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Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 17

We didn't get home from the fair until after 11:30pm. Baths were quick and to the point, except for Eric and me. There were two faces in the mirror said it all. We looked like a pair of Rocky Racoons, what with the whites of our eyes contrasting with the dark skin surrounding them.

During our bath, we kept recounting the fun we'd had, and vowed to do it again next year and/or in a surrounding town when they had their fair. After changing water 3 times, we were finally ready to wash our hair.

Eric laid down in the water with his head away from me to get it wet. His hips were lying across my upper thighs, splayed wide open, enabling me to see everything he had – close up and personal. He was about half-hard, half soft. His main squeeze was bobbing in the water. It took everything I had not to reach down and play with it. Just as I was getting up the courage to do it anyway, he changed positions so that his head and back was up against my front side. Thinking he wouldn't mind me washing his hair for him, I grabbed the bottle of shampoo, squeezed out a sizable dollop, applied it to his wet head and began scrubbing. Eric didn't mind my attentions paid to him, in fact, I could have sworn to hearing him purr.

Finished, he turned around, knelt down and turned on the spigots to rinse.

Now, I found 'that' sight very interesting... so interesting, in fact, that I raised my hand and leaned my face forward, but, before I could do anything, Eric turned off the water, sat down, and reached all around for a washcloth to wipe the water out of his eyes. I was sitting on one, so I wrung it out and handed it to him.

We changed places. Just as I put my head under water, I felt him washing my back with a soapy washcloth, going up and down my spine, side to side, then he glided over my twin globes, but did not go between them... as I wanted him to. God, I wanted him... he was teasing me. Or was he mesmerized by the sight passing through his eyes, like his globes did for me?

But it was not to be. He said, "All done. I'm going to get out while you rinse the soap out of your hair. I'll have a towel waiting for you."

I turned around, looked into Eric's eyes, then down to his fully erect member, and said, "I didn't bring any clean clothes... ya wanna, you know, do it? Please? You can... I won't do you..."

"Uhm... we've been in here for a long time. We need to get finished so the others can take their baths... but... I don't want to go walking through the house like this..."

Instantly, with hope coursing through my veins, I turned around in the tub to face him. Our eyes locked. Slowly, with only minor hesitation, I reached across grasped him and began stroking it with tentative strokes, at first, and then when his eyes closed, I picked up the tempo on his pole of pleasure, and at the same time, seeing that he was not going to reciprocate I grabbed my pain filled member and kept time, feeling myself quickly approaching the moment of no return.

Without saying a word, Eric sat back against the tub and gave into my ministrations.

I was just about there... Eric, however, took my hand away from that which was about to kill me at any moment from want, need and desire... all rolled up into one.

If I would have had any sperms to eject, I would have done it at the time my body went into spasms and convulsions, into the throes of a wild and wooly orgasm. Just as quickly, it ended. Without delay, driven by remaining lust, I turned and leaned down, lifted his butt out of the water. I wanted to lick him where he'd probably never been licked before, but he guided me head up and over his rigidity. Almost immediately, he violently shuddered while I was giving him everything I had to give... at the same time, my thumbs were gently massaging each side of his rose petaled opening. Just for the hell of it, because I needed to taste him, I lifted his legs and quickly took a swipe of that forbidden zone.

Then we about shit.

The door opened without warning.

Quickly, like greased lightening, I jumped off Eric's member, turned away and looked toward the door. My heart stopped and I gasped for breath.

Stacy, although just inside the door was not looking at us – but then she did turn toward us. A look of wonderment crossed her face... like she was getting ready to say something, but the words stuck in her throat.

Eric said, "Get the hell out of here, Stacy... we're not done yet."

"You guys have been in here for over half an hour. What the hell have you been doing?"

Eric spouted, "Like wouldn't you want to know... whatsa matter Stacy... are you jealous... just because you don't have somebody to wash your back... get out of here, we'll be done in a few minutes."

Her face turned beet red pissed.

Against our will, like a streak of energy being unleashed, she grabbed first my arm then Eric's and hauled us up and out of the tub, causing us to fall to the floor with everything, and I mean everything was on display, still hard, too.

Eric, pissed beyond belief, jumped up, then with his fury at peak value, shoved her out of the bathroom and slammed shut the door.

For a moment, I thought he was going to bash me, too, but instead, he cursed and swore retribution while retrieving towels from the vanity cabinet. He tossed one to me, and then he began drying himself off.

I got up, leaned over, released the drain plug, dried off, and then got the Comet and began scrubbing away the dirty ring from the tub.

Eric calmed down considerably and began drying my hair and back while I scrubbed. I flinched when he touched the towel to my butt, and flinched again when he ran the towel between my cheeks.

Finished with my chore, I stood and he quickly dried my front side and then tossed the towels into the dirty clothes hamper. He retrieved fresh towels, handed one to me, wrapped another one around his midsection, and waited for me to do the same.

Once we were all put together, our eyes locked once again, only that time we shared a moment of dread about what was surely going to happen... how do you explain away me sucking away at his dick... and his being largely unconscious.

I broke the silence by saying, "Eric. I don't think she really saw us... she was looking behind her..."

"Look, I'll go out first... if she hits me, you can run for it. Go ahead."

I put my hand on his back, wrapped it around his waist, and said, "No, we're in this together, come on, let's get this over with."

He wrapped his arm around my midsection, let go, and said, "Okay. I'm sorry, James, I didn't mean to get you in trouble."

"Get me in trouble?" I gasped. "We're in this together... you're my bro, dude."

Eric nodded then reached for the door knob, turned it and, while looking around the door jam, opened it.

Stacy was waiting for us. And, she had a lethal weapon – a wet towel which she used with finely honed skill, striking our legs, more than once.

And then she connected with Eric's backside. The snap was sickening. He screamed in agony at the contact with the tender skin of his butt.

That was more than I could take.

I reached into the hamper, grabbed a wet towel, and then, as if rehearsed, snapped the towel in her direction and made contact with her arm that was raised up to protect her face. I wanted to hurt her, and I wanted to hurt her bad. I guess the look on my face and my body stance told her to back off.

Eric, meanwhile, recovered, somewhat, grabbed the towel out of my hands, flung it to the floor, took hold of my arm, and shoved us past Stacy... but she wasn't finished, not by a long shot. Just as we cleared the bathroom door, she struck again, striking him once again in the butt with that wet fucking towel, connecting yet again. And then she got mine... she was a fucking crazy bitch, and she was deadly. The last smack, just before Eric reacted, got me in the small of my back, just above my butt cheek on the left side.

Then everything changed... before I could react, unable to get hold of the towel she was holding... he punched her hard in the face on the jawbone. He then recoiled, reared his arm back and was going in for another direct hit... I grabbed his arm, wrestled him to the floor and sat on his chest to keep him from doing anything that he would later regret.

Then thundering feet were heard coming up the stairs. Within seconds, Dad arrived and he was 'highly' annoyed. He demanded to know what was going on. "Why" wasn't even an issue.

Angrily, Eric replied, "That bitch snapped my ass. James, damn it, get off me."

"HE HIT ME!" Stacy screamed, holding the side of her face with care, like he'd killed her, or some such shit. She wasn't bleeding and her pointy witch bitch nose was in its normal position – up her ass.

Dad grabbed hold of our arms and pulled us up to our feet, and then he grabbed the towels, and the smoking gun from her hands, turned on the hall light, at which time he looked at Eric's bare butt, saw the damage, and then he turned to Stacy to check out her face.

It was then that Stacy turned on the water works, poor little her, innocent damsel in distress... she was really pouring it on, the bitch.

In the light, I clearly saw the angry red whelps on Eric's butt cheeks, one of which appeared to disappear between that where God split him in half.

I was pissed.

Dad saw that I was pissed. He wasn't a happy camper either.

Having surveyed the damage, he turned to Stacy, and said, "Go to your room, now, young lady. This isn't over." He turned to me, "You, James, go to your room. This isn't over."

Without waiting for Dad's orders, Eric walked down the hall, buck naked, and turned into his room and closed the door. I followed, only I turned into my room and closed the door, too.

"THOSE IDIOTS ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH MURDER..." Stacy screamed, and then I heard her door violently slam shut.

I shuddered.

Then it was eerily quiet. The only thing I heard was my breath escaping my lungs... I hadn't even realized I had been holding my breath, until just then.

And then I just about shit... a light knock on my door sounded throughout the room, seemingly like a clash of cymbals. In response, while letting out another breath of air, I squeaked, "Just a second..." I then reached into the dresser drawer, retrieved a pair of red silk boxers, and answered the door, ready for anything.

Eric rushed in, closed the door, looked into my eyes, put his hands on either side of my neck... gone was the rage; gone was the pain... both replaced with a semi-satisfied smirk.

"She's in a shit load of trouble... serves the bitch right." He said, then leaned over, bore down like his life depended on it, and then let loose with a butt flapping fart, that sent him into a fit of giggles. I tried to replicate, but all that came out was a puff of air. Nevertheless, we were caught up in the moment, leaning on each other to keep from falling down on the floor in hysterics. Instead of falling on the floor, though, we half-assedly fell onto the bed.

Eric had several whelps all over his legs, his lower belly, the sides of his hips, and an angry appearing one just to the left of mid-line on his butt. I turned him over onto his stomach so that I could see it up close... as red as it was I was worried that his skin had been broken.

"Just hold still..." I said while putting my fingers between his cheeks. Very gently, I pulled them apart and had a good look inside his chasm... the whelp ended about half an inch away from his most private place.

Unable to stop myself, I leaned down and kissed the whelp, and then flicked my tongue against his back door. No, I didn't linger... mainly because Eric was turning over to sit up.

He turned to me with a surprised look on his face. He said, "How can you do that?"

I shrugged my shoulders, then lamely offered, "You're clean... you know... uhm... sorry."

"Would you stop that shit... stop apologizing for every damn thing..." Eric said with frustration clearly in his voice, then he caught himself and softly said, "James... you didn't hurt me or anything... I was just surprised is all... so, give a damage report, Doctor James."

"You're redder than hell..." I said then began running my hands over his legs to count all the wounds. There were 8... I didn't think she had contacted him that many times... "No vital structures were damaged, Sir." I rolled his balls from side to side just to make sure, "Nope, no vital structures were injured."

Eric turned over onto his back, and said, "I don't know what the hell's the matter with her. She goes fucking crazy... I wish she would get a damn boyfriend, or something."

"Yeah, she needs to get some, or something... maybe take a tranquilizer."

"Nah, she needs to get her twat banged by some sorry son of a bitch."

I giggled. Eric looked like he was going to say something mean... like his face strated turning red, but then our eyes met again, and he calmed down. He calmed down so much that he, too, snickered, then said, "I feel sorry for the dude, actually... yuck! I'd tie my dick to my foot and stomp on it if that was the only pussy there was to be had... YUCK!!!!!!! Bad visual, dude. Okay, are you okay... did she get ya?"

"Oh yeah, she got me a couple of times... but I'm not eternally and internally damaged for life."

Eric checked me over, had me turn onto my stomach, and that was when he saw the bruise on my lower back. I felt air brushing across my skin, his air... I waited... with each passing second... then he sat up, stood, grabbed hold of my wrist and lifted me to my feet, and said, "That's going to be sore, James. Uhm, we need to get to bed... Dad won't cut us any slack on chores... damn, it's 12:15... we'll be up at 3:30... good night, dude."

"Sometimes I can't help myself..."

"Can't help yourself, how?" Eric said softly.

"Touching you... you know... where I probably shouldn't be..."

"Are you gay... I'm just asking... it's okay with me if you are... you're a regular Dude in every way."

Nobody had ever asked me that question before. I'd never even really thought about putting a label on myself... the Bitch Mom had said terrible things... but she hated me anyway... whatever. Eric was waiting for an answer.

I replied, softly, "I guess I've never even thought about it... I mean I like sex a lot... and I've only done things with Seth. Well, we jack off together, you know, you, me and Luke... and, I guess I like it."

"Yeah... it's okay. Don't worry about it. You don't have to decide anything... I was just wondering... you know... about you and Seth. Do you love him?"

"Yeah, I love him. And he loves me."

"So, why did you come here? Wouldn't they take you in... you know, adopt you?"

"No. Adam explained why he couldn't adopt me. The State doesn't let single men adopt little boys... not that I'm a little boy... they just think it's weird for a guy to take up with a guy like me."

Eric put his hand on my shoulder, as if he were protecting me from something. He squeezed lightly, and said, "Yeah, I guess... did he ever do anything... you know... sex stuff... with you?"

Immediately, I replied, "No way, Dude. He never ever touched me in any way that was bad... Dude, he loved me when I was down and out. He and Seth's dad made all the arrangements for me to be here, you know, to come live here."

"So what are you going to do, James? Are you going to stay here all the time, you know, like really live here?"

"Well, yeah, for sure. You're here, too, right, forever?" I giggled, happy, content, and finally I felt like I was needed and wanted... just the tone of his voice told me as much.

Smiling, Eric replied, "Okay, okay, I needed to make sure... we're brothers, right?"

"Brothers forever... hell yeah!"

I wanted so much to kiss those moist lips of his... the only problem was that I wanted to do so much more than just kiss him.

I put my hand against the warm skin on his arm, squeezed it lightly, then laid my head down, relaxed, and wished we could do more...

"Whatcha thinkin bout?" Eric asked softly while lightly pushing a lock of hair away from my eyes with his fingers.

Thinking for another minute or two, pushing aside what I really wanted to do and say, you know – the lust running through my body, settling into my lower regions, I said, "Eric, I love it here. I really feel all warm and shit inside... I think Mom and Dad... well... I think they love me in a way that I've never been loved before... and it feels so damned good. I mean, well, and I love being here... and, well, I love you, Luke, and, oh my God, I love Kevin to pieces... I wonder where he is?"

Eric giggled, "He's probably in bed... don't be surprised if he joins you sometime during the night. He gets scared and shit... he's better than he used to be, but he still has nightmares once in a while. Uhm, James, I kind of feel the same way... you know... all the love and stuff. I've never been taken care of. It's been hard to... uhm, well, I can't, I've not been able to... just let go."

I said, "Eric, I want to let go of that old shit... Mom and Dad... well... they're, I don't know how to explain it..."

Softly, Eric explained, "I think I know what you're talking about... I feel it, too, like they're trying to make me see that I'm an okay guy, you know, regular, not fucked up and crazy... I had to go to the nut hut... did you know that?"

"No... you? No way!"

"Yeah, way. The head bangers said I had a nervous breakdown... I don't want to talk about it, James... not right now, maybe some other time, okay?"

"I probably had one, too. I was in the hospital for a couple of months. Anyway, I don't want to talk about that tonight either."

"Yeah, not tonight. Uhm... James... uhm, nevermind. I'm tired. I'll see you in the morning, okay?" Eric said, then rolled over to get up from my bed.

"You can sleep here, with me, if you wanna... there's plenty of room... I don't take up much space." I said, finishing off with a giggle, knowing the last part wasn't all that true, yet it was true; I'd make room...

"You're not a very good liar, you know." Eric said with a chuckle, yet he made no move to move away any further.

I chuckled, "Damn. You've got me figured out."

Erick snickered, "Dude, you're so transparent." Then he turned to face me, "I didn't mean anything bad... sorry... uhm, are you sure? These things are pretty tight and cramped..."

"I'm sure." I said, then to prove my point, I scooted back until my butt was touching the wall. I patted the bed, "See, we've got plenty of room."

I reached down, grabbed hold of the covers, then held them open wide. I couldn't invite him any better.

Without another word, he turned over on his back, then I draped the sheet over his completely naked form. While I was doing that, I made note of his shriveled up penis and loose nuts. I, on the other hand, was fully boned, seriously ready for some very serious playtime.

I wormed my right leg between both of his, so that I was wide open. Next, I took hold of my rigidity and began the age old ritual of masturbation, closing my eyes, thinking of nothing other than our close proximity to each other. And, Eric made no motion to push my legs away, in fact, he spread them a little further apart, and then the bed was shaking in a way that I knew I wasn't the only dude in that bed jerking off... which intensified the feelings, and quickly narrowed the travel to the moment of no return... and then it happened – I arrived.

After making the return trip from that far away place, I sensed that Eric, too, had gone and returned from his own travels. When I opened my eyes and turned to him, he was looking at me, and had an ear to ear grin on his face.

Little did I realize that, during my travels, my body had scooted over and pretty much onto Eric's hips. My heel was dug in his crotch and my jacking arm was across his belly, lying precariously close to his bits. I, too, smiled, and in a fit of orneriness brought my elbow up and nudged his distended member, seductively.

Without waiting for an invitation or rejection, like a torpedo, I turned onto my stomach, pushed his arms away, spread his legs all the way apart, and then dove on his rigid spear – with certainty, giving it a good tongue lashing.

He soon stiffened up, started breathing hard, and then thrashed his hips up and down, in ecstasy, trying to get more and more... One, two, three, four, and finally a fifth involuntary reaction settled him down. He then rested his legs onto my shoulders and back. Twice, I squished his still distended member between my tongue and the roof of my mouth causing him to experience powerful aftershocks. Knowing that the pleasure would soon turn to agony, I released his maleness, kissed the head of his penis, and moved up and wormed my way in so that I could lie close, very close beside him.

I chuckled, "I don't know what gets over me sometimes."

"You're silly... in a good way. Thanks." Eric said softly, then he took a deep breath, and that was all there was out of him. His breathing turned deep, rhythmical, and his mouth went about half open. His jaw dropped... he was out like a light.

Speaking of lights... the overhead light was still on. And the covers were tossed here and there and everywhere... slowly, stealthily, carefully, and gently I wormed my way out of bed, walked to the dresser with the plan of getting us underwear to put on. I grabbed two pair out of the drawer, reached for the light switch, clicked the lever off, plunging us into total darkness.

I made my way to the bed, then through feel rearranged the covers so that they would do what their purpose was designed for. Equally as quiet, gentle and stealthily I made my way back into bed, tucked the underwear beneath the pillow and pulled the covers up and over to give protection against the chill that would come by morning. Meanwhile, after a couple of small snorts, Eric's breathing returned to a deep sleep state... unable to stop myself, I rolled into him and reached up and kissed wherever I could kiss... as it turned out... I kissed the corner of his mouth. I whispered, "Good night, Eric, I love you." And then I dropped my head down on our pillow, only inches away from that which I'd kissed less than a minute before, and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

At some point during the night, we were awakened by a small life form inching his way between us. The small boy was quite insistent. Soon he had muscled his way to where he was lying flat on the bed. He reached up and pulled my arm around his little form, and held it tight.

I reached down, kissed the little boy's cheek, and asked, "You okay, little one?"

"Mmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nite. Nite." Kevin whispered softly.

And then, he too was breathing deeply and rhythmically.

I draped my arm across Kevin's sleeping self, wormed my hand beneath Eric's upper arm, squeezed lightly, and then I was off to dreamland, too, feeling safe, secure, and very happy.

I was so NOT ready to be awakened at 3:30am, but you don't put Dad off... he's been known to pull you out of bed to get you awake... he'd done it before, and he damn well enjoyed it way too much!

The first startle awake was from the bright lights illuminating the room.

The second clue was hearing him take in a deep breath of air.

The third clue was looking toward him and seeing a big smile written in stone on his face.

Eric groaned, grabbed the covers and pulled them up and over his face, causing said fabric to rise over and off of my body revealing my total nakedness to our Dad.

He knew that I slept in the buff most of the time.

He did appear to be a bit surprised at seeing all 3 of us in bed, with Kevin sandwiched between our naked bodies. I took hold of the cover and pulled it just so that I, too, was somewhat covered.

He said, loud enough to be heard, "Boys, it's time to get up. Up and at 'em. Don't make me have to come back, now. Rise and shine."

With that, he turned and left our room, leaving the door open.

Eric was the first to respond... kinda sorta... he dropped to the floor on his hands and knees, peered over the sleeping Kevin and into my eyes. His were bloodshot, and he was not moving very fast.

I reached down and kissed Kevin's cheek, then wormed my way out of bed. I took hold of Eric's arm and helped him up. It was way too early in the morning to have wood, so I reached under the pillow, grabbed the hidden underwear, handed Eric a pair and put mine on.

Eric went toward his room, and I headed to the restroom to drain the can.

The door was ajar so I peered inside. Luke was just pulling down and out his underwear to pee at the toilet. He looked toward the door, saw me, smiled, and motioned for me to join him. I did. He adjusted his position to accommodate my presence, put his arm around my waist and permitted his hand to drop onto the top of my twin globes. He looked into my eyes to make certain I was okay with that.

My stream started without difficulty, as did his.

While we were standing there doing our thing, I said softly, "I wish you could talk. Someday you will... I just know it."

He shrugged his shoulders, squeezed and spurted out the last of his urine, and then began jacking his fully erect pole of pleasure. Thankfully, I'd closed the door because he was oblivious to everything around him, though his hand was digging into my butt-cheek as he quickly approached his moment of truth. I wrapped my arm around his waist and held on as he spasmed away his release into the toilet bowl, and grunting and groaning his pleasures into my ear.

Finished, he tore off tissue paper and wiped away the fluid still coating his still distended member. He then took hold of my hand and placed it strategically on that which was standing straight up from my smattering of pubes.

I don't know how he knew it how … he grasped hold of my underwear and dropped them to the floor, then returned his hand to my butt cheek and squeezed, sending one of his fingers deep inside the valley where God split me in half. That drove me absolutely fuckin insane... within seconds, I was lost on that spaceship screaming for Pluto... no, I wasn't really screaming... I'd just felt like I was.

When I became fully 'aware' again, Luke was carefully, gently and softly wiping away some little drips of fluid like stuff off the end of my dick. He looked up and into my eyes, smiling.

When he was finished, I pulled up my underwear and turned to face him. I said, "Thank you."

He tried so hard to say something... his lips were moving, and his jaw muscles were trying to force words out... so much so that he was getting frustrated.

Before he got, 'too', frustrated, I said, "Don't try so hard. When you're ready, you'll speak. You will, just believe me." I then handed him a toothbrush, grabbed mine, and we stood together brushing our teeth, and played around making goofy faces at one another like we were little kids.

When we were finished, Luke turned toward me and brought his mouth really close... automatically, instinctively, I leaned in... and... well... our lips came together. His eyes went wide open. I'm sure mine did too.

Luke is strong as an ox. Although our lips parted, he pulled me in and hugged me very hard, one that I haven't forgotten.

Then the door opened, without warning.

Luke and I pulled apart just as Eric entered with Kevin in tow.

Luke pushed his way past Eric and hurriedly headed down the hallway toward his room.

Kevin, meanwhile, raced to the toilet, lowered his underwear to the floor, pointed his sword forward, in the general direction of the toilet bowl and let it fly. Both Eric and I went to Kevin because he was peeing against the upper toilet lid, and giggling like there was not a 'problem' in the world. The look of relief on his face is mentionable.

Eric was kinda sorta wiggling around as if he were in a hurry to get Kevin drained and out of the bathroom so he could clean the mess the little one had made all over God's half acre. I walked around them and took over his 'job', so to speak, at which time Eric said, "Thanks." And then he took care of his own business in a hurry.

When Kevin finished his business, I held him to the sink so he could wash his hands, and then he tore out, buck naked, having dropped his underwear to the floor, giggling and chattering all the while.

I closed the door so that Eric had some semblance of privacy, turned to him, and said, "Luke's going to talk one of these days, I just know he is..."

Eric turned toward me, shook his dick, hastily plopped it back inside the front of his underwear, walked to the sink, sorta kinda pushed me aside, and while washing his hands said, "Don't fuck around with him, James. He needs time. He doesn't need to get all frustrated..."

Angrily, I retorted, "I ain't pawing him. He needed a hug and so did I. Chill out, Dude. Look, this is pissing me off. I don't know how to deal with it."

Eric took a step backward, bumping into the vanity.

Not knowing how to deal with the situation, I opened the door, padded to my room, closed the door, then sat down on my bed to think about what had just happened, why Eric was angry, and why Luke and I had kissed... and... and...

A light knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.

Thinking it was Eric, I hesitated answering the door, but then the person knocked again... so I walked to that piece of wood separating me from the rest of the family, and the world.

Before reaching for the doorknob, I scratched my left nut, then took in a deep breath and opened the door to see who was there...

Rather than Eric, Mom was patiently standing in front of the door. She smiled.

"Hey, Mom."

"Is everything okay, James? Breakfast is getting cold, Honey."

"Uh, yes, ma'am. Sorry, I'll get dressed. I'll be down in a second. It was a short night."

"Yes, it was a very short night. Hurry along, now." Mom said, touching my shoulder reassuringly.

I sensed that she knew something was 'up' but didn't let on about it.

Arriving at the breakfast table, Eric's and my eyes locked for a brief moment. I sat down in my usual seat, between Kevin and Stacy. I was really really nervous, not knowing what kind of mood the older sister would be in after the incident the previous night.

When Dad held his hands up for silence, he looked to me, and said, "James, would you say Grace before we start eating. We always have to be grateful for our family, the meal sitting in front of us getting cold, and your Mom and Sister who prepared it."

I looked all around the table. My mind was racing, not because I was thrilled with the idea of saying Grace, rather I was scared shitless... I'd never done anything like it before...

Kevin took hold of my hand. With indignation clearly in his voice, he said, "I show you. You do it tonight."

I looked to Dad for his approval, but before we communicated, Kevin said, reverently, "God is great. God is good. Thank you for our tummies. Amen."

His words, the last ones, elicited giggles from around the table... even Mom bowed her head with a smile on her face... Dad looked at Kevin, smiled warmly, and said, "That's great, little one. We'll get James to say our before-dinner prayer tonight. Okay, guys and gals, let's eat up. We've got lots of chores to do."

I leaned down, kissed the top of Kevin's head... and then the plates, bowls, syrup bottles, silverware, toast, jelly, salt then pepper, and everything else went around the table like an assembly line... not much was said; a few pleases and thank you's and hurry up's were exchanged here and there... Everybody was ravenously hungry; the normal chit chat was almost non-existent.

One thing that I noticed was that Stacy was absolutely silent. I mean totally silent. And she kind of acted like she didn't even want to be around the table with the family. She must have gotten her ass busted for the shit she pulled on Eric and me the previous night.

She finished quickly, not eating much. "May I be excused. Thank you." She said sullenly. And that was that. She gathered up her dishes and disappeared into the kitchen without saying another word.

I couldn't read the look on Mom's face when she looked at Dad... they said something that only they understood. While Dad took another stack of pancakes, Mom got up and walked into the kitchen.

There was an exchange of words, though not understandable.

What happened next could only belong in a horror film. A frying pan hit the cast iron stove, and then Stacy came tearing out of the kitchen, ran up the stairs, and then her door slammed shut.

The table became deathly quiet. Each of us was looking around the table to see what was going to happen next. Kevin took hold of my hand... the boy was quivering. He quickly scooted onto my lap, knocking his plate to the floor in the process which made him start crying into my chest.

I put my arms around his very frightened little body, held him tight, and kissed the top of his head, whispering it was going to be okay. I must say that I was scared, too. Actually, I was scared shitless.




Eyes bugging out with rage...

Those memories simply caused me to hold Kevin tighter, and more protectively.

Dad's face reddened. His eyes, staring straight ahead, gave me plenty of indication that he was highly 'annoyed'.

Kevin saw his dad, too. And then Mom walked out of the kitchen. She was angry.

The small boy being held in my arms wiggled around so that he could bury his face in my chest... and then I felt it … warmth … wet … warm wet … growing … I pinched my bladder shut … but it wasn't me … I don't pee my pants … never have... except maybe when I was a baby, but I don't remember being a baby.

All eyes were on Mom and Dad... I got up with Kevin in my arms, holding his little shaking body protectively, firmly, and then headed up the stairs, turned right toward the bathroom, entered, closed the door, locked it tight, sat on the toilet where we let the moment pass.

"Don't be mad, Jimmy." Kevin eeked, scared out of his wits that I'd be angry at him for losing control of his bladder.

I kissed the top of his head, squeezed him firm, then said, "I'm not mad at you, Kevin... I'm not mad at anybody. Kevin?"

The boy parted just enough so that we could see into our eyes. I said, "Nobody is mad at us. Dad doesn't get angry... but, boy oh boy, is he ever annoyed... we're okay, little brother. And, I'm not angry. These things happen... come on, let's get cleaned up, we can take a bath together, just you and me."

He likes to take baths with me. And, well, I like to take baths with him, too. Mainly, it was really our only time we could spend alone, other than sleeping together at night, but we were always asleep so it wasn't really good quality time.

Kevin got down off my lap and began stripping off his wet clothes, only needing help to get his pants off his ankles. Once he was stark naked, I reached across him and turned on the water spigots, placed the drain plug, then undressed.

Feeling need, I sat down on the toilet, and just started to release torpedoes when a knock on the door interrupted the flow. Kevin looked at me, wondering what he should do... I said, "Go ahead... remember, they aren't angry with you or me..." I said loud enough to be heard over the running water, "Yeah!"

Dad said, through the door, "Open the door, please. I need to talk to you two."

Kevin looked at me, taking what I'd said to him to heart. Feeling assured that I wasn't lying to him, he walked to the door, unlocked and opened it, and then he jumped into Dad's strong as an ox arms. Dad put his arms around his youngest son, and held him firmly.

Meanwhile, I relaxed and finished up, tore off tissue paper and took care of that little business...

When I stood and flushed, Dad said, "James, Kevin and your breakfasts are sitting on top of the stove to keep warm... I want you boys to finish your breakfasts. You have chores to do. <I nodded>. I'll be outside after while. I do not want you operating any machinery. No horses. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I'm going to bathe Kevin, then I'll be out doing chores, okay, Sir?"

"That's fine. Thank you. I'll talk to you later. Move along, now."

He kissed Kevin's cheek, put him down, and took off. Kevin closed the door, walked to the tub, tested the water, smiled bravely, and got in. Once he was situated, I got in, soaped up a washcloth and got busy with tenderly and gently washing the little boy in my arms. His shaking and quivering was quickly replaced by his jabbering about this and that, but not about what had happened at breakfast. I didn't push it, mainly because I wasn't really ready to deal with it either.

When I had him all washed up spic and span, he leaned back into me, grabbed hold of his penis and began rapidly masturbating. I didn't even know he did that. I didn't know what to do next. I'd been about half hard since taking my dump, and, his back riding right up against my glands was not helping the situation, no, none at all, in fact, when his body tensed up and shoved into mine... I lost the battle as electrical currents traveled from and through my centerpiece and on up into and throughout my body.

The worst was when Kevin looked up into my eyes asking for approval... I could just see the request in his eyes. I said something very lame, "Okay buddy, we're all clean now... I'll grab a towel and dry us off."

I hadn't even thought about getting us clean clothes. Kevin had no hesitation about running down the hall stark naked... so, after checking the coast and making sure it was clear I followed him but turned into my room, closed the door, grabbed underwear, put them on, and sat on the side of my bed wondering if what I'd done, or didn't do, was wrong...

I came to no conclusion. It was not something I could or would talk about. I just hoped the situation didn't repeat itself anytime soon.

Before heading downstairs, I checked on Kevin. He was happily playing with some Lego toys on the floor. I got him dressed, took him downstairs, pulled our plates off the stove, sat him down, and we finished up breakfast.

Kevin reached up his arms with his lips puckered. We kissed. He took off back upstairs, and I headed outside to begin chores. The clock read 4:30am. I put on my boots and headed out.

It was pitch black dark outside, though, way off in the distance, faint traces of light could be seen coming from the barn and chicken coop.

The morning was already hot, the humidity was as thick as molasses. Already a bead of sweat ran down my back... sun wasn't anywhere even close to making its way over the horizon.

Regardless, chores needed to be done so I took off for the chicken coop knowing Eric would be working alone. As I walked toward the light in the coop, I looked back and up at the house. Stacy's room light was on, as were those in the dining and living rooms... other than that it was dark, dark, dark. I'd gotten pretty good with making my way around the buildings in the darkness, so I took out for the chicken coop to help Eric with his chores. He'd help me clean the barn, which was my primary chore. When it was light out, either Dad or Thomas would have me in the machine shed, teaching the various and sundry tools and how to use them properly and safely.

Nothing in the entire world, and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for what happened next. I found myself picked up off my feet and slung over a shoulder... I about shit my pants, and I mean very literally, but then Thomas's deep sinister laughter and my screams brought me back into reality. He dropped me to the ground when we arrived at the coop, then he pulled me into his strong chest and said softly, "It's going to be okay, James. She's likely going through her period. She's good people, but she goes over the edge during these times of the month. The best thing to do is to just stay out of her way... she's more bark than bite. Thank the Good Lordy for that!"

"She's like this every month?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Her hormones go through the roof or something like that. Sandy's explained it to me. Let me tell you about it so that you understand better."

Voices, angry voices, cursing voices, told us that Eric was doing okay; business was as usual... so we took off for the barn. He led me to an upside down horse watering trough where we sat down and he told me all about the female's anatomy and how it prepares for impregnation each and every month. He also said the livestock acted almost the same way, and he warned me from within an inch of my life to stay out of the barnyard when the females were 'in heat'. You do not ever stand between a male and a female when they are eying each other in preparation for mating.

I asked a few relative questions. Throughout the conversation, I became more and more convinced that I did not want to be within a foot of a nasty ole pussy that bled every month and smelled like a fish the rest of the time.

For a while I thought about how Seth and I had gotten pretty personal and stuff... you know, eating our assholes out in preparation for entry... nope, that hadn't and didn't disgust me at all.

Thomas didn't try to convince me of anything, and I certainly didn't volunteer my preferences. He did tell me that the relationship Seth and I had was nothing to be ashamed of. He asked me a few questions about what it was like to plug and be plugged in 'that' way... I felt safe with being wide open with him so I told him, from what he'd said about pussies, that I probably felt the same way about having a dick in my ass. He snickered when I told him that I like to fuck, too.

When our 'birds and bees' conversation came to a close, at least for then, Kevin's behavior came to mind – I didn't understand some things. I felt comfortable with my oldest brother, so I asked, "Thomas, why didn't Kevin go to Dad or Mom, or you? You know, when the shit hit the fan this morning at breakfast?"

Thomas thought for a moment.

I wondered if I asked a question that was out of bounds, or one that he had no answer.

"Let me tell you something about him... you haven't seen him act like that since you've been here. Uhm, Kevin is extremely sensitive to any anger... he hasn't figured out that he isn't the cause... it's a long story. Basically, when anger is going on, and it doesn't happen very often in front of him, he usually hides in a closet, under the table, or in the corner by the hutch. Instead, this morning, he went to you. I saw fear in your eyes... and well, I know that Kevin was afraid, too... so he went to you... and you went to him. This is very good. It's the first time he's reached out for help in dealing with his fear – and he didn't even know this is what he was doing... he did it because it is normal and natural to find somewhere or someone to be safe with."

"I guess... you know that he peed his pants don't you? He was so scared."

"Yes. You know what the best part of that whole thing was?"

"Nuh uh." I replied.

"You didn't make fun of him, James. You didn't get on his case and make him feel like dogshit. You just took care of matters and you were there for him. That's all that matters."

"Yeah, well, I don't deal well with anger and shit... my fuckin parents were always angry about shit... especially me... It wasn't like I asked to be born... If I'd have known and could have done something to prevent being born..."

"No, wait, James... take this to the bank with you – everything happens for a reason. If you wouldn't have been borned... then we wouldn't be sitting here talking right now."

"Yeah, true. Okay. You're right."

"Damn straight, I'm right."

"Heh heh heh... you're so full of yourself..."

"Yeah, Sandy feels the same way..."

"It's true." I giggled, then continued, "I like her. She's really kewl."

"Yeah, uhm hmm. We're going to be together for a very long time. I just know it. I love her, James. As soon as we graduate I'm going to ask her to marry me."

"Kewl... so... why doesn't Stacy like her? I don't understand."

"I haven't figured it out either. All I can figure out is that she's probably jealous."

"But why? It just doesn't make any sense."

Thomas took in a deep breath and said, "I've heard it said that the earth will end when a woman is completely understood. But, if you know what's good for you, and I'm telling you this now – don't ever say that to a female cuz you'll end up in a world of shit. I know firsthand!"

I chuckled.

He patted my back, then said, quietly, "James, I really shouldn't be telling you this, but you need to know so that you better understand. This isn't general knowledge, so please don't share it around, okay? It's about Kevin."

Immediately, my defenses arose. Kevin was my buddy... if anything was told to me in confidence about him... then it would stay with me. Also, I thought back to the conversation Eric and I had had the day before at the creek, when we were alone talking, "I won't say nuthin. Thomas, if we talk about stuff... I don't talk to nobody else about it... that's just the way I am."

"That's a good quality, James. The only time when you should break that silence is when someone is in danger, or they are hurting bad and you can't help them out of it, or if you get scared, or if they get scared, or if someone is going to get hurt..."

"Of course, that's different... I mean when we talk about serious stuff... you know..."

"That's right. Okay, here's the deal..."

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