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Stories by Jamie Mac

The New Adventures of Jamie

[A story in 20 chapters]

This story does not stand alone. To truly understand it you need to have first read Can You Spare A Quarter; in fact I would call it a required prerequisite. 'Can You Spare A Quarter' is the somewhat fictionalized biography of a young man, telling of the struggle he had as a youngster overcoming neglect, abuse, and much worse. That young man is the author of this tale. Sadly he died in November 2016 of cancer, two days short of his 32nd birthday.

He was surfing the web one day in the spring of 2016 and came across a drawing of a young street-boy. That image spoke to him, it stirred something inside him, and he began to write. What you will see here is fiction, but it is also not fiction. The descriptions of street life, the pain, the anguish, the fear, it all comes from first-hand experience.

Nathan Lewis, © David Mullins, and reproduced here under formal licence. This is the picture that inspired Jamie Mac.
© David Mullins. All rights reserved.
This work was commissioned by David Mullins from artist len-yan.
It is a picture of a fictional character Nathan Lewis. The original is at Deviant Art. It is reproduced here under licence by kind permission of David Mullins, and may not be used elsewhere without his express permission.

What you also need to know is that this young man suffered from rather severe dyslexia, and because of his unfortunate youth he also had rather spotty schooling. This made writing quite difficult for him. He had also been told endlessly he was an idiot, worthless, and would never be able to do anything.

Read ... and judge his abilities for yourself.