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by J J Janicki

Chapter 2 - LM

This is a sensitive coming-of-age story, and anyone who thinks it is something else entirely should immediately stop reading. And furthermore, I don't want any mean people reading this and it should go without saying that if for any reason it is illegal due to age or nationality to read this sort of thing, then you really shouldn't. Because it involves sex between teenage boys. Or at least it will eventually.

But I mentioned the part about not reading it if you weren't supposed to prior to chapter one anyway, so...

So thank you for not reading this. Unless it's okay for you to read it, then I thank you for reading it. And you might do just that if I can ever stop disclaiming.

So I'm all done then. With the disclaimer.

After his parents separated, his mom went back to California where most of her family lived. Lucas first spent the summer with her when he was nine. Flying across the country, all by himself, was cool. It made him feel like a grown-up. Not that he was in any hurry to grow up, but still, it was fun for a few hours.

But then for six weeks of that summer, he wasn't at his mom's at all: instead he was at a music camp up in Oregon. And that was a lot of fun as well.

The following summer, instead of going to Oregon, his mom had made arrangements for him to take classes across the bay in San Francisco. It was a lot cheaper and still a good place to learn. And if anything, he thought getting on the BART train every morning Monday through Friday was cooler still. But he tried to act like it was very routine.

By then his mom was... well, according to his Aunt Kelli, she was sleeping around a lot. So he spent almost as much time at his aunt's as he did with his mom. She was his mom's older sister. She'd never married, but apparently didn't sleep around because she was too busy trying to be a successful real estate agent. She worked from home, but often when Lucas got back in the early afternoon there would be a note saying that she had to go out and would be back at such and such a time. He didn't mind in the least, because it made him feel self-sufficient. Or at least he could pretend that he was.

The summer of '88 - when he was 11 ½ - his mom picked him up at the airport and right after she hugged him and said how glad she was to see him again, she turned to some middle-aged guy lurking in the background and said, "And Lucas, I want you to meet my fiancé, Roger." That caused a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and a very understandable instant dislike. Mostly he disliked Roger, but he wasn't too happy with his mom either. He almost felt like asking to be put on the next flight back to Charlotte. Roger was about six feet tall, had a spare tire around his middle and probably wore a hairpiece. It sure looked fake, and besides that, he had a weak handshake and kept trying to strike up a conversation with him all the way back, asking stuff about what sports he liked and...

And so that's how he ended up spending most of the summer at his aunt's again. Although at least he tried to be diplomatic about it. Right after supper he pulled her aside and asked, "Is it okay if I just stay with Aunt Kelli? I mean, I just can't... well, I don't know... but right now I can't-" and then he couldn't help it, he was about to start crying, so she hugged him and said, "It's okay Lucas, it's okay. I understand and I'm sure Roger will too. You just need some time to adjust, but Kelli thought you might, so she already has a room fixed up for you. Okay? ... Just promise me that you'll try to give Roger a chance, okay? ... That okay?"

And so as convincingly as he could, he agreed... and that took care of that.

But it would turn out to be one of his best summers ever.

Within a week's time, he was feeling better. He still would have preferred being back home - he really missed Steve - but he was often self-sufficient again, music camp was great even if he was only second best in his age group and his aunt didn't think too much of that Roger guy either. But then she was a Catholic and they don't believe in divorce in the first place. He liked going to Mass with her every once in awhile, because it was different. It felt like a church, it smelled like a church and it was quiet and reverent in comparison to back home. The ritual fascinated him. But then he didn't really know much about their beliefs, and that's probably just as well, because going to Confession could have been awfully interesting, both for him and for the priest. It was partly his aunt's fault, though. I mean, nobody said they had to eat out all the time, but they were going to Olive Garden and first he needed to take a bath. She had one of those old-fashioned bathtubs. If he wanted to, he could completely submerge himself. But at any rate, he decided since he wasn't all that dirty to start with, he'd spend an extra amount of time washing his penis. So before long he started feeling that funny tickling sensation again. It felt nice - and it was getting a lot nicer - but still, who wants to pee in his bath-water? He'd have to drain the tub and start all over again. And besides that, pretty soon his aunt was going to be wondering what was taking him so long.

But then two days later, he decided he'd wash it even more thoroughly. Right after he got back from music camp. His aunt left a note saying she wouldn't be home until around three, so it seemed safe enough. This time he decided not to put the stopper in the drain, he'd just let the faucet run full force. He got into the tub, lay down on his back and started scooting forward towards the faucet until finally his middle was right under it with his legs splayed wide apart, his feet up on the wall. He felt like he was doing something very naughty, but still, didn't he need to wash himself everywhere? He didn't want to have a stinky bottom, did he? Of course not. For just a bit, it felt interesting, but it still wasn't quite right. Was there any way to have the water cascading full force on his hole and on his penis at the same time? Well, yes and no. It could be done, but then his poor little balls didn't appreciate this too much and protecting them with one hand diverted most of the torrent of water away from his bottom. Darn it!

So not long afterwards he was almost standing on his head. It wasn't the most comfortable position in the world, but his hole was directly underneath the faucet and much closer too, only two or three inches away. And while that was going on, he was able to soap his penis up pretty good. He was getting it clean as all get out, when all at once, he heard steps coming up the stairs! Ack!

It's a wonder he hadn't broken something the way he somersaulted backwards in that tub, I mean, he went from almost standing on his head to face down just like that! His aunt knocked on the door, but fortunately she didn't open it. "Lucas, is that you?"

That was sort of a dumb question, but he managed to answer, "Yeah, I... I just decided to take my bath early and... well, um ... I didn't think you'd be back... so soon ... and I don't have... any clothes."

"Well, I should hope not. Have you eaten yet? I'll be downstairs when you're finished."

That was close! And for the life of him he couldn't think of how he could have explained it. It certainly would have made for an interesting confession, though. Or at least possibly, since he probably would have just left it at "a sin of the flesh" while leaving out all the details. But, whatever, for awhile he felt very guilty about what he'd been doing.

But it's funny how things work out sometimes. The following afternoon he was still feeling pretty guilty. He wasn't exactly sure why, but somehow it just seemed to be real dirty, what he'd been doing the day before. But he knew his aunt wasn't going to back until a little after six - she told him that before he left for music camp that morning because she was showing a house down in Milpitas - so he thought about it and finally decided he needed to punish himself. He was going to make sure he never did anything like that again, so he was going to make himself go out into the back yard naked and wash himself with the garden hose! Although he would be behind some bushes. But still, that ought to teach him a lesson he'd never forget, especially if he got on his hands and knees and stuck the nozzle of the hose up his butt! And then he'd turn the water on!

Only that wasn't a good idea. That hose had a lot of pressure and it was cold! So the overall affect was to say the least, startling and he quickly decided he'd punished himself enough in that manner. At least after about a minute or so, because he was beginning to feel a bit full. And it didn't seem to be getting any warmer, either.

But still, he needed to wash his penis. And maybe if washed it until he made himself pee all over his self, it would be a good lesson. He begged himself not to do it, but it was no use. "No, you've been bad, so we're gonna do it whether you like it or not!" So he washed it for maybe ten minutes or so and it started feeling just awesome! But then he had to stop, because he really needed to go to the bathroom. Right then. From the other end. Just a lot of water came out. So that wasn't too bad and he felt better. So he started washing his penis again - actually, by then he was shampooing it - and pretty soon having to pee had never felt so good, but then all at once he felt a throbbing sensation down there. It was really intense, but it hurt!

He thought he'd killed it. Or at least he'd seriously damaged it. He didn't know if it was because of washing it too much or if it was because of sticking that damn hose up into his hole, but for whatever reason, he was in trouble! He might even have to see a doctor! But to do that, first he'd have to explain to his aunt."Um, Aunt Kelli, I think I need to see a doctor. It might be an emergency." "Why? What seems to be the problem?" "Well, ah... well, you see... well, it's kind of personal. ... But I really do think I need to see one because..."

"Shit! I am so stupid! I mean, stupid, stupid, stupid! Why did I do it? Why? Oh, man..."

Stuff like that kept running through his mind all afternoon, but by around four he'd finally reached the conclusion that he'd only damaged it a little, and by the time his aunt got home he was able to act almost normal. A bit preoccupied, but outwardly calm. And he'd decided not to mention going to a doctor. Because, after all, he didn't know how he was going to explain it to him, either.

The next morning his peter seemed to be normal enough, though - like nothing had happened - so he promised himself he'd never do anything like that again.

Or at least not until he figured out a better way of going about it. And that came about because of Tal Hazony. Who just happened to be the one violinist in their age group (11-13) better than he was.

It wasn't a question of whether he possessed that spark of genius: the first time Lucas heard him playing Bazzini's "Le Ronde des Lutins", he knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was jaw-dropping. And it also took some getting used to, but the nice thing about him was that he hadn't let it go to his head. He was almost self-effacing about it. Said he'd been playing since he was three, but that was about all he was good at - which was hardly the case - but it was still nice of him to say so. And it didn't hurt Lucas' feelings any when he added that, considering how long as he'd been playing, he was pretty good, too. And that he'd noticed a few things about his fingering that maybe he could help him out with. Even if the biggest problem was that his hands still weren't big enough. But if he wanted to, they could practice together, in fact, they might even play together at the recital coming up. And, just like that, Lucas was in love again. It wasn't like he was betraying Steve, though, because you're supposed to make friends, right?

Tal was four months shy of thirteen, five feet four inches tall and weighed around 110 or so. As might be surmised by his name, he was Jewish, and he looked it. Lucas was particularly taken by his eyes. They were almost black, real big and... well, he just liked them a lot, that's all. He tried not to let on, but he was star-struck, there was no doubt about it. And, just as it had been with Steve, all at once Lucas was trying to imitate him. Tal cussed - when his parents weren't around - so he cussed, too. Tal would sometimes sneak a cigarette, so Lucas had to try it. At least once. He almost coughed his lungs out.

Oh, and he was also thinking about converting to Judaism. He would become a once-saved-always-saved Baptist, a just-in-case Catholic and a back-to-his-roots Jewish boy, all at the same time. So who says it's not possible?

Tal's family had come over from Israel. His father was an engineer and, by the size of their house, apparently he made big bucks at it. He often traveled, just consulting. All over the world. And his mom was a professor in the music department at the University of San Francisco. He had one older sister, but she still lived in Israel.

As far as practicing together was concerned, there were plenty of classical numbers they could have worked on - and they did often enough - but at first they were going to do a cover of Celine Dion's "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" which had taken first place in the '88 Eurovision contest. His father happened to be in London the night of the finals and had taped the entire show.

But then Tal discovered how good Lucas was at improvising. Although at first he was like, "Excuse me, but what are you doing?"

Lucas shrugged. "Well, I like it, but-" (although to be honest, he really thought it was a little boring), "I mean, it sounds good, but I don't know, I just... well, I'm sort of going counterpoint, see, and... well, I don't know, it just came to me, that's all, but if you don't think-"

"Actually, I like it in a way. I don't know how Celine would take it, though. But she's not around, is she? ... Well, maybe we'll do that some other time. But I got something else you might like, and with this one you can improvise your little ass off! You ever hear of a group called the Strawbs?"

No, he hadn't. But Tal's father happened to be in Tokyo once and caught them in a concert. Really, he traveled all over. But at any rate, he'd made an audio tape that night and what Tal and Lucas ended up doing was a cover on "Down By The Sea". Or at least the last 4:45 of it. Because that's when they really started kicking ass.

And, for what it's worth, Tal and Lucas totally kicked ass the night of the recital. Tal had the technical expertise, but Lucas had the imagination. Tal telling him that could have been the highlight of his whole summer.

As much in awe of him as he was, it could have been, but then practicing in their underwear was even better. Tal was trying to help him with the left hand pizzicato on that Bazzini number. So after a few near misses he said, "Well, okay. This might make it a little more interesting, then. If you fuck up, then you have to take off a piece of clothing, all right? So unless you want to end up naked..."

So Lucas was thinking to himself that there sure were a lot of different ways of playing strip poker, but- "Wait a minute here. Just wait one minute!"

"So what if I get it right? If I do, then you ought to take off something, you know?" Lucas hadn't seen him naked yet, and he sure wanted to.

"Well, if you get it right one time, then you'll get it from then on out probably, so that's not really fair. I'm just trying to help you out. But you almost had it last time, so... okay, how's this then? Play it right and I get down to my boxers, if not, then you do, but that's all, okay?"

"Well..." and he thought about it briefly until he had another one of those light bulbs go off in his head, so he finished, "Well, how about this? If I play it right, then we both get down to our boxers and from now on out, whenever we're here, that's how we practice."

So that's how Lucas finally mastered "Le Ronde des Lutins". Whatever works. He would have suggested naked except he'd already noticed that Tal seemed to be a lot more advanced in the codpiece department than he was. So he didn't want to be teased about it. That's why he started wearing boxers in the first place, because not only were they cool, they also revealed a lot less than tighty whities.

And another good thing about boxers was even if they were chasing each other around the house, his weinie wasn't likely to flop out. But a few times Tal's did! So that easily could have been the highlight of his summer as well, but then something else came up.

It happened on a Thursday afternoon, June 16th, at around 2:30pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Lucas wasn't sure if he would have given up the violin for it, but it would have been a close call if he had to chose.

It started when Tal asked him, "Hey Lucas. You wanna watch a porno movie? My dad's got some good ones. You ever watch porno before?"

Well, no. But unless he could count going to Mass with his aunt, he hadn't been to church since leaving Charlotte, either. And he sure was cussing a lot. And then there was the deal with the water hose. Not that he'd tried that again, but still, the way he understood it, he was already saved - ever since he got baptized back when he was seven - and while that didn't give him the right to watch porno movies, he hadn't ever seen one before. So he could at least find out what he should avoid. And if he decided to be a Catholic, then all he'd have to do was go to Confession and the priest would probably tell him to say a bunch of Hail Marys or something and he'd be okay until the next time.

The name of the movie was "Pretty Peaches". And it was interesting. He still didn't like girls much, but even so, it was... well, it was just interesting, that's all. I mean, the fixes that woman got herself into were really something, and you could see everything! Even if they only watched for a few minutes, because Tal knew where the good parts were and he fast forwarded to where she was being gang banged and after a breathless minute or so, Tal announced, "Shit! That makes me horny! It always does! ... Does it make you feel like that?"

Lucas glanced over at Tal and then down at his lap. "Um, yeah, I guess so" he managed.

"What do you mean, you guess so?" and with that, Tal glanced at his lap. It wasn't a big tent, but it was still noticeable. "If it makes you get hard, then you're horny, right? ... So you wanna wank?"

"I don't know. What's wank mean? ... Well, I mean... well, I just don't know what it means, okay?"

"Jerk off. Beat your meat. Masturbate. You've heard of that, right?"

"Well... Um, I don't really know what any of that means. At least, not exactly." - Deep breath. - "I mean, I've heard of orgasm... but I'm not sure about that, either" - and another deep breath - "But I think it's like sometimes you feel like you got to pee real bad... except it don't exactly feel like that either..." then he hung his head and almost admitted the awful truth. Except for the garden hose. "But see, I don't think I can have one, because... well, I don't know, but-"

"Oh, you can! How much you want to bet? ... I bet you can."

"No, I don't think so. Because it hurts, so-"

"Hurts? You must not have done it right then, because everybody does it. ... I mean once they're about our age, they do. Boys do anyway. And it's not wrong, if that's what you think, because our rabbi says it's mutar. So it's permissible. Or at least it's tolerable. Or something. But it's not wrong to do it, all right? ... So, you want to?"

"Well... I guess ... if you show me how. ... I mean, I'll try it one more time, but I really don't know how to, okay?" He was both doubtful and hopeful. Doubtful because of his recent experience, but hopeful because Tal said all boys did it, so maybe...

"Yeah, it's okay. I used to think the same thing. Up until about a year ago. Just like you. I thought I was going to pee too, so I know how it is. So all right. First, we get our shorts off, all right?"

"Promise you're not going to laugh?"

"Promise. You're probably not much smaller down there than I was about a year ago. So let's just go ahead and get naked, all right?"

And so Lucas forgot all about Pretty Peaches and her problems. Tal was good looking in just his boxer shorts, but naked he was absolutely gorgeous. He had the most beautiful tan line. And his penis stuck straight up, just like Steve's, except it curved back towards his tummy some. It was a little over four inches and he had some wispy black hairs growing at the base. Lucas didn't say anything right away, but he was thinking, "This is great!" And they hadn't even started doing whatever they were going to do yet.

"It's happy," Tal explained. "Just like yours is." No, Tal's looked a lot happier. "And it's all right. So-"

"When did you start getting hair?"

"About a month ago. So-"

"Boy! It's big!"

"No it's not. But-" (and he took a deep breath of his own), "Well, since you obviously did something wrong... I'll do you this time ... if you do me, all right? ... Just do what I do, that's all. That all right?"

"Yeah, okay." Pain or no pain, he knew instantly that he was willing to endure it at least one more time.

When Tal first took his penis between his right thumb and forefinger, he almost jumped right out of his skin. But did it ever feel good! Like he was about to pee right then! Then he pulled down gently. And then back up again.

"Oh my God!" squeaked Lucas, "That feels... awesome! But I-"

"Just relax. It's about to feel a lot better. You'll see."

While relaxing was out of the question, he was right about it feeling better, and this time it wasn't painful at all. (Later on he looked it up at the library in a book about growing up and discovered that occasionally the first orgasm was painful. It didn't happen all the time, but it wasn't unheard of. He was expecting to next read that it was almost always the result of poking something up your butt - at least in so many words - but actually that wasn't mentioned. But he was still fairly sure there was a correlation. So he left back there alone.)

But anyway. Lucas returning the favor seemed to be just as good for Tal as it was for him. And that's saying something, because he thought wanking Tal was every bit as wonderful as being wanked off himself. While doing him, Tal had massaged his little ball sack with one hand - for awhile- so Lucas guessed it would be okay to do likewise. And sure enough, when he started gently kneading his balls, he didn't mind a bit. In fact he squeaked, "Oh my God... keep doing that!"

Tal had rubbed some right above his penis, where eventually hair would start growing - one of these days, it would - so Lucas stroked him there as well and it was really neat. His sparse pubes were soft and downy and damp with sweat and Tal was panting and writhing - he had him completely under his power by then, and it was the most wonderful thing in the world. He started rubbing and squeezing first Tal's left bun, then his right, then both. They were so soft! And squeezable too. Just pliable as they could be, and even though Tal hadn't earlier squeezed his, he made no objection, in fact, he encouraged him to do that some more too. Lucas liked running his finger down into his crack, he liked the way his buns squeezed tightly against his finger, he liked the warmth, he... "Oops."

"Sorry...I didn't mean to-"

"It's o..kay" Tal panted. But then Lucas was still pulling on his penis and picking up the tempo. When you get right down to it, wanking isn't too difficult to master. But anyway, almost immediately after Lucas touched his little puckered mound, all at once, his penis started jerking. And that was pretty awesome as well.

In fact, it was beyond awesome. Although at first, Lucas thought he'd been peed on. But once Tal caught his breath, he looked down at himself and said, "Shit! You did great, Lucas! That's the most ever! So we're going to do it some more! Many more times! All right?"

You would have thought they were taking curtain calls at Carnegie Hall. Or at least you might have if not for them being naked with hard-ons. Tal's was down to half-mast by then- and it didn't go limp until after another go around - and Lucas' was once again straight out. But it really was great.

He never worried about it. Well, he did once worry just a bit that possibly he should be feeling guilty, but he quickly dismissed those thoughts. It was difficult to feel guilty for long about something that made him feel like he was floating on air. Doing it was awesome, but thinking about it afterwards was even better, that's when the giddy feeling of euphoria took over. It was because of Tal. Who would have ever thought someone who was so nice and well-mannered would be wanking every single afternoon? And he was smart too. And awfully good-looking, but in spite of that, he wanked! Constantly!

So from then on out, afternoons they still practiced the violin, but a great deal of time was spent practicing other things. There was never any kissing, but sometimes Lucas would rub his nose on Tal's cheek. Well, he nuzzled him. But that was because of the difference in their heights. So when they were laying right on top of each other, doing interesting things like grinding their dicks together or poking their dicks in between each other's upper thighs... well, there was just no way not to be close to each other. Of course not. And according to Tal, it was mutar! He really liked the way the Reformed Jews looked at things.

But after the summer was over, he had to tell himself that it was just as well Tal had never said he loved him, because it would have complicated things. He was in love with Tal, but he still loved Steve more. Sometimes at night he'd think about Steve while he was wanking - by the end of the summer, he'd done it 281 times - and he'd think about how great it was going to be when he got to show him about it. Steve and him might do a bunch of things together. Including kissing and saying they loved each other. All sorts of things. But they wouldn't talk about girls, no way!

Tal did talk about them though. At least sometimes. Including once while they were wanking each other off. Right out of the blue he panted, "Soon as... school starts... back...I'm going to get a... girlfriend! ... Oh... shit!" Then he squirted. That could have put a damper on things, but since Tal was still busily wanking him, he didn't let it bother him too much.

Although he did mention that he had a girlfriend back in Charlotte named Stephanie. I mean, he had to be cool, right? And it wasn't like he was going to tell Steve about it, so why not?

Towards the end of July they were sometimes joined by another music student, a guy named Chase. He was almost fifteen, was a little on the chubby side, had slightly hairy legs and was a good keyboardist. He was practicing with them because they wanted to jam some at one of the local parks. Although actually that was Tal and Chase's idea, not Lucas'. But fortunately, he was only over there about once a week. When he was around, there was no hanky-panky. They couldn't even get down to their boxers when he was around. They just couldn't let on, because he might take it the wrong way.

They did play several times at the park, and before long they were drawing some crowds. They played everything from bluegrass to classical. A little country. Just to demonstrate that they could. Tex-Mex. Some jazz, even if that wasn't their strong point. And rock, of course, just about anything from The Carpenters to Ozzie Osborne. And it was a lot of fun, so in a way Chase was cool enough.

One Sunday afternoon in early August, the three of them went to Baker Beach without telling anyone anything beyond just that they were going to the beach to watch the surfers. They definitely didn't want to mention that they were going to Baker Beach, because the deal with that place is that it's a clothing-optional beach. But had there been any nude surfers that afternoon, they probably would have watched them. Even if all Tal and Chase really wanted to watch out for was naked women. Naked high school girls would have been even better, but there were none of them around that day. A few who might have still been in high school were topless, but that was as far as it went. Except for three totally naked women, but they were too far away to get a good look. And there were also some naked men. Lucas didn't let on - of course not - but he was hoping to see someone closer to his age.

Tal and Chase got naked, but as much as possible, they stayed out of sight at the very edge of the beach. North end, because that's where the nudes were.

It was Chase's idea that they should get naked, clothing optional or not, but the problem was, soon as they did, everybody popped wood. And while clothing might have been an option, walking around with a boner might have been. Chase's was close to six inches and pretty big around. Not bad. But it would not go back down. And neither would Tal's.

So finally Tal hissed, "Let's get our clothes on and get out of here before somebody sees us!"

"Well, it's stuck," replied Chase plaintively. But he wasn't ready to leave yet, because he was still hoping to see a naked lady up close.

And for that matter, so was Tal.

And so they stayed stuck until right out of the blue, Chase's exploded. It was pretty spectacular. And accidental or not, it also could have gotten them arrested, but fortunately that didn't happen, and shortly afterwards, they left with mixed emotions.

It really was an interesting summer, though.

But as it turned out, Steve's summer had been interesting as well. They were still best friends, nothing was going to change that, but he'd rededicated his life at church camp that summer. Once saved, always saved or not, Baptists are notorious for that sort of thing. He wouldn't provide any details, but apparently he'd found out what that funny tickling sensation could lead to. Only problem was, it was a sin. A big one. So, he wasn't going to do it anymore. He was going to save himself for marriage.


Well, not right away, it would be after he got out of college most likely, and anyway, he didn't even have a girlfriend, but still, he'd signed a purity pledge and...

Oh, rats.

The next five years for Lucas are going to be interesting. Very much so. Only, "interesting" isn't always a good thing. Although it's not always bad, either. But whatever, we'll rejoin him in chapter four.

But meanwhile, approximately 2100 miles to the west of Charlotte, another melodrama is unfolding and that's what the next chapter is about. It's also fairly interesting.

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