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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 31

"Did you say what I think you said?" I've been rubbing Luke's shoulders and chest in the Jacuzzi tub, but I freeze when the realization of his words hit me.

"Yep. I know I said that nothing was ever going up my butt... but things have changed since then."

"Wow. I've never even thought about it."

I actually hadn't thought about it. I have really settled into my role as a bottom, and I love it. I feel it is something special in our relationship that I am giving to Luke, and I know he loves me for it. He's getting so much better at it, and he's able to last much longer. I'm much more confident, and I know how and when to move to give him pleasure. Ahhhh, and the way he kisses me when he's fucking....

"G, I think your dick is ready, at least. I can feel it throbbing against my back."

"So what made you change your mind about this?"

"It was you, and the way you..." He leans his head back against my shoulder. "You were so great about letting me fuck you when I knew you were nervous about it. At first, I just wanted to fuck you so desperately. The idea of fucking your ass just consumed my thoughts all day. I didn't know what it would turn into. Being able to be up inside of the one you love and just make love… is just indescribable. G, can we switch spots right now, so I can hold you while I say this?"

"You wanna just get out and lay on the bed?"

"Sure." Luke gets out of the tub and picks up the big terrycloth robe hanging on the wall. His dick is rock hard again, too. He holds the robe up for me, and I quickly run over and let him fold it around me. It feels so amazing. I help dry Luke and we run and jump into bed, giggling. I hold open the robe and he scoots inside. It is big enough for me to wrap it around both of our bodies, so we make out inside the warm, plush terry cloth as we try to fully dry ourselves and stop shivering. It doesn't take long. Luke eventually breaks the kiss.

"ANYWAY," he continues the conversation, but now our naked bodies are totally pressed together and our lips are just a fraction of an inch apart. "It quickly changed for me from fucking you to making love to you… and thinking about the difference between horny-cum and love-cum."

"If you keep talking about it like that… I'm gonna want you inside me right now!" I kiss him again.

"Normally, I wouldn't be able to resist that, but this is a special night. Ever since I started fucking you, I wanted to share the feeling. I want you to experience it, too. Suddenly, the bit about not wanting things up my ass wasn't even a factor. I would've had you fuck me a while ago, but I thought this would make your birthday really special. I want to feel you make love to me, and I want to feel you fill me up with your love."

"Wow. You sure do talk purty," I say and Luke starts a tickle fight inside the robe that eventually resolves itself with lots of kissing. "Well, how do I say no to that?" I say as we finally calm down.

"I'm all cleaned out. I did two of those squirty bottles before you came over."

"You did?"

"Yep, I'm ready when you are."

"Don't expect me to be any good. I mean, I'm no Luke Olson."

"I just hope I can bottom like you. You know everything that turns me on."

"Let's do it like your first time fucking me. I'll just lay back and you can get used to the feeling."

"I'm pretty used to it, actually. Yesterday, I fingered myself and jerked off at the same time. I squirted so hard, I got some in my mouth like when we were Skypin'."

"Damn! Stupid history paper made me miss that! But I can tell you right now, there's quite a difference between a finger up your ass and a dick up your ass."

"I bet. I can't wait." Luke lets himself out of the robe and finds a tube of lube in my bag.

"I don't even really know what to do," I say as I shiver with anticipation.

"You're a dude, G. Once your dick gets inside my hole, your natural instincts will take over. This is going to be so fucking sweet!" Luke jumps back on the bed and squeezes out some lube in his hand. He slowly and carefully rubs it all over my hard dick.

"If you keep rubbing that in like that, I'll cum before you even get it up there."

"All right, here we go!" Luke straddles me and reaches behind himself to guide my dick to his hole. He smiles at me as he thumps my cockhead against his pucker. I feel like my heart is going to jump up my throat. I just stare up at him with nervous anticipation. He closes his eyes as he starts to lower himself onto my dick, and it slides up easier than I would've thought. He groans and arches his back as it nears the end of its journey. When my dick is finally fully up his ass, he stops, opens his eyes and smiles at me. "I think I'm gonna like this, G."

"How does it feel?"

"A little tight, but really good to finally have your little guy up there. How 'bout you? How does it feel on your end?"

"Like you said... a little tight... but so fuckin' sexy." We both giggle nervously for a bit.

"Lemme spin around a bit, maybe stretch things out." Luke starts twisting back and forth, and I gasp as incredible waves of pleasure come over me as I watch. "Ahh, you like that, G?"

"Yes, more please."

"Maybe you'll like it even more if I do this," he slowly slides his hip up and my dick slides out. I can't believe how intense my pleasure is just from the slowest movement.

"Oh Luke..." I try to form words, "I have an all new respect for the way you can last so long doing this. It just feels way too good."

"I know," he slides up again and we both moan. I grab for his dick, which is rock hard, drizzling pre and bouncing in the air before me. I can't concentrate hard enough to keep my hands on it, as he slides his hips back down my dick. "Oh, G... I can't wait to feel you squirt up inside of me." He starts really going for it, and we both moan wildly.

"Oh holy fuck," I just want him to lean forward and kiss me during the last few heavenly seconds. He's riding me with his back arched and his eyes closed. I grab for him, but I can't get his attention. He's really trying to sell the idea that he's getting pleasure out of being dicked for the first time. I hope he really is getting some pleasure. I concentrate on the feeling of the huge orgasm I'm about to experience. As my first squirt of cum is released, he finally opens his eyes to look at my face, and he gets the message. I lean up as he leans forward and we embrace in a kiss as I pump my cum up his ass. Ahhhh, this is perfection.

"Ohhhh G," he says in my mouth as we continue to kiss long after my last squirt. I continue to thrust my hips and slide my softening dick in and out of his ass. "Happy birthday to you," he says as he we take a breath between our kiss, then continue making out. My dick finally slips out.

"Luke, I want you to fuck me now. Show me how it's done. Give it to me good."

"G, as much as I want to, this is your night. Do you think you can go again in a few minutes?"

"You mean fuck you again?"

"Yeah, I have an idea. I want to try something." he says as he rolls off of me and gets up off of the bed.

"Are you suuuure?" I stick my legs up in the air and finger my ass a little. He smiles over at me at he searches through his bag.

"Maybe tomorrow... I'll fuck you so good. Right now, I gotta get you hard again." He puts on a pair of socks. "Remember these?"

"Are those from the night where we ran into each other at the gym?"

"Yep, but I've never washed them and I've ran in them seven or eight more times since then. They smell so good; I've had to jerk off a couple of times to them."

"Holy shit." He lies down on the bed and I move down to concentrate on his feet. He's right, the smell is very strong. I already feel a stir down in my dick. I start rubbing his feet while he squirms around and watches me enjoy my final little surprise. He's still so hard from earlier. I just want to get up there suck him off, but I trust he's got something great in mind. I lower my head down to his socks and take a big sniff. Ahhhh. It's amazing that he can naturally produce such a sexy smell. I pick up his foot in my hands and start kissing it all over. I could do this all day.

"I think you might be ready," Luke smiles up at me, and I look down at my dick. It's hard and bobbing up and down, as if it's trying to get my attention. It wants to go back inside Luke. I scramble and look for the lube, but Luke grabs me. "There's lots of cum and lube up there already. Just go for it, G."

"If you say so." I lift his legs up in the air. This is going to be so great. His feet will be up by my head while I'm fucking him. I scoot in, lean over for a quick kiss then press it in. Holy fuck, that feels good. Luke lets out a scream. I'm not sure if it was a good or a bad scream. "You okay?"

"Fuck me, G!"

"I guess that's a yes." I start humping him and I rub his legs. He really seems into it. He's biting his lip and his eyes are closed.

"G, really give it to me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Fuck me like a jackrabbit, goddammit!"

"I'll see what I can do," I speed up my thrusts and really go for it. I know I won't be able to last long. At least it's just been a few minutes since I last came. That'll give me a few extra seconds. Luke is really writhing around, and he's screaming and moaning like a bitch. He's not a very good actor; it's not like he has to pretend like my fucking is driving him crazy. It's my first time doing this. Well, I can play his game. "I'm gonna fuck you RAW, baby!" I say.

"OH FUCK!" he screams. I look down just in time to see it. I can't believe my eyes! Without anything touching it, his dick is squirting cum all over his chest and abs. I guess he wasn't pretending or acting, after all. The next thing I know, I've pulled out and am licking it all up.

"Did that just happen?" I ask him.

"I think I have a pleasure button up there somewhere, and you kept punchin' it, over and over and over until I AHHHHHHH," he says while trying to get some oxygen to his lungs.

"Who knew? We're both bottoms!"

"And both tops! G, get your dick back up my ass and squirt your cum!" He's still trying to come back to reality.

"Well... okay," I'm still a little bewildered, myself. I stick it back in and lean over to kiss him. This position works much better when Luke fucks me. His body fits onto mine so perfectly, and our mouths are level. Now, I'm having to stretch up to his mouth so we can kiss. I can still taste his cum, and I'm quickly beyond the point of no return. Luke can tell too, I can feel him smiling through our kiss as he wraps his legs around my back, just like I do to him. I love him so much right now, and I truly realize what he meant by releasing my love into him. That's exactly what I'm doing, squirt after squirt, thrust after thrust. I could do this all day, too. I think we've got a new activity that's become a very high priority. I finally collapse on top of him, trying to catch my breath.

"There's something I need to tell you," I pant.


"I think I might be gay, and I think you might be, too." We both bust up laughing.

"Gay? Shit, I think I'm pregnant!" he gasps.

"Yeah, I guess we should've used protection."

"That's okay. I'll have the baby, and I'll make my mom take care of it, so we can just stay in the bedroom and FUCK!"

"Sounds good to me!" We make out exhaustedly for a few minutes. We stop for a second, and just stare at each other for a bit.

"Let's get some room service!" Luke wiggles his eyebrows. "I'm fucking starved."

"I am too. I didn't have much dinner."

"I've been so good all week, waiting for tonight. I want some fat and I want some sugar!"

We look at the menu and finally decide on two orders of nachos and some sodas. I order it while Luke gets cleaned up. I soon join him and take a quick shower before the food arrives. He hides in the bathroom when the room service dude knocks. I can't help but smile and blush... if he only knew what was going on in here.

"This looks so good! I haven't had a real sugar soda in forever!" I say, as we both jump back on the bed to eat.

"I miss fucking cheese!" Luke digs into the nachos. We guzzle down soda and feed each other nachos. There's lots of smearing of sour cream and guacamole on our faces, and lots of licking each other's fingers. I try to wipe away the guilt of not eating my mom's birthday dinner, and then turning around and eating this stuff... but I can't feel bad about anything right now. It's just all too perfect. I notice Luke's dick is limp when we finish up the last chip, so it might be time for my birthday wish.

"I think it's time for dessert," I say, pushing the trays away.

"Ooh, yeah," I've been waiting for this.

"Me too," I start giving his cockhead quick, little, licks.

"You sure you don't wanna just 69?"

"No way, I want to take my time, and I want to watch you while I do it."

"Okay, I get to watch your face, too." Just as he says that his dick flops over and starts to grow.

"Hey, I didn't even do anything yet!" I grab it and start licking. He's completely hard almost immediately, so I'd better be careful. I start worshiping it, like that first day, kissing it up and down, while licking up the precum every time a bead would appear. Occasionally, I climb up to make out with Luke for a minute, being sure that neither of us grinds our dicks on anything. Each time I head back down, I get a nice bit of pre to savor.

"G, you are the fucking BEST," Luke keeps saying when I go down to pay attention to his dick.

"I just really want to suck it good. Can you keep from cumming if I do it... you know, like when you're fucking me?"

"Are you serious? Hell, no... I'm in control when I'm fucking you. You're sucking skills are just way too good for me to hold it in." He runs his fingers all over my head and through my hair. I let my hair grow a little longer so it feels really good when he does this.

"I'll just have to go really slow then," I take his dick in my mouth and slide my lips up his shaft as slowly as I possibly can. I can feel his cockhead throbbing inside my mouth, but I know he's not going to cum yet. It's so hot and it tastes so good, and I love looking up at him. I go down as far as I can, and a little further. I choke a little, and I can feel my face turn red and my eyes water, but I don't care. I slide it out just as slowly and give some more licks and kisses to his cumhole. I look it over for a few seconds between kisses. I used to fantasize about it so often, wondering what it would look like and taste like right when he was about to squirt cum. "Goddamn, I love this dick." I can't help but say it.

"He says he loves you, too… if you'd just suck him off," he whispers.

I smile up at him and start slowly taking him in again. I want to be able to take him all the way in, just like he does to me. I almost made it last time; maybe I can get him the rest of the way down my throat without gagging. I enjoy every second as his throbbing dick takes up more and more room in my mouth. It reaches the back of my throat again, with a good inch or two before I can bury my nose in his pubes. I try to push it down, but no luck. Oh well, I'll have something to work on.

I slide it back out and return to the kissing and licking strategy. I look up at Luke, who is now squirming and moaning with his eyes closed, totally lost in the ecstasy. I realize just in time that the sight of him as pushed me over the edge. I've been humping the bed a little too forcefully while I've been sucking him. I jump up and quickly step up to Luke's head, which is deeply sunken into a mound of pillows. Luke looks up, and realizes what I'm up to. He closes his eyes and sticks his tongue out as I jerk my load all over his face. I get quite a bit in his mouth, but a lot of it splattered all around his mouth and some dripped down on his chest. When I finally stop squirting, he grabs my dick and starts sucking, getting the remaining drizzle I have left. I look down to see that he's involuntarily started jerking his dick, so I jump back down.

"Don't you dare!" I manage to say through a laugh before I get his dick back in my mouth. Within seconds, the hot jets of cum finally become my perfect dessert. As I gulp each squirt down, I smile as I think about how happy I am that cum isn't high in calories. It really is something I can't do without. I keep sucking for a long time, until his dick is totally soft and I no longer taste anymore cum. I look up at Luke and he's pretty much licked my cum off of his face and chest, too. He looks totally sweaty and exhausted. I scoot up slowly until I'm halfway lying on his chest. He kisses me several times on the top of the head as we both try to catch our breath.

"Happy Birthday, G," he whispers.

"Luke, this is has been the best day of my life so far, and I bet it will be the best day of my entire life."

"Probably mine, too. Say it again... what you said earlier," he whispers.


"About us being together forever."

"We're always going to be together. When we're in our seventies and we're still disturbingly good looking, we'll talk about this day." We both crack up.

"I hope so. G, I will never leave you."

"Me neither." I wrap my arms around him and we share a sweet kiss. "Luke, I'm so sleepy, but I don't want this night to end. Can you just keep kissing me so I won't fall asleep?"

"It's only a little after eight. I have an idea." Luke gets a couple of candles out of his bag and puts one on each nightstand by the bed. He lights them and turns off the lights. He looks so sexy by candlelight as he looks at me with such love in his eyes.

"I love you so much," I can't help but saying.

"I love you more." He climbs back into bed and we embrace and really start kissing.

"Wait a sec," I break away and go under the covers and eventually find his feet. I take his socks off, give them a quick smell and put them on my feet. They feel so amazing as I wiggle my toes around, and he giggles as he knows how much I'm enjoying that. "Sorry, my feet get cold at night." I say before we lock lips again. I have totally lost the concept of time. It could be 9pm, or it could be 4am. I have no idea. All I care about is trying to stay awake, somehow. We lay on our sides for a while, wrapping our legs around each other like two vines growing together. After a while, I climb on top of Luke and really thrust my tongue down into his mouth, then he flips me over and does the same. The candlelight is making the moment all the more romantic, as our kissing leads to moaning and boners again.

"Luke… you have to make love to me," I whisper, taking advantage of a brief moment when our mouths slightly come apart.

"Yeah… I wasn't gonna do that cuz I wanted the whole night to be about you," he whispers while kissing my neck. "But, like you said… I just have to."

He springs up to get some lube, and I get in position. Before I know it, his dick is thrusting fully inside me and we are both moaning through a deep kiss. I want to cum exactly when he does, so I pry my hand between our bodies so that I can give my dick a few tugs. Luke seems to be in the zone, plowing me with strong and steady thrusts while maintaining a lustful kiss. I quicken my jerking as Luke's pace suddenly picks up. I feel my first squirt of cum as Luke makes that final moan as he releases one more load deep inside of me.

We lay together in absolute exhaustion. I feel like I don't even have the energy to breathe, but somehow my lungs take in heaving breaths. Luke is trying to do the same.

"Shit!" he mutters.

"What?" I ask, somehow able to speak.

"Goddammit… I have to piss really bad."

"Me too, but I don't think I can get up."

"This is gonna be the hardest thing I've ever done," he grunts as pulls himself off of me. He drags me by the arms out of the bed and my feet clumsily find the floor. We stumble to the bathroom, and I realize that goo is starting to leak out of me. This is the first time I didn't clean myself out right before he fucked me, and I don't even want to see what's leaked out. I jump in the shower, turn on the water and pee down the drain before cleaning out my butt without looking at the damage. The shower steams up the bathroom, and Luke eventually emerges next to me under the fancy cascading showerhead.

"Did someone have a Happy Birthday?" he asks sleepily, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Yeah, I think it was pretty happy. Now, I'm never going to get this smile off of my face and everyone will know."

"I think my smile is stuck, too." His head droops and I try to hoist it back up, as we giggle.

"Umm… I have a couple of things I want to tell you, too." I whisper, and suddenly, Luke perks up.

"Whaaaaat?" he asks, expecting something on par with his two earlier surprises.

"I can't tell you quite yet… not until we're back under the covers together in the candlelight," I say, finishing up my maintenance. I love to leave him in suspense.

"GRRR!" he growls, pulling me out of the shower. He grabs a towel and hastily dries me off, and I can't stop laughing. "This better be good," he mutters.

We tromp back into the bedroom, and I make sure to get ahead of him to check the sheets. Luckily, they seem to only be stained with sweat and other… clear fluids.

"Get in that bed," he demands, making sure that the lights are turned off. I climb under the covers and lie on my side. Luke quickly joins me and suddenly, we're nose to nose under the covers in the candlelight.

"Hi." I smile coyly, and Luke pinches my nipple.

"Do you have something to say?" His patience has worn thin.

"Yes, yes… but it's not quite right yet. We're not close enough. You have to be… you have to be back inside of me."

"Really?" he chuckles and I nod. He spits on his hand to lube up his dick, and I spread my legs. He manages to push a whimpering, half-limp dick inside of me. We both simultaneously moan and our lips involuntarily melt together. After a minute, Luke's curiosity takes control.

"Okay, TELL ME!" He holds me by the shoulders so that I can't hesitate again with another kiss.

"Okay… the first thing iiiissss…," I giggle.


"The first thing is that my official favorite activity to do with you is… when you make love to me. When you make love to me, it's better than… well, it's better than sucking the cum out of your dick." We both get an uncontrollable case of the giggles.

"You're lying," Luke says after a minute.

"I swear!" I proclaim.

"Okay, what do you like most about it?" Luke asks, smugly.

"It's the love part. It's when I feel the most love for you and when I feel the most love coming out of you."

"I've got love coming out of me, all right," he gives me a little thrust and we kiss.

"I've grown, I've matured. I'm not all about the cum anymore… I'm all about the love. You don't believe me, knowing how amazing it is?" I ask and Luke looks in my eyes for a few seconds.

"I believe you," he whispers and we share a deep kiss and we press our bodies closer together. Luke is fully hard now and I'm not far behind. "Okay, what's the second thing?" He asks, twitching his eyebrows.

"Yeah… speaking of love," I giggle and we quickly kiss again. "I don't think that it's humanly possible… for someone to feel more loved… than I do right now."

"You have no idea how happy that makes me," Luke whispers as his eyes get misty.

"Still… somehow… I love you even more than that! G'nite!" I close my eyes tightly and make snoring noises. I try my best to hold a straight face, but Luke's fingers jabbing into my ribs make me erupt in a fit of hysterical laughter.

"YOULITTLE…." Luke and I roll around in the bed, tickling each other and howling wildly, but his hard dick remains firmly planted inside of me. Finally he pins me down on my back with my wrists against the top of the mattress. I stare into his eyes, which are once again full of love. "I guess that means that I still have work to do."

He slowly thrusts inside of me as our lips meet, and we go for it one more time. I wish this moment will last forever, but it's over too quickly. The next thing I know, it's morning and I see daylight leaking in from the closed curtains. I turn over in bed and a moment of panic strikes me as Luke is nowhere to be seen.

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