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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 10

Dr. Borkwin explained, "Your response is exactly what we expected you to give us. Cancer is a disease that's received a lot of attention in the medical/scientific world yet cures are far and few between, relatively speaking. We've got a long way to go."

Dr. Miller chimed on that thought. It surprised the hell out of me. "Jim, I've never told anyone, other than Dr. Borkwin what I actually think about cancer care in the US. Quite frankly employment is high, lots of money change hands, and the public likes to hear that these resources are doing 'their all' to find a 'cure all' approach to this deadly disease. Quite frankly, I believe there's a cure, one that's already known however it's being squashed because a lot of people will be out of work."

I took in a deep breath of air because I realized that what he just said made perfect sense. Peggy and I joined hands, squeezed firmly then got up knowing what we had to do, and the urgency involved.

I asked Dr. Miller, "Would you join us? I totally appreciate your candor. When you were talking, I heard, loud and clear, an uncanny desire to be of help to patients and their families. David has been under your care for quite a few years now. He trusts you emphatically, as do my wife and I."

Peggy said, "Even if you were to come back here to the University I believe you might very well gain additional invaluable understanding and methods of healing people, and making them whole again."

Dr. Miller replied, "I'm flattered. Thank you. What I'm about to share with you is something that's not public knowledge so I hope you'll treat it with confidence." Not waiting for an acknowledgment he continued, "I've recently applied for a position with an organization that sends doctors and other medical staff to disaster zones, both domestic and on foreign shores. I've been selected from a pool of some 1,000 doctors for an interview. Should I be approved, two residents of my choosing will be able to go with me on various assignments. In the meantime, if you would like, I'm available to accompany David to a center for alternative treatments." Then with a gleam in his eyes he added, "I might learn something."

Peggy replied… she took the words right out of my mouth, "We'd be honored. Jim?"

"Absolutely. We'll pay all your expenses and for your time away. I'd like to get things moving along very quickly. I'm thinking that time is of the essence here. I'm going to put in for a leave of absence to our board of directors, effective immediately."

Dr. Miller replied, "My expenses are not of your concern. I've made the decision to do what I want and need to do for my own personal satisfactions. My wife, our sons, and our oldest son's husband are on board."

Dr. Borkwin stated, "The same goes for me. Can I ask you a question though, I'm curious?"

"Of course." Peggy responded.

Dr. Borkwin then said, "Can I see Matt?"

Peggy looked at me, smiled, and then replied, "Yes."

*** Meanwhile back home, Antoine's POV

Peter and I returned to dad's office, closed the door nearly shut but did not lock it. Once again I sat at dad's desk and Peter sat in the chair beside the broad expansive and sturdy piece of beautiful furniture that was the centerpiece of the room.

Just as I was about to make the call to he who had taught me so much a knock on the door gained our attention away from the impending call to across the sea, and beyond. I said, "Come on in, the door's open." Peter stood and then when he saw the person was Jeremy he nearly, but not quite, jumped into Jeremy's arms. Jeremy, of course, hugged Peter fiercely and hung on while Peter relieved some of his stress, anxiety, and pent up emotions from all that was happening in our lives. Jeremy motioned to me that I should join them. I did without any further hesitation.

After a few moments of relishing our energies I said to Jeremy, "I'm making a call to my Sensei. He'll be able to help. He'll also know who can help David if he can't."

Jeremy replied, "Does dad and mom know?"

I said, "Yes he knows. He wasn't very receptive to the idea yet he didn't say no. Neither did mom. I was about to make the call to Sensei."

With that I went back to dad's desk and initiated the call while Jeremy sat down on the sofa. He then pantomimed drinking a soda. I nodded. Peter nodded too. Jeremy fetched 3 drinks from the apartment sized refrigerator, popped the tops than handed us ours then sat back down.

Sensei answered the call on the 3rd connection attempt. He was sitting in his sun room. He smiled broadly at seeing my face. My sphincters relaxed. I do not know why I was nervous; perhaps it was because I'd not received dad's full support for talking to Sensei about David's situation. I was to later on learn that dad had been frantic, fearful and anxiety ridden about his son's dire situation, and his inability to really be there for his son as he'd promised.

Sensei: And dear Antoine, to what privilege do I honor your most welcome communication?

Me: <Tears began to well up in my eyes. Sensei was honored that I'd call him? Sensei the honor is entirely mine. I owe you a great deal.

Sensei interrupted, "No, Antoine. You are honorable. Your calling me is honorable, I'm indebted."

Me: Sensei, I'll never be able to repay you for what you've done to me and to he who is my husband.

Sensei: Son, honor has no price tag attached to it. That's where people get confused and incorrect with their beliefs.

Realizing the profound wisdom Sensei had shared, I went forward, "Sensei, my brother David's body is racked with the evil killer named Cancer. The doctors are with no hope, our parents are beside themselves, my brothers are devastated, Peter's mate is downtrodden and desperate, and David is very, very sick.

On the monitor, Sensei's demeanor changed entirely. He sat bolt up. The grave concern on his face was palpable; it was striking. His eyes then narrowed into little tiny slits. He joined his hands as if he were holding fluids from his nose from ejecting into the space in front of him. He then bowed his head, slightly shook his head, and then looked up into the monitor. With the level of detail emanating from the electronic gadgets, I saw a lone tear escape his eye then how it rolled down his wide expansive cheek. It came to rest on the corner of his mouth… he made no effort to hide it or dismiss it or wipe it away.

Overcome with grief, anxiety, sadness, all at once I bowed my head and then laid down the pencil I'd been toying with. While those emotions burrowed into my soul more than one tear escaped, were propelled from the lacrimal ducts and into my eyes and onto my own cheeks. They ran past my lips then fell from my chin onto my thighs and then between my legs onto the chair supporting my weight.

As did Sensei, once the immediate emotions passed, I looked up into the monitor after looking at Peter and Jeremy, and saw that Sensei had regained his composure. Instead of sadness, I saw hope and determination, and love. Oh how I'd grown to love that man. Oh how he'd taught me so much. One of those things he'd taught was the ability to never give up hope, and to express my emotions, to not be ashamed of them, and how to do the next right thing no matter the adversity being experienced or presented. A wave of hope washed through my entire body.

Peter got up and left the room. I said to Sensei, "Peter, he who is David's life partner and soul mate had to leave. He is, at times, ashamed of his vulnerability. He was taught to be tough, yet he is at war with his need to be strong and the need to be in acceptance of his vulnerability. He's confused as I was at one time, as I still am from time to time."

Five minutes, no longer, Peter returned. I was shocked with his appearance… not because it was bad – not in a million years; rather my shock was at the attire he was wearing. I'd never seen him like that before.

He was wearing his ceremonial Kimono. I'd never seen it before. It was absolutely beautiful, perfect in every way. Absolute radiance showed through those beautiful threads, especially through he who wore it. I then saw a Peter Blake I'd never seen before. Gone were the contrails of tears, of sadness, of hopelessness, of futility, of anxiety. Instead a sense of okayness, of hopefulness and purpose shown through like the sun were only one mile away.

Jeremy, completely overcome with his own emotions quickly left dad's office. The door to his room was heard to close. He was not to return.

I said to Sensei, "I'll be right back."

That said, I walked to Peter then bowed respectfully, honorably and with full intent to further strengthen our bond. I then walked past him through the door to the room where my brother was laying prostate on his bed. I walked into the walk-in closet where I fetched up my own Kimono with honor and then put it on to cover my near nakedness.

Finished with that task I re-entered the room, walked over to Matt, bowed in honor to he who was and is my husband for all eternity then kissed him gently but decisively. I leaned over far to kiss he who is my mate's natural blood brother on his cheek.

With that, I hastily returned to dad's office where I closed and locked the door. I then bowed before Peter, and then we both, together, as in perfect harmony sat down in dad's office chair as one entity.

Sensei stood then bowed respectfully. He then made some adjustments to his electronic conveyance equipment. He was carefully examining Peter – at first, I was a little anxious and concerned at the attention he was paying to Peter until he said in awe, "She who calls me brother – that is her work. She has only made six of those garments in her entire life, all done to complete perfection, all done for very special reasons, I have met, joined and bonded with all."

To me he said, "Antoine, immediately bring David here. Peter, you bring your mate and bonded one here immediately. I cannot promise anything but I will give him everything known to our world, and then some more."

After the call, and after a trip to the bathroom where I exploded all contents from my bowels into the brand new sewer system, Peter and I headed toward his and David's room we were met by my mate and husband Matt, his natural blood born brother Andy, and our distinct and intimate brother Jeremy, and our other distinct and intimate brothers Allen and Angel. All were radiantly displaying confidence, hope, strength, and stamina.

The area became fully energized. The energy was one that I'd never before ever seen or experienced. The energy was not frightening, not in any way.

Alone, I walked to my brother David, outstretched my arms fully and completely. David accepted my invitation. We joined. We were in no hurry to release. We could not have parted in that very moment even if all ravages of Mother Nature had been unleashed all at the very same time. We bonded to a new level in that very second. At some point during that bonding experience, all had joined us as one. When David and I released, we realized our mates and our brothers Andy, Allen and Angel had joined The Light, forever inseparable.

After that, all else mattered not. We were not consciously aware of anything. Had we consciously been aware of the extent of our bonding we would have utterly resisted, been appalled, rejected, repulsed, denigrated, dismissed the notion, and would probably have terminated any attempts to bond ever again.

Instead when the deep meditative period ceased to exist in that moment we found ourselves on David and Peter's bed entangled, connected, and intimately happy and satisfied in all senses. We felt absolutely no sense of shame, guilt or remorse, and we made no effort to separate ourselves from each other.

David had been our sole connector. He had a very peaceful and tranquil appearance on his very relaxed appearing face. A small smile of contentment showed from one corner of his lips to the other; his breathing was relaxed and regular and deep; his tummy was rising and falling with each easily and non laboriously taken breath.

One by one, and as a group, our lips joined briefly with peaceful hearts and souls. Once that was accomplished, we left the room but not before making sure that David was completely filled with Peter's offerings.

Matt and I then retired to our room where we joined intimately, and then later, no telling how much later we were gently awoken by mom and dad's gentle kisses on our foreheads and with their words telling us how much they loved us, and how we'd be leaving in a few hours on another journey. It mattered not to them that Matt and I were still joined nor did it disgust them that I pulled from Matt's most intimate and private love share palace, got up and went into our bathroom where I sat and released Matt's sustaining liquids. Instead dad helped me into the shower, mom helped Matt into the shower and they left with no instructions or any other words or appearances that would disappoint or disgust anyone else from outside of our abode.

*** Mom's POV

After we woke Antoine and Matt, we went to Allen and Angel's room to announce the same that we'd announced to Antoine and Matt. They too were joined and sleeping peacefully and soundly. I whispered to Jim, "Our boys are so beautiful. How can anyone say that they are wrong with having and sharing with their chosen one? I just don't understand it."

"Yeah, I don't understand it either. Honey I've accidentally 'caught' each of the boys in their most intimate active sharing moments before but I've never seen the peace and tranquility of them sleeping as they are right now. I have no doubt that you and I share that experience as they are right now. I've never really paid attention to the most intimate of bonds that our family has had, does now have, and no doubt will have. Let's wake the boys in the same manner we did for Antoine and Matt, shall we?"

With that said we woke Allen and Angel. We didn't linger because at first they were quite embarrassed but Peggy allayed their fears and embarrassment with assurances we'd experienced while talking just before we awoke them from their slumber.

When they got up and went into their bathroom, we headed for Jeremy's room. Much to our surprise, well not really, Jeremy and Jason were likewise entangled. They too looked so beautiful and peaceful. From their positions, it was clear to see how and to whom their lovemaking took them. Equally moved by their intimacy we gently woke them from their slumber and assured them that all was well, that they needed to take showers, and to join the rest of the family on the outside terrace where we'd eat and talk about our next adventure. Once they were up and headed into their shower, we took off for Andy's room to wake him up.

When we arrived close to his room we overheard talking.

I recognized a voice saying, I knew William's voice anytime. It was unique, pretty deep for a boy his age, he said, "Go ahead. It's okay. I think I'm ready."

"This is pretty gay. I'm not gay." Andy replied.

"Me neither. We can do it once. I'm okay if you are."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"We don't have to. I'll still like ya. You're kind of like a brother to me."

"Yeah, you too, I kind of love you. I mean, well, uhm, that's gay…"

Snickers were heard then Andy's voice said, "All I know is that I'm horny. Okay, here it goes."

"Oh my God, oh Jesus Christ, fuck, oh shit. You're in, give me a second. Wait… oh man, oh man, you're big. Humph. Ah, there, okay, I'm good. Don't squirt in me though, that's gross to even think about." William said.

After no more than a minute, Andy exclaimed just above a whisper, "Can't stop, can't stop, oh, oh, oh, oh, I can't stop. Oh shit, oh Jesus fucking Christ, can't stop. Humph. Humph. Humph. Ah! All done. My turn. Let's get it done before everybody wakes up. We can't spoil our image."

I looked at Jim. He shrugged.

We heard covers rustling. I whispered in Jim's ear, "We ought to go." Jim nodded. But we didn't move. We couldn't move.

"Try it like this <snickers>." Andy said.

"You've got a nice butt for being a guy. Are you sure you shit… that's even grosser, I mean don't shit on me." William said.

"I went this morning. I took a shower so don't worry. Just put it in, I'm ready. Put some of that goop on your dick first though." Andy added.


Just then we heard the bottle hit the floor. Thankfully we give our boys plastic bottles…

"Here it goes, are you sure about this?" William said.

"Absolutely, you've gotta feel it. I can't wait to fuck a girl… that's gotta be wild dude. Go ahead. It's kewl. When you get ready, just let me know and I'll push down." Andy said.

"Wait. Let me get there first. Okay, here it goes. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck. Christ. Oh man, I'm gonna shoot …. Right…. fucking…now… oh God…. I'mmmmm shooooootttttttttttttttttinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg, holy shit………….oh God…..holy shit….holy shit. Oh wow."

"Feels good doesn't it?" Andy said.

"Oh Christ man…that was fucking awesome…who'd ever guess fucking a guy would be good…Jesus. Okay, I'm gonna pull out now. Oh kewl, I'm clean kind of, let's go take a shower, I mean, wow, that was okay, uhm, if we do it again does that make us gay?"

Andy snickered, "Nah, I wanna fuck a girl. But yeah, I'd like to do it again, I mean, well, you're, I'm, well you felt good, okay? Uhm, William, I definitely ain't gonna do it with anybody else – you know what I mean? It's okay if we do it."

"Oh okay, me too. I'm in."

Jim took my hand then we quickly made our exit to our own room where Jim closed the door, made sure I was okay (God, I love him) then quickly let his testosterone take over until we were both 'satisfied' to our hearts' content.

After showering, Jim took me in his arms, professed how much he loved me and that we'd love each other, bond with each other until time ended in this world and the next. I too felt the same way. I decided to put on a light long tailed shirt and Jim put on a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts and off we went.

*** Andy's POV

As soon as we got in the shower, William snickered. I turned around facing away from him. Quickly, he inserted his maleness and then in no more than 10 strokes later filled me with yet another load of his spermies while his belly was slapping my back as he whimpered his delights.

What he did next surprised me. He squeezed out dollops of shampoo then washed my body head to toe while paying special attention to my prong which hadn't gone down even though I'd shot my stuff just a few minutes prior. When I began to tense up, not in an orgasm yet but was close, he changed positions and stood in front of me facing away. I don't know why but I got nervous. He sensed it I guess because when I took a step back, against the wall, he pouted his butt and engulfed my rod of pleasure – that did it… I lost my essence deep inside of him.

Weak kneed, still panting somewhat we completed our original task of taking a shower.

Finished with brushing our teeth, William did something I didn't expect … he leaned into my face and made a big deal of smelling my exhaled breath. I did likewise to him.

What happened next was totally unexpected, yet it was done with pure deliberation, with permission, with want, and with need.

What began as a simple brother-to-brother affection gesture culminated, without any forethought whatsoever, with yet another offering drooling down our tummies and then on down into our pubes – all the while our tongues doing the dance in valiant attempts to find tonsil tissues.

Just as quickly as we'd joined, we parted, not believing what had just happened. Quickly, I reached into the shower, grabbed a washcloth then wiped up our goop from my belly and then handed it to William. Deftly he wiped all evidence of our forage into a world we did not want to be in, yet we had been in that world. I was confused. William looked at me, I looked at him, and I shrugged my shoulders as did he. With the most honest words I could have ever came up with, I said, "I'm confused."

William replied, "Yeah, I'm confused too. But I'm okay. When dad told Jason that Jason and Jeremy were probably just going through a phase he'd be okay with however they chose to express their bond so long as they were safe and thinking of the other person first and foremost. Well, as you know, their bond got stronger and stronger as time went on. Uhm, Andy, I don't think what we did was wrong. It just happened. Do you feel ashamed?"

"Uhm, well, err, no, uhm, we're probably just going through a phase. Maybe we could talk to our dads. I mean, well I don't know." I replied knowing all too well that dad wouldn't be ashamed then added, "Our dads won't be ashamed of us so why should we be ashamed? Okay, I'm not ashamed."

With that said I leaned over to William then kissed him tenderly on his cheek. Yet that gesture wasn't enough – for some reason, a reason that didn't really matter in that slice of time. Somehow, something made us gently take our faces in our hands and then we joined our lips once again. While our kiss was not wild with anticipation, we did savor the moment then went on about our business of getting dressed so that we could meet with our family on the terrace overlooking the pool.

*** David's POV

As usual, Peter got into the shower and got the temperature just right. He then helped me in and then washed me from head to toe.

I asked, "Uhm Peter, do you know what happened? I mean when I sat down on the toilet to take a dump… well, a huge glob of white stuff came out first, and well, I'm kind of sore back there."

"No clue babe. I feel a bit full myself, like I am after we make love."

With that, Peter washed my pubes and my wilted cock. Despite his ministrations and love put into them I wouldn't get hard. Peter was soft too, his dick barely visible through those pubes he was growing. Then again I wasn't horny. Neither was Peter. After kissing passionately for a couple of minutes, I washed his luscious body with tenderness then we got out, dried off, brushed out our hair and took care of our teeth.

"How's your headache? Is it gone?"

"I've still got one but it's not like it was before." I replied looking directly into the eyes of the person I loved the most in the entire world. A sense of dread began making its way into my gullet. I asked for a divine inspiration to lead me to the right decision.

I put down the toilet lid then sat down then gestured for Peter to sit on my lap. Instead of sitting on me he straddled the bottom portion of the toilet then laid his arms over my thighs and looked into my eyes. As soon as he saw that my decision had been made he laid his head down on my thigh and shuddered. I put my arms around him and pulled him in close.

I thought he was crying but when he looked up again, he had a smile on his face. Without warning, without even a hint of what he was going to do, he leaned up and over and took my very small cock in his mouth, performed his excellent and loving ministrations to it. Of course it responded, and after a very short period of time he received a gift of protein nectar.

When I returned to earth, I said, "We were talking about something serious, babe. Did you know that you're a sex fiend?"

"<Giggling> No, not Moi, not never, I mean ever. I'm a love addict though. I love your hair, everywhere you're growing hair <snicker>, your eyes, your face, your cute neck, your chest, your tummy, the little dimples right here <he touched his fingers to that area just below and to the side of my belly button>, your low hangers <he gently touched my testicles, rolled them around in his fingers and then let go>, your legs, both of them. Your stump is so cute. I love how it twitches and flails about when you're 'excited'. Look at your leg babe, you're growing some dark scraggly hairs down here <he lifted my calf up and examined it closely and then kissed my foot and then sucked in my big toe just like he does my prong>. And then not to forget what this guy does to me <he picked up my wilted penis, looked in its 'eye' very carefully, and then reached over and kissed it gently>. To sum it all up, I love all of you. Even though your body is having its challenges, I love your mind, your love and your putting yourself aside for everybody else. Honey, now is the time for you to focus your attention on you. You've got to get well. Your job here isn't finished." Peter said, finishing up with tears freely flowing down his cheeks.

He added, "Damn it, I promised I'd be strong. I love you, David. I don't know how to put a lid on my emotions when we're together, I really don't." He then put his face down on my thigh. I put my arms around his upper body and squeezed firmly.

"Peter, I've made a decision. I'm not going to have chemotherapy again. They're not going to cut anything more off of me. I can't take that stuff. I'd be sick all the time. When I had it before, I wanted to die because it was so bad. I'm sorry babe."

Peter raised his head up and looked into my eyes, into my soul. He said, "I wasn't going to tell you until we talked to dad. Antoine and I talked to his Sensei earlier today. We talked to him because of what he did for Matt. Antoine told me that traditional Eastern medicine doesn't believe in putting poison chemicals into a person's body to supposedly cure them. God, David, I don't want you to suffer. You have to go see Antoine's Sensei. You just have to. If anyone can help you he can. You've seen his work first hand – look at your brother."

"I don't want to leave you. You're my inspiration, you're my strength, and you're my entire life. The thought of leaving you just kills me. Just promise me something, please."

"Whatever you say… so long as you stay here with me."

"Promise me that you will not guilt me out for not taking poison into my body. I'd rather just live out the remaining time…"

"That's easy. No poison. But you have to give it a shot, no matter what. Promise me."

"I don't much care for the idea of shots, but so long as we have an understanding of 'no poison' then I'll take them. I don't want to leave, Peter. But I don't want to die being sick and shit. That's all I'm saying."

Peter assumed his place on my lap. We began kissing passionately. No sexual thoughts went through our minds… we were simply bonding stronger than we'd ever known to be possible.

A knock on the door interrupted our moment, I answered, "Yes, we'll be right out."

Dad said parentally, "We're getting together out on the patio. We're waiting for you."

"We'll be right there dad." Peter said then our lips touched again, that time even more passionately than we'd ever known.

Dad was relentless, "Boys, 5 minutes."

"Yes sir." I responded.

That said, after one more very quick kiss Peter got up and opened the door. Dad had left.

We went into our bedroom, gathered up a pair of running shorts each because we didn't know who or what company we might have. We were both about half-staff erect however they soon cooled their jets after we made promises of making love that night.

Upon entering the patio area, we saw that we had no company so we tossed our shorts on the table and sat down next to each other. Peter took my hand in his then I said, "Mom, dad, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, and you too Andy… Matt, Antoine - God I love you all so much. I'm very lucky you know."

My back was killing me so Peter urged me to fold into him after he sat back in the lounge chair. Dad and Jeremy moved the table aside so that everyone could gather around, so that we could talk intimately and unencumbered.

Other than for the sound of a breeze blowing through the area it was totally quiet. Nobody knew what to say, or how.

I foraged on. "Mom, dad, I've decided to not have chemo again. I can't take it. Dad that stuff made me so sick. I couldn't function. I hope you guys understand. Antoine, please correct me if I'm mistaken but Peter tells me that your Sensei has an alternative. Matt, please stand up so I can see what he did for you."

"I can't right now." Matt replied while rolling his eyes up in his head then he turned a brilliant shade of red, seemingly from the top of his head down to the tips of his toes.

Antoine snickered, which didn't help the situation at all… yet the guys and I snickered knowing exactly what he was talking about.

Mom said, "Oh for Pete's sake. It's not like we've never seen an erection before." She then patted her tummy while turning to dad.

Dad sputtered, coughed, and then cleared his throat. Dad's turn. He turned beet red. Jeremy snickered, "Stand up Matt."

Matt was giggling like crazy. Although he turned away from mom, he presented himself to me and then began drawing lines with his fingers. He was drawing pictures of where he scars had been located on his body; scars that were no longer present. He said, "I don't have pain anymore. I feel fine. Dad, mom, David has to see Dr. Wong. Look at what she did to Antoine's ankle."

We all looked down. It was Antoine's moment to be embarrassed. He was squatted down with his snake touching the concrete. It was also curled up behind his butt, out of view, or so he thought. Seeing the state his Matt was in however he overcame his reluctance. Gingerly he stood up, put his leg up on the chair so that we could all see only a couple of dimples in the skin on the side of his ankle. Matt then knocked on Antoine's ankle. Antoine did not react. His eyes didn't flicker, not once did he indicate any discomfort.

Peter said, "Dad, Antoine's Sensei wants David to travel there very soon. Maybe they can help David, maybe not, but we've got to try. I've promised him no poison chemicals."

Mom spoke up just as dad looked at her with utter love in his eyes, "Jim, you have to go. There's no alternative that I can see."

Dad said, "I'll shake some trees. You and Peter need passports."

"We're going too, dad." Allen said holding Angel's hand and having looks on their faces that spelled determination.

"Me too, I'm in." Jeremy said with the same conviction in his voice and on his face.

Dad deadpanned, "I suppose you're going too aren't you Andy?"

"Permission to speak freely, sir, mom?" Andy quipped.

"Oh Lord… permission granted." Mom said wondering what she got herself into.

Dad sputtered. The rest of us giggled.

Andy said, "Damn straight! Sorry."

I said deadpan, "Well, that leaves me then doesn't it?"

I then cracked up all over the place until I nearly passed out from the pain in my back and on up into my shoulders. I couldn't stop laughing, yet it hurt so bad that tears were freely flowing so hard that I experienced much difficulty with breathing. After a few minutes, perhaps only seconds of experiencing a total spasm in my lungs, my breathing returned to sustenance levels. Peter looked terrorized, as did Allen, Angel and Jeremy. Andy looked pale. Mom was rubbing my back softly with her hands while dad had me in his arms, holding me still. Peter was with me all the way. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a fear I'd never before seen – it scared me. Whatever trepidations I had been experiencing vanished on the spot. I knew what I had to do. With Peter's strength guiding me all the way, I said, "I've gotta go. I don't want to leave, uhm, you know – this world. Help me."

I'm turning this over to dad because he did so much that I lost track of everything.

*** Dad's POV

After receiving the name of the doctor who'd treated both Matt and Antoine, Peggy and I went to my office and shut the door. After hugging fiercely and kissing tenderly we sat down and began the process, with hope against all hopes, of getting our son treated for his malignant disease, a disease that threatened his very life, a disease that would soon take our son from our arms.

I recalled and told Peggy of David's sickness with the chemotherapy and radiation. I recalled and told Peggy of Helen's valiant battle against the same disease that racked her body then shuddered at remembering her last ragged breaths.

There was no decision to be made. All thoughts of hopelessness, futility, logistical difficulties vanished on the spot. Just as I was opening my mouth to speak to Peggy she said, "It's all a no-brainer, Jim. When do we go? The boys are special, Jim."

"Yeah, they're special. They're my sons by birth and by adoption... neither makes any difference to me..."

Peggy interrupted my goings on, "Jim, the boys are 'special' as in s-p-e-c-i-a-l. I'm going to get the boys packing bags with enough clothes for a few days. If we need anything then we'll just get it there."

I reached into my wallet. Antoine had given me his Sensei's special phone number. He answered on the second ring.

I said, "Help my son, please."

Peggy and I kissed then she took off to inform the boys that we would be leaving hopefully the following day.

My first call was to Stan, our Chief Operations Officer. I told him I'd be taking a months' leave of absence, perhaps longer, and that he was in charge of all day to day operations, and to not call me under any circumstance. I gave him my assurances that I emphatically trusted his judgments to hold down the fort while we were gone. He reassured us that he'd do the very same thing had the tables been turned.

The next call was to Fugi. He said getting passports at 5:00pm were impossible if we were to leave the following morning. I said I'd take care of that and then we made arrangements to have the company jet take us to Singapore. The plane would be leaving at 5:00am. We had to reserve the 757 because of fuel concerns. I requested a full security detail, at all times, anywhere and everywhere we went – for obvious reasons. I reserved two hospital beds to be on the airplane, and ready for use at any given time of the day or night. We also booked a translator upon arrival. None of us except for Antoine could read, speak or understand their dialect. All was in order except for the passports. Lack of passports was a show stopper.

Peggy returned, sat down next to me, took my arm in hers and asked what the problem was because she could see it in my eyes, in my soul.

Then an idea popped into my head. Peggy's eyes nearly fell out of her head when I picked up the phone, made a call that was picked up on the first tone:

"Good evening, Mr. Blake. How may I help you?"

"Mr. President, I need a favor."

We were assured that passports for all who needed them would in fact be delivered by secure courier by 9:00pm that night. They arrived at 7:30pm.

Dr. Miller was available. His wife would be joining us. Dr. Borkwin would also accompany us with his wife and their two toddler children. They would make sure the plane was outfitted with every conceivable piece of medical equipment and supply that might be necessary during the long flight and unavailability of ground medical care.

My last call was to Juan. I knew that he and Harry were returning that day or the following one but was a bit surprised when he said they were about 5 hours out from – Hawaii. He contacted the pilot who had no trouble diverting from Honolulu to Maui.

I told him it was not necessary that he and his son Harry accompany us – but – he insisted on joining us.

In a very big way I felt very uneasy about all the logistical stuff but didn't say anything. The trip to an unknown land just might be the only way to keep our David in our midst. For that, I'd do anything possible, and then some. He's my son. He's a brother, and one cool dude who brought another cool dude into our family, who he loves with his entire being. He would not be denied. We would not be denied.

*-* Harry's POV *-*

I was wide awake.


"Yes son. I'm sorry, Harry. I really am."

"I know." I said. I then laid down in the seat and put my head on dad's lap and urged his big strong arm to wrap itself around me. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. His eyes were tired yet he was also wide awake.

I must have dozed off though I hadn't intended to fall asleep. In the background I heard dad talking to someone. I peeped open my eyes and saw him talking on the sat phone. The look on his face showed grave concern. "Okay Jim, we'll see you soon. Tell everybody hello for us."

He clicked off the call, looked down, saw my eyes wide open, and patted my shoulder reassuringly. He said, "We're about 2 hours out. I'll be catching the next plane back to Singapore. They're taking David to see Antoine's Sensei who lives there with hope of receiving treatment for him. It doesn't look good."

"Dad, I'm going too, right?" I said then sat up, rearranged my jeans so that the fullness underlying the front of my jeans was not 'that' noticeable.

"Oh I don' know about that. I know of a kid size island to stick you on until I get back..."

"Dad... there's no such place..."

"Oh but there is, little one. But the island's really small so we'll have to drop you down by parachute. Yeah, you're going unless you want to stay at your mom's... there's school to think of ..."

"Dad, stop it!" I said then squealed when he took hold of that muscle that is located in the front of my arm pit, squeezed and then tickled 'slightly'.

"Let me out. I need to use it."

He tickled again. My need was urgent, "Dad, you're going to be sorry if you don't let me out."

He smiled then pushed aside his legs which permitted me to take a run down the aisle to the bathroom. Even as big as the airplane was the restroom was tiny small. I just got my pants down before ripping a prolonged exit of methane gas, followed by a massive onslaught of torpedoes dropping. I wondered if the plane had some type of apparatus to relieve its sewer system over the water.

We feather landed in Maui at 2:10am. From the airport we went to Jim and Peggy's house, arriving a little after 3am. They were just getting everybody up, packing bags for the flight to Singapore to hopefully get David the medical care he needed, so that he wouldn't die.

Dad went with Jim to Jim's office at home so that they could talk about some things. I went into the kitchen to help Jeremy with fixing breakfast. Peter entered the kitchen... he'd been crying, his eyes were all red and everything. He was surprised to see me. He looked like an old man, hunched over, tired, disheveled, drawn up, and into himself.

"Where's David?" I asked.

"In bed. I needed to get away for a few minutes. I know it sounds selfish. I'd better go back up. He might need me." Peter said dejectedly.

I said, "Yeah, he might. Can I use your shower? Wait, have you guys taken yours?"

"No, not yet. I don't think David can."

"Well, then we'll just give him a sponge bath... I could help you know."

Peter regarded me carefully. "Okay, thanks. Jeremy, do we have time to take a quick shower?"

"Yeah, breakfast will be ready in about half an hour. I'll save you guys a plate."

With that reassurance we headed to the room that David and Peter shared. David was sitting on the side of the bed. Angel and Andy were with him on either side. David looked up, smiled weakly, and outstretched his arms for a hug – which he received. I said, "We're here to clean you up. Do you feel like taking a shower? If not then we can always give you a sponge bath."

Angel said, "We'll help you, David."

David nodded. He walked into their bathroom on his own power, used the can. I got undressed to my skin and was careful to preserve my clothes as we'd left our suitcase in the limo. Angel, who was about my size, offered to loan me something to wear.

David's shower wasn't too difficult. He did most of it himself with Peter helping wherever needed. By the time we were finished David was tired so Andy dried his hair. Peter dried most of David's torso, private areas and legs while Angel and I dried his face, arms and chest. I blew dry his hair and brushed it out. We then got him dressed in sweat pants and a shirt.

I was not used to running around their house naked and stuff but they were so I followed Angel into their bedroom where I picked out some clothes to put on. The jeans were a bit too big and easily slipped down so Angel handed me a belt which solved the issue.

David wasn't all that hungry but he did eat his share of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and had a large glass of orange juice, his favorite drink.

After we'd eaten Peggy took me aside, "I hear you're going with us. Thanks so much. We've got to keep a positive attitude. Having a hopeful attitude is so very important to him and to all of us."

"That's no problem. I think David is probably doing better than the rest of us. Peggy, just tell me how I can be helpful. David helped me a lot with a couple things I worried about... so I'd like to help him out, you know."

"Just be yourself, Harry. That's the best thing, okay. Can you do that?"

"Sure, not a problem."

"Okay, well let's get everything ready to go. Maybe you can help load stuff in the Escalade."

"Uhm, dad and I came here in a limo. Maybe it can take us to the airport. I can ask dad."

"Okay, that'll probably work better." Peggy said then kissed my forehead and took off to finish getting ready and to make sure everybody else was getting ready. We needed to leave soon.

I went to Jim's office, knocked on the closed door lightly. He said, "Come in."

I said, "Jim, dad, we could use the limo. It's still sitting in the driveway..."

Dad said, "Perfect. Why don't you run out there and tell the driver there will be a bunch of us riding to the airport. I'm going to get a quick shower... I see you already have some clean clothes, I was wondering. Maybe you could get me a change of clothes... we're just about ready to get busy getting ready to go. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, no problem."

After telling the driver of the change in plans, he opened the trunk. I got dad a change of clothes, took it in the house. He and Peggy were talking about something serious. I handed them to dad then took off for the patio where the guys had congregated together.

When it came time to leave David said good bye to me but then he smiled from ear to ear after I told him that me and dad were going along with his family.

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