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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 39

The summer couldn't have gone better. With Luke in summer school, I thought our summer was ruined, but it turned out to be amazing. Luke had no trouble at all in summer school. We read both of his books the first month and he turned in his book reports way ahead of time. He was in a great mood all the time because of it, which was great for me. Luke and I worked hard on my brother and tried to include him in our lives, much to my annoyance. However, it seemed to work and he at least pretended to appreciate our efforts. Maybe all he needed was a little attention.

Then, there was Luke's birthday. Denise told him when she found out about his failing English that he wasn't getting a night at that hotel for his birthday. Since we were looking so forward to going back, I decided to use my savings and pay full price for a night at the same place. She found out about it and got the room for us anyway, making me promise not to tell Luke it came from her. I did, though. He needs to appreciate her more. We had another magical night. I fucked him twice on the bed and once in the Jacuzzi tub. He just couldn't get enough, and my dick almost fell off that night.

Football was the biggest surprise, though. Luke and I were welcomed to the team, and the coaches really helped us catch up to the other guys. I spent a lot of time learning how to kick, and it actually seemed to come naturally to me. I even got to learn how to tackle, so I could run down and join in on the kickoff coverage. Luke put in some extra time with me on the field with my kicking. He would tilt the ball a little too the left, then a little to the right and I'd have just a couple of seconds to make my adjustments before I kicked. We also were able to get awfully hot and sweaty during our practices, and that would never fail to get me really horny. Luke was really getting into bottoming, and he'd promise he would try to be quieter, but he never could. Several times after practice, I would just plow him in his bed and let the neighbors hear his screams of pleasure. I can't even think about it for a second without getting rock-hard.

However, summer is almost over. It's the Friday before Labor Day weekend, which means it's just a few days before school starts and one week away from our first football game. Labor Day weekend marks a tradition for our family. My dad, brother and I always go camping up north near Flagstaff, just before school starts. It was supposed to be a bonding time for us boys, but I've come to realize that it's a time that my mom looks forward to more than we do. I don't blame her. All modesty aside, I'm pretty great, but she needs time away from my brother and my dad. Luke has joined us the last five years, but this year, everything is different. We always drive up Friday morning, stay two nights, get up really early Sunday morning, head for the Denny's in Flagstaff, totally pig out because we've gone two days with only shitty campfire-cooked food, and finally head home and sleep the rest of the day. That means Luke and I will have to spend over forty-eight hours together with no sexy time. That's a first for our relationship, by far. I even asked Luke if he wanted to opt out of this year's trip, but he said, "No way."

I'm heading over to Luke's place to pick him up. I got up extra early so that I'd have a little bit more time while my dad and David are getting the car packed up and ready. I can't stop smiling and my dick won't stop throbbing as I pull into his apartment complex. I should've insisted on staying over here last night. That way, we really could've gotten it all out of our system... well, for a couple of hours, anyway. I run up the stairs and let myself in, as Denise must've left for work a while ago. I head straight for Luke's bedroom, and I find him packing a bag. He looks really sleepy, and I must've woken him up when I called him to tell him I was on my way over.

"Mornin', sleepy head." I say as I walk over to him. I immediately grab him by the arms and push him over and down onto his bed. I climb on top of him and quickly plant my mouth on his before he even has a chance to respond. I start grinding my crotch against his as I really get into the kiss.

"Mmmmm," he giggles as he enjoys my horniness.

"Uhhhnn... this weekend is going to be torture," I say, and then quickly dive my mouth back on his. As we continue to make out, rubbing our hands all over our backs and squeezing each other's butts, I already feel like I'm about to cum, and I feel the heat coming off of his dick, too. I quickly spin and dive down to his crotch and shove mine in his face. Without any words, we both take a dick in our mouths and start pumping our mouths over them. I'm surprised my dick waited for him to start sucking before it exploded. His cumshot follows not long after, and I savor his load for a minute or two before I gulp it down. I finally roll off of him and take a deep breath.

"Shit... if only that would hold me for the weekend." I sigh.

"We've been getting much better lately at just hangin' out, and enjoying being with each other without having to jump each other's bones all the time," he says as he strokes my leg. It's true. We've been able to just hang out, watch a ball game or a movie or something. Of course, it's always with me leaning up against his chest and his arms wrapped around me... and him giving me little kisses on the back of the neck and shoulder... but we're not just fucking and sucking all the time, like the first month of our relationship.

"I wish you could hold me by the campfire, like we do when we're watching TV." I start to daydream.

"Totally... One day, we'll have to go camping, just the two of us. We could do that… with a full-on Brokeback fucking-in-the-tent all night long."

"YES! That would be so awesome!"

I help him finish getting packed up, and after a record-setting, super-hot and long good-bye kiss by the entrance to his front door, we head out for a love-starved weekend.... with my dad... and my brother. Fuck!

We drive back to my house, and everyone's ready to leave. We all give my mom a good-bye hug and we're off. The drive is about two-and-a-half hours, but it's not bad in my dad's SUV... plenty of room and plenty of AC. I put on my earphones so I can listen to music and maybe shut my eyes. The exhaustion of getting up early plus an early-morning orgasm quickly overcome me, and I'm able to drift off for a while. I awaken to see Luke looking over at me with his sexy smile and licking his lips. I give him the "You better not!" look and start fiddling with my IPod for something to do.

As the drive goes on, I take my earphones off and I just marvel at Luke. He's being so charming and engaging with my dad and my brother. He's telling them about a hiking trail that he read about online that we've never tried before. It sounds pretty rough, but it will kill some time tomorrow.

He has such a great way about him. He can talk to my dad without sounding like a sarcastic teenager, and he can talk to my little brother without sounding condescending or annoyed. Right now, I can't stand either one of them, but the effort that Luke is putting forth is really turning me on. I just can't stop staring at him with that loving, googly-eyed expression. Plus, our early morning 69-session has done nothing in the boner-prevention plan. I've got a nice hard-on that I'm trying to disguise by keeping something in my lap at all times.

We finally get to our campsite, and I pin my boner down a little with the waistband of my underwear so it won't bounce around while I help set up camp. The work involved allows me to calm down a little, but I'm keeping my distance from Luke. He's working up quite a sweat, and he looks good enough to eat. I'd better to not tempt myself or I might jump on him in front of everyone.

The rest of the day drags, but it goes as well as it could. We fish for a while, but can't catch anything. That's fine with me; fish grosses me out unless it's cooked and on my plate. We barbequed some steaks and sat around the fire for a long time. My dad was on his best behavior. He didn't talk about religion or politics at all, probably because I begged him not to earlier this week. As we sit around the campfire, I try not to look at Luke... but I can't help myself. I have a boner that wouldn't go away. It will just start to soften a little, and then I'll catch a glimpse of him and it will rise back up. He knows what I was doing, so he always gives me a sexy look or positions himself so I could see right up his shorts. I don't think I can keep my hands off of him tonight when we get in the tent. I hope he feels the same.

My brother has already fallen asleep in his campfire chair. He's not used to so much activity. I look over at him, wondering what goes on in his brain from day to day. He's seemed so hell-bent at destroying me at times, really nice and brotherly at other times, and totally apathetic and withdrawn from the world the rest of the time. I wonder which David we will get as he begins the eighth grade.

We finally decide to turn in for the night. I fake a huge yawn, but my heart is racing. I intentionally set up Luke's and my tent on the other side of the campfire from my dad's and David's. Dad didn't seem to care, even though we've always set them right next to each other in the past.

"Don't forget to lock up your tent, boys," Dad calls over to us.

"YES!" I silently mouth at Luke and he smiles. I had forgotten! Dad bought these new tents that have a lock on the zipper. He was always paranoid about vagrants or murderers invading tents at night since he saw something like that on the news a couple of years ago. That will give us a little protection from a certain little brother barging into our tent at a most unfortunate time. It's totally settled now. We're doing it. I don't care if he's scared or paranoid about getting caught. I'm way too horny.

We brush our teeth and change into our sleeping clothes, and climb in the tent. I securely fasten the lock with a devilish smile, but I decide to play it cool and climb into my sleeping bag. Luke gets into his. We have a fake battery-powered candle as a light. It gives off a faint glow and lets us see and be able to get around at night. It's not as obnoxiously bright as a flashlight and wouldn't wake someone up if the other person had to get up to pee in the middle of the night. It has another function, though. It is making our tent perfectly romantic. I snuggle into my sleeping bag and peer up over the top edge to look at Luke.

He's got a huge smile on his face, and he looks so sexy in the faint glow of the fake candle.

"I'm so horny," he mouths at me silently. I listen for the sounds outside of the tent. I can hear the crackle of the dying campfire, and I can hear the voices of my dad and brother. Actually, they're arguing, quite obviously, but I can't make out any of what they're saying.

"We can whisper," I start out very quietly, but get a little louder as I realize that there's no way we could be heard.

"You drove me fucking crazy all day, G. Your ass looks so hot in those shorts. I could barely keep my hands off of you."

"I've had a nonstop hard-on all day with your name on it. Our little release this morning did nothing for me. I got a boner as soon as we got in the car," I confess.

"Me too. I wore my best boner-hiding shorts. I knew I'd have that problem." We continue to stare at each other longingly in silence for a few seconds.

"I'm really cold over here in my sleeping bag...." I raise an eyebrow. I actually realize that I am cold. I'm surprised that anywhere in Arizona could be cool on Labor Day weekend.

"Really? I'm lonely over here in mine." He starts to slowly unzip his bag.

"You want some company?"

"I think I do," he whispers, and I'm climbing in his bag in a flash. I turn off the candle so we won't cast any shadows. Once I'm in, he zips up the bag, and my heart races as our bodies get pressed together, really close. I snuggle up with him, wrapping my legs around his and my arms around his back. I involuntarily take in a huge breath through my nose, intoxicated with the mixture of a hint of a nice campfire with Luke's sweaty, sexy scent. I'm already in heaven.

"Hey," I whisper as silently as I can. We stare into each other's eyes, and we can barely make out our features as the moonlight casts a faint blue glow inside the tent. With our lips just inches apart, we can use the barely audible whispers for the rest of the night. No one could even hear them if they were standing right outside the tent.

"Sup, G?" He whispers as he nuzzles my nose with his.

"I was thinking about something you said this morning," I whisper as I can't help but grind my dick against his.

"Make it quick. I'm dyin' to kiss you." He slowly sticks out his tongue and grazes it against my lips. It takes all I have not to just plunge my mouth into his.

"You were saying that we were doing better just hangin' out and enjoying each other's company... instead of just fucking all the time."

"Yep." He nuzzles my nose again as he wraps his arms around my back. He hugs me tight, which scoots our heads even closer together. I now start to inhale his breath as he exhales it.

"I realized today while I was watching you... that really sucks," I whisper with a smile.

"Oh yeah?" He reaches a hand up to run his fingers through my hair and leaves it poised on the back of my neck, preparing for a hot kiss.

"When we're hanging out, especially when you're holding me, all I'm thinking about is sucking your dick or you making love to me. We're seventeen, and we're total horndogs. We just need to be doing it all the time. If I have to go home in four minutes, we should be sucking dick. If I have to go home in fifteen minutes, you should be mounted on top of me, giving it to me good until I absolutely have to be out the door."

"Or you should be giving it to me," he giggles. It really has been a race to the bottom lately.

Good thing we both love topping, too.

"We'll have plenty of time when we're older to hang out. This is the time in our lives that we need to do it every chance we get."

"I just love the way you think, G," he whispers. "But on the off chance that we have to watch TV or something, I still get to hold you and kiss your neck, right?"

"Of course," I smile back at him as sexily as I can, finally inviting him to kiss me.

"May I please kiss my guy now?" He hugs me again, bringing our heads even closer together. I say yes with my eyes, and he moves his lips the tiny distance over to mine. He begins so slowly, sweetly and quietly, just kissing my lips over and over, making sure not to make a smacking sound between pecks. The heat off of our bodies and dicks makes his sleeping bag into a warm paradise. My entire world is inside this sleeping bag right now. I sure hope no one walks outside of the tent tonight. I probably wouldn't hear them, and I probably wouldn't care even if I did.

Our kisses get longer in duration and deeper into each other's mouths as the minutes start to pass. He can work wonders with his tongue and his lips. I don't know how he got so good at it, but every move he makes with his mouth and tongue causes me to shiver with pleasure, and I make a reciprocating move, almost involuntarily. He knows exactly how I love to be kissed, and I know what drives him crazy, too.

Before too long, we're hugging each other as tightly as we possibly can. Our mouths are both opened as wide as we can get them, and our tongues are totally intertwined. Although our lower bodies are totally still, I feel like my dick is about to squirt. I'd love to have a spontaneous orgasm, without it being jerked or sucked, but not yet. I somehow manage to release my mouth from his and back my head away slightly.

"I don't wanna cum yet," I whisper, panting and trying to refill my lungs with oxygen. "This just feels so perfect." I run my fingers through his hair.

"You're right," he chuckles and wipes a couple of tears off of my cheeks with his thumb. I guess my eyes were really watering from the intensity. Luke starts over, lightly kissing my lips and pulling back to look at my face between each one. The moon outside seems brighter now, or at least our eyes are better adjusted. I can see him much more clearly. We start exploring each other's bodies with our hands in the tight quarters of his sleeping bag, making sure to keep away from our throbbing dicks. I want this to last as long as possible, even if we're still kissing when the sun comes up.

As we start getting back into heavily making out, it becomes harder and harder to keep from grinding our dicks against each other. It becomes harder and harder not to moan. A few choice ones escape our locked lips, but we're able to stifle them and continue to get lost in the kissing. The heat coming off of our bodies has caused us both to become very sweaty, even though it is fairly cold outside. I keep taking in a huge breath through my nose every once in a while so I can enjoy it. Luke finally breaks the liplock, this time with tears streaming down his face. He looks at me longingly as I wipe his cheeks with my thumb, this time.

"G, if I don't cum soon, I think I'm gonna die," he whispers and he continues kissing me as we both chuckle. I push him off again.

"Okay, okay… me too." I unzip our sleeping bag so I can see what I'm doing. I pull down our sleeping pants and hike up our t-shirts so we won't have to sleep in cummy clothes. Before I dive back down on top of Luke, I happen to glance over at him. The moonlight in the tent, combined with the sweat glistening off of his perfect pecs and abs make quite a sight. I stop in my tracks and stare.

"Oh baby," I whisper with a smile. He realizes what I'm doing and gives me his sexy face and then starts to giggle. He pulls me back on top of him and we immediately start kissing at the highest intensity we've reached so far. We both grind our hips into each other, as we try to grunt as quietly as possible. It doesn't take me long to know I'm about to explode. I can tell from Luke's movements that he's ready to release, too. As the pleasure overwhelms me, I can no longer hold the kiss, and I press my forehead against his and clench my teeth as cum gushes out of both of our dicks. I try to go back to kissing him clumsily, our dicks leaking out the last bits of our orgasm. I'm impressed how silently we were able to have one of our most intense sexual experiences ever.

I look up at Luke and our eyes lock. We whisper "I love you" simultaneously and start to giggle. Actually mine was "I love you so much," and his was "Fuck, I love you, G."

I can't help myself and dive down to suck his softening dick for a few seconds. I realize all the good stuff is mostly smeared over his body, so I lap it up.

"You gonna share?" he whispers with fake aggravation. I oblige him and we lick the sweat and cum off each other's bodies and roll it around our tongues for a while. That was quite a job, as we sure had a sticky mess all over us.

We head out quietly for a midnight piss and share a quick G2, and then turn in for the night.

"Do you think I can sleep in your sleeping bag with you?" I ask him after we zip and lock the tent for the night.

"Uhh... I was counting on it," he says, climbing in.

"Sweet. I'll set my cell phone alarm for 6:30. There's no way my dad or brother will be up before then." I set it for a low volume and place it right by my head so it will only wake us up.

I climb in his sleeping bag and get situated so he can hold and spoon me.

"Hey, where's my goodnight kiss?" he whispers, and I immediately flip over and start kissing him all over his face, followed by a really nice, sweet, slow one on his mouth. "That's better," he says as I flip back over and he wraps his arms around me. He goes one step further this time, and slides his hands down my arms and closes his fingers between mine around the back of my hand.

"Wow," I whisper as I enjoy the feeling of every part of his body that is touching mine.

"Do you think you can sleep with my hands like that? If not, it's no biggie," he whispers as he starts kissing my shoulder.

"Totally, it's just like... so romantic. You're Mr. Romance tonight."

"I love my guy," he whispers and gives me some light kisses on the ear.

"Just sec, I wanna check my phone and see how many hours we have to sleep, just like this."

"Don't." He hugs me tight. "We have right now, which is all that matters."

Wow, this really is love, not just sex. I try to enjoy the feeling as long as I can, but I drift off and am totally out in just a couple of minutes.

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