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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 5 - Carey, Chapter 1

18 Years Old. Harper.

Freshman year. Carey entered college with all of the feelings and emotions every first year college student felt. Nervous, excited, apprehensive. He was happy to be in a new place and even happier about being in a big city with everything it had to offer.

With the start of classes and a new social scene, the events of the late summer receded into the back of Carey's mind. He had a roommate, of course. Roland was a nice guy but a total nerd. He had his own group of equally nerdy friends who he apparently had befriended online even before coming to school. They spent most of their time in another guy's dorm room playing video games.

Courses were a mixed bag. Some were incredibly challenging; others pretty easy. He took them all seriously though. Not wanting to be distracted from his studies, he tread lightly on the social scene. He tagged along with a group from his dorm to a couple of frat parties. He was mildly turned off by the drinking and the whole frat house culture. Beer wasn't his thing. He didn't like the taste and it made him feel all bloated up.

The guys he met were mostly uninteresting. Talking to with them was awkward. One guy from his home town, Dirk seemed to be the hit of the party at one frat mixer. Carey had remembered him from football. Big, when they were in high school together. Bigger now. His shoulders were huge. A budding football star, apparently.

"Carey! What's shakin'!" Dirk yelled in a deep beery voice.

Gross and obnoxious. Carey made small talk and got out of there.

Girls were a different story. The whole campus was like one big hook up party. It seemed like every girl who wasn't already attached was out to get a boy friend. A lot of them were pretty aggressive.

Amy was an example. She made it a point to sit next to Carey in Freshman English. Always chatting him up, she persistently tried to get him to go to coffee or meet for lunch. Once in awhile he would accept. Talking to her was all right except for her constant barrage of questions about his family and his past social life. For Carey, there was no spark. He had no physical attraction to her. She was slightly overweight, had no real shape, a large face, and a spray of acne across her chin that she ineffectively tried to mask with make-up.

Carey finally gave in, accepting her invitation to come to a party in her dorm's lounge. A mixed group of guys and girls stood or sat around talking. Music blared from speakers connected to someone's iPad. A drink described as bug juice, a sour red drink obviously laced with vodka was the beverage of choice. Couples seemed to be rotating in and out.

"Wanna come to my room?"

She took his hand. Even though her hand in his felt kind of gross and he didn't want to go, he also didn't want to appear rude.

Her room was dark except for a couple of candles burning on the desk. She sat down on the bed and coyly patted it next to him. Reluctantly, Carey sat down. She brought her face, looming ever so much larger, close to his and literally puckered her lips. As he stared at her, all he could think of was "fish mouth." He almost burst out laughing. Totally grossed out, he accepted her kiss. No spark at all. Yuck! To make matters worse, she put her hand behind his head to pull him closer. He couldn't take it; he pulled back.


Looking down.

She glanced to the side, sighed, and said, "Oh well."

That was the end of it. Carey got out of there as quickly as he could. He still saw her in class and around campus after that but their interaction was thankfully distant. A couple of weeks later, he saw her holding hands with another guy.

Equally aggressive and equally unattractive to him, Ellen badgered him until he agreed to go out with her a couple of times. Kissing her wasn't all that bad. She tasted nice but, for Carey, there was still nothing there.

She invited him to a football game. Apparently, quite wealthy and big athletic boosters, her family had a private suite at the stadium. Carey went because he thought it would be fun to experience the game from a different vantage point. Ellen's family was actually kind of nice. At one point, however, her dad pulled him aside and, just like some of the girls he'd met, drilled him on his background and interests. It was like a God damn job interview!

"What do you think of my daughter?" He asked in a low tone.

"She's nice."

"She really likes you."

Carey was somewhat stunned.


"You could get a lot out of a relationship with her."

Carey didn't respond. He blushed. He suddenly realized that he was being groomed as a potential son-in-law. No way, he silently told himself. From then on, he avoided Ellen like the plague.

Short loose top. Off the shoulder style that revealed just a bit of skin above the waist of her shorts.

He had been in line for lunch at the Campus Grille one day. She was standing in front of him, sharing her spot in line with two friends. She was tall. Not just tall. Tall! Quickly judging, Carey thought she was easily 6'2," maybe 6'3." Long honey blonde hair that hung below her mid back.

Her denim shorts were short shorts that made her long legs look even longer and more attractive. Her ass hung rather provocatively out of the frayed bottom of the shorts. Either consciously or unconsciously, Carey watched as she reached back and softly touched the barest part of her butt cheeks. His eyes were riveted on her ass.

Suddenly, she turned around. Busted! He immediately turned beet red.

She had a wide face, luxuriously full lips, cat eyes, high cheek bones, and narrow blue eyes. Her hair was parted in the middle.

She didn't say anything, but her expression revealed a mild amusement. Without a word, she just turned back and continued chatting with her friends. Eyes down or gazing in the distance, Carey was forced to follow her through the line. After paying, she went one way with her friends, Carey the other way.

Carey was slowly swirling a French fry through a puddle of ketchup when he looked up to find her standing over him.

"Want some company?"

Her voice intrigued him; sort of a husky raspy tone that Carey instantly found to be very provocative.

Meekly, still embarrassed, he replied, "Ok."

Names were exchanged. Her name was Harper.

"As in Harper Lee?" Carey asked.

She smirked, "No, as in Harper is a family name. Harper Maine."

From there, a free-flowing rapid back and forth conversation. They exchanged the basics. Majors: hers was Art History; his was Political Science. Favorite courses, home towns, mutual friends, politics, religion.

Inevitably, Carey got to the question of her height by asking if she played basketball.

She laughed, "Did!"

"So why did you quit?" Carey asked. "I bet you were good!"

Harper brought her knee up and put her foot on the bench of the booth. She put her mouth on her knee cap and chewed on a tear in her jeans.

"Too many dykes."

"Oh," Carey nodded. "Well, if you're not a lesbian, I guess that could be a problem."

"Ya, it didn't work out with my schedule." Harper said as she lowered her chin and turned her head a bit to the side. "I'm only a lesbian on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm straight on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and alternating weekends."

Carey laughed heartily. This girl was smart and funny.

"I guess we're in the clear since it's Monday."

They both laughed.

Before he knew it, they'd been talking for almost two hours. As she got up to leave, Harper invited him over to her dorm room that night so she could show him her Art History project.

Carey looked forward to seeing Harper. She was funny. Her quick witted sense of humor made him laugh when he recounted their meeting. Her direct confident manner was attractive, actually sexy. He didn't know how things were going to develop but he hoped this would be a turning point. Perhaps he could set aside his past history and just be normal.

They were sitting on the floor of her dorm room sipping some awful red wine. She was carefully and proudly explaining her project when Carey made a particularly clever suggestion about how it could be better formatted.

Harper laughed, nodding her head and said, "Yes-s-s-s!"

There was a long pause. They looked at each other. Harper leaned over and gave Carey a kiss on the lips. She tasted good. Really good. Pulling back, she looked deeply into his eyes. And then she attacked him.

The pressure of her lips on his forced him onto his back. She tasted amazingly good. Her saliva seeped into his mouth. Her lips seemed to almost engulf his entire face. Their tongues fought each other for dominance as they probed deeply inside each other's mouths. Before Carey knew it, Harper had pushed him on his back and climbed on top of him. With their mouths glued to each other, Carey realized Harper was crushing him with her weight. He began gasping for breath as she continued to kiss him. She pulled back for a second to see if he was ok. He gasped loudly, looked her in the face, and burst into hysterical laughter. She was so much larger than him! He couldn't move. He was literally pinned down. It was bizarre and fun and exciting and hot!

She was so fucking sexy!

An absolutely wild night of sex followed. The two had intercourse so many times Carey was afraid his dick was going to fall off. It actually ached. It wasn't until well after the first time was over that Carey realized he had lost his virginity. What a way to go!

They explored every part, crevice, and orifice of each other's bodies. Harper was insatiable. She was big in every way. Strong arms and shoulders, powerful legs, firm breasts. It seemed like her vagina was huge. When he ate her out, he was almost afraid his tongue was going to get sucked out of his mouth.

The sounds she made! Huffing and snorting, screaming, too. Carey was tempted to hold his hand over her mouth. He was afraid someone listening in the next dorm room was going to call the cops. Even still, her breathing and gasping turned him on even more.

At one point in the middle of the night, Carey awoke to find Harper looking out the window. She was naked from the waist down, wearing only a short-waisted t-shirt on top. She stood confidently with her legs spread and her hips jutting out. She was the sexiest thing Carey had ever seen.

She turned her gaze to spot him looking at her. Uh-oh, Carey thought as she pounced on him again. They were off to the races!

Over the next three weeks they became inseparable. Even though the sex was all consuming, Carey was able to make it to most of his classes, even turning in a paper and acing a quiz. They really liked each other's company, sharing inside jokes and playing tricks on each other. Carey thought they probably looked ridiculous walking together on campus holding hands or with their arms around each other. She was easily five inches taller than him, but he didn't give a damn.

All those encounters with other boys became a distant memory. Past history. Gay? No way! He was just a normal girl crazy guy.

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