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Mason in the Center, Part 2

by Joe L

Chapter 9

I wish my heart wasn't beating so fast. I don't even know if Tyler and I will be getting any alone time together today. It's been agony since the day we made love. We haven't found two seconds to be together. Parker and Jackson are on summer vacation with us, and Mom has changed her work schedule so she can be home during the day, too. It seems like all three of them are constantly running all over the house. If Tyler and I would ever disappear into our bedroom and shut the door, Mom would immediately be pounding on it asking, "What's going on in there?"

We are about walk to the pool where we hope to spend our summer. Tyler has been there for three days already. He just convinced his girlfriend, Clara, to get me a guest pass so I can start going, too. Her relationship with Tyler is still a secret from her family, but they didn't notice one guest pass missing, so we hoped they wouldn't miss two.

I throw some granola bars into a pool bag with some sunblock and a couple of bottles of water. I peek around the corner of the doorframe, and the coast is clear. I quickly put a tube of lube in the bag… ya never know, we might be able to sneak off.

"Hey," Tyler whispers.

"What?" I ask, impatiently. I want to get out of this house immediately.

"Mom's in the shower," he smiles.

"C'mon, let's just get out of here. The runts are still around somewhere. Maybe we can find a place to kiss on the way."

"There's something else."


"Did I tell you I got my first paycheck?"

"Really? How much?"

"It was pretty good," he smiles. "I got you something."

"You better not have!" I giggle.

"I wanted to save it for… a special time, but I can't stand it anymore. I have to give it to you." He walks over to the closet and pulls out a box out from underneath a pile of clothes. I immediately notice that it's a Nike box, and it's big enough to hold basketball shoes. I quickly rip it open.

"You gotta be shittin' me!" I gasp with my mouth wide open. "These are Nike Lunar Hyperdunks! These are like… 189 dollars!"

"I got you these, too." Tyler pulls out a pair of perfectly matching blue Nike basketball socks from his pocket.

"These socks are like… fourteen dollars a pair!" I stare at my shoes and then back at Tyler. "There's no way I can keep these. You HAVE to take them back."

"No way! You don't know how sneaky I had to be so I could get them here."

"I'm serious! I thought you were getting this job so you can buy stuff for Clara!"

"I got her something, too… not anything this nice, though," he smiles.

"You HAVE to return these. I don't want you to spend your money on me. Plus, Mom will find these! She knows I can't afford them. She'll figure everything out!"

"You can hide them. Please, don't do this! I saw these in the store before I even started my job. I knew that I would get them for you the second I had enough money. You'll look SO fuckin' sexy in these. I just wanted to see your face and see how happy you were when you saw them."

"I'm serious. I can't keep them!" I see Tyler's smile slowly fade, and I know what I have to do. I push him backwards onto my bed and quickly straddle him. I give him a deep kiss, and I feel his dick quickly straighten inside his swim trunks.

"There… that wasn't so hard!" He licks his lips as I scramble to my feet. That wasn't safe. There easily could've been a shitty little brother to witness that.

"I love them. I LAMP them! I'll hide them… in the printer box under your bed. I'll sneak them out in my backpack in the mornings and I'll wear them to school… and I'll be able to wear them when I play basketball at gym!"

"C'mon. We can throw away the Nike box in the neighbor's trash can on the way out." He tosses it out the window, and we get the rest of our stuff together. I get some beach towels that are probably older than I am and we finally head out the door.

"How's that boner doin'?" I ask once we get far enough away from the house.

"It's ready for you," he chuckles, rubbing it.

"Is there any good place to sneak off?" I ask, my pulse suddenly racing again.

"Maybe… there are lots of people coming and going since it's summer, but the big problem is Clara. It's like… she's my girlfriend. I can't just say, 'My brother and I are gonna go make love for a couple hours. See ya!'"

"Aww… why not?"

"Well, maybe just once or twice," he smiles.

"What do you do with her?"

"I dunno… boyfriend stuff."

"You do the same boyfriend stuff as you do with me?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

"Not exactly," Tyler laughs. He pushes me behind a bush and gives me a passionate kiss.

"Seriously though. What do you do? I may have to get a girlfriend one of these days."

"I really have no idea. I don't know anything about girls. Luckily, Clara likes to talk, and she likes to talk about herself. I just try to smile and listen."

"Don't smile too much. She'll jump your bones!"

"Yeah, maybe," he blushes. "She likes to complain about her dad a lot… and talk shit about other kids at school. I found out that she really likes it when I'm paying attention and I ask her questions and stuff. That's about all there is with girls."

"Does she ask you stuff about you?"

"Not yet."

"What are you gonna say?"

"I dunno. I haven't thought about it."

"It'll eventually come up. What are you gonna say when she asks you what you're into? Making sweet love to your little bro?"

"What else is there?" he bites his lip, as I know he's imagining it. We duck behind another bush and he kisses me like he's about to make love to me on the spot. I know I'm going to have to be the strong one, and I slip out of his grasp, running ahead of him down the sidewalk. We eventually make it to the pool, and we sign in with the attendant. She's an old lady with a little too much authority, and she scours our guest passes as if they're somehow counterfeit. The pool looks incredibly inviting, but so does Tyler.

She eventually allows us entrance with a quick wave of her hand and a scowl on her face. I hope she doesn't go on patrol because that could pose a big problem. We see Clara, who has already staked out a spot. She is lying on a lounge chair and has another one pulled up next to hers. There are several other chairs that look like they've been intentionally pushed out of the way of those two. I guess I can take a hint. I plop my bag down in the shade and quickly dive into the deep end of the pool. The water is cooler than expected, but feels great under the hot sun.

I swim around a little, trying to resist looking at Tyler and Clara. It takes about thirty seconds before I take my first peep. They look ridiculous together. If anyone was wondering about them, they would figure out the situation immediately. Clara is barely a six and Tyler is a ten-plus. Tyler is a ten-plus-PLUS. Look at him. His hair is so sexy. His face is full of passion and joy… his eyes are full of love, and his lips… mmmmm…. I'm so lucky those lips love to kiss me as much as they do. They're so perfect. I move my eyes lower to his perfect chest and down to his abs. He has a great tan already… nice and golden brown and so fuckin' sexy. He has a slight treasure-trail of hair that leads from his belly button down to his pubes. I can see it just peeking out from the top of his trunks. I love those few little hairs…. I've licked cum out of them so many times. I let my focus slip down to his legs… I LOVE those legs. They're so perfectly toned from running track… and the way his wispy, sun-blond leg hairs look with his tanned muscles… ohh, fuck YES. I lick my lips as I take in the whole picture, altogether. The way all of those perfect pieces function together when he's making love to me is… beyond words. His movements, his kiss, his sweat, his moans and grunts–

I suddenly realize it's probably not a good thing that I'm staring at my big brother and grinding against the side of the pool. I nervously glance around, and luckily, no one has noticed. I swim around for a few minutes, trying to get my dick to soften a little. Suddenly, I feel very drowsy. I always seem to get sleepy when I hang around a pool, but usually not this quickly. Maybe it's because I didn't get much sleep last night, lying there, thinking about the possibilities of what might happen today.

I get out of the pool and lie down in the shade. Hopefully I can fall asleep. I glance back over at them. Tyler is rubbing lotion on Clara's shoulders and back. I'm so fucking jealous of that bitch. He sees me and pretends to barf. I can't imagine touching a girl… yuck.

I lie back and try to drift off. I hope I look sexy. I hope Tyler is stealing glances over at me when he's supposed to be listening Clara's boring shit. I fucking hate her so much. Why do I feel this way towards her? I've never even said two words to her. I guess she did get me a guest pass to her pool. That was pretty cool… but she's a fucking cunt. She has Tyler's hands on her body. I fucking hate her.

"Wake up!" Tyler shakes my shoulder, and I snap back into consciousness. I must've fallen asleep while hating on Clara.

"What?" I glance around to see if anyone can hear us.

"She had to go home for lunch!" Tyler whispers. "C'mon, I gotta show you something."

He jogs ahead of me to the men's room, and I stop in my tracks once I catch up to him. There are three shower stalls with big, vinyl shower curtains, just like the showers in the bathroom at Carson's school. I turn to look at Tyler with a big smile on my face.

"C'mon!" he says just as an old man shuffles by us and settles over in front of a urinal.

"Shit," I whisper. I head to a stall to try to do some quick cleaning, just in case. I emerge, satisfied and notice the old man is still there, taking his time. Tyler bites his lip, smiles, and twerks for me. "I'm gonna take a SHOWER," I say with a big smile of my own.

"You ARE?" he asks. I duck behind one of the shower curtains and start the water. I lean back against the shower tiles and let the water stream on my face. Suddenly, I realize we're missing a towel and the most important thing… lube. I peek out behind the curtain and see Tyler, still waiting for the old man.

"Get a towel, and the lube!" I whisper over the water. Tyler nods and almost slips trying to run out the door. I lean back against the wall tiles again, trying to catch my breath and resist jerking my dick. It seems like ages before he finally pulls back the curtain and jumps in with me.

"Hi," I say. He quickly drops his trunks and smears some lube over his dick. By the looks of it, this shouldn't take long.

"Hey," he says distractedly as he tries to keep his dick away from the streaming water. He then remembers our hi-hey routine and gives me a quick kiss.

"How long do we have?" I ask, adjusting my voice to slightly softer than the running water. This shower doesn't nearly have the pressure from our previous foray into a shower, but it will be fine.

"Probably about thirty minutes. Here, put your arms around my shoulders." I do as he says. He hoists me up, and I wrap my legs around his back. He slides his dick inside of me with ease. "Mmmmm," he groans. His head flops forward, and he kisses my shoulder while he forcefully drills me. "Shit… Dammit!"


"I'm gonna cum already," he grunts, trying hopelessly to keep his orgasm from happening.

"Do it," I moan into his ear and kiss his neck. His body tenses up and I know his juice is flowing inside of me. It's seemed like forever since I've felt this, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to go through another drought like we've just had.

"Sorry… sorry… I uhh… fuck! Sorry," he mutters into my ear as he struggles to remain on his feet.

"It's okay!" I giggle. "I loved it! I love to make you cum…. I love to make you feel good."

"You're so good at it, too," he says, looking me in the eyes before pressing his lips to mine. We entangle our tongues and moan into each other's mouths as he begins to thrust his hips again. This is it. This is perfect. This is how we're going to be spending our summer. It's not quite as comfortable as being under Tyler in his bed, but it's just as hot… in a different way. It's more desperate and it's going to be more exhausting, but Tyler is so skilled at translating his love through his movements. I wrap my limbs around him tightly as he fucks the cum out of my dick. It's not long before he has another intense orgasm inside of me. We slink down the side of the shower and try to catch our breaths.

"I'm gonna go on home," I say, groaning at the thought of leaving Tyler.

"Why?" he groans between deep breaths.

"I'm gonna take Parker and Jackson to the park. Then maybe they'll be tired enough to take a nap later and we can sneak off for a couple of BJ's. Plus, we need to be apart sometimes so no one will be suspicious… and you need to hang out with Clara some more." The real reason I want to go home is that I'm suddenly incredibly hungry, and if I told Tyler, he would buy me something at the snack bar. I just don't want him to spend any more money on me.

"Shit," he sighs. He eventually gets to his feet and helps me stand up. We slowly wash away the evidence and pull up our trunks. Tyler peeks around the side of the curtain and sees that the coast is clear. "There's just one thing I need before you go."

"Hmm… a good-bye kiss?" I say with hope in my eyes.

"Mmmmhmmm," he says, putting his arms around my back. He presses my body up against the cold tiles and as our lips touch, I instantly know this is going to be a long kiss. After a minute or so, I feel his hands tugging at my trunks. I know we're going for another round. I help him drop my trunks, and I quickly assist him out of his without breaking the kiss. I get back into position, and he jams his dick back inside of me again. It's not long before we both pump out another load and collapse onto the shower floor, huffing and puffing.

"Sorry… I… I didn't plan that…. It just… happened," he says with a big, satisfied smile.

"I planned that," I say before giving him the real good-bye kiss.

I dreamily walk all the way home, trying somehow to keep that big smile from overwhelming my face. It probably looks creepy to people who see me. I can't help it, though. This summer is going to be absolutely awesome. I feel so much better now, knowing that we'll have a regular, safe place to fuck. I'm not going to take Parker and Jackson to the park. I'm just going to turn on the fan and take a nice, long summertime nap.

I sneak into the house undetected and head for my bed. My heart stops as I enter my bedroom. I see my new shoes and socks placed neatly on my bed. Shit! Did I forget to put them away? No, I distinctly remember hiding them in the printer box under Tyler's bed. Shit, she knows. I spin around and see Mom standing in the doorway, leaning up against the doorframe with her arms crossed in the classic "gotcha" pose. Damn, she's as quiet and as sneaky as a ninja.

"Jeez… snoop much?" I quip, trying not to panic.

"I wouldn't have to snoop if you boys didn't shove dirty dinner plates and half-eaten burritos under your beds!"

"Jeez… that was like, one time!"

"Where did you get them?" She glances at the shoes and then back at me, staring daggers.

"How do you know they're mine?"

"They're your size."

Shit. I'm going to have to come up with something fast… something believable.

"Well?" she says, noticing my stalling. "Where did you get them? I know you don't have the money for these kind of shoes."

"Tyler got them for me," I say.

"Why would he do that?" she asks, raising her eyebrow.

"You have to promise not to tell him that I told you," I say, a plan forming in my mind.

"What's going on?"

"A couple weeks ago… when we were fighting… he kinda…."


"He took a pair of my shoes, rubbed them in dog shit, and then pissed on them." That reasonably sounds like the old Tyler.

"Why would he do that?"

"I dunno! I was being a jerk and he was pissed off cuz I said he was stupid. You know Tyler."

"Which shoes did he ruin?"

"My white Converse." I say, holding my breath. I haven't had any white Converse in over two years. I just hope she doesn't remember.

"So why would he buy you these and not replace the ones he ruined?"

"I told him if he didn't get me the shoes I wanted, that I would tell you what he did."

"You blackmailed him?" she glares at me.

"I didn't think he was actually going to get them!" I claim. "I feel really bad about it."

"Why don't you give them back and have him return them?"

"He said he couldn't. He said they were the floor sample and they were on clearance." I hope that's believable.

"Well…. You remember this the next time you want to say something hurtful to Tyler," she says. "He loves you and he wants you to have nice things."

"He doesn't LOVE me," I say, trying to be grossed out. I feel my face turn beet red.

"I can't think of too many boys that would buy their brothers such nice shoes." Holy shit, I've gotten away with it.

"I know. He's a good brother," I mutter. Fuck, he's a good brother.

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