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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 6

*-* Antoine's POV, Continued *-*

Putting aside the searing white hot pain in my ankle I took off down the side walk bumping into people, pushing others aside, jutting out in the street, dodging vehicles, bouncing off a street pole, falling twice over the curb – all with only one focus on my mind… no matter what Matt said to me, or why, I continued on, albeit much more slowly than I could have had I been 100% efficient.

During the last fall, I lost sight of Matt… he had to have ducked into an alleyway, a building, crossed the street… or worse. I kept going. I had to. I was required to. I promised Matt that he would never again be harmed, hurt, or worse… I PROMISED!

I also promised to not do as I had done before in my old life.

Broken promises. I had personally known of them well, and experienced them in my life.

But I had to… didn't I.

Fuck yes.

I stopped, surveyed the situation. The man who appeared to have been chasing Matt vanished as well. Where were they? Where did they go? Or where did Matt go? Or where did the man, a man from my past, go?

I stood there. When the adrenalin pump that had been driving my every move, every thought, every emotion, every heart beat, every respiration, and every life function slowed down, I realized I was within a mile of Sensei's abode, his castle as he refers to his home, and that my cell phone was ringing.

I ignored it.

It stopped.

It began ringing again.

Once again I ignored it. It stopped.

Then started again.

I began walking again, slowly, deliberately, methodically putting one foot in front of the other, observing, sensing, feeling, experiencing, seeing, and smelling all that was around and within me.

The phone rang again.

With modest irritation, I pulled it from deep within my pocket… Matt's picture displayed. I had taken the picture at our pool. He was naked. It was a silhouette picture… from a side view… the predominating feature was that which made him male, standing up proudly, jutting out noticeably… and then my memory took over – I remembered what I had done to that enlarged organ, Matt's maleness not more than 1 minute, if that, after taking the picture.

Quickly, I pushed the only button that stood between not hearing, or hearing he who I loved with all my heart and soul. The decision was made. Truthfully, no decision needed to be made, "Matt! Where are you?"

Meanwhile, back in Honolulu (David's POV)

Since I was unable to lift anything significant, Dad, Peter, Allen, and Angel were doing the heavy work while I helped mom pack up by wrapping dishes, china, treasures, and other such things and then placing them into heavy duty containers used for safe keeping and for moving them from one location to another without breaking any of them. Some were Mom's; some were grandma's (from both my mother's side, and my dad's side).

We talked about this and that… nothing really important, it was more like just mom and son jabbering about anything that popped in our heads, bonding moments if you will.

While we were busily working, Peter entered the dining room where mom and I were working. I looked up because I had caught his scent before he had even appeared. He does that to me. However… the rush of inner excitement dissipated quickly. His eyes, usually clear and sparkling, showed deep concern; tears were threatening to fall at any second.

I said, "Mom". I then walked to Peter, took him in my arms, kissed him lightly on his lips then made room for mom who pulled his head into her bosom then kissed him meaningfully on the top of his head, in his unruly hair then whispered into his ear, "What's wrong baby? What happened?"

"I don't know. Something's wrong. I feel it though I can't explain what I'm feeling. Unrest. Fear. Pain, not physical pain, he's having emotional pain… he's talking to me but I don't understand. It's like his voice is muffled."

Just then Andy entered the dining room. He had a very similar expression on his face. He joined the already in progress hug. I wrapped my arms around everybody, hopefully to give strength in their time of need.

Andy spoke up first, "Call Matt. Something's not right…"

Mom nodded when Peter looked deeply into her eyes. He pulled the cell phone off his belt. Mom went to the bar and retrieved the special numbers that had been programmed into Peter's phone so that we could both make and receive transoceanic calls using a totally secure connection… dad had insisted on using the additional security measures. In addition, he enabled a feature to video conference each and every call; actually, he made using the feature mandatory.

We gathered around Peter and Andy as the call was going through to the other side of the world. Almost immediately, Peter's phone displayed a message saying that Antoine and Matt were on their phones, and the connection was between them.

The screen split in half. The top one half displayed the message while the bottom half split again and displayed Antoine's face and the other split half showed Matt's face.

Tears were flowing freely down both their cheeks… the detail was amazing.

Mom said gently, "I'm going to get your dad. I don't know how to break into their conversations."

With that said, mom took off for upstairs. I took both Peter and Andy into a sandwich hug. They were both lightly shaking. Peter kissed my cheek then took my arm in his hand and held on for support. Andy, meanwhile, wrapped his arm around my waist and held on firmly. The energy flowing between and through us was electric, and powerful, and drew us into a state of oneness. At that moment I understood the bond Peter, Matt and Andy shared.

Dad, Mom, Allen, Angel and finally Jeremy entered the dining room where Andy, Peter and I were standing and sharing energy. Dad walked to us. Peter handed dad the phone.

Within seconds, we were having a three way conversation, complete with video. Dad then split the screen vertically. Both Antoine and Matt were standing on street corners, but not the same one as I expected.

Dad said, "Are you boys lost or turned around or something? Why are you over a mile and half apart? What happened?"

"Dad, turn on the GPS… Matt, are you okay?" Antoine lectured heatedly.

The first look that passed across dad's face was irritation but then thought differently… his face relaxed then he pushed some buttons in a sequence. Dad then plugged the phone into the computer terminal sitting on a small desk in the dining room. He said, "You guys are 1.2 miles away from each other. I don't need to know what happened right now, the important thing is to get you two back together in one place. Antoine, walk straight to the next intersection then turn right for two blocks then turn left. There's a castle there. Matt, you walk one block straight ahead then turn right and walk for 2 blocks. That will be a contact point. You two, both of you, need to be together. You are half a world away from here and you are a million miles apart from each other in a strange land… get over it."

Dad's irritation returned. It was palpable. Dad was winding up… much like he did at grandpa's funeral that one day. I felt it. A chill swept across my arms causing the little hairs to stand up on their ends as that memory replayed in my mind.

"No, Matt. Go the other way. Backtrack your steps then take a right instead of a left." Dad said.

"I can't! He's…." Matt screamed then the connection was lost. The GPS played on though.

"Dad, something's seriously wrong. Matt's phone died. I lost him." Antoine said evenly.

"I haven't lost his GPS signal. Enter 237 on your phone – that will allow you to see his location. The signal is true to within 8 feet. Now, tell me what's happening… why are you two apart from each other?"

"Dad, I saw two of my old drug dealers. Matt disappeared while I was paying for our meal. I went out in the street looking for him. I saw him walking with a man… he wasn't going with him voluntarily… and they were about 2 blocks away when I spotted them. I caught up to them easily… dad I had to take the one guy out, Matt got free. Matt was super pissed at me. He screamed… well, he screamed at me for going back to my old ways, and then he took off. I hurt my ankle… it's not working right so I couldn't run after him. When I was walking, I had to walk dad… my ankle is jacked up… the second drug dealer went running down the street in Matt's direction… dad, those guys were ruthless with me… they were the really bad guys I had to deal with… I mean they cleansed me very, very rough. I told you about that."

"Yes, I remember." After a lengthy pause, dad said into the phone to Antoine, "Antoine, use whatever force necessary to safely extract Matt. David, go to my office, get my satellite phone…"

"Got it dad. I'll be right back." I said then took off to dad's office, retrieved the phone from its cradle then returned to the dining room and gave it to dad.

Dad then hooked into the computer. He said to everyone in the dining room, "You never saw this… it does not exist… you know nothing… is this perfectly understood?"

Without waiting for an answer, he turned to the terminal, punched in some data… Kevin answered the phone. The surrounds were that of a pool area… the scenery was dark however the underwater pool lights gave a hue above ground so that you could see perfectly that it was him. Dad said, "Harry, I need to talk to your dad, is he there?"

"Yeah, just a second, I'll get him."

In clear Technicolor, one naked Harry sat the phone down on a table then he ran to the pool and dove in. Dad panned in. Juan and Harry were seen talking. Quickly, with Juan's help Harry got out of the pool followed by Juan. Juan came running to the phone, equally naked, grabbed a towel, wrapped one around Harry and then wrapped another around him. He then reached for the phone, "Jim, what's up?"

Matt's POV

When I came to, or woke up, my head hurt badly… that was my first thought. The next thought was that I couldn't move. My wrists and ankles were tied together – they were literally tied together… my wrists were tied to my ankles, and I couldn't move.

Several men were talking in the background… they were speaking in Chinese or some other foreign language… in any event, I did not understand anything they were saying.

I tried moving around, but the only thing I succeeded in doing was falling over on my side where I hit the wall with my head. With a few more adjustments, I only succeeded in lying on my side which put a great pressure on my wrists, elbow and face.

I was able to move around somewhat, but I kept hitting a fucking wall… it was then that I realized I was in a fucking closet, or some such thing. Actually, the air smelled like cardboard and mothballs. Somehow, I managed to sit upright again but I couldn't get on my knees no matter how hard I tried.

Exhausted, I relaxed as much as possible.

Someone, I could not tell you who it was, lifted something and all of a sudden bright light entered the closet or whatever I was being kept in. I looked up into the eyes of a man that I'll never ever forget. I then saw that I was in a big shipping crate, you know… the wooden ones that are hammered shut with nails and then wrapped with steel ribbons to keep it from falling open during its travels. There was absolutely nothing I could do.

The man reached in the crate, grabbed me by my belt hooks then very roughly sat me up to a full sitting position. He then sat bowls of food and a dish of water next to me. He said some gibberish that I did not understand then walked away. The sound of a door closing was the only thing I heard from that moment forward… until…

*** Back to David's POV

Dad said, "Juan, we have an extraction. My sons Antoine and Matt are in your location. I'm transmitting the coordinates. You are 12.6 miles from the destination. Antoine is .3 miles from the destination. Matt is ground zero. His location is 237. His phone is not operational except for the GPS which is actively transmitting – it is stationary. Lock Antoine in on vector 243.6. Antoine is injured though he's mobile. Ankle."

"Okay, got them. I'll get dressed then lock Harry in our room… I'll then be on my way. Authorized force level?"


"What about Operation Eagle, Jim?"

"Abort. I'll notify Eaglet's. Go."

The next call dad made filled the room with shock…

The President appeared on the monitor screen. Dad said, "Mr. President, our involvement with the mission we are jointly involved in has been diverted. Mr. President, my son has been kidnapped. His condition is unknown at this time. My other son has minor injuries but he's mobile."

"Very well Mr. Blake. I will personally notify the embassy. US intelligence is at your disposal. I will dispatch federal agents momentarily to any location of your choosing."

Dad looked each one of his family standing close to him… he was looking as if he needed our strength to make a decision, then when he quietly received it, he said, "Mr. President, thank you but this is a covert operation. Operatives are in route as we speak. This is my son."

"Very well, Godspeed to you and to your family Mr. Blake. I shall fervently pray for a safe reunion with you and your sons. The United States is deeply indebted to you, and to yours. I assure you the US Government will be at your side should you request it. Please call me, keep me informed."

"Thank you, Mr. President. On behalf of my family and me… thank you."

The call was terminated.

Dad then looked at the coordinates again. He picked up the special cell phone with coordinates, looked at them then spoke, "Antoine, Juan's on his way. Hold your position. You are approximately 500 yards away from Matt's signal. Hang tight. We love you. Do what you need to do… just stay safe."

"Dad, I can't just stand here and do nothing. I love my brothers with all of my heart … but that guy in trouble is my soul mate… I can't let him down. Dad, I love you. Mom, I love you. David, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, Adam, I love you all. You're my family. Matt's my family too – he's my life. If things do not work out the way they are supposed to…"

"Stop that, Antoine. You get your black ass back home, or I will kick it into the next country, do you understand me young man?" Mom barked to her son, our brother.

Dad said, "You heard your mother. That goes double for me."

Andy spoke up, in his boy's voice he said, "Jesus needs you too, bro. We all do."

Antoine bowed his head. When he looked up, tears were freely flowing from his eyes but then with his free hand, he reached up and brushed them aside, snapped to attention, took his shirt off, tossed it to the ground and then put his cell phone in his left front jeans pocket. His GPS signal then began moving. Juan's GPS signal was approximately 2 blocks away, I yelled, "Antoine! Juan is very close… wait for him."

The GPS signal stopped. Within 2 minutes, two GPS signals were seen … together.

*** Antoine's POV

"Juan! My mate is in grave danger. He's being held by the drug cartel… I recognized them… one is dead."

"Your dad said you were injured, where and how bad?"

"My ankle, I've been walking on it for approximately 1.3 miles. I'm good to go. I have conquered my pain with meditation. I'm fully focused."

"I'm focused too, Antoine. I prefer to work alone. You and I have never worked like this before. We are a danger to each other."

"Then we must overcome those obstacles. I prefer to work alone. We are a danger to each other. I am going in sir."

"Antoine, have you ever performed an extraction?"

"No sir."

"Then you stay behind me. Watch my back. Under no circumstance do you go forward. Do we understand each other?"


"Take your shorts off. They are extremely dangerous. Yellow? Those are what tourists wear, Antoine. Are you wearing bright underwear?

"No sir, they're black." I replied while taking my outer shorts off. With great difficulties, not physically but mentally, I took Matt's necklace off, put it in a pocket then tossed the shorts and its contents in a crack in the wall foundation.

"Your socks, Antoine, they're white, so are your tennis shoes. Your underwear have bright blue threads… you're a dead giveaway."

"FINE!" I whispered with venom. I took my underwear off, slipped them in the same place as my shorts and other stuff – "THERE. I'M FUCKIN NAKED. SHALL I TAKE MY FUCKING TEETH OUT TOO?"

"Then keep your fucking mouth shut asshole. What the fuck dude… did you go sissy on me… shit, Lord, he's wearing pretty yellow shorts, cute black crotch catchers with cute blue lacing, and god what a mouth that boy has… he's a fuckin pussy… we're gonna get killed, so help me!"

"Fuck you Juan. Lead the fucking way, or I'm going in without you, it's your choice." I said angrily, determinedly, focused.

Without another word, I started walking toward the door to the building where the GPS had located Matt. With each step, the pain in my ankle began increasing to epic proportions. My disciplines were wavering no matter how hard I tried to push the distractions away.

Juan blocked the doorway with his huge frame of a body. He said, "Are you flaking out, pussy? Are you giving into a minor distraction, pussy?"

I began giggling uncontrollably. There was a one hulk of a man standing before me – naked. Juan said, "I can't wear nylon to an extraction… my son gave me bright red silky boxers for my birthday… he thinks we're twins or something because he got matching sets. Turn around, face forward Warrior."

I did as I was told. I then felt deep pressure being applied to my lumbar plexus, sacral plane and then major pressure just to the right of my tail bone immediately to the side of my anus… the pain in my ankle went away. He then open hand smacked me hard on my bare ass which distracted me from his pressing that most tender place just behind my knee. He put continuous pressure there. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. When I started pulling away because of the major discomfort, he smacked me hard on the ass with his open hand. Then he let go. Other than a minor stinging on my ass, I felt no pain. I tried walking back and forth, twisting and turning. I felt bones moving in my ankle but experienced no pain whatsoever. I felt strong.

"Better?" Juan asked genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm good to go. I follow, I understand perfectly."

"Have you been taught the ways of perception, sensory, air, aromatic and tympanic?"

"Yes. I am a master in all disciplines. Now that pain is not distracting me, I will meditate for 2 minutes to bring myself centered, and then expanded."

"Very well."

At 1.47 minutes, I crouched down, relieved my bladder taking care to not splash, relieved a gas pocket from my colon that could have possibly led to a fatal outcome had it escaped at an inopportune time. I then stood up… another pocket of gas escaped. My belly then felt thin. I was ready to go.

Juan looked at me silly like… like I'd lost my last marble but then he too squatted and did the same thing. "Very good. I learn something every day. Are we ready?"

"Yes sir."

"Stealth." Juan said quietly.

"Stealth." I replied.

*** Back home. David's POV

After terminating the call and checking the coordinates which were now essentially 'one', dad stood up, joined our group hug and then led us out to the pool where we sat down in a circle.

Mom said quietly after we were all sat down, "Lord, watch over our boys. Bring them home safely. Save them from pain, suffering, or worse. Bless us here who are waiting for their sons and brothers to return home. Give us strength to be strong for them. In your name, Amen."

Just then our security system buzzed, notifying us of a visitor waiting at the front door.

Dad got up. I followed him to the bar where he flipped on the monitor… our visitors were Father Ben, Maria, Jesus, and AZ. Dad immediately released the security holds. I walked to the front door, opened it and invited our company to enter.

Hugs were given and received. They were welcomed into our home and shown to the pool but Maria would have no part of it… she immediately went to the kitchen where she started banging pots and pans, bowls, utensils, and whatnot. Seeing that I was standing there watching her, she walked over, hugged me warmly, kissed me on my forehead, and then said in perfectly clear English, "Get out of my kitchen!"

She then raised a pan and threatened to smack my ass with it. Now, I may be a dumb ass sometimes, but when it comes to getting out of a lady's kitchen with a very real threat of corporeal punishment, then I'm smart, and fast.

When I arrived at the pool table, Peter and Andy were sitting off by their selves deep in prayer with Father Ben. I walked over, sat down next to Peter and joined them in quiet contemplative meditation.

Father then said, "Trust He who has all Power; worry not; do not be afraid. Amen."

"Amen." I said.

"Amen." Peter said.

"Amen." Andy said quietly.

Peter looked at me. Peace had replaced his worry lines. He leaned in and kissed me warmly on my lips. I returned his with a separate kiss, and then we joined together for a few seconds.

He said, "I can't worry. I love my brother… I love all my brothers. Andy, I love you with all of my heart." Then he kissed Andy on his cheek. Andy then kissed Peter on his cheek, and then they hugged warmly.

Unabashedly, Andy stood up, undressed completely then dove in the pool and began swimming laps.

Father Ben smiled warmly then got up and joined dad. They talked to mom then they all went into the house. Before mom left, she turned around and nodded.

I looked at Jesus and AZ then said, "Go join him. Have fun."

AZ had his clothes off in a second, not a second longer. He jumped in after making a split second diametrically perfect calculation that would splash Andy to the max – perfect results. They then used less precise methods to … play … just what the doctor ordered.

I then looked at Jesus. He had taken his shirt, socks and shoes off, and had unbuttoned his jeans. I said, "Go swimming. It's okay. It's time for some fun, okay?"

He looked at me with hesitation then smiled and pointed to the front of his underwear after he dropped his jeans an inch so that his protrusion protruded. He's a small kid who carries a big stick. I thought I'd have some fun with his predicament.

I motioned for him to come to me. He did. I then took hold of the top of his underwear band and pulled it out from his tummy maybe an inch. His rigid bone sprang up and slapped his skin. In one fell swoop, I rapidly depantsed him down to his ankles then reached for and connected and then flicked the tip of his penis with my index finger. He giggled wildly.

He then sat down, removed his jeans and underwear, stood back up then made three pantomime motions with his wrist toward his dick. He then cracked up. His giggles were infectious. He then slowly walked into the pool using the steps while waiving his flag pole proudly.

AZ and Andy tried to draw Jesus into their fray but instead headed to the deep end of the pool where he got in front of a water jet. He turned around and looked at me just as his eyes went closed and his face grimaced. I giggled. I knew that routine all too well. He then shook his head, smiling all the while.

I blew him a kiss. He giggled then joined AZ and Andy in a game of whatever it was they were playing.

Soon, Peter joined me sitting at the table. Our conversation was subdued until I went over and sat down on his lap and arranged his hand so that he was holding my Little David. He shook his head and said sarcastically (all in play, of course), "Horn Dog."

"That's me. Later babe, please?" I giggled then turned around in his lap. He groaned, and I do swear that his Something was poking me where I liked him poking me… I added, "I'm not the only Horn Dog around here…"

About an hour later, mom announced dinner was ready. We were already starving from smelling the wonderful preparations wafting from the kitchen.

Peter and I got the boys out of the water, and much to their consternation and protests we got them dressed at least in a pair of underwear and their t-shirts.

Dinner was, of course, excellent. Maria made up a huge batch of her infamous beef and bean burritos, and a fine crisp green salad with guacamole spread as a compliment.

Immediately, the little ones (don't tell them I called them little ones – there would be hell to pay if you did!) took off for the pool but were admonished from actually getting in the water for one hour.

When I arrived back in the dining room, dad was gone. I got up and started to head back to his office but mom came to me and said in my ear very quietly, "Your dad needs a few minutes, okay?"

I asked, "Is he okay, mom?"

"Your dad's a little stressed out. He gets that way when his boys are having problems you know…"

"Okay, I'll go help Maria clean up."

Mom looked at me, rolled her eyes up in her head then said seriously, "Why do you think I'm here talking to you… she ran me out of my own kitchen!"

"I'll try." I giggled, already knowing all too well what Maria's reaction would be when I offered to 'help'.

True to prediction… at least she's consistent for sure!!!

I took off upstairs to help Peter finish packing up our stuff. It was truly amazing to see how much stuff we'd accumulated over the past few months. I stopped by the bathroom first where I took a whiz then headed to our bedroom after flushing and washing my hands. Peter was sitting on our bed looking a photograph. He was just sitting there staring at it.

I sat down. He showed me the picture… it was an old grainy picture of him and a picture I assumed to be his ex-mother. He said, "I was 3 years old… that was before everything got fucked up, David. I've carried it around in my pocket or billfold for a couple of years. She gave it to me."

"Hey, let's digitally blow the picture up. We'll get a nice frame then hang it in our new room." I said sincerely.

Peter looked at me. The corners of his mouth lifted as he smiled just a little bit then he said, "Really. You'd do that – I mean in our room? What do you think mom would think?"

"What would I think about what?" Mom said standing in the doorway. She had arrived unannounced.

Peter held the picture up. Mom walked over, took the photo from Peter's hand and looked at it carefully. "Is that your mother, honey? Oh you were so cute… I mean you still are… err, uhm, you're cute Peter… oh my… okay boys, David, you have a good idea. Why don't you spend some time fixing that picture up… make it big, okay? Your room is just about packed up… go ahead… we'll hang it over the mantle over at our new home."

Peter was lost for words, so instead of saying anything, he got up and pulled mom in for a deep, deep hug. They kissed then released each other. Mom gave me a hug then headed out of our room. When she got to the doorway, she turned around and said, "I love you boys. Peter, that's your history, hold onto it."

Peter nodded fully appreciating her words from her heart to him.

I went over to the computer, booted it up then got into our favorite photo editing software while Peter got the scanner ready to use.

We made short order of that endeavor. Soon, it was perfect and blown up to a large picture suitable for framing. I sent dad an email with the picture attached and asked him to print it out at the office because we didn't have the capability to print it at home.

We then finished packing up then headed into the bathroom where we packed it up, except for shampoo and necessities.

I hadn't had the opportunity to razz Jesus after his little deal in the pool earlier so when he came into the bathroom still dripping water from his wet body and sat down on the toilet, I just couldn't let it pass by. I said, just as he ripped a big one, "So, I see you got your other little problem taken care of?"

Peter jabbed me in the ribs. I looked at him. He was trying to hold in a grin… but it didn't work when we both looked at Jesus… he was a crimson red color… but I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or his efforts at filling the sewer system… didn't matter because he grinned.

Peter and I took off for our bedroom. I was just about ready to close the door so that he and I could spend some alone time when Jesus entered and plopped down on our bed. With a worried expression on his face, he said in broken English, "Are Antoine and Matt okay?"

I looked at Peter. He went distant for a few seconds. Peter looked at me and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"I'm sure they're going to be a-okay."

That satisfied Jesus. After hugging Peter first, he came to me, lifted his arms as an invitation for a deep, deep hug… an invitation I did not refuse.

When he left, I said to Peter, "What are you feeling, babe?"

"Not much. I mean I'm not hurting like I was… I think they're okay." Peter said seriously.

That said, we returned to the bathroom where we completed our tasks. Just as we were getting ready to go something different, my tummy began rumbling… as it always did after burritos.

Just as I sat down and began to release refuse into the system, Andy appeared holding his tummy. He said, "I gotta go NOW!" There was no argument, but I was not in a position to leave the throne just yet… quickly Peter pushed the trash can behind Andy… and well… let's just say that Maria's burritos have a profound effect on young gastrointestinal systems.

All said, done and cleaned up, we all three jumped in the shower, cleaned up, then went our separate ways after drying off. I told Andy to get some clothes on in case he had another urgent need – he didn't argue.

Just as we were about to take the first step down the stairs, Peter's tummy began rumbling. He looked at me sheepishly then turned around… and well… I went on downstairs.

Dad was still in his office with the door shut. Maria, AZ and Jesus had left. Mom was busy in the kitchen; she needed no help with the stuff high up in the cabinets.

Ha haa, Allen and Angel were of no help… they came in from the pool… and well, they took off upstairs with certain segments of their anatomy leading the way… good thing mom didn't look down… there was no doubt where they were headed or what they would be doing. I giggled.

My tummy began rumbling again… not to be ignored so I went into the bathroom off the TV room, closed the door, and took care of business. I heard giggling coming from outside the door as I was cleaning up after I gave one last heave ho into the sewer system. Then a very light knock was heard.

"Just a minute, I'll be right out." I replied.

I startled when the door opened… but then quickly relaxed … then smiled when David quickly entered. Ha haa, he needed some loving. He said, after closing the door behind him, "I thought you might want some of this. Ugh… God man, you're a lethal weapon. You want some of this?"

"And you had to ask?" I said, gave my duty one more swipe then flushed, got up, washed my hands then squeezed his cock very, very lovingly, and yes, wantonly.

We went upstairs to our room, close the door, and locked it. Peter went to our bedside table then opened its door. Standing there all by its lonesome self was our bottle of the 'good stuff'.

After exchanging fluids in a most intimate way, despite the unrest in our minds about our brothers, we fell asleep.

At 3:17am a loud knock on our door woke us up with a start. Peter got up, fumbled his way through the boxes and other 'getting ready to move' obstacles then answered the door. It was dad, he said, "Get up boys. Meet us in the TV room. Put some clothes on. 5 minutes."

"What's going on dad?" Peter asked while turning the light switch on.

"5 minutes. TV room."

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