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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 49

I sit in silence with my parents at the dinner table, playing with my food. I knew it would be awkward, but not this bad. Mom is trying her best to bridge the gap between Dad and me. Dad is trying to his best to angrily protest the fact that I'm home from New Beginnings, and the fact that I've been staying over at Luke's, probably doing the same thing that he saw on his phone... over and over... and he's right.

However, the anger is just a facade. I can tell he's totally defeated, just under the surface. His ignorance-is-bliss, fairytale, Fox News, Churchy McChurcherson life has been blown out of the water. He's stopped going to church and all of his other dorky men's clubs and republican groups and all that other crap. He's ashamed and embarrassed, and he can't face his friends. Like I care! I have other things to worry about. I'm not feeling guilty about that stuff.

Right now, I have to worry about the note that was left in Luke's locker. We argued about it all afternoon. It even took up our sex time. He thinks it's no big deal, but I'm scared that someone might do something terrible and stupid. He even thought that it might be David because the "You're fucking dead," part was identical to what David told me at breakfast after camping. I thought that if it was David, he would have left it on my locker. There sure are enough stupid people at school. I bet he'd feel differently if that note was left in my locker. I bet one will be there, eventually... then he'll see my side of things.

In the silence, I let my mind wander to more sexual topics, as it often does. Damn, I already felt like I had blue balls at school, and I didn't get any relief after school. Now, I have to wait till after the game tonight for some lovin'. It's a big game against a big rival of ours. However, I'm the talk of the town tonight. I'm the star gay kicker that just escaped from a fag farm and everyone is discussing it in both towns, or so I've heard. Luke is not going to even go to the game tonight so we can downplay the spotlight a little. He could use the time to rest and heal, anyway. I can tell I'm going to need some real attention tonight. I close my eyes and imagine his dick sliding up my ass and his tongue sliding in my mouth. I start to get a very inappropriate boner at the dinner table, so I try to concentrate on something else.

"So Mom, I've been looking into meetings for PFLAG, and–" As soon as I say "PFLAG", Dad stands up and silently walks out of the room. That's fine with me. The longer my dad has a problem with me, the longer I get to stay at Luke's, in his bedroom, with him inside of me. Oops, there I go again.

"Don't press him now, Garrett." Mom pats my hand. I guess she can't tell that I'm happy about my current situation. "I'm working on him. It will just take time."

Just then, my brother bursts through the front door. He has no idea I'm here.

"Do we have any chicken fingers left?" he calls out before he sees me. Once he does, he turns around, trying to run up the stairs and to his room. I chase after him and easily catch up to him in the upstairs hallway. I pin him to the wall so we can have a little chat.

"Lemme go, fag." He tries to wriggle out of my grasp.

"No way, just listen to me. I have to thank you for what you did." I say. This stops him and he looks at me with suspicion.

"So you're not gay anymore?" he asks, sarcastically.

"No, I'm still REALLY gay," I say, biting my lip. "I have to thank you for doing something so... unthinkably cruel and miserable to me. It really takes me off the hook in the future. I don't have to do SHIT for you... ever again. When you're thirty, and your ugly druggie girlfriend kicks you out of her apartment, I don't have to ask you to stay at my place until you get back on your feet. When you're forty and you lose your job at 7-11 for oversleeping, I won't have to put in a good word for you and try to use my contacts to get your lazy ass a different job. And when you're fifty, and you need a kidney, I can just let you DIE in that hospital room before I'd even get TESTED to see if I'm a match."

"I don't even fuckin' CARE anymore!" he says, trying to hold back tears. I finally let him go. "It doesn't matter WHAT I do or what YOU do, I'm always the bad guy and you're always the good guy, even when you take it up the ASS! Well, now I know I AM the bad guy, so I can do whatever the fuck I want!"

"There's just one little problem with your theory, there. You've never TRIED to do anything GOOD!" I say, spitting on him a little bit. He conveniently ignores my assertion.

"So you think what I did before was cruel and miserable? Wait till you see what I do NEXT!" he screams just as he slams his bedroom door.

"I know you feel that way now," Mom startles me. She was listening to our conversation from half-way up the stairs, "but you'll feel differently when you're older."

"Don't count on it," I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"There's something I want to tell you. Come back downstairs," she says, and I follow her back to the dinner table.

"What?" I ask slowly. I don't think I can handle any new bad news with all I'm dealing with.

"I'm sending your brother to live with Grandma and Grandpa in Florida, at least until you go away to college."

"Really?" I can't believe what I'm hearing, and I try not to smile. "Poor Grandma and Grandpa."

My grandparents are actually very progressive and smart, and they're very nice people, as well. Unfortunately, I don't see them very often. The last couple of years, I've figured out that's because they don't see eye to eye with Dad about anything. They probably weren't thrilled that Mom even married Dad. They're probably secretly elated that I turned out to be gay. I wish they lived closer.

"You probably remember them as all kisses and presents, but I can tell you, they're a lot different as parents than they are as grandparents. If anyone can turn your brother around, it's them."

"Maybe it will work." Frankly, I don't really care if it does.

"Plus, it's probably best that the two of you have some distance between you. If you're around each other, you'll probably still be butting heads, and who knows what he might do."

"Yeah, that's a plus." Right now, I wouldn't care if I ever saw my brother again. Just the thought of him makes me want to punch a wall. Maybe being apart for a while will calm things down between us... or maybe he's just a piece of shit and I'm better off not having him in my life.

"He doesn't know yet. Please don't tell him anything."

"It's a deal. You need help with the dishes?"

"No, you go ahead. I know you have to get ready for the big game."

"Nah, it's not like I want to be the first guy in the locker room, if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I think I do," she laughs. It's nice to hear her laugh, and not in an up-tight, forced way. We do the dishes together, talking and laughing, and strengthening our new mother-son relationship. It's something I never would've expected.

I head back to school and get changed for the game. I walk into the locker room with my head held high. I know they need me. I manage to avoid Cade as I sit down in front of my locker, or rather, he manages to avoid me.

I stand on the sideline before the game, trying not to look up at the crowd. Occasionally, I bend over to pretend to mess with my shoes so I can glance up into the stands. I see people pointing at me and talking to the person next to them, all over the stands. I see them doing the same in the visitor stands across the field, too. How did they know about us at other schools? Did it make the local news? Don't they have anything better to talk about?

I start the game by a great kick-off. I boom the ball about as far as I've ever kicked it, allowing our special teams squad to swarm their kick returner. I get a larger than normal ovation from the stands as I jog off the field and all of the nerves leave my body. I try to stay loose on the sidelines, as the rest of the team gives me a constant ten-foot radius of space. Occasionally, I walk around and near some other players to make that a little less noticeable to the onlookers.

I get my first chance to kick a field goal, and I nail it, straight and perfect. Cade doesn't even look at me, and jogs off the field as soon as he could see the kick was going to be good. Usually, he patronizes me or congratulates me in a condescending way when I make a kick. Maybe someone doesn't like the extra attention I'm getting....

I'd rather not be the center of attention, though. I'm hoping I don't have to kick any more field goals, but I get tested over and over throughout the game. Our offense surges and then stalls, leaving me in the hot seat. However, I deliver time after time. And now, the game comes down to me and my kicking skills.

Cade seemed to grow more and more annoyed with me throughout the game, as I continued to kick the ball right down the middle of the goal posts. After the fourth one, I could've sworn I heard him say, "Fuck!" when he realized it would be good.

We're trailing 14-12 with four seconds left in the game. The only scoring our team has done was thanks to my right foot. I jog out onto the field, full of confidence. This is going to be my shining moment, my first game-winning kick. I hear Cade come up behind me. He puts his hands on my shoulder pads as if he's about to give me a pep talk. There's nothing that I want to hear from him right now.

"Please, Cade. I need to focus," I say, hoping he'll leave me alone.

"There's no WAY I'm letting some FAGGOT be the hero." I stop and turn around, looking him in the eye for the first time tonight. He looks like he's about to fight me.

"What did you say?"

"Faggots shouldn't even be allowed to play this game. This is a Christian game. It's sacred."

"Hey, dipshit! If you sabotage me, everyone will know. You'll let everyone down. It's a team, remember? It's not about me, it's not about you, and it certainly isn't about my sexuality!"

I can't believe this is happening. I knew I should've insisted on choosing a different holder. I hear the coach screaming at us to get in formation. I look back at him in desperation, but there is nothing that I can do. We're out of time-outs, and if we don't snap the ball in less than ten seconds, we'll get a delay-of-game penalty. I have to just do what I normally do, and see what happens. I'm totally powerless. Maybe Cade is just trying to ice me. Maybe he's hoping to get in my head so I'll miss the kick and be the goat instead of the hero. There's no way I'm going to miss. This is the shortest kick that I've attempted tonight, and all of my other kicks were totally perfect. Still, I feel like I can't breathe, and my whole body stiffens up as I wait for the ball to be snapped. I look over at Cade, who has an evil smile on his face. Shit, he looks just like my brother right now.

"HIKE!" screams Cade, and I hear the clash of bodies at the line of scrimmage. I start my kicking motion. I'm surprised to feel myself moving perfectly under the circumstances. I see Cade set the point of the ball on the ground, just as he always does, and a wave of relief washes over me. Everything is going to be fine. I'm going to make this kick.

At the last second, Cade jerks the ball up off the ground and takes off, easily running around the corner of the offensive line. Most of the defensive players had tried to dive through the offensive line to block my kick, and they're all either on the ground or tied up with our offensive line, so they are easily passed as Cade runs towards the end zone. It's the perfect play because it's so stupid. There's no way anyone would've expected a fake with a kicker that has been as great as I have for the game and the whole season.

I walk towards the sideline. I see our players jumping up and down, celebrating the last-second victory. I see our coaches, frozen in disbelief, some of them with their hands on their heads. Maybe Cade will get punished for this. He probably won't, though. This is the final straw for me. I won't put myself through this humiliation again. I'm through with football. I stupidly turn towards the end zone and see Cade Tebow-ing right before he gets mobbed by his teammates. That vision will haunt me. I squint my eyes together as tight as I can as if that will help erase it from my memory.

I run off the field in disgust, beating the team to the locker room. I quickly grab my bag and leave without changing clothes. I beat the crowds to the parking lot, as the stands are still full of cheering fans. My tires squeal as I peel out of the parking lot, heading for Luke's. I don't know if I'm more angry or humiliated. Luke had better be a good boyfriend tonight. I need some major soothing right now, and not just the sex stuff. Well, I'll need some of that, too. First, I'll need him to talk me down. I could just kill Cade right now... or anyone else who gets in my way.

I pull into Luke's parking lot and pull off my jersey, pads and cleats in the car. I run to his apartment in my socks and accidentally step on a sharp rock. I yell out in pain, and my fury heightens. I might punch the wall in his room and make a hole right next to the one Luke made when he realized he wouldn't be able to fuck me for a while.

I let myself in, walk into Luke's bedroom and look at him on his bed, smiling up at me. I'm instantly and completely pacified, just from the sight of him. I'm reminded, yet again, that everything in life is so unimportant, relatively, and how lucky I am to have Luke. However, I still want him to soothe me, so I pretend to still be upset.

"That FUCK!" I yell, and Luke continues to smile up at me.

"Aww, c'mere," he says, patting the bed, and I sit down. He scoots up behind me and hugs me around my front. "I know everything. I'm sorry it went down that way."

"How do you know already?"

"Sarah was texting me, like, every minute with updates."

"Sarah who?"

"Sarah... somethin'. She's in two of my classes. She's that blond girl that was sayin' to us at lunch how romantic it is that we're a couple and that we luuuvvvv each other." He rocks me back and forth as he continues to hug me.

"Yeah, it is pretty romantic," I chuckle a little.

"My boner thinks so, too."

"So what did she say?"

"She was mostly telling me how hot you were, and how sweet your ass looked in your cute little football pants."


"Yeah, she's not really a football fan. I told her that ass was OFF-LIMITS." He kisses the back of my neck.

"You don't have to worry about that kind of thing." I say, as the chills start to run through my body.

"I bet you don't even know the best part. You probably left right after the game was over." He continues to give me soft kisses all over the back of my neck and shoulder. I don't want him to stop, but I want to know what he knows.

"WHAT?" I finally explode with giggles, as I flip over to look him in the face.

"Mr. Cade... your FAVORITEST person in the world... will no longer be your holder. That's MY job." He hugs me extra tight.


"He got kicked off the team."

"You better not be shittin' me!" I feel my face light up.

"Yeah, apparently coach went over to him when he was celebratin' and jumpin' around and Tebowin' and told him he was off the team. Then he was all runnin' around cryin' and beggin' the other coaches." We roll around on the bed laughing, Luke still holding on to me.

"I can't believe I left! Now I don't have to quit the team!" I say, eventually recovering from my hysterics.

"You weren't gonna, were you?"

"If Cade could undermine me like that and get away with it, yeah. He probably got cut cuz he's not really an important part of the team. If a starter would've disrespected me, he'd probably get a slap on the wrist. This should send a message to the rest of the team, at least."

"Do you think it's cuz he went against coach's play and did his own thing, or do you think it's cuz he disrespected you cuz you like boys?"

"Probably cuz he went against coach, but I'd like to believe it's partly cuz I like boys. I hope the rest of the team thinks it's cuz he disrespected me.... by the way, it's not that I like boys, exactly... it's that I like this one certain boy..."

"Oooh, do tell!"

"Normally, I'd screw around and make a cute game out if it, but I'm horny as hell, and I want to celebrate, so it's YOU!"

"I was hopin' it was me," he says, and we start kissing slowly and sweetly. He breaks the kiss and strokes my hair. "So I was thinkin', what you probably need tonight is to fuck me good 'n hard. Please tell me you remembered to pick up some lube."

"Oh shit, I totally forgot. I can go pick some up. I'll be back in fifteen minutes."

"Sorry, now that you're here, you're not leaving this bed." I was hoping he'd say that. "We could use conditioner again... or salad dressing?"

"Nah, when we used conditioner that one time... uhh... it wasn't too pleasant later. Salad dressing sounds like it could be worse. I got an idea."


"How 'bout something white and creamy and salty and tends to have an endless supply in this room?"

"Oooh, cum lube? But you might tear me up before you get any up there."

"How 'bout this? We both cum into a cup, then we'll pour it all on my dick. That should be enough to get things nice and slick and give us something to get started with."

"Go get a cup," he smiles as he pulls his dick out of his pants and starts jerking.

"I gotta cum first!" I call out as I run for the kitchen. I find a small stack of Styrofoam cups, so I take one and run back to Luke's room. "I gotta get hard for the second time before we put the plan into action."

"Okay, but hurry up. I've wanted to jerk off all day, but I decided to save it for you tonight."

"How should we do this?" I stand by the bed smiling. There are so many ways.

"You want me to suck you off right until you're about to cum?"

"Nah, I don't think I could make you stop sucking, and I definitely wouldn't stop if I was sucking you."

"True 'nuff."

"Just let me lay back on your chest and I'll put my head on your shoulder. I'll rub one out, and you can hold the cup and I'll jerk off into it." I climb back into his bed.

"Yes, sir!" He smiles and holds his arms out to accept me. I settle in position and nuzzle my head against him. I just want him to hold me and kiss my neck and breathe in my ear for a while. It drives me crazy, but I don't know how long I can last. The head of my cock is already purple and throbbing, thinking about all the fun we're about to have.

"This feels sooo good," I moan and smile as he rubs my chest and kisses my ear.

"You get that dick cummin' mister," he whispers and we both start giggling.

"I'm almost there... but I might need... a really... hot... kiss..." I tilt my back so I can look him in the eye.

"Oh yeah?" He smiles down to me.

"Do you think you can kiss me and hold the cup in the right place?"

"Maybe... let me just position the cup... right... here... and then...." He sticks his tongue out, and smiles, moving his head towards mine. I grab the back of his head greedily and press my mouth on his, trying to devour his tongue. I moan as I know that I'm instantly ready to cum. I just keep jerking my dick in the same manner as before, hoping all of my cum will land in the cup. All I can do is concentrate on the kiss and let my dick release. Luke is doing such a good job of driving me crazy with his tongue and lips. This is one that I'll think back on for future jerk-offs.

"Oh man," I pant, looking lovingly at Luke as he pulls back.

"Let's see what you did for us," he says, but I grab him again and continue kissing. I can't get enough. Finally he pushes me away. "Dude, you're gonna make me cum all up your back! Now, get ready to catch mine. It won't be long."

I climb off of Luke and sit on the floor, leaning over the bed. I take a look in the cup. I released a healthy load, as it's been building up for a while. With what Luke has to contribute, we'll have more than enough to lube up my dick. I show him the cup, and he seems impressed. He sticks his tongue out as if to lick some out of it, but I snatch it away.

"Okay, just lay back and make sure your foot is comfortable." I take his throbbing dick in my hand and position the cup right above the head. I scoot in close so I can get a great view of his cumming dick. This is going to be so hot.

"Ready?" he smiles down at me.

"You gonna give me some good cum to fuck you with?" I say, starting to jerk him with a forceful hand.

"Ohhhh... yeah... G," he squirms for a minute and I see his muscles start to tense up. I make sure the cup is in position so nothing is wasted. Soon, the hot streams of jizz start squirting out of his dick. I revel in the smell, and I can even sense the heat on my face, as I'm just inches away.

"Ohhhh Luke... Ohhhh fuck... Look at that fuckin' cum...." I feel like I'm looking at some amazing work of art. I can't believe how sweet and delicious his cumming dick looks up close. It takes every bit of restraint I have not to wrap my lips around it and suck it all up and swallow it down. I continue to jerk out stream after stream, all going into the cup. We're gonna have one beautiful lube for my dick. Finally, his dickhole stops shooting and little beads of cum keep appearing as I continue to jack him. I try to scrape them into the cup, attempting to save every bit. I see the huge amount in the cup now, and finally let myself have what I've been craving. I lick his dickhole, trying to get any more ooze that's leaking out. I get the full flavor in my mouth, and I resolve to make sure I get a hot load in my mouth at least once a day. This just tastes way too good, and I really do miss it when we only fuck. Then again, when he's fucking me, I forget about everything else. I guess I'm not really deprived, either way.

"How'd I do?" He smiles over at me, trying to catch his breath.

"Take a look. You totally gushed." I hand him the cup. He starts to lick some out of it again, but this time I let him, just to see if he will. He licks a little bit out of the side of the cup and shows it to me on the tip of his tongue. He swirls it around in his mouth and swallows.

"Ahhhh... I do good work," he says, gloating that he tasted some.

"How do you know that wasn't my guys?"

"Cuz I came more than you did. My little guys totally jumped all over your little guys and were fucking them all at the bottom of the cup. I just got the ones who didn't find a fuck buddy." I smile at him, shaking my head, picturing his little sperm fucking mine.

"I'm about to find a fuck buddy," I say.

"We just have to wait for you to get hard again." He twitches his eyebrows. I stand up, showing my hard dick bouncing in the air, and we laugh.

"Why am I not amazed?" He says, grabbing the cup. "Okay... how 'bout this? You lay back on the bed, and I'll lube you up. I'll sit on your dick for a while and bounce up and down... then when you're ready, you can flip me over and really give it to me." I don't know how I'm going to last long enough for that. I'm so turned on right now.

"You sure? That's a lot of moving around for a guy that just had surgery."

"I'm totally high on G right now. My foot doesn't even hurt."

I spread a towel out on the bed, and lay on top of it. Luke stands over me, admiring my body and smiling.

"So sexy, G," he says, finally.

"Well, then, do something!"

"Okay, okay," he takes hold of my dick with one hand and holds it up straight. He positions the cup right over my cockhead and slowly tilts the cup. He drizzles my cockhead with cum, slowly and carefully. I hold my breath, trying not to tremble. "Lookin' good, G.... Wow, look at that!" He tilts the cup down lower, and more cum trickles out. It starts to drip off of my cockhead, down my shaft and eventually completely coats my dick. Luke scrapes out the inside of the cup with his finger, causing the last drops to add to the gooey layer around my cock. I can't believe how amazing it looks. I look at Luke, who is equally awestruck. His mouth is open and he's staring up at me with a huge, mischievous smile.

"Hooooollly shit, dude!" he says, laughing.

"That is so fuckin' hot–" I start, but without warning, Luke dives down on my dick, sucking up all that carefully built-up cum. A giant wave of pleasure washes over me, causing my head to jerk back, but I quickly recover. I have no power to stop him, but I have to watch him as he devours all that cum. He's sucking it up as if he's starved and it's the best thing he's ever tasted. It's also possibly the sexiest thing I've ever seen. He continues to suck my dick, smiling, and lapping up the cum. I love the sight, but I'm so jealous. However, my jealousy quickly disappears as the pleasure grows towards another intense orgasm. I start to release another hot load into his cummy mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," he moans and giggles as he slurps down a fresh batch. I guess he really does love sucking dick, and he REALLY loves cum. I continue to watch him licking and sucking my softening shaft. He wants more. He'd probably keep sucking me to another orgasm if I let him. Finally, my dick becomes too tender to stand it anymore, and I push him off. I dive down to kiss him, forcibly pushing my tongue as far into his mouth as I can, trying to get a little of the lingering taste of cum. He giggles again, as he knows exactly what I'm up to. I can taste it a little bit of it, but I'll have to indulge that craving again later. Luke has to push me hard to break the kiss, and I don't go easily.

"Dude, I'm gonna cum again. Hand me that cup!"

I want to dive down to catch it in my mouth, but I aim for the greater good. If we don't have any cum left, we won't be able to fuck tonight. I hand him the cup just in time, and he jerks a few squirts into it save for later.

"Just to let you know," I say after he collapses onto the bed. "We're doing that again, but next time it's gonna be on YOUR dick… and I'm gonna be the one that gets to suck all the cum off it!"

"Deal," he laughs as he pants. "You can't blame me though. There's no way you coulda resisted that either."

"Yeah, I know. What was it like?" I ask.

"I dunno... cum heaven?"

"That's what I'm counting on," I say, closing my eyes, trying to imagine it. "Let's go get ready for bed."

We head for the bathroom. I'm surprised how little he limps on the way. His foot really must not be bothering him much right now. I climb in the shower because I want to do a good clean-out. I have a feeling that cup of cum is going to be used to lube up Luke's dick instead of mine later. I quickly do my routine while Luke brushes his teeth and washes his face. In a couple of minutes, I see him slowly pull the shower curtain back with one finger.

"I just realized something," he says with his sexy smile.

"What's that?" He quickly takes off his tank top and shorts and starts to climb in the shower.

"I haven't kissed you in over four minutes!"

"Damn, you poor guy," I say as he takes me into his arms. I melt into him as he leans over to kiss me. We stand in the shower just loving each other, letting the hot water rain down over us. I lose complete track of time, and only the loss of hot water could keep us from continuing that kiss forever.

We regretfully leave the shower and help dry each other off.

"I can't wait to get you back in that bed," Luke says, rubbing his hands over my butt cheeks, and giving them a squeeze. I knew it, and I'm happy.

"I gotta brush my teeth and floss," I say, starting to shiver. Standing under the cooling water for a minute has penetrated my skin and cooled off all the heat that Luke had provided.

"Okay... I'll just stand here and try to warm you up." He wraps his arms around me from behind while I try my best to brush and floss, but it's hard to concentrate, especially when he starts to kiss my neck and shoulders.

"What's gotten into you tonight?" I'm still shivering, but now it's from love, not cold.

"I dunno... maybe it was all that cum... I'm just so full of luuuvvv right now. I can't get enough of you." I love to hear him say things like that.

"Whatever it is, let's figure it out and keep you like this. I can't wait to get under those covers... and under you," I say, finishing up my flossing, still shivering.

"Ahhh... G," He starts to pick me up so he can carry me back to his bedroom, but his foot isn't going to let him.

"Maybe some other time, you can do that," I say as I help him back to his room.

I climb into his bed and get under his covers to try to stop shivering.

"You want to lube up my dick or you want me to do it?"

"You'd better do it. If I see it, I might get tempted like you did," he chuckles and I hear him squish his dick around in his hand.

I wrap my arms and legs around him as he pushes his dick inside of me and leans over to press his body against mine.

"Ahhhh…." My eyes roll back in my head, but I open them so I can look at his face before he kisses me.

"I know you were supposed to fuck me tonight, but I just NEED to make love to you... ya know?" he whispers as he strokes my hair.

"I know. I think this is exactly what I need, too." I pull the covers up over his shoulders and I open my mouth to accept his tongue. I briefly remember how upset and enraged I was when I arrived here earlier in the evening. Today was absolutely awful, but Luke turned it into one of the best days of my life. I just know we're in for several hours of slow, hot fucking. I hug him tight as he slowly slides his dick in and out of me. I'm going to enjoy every second from now on, and not take any of this for granted. It's just perfection.

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