid he might have done something wrong by pushing his finger into his butt. Trying to avoid his mother, he ran from the bathroom to his bedroom and closed the door. When he pulled his underpants on, his erection tented them out. It felt good rubbing against the material of his briefs but he was afraid it wouldn't go away. As he crawled into bed, he didn't feel it anymore. He put his hand down there. The erection had miraculously disappeared.

That night, Connor was awakened by a scary and exciting dream. In the dream, he was being held down by several faceless people who were grabbing at him and pulling his clothes off. As his underpants were violently stripped off, he woke up and discovered that he'd gotten another stiffy.

As he approached his 12th birthday, his mom started dating a guy named Tim. Connor was receptive to Tim's efforts to befriend him but their relationship quickly ran out of gas. They just didn't have much in common.

Tim's love affair wasn't with his mom; it was with his bright orange Dodge Charger. When he wasn't working his job as an electrician, he spent most of his time in his mom's driveway. He'd either have his head buried under the hood of his car or he would be washing it and meticulously drying it.

Connor's mom and Tim tried to create a pretense that they weren't having sex. But, Connor was onto them from the get go. Early in the morning, he would hear the front door opening and closing. Shortly thereafter, Tim started appearing at breakfast a few mornings a week. Yawning, he'd stumble into the kitchen wearing sleep shorts, a wife beater, and sporting an unshaven face.

On a rare warm day in late fall, Tim and Connor's mom decided to grill hot dogs and burgers on the barbecue in the back yard. While they sat on lawn chairs, Connor sat on the ground holding his paper plate and hot dog. Wearing loose fitting shorts, Tim took a swig of beer as he casually spread his legs. Sitting across from him, Connor couldn't help but notice Tim's large dick and hairy balls as they peeked into view through the open leg of his shorts. Connor stared. His dick looked gross and menacing.

Tim had been talking to Connor's mom. When he turned his gaze to Connor, he knew just what he was looking at. He gave him a half drunk, sneering smile.

Connor's mom noticed. "Tim!" She yelled. He immediately closed his legs with a chuckle in his throat and took another swig of beer. Connor's mom just glared at him with tight lips.

Tim's overnight stays gradually transitioned to the point where he was at their house most of the time. Along with his personal stuff, a collection of porn magazines also appeared in the nightstand next to the bed his mom and he shared. The little porn Connor had been exposed to by his friends was all online. These magazines were different. The overwhelming majority of them were a magazine called Penthouse. They were ancient. The front covers had dates on them from the 1980's and 1990's.

After discovering them, Connor pored over the pictures in the magazines whenever he had a chance. Those chances came mostly after school. He had to be extra careful because his mom worked mostly from home. But, the chances of being found out were slim. She was frequently busy both attending meetings and holding conference calls from her home office.

A lot of the women in the photos had teased up curly hair and wore a lot of make-up. But, he wasn't looking at their hair. His focus was on the women's breasts and their huge nipples. He just couldn't imagine how a girl's nipples could get that big! It was actually kind of gross. He also looked closely at the pictures that showed the women's pubic area. He was both attracted to and repulsed by the thick hair and the occasional pink gash between their legs.

What intrigued him the most, however, were the photo spreads featuring lesbians. He'd heard about lesbians from one of his friends. But, he thought this mostly meant holding hands and kissing. These photos made them look a lot different. Of course, they were naked or mostly naked. Not only did they kiss and hug each other, they touched each other all over.

Most of the women in the other photo spreads appeared to be a lot older, more like his mom's age. But, one of the photo spreads, in particular, grabbed Connor's attention. This one featured two women who looked a lot younger, more like girls than grown women. They were slender with narrow hips and small breasts. One of the girls was really cute. She had reddish brown hair and lots of freckles across her button nose and the rest of her face.

The other girl shocked Connor. She looked like a female version of himself! Just like Connor, she had messy blonde hair that just hit her shoulders, narrow bright blue eyes, a pointy chin, and pink skin. She had slender hips and small breasts. Her pink nipples were smaller than most of the other women in the magazines; definitely smaller than the girl she was photographed with.

Compared to a lot of the other photo spreads where the women looked like they were posed for the camera, these two girls looked like they were genuinely into each other. The expressions on their faces showed real passion.

The picture that got Connor, really got him, was a full page spread. The blonde haired girl stood on a bed, fully naked, facing the wall. She was bent over at the waist with her legs spread. Her elbows and forearms were resting against the wall with her head hanging between them. The other girl was behind her, sitting on her knees. Her face and mouth were firmly glued to the blonde girl's butt and pussy. Part of her tongue was visible. Connor couldn't tell if it was going in and out of her pussy or her butt hole. Whichever one it was, Connor found it to be extremely hot. The blonde girl looked totally lost in the moment.

After looking at the same picture numerous times over the course of several days, he took the magazine to his room one day after school. His mom had gone out to a meeting and Tim wasn't going be home until later. As he lay on his tummy on the bed, he studied the photo once again. He wondered what it would feel like if it was him bent over in that position. Naturally, he felt a really strong boner in his pants. As he adjusted himself he realized how good it felt when his cock rubbed against his jeans and the bed. The rubbing continued for some time while Connor enjoyed every small detail and fantasized about it being him in the picture. He felt his eyes start to water a bit and his eye sight got a bit blurry.

Suddenly, he felt an intense sensation in his cock and realized he was about to pee in his pants. But, before he could even think about getting up to go to the bathroom, it happened. He sort of lost his breath as he felt his cock spasm. What a great feeling! His respiration started to slow and his cock actually became ultra sensitive. He rolled over on his back and put his hand down his pants to feel if it was wet. There was no actual spunk. Connor was relieved because he was afraid he had pissed in his pants. He felt tired but, paradoxically, refreshed and clear headed. He decided to claim the magazine as his own so he stuck it under his bed.

That night, with just a small bedside lamp on, he pulled the magazine back out from under the bed and looked at the photo again. His erection immediately returned. This time he pulled his top off and pushed his pajama bottoms down to his ankles. He urgently masturbated again. Afterwards, his cock was sort of sensitive and sore. He thought maybe he had injured himself in some way. But, a few minutes later, the erection returned and he masturbated for the third time that day.

Connor's daily ritual now included masturbation after school, whenever possible. One day, he was in his room laying on his tummy with his pants around his ankles. The magazine was open to his favorite picture. His elbows were on the bed which helped him elevate his body just a little. In doing so, he could control the friction on his cock as he rubbed it against the bedspread.

Just then, Tim burst in. "Oh, fuck!" he yelled.

Connor jerked his legs together and turned on his side to do whatever he could to hide what was going on.

In that moment, a stream of thoughts went through Tim's mind. The little snot is jerking off! But, other thoughts intermingled with his disgust. Actually, the kid looked kind of cute laying there. On his tummy, pants and underwear at his ankles. His long hair falling into his face. His round pink boy butt. Cheeks slightly apart, the shadow of his bung hole visible. It kind of reminded him of Carrie's butt. He flashed back to the last time he butt fucked her, how good it felt, and how she writhed in pain from it. Tim realized he was hard. He began to wonder what it would be like if…

After a second, his mind came back into the moment. He reached over and grabbed his magazine.

"That's mine!" He leered at Connor and laughed. Without another word, he slammed the door.

At dinner that night, Connor was quiet. He avoided looking at Tim. He was repulsed by him. His memory went back to seeing Tim's ugly, scary cock at the barbecue. For some reason, he briefly imagined Tim's cock in his mouth. The idea was dirty and revolting.

Connor quickly finished his dinner and asked to be excused. As he was carrying his plate and empty glass to the counter by the sink, he could feel Tim's eyes drilling into him. When he turned slightly, he caught Tim staring. Staring hard at his butt. Gross! He got out of there and went to his room.

Tim's relationship with Connor was over. What Connor didn't know was that Tim's relationship with his mother was also deteriorating. One night, not long after that awkward day, when he was getting ready for bed, his mom came in and sat down.

Sheepishly, she asked, "Connor, do you like Tim?"

Connor hung his head. "Not really."

"Why not?"

Connor just shrugged his shoulders.

"Honey, Tim told me about what you've been doing."

Connor could feel the heat rising in his face.

"I just want you to know that it's ok," she said. "It's part of growing up." His mother grabbed him and held him close. "We're partners, you and me. Right?"

Connor just nodded.

When he woke up the next day, Tim was gone.

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