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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 3

"Holy shit," I keep saying over and over to myself as I run to my car. This must be what it feels like to win the lottery. I want to do three backflips in a row, but at the same time I'm genuinely afraid that I might have a heart attack at any moment. This feeling has to be better than winning the lottery, though. I wouldn't trade any amount of money for being able to be with Luke, and I wouldn't trade any amount of money for what I'm about to do with him.

My sports bag is in the trunk, which has my dirty uniform from the perfect game today. I'm about to live out a fantasy… Luke and I messing around in our dirty baseball uniforms… but what are we going to do? I'm the one who came up with the idea. I'd better have a plan. My damn key isn't opening the trunk. I twist and jiggle it harder and harder. Oh fuck, this isn't even my car! I shake my head as I spot my car a few feet away. I absolutely have no memory of parking over there.

Eventually, I get back to Luke's apartment with my gear and let myself in. He must still be changing in his bedroom. I run into the bathroom to change into my duds. I unzip my bag and the smell fills the room. Wow, that's ripe! I hope he likes the smell as much as I do. I can't wait to smell Luke. I can finally indulge and take in a huge lungful of his air instead of sneaking whiffs when he's not paying attention. He's gonna smell so great… he did a lot more sweating today than I did. I quickly pull on each piece of my uniform, shivering with excitement.

I'm all suited up. I take a deep breath and head back to his living room. Luke is sitting on the couch in all his glory. Our school colors are royal blue and white… go Mustangs! Our home jerseys that we have on today are blue. We both wear a white t-shirt underneath our jersey where the sleeves stick out a little. We're also both in the same style pants - really tight and as short as possible. Our pants just barely come down over our knees. Our socks are where we differ. Luke wears the team color, solid royal blue soccer socks up over the knee. I wear the old-school socks: solid white with a royal blue stirrup. I love that look, and a few of the other guys on the team started wearing them that way, too… but I started the trend. However, I can't argue with Luke's look... especially right now. I notice that we both have turned our caps backwards. I turned mine that way so that it wouldn't get in the way when I kiss him. I hope that's the reason he turned his, too.

"Ya know… you're a really good kisser," he smiles as I enter the room. "I knew you would be, though."

"Are you serious?" I smile and blush. "I thought I was all over the place… kinda spastic."

"Whatever you were doin'… I fuckin' loved it," Luke smiles and raises an eyebrow. "So what did you have in mind now?"

"Umm… maybe we should take off our cleats first. Your mom might not appreciate it."

"Ya, prolly a good idea. Let me have yours and I'll put them all in my room." I can already smell Luke's feet… and I can feel my heartbeat all the way down in my dick. I gotta think of something. Ooh, I know— Luke startles me by wrapping his arms around me as he reenters the room.

"That feels so good… to be in your arms," I lean my head back against his shoulder as he sways us back and forth.

"Yeah… nice. You okay? You seem pretty tense." He gives me a hot, slow kiss on the back of the neck.

"Ahh… yeah, I guess I'm a little nervous… but that's helping." I close my eyes, take a deep breath and allow my smile to take over. "Aren't you a little nervous?"

"Nah… I'm just relieved. I was nervous earlier when I decided to go for it… but now I'm just relieved, happy, calm… and fuckin' BONED !" He lets his tongue swirl around the back of my neck and I let my body melt into his. I feel the nerves melt away. I know that there's nothing I can do to screw this up.

"Okay, okay," I laugh. "Have a seat on the floor."

"Like this?" Luke sits on the floor with his knees bent and his arms stretched straight out behind him.

"Yeah... open your legs a little." I walk up and stand between his legs and lower myself down. I sit down facing him as close as I can and lift my legs over his. As I scoot in closer, Luke begins to rub my thighs while I put my arms around his shoulders. I get as close as I can so that our crotches are pressed together. The smell is like a wonderful drug. I can smell his sweaty shirt, sweaty hat and sweaty socks, and they combine to be exactly what I was hoping for. I begin to undo his pants.

"Ahh... now I know what you're up to." Luke says as rubs the side of my legs and down over my socks to my feet. Then, he closes his legs as if to hug my thighs and links his ankles behind me. I love the feeling of his legs wrapped around me, and the smell becomes even more intense.

"Just sec… I almost got it—"

"C'mere," he grabs my shoulders and pulls me in for a hard and passionate kiss. Now I have to undo his pants blindly, but I manage to concentrate on working my tongue around Luke's while undoing his pants. We grunt, moan and giggle through the kiss as I finally feel his dick in my hand. It's as hard as it can be, but it also has a little bend upwards... perfect for what I'm about to do. I pull it all the way out of his pants so I can work on it.

"Nice," I whisper, looking down at it for the first time.

"That feels really good," Luke whispers and grabs my head, locking his lips on mine again.

I think for a second that I should spit on my hand to lube it up a little, but I realize he has enough precum to take care of that. I press right below the base of his mushroom tip and he jerks up with a loud moan. We break the kiss again, hopefully only momentarily. I use the opportunity to quickly look down and undo my own pants while continuing to press the pleasure button I had just discovered.

I try to suppress my giggles as I pull my dick out, and it's certainly ready to meet its new friend. I shift my hips up a little so that when I press our dicks together, and the heads meet. Luke's dick is a little longer, but he's quite a bit taller than me. Luke is looking down with excitement and halted breath as he sees our dicks touch for the first time. A drop of sweat from his nose falls and adds to the slippery coating that's all over my hand and our cocks. As I continue to jack our dicks together, Luke clumsily but desperately pulls my shoulders forward so we can continue kissing. This was a really good idea... he really seems to be into it. Maybe it's too good... I think I'm going to cum again if I don't stop. Yep, I definitely am. I break away.

"Okay, plan B." He looks crushed, which makes me smile. "If I keep that up, I'll be up two to zip on you before you even come up to bat."

"Fuck, man. I was just about to nut."

"All right… up on the couch." I can't contain my excitement. He jumps up obediently and sits on the couch. I crawl over on the floor between his legs and get ready to service him.

"Fuck, YEAH ," he moans and squirms as he realizes what's about to happen. It's the first time that I'm looking at his dick so closely. It's so amazing! I wrap my hand around it carefully and lick my lips.

"Wow," I whisper, almost involuntarily, and Luke laughs. He won't be laughing for long, though. I smile up at him. I know that if I just start sucking him off, he'll gush immediately. I have to try to extend this a little bit. I push my dick back in my pants and pull them up so there's no way I'll cum before he does. Maybe now I can get a little revenge for the back rub. Actually, teasing him a little will allow me to enjoy this moment that I've fantasized about for so long. I move my mouth slowly towards his shaft with a mischievous grin on my face. I think back to one of my favorite porn scenes where a guy started things off by kissing the other guy's dick all over. The guy on the receiving end really seemed to be turned on, and it really tuned me on… hopefully Luke will like it, too. I plant a big one to start right on his leaking cumhole. I want to taste this precum so badly…. Maybe I will get a preview of what his real cum might taste like.

I've fantasized about tasting his cum for a long time. I often ate my own cum so I could imagine tasting his load. Mine has never been as good as I imagine because I can only taste it when I'm on the low right after my orgasm. The only time I'm able to really enjoy it is when I can position myself upside-down against the wall with my mouth right under my dick. That way, my load can go right from my dick to my mouth… mostly. I could savor the taste for a second or two while I'm still experiencing my orgasm. At that brief moment, I could close my eyes and pretend I was eating Luke's cum. I have a feeling now that I'll never have to do that again. I'll be able to eat as much of Luke's cum as I want… and whenever I want.

A few times, I'm pretty sure I had actually come over to Luke's apartment right after he'd jerked one out. His room would smell a little like cum, and a little like his sweaty crotch that I love to smell when I bench press. I wonder if his load will taste like buttery popcorn.

As I think of all of this, I continue kissing and licking up and down his dick while jacking it very tenderly. I really want to make him explode, but not yet. I look up at Luke's face. He's sweating and has an eager smile on his face. I know he must be enjoying watching me worship his cock.

" Do it, man ," he whispers. I know he wants me to take him in my mouth, but not yet. I chuckle as I lap up the precum that has oozed out while I was attending to the base of his shaft. I start to flutter my tongue around his dick hole and down slightly to the area that's so sensitive on my own dick, just under the base of the head. He gasps and jerks his head back. I think I'll be doing that some more. I make a couple of repetitions of the tongue flutter with a sucking action right on his cumhole every time a little more precum leaks out. It tastes so much sweeter than my own. I think I'm going to be addicted to this stuff.

"Mmmm… so good," I grunt as I lick up another bead of precum.

"Fuck, man, you're driving me crazy. I can't stand it much longer," he gasps. I run my left hand down his leg to his sock and down to his toes. I realize that he's flexing and extending his toes over and over while I work on him… I really like that. I run my hand back up his body and start to rub his chest. He grabs my hand with his and interlocks our fingers so he can squeeze them together.

" Please , Garrett. I can't stand it anymore," he pants out. He moves his other hand to the back of my neck and tries to push my head down over his dick.

"Nah, ah, ah," I tease. "Well, all right," I say with a devilish smile. I bend his dick down a little as if I'm about to scarf it down. My mouth stays closed as I touch my lips to the end of his cockhead. I very slowly part my lips around his head then close my lips back to push it out. I open a tiny bit wider the second time and let my lips slide a little further over the hole, taking in another glob of precum… still not getting the whole head in my mouth. I slowly back off again until my lips are closed again. I look up at Luke.

" Pleeeease ," he whispers as he squeezes my left hand with his. His face is all red. He looks like he's in pain and his eyes are watering. I give him a huge smile and look back at his dick. Suddenly I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can and dive down on him quickly. I want the first thing he feels is my entire mouth around as much of his shaft as possible. As I land and close my mouth around him, he yells out and thrusts his hips forward. His dick hits the back of my throat and I gag. Oops, I didn't count on that. I quickly recover and start really sucking him, finally giving him what he wants. It won't be long now. This is more amazing than I've ever imagined.

"Oh fuck, Garrett! Ohh yeah, " he's writhing with pleasure. I realize at this point that all of my fun and games have brought me to the threshold, too. I start to rub my crotch through my pants because it would be so perfect to squirt while his cum is in my mouth. I know I can do it.

"Garrett, I'm gonna nut ," he grunts as I feel his body tensing up. Mine is doing the same. I want it all in my mouth, but I also want to see it squirt up in the air. I guess I can have the best of both worlds. I start focusing on his cockhead, just moving my lips up and down over it as fast as I can until I taste that first jet.

Luke screams. Oh YES ... there it is. It coats my tongue and the roof of my mouth with warm, salty, gooey goodness. It's everything I've ever desired and more. It tastes much different than my own.... much warmer and kinda tangy. I'm definitely going to be a cum addict. I go down further to savor his dick with his cum when the second spurt is released. It's much bigger and really fills my mouth. It's sooo good. At this point, I realize that I'm fully cumming in my own jock. My right hand did its job, rubbing one out through my baseball pants. However, I probably could've had a spontaneous orgasm just from the taste of Luke's cum… it's that good.

I return my focus to what's going on inside my mouth. Holy shit, this couldn't be going any better. I look up at Luke with his squirting dick still in my mouth. His eyes are closed and his back is arched, and squirt number three replenishes all that I've swallowed so far. I quickly remove my mouth from his cock, as I want to see the next squirt airborne before it lands inside of my mouth. I jerk his shaft, hoping to coax it out. Unfortunately, it completely misses my gaping mouth and shoots all the way over his head, landing somewhere behind the couch. We'll have to look for the landing spot a little later. I feel a pang of disappointment that I missed out on some of his load. I'm hungry for more and I don't want any more of it to go to waste. I quickly lower my mouth back to his cock, but I don't make it in time. Squirt number five goes half in my mouth and half up the side of my nose and onto my cheek. Now, I'm back on target. I'm sucking his dick like it's a straw, trying to get every last drip out of him. The spurts are getting less intense now, but they're every bit as tasty. I could drink this by the cupful. I keep sucking for a couple of minutes after the last spurt, savoring the cum that I've kept in my mouth.

" Holy shit, Garrett! You almost killed me! Remember what happened at the game today? You had to help me off the field!" he smiles as he tries to catch his breath. It seems like that was days ago. So much has happened since then.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," I smile back at him as I wipe the cum off my cheek with my finger and lick it clean.

"I can't believe I waited so long for this. That felt SO good… and kissing you is so fuckin' perfect. We could have been doin' this every day!" he shakes his head in bewilderment. "As tired as I am right now, I feel like I need to return the favor. That was so fuckin' sweet," he says as he pats the couch cushion next to him.

"Uhh... I think I already took care of that," I say, grabbing my crotch. I can see the cum seeping through my pants.

"Wow. Get turned on much?" we instantaneously bust up laughing. I leap up and tackle him on the couch. While laughing, I kiss him all over his sweaty face, neck and ears. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the clock. Shit! His mom will be him in less than thirty minutes!

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