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Are You Scared Yet?

by J J Janicki

Chapter 25

Having mentioned us stumbling into the "perfect storm", I suppose now it might be a good idea to try explaining my definition and how that applied to me and Stephan. The term originated from the movie The Perfect Storm, based on a best-selling book about a surprise 1991 storm which sank a fishing boat off the coast of New England.

I mean, I don't want to be insensitive about this, but boats have been caught in storms and sunk for who knows how long. I looked up some information on the movie, though, and the reason their web site called this particular storm a unique event in recorded history was: it was three storms combined into one, heaping waves 100 feet high, creating nothing less than "an almost apocalyptic situation." Only, according to several prominent meteorologists, all this amounted to was typical Hollywood hype. Stronger than any storm in recorded history?Balderdash! The highest recorded wind speed was only 75 mph, which is nothing to sneeze at, but compared to a Category 5 hurricane, pah! Or how about a F5 tornado? Triple pah! Quintuple... but I'm getting off-subject again.

So fine. In terms of this story, the perfect storm was a combination of some very unusual circumstances. It's not every day you run into a Scout Troop in rebellion without any adult supervision. Then there was what they were in rebellion against.Stephan and I were against sexual propriety and so were they, so it had the potential of being an interesting situation, because one of my biggest problems is wanting to please almost everybody. If I like them... of course, but Stephan's that way too, and there was no way we couldn't like a group of friendly, helpful, horny Boy Scouts who were all wanting to be bad, as in gloriously wicked, and we also wanted to be bad in that sense and not straight-laced, only...

Well, even though Stephan and I hadn't been monogamous in the very strictest sense of the word, there were still boundaries. Problem is, though, there are very few moral absolutes. Maybe not even any. I'm still working on this, but it seems that, almost always, you're likely to encounter gray area if you take it far enough. So in the case of the Scouts, this lead to us finding ourselves on a slippery slope leading ever deeper into the murky fog of not black and white. Cool, huh?

It sure was at first. We would have noticed them even if they'd been fully clothed, and there's nothing wrong with that, not even if we're wondering what they might look like without their clothes on. Almost everyone does that. We do it when we watch a movie with a character we're taken by. Straight boys wonder about the girl characters, gay boys wonder about the boy characters and the bis are having a grand time wondering about almost everybody.

Only, they were already naked, so we didn't have to wonder... even if we wanted a closer look, but it was still all right. Once upon a time, boys almost always went skinny dipping. And once upon an even more recent time, boys had to shower together after P.E. My dad said so. And he also said it embarrassed him at first, but he soon got over it and it was normal to be curious at that age. It didn't matter if you were straight or not, you were changing and so you were curious about everyone else. And he'd also had a little too much to drink when he mentioned all this, and I have no idea what brought the subject up in the first place but as near I can tell, it's all true and there's nothing wrong with it.

He didn't mention popping a boner while in the presence of other naked boys, though, and I'm glad he didn't, but it's normal enough and there's no reason to be ashamed of it. In fact, in a perfect world, it would be an occasion of great joy, but... um...

Well, I'm sure you can see where this is headed because I've already been through it all anyway. In one way or another, I've said it several times, but in Chapter Three there was this: My ultimate goal was to find someone to love, someone who would love me as much as I loved him, and that much hadn't changed, I was still looking for that one boy.

But I also knew from experience that there were a lot of boys that I could have fallen in love with.

And there was the bit about the street musician who I only admired from a distance, followed by: Some of my favorite stories were set in English boarding schools. I have the impression that what once went on no longer does nearly as much because the adults in charge are less likely to look the other way, but back in the sixties and seventies... OMG. Just boys, living together with their hormones running amok and not a female in sight. Most of those boys would probably end up getting married - not all of them, but most - but what we had in those stories was sex without any guilt, because that's just how things were.

And I hoped that was the way things could still be. I'd find love eventually, but until then playing around with boys I liked would do very nicely.

Only, I'd found my someone, so "until then" should no longer have been applicable, right?

Well, yeah, except for both of us still wanting to be really bad. So we didn't know how much further the envelope was going to be pushed, but when they untied us and fell upon us, somebody poked me with his finger and Stephan said somebody stuck a finger up his butt as well. Not for long, but it wasn't Dalton or the twins because they were on top of us. And we were both fairly sure it also wasn't Chase, Todd, Earl or Carlie, so from the looks of things, there were at least two more who weren't as innocent as we'd thought.

It makes sense, though, because if you have no problem with being bisexual, then you might as well get as much out of it as you can. And at least none of them disliked us. We were fairly sure of that much. They were helpful, friendly as could be, hopefully trustworthy... and also hopefully loyal... almost always cheerful, probably kind even if they didn't want to let on too much about it, and also clean and courteous once they were through acting like savages.

And brave, of course. I never would have had the nerve, not with someone I didn't know that well, but at least two of them did. So that was nine out of twelve and it didn't matter to us if they were thrifty or not and obviously we were all for them jettisoning obedient and reverent. But we were astounded! And besides, we could always say we didn't have very much choice so I was looking forward to us joining their tribe and capturing some other victims. I mean, two or three at a time could take turns being victimized...

Only, Dan thought it was time to think about getting Elliott's car to Bakersfield as soon as possible. Until Dalton mentioned Seth and his ATV, he'd been thinking about calling another tow service, but if Dalton would ring Seth up and if he was agreeable to the idea, it was worth a try and if he actually managed it, then we five could ride back to Bakersfield with him and Dan and his troop would be picked up by his dad later that evening, just as planned. Only, to call out they had to hike almost down to their pick-up point because you couldn't get out from where we were, so Dalton pulled some clothes on and off they went. Him, Dan and Elliott, even if from the looks of things, Dan was still having some trouble walking normally. He definitely wasn't striding purposefully along, so we were wondering if anyone else was going to connect the dots. Me and Stephan, I mean. We hadn't so much as dropped a hint, but it was soon obvious that Jaylen did notice. It was only directed to his brother along with me and Stephan, but from one of those not quite work-safe emails you forward to like-minded friends... probably things you can only say at Thanksgiving or something, there was: "Just spread the legs apart and stuff it in" and "Wow, I never knew I could handle so much!"... snigger snigger...

So I thought I should try explaining. "While we were trying to get away from all of you, he tripped, " I said.

"O...kay, " replied Jaylen, then he glanced knowingly over at his brother and they both snickered again.

But when Jayden added that no matter what, he was really happy for Dan... well, that threw an entirely different light on what Dalton meant by boys our age not being "exactly monogamous".

So. Returning to my "perfect storm" analogy, one: we five had converged with two: the Scouts and three: it appeared we were stuck with them for awhile. All of us wanting to be bad and me and Stephan wanting to please almost everybody. Then, something else came up.

Only, we didn't say anything about what happened until Wednesday night, August 12th, when we were camped out in Cape Disappointment State Park, at the mouth of the Columbia River, roughly 171 miles southwest of Seattle. But because we didn't tell our story until just after Dan and Elliott finally told their story... about what happened in the station wagon, which was after Seth told his story...

Actually, Seth was probably trying to play us a little by then, but it was still an interesting story, so I'll get to ourstory after those other two. Although I guess I could at least summarize how we managed to get out of Bakersfield and how Seth got into the picture... and who else was still in the picture...

So okay. Once Dalton explained where our station wagon was, Seth said he'd see what he could do, because as he put it, it sounded like one for the books. There was no way in hell we could possibly be where he said we were.

So about an hour later, several of us met him on J41 where the goat path started down. He was driving a big Ford F150 pickup with his ATV loaded in back. And he still couldn't figure out how we managed to get that station wagon to where it was, but twenty or thirty minutes later, it was back on J41 again, and at that point, Elliott discovered that it would go into drive.

So Elliott was at first very apologetic. He didn't know how it could have happened, but it would not go into drive earlier, but Seth said a friend of his once had an old junker that wouldn't go into drive until he'd let it warm up for thirty minutes or so, which led to his friend often getting impatient and driving it through his neighborhood in reverse, which led lots of people living in that neighborhood wondering if he was retarded... but it had been known to happen and we might possibly make it all the way to Seattle without even having to replace the transmission. As long as we let it warm up first. But it wouldn't hurt to take a look at it once we were back at his dad's garage.

So of course the rest of us thought that was a very good idea... that it should be looked at very carefully, so...

We at least made it to Highway 178, which was still in the desert, but it was a state highway, so now we could go seventy-five miles an hour. That's how fast Seth was going. Only, it wasn't any time at all until we were acutely aware of the fact that our right front wheel was wobbling. Badly.

So we pulled over and stopped, and not too long after that Seth finally noticed that we weren't behind him any more and came back to see what the problem was. So we told him what the problem was, our goddamn right front wheel was about to fall off.

So as far as this story is concerned, that was the end of Elliott's station wagon, because Stephan and I didn't think we had enough money to replace everything on it and to his credit, Elliott never expected us to.

So now it's time to fully introduce Seth Jenkins. He was wa-ay cool. Goth and proud of it. He was wearing an old Spaghetti Western-type cowboy hat, had fairly long straight black hair, a nose ring, an ear ring, black fingernail polish... a barbell stud through his tongue...

And okay, as of now, I'm not about to get my tongue pierced, but when I asked him why later, he said for one thing, it made oral sex better. He was completely straight-faced.

Then everybody but Seth and Earl blushed. At least a little.

And once again I'm getting ahead of myself, but in this case it's okay because it wasn't that complicated. Cool or not, sixteen-year-olds might be even more prone to making snap decisions than thirteen-year-olds are, because once Seth heard about our road trip he wanted to go too! And the perfect solution was sitting in his back yard, a renovated '67 VW van with a psychedelic paint job and it was his, and school didn't start back in Bakersfield until the 24th, so if we wanted to pay for his gas there and back...

Then Dan cleared his throat and said, "Well, I'll gladly pay for the gas back if Natty and Stephan still want to pay their way up, but one thing you should understand is, we're gay. Elliott and myself, Natty and Stephan, Carlie and Earl. We're gay and we're also paired up."

So as of now, I'm also not thinking about trying to talk my mom into moving to Bakersfield so we can go to Dan's school, but Seth shrugged as cool as could be: "No problem. Most of us are bisexual if we're honest. But if I have to stay in the van and jerk off every night, that pretty much sums up my sex life anyway... at the moment... so when are we leaving?"

So we left the next morning. If it had been on Tuesday, it would have simplified matters, but as fate would have it, most of that day was spent with them looking for replacement parts only to discover that the car really wasn't worth it, so we didn't leave until Wednesday, and by that time...

Well, like I said, I'll get to it. Soon. By the next chapter.

But yes, we were now up to seven. There was Seth and Dan didn't want to let Elliott out of his sight, not for two weeks, so after assuring his parents that in spite of his appearance, Seth was very responsible and that he and Elliott would also take turns driving... within the speed limit, and he'd call them every night, we were on our way again.

We went through Death Valley - without air conditioning - Nevada, across Oregon and up the coast of Washington, camping out in various State Parks every night, and until we crossed over the Cascades near Portland, it was almost always like a furnace, so during the day, we we were all in our robes and nothing else. Except for shoes. We weren't ever flashing anyone, because we were being responsible and didn't want to get ourselves arrested, but even though sex wasn't discussed until later, we still learned some interesting things. For example, the first night we camped out in the Humboldt National Forest. It's in north central Nevada, but needless to say, dressed in only our robes or not, after driving all day though the desert we were all looking forward to hitting the campground's showers except for Elliott, who was suddenly self-conscious again. What if somebody else walked in before we were finished? So of course Seth was looking at him quizzically, so Elliott blushingly went though the story about his "friends" back in North Carolina playing that awful prank.

Only, Seth laughed and said, "Well, hell, I like being smooth."

So now we were all looking at himquizzically, but he didn't seem to be fazed in the least. Although he did assure us that not allGoths liked being devoid of their secondary hair, even if some did. It was entirely up to the individual and what he or she was comfortable with. But no, he wouldn't have considered getting rid of it when he'd just started growing some either. As it turned out, though, he'd left a small patch above his dick, so I found that to be a bit off-setting. Him saying he was bare, I mean, because I didn't have much more than he did. I know it's different for everybody, but I really don't think mine is growing the way it should, because by then, Stephan had a recognizable bush - he wanted me to mention that somewhere - and while I'm at it, Earl had finally started growing some... about ten of them, but...

Fortunately, no one else walked in on us while we were in the shower house, because we all ended up popping wood. I'm not sure who started first, but it was almost like a chain reaction.

Seth wasn't bad looking, and he hadn't pierced himself anywhere else. I was glad to see that. His dick was about six and a half inches and fat. And his balls! I think the term is hangers. He definitely had Elliott beat in that department, but anyway...

Seth grinned and in regard to our copy-cat erections he said, "See, we're all a little on the bi side, like I said. But nothing's going to come of it, right?"

"Well, it sure isn't going to in here!" said Earl hurriedly.

So I guess that exchange was a bit on the ambiguous side, but once out of the shower and after sitting around our fire for awhile talking about nothing much in particular, we went to our respective tents for the night, he retired to his van and I don't know about anything else except it was Stephan's turn to be on the bottom and I did my best. And it was still awesome.

I've met a few famous people... more or less, because it's difficult to say how close I might have gotten to them when I was just someone at the party with his parents, or one of almost 20, 000 at The Garden... but I've still met a few. It's possible that none of these famous people want to be mentioned in my story, so I'll not be mentioning any names, but really, just because you're a big rock star or a great athlete... that doesn't mean you're a wonderful human being. But even so, I think almost everyone can relate to feeling starstruck. And as for what that has to do with this story...

Well, it's like I said, that first week with Carlie, it was very much like hero worship. Just because he'd taken me on the ride of my life. Mostly, that was it, although him not wearing underwear certainly played a role, along with us sharing the same bed... naked...

Yeah, that was important as well. But what I'm getting at is this: as our trip in the general direction of Seattle continued, both Stephan and myself found ourselves ever more drawn to Seth, but it was like being drawn to a rock star even if he only wanted to be one. A few years from now, though, maybe he will be and then we'll be able to say that one night, it was just us and him in our tent and he was telling us who he wanted to be like one day. He wasn't trying to be cool, he was just talking to us, telling us all sorts of things, things he wouldn't say to just anybody. For example... Warning, Warning! Another musical reference is coming up...

Just one more, all right? Except for probably another near the end of this story, but they're both really important. Honest.

Seth wanted to be like Carl McCoy, the vocalist and driving force behind Fields of the Nephilim. So there's a strong possibility that this isn't going to ring very many bells because the group's been mostly inactive since the early 90s, and as you've probably guessed, it's another Goth group, but we were watching the video of "Last Exit For the Lost" with him saying things like: "He's going to tell a story, all right? Maybe it's a ghost story. Because in a way, that's what Goth is all about. It's about the unknown, and it's also about things most people don't talk about because they're afraid to." So that was near the start.

Or, "I know, it's slow, but hang in there, all right? You are about to be blown away. If you're anything like me, you will be soon enough." And it was slow... and brooding... and possibly a bit menacing... like a slowly unfolding ghost story...

But the prospect of being blown away did sound interesting. And then, at about the 6:30 mark, "Okay, here we go!"

And no matter how much power of suggestion and wanting to like the same music he liked might have played into it, we were blown away. Different strokes for different folks and all that, but the finish was almost like my first ride with Carlie. If you're at all interested... and I'm willing to forgive a complete lack of interest... as long as I'm unaware of it, but just look for this tag line. "Stunning rendition of Last Exit For The Lost by Fields of the Nephilim from the Visionary Heads tour."

If you're interested, of course. But if you watched the video, even if you got bored with it after about a minute, you now know the reason for Seth's beat up cowboy hat. He almost always wore it. At least in public, he did.

But we started finding out some other things about him. Interesting things. Definitely, because all at once, sex was in the picture again. We weren't expecting it, but the more Seth talked about first this Goth group and then that Goth group, the more sure I was of who was responsible for Dalton wanting to be a Goth. As though I should talk, but after awhile I started, "So I take it you know Dalton pretty well, huh? Reason I say that is because we were blown away by the music he let us borrow... us and a couple other Scouts, but now I'm thinking he's getting most of it from you. Right?"

So after a short pause, "Yeah, Dalton's a pest sometimes, but he's okay. Definitely a trip..... Most of the time. But... um... has he tried to seduce you two yet? Him, Jaylen and Jayden?"

Almost out of nowhere. But before I could get past "um", he quickly continued, "I mean, seriously, it's not like they're making a secret of their orientation, but I really like them. I just hope they don't get hurt."

And I believe that is called misdirection. I had absolutely no idea where we were headed, but I allowed, "There were some hints dropped.... And we like them too, but... well, okay... have they tried to seduce you? "

"You remember "Body Electric"? It was oh... five cuts ago." (On his iPod.) "Sisters of Mercy, right? Well, I was just humoring them, so I let the little bastards tie me up, and..."

And then Stephan started laughing his ass off. As in: "Oh shit! Oh my God! You... you... oh, shit! You let them... tie... yeah... we thought that was... a good... a really good hint!"

It's nice when someone who's really cool starts blushing, but finally Seth managed, "So... you let them tie you up too, huh?"

My turn. "Let them? There were twelve of them and two of us, so we didn't really have a choice!"

So we'd just switched directions again, because Seth exclaimed, "Twelve? Did you say twelve? Oh my... God... they have infected everybody!... Tell me some more. This I have got to hear!"

"Well..." (I didn't want to give away too much) "To be fair, it's probably more a case of most of them still being undecided. 'Cause you know, that's how most of us are when we're twelve or thirteen, but there have been some mass... um... circle jerks... but it was like an initiation and they tied us to a tree. As in naked. And then they danced around us like savages, and then they left us, and then they were back in their loincloths and then Dalton and the twins started that Body Electric dance, and-"

"I'm joining the Scouts!" cut in Seth. "Except I don't suppose there are any Goth-sponsored groups, so that's out, but God, do I ever wish!"

"I hear there might be a splinter group forming, " said Stephan. Mysteriously.

Except you can probably guess how long it remained a mystery. Not very.

We didn't say anything about Dan blowing us and us him and we also didn't say anything about Dan and Elliott in the station wagon, but on the other hand, we went into more detail about our circle jerks - complete with the Bag Balm - along with the chicken fight, the flag football game and the reasons for their rebellion. There was the bit about Edwin being caught jerking off and he already knew about Dalton and the twins anyway, so we mentioned that reason as well, and Seth...

Well, he was still trying to be cool, but I think he was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain that aura. When you're almost to the point of being breathless...

Yeah, it's difficult.

And I was also wondering if maybe we'd told him just a little too much, but after a few moments of breathless silence, Stephan cleared his throat and: "Okay, your turn. You let Dalton and the twins tie you up. So then what happened?"

"Um... well... I mean, they'd mentioned it before... but... um..."

So since he was obviously having some trouble getting started, I guessed I'd try to help him out. So, "Before you start, where were you? Outside? Like maybe in Jaylen and Jayden's back yard? At their camp?"

"Yeah. They said they wanted me to see it. So I figured, 'Oh what the hell, I'll play along with them for awhile', know what I mean?"

Stephan was still having some intermittent giggle attacks, but:"So okay, they've lured you into their camp. By now, we've heard about that camp. Terrible rumors."

Then there was another brief giggle attack, but after composing himself he cleared his throat again and: "Depending on how you look at it, of course.... Whether they're really really terrible, I mean, but anyway, did they tie you to a tree?"

"Um... they asked if I... minded.... Guess I walked right into that one, didn't I?"

"Yeah, I'd say you did, " I agreed. I was trying to keep a straight face. "So... well, had they stripped you naked?"

"No! I wouldn't... I wouldn't have let them! No way!"

"Only now you're tied to a tree." I had absolutely no idea where his story was going, but I still thought I should point that out.

"I was aware of that, Natty."

"So..." (it seemed to me that he was trying to regain his cool, but at the same time, I was almost sure I detected a note of ruefulness) (so it was sounding ever more interesting)... "then what happened?"

"They went into their tent and when came back out, they were... naked."

"Oh." I bit my lower lip. As in, thoughtfully. As in, I wasn't exactly sure how to pose my next question.

"So before you ask, yes, they had boners." (And that was it. My next question.) "So I was like... well, fuck, I don't know man. I mean, I guess I should have expected it, but I didn't! But the little fuckers had me tied up! So I didn't know..." (deep breath)... "I was close to freaking. But anyway, I told them... I think I said, 'Okay, this has gone far enough, so let's just cut this shit out, okay?' Because... well, fuck. I didn't know what they had in mind, but it just didn't look too good, you know?"

So at least that sobered Stephan up. Some. "So... well, we're gay. Me and Natty. You know that. So we will admit that they're cute, all right? So what I'm getting at is... we... uh... we would have been thinking that it did look good... except for some possible complications... so forget that part, but anyway, you're talking about-"

"I'm talking about the fact that I'm sixteen and they're just thirteen, " cut in Seth.

"Yeah, but they had you tied to a tree, " I pointed out. I honestly didn't think I was up for another guilt trip, so I was trying to avoid it.

But I was still interested in knowing what happened next, and fortunately, "Yeah, I know. I was tied to that damn tree. And they said they'd me untie soon as they did their dance routine, but they thought I'd like it. So..." (shrug) "I said I was bi, right? So okay, I enjoyed it. You shocked?"

Stephan made a face, then:"Oh...not too much. But that's us."

Only, we'd both detected it. That funny hitch again. It happened when he asked if we were shocked. It was almost undetectable, but it was still there, we were almost sure of it.

But then, Dan - bless his politically-correct heart - had already pointed out that we were a pair, and at the time Seth had taken in stride, seemingly cool as he could be. So maybe it amounted to nothing more than this: It's one thing to say that in theory you're bisexual. Put that way, it's almost like a simple scientific fact, that under the right circumstances, you might, just as anyone else might. Almost anyone else. But saying that you have given in... well, that's different, and to some, it might be every bit as scary as it is to admit that you're gay. I didn't have a problem with it, Stephan didn't have too much of a problem, but I know that for some, it's a huge problem. So maybe...

Well, the fact was, we still wanted to know how it worked out. You know, him being tied to a tree. That problem.

So trying my best to be very cool, I offered, "So you know and we know that most people aren't going to admit to being bi. Our age, no way. Well, I'm not sixteen, so I can't say for sure... I guess... but anyway, what I think is, almost anyone your age in your situation would have enjoyed it, whether they wanted to admit it or not. And if they'd been naked, I'd almost bet there wouldn't even be a question, know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, Natty, I know what you're saying, " Seth replied coolly... It worked! I'm cool, he's cool. Yes!"I got hard. Just like now." Oops. "But it's only because... just talking about it, I guess. So don't worry, all right? I'm not about to hit on you two. Okay?"

"K, " I said carefully, "So... so how did it end up?"

"I felt like I was in the middle of wet dream, and if it had gone on much longer, that's probably how it would have ended up." (deep breath), "because I was already leaking... but... they were going to pull my pants down... goddamn it... but I started raising mortal hell, so they didn't. I scared them off.

"But here's where it gets weird. The next day, it was almost like they were scared shitless, you know? They were afraid I was pissed off at them, I guess for good, so I just told them it was kind of fun, that I didn't hold it against them and I wasn't going to tell anyone else about it. But I also told them that as long as it didn't happen again, we were cool..... But if you want to know the honest to God truth, now I wish...

Then after another deep breath: "I was still uptight about what had happened. Stressed out, you know? So I went online and turns out, in California, as long as there's only a three year difference in age, it's not a felony, it's a misdemeanor. So near as I can tell, what that means is: I could get into trouble, but it's not likely. Not with Dalton and the twins, because they said their parents know all about it. Them being gay, I mean. Even if I also got the impression that their parents don't really know what all they're up to, and they probably don't even want to know. So I'm tempted, I'll admit that much." Then he sighed and finished, "So that's my story. Now it's your turn. They had both of you tied to tree, and then...?"

How to answer, how to answer. We still weren't sure. Not all of the story, but as far as us being tied up, that was easy enough. And not only that, it was interesting, as in potential wet dream material... or jerk off material... under the circumstances, that seemed more likely, so...

We left out the part leading up to our being stripped and tied up, because that had everything to do with what Dan and Elliott had been up to not long before. So as long as they wanted it to be a secret, it was. Carlie and Earl didn't even know about that part, although I think they'd pretty much surmised as much. At least most of it. But the rest, no problem. Even the fingering part, although we said it might have been accidental. Only then we added that it probably wasn't. I'm not sure if it could be accidental or not, but I'm leaning very much towards not. Just for the record.

So maybe one day Seth Jenkins will be a big rock star. I wouldn't put it past him. And no matter what, he's really cool. But we can always say we knew him when he let his guard down. When he admitted that sometimes, it was just an act. Not that he put it in quite those words, but even so...

Well, here's how he put it. We'd just finished our story, hoping it was sufficiently hot, then he cleared his throat and stammered, "I'm not sure how you're going to take this... but I'm about to bust my nut! So... you care... um... well, I've never... done much of anything... sex-wise... I've just fantasized, all right? So all I'm asking is... I'm not trying to hit up on you, but you know, jerk off... you said they jerked you off, okay? So..."

So we did. We took turns jerking him off and it didn't take long at all, and it was very damn spectacular. Then after he caught his breath, he jerked us off. Just thought I'd move things along. If left to Seth, there's no telling how long it would taken him to even finish asking us, but still...minor league, right?"

Well, no, it wasn't. As far as Seth was concerned, it was heaven on earth, so that made us feel good, so really, it was awesome!

And besides, later on that night, when it was just the two of us again, it took a lot of cuddling... along with some occasional snickering, because now we were cool... we were soo cool...

But eventually, we got to the really good stuff. It took awhile, but it was...

Shit. I just used awesome with Seth. So...

It was awesomer?

Yeah, that'll work. Because you know what? It really was.

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