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by J J Janicki

Chapter 14

Warning: This disclaimer has been borrowed from another story. Although at least it was my story and my disclaimer.

But even so, I must advise you that you do not have permission to use this disclaimer without my express written consent. Not ever.

Unless you really want to.

Although on the other hand...

Oh, never mind. Let's just get on with it. Even if it's recycled. I really can't think of anything else at the moment, although hopefully, the actual chapter will work out better. So anyway...

You are not supposed to be reading this if you're not old enough to read this. You are not supposed to be reading this if it is illegal due to your place of residence to read this. You are not supposed to be reading this if you are offended by materials found on this website. In fact, you're not even supposed to be here in the first place, if you're not supposed to be, so...

... Here you are, so it must be all right.

I just thought of something else, though. Vart tog vägen vägen? Vi åker på en åker! (Where did the road go? We are traveling on a field!)

I thought I should toss that in once again because this chapter takes off on a detour. Having introduced the Jeddrys, I can't very well just sweep them under the rug... well, I could, but I really shouldn't, so at any rate, a lot of this chapter is about them.

The overall story is still mostly about Lucas and Jedidiah, though.

Katon guessed this time he'd really done it. Some things were supposed to remain a secret, but as was usually the case, he'd blabbed out almost everything and now, even if he could escape his big fat dumb smelly ugly older brother, he still had to go home eventually and when he did... oh boy. He was in trouble! He didn't even want to think about it.

Although if he could get home in one piece... Oops. He's got somebody helping him! Shit!

"There he is!" yelled Kelly, "Now we got the little cocksucker cornered! Let's get him!"

Understandably, Katon was agitated. "Holy fucking shit! I should have known better than to go into this damn stupid old mother fucking barn, I should have-"

"I don't mind you cussing a little, but you're getting carried away with it," Jedidiah interrupted.

"Well, if I'm going to have to suck your smelly dicks, it looks like I ought to just a little-"

"That's a good point, Katon, but you're not supposed to know that yet." Lucas heaved an exasperated sigh, then continued, "We have to start over. And next time, try to look scared, okay? You're not supposed to know what's coming. You've never even thought of such a thing happening to you. Okay?"

Only take two didn't work out much better because Katon kept giggling. And if you're supposed to be horrified, then having a full blown erection isn't too awfully convincing either, but finally Kelly came up with a solution.

And so it was that on take three Katon was jerking off in the barn, blissfully unaware of his smelly older brother lurking in the shadows along with his judgmental friend, Jedidiah. So that solved the boner problem and if they could time it right, then Katon would probably look fairly distraught, because when you're almost there, you don't want to be interrupted. So the third take worked very well. After some whispered back and forths, Jedidiah and Kelly finally decided they would catch Katon in the act and then they would take turns in teaching him a lesson he would never forget. Although at first Kelly wanted to catch his little brother by himself and then he and he alone would start taking advantage of him, but before the awful act could be consummated, Jedidiah and Lucas would happen by and catch him and then he would be taught a lesson he would never forget. Only Jedidiah reminded him that it was still Katon's turn. And besides, all four of them couldn't be in the movie at the same time because somebody had to be working the camera. So finally Kelly had to agree that it was probably fair.

Well, he didn't really have to, but he did once Jedidiah agreed to give up his turn the following day. So yes, we've skipped some dare sessions here, close to three week's worth, as it was by then Monday, August 9th. Three fairly eventful weeks, and I'll try to mostly get caught up right after finishing with poor, unsuspecting Katon who had just started tensing up when all at once, somebody grabbed his soccer shorts (which were down at his ankles) and yanked them right off of him! That was Kelly. And Jedidiah roughly grabbed his hand (the one he was working with) and said, "You filthy boy! You're disgusting! Just wait until I... you squirted! ... Okay, now you're really going to be sorry! If you think for one minute you can dribble all over me, well... well, you just got a- ... Hold him still, Kelly! He's trying to get away!"

Katon put on a very convincing act. Being interrupted just as it was about to happen definitely put him in the right frame of mind and from then on, it wasn't difficult at all. In fact, after he got through sucking off Jedidiah, he was close to telling them that he'd started liking girls now. See how they liked that!

He hadn't really, but he was at least thinking about it. He almost had to, because the way things were going, it was beginning to look like if he didn't get married, his parents weren't ever going to have any grandchildren!

So not only were things escalating, they were also taking off in unexpected directions. Katon thinking about marriage? What brought that on?

Katon had no problem with Kyle being gay. It was his life, and if he wanted to be a famous gay opera singer, he wished him all the luck in the world. Because, after all, if he ever got to be famous, then it stood to reason that he'd also be fabulously wealthy and would be jet-setting off to all sorts of exotic places and that could come in handy, because even though he was planning on becoming a famous rock star himself, it wouldn't hurt to have something to fall back on. Not that he was ever going to take advantage of Kyle, but brothers stay brothers, right? They help each other out and it really would be cool to be able to jet off to some place like St. Moritz whenever he felt like it. And Tahiti would be another good place. Kyle always said that one day he'd be going to places like that and Katon believed him. So really, his being gay didn't bother him all that much.

But Kelly going off the deep end... now that was going to take some getting used to!

Katon's biggest problem was that he was still getting used to unexpected role reversals, and when it came to him and Kelly, he wasn't used to being the one in control. Even if most of the time it was just like always. They still called each other names and got into fights, but most of the time they got along very well. They always had because they really liked each other. But still, Kelly had always been the bossy one, he was the one who said what was and wasn't cool.

At first, he was acting like jerking off wasn't even cool. But then he changed his mind, because cool or not, it felt good and next thing he knew, they were doing in the same room with Jedidiah. Only according to Kelly, it still wasn't cool to do anything else - I mean, he didn't want to wrestle naked or anything; but then came that first camp out with Lucas and Jedidiah and right after that came Scout camp and them giving each other first aid. In only a few weeks Kelly had gone from how it wasn't even cool to watch each other jerking off to sucking dicks!

But by the time they got back home, Kelly was saying he wouldn't ever do anything like that again, that doing it once didn't make them gay because it was only a dare game, but if they kept on doing stuff like that... well, it wouldn't be a good thing.

Only then he changed his mind again.

But anyway, the first week of their home movie project was fun even if the only day they got to do anything was on that Thursday. Even if Kelly was still saying what was and wasn't cool, the fact was, they did some wild stuff, and what made it so much fun was that Jedidiah was supposed to be such a nice boy and Lucas was really cool, but apparently they liked playing around just as much as he did. And Kelly liked it too!

So of course Katon was hoping that he wouldn't go changing his mind about it that weekend, and this time, he didn't. Well, take that back, because apparently Kelly changed his mind all right, only this time it was like he could hardly wait!

Sunday night, July 18th: That's when things started getting weird. Kelly always tried to act like he knew everything and so before it had always been: "We're going to do this" or "we're not going to do this." Only this time he sounded like he wasn't so sure. He was sort of fidgety and kept starting to say something, until finally real quiet-like he said, "So I guess tomorrow we're going to be sucking dicks. ... I know Jedidiah said Lucas was okay with it, but you think he really is?"

That was unexpected. And while Katon had been planning to bring it up - at some point - if he ever got his nerve up, he would - he still would've said that it giving each other first aid and it was a dare game. They really were sucking each other off - I mean, duh! - but you weren't supposed to come out and say it like that.

And Katon also wasn't used to be asked what he thought about anything, but finally he recovered enough to allow as how Jedidiah had said Lucas was okay with it and that they'd already done it to each other anyway. But he was thinking, "I can't wait until tomorrow!"

That's what he was thinking all right, but then Kelly added something that was so unexpected, it was almost shocking. I mean, there's out of character and then there's, "Well, if you want to, I guess you can make me go first, then." Katon could barely believe his ears!

"You really want me to?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, okay, but-"

"And if you want me to... I'll do it to you now and that way you can tell me if it's feels like I'm doing it right. ... Okay?"

So there's acting out of character and then there's, "What did you do with my brother? I know good and well that you're not him, so quit pretending like you are, okay?"

Katon didn't think of that, though, he just stammered out that he guessed it was okay. And this time, he probably managed more than just a dribble. Kelly seemed to be getting the technique down pretty good.

Then Katon asked if it was okay to practice on him, so Kelly answered, "Yeah, if you want to," but... well, Sunday night was simply shocking, that's all you could say about it.

And it was about to get a lot more so.

Although first, it might be a good idea to give a brief summary of the three weeks that followed Kelly's initial out-of-character behavior.

First, both Lucas and Jedidiah were shocked the next afternoon. They might have been even more shocked than Katon had been the night before. They thought they were good enough judges of character to know that Katon would never order his Mr. Cool brother to suck everybody's dicks - unless maybe he'd lost his mind - and if that ever happened, then they were fairly certain that they would have to pull Kelly off of him. So when Kelly actually started doing Jedidiah...

Everybody was stunned. Because while Jedidiah had mentioned the first aid game as a possibility, Lucas doubted that it would ever get that far, and if it ever did, it would only happen after a great deal of cautious feeling out. And of course they'd agree that it was only an initiation and that it didn't mean anything. But Lucas had still been worried about it, because he was under the impression that whoever was sucking off whomever would have to act like he didn't want to for the sake of appearances. And he also knew it would be next to impossible to act that way. He could act all he wanted to, but his dick would be sending out a different message. Just like Kelly's was at that very moment.

And Jedidiah was shocked for the same reason Lucas was, and Katon still hadn't recovered from being shocked the night before and Kelly was shocked because he was actually doing it.

Lucas ended up getting the best end of the bargain, though, because he was the last to be initiated that afternoon. So he had to suck a lot longer to get everybody else off, and because he'd already been blown three times that afternoon, he didn't start getting hard again until he got to Jedidiah.

That first Monday was the only time everybody did everybody else the same day though. And the only reason everybody did everybody else on that day was so they could all say they were in the same boat.

Or at least, generally speaking, they were, because Jedidiah and Lucas still had those things they only did with each other when the other two weren't around.

Except they didn't do anything that night because they both figured Jedidiah should spend the night at home every once in awhile and that night seemed to be as good a time as any because they might not be able to get it up again anyway. They probably could've managed it by the following morning, but right then it seemed doubtful.

Honestly, they just about overdid it that day.

The rest of that week (Tuesday through Thursday) there were only variations of the same theme with a different victim each day. Nobody mentioned it, but probably the most interesting thing about that week was that none of the "victims" had reached the point of being able to look like they were really being victimized.

Jedidiah spent the night with Lucas Tuesday and Friday. More movies were watched, including "Stand By Me." But there was still no actual fucking. They gave it a try on Friday night, but no. It seemed that Jedidiah didn't have much tolerance for pain. Hardly any at all, in fact.

Getting just a little exasperated, Lucas told him, "It's not going to hurt all that long! I swear!"

"Oh yeah? Well, it hurts like hell right right now!"

"But it's not going to stay that way!"

"Well, how would you know?"

"I just do, that's all."

"Let's just try it again next week sometime, okay?"

"Oh, all right! ... I guess we're at least getting closer because you only said one cuss word this time."

Then another problem was that Jedidiah was dead set on being the bottom boy. He promised he would try it the other way at least once, but not right away. He couldn't explain why, but he just didn't want to.

So of course Lucas was a bit put out by that as well, but the cuddling and kissing and just being around each other pretty much made up for it. All that along with their "almost" doing it. That wasn't so bad either. Soo...

... Maybe anticipation would make it even better.

The Jeddrys left on vacation Saturday, July 24th and didn't get back until Friday evening, August 6th. They visited their relatives in Louisiana and Kyle didn't come back with them. It's a long story, but basically it came down to Kyle not being at all happy in Mayville. The truth was, he'd gotten in over his head and he didn't see a way out. Of course he didn't mention Dr. Sandifer to his parents, but at any rate, they finally agreed to let him stay in Louisiana.

Wednesday night, July 28th, Jedidiah finally managed to talk Lucas into going with him to their youth activity night. That was the first time Lucas had ever ventured inside their church and it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He didn't think it was wonderful, but at least it wasn't horrible.

Except maybe for being invited to attend Sunday morning - at best, that was debatable - but the biggest reason Lucas allowed himself to be talked into Wednesday night was so they could then camp out that night. They had camped out Monday night, Friday night was a definite go and Thursday night was a strong possibility, so the fact that Lucas attended youth activity night just so they could also camp out that night as well should be a pretty clear indication that he was becoming very seriously smitten.

And he certainly was, but then Jedidiah had also mentioned that later on would be a good time to try getting it past his stupid sphincter muscle again, and if they still couldn't, he guessed he'd try fucking Lucas. Really fucking. He'd try it once, just to see what it felt like. But only if he couldn't get his cherry popped. For some reason, he was still set on being the bottom boy, but... well, maybe just once he could go the other way.

So as far as Lucas was concerned, this was a win-win situation.

He really did want to fuck Jedidiah, though. They hadn't tried at all Monday night. Lucas was being very patient. More than two weeks and he hadn't managed to get more than one inch inside! But really, he was trying to be patient. As far as he was concerned, he probably had more patience than Job. And you know, getting it in just barely... well, it's agonizing. It's awful!

So Wednesday night they tried again. Jedidiah said that this time, no matter what, Lucas was to keep on pushing, but did he ever have a stubborn sphincter! And Lucas was also getting concerned about the neighbors waking up, so once again it was no go.

Then once Jedidiah calmed down, Lucas still had to talk him into trying it the other way.

"You'll like it," Lucas assured him. "So far, nobody has ever complained, not once!"

"Well, I know. ... Or I guess I do, but... well, it's just a big step, that's all. So maybe-"

"Yeah, well, you said you would."

"So now you're going to make me."

"I don't have any idea why you're so worried about it. We're sucking each other's dicks, so why is sticking it up my butt such a big deal?"

"Well... Well, all right! We'll make out some, then I will, okay? Satisfied?"

So finally, somebody managed to get himself fucked after all. Jedidiah was sitting in a chair, Lucas was facing him, he eased himself down and... GASP!

That was Jedidiah. Once inside... "Oh my god. This is unreal. This is... oh wow!"

Of course he didn't last very long, the first time almost never does. But did it ever feel good! It was like... it was like... well, he couldn't really put it into words. He just couldn't, that's all.

But it sure felt awesome and it sounded like Lucas was enjoying himself a lot and once it was over, it wasn't as messy as he thought it was going to be, so...

... While he still wanted to be bottom most of the time - if they ever reached that point - every once in awhile they could switch. Once a week or something. He was sorry he'd been such a wuss, but now that he knew what it was like... well, maybe even a couple of times a week.

And now we return to Kelly, who finally decided that if he was going through a phase he might as well get his money's worth out of it.

Like all babies, he had been interested in exploring every last one of his orifices. Of course almost always parents try to get their children to stop doing that because it's not nice, but when it comes to sticking your finger up your butt... well, you don't want to be doing it in public, but it's still interesting and usually there aren't any adverse effects beyond a stinky finger. Well, that and it upsets your parents. But anyway, Kelly thought poking his fingers back there was a good thing and he did it often enough up until around age eight when he heard at school that it was a disgusting thing to do, so after that he just did it every once in awhile and then felt bad about it. He felt bad about it right up until he happened upon Nancy Friday's "Men In Love": a collection of fantasies submitted by males from the age of thirteen on up to... oh, at least eighty-something. So she reprinted the more interesting ones along with insights from various psychoanalysts and psychiatrists and for awhile, it was on the New York Times best seller list. Really.

And so he read a fantasy sent in by a young teen who said he liked to masturbate while fucking himself with his sister's tampon applicator. (!!!)

Well, he didn't put it quite that way - or if he did, there was some editing - but the point was, he didn't seem to be bothered. He was anonymous, after all. But even so, that's when Kelly decided poking himself wasn't a bad thing after all. He didn't have an older sister and he was leery when it came to borrowing one of his mom's applicators and he wasn't going to buy some Kotex at the drug store, but not long afterwards, he noticed the smooth, rounded handle of the family potato masher and the next time his mom went to mash potatoes, it wasn't there. Kelly had it hid in his closet. But it still remained a very solitary vice.

Only he kept fantasizing about having something else poked in. He wanted someone close to his own age to be doing it, but he wanted to find out what it was like. He thought he'd like it. But just as no one could bring themselves to mention the thoughts that occurred while they were buttering up each other's bottoms at Scout camp, he couldn't just ask Lucas and Jedidiah what they thought about it. Lord no. They might think that he wasn't going through a phase at all! So...

... Friday night, not long after they got back from vacation, he got busy with the potato masher again, only he forgot to lock his door. And Saturday he went at it again without thinking about locking his door and finally late Sunday afternoon Katon walked in on him without knocking and caught him in the act. So of course after that, Kelly didn't have any choice. Even if he practically had to come right out and tell Katon he could do just about anything he wanted to do to him now. He dropped all sorts of hints and it didn't seem to be registering, but finally - once Katon stopped laughing his butt off - he said, "Well, I'm thinking about what you have to do, okay? ... I'm just thinking, is all... But... well... well, okay." (Kelly could almost see the resolve crossing his face at that point.)

But yes, all at once Katon had a good idea, so he finished, "Tonight? Don't lock your door. I'm sleeping with you. ... After everybody else is asleep. ... Okay? ... You gotta do it. Okay?"

See, while Katon didn't have any desire to be on the receiving end because he figured it would hurt a lot, he had been wondering how it would feel to be on the other end.

Well, it really felt good. But that first time was something else, because he was still worried about Kelly getting mad and hitting him.

But in for a penny, in for a pound, right? And if that doesn't work, how about the one where you just caught your brother poking himself with the missing potato masher? ... And if their folks ever found out about them giving each other blow jobs... I mean, this can't be much worse, can it?

Opinions vary, but at any rate, Katon tried to sneak up on it. He guessed it was a good sign when he saw Kelly's door was cracked open again, so he tiptoed in and asked, "Hey, Kelly. You awake?"

"Yeah," answered Kelly in a muffled tone of voice.

Katon took a deep breath. "Well... I'm going to sleep naked. And that's the first part of your penalty, you have to too. ... All right?"

"I already am," replied Kelly. He sounded strangely subdued.

"Oh. ... Well, okay then," and Katon quickly shucked his shorts and crawled in. And then he thought about it. And then he thought about it some more. He really wasn't sure how to bring the subject up.

In fact, he was about to chicken out entirely, but finally Kelly cleared his throat and said quietly, "So I guess now you're going to do things to me. ... I don't have very much choice, do I?"

... "Well... maybe. ... Yeah... I mean, no. ... But let me think about it, okay? ... I'll think of something." But he was still trying to get his nerve up. He was getting closer, though.

Only Kelly didn't know that. So he was thinking about using reverse psychology, only if he were to beg him not to, then it was possible that he really wouldn't. There were times when Katon was awfully soft-hearted. You never could tell, so finally Kelly offered, "If you promise never to tell anybody else about it, I guess you could... well, sort of fuck... me. ... I'm not sure... but maybe it wouldn't be too bad. I mean, if I have to let you so you won't ever say anything..." And then he trailed off. Because he still wasn't entirely sure himself.

Only now Katon was getting excited. "Well, maybe I could just stick it in a little ways. Just to see what it feels like. So I guess... And... well... then I guess-"

"You might not be able to get it in if you don't use Vaseline. I got some in my drawer," cut in Kelly. He certainly didn't want to risk using reverse psychology on that deal. His bouts with the potato masher had taught him that there was a right way and a wrong way and while Katon's dick wasn't as long, the head was a little bigger around.

And so shortly afterwards, they both discovered that it's almost impossible to stick it in a "little ways". Only one person in this story managed to stop at just a little ways and that's only because Lucas didn't see that he had much choice.

Soon as Katon barely got it in... well, to Kelly it felt bigger than the potato masher and it hurt - not a lot, but some - but the way he looked at it, having already gone to all that trouble, there was no sense in stopping. And Katon sure didn't want to, either. Although if Kelly had made as much noise as Jedidiah had, Katon would have given it up and hid under the bed. But no, Kelly just gritted his teeth and before much longer he was glad he had. He thought it was very interesting.

Katon could be naïve, but he'd pretty much figured out that no matter what Kelly said, he liked having it done to him. But he could also understand why Kelly had to pretend that he didn't like it and why he - Katon - had to pretend that he didn't know that Kelly was pretending. I mean, Kelly didn't shoot off all over the towel - which was underneath him just in case - because he wanted to, it was only because Katon was making it happen.

Nancy Friday could have written volumes trying to explain all the games being played by Lucas, Jedidiah, and Kelly. They made it very complicated. So maybe Katon was in the best shape of all. He did it because it felt good. The end.

Although he had to wonder when Kelly started dropping hints about how awful it would be if the next time it was his turn to be punished, he were to be fucked in front of Lucas and Jedidiah. So that finally gets us back to where this chapter started. Only Katon wasn't real sure about that.

And for that matter, neither was Kelly.

In fact, Kelly was so unsure about what he really wanted to do - or to have done to him - or whatever, that once again he decided to sneak up on it. Because after all, the four of them had talked about things before. In other words, group therapy. Yes!

So the next afternoon Kelly started, "Hey Lucas. ... I gotta ask you something. You know how we talked one time about how what we're doing isn't hurting anybody so we shouldn't feel bad about it but sometimes we might anyway? You remember, right?"

Lucas had no idea what he was trying to get at, but he shrugged and answered, "Well, everybody feels guilty sometimes, whether they should or not. When it comes to sex, well, we're not supposed to be doing it. That's what they say. So whether anybody is being hurt or not, my uncle wouldn't like it. Jedidiah's aunt and uncle sure wouldn't. And your parents wouldn't, either. They'd do everything they could to put a stop to it. But they're not bad people, so really, just that is going to make you feel guilty sometimes. Right?"

"Well, I guess ... I mean, I hadn't ever thought about it like that, but it makes sense... only that wasn't really what I wanted to ask. ... So I guess what I mean is, why is it that things that should make you feel bad... like being humiliated or something... in front of everybody... why do you want to do something like that? Because see... well, sometimes I want to be because... well shit. I don't know, I guess because I want to, but I... well, I don't know, it's just-"

Then Jedidiah cut in with, "That is a good question!" then he looked expectantly at Lucas, apparently waiting for an answer, only Lucas was still trying to figure out what the question was in the first place.

But still, he ventured, "Well, if our movies ever show up on the evening news, then we'd all be humiliated-"

"No, that's not what I mean," Kelly cut in, "What I mean is... well, okay. I'll just say it. Maybe I'm not just going through a phase, but... well, anyway, what I mean is, we're playing these games, right? But like when Katon said I had to suck everybody off? I was the first. So I didn't know if any of you would do it too. I'm glad you did, but I didn't know that, so I could've looked like a real queer and been really humiliated just knowing y'all thought that about me, but... but see, I don't know why, but it was a trip at the same time. I was excited because I... well, I don't know why."

So Lucas didn't know why either and he also wasn't too sure how open Jedidiah wanted him to be about what he did know... but then on the other hand, phase or no phase, they were in the same boat. Except of course for the stuff that was supposed to be only between him and Jedidiah. "So exactly how am I supposed to answer this? And for that matter, what am I-"

"I think everybody gets weird sometimes," offered Jedidiah.

Lucas wasn't sure if that was very helpful, but- "Well, I guess I can say this much anyway." So he cleared his throat and added, "Everybody likes sex. ... I think. Even if they don't ever do it unless the lights are out... Oh shit. I don't know, but I think most everyone wishes they could take it further. Everybody wants to push the envelope, you know? Different people have different ideas about what's weird and what's not, so like for poor old Mr. Jones or somebody, maybe the kinkiest thing he can think of is peeing in his next door neighbor's rose bushes but then across town there's some guy or lady who's been getting it on every day about every way possible from the time they were ten, but they still want to take it further, you know? They want it to be thrilling, so they think about how to make it that way."

"Hey! I got an idea," cut in Jedidiah just in the nick of time, "Why don't we all do this? Write on a piece of paper something really weird that you'd like to do. Or be made to do. Something we haven't done yet. It has to be something that we'll have to do, so you have to make sure we can get away with it without the whole town knowing about it, but still, we're all going out on a limb, okay? Because I bet when we look at them, we'll see that we're all weird."

"Yeah, we're weird, all right." Lucas thought that was a very helpful comment.

But in fact, they all agreed that they really were weird at that, even if Kelly didn't write his down. No, he took a deep breath and said, "Well, I'll just do what I'm thinking about tomorrow, okay? Or at least... well, I just will, that's all." And since it seemed that he was close to hyperventilating right then, thinking about what he was going to do the next day, everybody else guessed that was fair enough. Because apparently, it was going to be something out of the ordinary.

Even though these kinky slips supposedly were anonymous, with only three, there wasn't much way they could be, and after the first was read off, Jedidiah and Lucas knew almost for sure theirs weren't going to be the least bit anonymous. And if by chance after your kinky note is read, everybody else goes, "Ewh! That's too weird!" then you might not want to admit that it was yours, you know?

But anyway, the first one read: "Get stripped naked and have to go home that way." That almost had to be Katon. It sounded like him and when the others started in with how the idea was that no one outside their group was supposed to know about it, Katon gave himself away completely with, "Well, you could find a tree branch or something to cover yourself with and if you were real careful, I think you might make it home all right. Or at least if it was me... well, I think I could."

Yeah, well, maybe.

Then the second one was read and everybody knew right away that it almost had to belong to Jedidiah. So at that point Lucas started blushing and wishing he'd come up with something else for his note.

The second read: "Be made to dress up like a girl and stay like that all day." So everybody looked at Jedidiah and he shrugged. He seemed uncertain, but finally he allowed, "Yeah, that was mine. ... 'Cause... well, I don't know if we're ever going to try that thing on Dr. Sandifer... probably not, but... well, I don't know, I just started wondering what it would be like."

So I probably should explain. Try to, anyway. It all came about because they'd been trying to figure out some way of getting Dr. Sandifer's "naturist" movies. Or at least the ones with Kelly and Katon in them. So various breaking and entering schemes had been discussed and dismissed as being impractical. To be honest, they hadn't come up with any ideas that seemed to be all that fool-proof, but at any rate, they were talking about it when out of nowhere Katon mused, "Know what? He has some movies with girls in them, too. About the same age as we are." He looked over at Kelly, then continued, "The reason we know is because I think Kyle was right, Dr. Sandifer was trying to get us to do something more than just take our clothes off, because he said if we wanted to, we could watch one of those movies. With girls in them. They were getting fucked and everything!"

"Yeah, and I put him off because I already knew what he wanted," Kelly quickly pointed out, "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, Jedidiah could dress up like a girl and-"

Then Jedidiah cut in with, "You can just forget it because there is no way-"

"Well, you wouldn't have to take your clothes off or anything." Katon was not easily dissuaded. "You just make him think you're interested, and he'll be paying attention to you and not know we're behind him and we'll hit him over the head and tie him up and that way, we can look all over his house! Because he sure can't say anything about it, right?"

So of course at that point everybody told him that was the stupidest idea they'd ever heard of, only of course Jedidiah still had some other questions. "I'm not sure how I'm supposed take your idea, Katon. Do I act like a girl? I sure don't look like one. So I want to know what brought that up, okay?"

"No," Katon quickly assured him, "You don't act like a girl at all. But see... well, we have this cousin back in Louisiana. Same age as me. And she's a girl. But she doesn't act like one. And sometimes if you didn't know any better, you'd almost think she really is a boy. But I think she's cute... and I don't know, you just sort of remind me of her, that's all. In a way you do. But I don't mean that in a bad way at all!"

Jedidiah just looked at Katon for a few seconds, but finally he shrugged and said, "Well, I guess it's better being cute than not cute, huh?" So he guessed that was a cool enough answer.

But then later on, Lucas started teasing him about it. He said, "Well, you really are sort of androgynous, Jedidiah. Maybe all of us are right now... some, but you-"

"Oh, shut up. ... What does androgynous mean?"

So Lucas explained and after all that...

... Well, it was just a thought. But isn't cute better than not cute?

It really was just a thought, though. And speaking of thoughts, well, Lucas was still wishing that he'd thought of something else as far as his kinky slip was concerned, but it was too late. The third note read simply: "Get spanked bare."

Well, if nothing else, it sure seemed to get everybody's interest up. Lucas shrugged wanly. "I don't know why, it's just something that popped into my head, is all."

He'd never been spanked in his entire life. His mom's boy friend had tried to take his belt to him and he sure didn't take too well to that, but then he didn't want to play games with him anyway. And he wasn't sure if he really wanted... Damn! Why did I say that?

He did have some theories. I mean, he'd had many heart-to-heart discussions with himself. Sometimes he'd start talking up a blue streak. Remember the saying about how it's okay to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer? Sometimes Lucas had open-house discussions with himself. "So all right, what to you think about that? Got any ideas? If you do, I'd sure like to hear them."... "Yeah, well, if you really must know, then what I think is-"

It could get interesting at times, but never mind all that, because the reality was, none of them knew what the next day was going to be like. They had no idea.

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