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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 3 - Connor, Carey and Randy, Chapter 5


What WAS that?

Carey tried to ponder the question between doling out change and trying to fix malfunctioning pinball machines. The pinball arcade was busy today! After getting off the phone with the owner for the second time as he tried to reset one of the machines, he had a moment to think.

Was he at a crossroads? Is this what being gay is all about? Or, was it just more horny guy stuff? His past quickly played like a movie in triple time before his eyes. He'd had his share of sex, some of it bordering on bizarre. He shook his head. Remember Dani Cohen's credo, he said to himself. Just keep trucking along.

His attraction to Randy was strong. He wanted so bad to kiss him last night. When Randy ended the evening so abruptly and tossed him out, it was obvious he knew what was about to happen. Was he ashamed, deeply in the closet, or was he rejecting Carey's advance?

Nothing was resolved. Before he could try to sort it out further, Wally stopped in. Carey was in no mood to jaw with him.

After staring past Wally and responding with grunts to Wally's comments, he whined, "What's your problem, man?"

He played a couple of machines and left without even saying good bye.

Just as he was turning out the lights at the end of the day, he got a text from Randy.

"Hang out?"


"8. My place."


A moment later,

"Cya then."

After showering to get the tension out and eating a microwave dinner, he arrived at Randy's house around 8 that evening.

When Randy opened the door, he was wearing only a pair of dark blue fleece shorts that left a couple of inches of treasure trail visible below his belly button. Great tummy. Bare feet. Carey was more than pleasantly surprised at the way he was greeted. He felt an immediate tightening in his pants as his eyes roved over Randy's smooth lean body. Leading him back to the great room, Carey enjoyed watching his nicely rounded hips and tight ass.

Directing Carey to a luxuriously cushy leather sofa, Randy offered him something to drink. As he prepared it, Carey admired the high beamed ceiling and attractive furnishings.

Handing Carey a short brown drink on ice, his eyes twinkled as he said, "Cheers!"

Bourbon. The second the drink hit his throat he warmed up and relaxed.

Sitting down next to him, one leg on the floor, the other on the couch so close that his knee touched the side of Carey's thigh, Randy said, "I'd totally spaced that I'd picked you up last night. Sorry about kicking you out. I kind of panicked."

"No worries. It only took a few hours to walk home," Carey teased.

They both laughed.

"So, where are your parents tonight?"

"Out of town. Some leadership retreat. No chance they'll be coming home this time."

Another twinkly smile.

Looking him over from head to toe again, Carey asked, "Do you usually spend your time at home dressed like this?"

Randy chuckled, "Ya."

Carey somewhat sarcastically asked with a smile, "Why even bother with the shorts?"

Randy gave him a squirrelly smile. Without another word, he got up and left the room. A moment later he reappeared. He'd stripped down to his underwear, a pair of black and white pinstriped bikini briefs. Walking over to Carey, he stood directly in front of him, his massive erection clearly pushing against the material of his underwear.

Carey put his drink down and with a soft groan, ran his hand up and down the bulge in Randy's briefs. Randy gasped lightly. Pulling the front of the briefs down, Carey exposed Randy's smooth pink cock and, in one full swoop, took it into his mouth.

It was gorgeous. Seven plus inches. Thick, tasty. Randy had a full crop of dark brown pubic hair and a luscious treasure trail above it. His balls were covered by a thin layer of hair. His upper thighs were pearly white and smooth. His smell. God! His smell! A little musky mixed in with the perfume of some fancy soap.

Randy gasped as he let Carey suck for a minute. Then he stepped back and pulled Carey to his feet. Taking Carey's hand, he led him to his bedroom. Randy shoved him on the bed and stripped him completely naked. Letting his own underpants fall to the floor, he pushed Carey's legs apart, leaned down between them, and swallowed Carey whole.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind. Sucking and fucking in every imaginable combination. They fell asleep sometime around 3 am, cuddled together, cum and sweat filled sheets above and below them.

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