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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 5 - Carey, Chapter 3


As he lay on his stomach, warm and cozy, dead to the World, Carey was vaguely aware of the side of the mattress being depressed. He felt Harper slowly pull the covers off of him. She gently placed her soft hand on the inside of his thigh and nudged his legs apart.

"Uhhhh…" he groaned softly.

Here we go again, he thought as he mentally girded himself for the first sex of the day. Eyes still closed, he felt the mattress depress slightly on either side of his body as she straddled him.

Suddenly he realized something smooth and stiff was being rubbed along the crack of his ass. A cock?? Carey's eyes jerked open in surprise as he attempted to raise himself up on his elbows.

When he looked back, he discovered Bell on top of him. Naked. His hard cock rubbing against his butt cheeks. As Bell thrust his hips against him, Carey at first tried to squirm away. Then giving way to the feeling, he spread his legs further apart and pushed his butt back against Bell's cock. He couldn't help it. It felt too good! Bell's cock and balls brushed against his butt hole a couple of times, adding to the excitement he felt.

Bell's thrusting and grunting soon came to a crescendo in an orgasm that sent hot cum spurting across Carey's butt and lower back. As his gasping and respiration returned to normal, Bell rolled off of Carey. He grabbed onto the sheet and wiped the cum from Carey's butt crack and lower back.

Carey turned on one hip to partially face Bell with a shocked look on his face. He didn't even bother to hide his own massive erection. After all, it had been brought on by a combination of morning wood and having his butt used as a fuck post.

Bell looked stunning, the blank expression on his face framed by a mess of hair. Smooth shoulders, a flat chest, slightly raised small brown nipples, cute tummy, hip bones sticking out from his narrow waist. Completely shaved pubes, his thick cock still half swollen, throbbing, and oozing cum.

A weak smile came over Bell's face. He lightly pushed Carey's shoulder down forcing him to lay on his back. Without a word, Bell scooted down, pushed Carey's legs apart, and took his cock fully into his mouth. He knew what he was doing. He expertly sucked Carey's cock, blending his soft wet tongue with his curled fingers. Up and down his shaft, Carey came to an orgasm in less than a minute. Bell swallowed every drop, keeping his lips around Carey's cock for a long time.

Rolling off and to the side, Bell laid his head down on Carey's thigh. Carey was about to say something when Bell slowly got up and pulled on a pair of shorts he'd left on the floor.

As he left the room Bell turned to Carey.

"That was amaze balls."

Carey laid on his back with his arms and legs spread for several minutes until the smell of sex became too much. Pulling himself off the bed, he dragged himself to the shower. He realized, with a chuckle, that front and back, between Harper and Bell, he was covered in Maine genetic material.

About a half hour later when he descended the steps, he noticed the bags of laundry were gone from the front hallway. Entering the kitchen he found Harper and her mom sitting across from each other, coffee mugs in hand, with their feet resting on chairs.

They greeted him enthusiastically.

He managed to mumble, "G'morning."

Carey was worn out and the day hadn't even started. Dragging himself to the coffee maker, he poured himself a cup of coffee. As Carey sipped on his coffee, Wheezie told him that family trust matters required Tucker, Harper, and her to take care of some private business.

It was then that he noticed Harper looked different. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She wore an elegant black cashmere sweater and a pair of black slacks. Suddenly, she looked serious and grown up.

As he tried to shake the earlier events of the morning out of his head, Bell entered the kitchen. He wore a black hoodie with the hood pulled loosely around his face, black sweats, and grungy athletic shoes.

"Ding Ding!" Wheezie exclaimed in the high soft voice that seemed to be reserved just for Bell. "Get something to eat and then why don't you take Carey out to Shelby Pond?"

"Aw right," Bell half whispered listlessly.

He filled a bowl with cereal and milk and sat down across from Carey. As he ate, he stared at Carey. Looking both bored and defiant, his expression said, I dare ya to say something. Carey returned a hard stare. Neither gave in as Wheezie threw some softball questions and comments at them. Harper was very quiet. She seemed to be in another place.

Bell got up and threw his half empty cereal bowl in the sink.


Wordlessly, Carey got up, emptied what was left of his coffee in the sink and pulled the dishwasher open just far enough to sneak his cup into it.

After pulling his shoes on and grabbing his jacket, they left the house through one of the family room doors. Bell led Carey off of the gigantic stone deck, down a couple of steps, and straight across a wide and deep lawn which, in spite of the season, was still emerald green.

Approaching the back side of the yard, a narrow path appeared through the thick tree line bordering the property. For a moment, another path, another time, and a vastly different experience came into his mind.

"Is this part of your family's property?" Carey asked as he followed Bell down the winding path.


A short time later, the trail opened up to reveal a small pond. Dejas Vu.

"This is it!" Bell said sardonically as he opened his arms up and out. "Shelby Pond."

"Wow! Incredible!"

Tranquil and silent. The water was like glass surrounded on all sides by a thick growth of trees.

"Won't be like this forever. Mi Padre wants to sub-divide it into lots." With a grimace, Bell said, "He'll make a shit pot full of money."

They stood silently for a moment. He turned and walked left around the pond.

"This way," as he jerked his head.

Carey followed Bell around the pond to another trail. Less than a hundred feet later, they entered a small clearing.

"Look up."

A magnificent tree house was suspended more than 20 feet above them. Cleverly perched between two large branches of an oak tree, it looked large enough to support several adult sized occupants.

Bell went behind a nearby tree to retrieve a long hook that he used to grab the rope ladder attached to the bottom of the tree house.

"Follow me," he said as he deftly climbed the ladder.

Once he pushed the bottom trap door open and climbed in, he leaned out the opening and gestured for Carey to follow. Steeling as much bravery as he could, Carey grabbed the ladder. After getting the rhythm of how it swung, he climbed to the top and hoisted himself into the tree house. As soon as he was in, Bell flipped the trap door closed.

The inside of the tree house was pretty cool. Walls covered in knotty pin, it had a bench built into each side wall. Battery operated lights mounted on each end, some ratty cushions and blankets, and a window on each side bordered by shutters.

Bell grabbed a pillow to put behind his head and stretched out on one bench. Carey sat across from him on the other bench.


"My dad built this for us in a vain attempt to prove his fatherhood," Bell said sarcastically.

"He did a damn good job!"

"Built it himself and hired a crane to lift it up here."

"I bet you guys have had a lot of fun times up here."

Bell smiled.

"Ya. We call it the shag shack."


"We've used it for a number of 'dalliances.'"

As he said the word, Bell made quotation marks with his fingers. Carey looked at Bell with astonishment.

Staring straight back, snickering, "My sister and I each lost our cherries up here."

With who?!? Carey blurted.

"Well, Harper lost hers with our cousin Thad," Bell said staring up blankly at the ceiling.

"How would you even know that?!?

Snickering, "We share things."

"And you?"

Still snickering, "Guess."

Carey was speechless. He just stared at Bell.

"With Tommie, ya doof!" Bell chuckled.

There was silence for several moments. Carey wasn't really surprised after what he'd witnessed the night before but it still came as a shock. Bell turned on his side and looked at Carey.

Carey looked around the tree house.

With a certain level of curiosity and perhaps a bit of dread he asked, "What else goes on up here?"

"Wanna demo?" Bell asked with a hint of a smile on his face.

Not waiting for an answer, he flipped onto the floor and lifted the top of the bench he'd been laying on. The bench contained a bunch of board games and puzzles along with more ratty pillows, an ash tray full of stale roaches and a make-up mirror about 6 inches by 12 inches. He threw one of the pillows out of the bench and shuffled the games around until he found one particular puzzle box. He grabbed the mirror, pulled the puzzle box out, closed the bench and sat down on the floor of the tree house.

When he opened it up, the box contained a bright green vibrator, two pairs of metal handcuffs, a purple colored silicone butt plug, and a bottle of lube.

"Jesus Christ!" Carey blurted.

Bell huffed as he set up the mirror on one end of the bench and stacked the pillows up against the other end. Laying back against the pillows, he grabbed the waist band of his sweat pants, yanked them down, and kicked them off of his feet, not even bothering to take his shoes off. His limp dick flipped out. He'd obviously been going commando. Even in its relaxed state, his cock was around 4 inches. His balls were like tight walnuts hugged up against his cock. It looked amazing.

As Carey watched, Bell reached down, grabbed the lube, and squeezed some of it onto two of his fingers. Spreading his legs, he reached down and momentarily rubbed his fingers around his anus. With a soft grunt, he pushed one and then both fingers deep into his ass. Looking briefly at Carey through hooded eyes, he again reached into the puzzle box, grabbed the butt plug, and lubed it up. With both hands around the plug, he turned his eyes to the mirror. He opened his knees wider as he slowly but steadily stuck it into his ass.

Carey was riveted. Naked from the waist down, still wearing the hoodie and shoes, Bell looked positively delectable. He pushed the hoodie up above his belly button. His cock, not fully hard, lay across his stomach. Without touching it, his cock had already formed a small pool of pre-cum on the tip. Bell's eyes narrowed. He looked alternately at Carey's face and at his reflection in the mirror.

In spite of everything Carey couldn't believe his eyes. He felt worn out, not only from this morning's sexual activities, but from the past few weeks with Harper. He was numb.

Looking straight into the mirror as he admired himself, Bell said in his soft raspy voice, "You can have me if you want."

Carey looked at Bell and slowly shook his head.

Holding the butt plug firm, Bell just looked at him for a long moment.

"Suit yourself."

He lazily played with his cock while he watched himself in the mirror. Placing his index finger at the tip of his cock, he captured a bit of the pre-cum that had been puddling. Turning his gaze to Carey, he brought his finger to his lips and softly licked it with his tongue.

With all his might, Carey resisted the temptation to reach over and grab Bell's cock. He wanted Bell's cock in his mouth so bad. His emotions were scrambled. This was his girl friend's brother. He was under age. There were way too many complications. But, he was so fucking cute and sexy. His own cock strained against his pants. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and gripped the edge of the bench.

Bell pushed his sweat shirt up with one hand as he dipped under it and pinched his nipple. He pulled the butt plug in and out of his ass. Bringing his hand out from under his sweatshirt, Bell delicately held his now fully erect cock with two fingers on the bottom of it and his thumb supporting the head. His hips rose off the bench as he spurted out three quick streams of cum onto his stomach.

After a few seconds, Bell's breathing slowed. He brought his legs together, swung them to the floor and grabbed his sweat pants.

"Are you just going to leave that thing in there?" Carey asked dumbfounded.

Pulling his sweat pants up as he flipped his still oozing cock into them, Bell shrugged.

"Should keep me juiced for the next few hours."

Silently, Bell stored the puzzle box and pillows back into the bench, and they climbed back down the ladder. Carey followed Bell back to the house all the while wondering if the plug was just going to pop out.

When they got back to the house, the meeting was just wrapping up. Tucker gathered up documents and file folders. Ignoring Carey and Bell, Harper silently watched her father. Wheezie greeted them cheerily and blathered on for a bit about nothing of any substance. Bell flopped down on one of the couches and turned the television on.

The noise from the TV broke Harper's trance.

"Hey Carey, let's go back after lunch."

"Sure. Whatever you want."

A while later, everybody helped themselves to sandwiches on a large platter delivered by a local deli. Everyone was strangely quiet. Harper and her dad verbally jousted for a few minutes about the college football standings. Wheezie thumbed through a magazine. Bell looked blandly at Carey as he picked food out from between his teeth. As a kind of tease, he wriggled around on the chair as he smirked at Carey.

When lunch was finished Harper signaled that it was time to go. Returning to her room to pack, Carey found several large baskets filled with Harper's freshly laundered clothes and towels. After several trips to the car, they were packed and ready to go. Just before they left, Bell discreetly slapped a scrap of paper onto Carey's chest. Before stuffing it into his pocket, Carey glanced at it. Bell had scribbled his phone number and Kik handle: DingDing15.

Harper was mostly quiet on the way back to school. At one point, she appeared to be asleep with her head against the side window. As they neared campus Harper was suddenly more alert.

She turned to Carey and quietly said, "Well, I guess I'm officially a trust fund baby."

Carey turned to her.


As he said it he thought to himself, in what world would anybody be surprised by that?

After he got Harper and all of her stuff into her dorm room, she gave him a quick hug.

Although they had been glued to each other for the last several weeks, Carey didn't see Harper for a couple of days. He knew something was coming.

It came with a phone call. When he picked up the first thing he heard was screaming and crying.

"You fucked my brother?!?"

"No I didn't!"

"You fuck!"

She screamed back. Her tirade continued uninterrupted.

"Wait a minute!" He finally cut in. "Slow down."

She sobbed more quietly.

"Is that what he told you?"

"We share, ya know?"

"I can't believe this!" Carey tried to defend himself. "Your little brother is a complete sexual deviant!"

That tactic failed to gain any ground with Harper. She unleashed wave after wave of profanities before suddenly becoming quiet.

He tried to explain. "That is not what happened. Won't you listen?"

In a soft voice, barely whispering, "My parents don't know. I never NEVER want to see you again."

The phone clicked dead.

Carey felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. In the following days, he called Harper several times. She didn't pick up and she didn't respond to his voice mails. He walked by her dorm hoping to catch her coming or going.

A couple of weeks later he thought he saw her walking ahead of him in a group of people along one of the campus walks. Because of her height, her head was partially visible above the heads of other kids. She walked quickly and he wasn't able to catch up to her. When he thought he had, she had apparently disappeared.

Carey gave up. It was over.

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