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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 12

Many days passed as I drifted about with my little gang of tagalong boys. Jeffy never left my side and the twins usually came along too, just to see what we were doing. On this day, we had been walking up and down the Strip, looking into windows and splashing about in fountains along the way. Jeffy took us to a little kiosk called Mack's; it was cheap and he bought hot-dogs, fries and rootbeer for all of us. I didn't know where he got the credits, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know; he'd been with me most of the time, so I knew he wasn't turning tricks on the street like the other boys. We ate, then continued our explorations. As the afternoon wore on, we headed back to the barn.

The moment we entered the barn, I heard grunting and moaning from the curtained areas to our left. One "cubicle" stood with the curtains wide open, and we could see Rick on his hands and knees, stark naked, his creamy white butt humping hard over Jennica; her legs were wrapped around his rapidly thrusting body, her heals bouncing against his backside. Larissa sat beside them, legs crossed, watching and rubbing her own smooth, hairless pussy; her eyes brightened when she saw us and she waved us over. Seeing Rick's whole beautiful, naked body for the first time, my flesh began to tingle and stiffen.

Rick grunted and groaned, working hard as he pumped his thick shaft in and out of Jennica's slippery, wet cleft, his sleek body beaded with sweat. Jennica began moaning louder and bawling as an orgasm shook her hard, her creamy, conical breasts quivering, her raised legs shaking. A moment later, Rick groaned loudly and thrust hard into her, holding deep inside her body, trembling as his rippling muscles tensed up. I knew he was spurting his seed into her.

Jeffy and the twins gathered around, stopping only as their feet stepped onto the blankets the breathless couple were laying on. I followed, a little intimidated by what Rick's reaction might be at our intrusion; I slipped my hand into my pocket and wrapped my fingers around my growing boner to hold it back.

Rick relaxed and looked up at us. "There you are!" he said. "I've been looking for you guys all day!"

"We were walking on the Strip," Nathan said.

"We had lunch at Mack's," Nick added.

Rick pulled out of Jennica and got to his feet; I was surprised to see that his dick was a good eight inches long, like mine, maybe bigger, and glistening with the fluids of their love making! Larissa immediately moved in between Jennica's legs and bent down to lick Rick's oozing essence from her smooth, clean-shaven crotch. Rick stood before us, unabashedly naked; I was surprised to see Nick and Nathan kneel before him and begin licking his slippery masculinity.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed, placing a hand on each of their heads. "That feels great, boys." Nick licked his balls as Nathan sucked the last dribbles from his rosy tip; both boys ran their tongues up and down his shaft. Behind him, Jennica moaned through another orgasm under Larissa's tongue.

"I heard about what happened the other day," Rick said. "So what did you think of a koffra high?"

"Weird!" I said. "Scary! I couldn't control myself; I couldn't do anything. Thank God I was with Dagwynn and Jeffy - they took care of me!"

"And us!" the twins exclaimed together.

"And them," I said. "Even though they were on green fire!"

Rick chuckled. "Yeah, well, don't get used to it. I've seen it totally destroy too many people, including Jeffy's family and others!"

"Yeah, Jeffy told me about some of that," I said. "Don't worry, I didn't like it at all!"

"Good boy," Rick said.

"So why were you looking for us?" Jeffy asked.

"Oh, yeah," Rick said. "I got another job for you, another holo session. You too, Logan; it'll be good experience for you, and it pays pretty good, too. It'll give you a leg up on paying your way around here."

"Good," I said. "I think I have about three credits left!"

"When?" Jeffy asked.

"Tomorrow," Rick said. "Two o'clock, so be ready!"

"We'll be ready," Jeffy assured him.

"Can we go, too?" Nathan asked, looking up around Rick's swollen flesh, with a wet, shiny face.

"No," Rick said. "I've got something else for you two." Rick pushed the young boys away slightly and stepped between them, coming to my side. He slipped an arm around my shoulders and steered me toward the stairs. "I have something for you, too, right now," he said. "I know it's a hard lesson, but you have to learn it if you're going to work on the Strip, and I think it's better you learn it from me rather than some fat old slob who doesn't care about you."

"You care about me?" I asked.

"Of course I care!" he said, pulling me closer; I felt the heat of his naked body against my side. "I care about all my boys here!"

Jeffy walked beside me and the twins followed; I glanced back and saw them pulling their t-shirts and bikinis off as we started up to the second-level loft, dropping them carelessly on the steps. Jeffy also pushed his denim cut-offs down his slim legs and stepped out of them on the fourth step, then he began tugging at my tank top, pulling it up my body; it was left on the third step from the top. Rick moved his arm long enough for me to take my top off, then replaced it, skin-on-skin, across my shoulders. After Jeffy dropped my tank on the steps, his fingers went to the button and zipper on my shorts.

"That's a great look for you," Rick said. "You have really sexy legs." My shorts slipped down and Jeffy pulled my briefs down to my knees. I stepped out of both as we came up onto the second-level loft; my stiff rod popped out before me, rivaling Rick's in leading the way.

"Hey, what's this doing here?" Jeffy asked as he picked up a tube from the floor.

"I tossed that up here earlier, when I was looking for you," Rick said. "Here, give it to me."

Jeffy handed the tube over and Rick popped the top open. He squirted a blob of clear gel into his hand and smoothed it up and down his now dry cock. Jeffy smiled and lead me over to a thick, metal post that supported the lofts and the roof. "I know what he's gonna do," Jeffy said. "Put your hands here and stick your butt out."

Hugging the post, I backed my feet away about a foot and leaned into the post. "Like this?" I asked. "What's this for?" Then I felt Rick's slippery fingers slide up the cleft of my butt and massage my hole. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "You're gonna... That's way too big!" Rick lubed me up good with his fingers, even pushing into me with one and working it in and out.

"Relax," he said soothingly. "What's the best memory you have?" I had all kinds of wonderful memories, not least of which was the time we shared in Dagwynn's room! Memories flooded my mind, thoughts of sucking Rick, of sucking Dagwynn at Panda Moon, and him sucking me, and then being with Jeffy and Josh before that, and even fucking Larissa! Not to mention sucking off Jeffy every morning and night for the past several days, and doing some of the other boys, too! I wasn't sure which memory to choose!

I tried to think which was my best memory, when suddenly, he touched something inside me and I thought I was going to explode; my belly rippled and I heard myself moan before I realized it.

"Oh, that's good, isn't it?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," I quivered.

Jeffy sat down on the floor beneath me, leaning against the post, and guided my swollen rod to his lips. Rick continued to tease my insides with his finger, but before I blew my load, he pulled it out and began rubbing something bigger up and down my butt crack. I knew he was going to slide his monster inside me; part of me was afraid it would hurt, but part of me couldn't wait to have him inside me, particularly if it would feel as good as his finger did!

I felt Jeffy's warm, wet mouth slurping around my cap, but that feeling faded into the background as Rick began pushing his thick, hard rod into my tight hole.

"Relax," his voice was soft in my ear; I felt his smooth, naked body press against my back. "Push out, like you're trying to shit." Rick's pressure was relentless. "Go to a happy thought."

I thought this was the same cock that had just been inside Jennica, and had just conveyed his sperm into her, and would do the same to me. I looked down at Jeffy, at his sweet, blue-eyed face, his tender lips full of me; he looked good with a mouthful of cock! Pain gripped me, as did Rick's hands on my hips; his breath was hot in my ear. As I pushed out, my tortured hole gave way and he slid inside me, filling me to bursting; the secret orgasmic spot he'd found with his fingers, the spot I didn't even know was there, now lit up like an electric fire in my belly. My cock jumped and I felt a gusher flow into Jeffy's mouth. Rick's hands slid around my belly and up to my chest; his bare body conformed to mine.

"That's it," he said softly. He drew back, but not out, then slid in again; my orgasmic spot quieted, then flared up again. I groaned and quivered. He thrust again, and again, and again. Minutes of pain and pleasure passed through me as his rhythm quickened. Soon, his snappy, driving thrusts were pounding me into Jeffy's face; Jeffy moved to the side, taking my throbbing shaft with him, so as not to keep beating his head against the post. I lost track of my orgasms as Rick rammed me.

Finally, Rick gave one great, deep thrust and held his trembling body there; I knew he was pumping his hot, molten lava of lust inside me. I was now a holder of his sperm, as Jennica was; he was now mated to me and I was his. Suddenly, I had the oddest feeling: I wanted to have his baby! I was envious of Jennica because, being filled with his sperm, she actually could have his baby; I wanted that same privilege. Then I thought I would also like to have babies with Jeffy - and Dagwynn - and a dozen other boys I'd craved here - even Kevin! 'I'm such a slut!' I thought, but I loved it!

Rick held me in his arms for another long moment as his heavy breathing quieted. Then he gently pulled out of me and I suddenly felt relief, but also a strange emptiness, loneliness.

"You did good, kid," he said, and he kissed the side of my neck. I turned my head and body, feeling my dick slip from Jeffy's mouth, and he kissed my lips. The loneliness vanished as I turned into Rick's strong arms; he held me and we kissed for long moments. I felt Jeffy untangle himself from our feet and I wondered if I was betraying the love I had for him; I certainly didn't mean to - I loved him every bit as much as before, but I was now adding Rick to the tangled web in my heart.

"That was spiff!" Jeffy said. "You cummed four times!"

I looked at him and he leaned in to kiss me, too; I could taste myself on his tender lips.

Rick's arms slipped down and away, and he stepped back, his big dick still hard and swaying between his rounded, muscular thighs. After being up my ass, I expected it to look dirty or something, but it didn't seem to be; it glistened with a mixture of lube and semen. "I gotta go," he said. "But I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up. Remember, two o'clock - be ready!" He turned and went down the stairs, his muscular body gliding with a grace and ease that made him seem like a wild animal, untamed and free.

Jeffy wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder; I realized I was still trembling slightly and my ass hole ached. I slid my arms up his back and around his shoulders; no, I hadn't betrayed his love, or at least, he didn't seem to think so. I kissed his forehead and held him for a long minute; I felt something trickling down my inner thigh - Rick was leaking out of me.

"Later, I want you to fuck me like that," I whispered.

"I can't," he said. "And you shouldn't cum either - not until our holo session tomorrow: they like to get good cum shots, so we need to save up for it."

"OK, after, then," I said. "When we get back."

"OK," he whispered, looking up at me. I kissed his lips.

"Com' on," Jeffy said. "We should rest now."

He took my hand and lead me, stiff and limping, over to the ladder. I tried to lift my foot to the first rung, but found I couldn't; my hips didn't seem to want to work right. I tried with my other foot, but the results were the same.

"Maybe we should sleep down here tonight," I said.

"Wait here," Jeffy said. "I'll go get our blankets." He scampered up the ladder with such beautiful grace and agility, and I loved the way he swished his creamy, bare butt at me, all the way up. A moment later, a great wad of blankets fell on me; I, very dramatically, let it knock me to the floor and bury me under a mountain of fuzzy cloth. Jeffy giggled, then scrambled down the ladder.

I was going to get up and start gathering things together, but Jeffy flopped on top of me, giggling more.

"HU-UH!" I exclaimed and he giggled more. "Oh, you think that's funny, do you?" I sprung up, blankets flying everywhere, and flipped him over onto his back; I straddled him and pinned his wrists to the floor; he was still giggling. "Oh, let's see if you think this is funny," I said and my fingers began tickling his ribs and belly. He laughed and wriggled, trying to grab my hands.

"No! Hahahaha!" he cried. "Stop! Hahahahaha!"'

I tickled him until he was breathless and I thought he might pee, then I let him rest. He still laughed and giggled a bit, holding my hands for fear of more poking and prodding, which I did, just a little. But then I kissed him again, long and wetly, his hot breath blowing around and through my mouth.

"Maybe we should sleep downstairs," he said.

"I'll sleep anywhere with you," I said.

After more kissing, I got up and gathered the blankets in my arms. Jeffy lead me down the stairs, which I also had a hard time navigating with my limp. Grandpa sometimes talked of someone or other having a corn cob up his ass; now, as I hobbled along after Jeffy, I was gaining a new insight into that expression.

Jeffy lead me to a curtained area at the far end of the barn, near the one and only toilet.

"Why do you want to sleep all the way back here?" I asked.

"Sometimes I get nervous before a holo session," he said. "It's good to be near the toilet."

"But can you sleep with everybody going by here all night?" I asked.

"I'll manage," he said. "I hope it won't bother you."

"I'll manage," I said. I folded two blankets together to make a thick pad, then spread the last one over the top. We were already naked, so we just crawled right in and snuggled together. I'm sure the metal floors of the lofts were just as hard as the concrete, but somehow, knowing that it was concrete beneath us made it seem harder. The fact that it was still rather early in the evening made it that much more difficult to go to sleep; I wasn't sleepy at all, in spite of our busy day.

I lay there, holding Jeffy's smooth, bare body in my arms, listening to his soft, even breathing and reveling in the subtle, boyish scent of him, even as his silky hair tickled my nose.

"Hmmmmm," he sighed as he snuggled more firmly back against me, and I heard a little gurgle in his tummy.

As we lay there, I heard other boys moving by, their bare feet whispering on the concrete, their soft teenaged voices laughing and talking as they went; shadows passing across the curtains, the back door opening and closing, water running outside or the toilet flushing - all these little unfamiliar noises kept me crossing from sleep to wakefulness and back again. When I closed my eyes, I could see Rick's soft, blue eyes over my shoulder and I could feel his smooth body pressed against me as his giant rod threatened to rip me open. In spite of the torture, and having cummed four times, my dick stiffened again and found its way between Jeffy's thighs, my pink cap nestling beneath his tender balls.

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