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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 8

*-* David's POV *-*

Quickly, Peter jumped out of bed, grabbed and put on underwear briefs, handed over my crutches then we took off for the bathroom, peed, shook well, washed our hands and then headed for the TV room but not before joining our brothers pouring glasses of orange juice.

When we'd assembled in the TV room, dad announced happily, relief clearly in his voice, "Matt and Antoine are safe with Juan and Harry. Apparently Matt was abducted by drug dealers. He wasn't harmed thank God. They're catching the very next flight out of Singapore. They should be home tonight."

Collective sighs of relief passed through the room. High fives were exchanged. Hoots and hollers were heard. Hugs were freely given and received continuously until such time the 'moment' passed. Not sure that 'moment' is the correct terminology to use because the 'moment' never really ended. The moment would not end until the whites of their eyeballs were seen, their voices heard firsthand, and the skin, muscles and bones of their live bodies were seen and felt.

Mom indicated with hand gestures that she needed to say something. The room quieted spontaneously. She said, "Both your brothers are fine although Antoine hurt his ankle. We don't know the extent of the injury. All I know is that they were going to the hospital to have it checked out. One or both of them should be calling soon to let us know what's up."

Andy spoke up, "They're okay. I feel fine now. I'm hungry."

Everybody looked at him incredulously then the rest of us got serious…

The rest is history. Mom, dad and Jeremy got busy making breakfast while the rest of us went upstairs. Rooms were tossed, bedding was packed in plastic bags, showers were taken and towels packed, prized possessions were carefully wrapped and packed, and all the rest of the stuff that needs to be done last minute on a moving day were largely accomplished.

We enjoyed the last breakfast in our old home. Dad and mom then packed up the remaining items from the kitchen and the dining room while Jeremy, Allen, Angel and Peter took care of the stereo and TV equipment in the TV room. Feeling left out, I went upstairs to our room where I put on my Leg then went back downstairs and helped them do what needed to be done.

All the little stuff was accomplished by 8:30am. The movers were expected by 9:00am. They arrived on time and loaded the big stuff – the furniture, the large screen TV and its components. They gathered up all the tools, lawn mowers, and other stuff from the garage and loaded it efficiently. Mom paced the floor frantically as the movers moved the very large antique china cabinet that had passed down thru their family for 4 generations. The dining room table was expertly disassembled, dismantled and then professionally carried to the moving van and stowed properly.

The house looked so empty. I'd never ever seen it look that way before. Somehow I felt that our life was being turned upside down. There were so many memories tangled up inside my head. The house seemed like it was a piece of me. Jeremy walked over then put his arm around my shoulders, pulled me into him, "I feel the same way David. What's helped me to accept this change is that we're family. So long as we're together then we're home."

Jeremy seemed so strong until we automatically pulled each other into a strong hug. His body shook a couple of times. A few tears straggled down my cheeks from my eyes then they quieted. When we parted, Jeremy had tears in his eyes too but they were unshed. Without any feeling of shame or 'we shouldn't do this' our lips touched for a brief moment as we realized everything was going to be okay in the overall scheme of things. Change is inevitable.

Because the Escalade and Jeremy's truck were filled to capacity only two additional riders could go at one time, and even then getting inside would definitely be a tight squeeze. David and I chose to remain behind so they took off leaving us alone.

There was nothing to do. All had been done. The only thing left would be to get us to our new home. Peter said, "We could go swimming for one last time. They said it would be a couple of hours…" Right then and there we stripped off our clothes down to bare skin then headed to the pool where we jumped in, goofed off for a little while, and then stood on the ledge at the deep end where we held each other, occasionally kissing, sometimes passionately.

Peter looked at me, grinned mischievously then reached down, found something interesting to play with… and well you know the rest of that story.

We'd just gotten dressed when the gang reappeared in the kitchen through the garage. We helped to load the last remaining stuff into the vehicles and then took off for our new home, the place where our family would live together.

The move in went flawless. The movers were great. They put everything away except for clothing and small stuff… they even put mom's china and stuff in the hutch for her. Nothing got broken.

Peter and I's room was awesome. Much to our surprise mom and dad had purchased new beds for all the couples and then passed down our bed to Andy who was just as surprised and happy as we were. All of us had our own private full bathrooms. Allen and Angel, Peter and I, mom and dad, and Jeremy had Jacuzzi's in our own rooms. Andy wasn't too happy that he didn't get one but after reassurance from mom and dad and us guys, that he could use any one of ours he accepted. Unbeknownst to Andy mom and dad had planned to have one installed in his room on his birthday that was coming up soon.

Jeremy was moping around a bit since he and Jason could no longer ear a path between our houses for mating rendezvous. I felt really sorry for him. Dad and mom both assured Jeremy, and Jason's parents reassured each of them that the doors were always open.

When Jeremy and I were outside looking at the not yet finished pool, I said, "Hey bro, it's going to work out sweet. You can just cruise over to Jason's house. And he'll be getting his license soon so that'll let up on your going to his house all the time… besides you can pick him up and bring him here."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, bro. You're okay for a little brother." Jeremy said with ornery on his face.

"Did dad say when the pool's going to be finished?" I asked.

"Yeah… the builders said some part was missing. It's coming from the Mainland. They're estimating a week. Maybe we can go back for swimming.

"Kewl. Uhm, dad said Juan would be making renovations. I wonder what they'll be doing to it…"

Later that day Alice, Horace, Jason and William showed up. They had brought 6 slabs of ribs that Horace had smoked up earlier in the day so we all feasted like kings. Stuffed like porky pigs, everybody congregated outside on the veranda where we talked, laughed, and talked some more. After some wrangling between the Klinger family Jason and William were permitted to stay the night. At about 11:30pm we loaded up the Escalade and headed to the airport to pick up Antoine and Matt. Their flight was on time. After being checked through customs, we headed down to the baggage area to pick up their suitcases.

We were glad as all hell to see them, and to give and receive hugs… well, it was comforting to actually see the whites of their eyeballs and know that they were then safe.

When we arrived home, Matt led everybody into his and Antoine's room. After their initial shock over seeing their beautiful room passed by, somewhat, Matt led us into their huge bathroom that was outfitted with mirrors galore and then took off his shirt, socks and shoes, and jeans but left his underwear alone. The idle chit chat ceased as soon as he tossed his shirt onto the black marble area where the double sinks were located. Nobody said a word but there were huge sighs exchanging from those of us observing his strip down.

Peter and Andy joined their brother in a heartfelt hug. I didn't see any dry eyes, mom especially. She was really overcome with emotion at seeing her sons weeping tears of joy and relief. Soon, very soon, we all joined in and experienced a massive family hug fest. The love emanating from that union was second to none.

Matt said, when he regained control, "I don't hurt anymore."

Dad said, clearly choked up, "What happened, son?"

Matt looked to Antoine. Matt was clearly confused. It was readily apparent that he didn't know what had actually happened.

Antoine said, "Sensei twice put us into deep meditation and relaxation. I don't know what happened, what he did, or why… but then Sensei is like that. He's always giving and giving, and giving some more. He hates to see kids hurting… and well… what's really important is that Matt's no longer in any pain from his injuries. I'm deeply indebted to he who brought new life to my babe. I don't know how I'll ever repay his generosities."

Mom replied, "You said that your Sensei is a giving person so there's probably nothing to repay, in fact he may be offended should you try to make right your desires to repay his giving. I would just imagine that he'd want you guys to be the best people you can be, and to perhaps pay it forward in some way. You know – to help someone else in their time of need."

Andy spoke up in awe, "Your scars are gone. How did he do that?"

Mom replied, "Honey, I somehow think how he did it doesn't matter."

Andy wasn't satisfied with mom's reply so he took the waistband of Peter's underwear, pulled it down past Matt's low hanging balls then paid attention to his hip where a huge, wide and long keloid scar had once existed: the skin looked totally normal. Andy then felt along the skin taking care to make sure that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.

Andy then traced his fingers across Matt's chest, marveled how the defect along his sternum was gone, and how Matt's chest looked entirely normal. Matt's chest actually had the beginnings of very nice muscle definition. Matt appeared to have gained a little weight on his still relatively thin body… he actually appeared healthy and robust. Gone were the small little lines that had traversed his forehead.

Matt and Antoine were half starved since they'd not eaten much on the plane. Mom said, "Let's go feed you guys. We can't have you wasting away, and we can't have CPS called because of sustenance deprivation."

It was 1:30 in the morning so we all had a light night snack, and then turned in to sleep in our new beds and new house for the first time. I must add that I'm positive that the house was well christened with various and sundry bodily fluids created from rampant male testosterone hormones… at least plenty of male fluids were definitely exchanged within Peter's and my crib.

"Dad, can we go to the old house so we can swim?" Jeremy asked at breakfast two mornings later.

Dad replied, "Sorry guys. The pool's out of operation. It's being renovated. The kitchen is also being redone so there's no way to get to the pool. It's too dangerous for man or beast. Why don't you guys head down to Jesus' house?"

Mom added, "Jesus has been extremely anxious to see you guys. Jeremy's had to spend some time down there every day or every other day. I'm afraid he's been quite depressed. Go make his day."

Mom then turned pale as a white sheet. Without saying a word, she ran and stumbled to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Dad got up and headed to the bathroom to be with his wife, our mother. We all went to the bathroom door and hovered closely waiting for mom to exit.

Half an hour emerged before they exited the bathroom. Mom looked definitely sick, and her eyes were bloodshot from her violent expulsions of whatever had been in her stomach.

Jeremy, dad, and Peter helped her navigate to mom and dad's room. The door was shut when they left the room after getting mom settled in. Dad looked worried. My thoughts immediately returned to where we'd been before with…

Before I could go too far, dad said, "Mom's been sick every morning for about three weeks now. I thought it was just a bad case of nerves <Dad looked at Matt then Antoine then continued> but I don't think that's the case now. I'm going to call Dr. Miller to see if we can get her in to see him."

Later in the day we loaded into the Escalade then took off for University Hospital so that mom could see Dr. Miller. She got right in without waiting more than 5 minutes.

For obvious reasons the staff would not let 5 people into the little examination room. Several bad things passed through our ears as we painted worse case scenarios. The people in the waiting room looked at us like we were crazy or something …. Probably we were… uhm, no doubt.

Maybe an hour later, mom and dad exited the inner sanctum of the doctor's sanctuary. Gone were their worried looks. Instead there was peace on their faces. Mom said, "Let's go."

Instead of a short trip to the car we took off and went upstairs to another doctor's office. The inscription on the wall plaque read:

Sapperstein, Hill, Jung and Waters

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Inc.

I looked at dad, opened my mouth to ask the 'what are we doing here' question but he just smiled and said to be patient.

Antoine took hold of mom's elbow. He was really frightened, the fear showed through his eyes. With a smile mom told him to be patient, that they would talk to us 'later'.

The receptionist greeted mom and dad pleasantly then handed mom a hand-held computer to fill registration information and her medical history into their system.

Back when I'd been in public schools I'd heard of doctor offices having electronic records for people my age so that they could give their confidential information without actually having to say it to the receptionist or to their parents, you know the kind of information that most kids don't want to talk to their parents about... like STD's, sexual activity, drug or alcohol use, pregnancies...



Gynecology... wasn't that the medical specialty for pregnant women.

I blurted, "Are you pregnant, mom?"

She look at me with a neutral expression on her face. Dad glared... meaning that we would talk about it, whatever 'it' means, later.

My mind aimlessly wandered around, "A little brother or sister?", "Really?", "Mom's pregnant?", "Dad and her … they do? They have sex?" The latter thought got twisted in my head and came out, "They have sex? Yuck!"

Antoine, sitting on my right side, looked worried so I leaned into his ear and whispered, "Mom's preggers. I just know it."

He leaned into my ear and said, "You mean they're having sex and stuff?"

I snickered, "Gross ain't it?"

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

The waiting room was full... I suppose it didn't help any because there were 5 of us. One very pregnant woman was looking all around the room for an empty seat. Antoine moved to get up but Andy told him that he'd get up and let the lady sit, which he did. She was very appreciative and thanked him profusely. I was very proud of him because he gave up his seat without being asked. I winked and smiled. He happily shrugged his shoulders, went to a magazine rack, found a comic book to read and then leaned up against a free place on the wall.

A minute or two later another pregnant woman entered the waiting room for the outer hall, went to the receptionist, checked in and then turned around and looked for a seat to sit in. When she found none she walked over and stood in front of Antoine and said, "Get up nigger."

Antoine looked into her eyes and said, "Of course." He then got up and moved out of the way so she could sit down. While she was sitting she knocked my arm off the arm rest, scooted back into the chair all the while flailing her arms like a bird, making room for her fat ass.

Antoine walked over to Andy. Andy quietly whispered into Antoine's ear then Antoine wrapped his arms around his little brother and squeezed firmly.

"Hey nigger leave the little boy alone. I've got a notion to call CPS and report..."

"Shut up you bitch. I heard your comment to MY brother. What are you some big fat racist pig?" Andy said hatefully.

Dad got up, walked to Andy, grabbed his arm and then took him outside the waiting room. Dad wasn't happy.

Before I said something, which was on the tip of my tongue reach to unleash upon the bigoted bitch, mom got up, walked to Antoine, took him in her arms and hugged him tightly.

I asked the lady, "Are you always a bigoted bitch? That's my brother you are talking about. And get your damn arms off mine."

The receptionist was carefully observing the interaction. She had fire in her eyes, those flames ready to evaporate somone.

"And just who in the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that?" Mrs. Bigot said to me.

"Mrs. Adams, I have some paperwork for you to fill up. Would you please come get it?" The receptionist said with authority.

Mom walked to Mrs. Bigot and said, "Excuse me. You are talking to my sons. I suggest you treat my boys with respect. My son did not have to get up so you could sit your fat butt down, you know."

"Well I never... I suppose you are one of those cheap chicks who sleeps with anyone with a dick between your legs... the nerve of people..."

Antoine walked to mom, got between her and the bitch. He said, "You have disrespected my mother in the worst possible way. Get out of here."

"Fuck you."

Just then two uniformed police officers entered the waiting room. One of them walked to the receptionist's desk while the other one looked around the room. Seeing mom and Antoine sitting in front of the bitch caused him to walk to us to see what was going on. The other officer walked over to join his partner. The receptionist left her desk, walked over to us and said to Mrs. Bigot, "Mrs. Adams you are dismissed from our practice. Leave now or these two gentlemen will escort you out. We do not tolerate this kind of crap."

"YOU CAN'T do that!" Mrs. Bigot exclaimed.

"Oh but I can... and I have. Now leave."

"But Dr. Sapperstein, the fucking Jew, is my doctor."

Mom and Antoine stepped aside so the officers could each take an arm of the babbling idiot to escort her out of the office.

Dad and Andy entered after the bitch had been escorted out. Dad went to mom and helped her to sit.

The receptionist said apologetically, "I'm so sorry. I had no idea she was like that. I'm appalled. Mrs. Blake, would you please come with me. The doctor is ready to see you." To Antoine she said, "I am so sorry, young man. I hope you do not get the wrong idea about our office and the care that we will provide to your mother. I'm so very, very sorry."

"It's okay, ma'am. I have come across narrow minded people in my life. Dad, I hope this does not distress my mom."

Andy said, "I'm sorry for running my mouth but I couldn't take her talking to my brother like that."

Antoine took Andy into his arms and said softly, "There are stupid people in the world. Sit on my lap, little brother."

Dad said, "I'm proud of you boys. Andy, you and I have talked. You guys wait here. We'll be out in a little while."

When mom and dad exited the waiting room, a very pregnant younger lady began clapping all the while looking at Antoine who had Andy in his arms hugging him firmly.

Forty five minutes later, the receptionist came out of her cubical type office and said to us, "Come on back."

She then opened the door to the inner sanctum and led us back to the office at the end of the hall on the right side. Mom and dad were sitting and talking with a man with silver hair. He was plump and rotund and all were smiling heartily.

The guys then sat down on the floor however when I found a place to join them Antoine gently insisted that I sit in the last remaining chair. When we were all seated, with a smile on her face, mom said the words that would change our lives forever and ever, "Boys, I hate to spring this on you … but… you're going to have a little sister to contend with. I'm two and a half months pregnant."

At first the room went dead silent … that is until the news sank in about 2 seconds later at which time we enveloped mom and dad in a deep, deep hug that hopefully conveyed our love and happiness. When the group hug ended, at least for then, Dr. Silverstein said, "From all indications the child is healthy and is growing appropriately. Everything looks just fine." He then said to mom, "Mrs. Blake, I'd like to put you on a monthly office visit schedule to monitor your pregnancy."

They then started talking business. Just under the surface we were all busting with pent up exuberance.

The exuberance unleashed as soon as we got out of the building, asking mom a million questions, making a gazillion statements about having a girl in the family… all said with love and caring and affection.

After stopping in at a nice restaurant we took off for the hills and watched a beautiful sunset overtake the evening… it was exceptionally spectacular what with thin contrails of cirrus clouds off in the distance. A ship was seen traversing the horizon that created a kewl, really kewl backdrop.

When we arrived home, we escorted mom and dad to the TV room, put in a movie of their choice then took off for the kitchen, made up a humongous kettle of popcorn, sat down and joined them and then when it was over went to our bedrooms for the night.

*-* Peter's POV *-*

While I went into our private bathroom and dumped a load of torpedoes into the sewer system David began running the water to fill the Jacuzzi to heat up the water so that we could spend some alone time talking about the events that had occurred, and became known that day.

When I returned to our bedroom, David was sitting on our bed stark naked, his Leg lying on the floor, with a boy bone to be proud of standing all tall and sturdy, and jutting out from his thatch of pubertal evidence.

He got up, hugged me tightly and kissed my mouth hungrily, and then took off for the bathroom. Meanwhile, I went looking for the bottle of body lotion, having plans to 'Christen' our room properly.

David entered the room while I was searching high and low. He began giggling. His next words calmed the anxiety from my frantic errand, "Come on babe. Let's go take a shower. We always have a backup plan."

When I turned around to face him he was wiggling his eyebrows up and down. I said, "Oh, I like 'back-up plans'!"

With that said we went to the shower where we had our way with each other, caressing, cooing, massaging that which needed massaged, ending up in a showering of fireworks, glitz and glamor.

*-* Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house and other bedrooms *-*

*** Jeremy, shortly after going to bed picked up his cell phone, called his Jason, turned on the camera, pointed it to his wildly erect prong and then began jacking off ferociously as Jason looked on in the window of his own phone. Soon, very soon, he too was jack hammering his hot spear of pleasure until it ejaculated, spraying his chin, neck, chest and belly with his offerings just as Jeremy shot his load onto the same areas.

*** And then there was Andy in his own shower pounding away on his pud until he too shot thin boy streams of orgasmic bliss all over the clear glass shower door glass. He carefully examined the fluid that exited his growing penis. He was very pleased to see that his jizz was taking on a deeper, richer texture, although it was still far away from being thick and ropy as was his older brothers' offerings.

*** Of course, there were hot steamy couplings going on in Allen and Angel's Jacuzzi that would surely require the water to be changed and the jets cleaned before they clogged up. Spent and satiated, they fell asleep with water swirling all around them causing their then soft and satiated cocks to bob gently deep underwater.

*** William, safely tucked in for the night, began softly stroking his maleness to full attention. Orgasm was slow to come as he groped with the continuing and ever increasing thoughts of Andy.

"I'm straight though. I shouldn't be having these thoughts. Straight guys don't think of having their assholes filled with another guys' penis.

I'd taken the chance to talk to Jason about my feelings. His words came to me, "Don't worry about it. Just jack off for the feelings you get. Just lay back and enjoy what you're feeling. You have plenty of time to figure it all out as you grow up."

*** Last but certainly not least – Antoine was bent over the toilet, moaning and groaning his delights as Matt pummeled his behind with his raging hot, solid steel piston. At the very last moment, Matt took his member to new heights then blew everything he had into he who he loved more than anyone in the whole wide world.

They then made their way to bed where Matt found the bottle of 'special' lube that Dr. Wong had given to them. He greased his hole, teased Antoine into a frenzied state of affairs then clamped down tight just at the right moment which sent his baby over the edge.

*-* Meanwhile in Singapore, Harry's POV *-*

I was bored silly. After Antoine and Matt had returned to the states I was pretty much holed up in the hotel while dad was off on a mission. He couldn't talk about what he'd be doing or exactly where he'd be although he left me a phone to call him with in case anything serious came up so that if I needed to talk to him I could.

I'd already been to the pool twice, swam laps, and even played around with some kids my same age until they had to leave with their parents.

The hotel was clothing optional. Though I'd not gone to the pool without clothing I was not adversely affected by those that did indeed decide to not be ashamed of their bodies and present them to all who were around.

I wasn't ashamed of my body though I had a lot more pubic hair than those of my counterparts. The last time I'd checked (just a few days ago) I found that I was also sprouting a few downy soft hairs around my butthole. I had also found a couple of hairs under my armpits, which I had quickly plucked and tossed into the toilet and flushed down.

I got to thinking, you know, about my life with my mom. She didn't do much, I mean I'm what they call 'low maintenance'. I didn't have many friends, and well you know the story about how I got picked on and shit. I spent a lot of time alone when I was living with her too.

We didn't fight. I caved in before any disagreement we may have had ever got that far. I respected her. She was doing the best she could... so she wanted me to do the best I could too... but it wasn't really ever enough. Nothing was ever enough.

But I tried.

Dad's not hard on me. He doesn't make me do things I cannot do. He just pushes me to be the best I can be. We talked a couple of weeks ago. He was asking me about goals, did I have any, what were they?

I told him I wanted a girlfriend.

He laughed.

I laughed too because he knew what I was saying was full of shit. He said me having a girlfriend would be like him wanting and having a boyfriend. We both agreed those lines were full of shit, that we'd not have anything we're not. He said a lot of people go wrong because they act like something that is totally foreign to them.

He ended that conversation by saying, "Be all that you can be, Harry. There's plenty inside of you to not be someone else."

The following morning I woke up in the big overstuffed recliner chair... I must have fallen asleep when I was thinking 'too much'. Dad said I thought too much, that I said very little, and that I needed to start opening up because he was there to listen.

Have you ever tried sitting up to sleep? I felt wetness on my shirt and my chin. I reached up and found that I'd drooled all over the front of myself. Gross.

I needed to pee. And I needed to pee bad.

I got up and went into the boy's room. Hey the hotel might have female guests too... but for the duration of our stay dad and I designated it "the boy's room".

After whipping 'it' out, I let go of my appendage to toss my shirt. Of course, the jiggling around and stuff sent the yellow stream to the floor, the wall behind the toilet, and the underneath side of the lid.

That used to piss mom off.

When my stream finally stopped after what seemed like 10 minutes I stripped down naked, grabbed an extra towel and wiped up the mess then tossed the fabric into a corner so that it wouldn't be mistakenly used by some unsuspecting soul – dad.

The bathroom was huge. Why the heck would someone make a bathroom THAT big? It was probably the size of my bedroom at my mom's house. I mean all one really needs is a toilet, a sink, a shower, walls to keep the weather out and privacy in, and something to hang your towel on.

That bathroom had 3 sinks, 2 toilets side by side (I mean... get real... I couldn't imagine two people sitting together making their stuff fly... sheesh), a full size shower and a full size, almost Olympic sized bath tub. It had 6 towel racks with little open shelves above them with plenty of towels to dry a kingdom.

Logistically, how does it work?

I turned the bath tub's water faucets on, got the temperature just right and waited for it to fill up... that thing must have been 6,000 gallons because it seemed to take forever. When it got about halfway, I sat down in it and luxuriated until it was at my neck while I was leaned back comfortably. Being a person who likes water... I allowed myself to slink under water. Because the water was clean, well sort of if you count chlorine from swimming in the pool and not having had a shower since the day before... whatever, I opened my eyes and looked up. The water ripples were kewl to watch from below them. I also looked the length of my body... seeing it basically floating yet resting on the bottom of the tub was kewl too.

The next thing I knew was I was being jerked out of the water by one very frantic dad. He was screaming with terror.

"Dad, don't!" I screamed back. He had me in his arms, screaming and crying and terrorized.

He looked into my eyes. When he saw that I was okay, that I was breathing (okay, I was panting because I had been at my upper limits of air deprivation), that I was talking to him trying to calm him down with reassurances... he stood me on the floor but continued to squeeze me tightly.

"You scared the shit out of me... I thought... what would you think?" Dad asked harshly. Without waiting for an answer he turned and left the room.

Without drying off, with great difficulty I put on my underwear and walked, dripping wet, into the kitchenette area where he was making coffee.

"Dad, I'm sorry. I was just taking a bath..."

"Don't do that ever again." Dad said not turning around to look me in the eyes. That was very unlike him... he'd always told me that two dudes look in each others' eyes when they were talking to each other.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry sir."

Dad put his head down as if his eyesight could cause the water to boil faster. When he turned around, I was shocked to see that tears were leaking from his eyes.

"Dad, are you okay?" I asked seriously.

"Son, I thought..."

"Oh... I'm really sorry dad. I'll just go take my shower, okay dad?" I said feeling very uncomfortable with knowing that I'd scared the shit out of my dad.

"I'll call room service." Dad replied as he turned back to the coffee pot.

As we were eating dad said, "We're leaving for Honolulu tonight. My work here is finished."

"Kewl. Dad, you look really tired. Can you lie down and get some sleep first? It's only 8:30 in the morning."

"Yeah, I'll lay down for a while. Harry, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm sure that me freaking out freaked you out."

"I understand, dad. If it is any consolation, I needed to come up for air anyway. My longest is 3 minutes 32 seconds... I was probably at 3 minutes 25 seconds. Thanks though, okay?"

Dad regarded me carefully as I put the last bite of cinnamon roll into my mouth and began chewing. He said seriously, "Do you see these gray hairs? They've started growing in just recently."

I got up from the table, walked to him and raised my arm up to inspect his hair with my fingers when he grabbed me up and began tickling me without mercy. At my insistence he stopped then held me into his body very close. I put my arm around his neck and just soaked up his strength and love, not wanting it to end anytime soon. After about 10 minutes of bonding time we looked deep into each others' eyes. He ran his hand through my thick but soft hair then kissed my forehead and let me down.


"Yes son."

"I love you."

"I love you too. If I were to lay down for a couple of hours where might I find you when I wake up? Don't you need to do something to your hair?" He asked running his hand through my hair, making a big deal out of messing it up all over the place. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I vigorously shook out my hair. It always sticks out when I do that when I haven't had conditioner to relax it. I said, "I'm going to go find a Phyllis Diller impersonation contest. Ya think I'd win?"

"Nah, I was thinking more of Groucho Marx."

"I'm not grouchy this morning. I'm never grouchy this early in the day." I bantered back.

"Oh, a wiseacre are ya?"

"Gotta be one to know one."

"Seriously, where ya going to be?"

"Uhm, can I go to Sentosa Island?"

"No. I want you to stay close around here... one block in each direction are your boundaries. And no swimming pools."

"Dad! I've been on our schools' swim team. I went twice yesterday. Come on dad... how can I EVER find a boyfriend?"

"Swim team? Your mom didn't tell me that you were on a swim team? Yeah, for sure?"

"Yeah. I won trophies for the 500 melody. I can handle myself in the water. Please?"

"Where are they, the trophies?"

"At mom's, in my room."

"We'll have to make sure to get them when we move into our place, okay son?"

I nodded.

"Okay. Swim until your heart's content. Be careful, okay? Promise me."

"Dad, I can handle the water."

"No son, you don't understand. Listen to me... do I have your full attention?"

I looked into dad's eyes. He was dead serious. I said, "Yes sir."

"Harry, I am not your sir. My name is dad to you. Here's the deal: If you're a fish then you're going to have to show me. The second thing is this: an overly confident, cocky attitude is a very dangerous place to be. It gets people hurt. I do not want you hurt. I do not want you dead. Treat dangerous things with respect. A pool is potentially a very dangerous place. We do not know everything about everything."

"Dad, I'm not cocky about anything. I've had some near misses in the pool, you know the cramps and stuff. The coaches have taught me that preparedness is the name of the game."

"And awareness. Awareness is vitally important."

"Yeah that too. Back when I was first starting out some of us got tangled up in each others arms or legs... it wasn't funny. I don't have a problem with giving you my promise that I'll be careful... I'm always aware and prepared. I always give myself at least 2 hours after eating or sooner if I move my bowels. If I don't wait then I get the cramps. It's just my body and the way it reacts after eating. I'm aware and I'm prepared this way."

"Okay... you know what you're talking about then so I will trust your judgment. I'm going to go lie down for a while. Be sure to take your phone with you. And don't use the public restrooms... people get mugged in them, and they're filthy dirty. Come on up here or use the ones in the hotel lobby."

"Got it, dad. Thanks. I'll check on you later."

"Here's some money. The hotel has a currency exchange if you find something that you like. And put your money in your shoe, like I taught you to do."

"Yup. Thanks dad. Love ya."

I hugged my dad tightly then headed out. When I got to street level I looked both ways to see what was happening. Nothing much. The shops and stuff were two blocks east of the hotel so those weren't an option since they were outside of the one block boundary.

Taxicabs came screeching to a stop. They were wondering if I needed a ride and stuff. Some spoke English, some did not, but they were all hungry for a fare. When I said no then they'd just speed off, looking for another possible customer.

I walked around to the north side of the hotel. There I found some shops, mainly art places, mostly overpriced for the crap they were selling. I felt my stomach getting full. There was no hurry. I had 30-45 minutes to go before I would need to find a place. In the middle of the block I found a kewl jewelery shop. Most of the stuff looked pretty decent. And then I found the perfect gift.

A turquoise men's bracelet caught my attention. The proprietor pulled it from the case so that I could see it close up, feel it, and carefully evaluate if it was 'just right'.

It was. It was something I wanted to give my dad. I asked how much it cost. The guy asked how much I had. Dad had given me $100.00. I replied, "$20.00. Do you engrave?"

The man pulled out an engraver and then put it back. I said, "$30.00. My final offer."


It would cost at least $125.00 back home. I said, "$40.00, deal or no deal."

My stomach was starting to talk to me. I stepped back, relieved a pocket of methane gas and realized that I would need to head back to the room. I said, "Deal or no deal? It's for my dad."

He held out his hand. I said, "I'll pick it up within the hour. I have an errand to run." I handed him the $40.00 in 2 $20.00's. He said the bracelet would be ready in 30 minutes.

I headed into the north entrance to the hotel. The elevator was open and waiting for its next passenger. I arrived in our suite in plenty of time, relieved that which needed relieving, checked on dad... he was sleeping soundly. I went to my room, stripped off my shorts and underwear, replaced them with a Speedo then put my shorts on over them.

Before leaving the room I left dad a note on the table telling him that I'd be swimming.

I headed back to the jeweler's shop. He smiled. He'd engraved it perfectly: To dad from Harry.

With my purchase safely tucked into my pocket I headed back to the hotel, went to the top where the pool was located, stripped to my Speedo, secured my clothing and ID then dove in. The water was perfect. There weren't too many people around, some folks who were in their elder years but they were mostly hanging in the lounge chairs under the umbrellas. Most of them should 'not' have been 'naturist' attired but whatever.

I got my rhythm going, quickly swam 25 laps then eased up and and swam another 25. When I finished the last set I rested in the water next to the wall. From there I had a full vantage point of everybody's comings and goings.

Three dudes about my age appeared off the elevator. They were wearing those baggy t-shirts and Cargo shorts, which should be outlawed, by the way. They waved. I returned the gesture.

They found a place to put their stuff. Without a care in the world they each stripped to their skin, scratched their pubes, talked amongst their selves for a minute or two before diving in. They were hot looking boyfriend material. My dick twitched several notches at seeing them swimming mostly underwater but they were doing somersaults too which put their butts in the air. Nice, very nice. If I had an opportunity when I got back to our room I definitely had some pleasant short term memories to 'think about'.

I got out of the water, careful to arrange my stuff so that it wasn't 'that' obvious. My Speedo was tight so I didn't have much trouble accomplishing the objective. I walked to my stuff, sat down to dry or 'and' to observe their antics. One of the boys got out of the water. He was pudged up about 50% but he could have cared less, really. He walked to their stuff, fetched a Frisbee then tossed it to his friends. He walked to me and asked, "Hey, do you want to play with us? We're kind of lopsided."

"Sure. Thanks."

Over the next two hours I learned that they were from Alabama, and that their names were Bradley, Benjamin, and Barry. They were triplets though they didn't look identical. We had a total absolute blast.

The pool had a concession stand that opened at 11:30 so we took a break, got Cokes and chips then sat at a table the older folks had vacated an hour or so before.

While we were munching and drinking Barry said, "Are you on a swim team?"

"Yeah, I was. I quit because of some problems at school."

"I was just wondering. We don't see Speedos very often... only the guys on the swim team wear them where we come from. Do we bother you? I mean, we can put something on if you're uncomfortable with us."

"No. You are fine. My friends back home are naturists."

"Where are you from?" Barry asked.

"Maui. I've lived there my whole life."

"That's kewl. Dad said that we might be going there for the winter break in December."

"Well be sure and look us up. My friends and I... we're like a big family. We'll show you around."

"Kewl. Are your mom and dad here?" Bradley asked curiously.

"My dad is. He's on assignment. We're flying back home tonight."

"Isn't your mom here?"

"Shut up. It's none of your business." Benjamin said hastily to his brother.

"It's no problem. She and my dad are divorced. It happened when I was a baby."

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that." Barry said.

"It's okay. My dad and I... we just got together not too long ago. He's going to stop doing what he's doing to stay home. And don't ask me what he does because I don't know for sure. He does some kind of government work... or contracts... or something... I don't know really." I said suddenly wondering what dad really did for a living. He'd told me not to ask him because he couldn't tell me.

Bradley asked, "So you're not a naturist?"

"Bradley... would you stop it already? Let the guy be will ya?"

I replied, "I picked out something for my dad... can I ask your opinion about it... you know... is it the right thing."

"Sure. I'm sure it's just fine. Whatever comes from the heart is always just right." Barry said assuredly.

We got up and walked to my stuff. I grabbed the bracelet and showed it to them. They thought it was really kewl, and that the engraving was just the perfect finishing touch on it.

I felt comfortable with them. All the elders had left. I decided to go for it. After untying the knot I put my hands in the waistband and lowered the Speedo and dropped it on top of my clothes leaving me naked to the wind. I was pudged up quite a bit so without any further adieu I dove in, swam underwater to the other side then swam back. They had gotten into the water by the time I returned.

We goofed off for a while then just relaxed and chatted about this and that and everything. The conversation turned to girls, girlfriends, conquests, failures with the opposite sex, a little bit of bravado, and other strange things.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Bradley asked.

"No. I haven't met anybody. I have some girls as friends but nothing serious. Do you?" I replied casually.

"Nope. The truth is that I have some girls as friends too. I've never really been with a girl. I used to."

"Yeah, she was a ho." Barry snickered.

"You've got that right." Bradley said.

That subject thankfully dropped.

We got out of the water, probably for the last time. I needed to go check on dad as it was about 2pm. They were totally hard. And they were not ashamed or anything. I fit right in as I was totally pronged. We sat down at the table and shot the shit some more.

At 2:30 I excused myself saying I needed to go to my room to get some sleep before we flew out later in the evening. The truth of the matter was that my dick was hurting from being erect for so long. I quickly put on my shorts and shirt and stuffed the Speedo in a pocket.

We said our farewells, exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, and promised to stay in contact.

I went to our room. Dad was sitting at the table when I arrived. He smiled warmly. We hugged then I excused myself to take a shower and get presentable for dinner out later on.

I hurried into the bathroom where I closed the door, dropped off my clothes in a pile, sat on the toilet, grabbed hold of my dick, tossed it like there was no tomorrow. Within 5 minutes my belly, legs, hand and organ were slathered with my white male stuff.

*-* David's POV *-*

The next few weeks flew by. We got settled into our new crib. Maria was more than very happy with her new place, a home she could provide for her boys who were growing and becoming more happy as each day passed.

Mom's appointment went fine. I got to see the ultrasound. According to the technician and Dr. Sapperstein, the baby was definitely a girl. I agreed wholeheartedly since one particular picture showed her lower belly and legs from to back and there was no little male designation.

Mom said her daughter had not a chance with so many boys around. I took exception and told her we'd be sure and spoil her rotten!

I was a bit nervous about my appointment. The lab work and x-rays had been performed 4 days prior to the appointment. I was concerned because after the first set they did another set and added CT, MRI scan and a PET scans.

Mom had told me that those extra scans were pretty much normal procedure. She had also talked to Dr. Miller about my persistent back aches despite a bed change and adjustments to Leg. The aches and pains weren't really a problem. Dad had largely attributed them to 'growing pains'.

Dr. Miller had been called out for emergency surgery and was therefore unable to keep his appointments so we saw Dr. Borkwin.

We didn't have to wait very long to get to the exam room though we did have to wait about an hour for him to actually enter for the visit. His exam took a lot longer than had Dr. Miller's. He checked everything, and I mean everything. He left nothing out. When he went to examine my south of border region he asked me if I wanted mom to leave or if she could say. The choice was totally mine. I chose for her to stay. He then thoroughly examined my equipment and performed a deep rectal examination followed by a scoping of my lower colon.

"Okay David, I'm finished with the physical exam. Go ahead and get dressed then come into my office and we'll go over the test results and x-rays. I haven't had time to review them but will do so and also review the radiologist reports to see what he has to say. Mrs. Blake, perhaps you could accompany me."

With that said they took off and I got dressed, stopped by the restroom and peed, and accepted a Coke then nurse provided.

When I entered Dr. Borkwin's office he urged me to sit. I picked a chair next to mom, took her arm in mine and patted her tummy.

After some small talk, Dr. Borkwin turned our attention to the large display screen behind his desk. Surely it was 42 inches, if not larger.

As he was about to switch the display from his computer to the screen mom's phone rang.

Mom: Hi Honey.


Mom: My appointment went fine. We're in Dr. Borkwin's office for David's appointment. Are you busy?


Mom: Yippers. We can go to lunch afterward if you have the time.


Mom: Oh you are. Kewl. We'll hold up until you get here. We're getting ready to go over the results of his tests.

Mom handed me the phone, "Hey dad."

"What's up?"

"We're just waiting for the doctor to give us the results. Are you coming over?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I'm down in the x-ray department bringing on some new equipment. I'll be right up. Love ya."

"I love you too dad. See you in a few."

About 15 minutes later dad entered, escorted by the receptionist. Hugs were both given and received, dad introduced himself to Dr. Borkwin then he sat down next to mom on her other side.

Dr. Borkwin called the front desk and asked them to not interrupt our visit for any reason. He then looked at me and said, "David, we have some challenges ahead."

My throat constricted. My lungs began aching – they felt tight. My muscles tensed. My vision became tunnel, restricted.

"What kind of challenge?" I asked, not really wanting to hear his response yet knowing that I needed to hear it.

Dr. Borkwin turned on the monitor. It had small versions of x-rays and lab tests displayed in various places on the screen. He used an electronic pointer to pull up specific x-rays and proceed to highlight certain areas that looked white instead of black. He said, "David, these white spots are tumors. As you can see there are many of them. Although we have not performed biopsies, with your history, it is safe to assume the tumors are malignant which means that the cancer reoccurred and has spread to many distant places in your body."

Dad coughed. Mom put her head down then looked up and asked, "Are you positive?"

I got up then began rapidly pacing the floor trying to figure everything out.

Dad got up, stopped my almost manic reaction, pulled me into his strong arms, held me tight, kissed my forehead and the top of my head all the while whispering encouragement and strengthening words in my ears.

Dad urged me to sit. He said to Dr. Borkwin, "Where do we go from here?"

Tears sprang from my eyes. It all hit me. I would be leaving my Peter behind. My brothers would have one less. Dad would lose a son just like he'd lost he'd lost his wife, our mom, to the same fucking disease. My mind then went to Andy... we'd gotten real tight. Then there was Maria's burritos.

Without saying anything and despite mom and dad's admonishments I got up and left the office, heading for God only knew. When I got to the elevator, I punched the button and waited its arrival. Just as the door opened dad took hold and held me tight in his arms as I began crying uncontrollably. I sobbed, "Dad, I can't leave Peter. I can't leave you guys. This can't be IT. Dad, I can't deal with this. I mean what's the use?"

"Stop it David. Stop it right now. Don't you dare give up hope. Son, you can't run away. Let's go back and see what the doctor has to say. He has some ideas on how to meet the challenge."

The nurse at the desk said Dr. Borkwin was waiting for us and then she escorted us back to his office where we sat down while Dr. Borkwin brought up some additional x-rays on the monitor screen.

He said, "David, your x-rays and lab tests came back abnormal. I'm afraid that your cancer has returned with a vengeance. I'm going to be totally honest with you…"

In the silence, I nodded my understanding then he went on to say, "I've spoken to your oncologist, Dr. Harwood earlier today. He wants to see you this afternoon so that an aggressive chemotherapy regimen can be planned out for you and started immediately."

I had to know the answer to the age old question… "How long do I have?"

"That's hard to say…"

With a fierce determination to get an answer to my question I restated it much more forcibly, "How long do I have?"

"David, many advances in cancer treatment have come along since your first occurrence."

I started to speak but Dr. Borkwin cut me off. "On the outside I'd say 6 months at the most. Chemo might buy you a month or two, I'm sorry. David, cancer treatment changes day by day. New treatments become available very rapidly, plus there are many trials showing very promising results. What I want to impress on you is to not quit."

Dad's face was ashen. Mom had tears threatening to spill at any second. I was angry and determined to not let it beat me down.

In the quiet of the moment, still hugging, still transferring our energies into each other, and receiving all at the same time, Peter called.

So much for fancy phones… as soon as I pulled it out of my pocket my heart sank with embarrassment. Peter was giving a live performance by waiving his magic fully elongated appendage of flesh located in his south of the border geography. Quickly, I turned the phone away from their vision and then answered it, "Hello there hot dog. You had an audience babe. Uhm, mom and dad are here with me in the doctor's office." I offered.

"Oh shit. Oh God. Oh crap. Sorry mom. Sorry dad. Uhm…. Oh damn, hold on David, I'm gonna get dressed." Peter stuttered and stammered profusely.

Mom was smiling. Dad was mortified. I didn't know what to say do or think…so the first natural guttural instinct was to snicker.

When Peter picked up his phone, he was dressed in jeans and a button up shirt. That cracked me up, I began laughing hysterically.

That broke the tension in the room. Mom sat back down holding her head in her hands. I saw tear drops leaking through her fingers but when I went to her she had an embarrassed smile on her face… she was feeling so many emotions right then and there that none made any sense to me.

I idly chit chatted with Peter for a moment until dad cleared his throat giving me the implication that, reluctantly, we needed to get back to the conversation we were having before Peter had called.

I said nothing about what we had been talking about to Peter. It was something that I needed to tell him in person.

"David, with your permission I will transmit your medical records to Dr. Harwood, and then make an appointment at his earliest opportunity."

I nodded. Dad said, "Please do that, thank you." Mom said quietly, "Where do we go from here?"

Dr. Borkwin clicked some buttons on the computer. He said, "You have an appointment with Dr. Harwood on 1:30 Monday afternoon. I've transmitted your x-rays, lab work and our previous visits. David, keep a positive attitude. Keeping a positive been proven to be a major benefactor to survival. I wish I had better news to tell you today, but know that we'll do everything known to medicine to get you past this bump in the road."

I sat down with mom in the waiting room while dad took care of the fees and making an appointment back with Dr. Borkwin in two weeks. She took my hand in hers, squeezed lightly, looked at me then smiled with nothing but love emanating from her being.

Just as we were leaving a young child came hobbling in. He was maybe 9 or 10 years old. He had no legs. He had only 1 arm. His face was disfigured. Yet he was smiling and bubbling. He bumped into me. When we touched I felt nothing but positive energies coming from him. The energy was high enough that I shuddered… it was almost like electricity, a pleasant electrical charge at that.

After arriving home, we sat in the Escalade, not saying a word to each other. We were each processing our thoughts, our emotions, our hopes, a strategy for getting past the obstacle in the way and making it somehow work.

I guess my conclusions that ended up with me thinking only positive thoughts, I said, "Mom? Dad?"

Both turned around in their seats and looked at me. "I need to tell Peter myself, okay? Please? Uhm, dad, do you remember when … I guess I wasn't supposed to know it. You and Peter talked several times… uhm, you know, I mean, like on your knees. Can we do that? I don't know how to tell Peter." I said totally lost for words. It was like my senses all went numb. I no longer felt anything. I could no longer formulate words in my mind, much less say anything. I wasn't sad. I wasn't angry. I wasn't happy. I wasn't not hopeful, and I wasn't destitute, and I wasn't crying, and I felt so alone, and then I'd feel not alone, and then I'd feel alone, and then I wouldn't, and then I saw a flicker of light at the end of a very long, torturous, winding, dark tunnel.

I remember woodenly getting out of the car but not much else for a while. When I exited from a trance like state, dad, mom and I were being held firmly in each others' arms. We were kneeling by the side of their bed saying words that I don't remember what they were to this day.

My next conscious awareness was Jeremy then Peter then Allen then Angel then Andy all gathered around grouped together in a family hug. Peter, of course, wormed his way inside the inner circle, clasped my hand in his then he said, "I'm with you all the way. I love you. I'll be by your side."

He then reached his face down and kissed my ring. I raised his hand up to my lips and kissed it firmly followed by a kiss to his lips where I held it.

Jeremy very quietly asked, "What's wrong David? We're here. Remember, and never forget that it's all for one and one for all around this home."

With a strength I didn't know existed, I said the words, "My cancer's back. It's bad guys. Six months, maybe 7, maybe 8 if we're lucky."

"Hey mom, hey dad, hey brothers, uhm, oh sorry, excuse me." Antoine's voice said from the doorway, "Sup?"

I turned around. I'd never seen Antoine scared before but his dark color appeared to be several shades lighter. He asked, "What's wrong?"

Amazingly, with a strength I knew was deep down in Peter's being but hadn't seen but only once, Peter said, "David's cancer is back. It's returned. It's bad but that isn't going to stop us from loving, supporting, and making each day count as if it were the last one. Right David?"

"Right. I'll get right on it."

Mom said, "Can we all kneel here and say our good words to He who can help in all situations? God give us strength to endure and conquer with your love and grace as our strength."

Dad took that whole next week off, the guys were dismissed from classes, Jesus came to visit, Jason and William hung around a lot, Horace and Alice came to dinner each and every night, Momacita hung almost nonstop cleaning up after us guys which I was grateful for because then mom didn't have to toil around 6 guys, picking up, cleaning up, and whatever. We all somehow managed to find laughter in everything we did… we'd find something to laugh about even if there wasn't anything apparent to laugh about.

On Friday of that week, Dr. Miller called. He said a new treatment modality had been developed for patients with the kind, and extent, of cancer that I had, and that results were promising, and that he wanted me to see the oncologist. Mom, dad, and the guys deferred the decision to me. Nobody forced anything. There were no cajoling efforts made, no threats, no tears, no anger, no lawyer type talk, no reasoning, and no guilt trips given, taken or implied on any front.

I don't know why it is but when you find out something about your body, something that causes discomfort then the discomfort seems to be bigger, or is it that we're more aware of it, and then the heightened awareness… it seemed like a viscous circle.

In any event, Andy and William were the comedians with their shenanigans. Soon, Jesus joined in… he was so cute with his broken English, big huge Eagle eyes shining brightly. He worshiped the ground Antoine stood on. Every day, early, they'd head down the beach, go through their routines, and then play, talk, play some more. It was nice to watch.

*-* Peter's POV *-*

One day when mom, dad, Angel, Allen, and even David were away on errands and such, I went snooping because the house was 'too' quiet. The younger ones had been left in my care. I'd made lunch from leftovers, fed them, and then shooed them away so I could write more on this story without them under foot (ha haa, never happened). Anyway, I found them. They were under the high deck on the back of the house where there's a lot of shade, and solitude. I'd been there myself – sometimes with David and sometimes not.

When they saw me they smiled and did not miss a beat, other than Jesus who invited me to join them. They'd laid towels on the soft sand, had their drinks in close proximity. Andy later on said that they had just begun doing what adolescent boys do. When I smiled after looking down at my somewhat elongated pole of pleasure and then them I decided to join in their circle jerk. The boys were cute in that they insisted on cuddling to make the experience more enjoyable, more cohesive, bonding, and comforting.

We each reached our moment close together. I was surprised when Jesus reached over and began licking seedlings from my belly. He insisted. He didn't go 'too far' by actually licking cocks; he just licked pubes and penis bases. When I felt stirrings, he seemed to have sensed it and quit. He then did the same for Andy and William. I thought it was cute. No foul. No harm.

That's how David found us a few hours later, all cuddled up together, and asleep. He took pictures then at dinner time displayed them for all to see.

*-* David's POV *-*

The following day, after showers were taken, lights were out and, Peter, as he had been doing since my diagnosis gave me a nice back rub rubbing away with his gentle way all the tensions of the day. He usually didn't linger at the dimple in the center of that where God split me in half, and he didn't that day as well … until, that is, when I asked him to please go deeper and deeper. I, ha haa, complained, somewhat because his finger, all three of them that we usually use to limber up the muscles, wasn't scratching the itch deep down in my being. Peter's perceptive. Have I said that before? Probably! Yeah, I have.

In any event, Peter snickered and then lay on top, aimed his ample maleness, easily entered, then for the next hour and a half we made love. Even when he lost his composure at orgasm time he was gentle. It was a beautiful experience for the both of us.

When our moment passed, Peter rolled off and then we meshed side to side, and while our physical bodies connected, it was our minds that became one… at least in that space of undetermined slice of time. The speck of light became brighter every time we connected. At some point during the night we fell into a restful, peaceful, tranquil, relaxing and resilient slumber.

When morning arrived, or at least conscious morning that is, we were greeted by one very happy camper who climbed into bed with us and nestled in – totally naked and dripping wet from head to toe, giggling, urging, and finally insisting… slowly I opened my eyes only to be greeted by one happy, smiling Jesus. Without encouragement, without prompting, without any reservations whatsoever he leaned down and tenderly kissed my lips. He lingered for a moment. The moment was not uncomfortable, not at all. He then reached to Peter and provided him with his good morning offerings.

"There you are. I've been looking all over for you." Antoine said from the doorway, hesitant to enter.

I said, "Come on in Antoine. We seem to have one very wet and naked boy in our bed, would you like to join him?"

Antoine walked in, disrobed to his underwear then crawled into bed with us and then he put his head down and started weeping, his tear drops dropping onto my exposed chest and shoulders. I put my arm around him and held him tight as he finally allowed his emotions to fall where they lay. There was so much love in that bed that it's indescribable at this time. Before nature demanded that we break up, all of us guys were hunkered down, kissing, hugging, holding, giggling, laughing, crying, then more hugs, kisses, holding, giggling, laughing, and so on and so forth until we were into a total peaceful and serene bundle of arms, legs, rigid then soft then rigid and then soft sighs as one then another then another released his tensions onto a body lying next to, on top of, below, sandwiched and or caressed into a happy state. I can't say it was a sexual adventure at all. It just happened just as it was supposed to happen. Other than a flinch and a sense of wetness there was no evidence of rocket ships blasting off for that oh so distant yet close planet called Nirvana – not in the least – yet our experience was totally fulfilling leaving nothing wanted or needed.

Some time later, mom and dad entered our room. Oh don't get me wrong, we were very aware of their presence – you see, by then our needs or whatever it was were met, our bonding was complete. Nothing could have stopped it from happening, and I mean nothing. I'm sure the sight before them was … I don't know what they would have seen other than some naked butts because the peckers were all surely covered by at least one body in our tangle of love and bonding and togetherness in a most intimate yet non-sexually intended situation.

From the mass of human flesh, the words drifted from my mouth, "I love my family. Mom, we need a shower." And then I broke up giggling my head off. Andy, always being the comedian piped up, "Yeah mom we definitely need a shower. We're a mess."

In broken English Jesus said, "Happy mess."

Antoine's POV

As we were lying in a tangle of arms, legs, appendages, brought together by another challenge in our lives a thought readily came to mind in how to handle the situation – provided all were agreeable.

As soon as we broke away from our interlude into a peaceful situation with all our brothers, plus one, Matt took me aside into our room where he shut and locked the door, turned to me and said, "Come on lover boy, I have something to talk about. Let's do it while taking a shower. I feel sort of sticky <giggling>."

"Your wish is my command." I replied then pulled him in for a deep, deep hug. Together we entered the bathroom, took care of business. While Matt was finishing his deposit I got the water temperature to 'just right'.

When Matt arrived, I began my ministrations by washing his hair. He rinsed when I was finished. I then used a washcloth to wipe the excess water from his hair and then washed his face taking care to not get any soap in them.

After rinsing and using the washcloth once again to wipe the excess water from his eyes, I said, "I've got an idea…"

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