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by Jobe

The hills of the Appalachia Mountains hold many secrets, and not all are secrets to be shared. In a small town of Boulder, West Virginia a child was born to a couple in their late years, the mother was 48 and the father was 56 when the child was born. This is the story of Jonah born to Ruth Ann and Silas.

Jonah was a joy to this parents, who of course had given up hope until Jonah came along. His name was based on the story of Jonah in the Bible. The people of this community were deep in old time religion and lived their life in the simple ways of the Bible.

Silas had a small farm and grew corn and tobacco, tobacco was sold through the Boulder Mercantile but the corn was sold in the mountains as a source of sugar for the number one industry, brewing alcohol. Typical of many of the small farms, Silas raised chickens and a few pigs, Ruth Ann planted a vegetable garden and did a lot of canning so they would have food during the winter months. They didn't have a lot of money but they did have plenty of food and a lot of love.

In the small community, 17 families lived in Boulder, people became an extended family. Every Friday night the men would meet at the Mercantile building playing cards and dominos. The women would cook a pot luck supper, delivered to the Mercantile and join the extended families. There was a small church that also served as a one room school house. The teacher and the deacon of the church was Elder Simms.

Elder Simms enjoyed his job almost too much. He was a very conceited man who felt that he was enlightened since he had a high school education in a city up north. Or at least he said he had a high school education. The folks of Boulder as was their habit believed any man unless he proved to be a liar and then they would run him out of town.

Jonah at the urging of his parents, attended the school of which there were only 16 students. Master Simms, as he liked his students to call him, only was able to teach to an 8th grade level. To Jonah it didn't matter he was learning his numbers, writing and reading.

Being a bright boy, he made a lot of friends. He would arrive early to school and left late. Many of his friends lived on similar farms around the town and they only had a chance to meet when they were at school or on Friday night at the Mercantile. Church was church, strict behavior was demanded and Elder Simms exerted his power wickedly.

When Jonah reached the age of 12, he began to noticed changes. His voice was cracking at times and he was beginning to develop hair on certain parts of his body. All of a sudden, Jonah became aware of his body and developed a feeling of being different. He began to associate with the boys at school and kept his relationships with girls at arms length. He wasn't sure why he was more comfortable with the boys, he just knew he was.

No matter where you live boys will be boys. Jonah learned from the boys who had older brothers what masturbation was and how babies came into the world. Thinking that he would have to put his thing into a girl was all it took for him to shudder. However, playing with his thing when it became hard provided a feeling that he enjoyed and would repeat it as many times as he could, early morning, afternoon and evening when he was alone.

One Friday night when a bunch of boys met at the Mercantile, they included him in their group. The older boys showed them how to pleasure themselves, Jonah knew this, but they were pleasuring each other. One of the boys went to his knees and took a boys thing into his mouth. Jonah learned that night the his thing was called a cock and the boy who was sucking on his friends cock was called a cock sucker.

Jonah went home that night wondering what it would feel like to have his cock sucked and to suck a cock. As he pleasured himself he tried to imagine a mouth on his cock instead of his hand.

The next Friday when all the boys were gathered to enjoy their wicked activity, as Elder Simms claimed, Jonah wanted to feel someone suck on his cock. When the boy who sucked a cock the previous Friday, approached Jonah he was ready. The boy told Jonah he would suck him but Jonah and to return the favor. Jonah wasn't so sure he wanted to do that with all of the guys looking. The kid approached Jonah's best friend with the same proposition. Jonah watched to see what his friend would do, the friend's older brother whispered something in his ear, the friend nodded yes and then told the boy he agreed. For the first time Jonah saw his friend accept a cock into his mouth. The two boys laid on the ground and sucked each other, Jonah didn't know that this was called 69.

Jonah watched intently as the boys reached their climax, each boy continued to suck until one of them backed off saying that it was too sensitive. Jonah watched intently, one of the boys wanted Jonah to suck him off but Jonah wasn't ready to do that just yet.

After school the following Monday, Jonah approached his friend and question him about his experience last Friday. His friend told him it was ok, like sucking on a stick of meat before chewing it. The next morning when Jonah sat down for breakfast, he picked up a link of sausage and pretend it was a cock. He sucked it before biting off the end. He found the experience pleasant, in his mind he was sucking a cock.

That morning after school, he approached his friend and asked if he could suck his cock. The friend was all for it and so they went behind the school. Jonah had his first cock to suck. He decided he liked it and if asked to do it next Friday night he would.

He couldn't wait till Friday night. When all the guys got together, the brother of his friend came to Jonah and asked him to suck him off. Jonah was ready, the brother had a large cock and Jonah wasn't sure it would fit into his mouth. To his surprise it did but when the brother moved it to the back of Jonah's throat, Jonah gagged. The brother evidently had other boys gag and knew what to do, He gently moved his cock until it just touched the back of Jonah's throat. He whispered into Jonah's ear to relax and think about swallowing a mouth of water. Jonah did that and as he did that the boy pushed his cock into Jonah's throat. Jonah couldn't breathe and pushed the boy away.

The boy told him to breathe though his nose and to take a deep breathe before he swallowed. The boy put his cock back into Jonah's mouth. When his cock reached Jonah's throat, Jonah took a deep breath and as the cock began to slide down his throat, he expelled the breath and began to breathe through his nose. After a few trials, Jonah was getting to be a pro. The boy continued to fuck Jonah's throat and soon he shot his cum into Jonah's throat and Jonah had no choice but to swallow. The boy gave Jonah a kiss telling him that that was the best suck he had ever had. Jonah looked at his best fiend and saw him smiling and nodding his head as to say good job. From that moment on, Jonah was into sucking cock.

The following Monday after school, Jonah and his friend went around to the back of the school house and his friend gave Jonah his first cock suck. Jonah now knew what it felt like to have his cock sucked.

After school the rest of the week, behind the school house Jonah and his friend enjoyed sucking each other's cock. That Friday night, Jonah was in the middle of a ring of boys. Every boy wanted his cock suck by Jonah and while Jonah was sucking a cock, his was being sucked as well.

This continued until one day after school Master Simms saw the boys go around to the back of the school. Quietly he approached the corner of the school building and saw Jonah's friend sucking Jonah's cock.

The next day at school, Master Simms asked Jonah to stay after school as he wanted to talk to him. All through the day, Master Simms would stare at Jonah. At the end of the day, after all of the kids left except Jonah, Master Simms told Jonah what he saw. He told him that he was going to go to hell and be burned for eternity unless he was washed clean of his sin.

Jonah was scared, he knew from attending the church services with his parents that sinners or godless people as Elder Simms described would go to hell and burn for eternity. Jonah knew what it felt to be burned as many times he burned himself feeding logs to the fire in the winter. He felt he had no choice but to go along with Elder Simms.

Thew following Sunday, at church Elder Simms said that Jonah had performed an act of abomination that if he wasn't washed clean of his sins he would burn in hell. With his head down, Jonah began to remove his clothes in front of the people. Just when he was about to remove his pants, Silas stood up, walked up to his son. He put his hand on the shoulder of his son and asked who in the congregation has not sinned when they were young. No one put their hands up or stood up. Elder Simms said he had not sinned and was going to be accepted in heaven when he died.

The congregation became very quiet, a man at the back of the congregation stood up, when Elder Simms saw him he turned pale. The man walked to the front of the church, looking at Simms, Simms began to shake. The man turned and faced the congregation, looking into the eyes of the people, he put his hand on Jonah's shoulders. Looking at Simms he asked Simms if he had lived a life without sin. Simms began to tremble for he knew that he had lived with his man and had engaged in sex with this man. Simms was afraid for the first time he no longer felt like he had control of this community. The man told Jonah to get dressed and when he turned around, Simms was gone.

To this day, no one in Boulder knew who the name of this man nor were Simms went. He was not at school on Monday which meant that until a new school teacher could be found, there would not be any school.

Jonah was sad but was glad that his parents stood up for him. Jonah had learned a valuable lesson. He now spent Saturday nights at his father's side as his father played the games of the hill people.


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