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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 4 - Carey, Chapter 4

16 Years Old. Football.

Confused. That was the simplest way to put it. The end of Carey's relationship with Bjorn left him feeling frustrated and melancholy. When he looked back on his previous obsession with Liam and now this latest attraction to Bjorn, Carey wondered about himself.

Gay. When he looked at the word he simply couldn't identify with it. Outside of Liam and Bjorn, he'd really never looked at another boy in that way. He also was unable to relate to the small group of boys at his school who were "out." Most of them looked like goth musicians in a punk band. Scary looking with weirdly colored hair and black clothing. Some of them even wore black eyeliner. He would see them lurking together in the halls or standing together at basketball games.

He desperately needed to just talk to someone about his feelings. No way was he going to talk to a school counselor or the minister at his church. Just to test the waters, Carey tried to strike up a conversation with one of kids in that group at school, a senior by the name of Vin.

"Hi," was all he said. Vin just snorted and walked away.

He'd had little sexual experience with girls and certainly no romantic or emotional attraction. Lindy was a case in point. Carey had no clue how it happened. Somehow, she had singled him out as someone she wanted to conquer. Maybe, his aloof and distant attitude put her up to the challenge. She simply wouldn't leave him alone.

One day, she basically coerced him into driving her home from school. They sat in her driveway talking. Bored to tears, just as he was about to tell her he had to get home, she attacked him.

"Suck face" was an accurate way to describe the way she kissed him. Breathing and slurping all over him, he tried to pull away so he could wipe his mouth off. When he pushed his hand against her chest to gently ease her away, she took it as an advance. Grabbing his hand she guided it underneath her blouse where she vigorously massaged it against her breast. Carey felt like his skin was crawling.

Carey was so muddled by his feelings, he sometimes would sit with his eyes clenched tight and his fingers massaging his temples. Perhaps he could rub some sense into it all. Nope. Nothing doing.

Now 16 years old, in the spring of his Sophomore year, he decided to audition for the school's musical, "Bye-Bye-Birdie." Perhaps this would be a way to turn the page. In spite of his weak singing voice and clumsy dancing, he got a small part in the chorus. Much to his dismay, the boy who played Conrad Birdie was a sex bomb. Tanner was slender and had long hair. He had a "pitchy" singing voice which should have disqualified him from getting a lead. But, he sure knew how to shake his hips!

Carey would sit in the audience and ogle him while he watched him rehearse. In spite of Carey's attempts to befriend him, Tanner ignored him. He was a chick magnet and he knew it. Even without really trying, the girls swooned over him. Talk about type casting.

To make matters even more frustrating, when it came time to assign dressing rooms for the upcoming performances, Carey was paired with Tanner. Carey tried to play it cool but Tanner loved traipsing around in his underwear. He didn't care who saw him. Girls were constantly coming and going under the pretense of checking costumes or running lines with him. All the while, Tanner wore nothing but his tidy whities .

Carey tried to divert his attention whenever Tanner stripped down. It was hard though. After one dress rehearsal, Carey dropped his guard for a moment. He must have been staring pretty hard because Tanner noticed. He walked right up close to Carey and just looked at him. Carey froze. With a seductive smile, Tanner put his hand over his junk and shook it. When Carey looked down at Tanner's crotch, he laughed derisively and walked away. Just at that moment, one of the girls walked in to retrieve his costume.

Embarrassed and humiliated. Carey kept to himself for the remaining rehearsals and performances.

In early August, Carey stopped by school to pick up his Junior year class schedule for the coming semester. He stood outside the principal's office and examined his schedule. How was he going to get from one end of the building to the other in the four minutes allotted between classes? Just then, Mr. Barnes called out his name.

He was the Biology teacher when Bjorn and Carey leg fucked each other. Thinking back on it, that was the only way Carey could describe it. With a grimace after they met at the end of the semester, Mr. Barnes reluctantly changed his grade from a "D" to a "C." It was the first "C" Carey had ever gotten, let alone the possibility of getting the "D" he deserved.

"Hey, Carey! I've got a proposition for you."

OMG, Carey thought. Mr. Barnes knew about Bjorn and me. He recalled one of the last days they ever dared to fool around in class. Heat from his hand against Bjorn's thigh and a painful erection, Carey was in a sex fog. He hadn't noticed Mr. Barnes strolling around the classroom as he lectured.

"Boys!" was all Mr. Barnes said in a sharp tone.

Jerked back to reality, Carey dropped his hand. Everyone turned around. Bjorn stared straight ahead, expressionless while Carey felt himself blush to his toes. Curiously, nothing more was said. Mr. Barnes never brought the subject up again even though he seemed to keep his eyes on them pretty closely for rest of the semester.

"How would you feel about being student manager for the football team?"

In addition to teaching science, Mr. Barnes was also the football coach. After giving up on his career in theater, Carey really didn't have anything else to do.

"Ok," he responded with a shrug.

A few days before football practice started, the coaches met with the three student managers to show them everything that needed to be done. Carey was assigned the role of the team's athletic trainer. He was given a manual to read along with a large kit full of tape, bandages, and ointments.

Carey threw himself into learning how to be an athletic trainer. He read the manual carefully from cover to cover learning how to treat scrapes, cuts, and muscle pulls. He studied the diagrams on how to tape an ankle. His mother even let him practice on her. In addition, he studied the instructions on how to treat and wrap a pulled groin muscle.

When football practice started, Carey and the other two student managers were kept busy with a wide assortment of duties. They cleaned up the locker rooms, carried equipment and supplies to and from the practice field, and helped any players who needed it with their jerseys and pads.

Carey fixed cuts, applied ice to bruises, and taped ankles. By the third day of practice, he was called on to treat a couple of pulled groins. In the process, Carey discovered that taping groins gave him a chance to check out other guys, something he had hardly dared think about in months.

The procedure involved having a guy strip below the waist to his underwear or a jock strap. He would slather an amount of heat producing ointment on a tongue depressor and spread it high on a boy's thigh all the way up to the crease between his thigh and his balls. Sometimes he would even push the tongue depressor back behind a boy's ball sack to his perineum, the small area between his balls and butt hole. After applying the ointment, he would cover the area with cotton gauze. Finally, he would run tape up the thigh, around the boy's hip, down between his legs, and up and around his waist.

It wasn't long before Carey realized it would be more interesting if he asked the player to be strip naked below the waist. It was much easier to get access to that tender groin area between a boy's leg and his cock and balls. He enjoyed seeing the wide variety of private parts: big and small dicks, low hangers and nice tight balls, hairy crotches and a few shaved pubes. Some boys had pink dicks, others brown or nearly black. His face was frequently within a couple of inches of another guy's cock.

On occasion, he fantasized about what it would feel like if he simply leaned forward and put his mouth around some guy's cock. That would be hot!

One of the boys catching Carey's attention was a 9th grader named Cade. Definitely a third stringer with a small frame not particularly suited to football, Cade was relegated to the side lines most of the time. He was usually used just for kick offs and returns. Probably because he was younger and intimidated by the older, more experienced players, he was quiet and stuck mostly to himself.

Moderately short blond hair, braces on his teeth, a small crop of zits across each cheek. When Carey sneaked a peak at a naked Cade in the locker room, he liked seeing his smooth chest, a small patch of light brown pubic hair, and a cute set of balls underneath his average length cock.

Carey was just finishing a clean up of the training room one day after practice when he decided to do a walk through of the locker room to make sure all the garbage had been picked up. Most of the boys and the other two student managers had already left. Cade and a couple of the other boys lagged behind a bit as they finished getting dressed.

Returning to the training room to close up the first aid kit and get his back pack, he heard the locker room door slam shut as the last couple of boys left. All was quiet. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned to see Cade standing in the doorway.

"Um. I think I have a problem."

"What's that?"

"I might have pulled my groin during practice," Cade said rather sheepishly.

"How do you know?"

"It sort of aches."

With a sigh, Carey said, "Ok. Let's take care of it."

Sensing Carey's hesitation, he quietly said, "If you don't want to now, I can come see you before next practice."

"No, that's ok. Let's treat it now so it doesn't get worse."

Carey turned his back and flipped his training kit open.

"Ok," Cade said in a small voice.

As he pulled the tape, gauze, and ointment out of the case, he heard a rustle of clothing behind him. When he turned around, he was surprised to see that Cade had not just pulled his pants down. He was completely naked. God! He looked cute! Square shoulders, shallow indentation between his pecs, firm tummy, narrow waist, and that dick surrounded by a cute set of balls.

Cade's face started to flush. Carey's stare must have been obvious. Feeling self conscious, Cade raised one hand and grabbed onto the other arm to partially cover himself.

"C'mere," Carey said hoarsely.

Cade padded over to him as Carey watched his cock and balls lightly bounce. Grabbing the ointment and a tongue depressor, he got down on his knees. Cade stood naked right in front of him.

"Can you spread your legs a little?"

Carey was having trouble choking the words out.

As he was about to dig the tongue depressor into the ointment, he saw Cade's cock quickly thicken and elevate. Carey slowly looked up at Cade. He had a kind of hurt puppy look on his face.

Almost in a trance, Carey put the ointment and tongue depressor on the floor and wound the fingers of his left hand around Cade's cock. Cade let out a soft long sigh, closed his eyes, and tipped his head back.

Trying not to grip too tightly, Carey's hand began a slow movement back and forth. Cade responded by thrusting his hips forward and back. With his other hand, Carey gripped the side of Cade's hip for a moment, then sliding it around to cup Cade's right butt cheek. As his pace quickened, Cade grunted several times, gasped, and emitted several long, thick streams of cum directly onto Carey's face. Carey's first instinct was to pull his head back. Too late. Most of Cade's spunk landed on his cheeks, between his nose and mouth, on his forehead, and even in his hair.

Cade stumbled back and started to giggle. Realizing he probably looked ridiculous, Carey sat back and laughed, too.

He couldn't think of anything to say other than, "Does your groin still hurt?"

They both laughed.

"Not any more."

At the next game, Cade suffered an unfortunate injury during a kick off resulting in a broken leg. He even had to get carted off the field. There was nothing Carey could do for him. He was attended to by a real doctor.

In school, Cade became an instant celebrity. Everyone wanted to sign his leg cast. He attended the rest of the games, standing on the sidelines with the team. Carey picked up a crutch for him once that had fallen out of his arm. Their eyes met but nothing more was said.

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