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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 6 - Carey and Connor, Chapter 1


Whew! Carey tried to catch his breath. He'd finally gotten the arcade open. Twenty minutes past the scheduled opening time of 10:00. Hopefully, no one would find out.

He felt a warm rush as he recounted the events of last night. Fucked out. It wasn't the first time he'd used that term referring to a night of sex. A flash of memory. Apollo. I wonder where he is, Carey thought. He closed his eyes and shook his head. It was the second time in just a few hours he'd thought of him.

Earlier, around 2 in the morning, after the last time they did it, he laid naked on his stomach on top of the covers. Apollo flashed into his mind then, too. Randy was next to him. Turning on his side, he started running his hand up and down Carey's butt and back. Curving his fingers deep into Carey's butt crack, his fingers brushed against his asshole.

Annoyed, Carey shook his butt and groaned, "Don't!"

Randy chuckled.

Surveying the pinball machines in front of him, Carey rubbed his eyes and yawned. Back to business. Rather, back to boredom.

Just then, Carey's phone lit up with a text.

"Hey! Let's go to the lake!" It was Randy.

"What lake?"

"Rents cabin."


Two kids walked into the arcade and went directly to the change machine. Carey's phone rang.

"So, my parents have a lake cabin," Randy began talking, not bothering to say hello.

"Uh huh."

"Nobody's using it. It's super secluded. Let's go up there for the weekend!"


"Ya. Like after lunch."

Suddenly wide awake. That sounded like a great idea! Then he groaned.

"I havta work tomorrow. And, I'm at work right now, doof!"

"Can you get out of it?"

"Call ya right back."

Carey clicked off and dialed Wally.


"Whattaya doin'?"

"I'm busy."


Probably busy jerking off, Carey thought.

"Wally," in a semi-sweet voice, "I need you to cover for me this afternoon and tomorrow."

A pause. Wally was checking his busy social calendar, Carey thought sardonically.

"Ya, ok."

"Be here at Noon."

Carey was about to hang up.

"But you gotta work for me on Sunday then."

"Why?" Carey groaned.

"Cuz, then I can go with my mom to my nephew's birthday party."

"Do you havta go?"

For once, Wally actually had something to do.

"Ya." Wally wheezed into the phone.

After a couple of exchanges back and forth, Carey gave in.

"Fine. Just be here at Noon."

Clicking off, he messaged Randy.

"I have to be back for work on Sunday."

"No worries. We can still do it. Go up today. Back 2morrow nite."


"Pick u up at 1."


Just past Noon, Carey was throwing a few things into a duffel bag. Other than a swimsuit, a pair of shorts, and some underwear, he didn't need much. Sweatshirt, a pair of flip flops, tooth brush, and tooth paste.

Carey smiled to himself. He didn't really need to bring much. With any luck, he wouldn't be wearing much in the way of clothes anyway. His cock began to stiffen.

Just then, his phone rang. Unknown number. Frowning slightly, he picked it up.


"Hi! Carey? This is Carrie!" She laughed nervously at the how funny it sounded.

Carey didn't respond. Uh-oh, he thought. Trouble?

"You know. Connor's mom."

Carey cleared his throat. Pensive.

Finally, "Oh sure. How are you?"

"Just fine." A pause. And then, "Um, something has come up. I wonder if you could help us out."

Relieved. "Sure! What can I do for you?"

"I'm supposed to go away for the weekend. One of those girls' weekends. I'd arranged for Connor to stay with my Aunt Martha for the weekend. But, she only just called. She's come down with something. The flu, she thinks."


"So, I was wondering. I mean, we were wondering. Connor and me," Carrie said, stumbling over her own words. "If you wanted to come over and stay with him for the weekend."

Carey tried to think. How was this going to work? What about the lake? Randy?

"Ummm…well. I have some plans."

"Oh." Disappointed.

"I'm going to the lake with a friend."

"I see," she said, sounding resigned.

Carey paused for a second. Then, an idea.

"Say, if he wants to, Connor could come with us."

"Oh, that sounds like a great idea! Just a second, let me ask him."

Carey heard some muffled conversation followed by Connor's excited squeal.

"Ah, sure! He'd love to go! Is it going to be ok? I mean, with your friend."

"I'm sure it will be. I'll give him a call but, ya."

"Oh, this is great! When do you want to come over? Or, do you me to bring him to your place?"

"Gee, if it's ok. Could you drop him off? We're planning to leave from here at one."

"Sure, sure!" He could hear Connor cheering in the background.

Next, a quick call to Randy. At first, his reaction was tentative. When Carey told him it was Connor, he chuckled.

"Oh ya. The kid who foot fucked you? Sure! This is gonna be fun!"

Carey felt himself blush.

"No, it's not gonna be like that."

Randy laughed heartily.

"Ok, see ya soon!"

Connor was all smiles when Carrie dropped him off just before one.

"Oh! This is so wonderful of you!" She said to Carey. Looking at Connor somewhat seriously and trying to sound stern, she said, "Connor. Best behavior."

Connor rolled his eyes. "Mom!"

A quick hug for Carey.

"Thank you so-o-o much!"

And, she was off.

Carey smiled at Connor. A black polo, collar turned up, ever so cool, shorts, flip flops. He looked so damn cute as he stood there, a canvas overnight bag slung over his shoulder.

Randy arrived a few minutes later in the Beemer. After a quick introduction, they threw their stuff into the trunk and they were off.

Carey sat next to Randy in the front seat, Connor in the back.

They talked non-stop for almost the entire four hour trip. Only one pit stop. The weather was spectacular. Bright sunshine, low hanging puffy clouds, deep blue sky. A perfect late summer day.

Traffic wasn't too bad until they hit the more rural two-lane highway about 40 miles from the lake. From there, they crept along in an endless ribbon of traffic. Nevertheless, they reached the cabin around 5:30.

Typical of many lake cabins built in the mid-20th Century, the Bergman's place was a relatively modest older wood framed structure. Narrow wood siding, painted forest green, large deck. Except for expansive windows facing the lake, other windows were small and narrow. A peaked roof with moss covered shingles. Large overgrown trees dotted the lake side of the property. An old brick barbecue was on one side of the yard, a newer fire pit closer to the lake. Adirondack chairs and a picnic table. A single aluminum dock. A covered boat lift that hid what appeared to be a sailboat. Neighboring homes were on either side but they were barely visible through the trees and thick undergrowth.

The inside of the cabin had that delightful pine smell. For good reason: all of the walls were lined in knotty pine. Older stuffed furniture, a big brown couch, huge easy chairs, a wooden rocker, dirty white shag rug in front of a well used fireplace. Nostalgia themed prints depicting lake scenes lined the walls. Out of date magazines and newspapers were piled on an end table.

Facing the living room, an open kitchen appeared to have been recently updated. Gleaming appliances were bordered by upscale cabinets tastefully finished in complimentary materials to the rest of the house.

Bedrooms were located to the left and right of the kitchen. Randy and Carey took the master. Connor was assigned to a bedroom on the opposite side of the cabin.

Carey thought he'd unpack a cooler and two grocery bags of food. Randy had raided the refrigerator at home and stopped at a grocery store before picking them up. He was standing at the sink rinsing off some vegetables when Randy walked in from the bedroom. Stark naked. Startled, Carey's eyes dropped to Randy's cock. It was already at half mast and rising.

"What are you doing?" Carey said sharply, clearly annoyed.

With a twinkle in his eyes, "Wanna go for a swim?"

Before Carey could answer, Connor came out of the bedroom. He was wearing board shorts in a light green abstract design. Surprised at first, he broke into a wide smile and giggled.

"Hey Connor! Let's go swimming!"


They went running out of the house, Randy's bare ass looking damn good as he ran to the end of the dock and jumped off. Connor was right behind him.

"Fine." Carey said out loud to no one but himself.

He went to the bedroom, quickly stripped out of his clothes, and put on a t-shirt and swimsuit. Just after arriving, Carey had discovered an old china hutch in the hallway that had been converted into storage for beach accessories. It was stuffed full of beach towels.

Grabbing a bunch of towels, Carey walked slowly but steadily out to the yard, casting glances left and right to see if the neighbors were watching.

Walking to the end of the dock, he saw Connor's wadded up swimsuit laying on the deck in a puddle of water. As he looked out to the lake, he saw the two of them splashing around in the water. When Connor dove under, his bare white butt was clearly visible.

Carey held onto one of the moorings and jumped sideways into the water. After the first shock of cold water, it actually felt good. The August sun had warmed the lake temperature. He swam out to the two boys who were now engaged in a vicious water fight. With a chuckle deep in his throat, he joined in.

After a few minutes, they called a truce. All three of them were clearly out of breath. Carey grabbed Connor, pulling his back to his chest. He lifted his legs and slowly dragged him around in the water. God, it felt great.

He was screwing up enough courage to strip his own swimsuit off when Randy climbed up the ladder next to the dock and grabbed a towel. Carey and Connor slowly followed.

"Hey! Who's hungry?" Randy asked.

Carey didn't have a chance to answer. Connor cut him off.


Laughing, they all made their way back to the cabin.

Grill fired up. Burgers seasoned. Veggies and potato chips set out. Cold drinks popped open. Only then did Randy bother to put a pair of shorts on.

Outside of a towel wrapped around his waist, Connor remained naked until evening arrived and it got cooler. When Carey came out of the cabin with sweats for all three of them, Connor got up, dropped the towel, stood proudly naked for a moment, and then slipped a pair of sweat shorts on commando style.

Randy brought some firewood over from a bin on the side of the house and got the fire pit going. They sat around on the Adirondack chairs and made s'mores. The conversation was easy and casual. Randy bragged about all of the NHL games he'd been to. Connor pressed him for every detail he could think of about the teams he'd seen. Carey smiled as he listened to their banter, his eyes going from one to the other.

This was bliss. He stretched his arms high over head and wished upon the emerging stars.

The mosquitoes eventually drove them inside. Carey busied himself getting plates and flatware into the dishwasher. Connor flopped into a chair as he let out a satisfied yawn. His eyes started to droop closed.

"Hey! What do you think about going for a sail tomorrow?" Randy asked.

"Oh man! That would be just prime!" Connor exclaimed, immediately perking up.

Randy and Carey both laughed.

"Well, if ya wanna go for a sail, we'd better get some sleeping in, ok?" Carey said.

"All right," Connor said with some resignation. Not much of a fight left in him, the kid was clearly tired.

While Randy went back outside to stir the fire pit and kick some ashes over the hot spots, Carey shepherded Connor to the bathroom next to his bedroom.

"Wash face and brush teeth, ok?"

Carey was just finishing the last of the dishes when Randy came up to him. Putting his hands on Carey's upper arms and leaning in close behind him, he whispered into his ear.

"See you in the love nest."

Carey giggled.

Wiping his hands dry, he thought he'd check on Connor and say good night. When he walked into the bedroom, Connor was sitting up in bed. Just sitting there with that cute smile and extraordinary dimple on his face. Looking at Connor, he jerked the hair out of his face.

The covers were pulled up to his waist. Carey could see his bare hips. It was clear the kid was naked. When he went over and sat on the side of the bed, Connor scooted over.

Becoming more serious, Connor said, "Can I show you something?"


With that, he pushed the covers down below his knees, exposing his 5-inch stiff cock. Pulling his knees up to his chest and holding onto his calves, he exposed his pink asshole to Carey.

"What do you think?"

It was such a bald faced question. How was Carey supposed to answer that? Could he say, I want nothing more than to bury my tongue in that hole? It was God damn perfect. Smooth baby like thighs, his pink perineum separating his anus from a set of two perfect balls.

Finally he choked out, "What do you mean, what do I think?"

Still holding his legs in that position, "Do you think anyone could get their dick in my butt?"

Carey felt paralyzed. Gently, but firmly, he pushed Connor's legs down. No way. He wasn't going there. He tried to think of what to say. He opened and closed his mouth several times.

Clearing his throat, "Yes. Someone could get their dick in there."

Connor studied his face.

"Have you ever had someone put their dick in your butt?"

Carey's mind flashed to Apollo, then Randy. "Yes, Connor. I have."

Connor searched his face. "Did it hurt?

"Yes it did."

Connor frowned. "A lot?"

"Yes. A lot."

Connor looked away for a second. Then, turning his gaze to Carey, "Then, why let someone do it?"

Carey looked into Connor's eyes. "Because, it's a good hurt."

Connor frowned again and looked away. Carey could see the wheels turning in his mind.

"Well, ok."

Carey pushed Connor down so his head was on the pillow.

"G-night Connie."

Connor reached up, pulled Carey's head down, and gave him a soft warm kiss on the lips. It was perhaps the sweetest taste Carey had ever experienced. He turned the light out and closed the door.

A few minutes later, he crawled into bed next to Randy. Snuggling up against his back, Randy placed his cock neatly between Carey's butt cheeks.

Carey sighed, "Would you just hold me?"

"Sure, sport."

Within a couple of minutes, he could hear Randy's even breathing. He was already deeply asleep.

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