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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 12

*-* Peter's POV (Continued) *-*

"Yes I have. She's still your mother, and well mothers worry about their children, especially when they're sick or injured. Dr. Miller has checked her over because I had many of the same concerns you have. He assured me she's fine and is doing quite well considering everything. Let's go see about David. Dr. Wong wants to see us in a few minutes. She's going to give us a progress report." Dad said warmly, happily.

When we entered the conference room, everybody was taking their places. David smiled. I went to him and quickly kissed his luscious lips then sat down taking his hand in mine.

When everyone was settled in Dr. Wong smiled cautiously. She said, "Young David, your challenges are very great yet your energies are even greater. I am hopeful. Pending your approval, we, your Sensei and I will go much deeper into your spirit. Your family's presence and participation is required."

David squeezed my hand firmly. We looked at mom, dad and our brothers. Each nodded their willingness. David replied, "Okay, we're in." Pensively he asked, "How well did my treatment go. Did I do okay?"

Sensei reverently bowed his head then looked back up in to David's eyes, "Our medicine is a very old discipline. It is tried and true. As with Western Medicine we're committed to causing no harm. Your challenges are very great so we must challenge those challenges with an even greater strength and perseverance thus the reason for your full family's cooperation and participation. I am hopeful as should be you."

Dad said, "My family is committed – this goes without saying.

Sensei bowed respectfully.

After no further questions regarding David's treatment and condition were made, Sensei's and Dr. Wong's attentions were then turned to me. I felt uncomfortable because we were in Singapore for David, not me. I started to say this but Dr. Wong interrupted as if she were reading my mind...

Dr. Wong smiled. She said, "Peter, your bond with David is very great. We were somewhat surprised at its depth simply because you and he are so young. Normally, such a bond does not exist until the soul mates have been together for many, many years."

Good feelings rushed through each of my arteries and veins. David slightly trembled as we squeezed our hands together. I looked down at our hands to see that our rings appeared to be glowing.

Sensei said, "Peter, your healing is complete. We trust you and David are pleased, no?"

"Oh yes. Thank you. But how; but why; we're here for David." I said with my throat rapidly constricting. I felt tears form just below the surface. They threatened to spill from my eyes. I tried to hold them back.

Mom gently touched my shoulder and said quickly, "Honey, what happened? What do you mean?"

I couldn't find the right words to explain so I discretely raised the hem of my shirt. At first the absence of my scar did not register with her but then her eyes opened wide like saucers. Dad looked on... he too was very, very surprised. He took the hem of my shirt and lowered it to its normal resting place. David smiled though our brothers, Drs. Miller and Borkwin had puzzled looks cross their faces.

Seeing their concerns, I stood then raised my shirt to my chin exposing my abdomen and chest. Jeremy stood from his seat then walked around the table and then peered closely and then ran his fingers across my lower rib cage and upper belly. He then looked into my eyes. I shrugged my shoulders. One by one each of my brothers performed the same thing to satisfy their curiosities.

Dr. Miller, who'd been standing at Dr. Wong's side, also walked over and carefully inspected my belly. He poked and prodded then turned to Dr. Borkwin and said, "I don't believe it."

Dr. Borkwin joined Dr. Miller then he too examined my belly carefully, he too was amazed. He said, "Dr. Wong, I've heard of tissue displacement in your medical discipline. Is this a product?"

"It is just that. For this we are very hopeful for David to do the same." Dr. Wong offered.

"Mom, dad, I need to show you something else. Before I do, dad can the security people please step out for a few minutes?"

With puzzlement clearly showing, dad asked the security detail to please leave the room and to stay just outside the door to the conference room.

When they were gone I looked at each of my brothers and at mom and dad. I said, "That's not all..." I then unsnapped and unzipped my pants, inserted my fingers in the waistband of my underwear then dropped them to my ankles.

I said, "My testicle is real. It has feeling. It feels different. It actually feels like my good one."

David nodded.

Dad said, "Dr. Miller, would you please... uhm, confirm. I feel somewhat uncomfortable with..."

Drs. Miller and Borkwin once again walked over. Dr. Miller first examined my scrotal sack then referred Dr. Borkwin to do the same.

Dr. Miller said to Dr. Wong, "I do not understand. I surgically removed Peter's testicle because injuries to it were so severe that it could not be repaired and had to be removed. Later, I filled his scrotum with a prosthetic implant so that it would aesthetically acceptable to him..."

Dr. Wong replied, "His testicle is indeed very real. Peter and David's energies are very great. The technical term is 'tissue regeneration', no implantation or transfer was performed."

Although dad was squeamish with touching my genitals he did carefully touch my testicle with reserves. Mom did however roll the regenerated testicle within the scrotum with her fingers. Both looked at me with wonderment and amazement.

Andy, filled with curiosity, got up from his chair and walked over. He said, "Can I?"

Jeremy spoke up before I could answer, "Not now bro. Maybe Peter will show you later."

Andy looked disappointed until I offered it to him. Matt meanwhile came over too. Both examined me carefully then satisfied took their seats. When Matt sat down he nodded his understanding clearly.

Dr. Miller, truly amazed, said to Dr. Wong, "This is utterly amazing. Perhaps you, Dr. Borkwin and myself could, during a mutually agreed upon time, discuss this further?"

"Yes, I am agreeable to your request." Dr. Wong replied. She then sat back down in her chair.

I put myself back together then sat back down next to David and took his hand in mine. I said to hopefully take myself out of the limelight, "When are we going to make David well?"

Dr. Wong professionally replied, "Tomorrow morning. As I said before, David's challenges are very, very great. His body is attempting to destroy itself with massive proliferations. We are hopeful, and are pleased with his progress thus far. Please have patience. The physical challenges must first be overcome. We have much to do."

She then looked to Sensei, "Young David, Young Peter, you must mate two times to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bonds, one time tonight and one time tomorrow morning before returning to initiate convergence."

David, turning beet red said softly, "Do you mean, well you know?"

Sensei answered, "Exchange your natural life giving nectars. Before we initiate convergence, each of you have to have the others' nature within your physical being. <Sensei respectfully bowed his head toward David then to me then with a smile added> "Enjoy."

Everybody in the room, including mom and dad, softly chuckled. David and I turned several shades of red... I felt really 'warm', almost hot. As if on automatic pilot that which designates me as male arose to the occasion – to epic proportions. I looked down at David's lap. He squirmed then rearranged his running shorts.

With that, the session ended. Drs. Miller, Borkwin, Dr. Wong and Sensei stayed behind while the rest of us left the room. Just as we were walking out, Juan and Harry arrived. Harry was greeted enthusiastically, deep, deep hugs were exchanged then Jeremy exclaimed "Food!"

Angel appeared a bit pale as he does when his blood sugars drop. Mom, sensing his difficulties, walked over, lifted his shirt, read his metered blood sugar then announced we should immediately leave and get something to eat.

Without further adieu, we took off for the hotel where we'd be staying during our time in Singapore. Without even checking in we went to the restaurant, ordered heartily then ate voraciously. Mom then rechecked Angel's meter and announced his blood sugar had risen to an acceptable level.

Dad paid the bill, which in US Dollars was over $250.00 for the bunch of us. We then checked in and then each of us was given access card keys. Dad cautioned and reminded us to travel together, and to not go anywhere without permission and presence of security personnel. Those conditions, of course, were acceptable.

Antoine giggled after reading a sign written in Chinese. He said, "Clothing Optional above the 35th floor of the 47 floor hotel. What floor are we on dad?"

Dad replied with a smile, "We're on, let's see, oh, hmm, okay kewl, we're on the 40th floor."

That met with everybody's approval! Juan and Harry had acquired an adjoining room.

Soon we were on our way to our respective rooms.

When David and I arrived at our room we were immediately greeted by a full size, already running Jacuzzi, a fully stocked bar (all varieties of soda drinks, bottled waters, tonic waters and juices).

Before departing from the family, we'd agreed to all meet up in 30 minutes. Within 5 minutes, no more after arriving in our room, our clothes were scattered here, there and everywhere, and then within 10 minutes our tummies were filled with protein rich desserts. And then within 15 minutes of that our GI tracts enjoyed yet another delightfully delicious after dinner snack (of which could have been the main course as far as we were concerned!)

With our appendages at bay we picked up our suite putting our clothing in its 'appropriate' place, enjoyed a Coke then took off upstairs to the pool located on the hotel roof. The guys were already there. Loud wolf calls were sent our way which further added warmth to our already warm skins (afterglow I believe it's called!)

After a couple hours of swim time, we headed back to our rooms though we all converged in the room that David and I shared.

Our room, being the largest, had 6 shower heads. Soon we were soaping up, having fun and enjoying ourselves.

Andy, after I washed his back, said, "Can I see now?"

I replied, "Sure." I held my dick up while he carefully checked out my new testicle. He was fascinated but then again I couldn't recall if or when he'd previously felt my prosthesis. When I felt my penis begin to respond to his touches I asked him to let go.

Not wanting to throw full wood I then washed Jeremy's back. After he'd rinsed off I showed him and allowed him to see and touch my newly generated testicle. His curiosity was satisfied sooner than Andy's had been. Allen then Angel checked me out also. By the time all was said and done I was fully elongated though not orgasm ready by any means. That was going to be saved for the guy I loved with all my heart and soul.

Lastly, Harry looked at me with curiosity. After carefully covering my prong with a washcloth I motioned for him to go ahead and check out my equipment. He'd never felt my stuff before so his examination was quick and uncomplicated.

With everybody's curiosities satisfied, and after drying off we congregated on our huge over sized king size bed, watched a movie, ate some snacks, drank some drinks, talked about many things... generally speaking we unwound from the days' activities and the long flight to Singapore.

Andy and Harry had long ago fallen asleep. We hadn't really paid much attention to them so when we noticed their quiet states we noted that they were sound asleep cuddled together with Andy in back of Harry. I found the scene they'd created to be very touching.

We decided to let the boys sleep in our suite as they were dead to the world sleeping.

After hugs and kisses the rest of the guys took off for their respective rooms. David called mom to let her know Andy was with us. She said she'd call Juan to let him know of Harry's whereabouts. I did. Juan was amendable to our request.

After peeing and taking care of other business, David and I took off for another bedroom in our suite, got under the covers, kissed tenderly, embraced firmly and then let nature take its course, not even thinking of Sensei's 'prescription'.

Fully satiated, filled to capacity and warm we fell off to sleep rapidly.

At some point during the night David woke me from a sound sleep. Perhaps, most likely to be perfectly honest, the dimple between that place where God split me in half has over time become very attune to any slight variation of its normal anatomical position and state of being. I remained quiet to see if David was awake. By the sounds of his breathing, which were more rapid than his 'normal' rate and depth of respiration, I determined that he was indeed very asleep. From our bonding experience the previous evening and the fact that we hadn't showered after it I found that I was still somewhat lubricated. I reached down, made a small adjustment as to where his appendage was pointing to then held my cheek up just enough so that he could safely nestle into my deep dark cavern. As if on autopilot David's motions against its door, slight at first but then fairly rapidly built into a slow but determined rhythm. And then, after making one more small adjustment and telling my body to relax his head popped in unobstructed.

His arm was already wrapped around my chest, gently at first but over two or three minutes his grip became increasingly firm. I snuggled my arms around his arm while savoring each and every second of our coupling. Because I had a pillow between my legs to provide support for my upper leg and back my penile appendage was receiving pleasant vibrations from the friction. Soon I began to softly ride my David's bean pole. When he'd go in I'd push my butt out then when I'd push out he'd push in. David was grunting sleepily. His arm around my chest tightened then he began loudly sighing as my butt muscles clenched in a near orgasm... I couldn't quite get over 'the top' into a full-fledged spasm but I was very happy that David was well on his way to Nirvana, and that he arrived, and that he was returning to our very happy bed. I then felt his prong wilt and fall from my orifice.

He snorted, smacked his lips, then instead of settling back down he headed his hand down into my crotch, and then he spoke his first words since our bonding initiated, "Uhm, kewl. I love you." He reached to the cabinet at the front of our bed, retrieved our newly opened bottle of body lotion then handed it to me.

My cock twitched in anticipation of what was about to happen. David moved our pillows so that he could lay on them. Needing no further encouragement, I assumed my position over his backside then without any further adieu slicked up my cock then ran it home in one fell swoop. My pubes rested on the soft skin yet heavily muscled split. I tried to rest and savor the moment however my body had other plans. Within 4 to 5 strokes that all familiar sensation signifying release took over as I felt my spigot rapidly pulse its nectar into he who's my husband, confidante, lover, friend, and mate.

When I rolled off David we kissed gently then sleep overtook us once again. It was a deep, deep, restful, peaceful slumber.

Sometime later, David's moans, groans and heavy breathing awoke me from a sound sleep. Immediately, I sensed that something was very wrong. Quickly, I turned on the bedside table lamp then gently but decisively began shaking David to wake him up. He was totally covered with sweat. Droplets ran down his forehead and into his eyes. I fetched a Kleenex then wiped his eyes and forehead dry. He began crying loudly, saying his back hurt like somebody had stuck a thousand metal shims into the nerve endings.

"I'm calling mom and dad. Hold on, baby. Try and relax."

"I can't..."

Quickly, I turned over, grabbed the hotel phone and dialed mom and dad's room. Mom answered the phone. I said, "Mom, you and dad get to our room NOW... it's David... he's in pain!"

"We'll be right there. Jim wake up, it's David!"

"What's happening?" I overheard dad say.

Mom said to dad, "Get up."

Mom said to me, "We're on our way. Unlock the door."

I leaned down, kissed David, said, "They're on their way, baby. I'll be right back."

I got up then just as I reached the door somebody, I assumed mom and dad, knocked on it loudly. Immediately, I opened it. Mom looked at me with grave concern on her face. Dad walked past us and went to David. He took him in his arms.

I said, "I don't know. His moans and groans and rapid breathing woke me up."

Dad said, "Peggy, call Dr. Miller. David's in excruciating pain."

Mom and I went and sat down next to David. Mom held David's wrist then immediately dialed Dr. Miller's room. She said, "Dr. Miller, I'm sorry to wake you but could you come down to David's room quickly. He's in excruciating pain, his pulse is 146, he's very diaphoretic (sweating profusely); I believe he's in shock."

When mom hung up the telephone she said, "Dr. Miller's on his way. Peter, get some warm wet, but not dripping wet towels then spread them on the front of David."

I raced to the bathroom, turned on the shower to warm, wet two large fluffy beach towels, and wrung them out the best I could then returned and put them on David as mom had instructed.

By that time a knock on the door beckoned me to answer it. It was Dr. Miller. He went to David and began his doctor duties. He had brought his doctor's bag. He took David's blood pressure, his pulse, respiration rate then began checking David's body here, there and everywhere. He then reached in the bag and withdrew a bottle of clear liquid and a syringe and handed them to mom. He said, "Peggy, give him 6 milligrams of Morphine in his veins. We'll give him two more in two minutes. I'm going to call an ambulance. I do not have IV's and other things he needs."

Dad said, "Wake everybody up. Tell them to get dressed."

Just then Harry walked in. I'd forgotten about him and Andy staying with us. I said, "Wake Andy up. You guys need to get dressed. Call your dad to come get you, okay?"

By then Dr. Miller was off the phone after calling an ambulance, he said, "Their ETA is 10 minutes. Go ahead and give him 3 more milligrams intravenously. I'm going to get dressed. I'll get Dr. Borkwin on the phone."

Mom repeated, "Three more milligrams of Morphine, intravenously. That will make a total of 11 milligrams."

Dr. Miller confirmed then he took off.

Andy ran in into our room, he was panicked, he was crying hard, and he was hyperventilating. Mom withdrew a trash bag from its receptacle. She went to him then covered his face with it. Soon, he calmed down and was breathing normally.

He went to David, reached down and kissed him on the cheek and began whispering his love and commitment to his brother. Meanwhile, Harry had gone to his room, got dressed then brought Andy his clothes and helped him to put them on.

Not thinking about anything other than David, mom said, "Peter, get dressed. Your dad and I'll stay right here."

I went into the bathroom, peed then went into the closet and retrieved David's and my clothes then took them back to our room. I had to be near David.

Just as I tucked my shirt in a knock on the door was heard. I ran to the door, opened it... the ambulance attendants had arrived as did Dr. Borkwin.

Out loud, I hissed, "Fuck. I forgot. I'll be right back."

I went first to Antoine and Matt's room and then Jeremy's room and then Allen and Angel's rooms. I told them what was going on, that they needed to get dressed yesterday, and then returned just as the ambulance personnel were putting David on the stretcher.

Much different than in the US, the ambulance company allowed mom and me to ride along to the hospital. David, although drugged sleeping, was still quite restless and moaning.

After arriving at the hospital, dad, Juan, Harry and our brothers were already there waiting for us to arrive. With Antoine's interpretation skills, he relayed dad's messages as to what was wrong with David, why he was brought to the hospital. Antoine filled in the rest. In very broken English the intern said, "I call Dr. Wong. She be right here, soon." The intern then began massaging several nerve conduction points on David. Soon David was calming down somewhat though not entirely.

I happened to look at the clock. It read 4:45am.

Dr. Wong walked into the treatment room at exactly 5:10am. She looked tired. Dad explained what had happened. Dr. Miller advised her that David had received 11 milligrams of Morphine. Dr. Wong's brows furrowed then dismissing her disdain began attending to David's immediate needs. Once again she retrieved acupuncture needles then began deftly inserting them into strategic points. David's pain lessened considerably but was not entirely gone. Dr. Wong then went to David's head, took his neck in her hands then she began deep, deep massage which put David to sleep. Gone were the pain and worry lines on David's face.

"He sleeps now. He will wake up easily." She said then rapidly began speaking to the intern using their native language. They went back and forth several times. The intern went to a shelf in the treatment room then retrieved a box and took it to Dr. Wong. She explained, "We have consulted. I will wake David. We will block any pain from his neck down to his toes. I'm sorry but we will have to drain his bladder for him. We will do it while he is still asleep."

With that, the intern inserted a plastic tube, much like a catheter, into David's penis. The procedure looked painful... the saving grace was that David was asleep and did not feel a thing.

Once the needles were inserted, David began waking up though he was quite groggy from the pain medicine Dr. Miller had ordered, and mom and given to him in his veins.

Dr. Wong's displeasure with Dr. Miller was quite evident. She told him to leave. He refused. She then explained to us, "David received western medicine. It hides the patient's symptoms. I will be right back. David's Sensei needs to be here."

Sensei arrived about 45 minutes later. He profusely apologized for being late. He and Dr. Wong conferred using their native language for a few minutes while Antoine listened quietly. Their conversation was animated. Their voices would rise then quieted. Then their voices became conversational. Dr. Wong then interrupted their conversation by going to David where she examined his abdomen, testicles then inserted her gloved finger into David's rectum. She then washed her hands with a solution the intern offered her. They then went back to their conversation which played out the same way previous to her examination.

When they finished discussing the situation, they smiled broadly, bowed and then surrounded David's bed.

Dr. Wong spoke assuredly in a calm reassuring voice, "David, your tumor has invaded your spinal canal thus the reason for your discomfort. It is also pressing on the major blood channel that feeds everywhere from here <she put her fingers in the middle of David's abdomen then traced down to just above his pubes> on down to your toes. Your disorder is caused by an uncontrolled proliferation of normal blood, bone, and connecting cells. We must treat you immediately otherwise your organism will shut down. Your challenge is very, very great. You, yourself, do not have the proper energy nor in the correct intense level needed. The bond you share with Peter is not strong enough, though it is proper, to overcome the cellular catastrophe looming precariously within your organism."

Sensei then said to me, "Peter, your bond with David is very, very, very strong. Please do not think you cannot help him. Your energy is invaluable. Without it David will very soon make his transition from this world to the next. The intensity of your bond is much, much greater than that we've ever experienced with people so young."

My reserve was rapidly breaking down knowing that David and I were not strong "enough". Dad walked over, put his arm around my shoulders then said, "You aren't going to have to do this alone. We're here. We'll do whatever we need to do. <Turning to David, dad continued> David, if I could I would take your illness and your pain to be my own... Sensei, Dr. Wong is this possible?"

Sensei looked at dad then said seriously, "It can be. I caution you: your wife, your unborn daughter, each and every one of your sons, your friends, your benefactors, and you need you. We will not permit nor perform such a transfer, although it certainly can be done, because it would bring harm."

"Then what can we do?" Dad said with exasperation in his voice, or was it desperation, or was it both. I'd not seen dad desperate or exasperated like he was right then.

I'd been looking at my David the entire time. He'd been paying very close attention to what was being said. We'd been holding hands with our fingers interlaced, our rings touching. We both felt the energy passing to, from, and between each other. At times, I felt as though I would surely be electrocuted. During those peak periods, David's eyes would open widely and we'd get lost in each others' hearts and souls. When dad said that he'd take on David's pain and illness I closed my eyes because my penis had arose to epic proportions, stronger and stiffer than I had before ever experienced. In the midst of those intense feelings I felt my penis begin to wildly pulsate. I felt David experiencing the very same experience – we were together, enjoying intense climax at the very same time as we used to do but hadn't done in quite some time. Although the intensity of the experience lessened over a few seconds it was by no means entirely gone. At the very same time our eyes opened... my David's face was the only one that I saw for that brief slice of time. He was radiant. Our rings glowed; they felt warm but not hot.

When our levels of awareness returned from far, far away we found the room to be utterly still, not a single person was moving, not a breath of air was felt or heard... it was like we were in suspended animation, or something, it's hard to describe.

When we completely returned to Earth the rest of the world reappeared. Dad, Dr. Wong and Sensei were discussing various things related to David's care. The intern looked at David and me. He had the hint of a smile on his face... barely perceptible. If you weren't looking for it the smile would surely have been missed.

I half expected my underwear, perhaps even my jeans, to be filled with liquid refreshments however they were dry. I put my hand on David's stomach and patted him lovingly. At the same time, his belly was likewise totally dry, and the tube going in and out of his penis was filled only with urine. I could not stop what I did next; stopping was just not in me. I reached down, cupped his face with my hands then kissed his lips very softly. David grinned big, like a Cheshire cat, I snickered.


"Huh, what?" I said startled.

David's eyes opened up big as saucers, he said "What?"

"The doctors are trying to talk to you two, dufus. Listen up." Jeremy said sarcastically yet at the same time he was smiling.

Dr. Wong looked at David then to me. She asked sincerely, "Did you just experience a rush from your Most Higher Nature?"

I had no idea what she was talking about and was just about ready to ask her to clarify however Antoine walked over and whispered in my ear, "Did you and David just experience an orgasm? You guys were faded out." Antoine then stepped back.

He then whispered to David. David smiled then looked at me. I replied to Dr. Wong, "Yes." I then felt a heat flash threaten a spontaneous combustion. I looked down to David. He'd closed his eyes but had a smile on his face.

Mom impatiently asked Dr. Wong, "What are you talking about?"

Dr. Wong looked at me then she said, "Mrs. Blake, your sons' bond is very, very strong. I believe that it is stronger than we'd originally thought, Sensei?"

"Mrs. Blake, your sons experienced a rush of very good feelings that came from, that was created by, that was spontaneously given to them by their Higher Nature. This is a very interesting phenomenon, one that we must study much closer and in much detail."

Dad looked at me. I sorta smiled. He turned to mom then whispered in her ear. Her eyes popped wide open... she joined David and I in the heat. She looked at me then snickered and rolled her eyes.

Matt said, "Peter, Antoine and I have experienced the union many times, sometimes in a grocery store, sometimes at school, sometimes when we've been apart."

"What are you guys talking about?" Andy asked impatiently.

"We'll explain it later, promise." I said softly.

Matt on the other hand closed his eyes then concentrated deeply. After about 30 seconds Andy's eyes went huge then he closed them as a wave of unbridled pleasure traversed his mind and expressed itself in his facial expression.

Andy, sheepishly asked dad if he could use the restroom. Dad, not knowing what had just happened asked the intern where a restroom might be located. Antoine interpreted then gave Andy the directions.

Mom, trying to be stern but not succeeding very well, looked at Matt, "Matthew Blake, you will not corrupt your brother!"

That caused the tension in the room to break. Antoine shook his head playfully then whispered in mom's ear. The look that passed between their eyes was – priceless.

Nobody had been paying any attention to Allen and Angel. I glanced toward them. I quickly looked away so as to not shift attentions of people in the room to them. Dad caught my eyes however. He rolled his eyes then looked back to David who was lying quietly on the stretcher in the Emergency Room.

Drs. Miller and Borkwin, oblivious to what had happened, and what was then currently happening in the room, were speaking between their selves. Dr. Miller said, "Dr. Wong, Dr. Borkwin and I have been discussing David's situation. We would like for David to receive a CT scan. We'd also like to be afforded staff privileges in your fine hospital in the event that emergency surgery becomes absolutely necessary."

"Dr. Miller, I am agreeable to the CT scan although such an invasive procedure is totally unnecessary and unwarranted. Bombardment of young David's system with radiation is not what we had in mind. I will arrange the test however, as a professional courtesy. I am not agreeable to affording you staff privileges to perform western medicine in this hospital. We have a fine staff of very qualified eastern medicine surgeons, anesthesiologists and hospital staff. If I went to your country and practiced eastern medicine then I would be laughed away. I would be treated as a charlatan... how do you say the expression? Quack quack?"

Drs. Miller and Borkwin dropped their insistence. I felt bad for them yet I also felt very assured of Dr. Wong and Sensei's genuine interest and care for David.

Dr. Miller restated respectfully, "I understand. May I ask that we be afforded with staff privileges to observe and participate as physicians in training? I, we are interested in studying your disciplines of medicine."

"That is acceptable. Consider yourselves students. I will check the board for any patients receiving advanced treatments you might be interested in. In the meantime, Mr. and Mrs. Blake, I need to emphasize that time is of the essence. We must initiate David's convergence quickly. Time is not on David's side." Dr. Wong said then turned and left the room taking Drs. Miller and Borkwin with her.

Sensei came to the stretcher, put his hands on David's chest then began saying something in his native language. I looked to Antoine; he shook his head, shrugged his shoulders then stepped up to the stretcher where he put his hands on David's forehead. He urged each of us to do the same. I chose David's hips then leaned down and kissed his bare belly, right below his belly button. I immediately felt a sharp edge of pain. Quickly I looked up into David's face. His eyes were closed, he looked peaceful, his breathing deep and regular, his arms held by his sides by Angel and Allen, one on each side. Dad and mom had David's shoulders in their hands. Gently, occasionally, they would reach down and kiss David on his cheeks and whisper things in his ears.

Antoine and Matt each had one of David's legs, just below his scrotal sack. They were gently but vigorously massaging his thighs down to his knee or where his stump lay.

Allen and Angel, meanwhile, placed their hands underneath David's back and deeply massaged his muscles from his shoulder blades to where my hands were located.

When Andy wanted to be involved, I moved aside and let him assist and eventually take over the areas I had been working on while my attentions were drawn to his lower belly, his pubic region, his testicles, his perineum and beyond. I felt compelled to kiss his penis and did so just above his corona so as to not disrupt the catheter draining his bladder.

Although tears were freely flowing from my eyes I did not feel sad. Rather I was feeling David's pain. His level of pain was horrendous, I could not have stood it alone all by myself – it was simply too much and it was too strong.

I experienced a tremendous urge to make love to my David, to inject him with my life giving and life sustaining fluids and nectar... but I refrained. A feeling passed over and through and in me that said time was on our side, that we would once again experience unbridled passions at some point in the near future.

Although time had no meaning, after kissing David's penis one last time I stood up fully all the while keeping my hands on my David and looked at the clock. It was 10:30am. I looked up and around. Drs. Wong, Miller and Borkwin were standing in a corner quietly talking between their selves.

Mom, dad, Allen, Angel, Jeremy, and Andy had shifted positions to various other parts of David. Feeling absolutely compelled to do something for my David, I bumped Allen and Angel away from my David's face then leaned down and kissed his lips. His eyes opened. Tears were freely dripping from those beautiful brown eyes. Mine were leaking also, fully and completely, unabashedly, without reservation. Together our tears meshed, they became one and the same. Mom dabbed both our eyes and then her own. Dad blew his nose.

A fresh batch of tears came flooding through my eyes; I said to dad, "I'm not strong enough. David has always been there for me. He's been my rock. Now he really needs me to be strong but I'm not strong enough."

Sensei stepped back, came back to the present then looked me in my eyes. He was white as a sheet, trembling and sweating profusely. He said from the depth of his being, "No, Peter, you are very, very strong. I was carrying his weight while you carried his heart. David's heart is larger than any I have ever seen in my 82 years on this life plane. His heart is pure as is fresh snow pack on an uncharted mountain top, never before traveled by humans, never before invaded by aliens. His heart is perfectly sterile. His heart is the only organ in his body not affected by the wild cell proliferations. His heart is impermeable by foreign invasions. But that is not enough to sustain his organism. We must act quickly. Dr. Wong we must begin. Have the CT scan done immediately to satisfy the western doctors. The good doctor's motives are pure, they are simply misguided."

Dr. Wong said, "So be it. I must insist that radiation exposure is very limited."

"That is perfectly fine. There exists a low level scan that is perfectly acceptable. It is called a LowRad scan and can be easily performed in a minimal amount of time." Dr. Borkwin said factually. Dr. Wong nodded.

After David returned to his very large ER space, Dr. Miller said to David, "As we told you before, there are many tumors in your body. The biggest one is in your belly. It is an offshoot from a tumor wrapping around your spine. There is also one jutting from your right pelvic bone. The tumor in your lung is much larger as well. And your liver and spleen are abnormal. You now have a tumor in your brain. That section of the brain controls your motor skills and another one affects your equilibrium and sense of space. I'm concerned because they've grown so quickly. At this stage, you should do whatever your heart desires. If you want to continue doing what you're doing then I'm all for it and will stand at your side all the way through. I promised I would see you throughout your illness when you were first diagnosed."

"Okay, so I have the choice to continue or I can just give up and let the cancer take its course, just like mom did. You and I made a pact... is now the time?" David said slowly, peacefully.

I looked to dad. He explained to me what the deal was: Peter had requested Dr. Miller, when his cancer was first diagnosed, to keep him comfortable, and to allow David to give himself a dose of Morphine sufficient to create cessation of his life functions, to leave this life plane, to be reunited with his biological mother. Dad said that David's decision was made prior to his family growing, and long before we became a couple, before we knew one another.

"Pretty much David, we'll keep you comfortable, and if you chose to then I'll keep my promise to you."

I took David's limp hand in mine, he said to me, "Peter, when I was first diagnosed I made a pact with Dr. Miller. It was my desire and intention to stop all treatments and whatever if I were ever diagnosed as I am right now. I'd just die and forgo the chemo and radiation damages."

After he paused a moment to get his breath, David continued, "Peter, I've chosen to not go through with that plan. I'm not a quitter. I've seen you go through your stuff... you survived and came out stronger. I love you. I love my family. I need you. So I'm not going to quit. But if this doesn't work..."

I said, "David, whatever we're about to do WILL WORK. You just have to believe it. You have to think positive. We, our family, ARE strong enough – Sensei said so, Dr. Wong said so, and I say so. Don't quit. You never quit on me even when I was violated. You never hesitated. You brought me back to life. Don't you remember that day when I was ready to jump off the balcony at that hotel in Honolulu? David, we bonded that day. We're inseparable; we're one and the same even though we have our own individual cells." I was compelled to kiss David, and I mean I was compelled to really kiss him. I leaned down, arranged my face so that we were perfectly aligned then with passion kissed him hungrily, wantonly, hopefully, completely, and hoping our love passed between us wholly and forever.

With total compunction traveling throughout my body, mind, spirit and soul I parted from David but only briefly while I entirely disrobed. I then climbed up on the gurney and then lay down on top of my David where we resumed our soul bonding in a human, physical manner not giving one care about who might have been watching us.

Sensei interrupted us but for a second or two. He removed several needles from David's hips and pubic nerve junctures. I looked up – the room was empty except for him, David and me.

He said to David, "David, are you feeling any pain or discomfort?"

David answered promptly, "Just my penis. It feels like a foreign object is inside of it."

Sensei had me scoot up on David's body while he attended to the issue David had expressed to him. David flinched briefly then his eyes opened wide. He was able to reach his arms around and pull me into his chest and belly. Once again our lips hungrily found one another's.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I'd thought that Sensei had left but he hadn't gone anywhere. Instead he raised David's legs up high and manipulated my fully engorged penis to David's back door. He then slathered my penis with some type of lubricant. He said, "Push. Enter your soul mate, copulate, empty your fluids deep... and have fun! I'll see you all later." Sensei chuckled as he left the room.

With very little hesitation David allowed me to fully enter his deep dark cavern. With his arms he reached down and grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me in tight. My pubes were vigorously mashing against his perineal skin and tissues. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and then on the ninth it happened. I was absolutely positive certain that my dick blew off although I felt no pain as one might expect with the ejection of a most tender piece of wood. One, two, three, four, five, six, and then seven injections of protein rich molten lava sprayed forth deep into the guy I love with all my heart and soul.

As it were, because of David's anesthesia he was unable to achieve his pinnacle of success in a physical way. When my aftershocks passed I eased David's legs down so that we were paralleled perfectly. I looked deep into his gorgeous brown orbs to the point where we were lost in each other totally and completely. Once again we entertained each other through our bond. We reached beyond Nirvana at the same time, once again reveling, squealing, screaming, panting, heaving, and well we were like totally out of control... yet when we returned to that hospital bed were calm, cool, collected, and totally satisfied in every way. We weren't struggling for breath; we weren't sweaty; we weren't … well, we were satiated, completely.

We kissed for a few more moments then we mutually agreed that we were okay and that our bond was strong enough to get us through anything, bring it on.

I got up and off of David, gently lowering his legs back to the gurney then covered him with a sheet after he assured me he was in no pain. I got dressed then opened the door to the ER treatment room.

Mom, dad, the gang, and the doctors were sitting in the waiting room quietly talking among their selves. Dr. Wong arose from her seat after seeing me enter the room. She looked at me questioningly. I smiled. She understood.

Sensei entered the room. He jovially said, "Ah, the love birds in paradise. Spare us the details Young Peter. Is David comfortable?"

Sheepishly, with radiant warmth emanating from all pores from my armpits up, I nodded with a silly ass grin feeling in my facial muscles.

He pulled me aside, put his hand on my shoulder then asked quietly, "You bonded perfectly, no?"

"Yes, yes, our hearts, bodies and souls joined together as one."

"Good, good, very good. It is time. Your entire family is going to join us in David's healing. We must begin. Peter, your soul mate is very ill. His challenge is very great. With the strength of your family, I am optimistic and hopeful that he will be well. Peter, there is one thing that you and your blood siblings must endure. You three together are very strong, and together you shall persevere without any trouble." Sensei said.

"What's that Sensei? We'll do anything. We've all been to hell and back and then survived and thrived with the help, guidance and strength from those who love us, and to those who we were freely able to love without strings attached. What do we need to do?"

* -*

As a family we entered David's treatment area, expressed our love to him, held him, touched him, greeted him, consoled him, breathed on him, massaged him, and then dad, Antoine, Matt, and Jeremy picked David up from his bed. Mom reverently wrapped David in a pure-white satin sheet after gently washing his body with special pleasant smelling soaps and oils missing, no place on his body.

Sensei and Dr. Wong led us to the white room where we had joined with David the previous day.

The second day was different though.

David was wheeled on his ER hospital bed to the destination: the white room. The rest of us walked and then when we arrived we were immediately greeted by 6 boys who were approximately 15 years old. They were very well muscled although they appeared soft and gentle in every way. I immediately liked each them. They were pleasant, warm, inviting and hospitable. All bowed respectfully. Their attire consisted of a single very thin but sturdy white loin cloth that clearly accentuated that which made the person male.

Each one of the boys, one by one, stood in front of each of us. One boy, a thin boy but sturdy walked and stood in front of me, bowed respectfully, took my hand in his then urged me to follow him. I did after seeing Matt, Andy, Jeremy, Allen and Angel doing the same with their assigned one. Each of us were taken to private cubicles.

My boy spoke to me using perfect English with a Chinese accent, "Good morning Peter. My name is Chu. I am your servant for your ritual today. If you have any questions at any time then please ask. First, I will prepare you for the ceremony. The ceremony will begin in one hour, we must be on time. Please undress, I will take your clothes and put them in a safe place. Please place your jewelry inside your left front pants pocket for safe keeping. I will give you a salts bath then anoint your body with sacred oils. I will assist you with dressing once the ceremony is complete. You will be very tired when you return here. Secondly, I will be with you throughout your journey. Do not be afraid. I will not disrespect you in any way."

"Uhm, I will leave my ring and necklace on. Those belong to my chosen one. I do not remove them for anyone for any reason."

Chu responded, "That is acceptable. The salts and oils do not destroy skin or metal, of course. They are sacred. Please, I will assist you."

With that Chu insisted on helping me out of my clothes. He backed away when I stood in front of him wearing only my black and white checkered bikini underwear. After perhaps a minute... I wasn't sure I felt comfortable being naked in front of him... he said, "May I? I am an honorable servant; I am with woman, worry not."

After his proclamation, my comfort level soared then without any further adieu I removed my underwear and then placed them in his outstretched hand. He placed them along with my other clothing neatly folded in a kewl looking antique drawer then shut it closed securely.

"Please, come with me. I shall bathe you now."

The first stop was a sink station. Meticulously he applied a Waterpic to my teeth and oral cavity, carefully wiping any errant drip of water that escaped from my mouth. I could not put a finger on the flavor but it was pleasant and thirst quenching.

The second activity involved a hairbrush with a wall vacuum apparatus attached to it. He said, "I will brush any loose hair away from your skin so that they do not clog the drains in the pool." He then carefully and meticulously brushed the hair on my head, arms, legs – paying particular attention to those dark hairs growing on my calves, and then he inspected my arm pits very carefully with a magnifying glass. I giggled then asked him if I'd sprouted any in that previously barren area. "No, you have none but your pores are such that you should check very carefully in the next few weeks."

I got a little nervous when he aimed his brush at my genitals but relaxed and let him do his job. I wondered how much he was getting paid but didn't ask because that would not be respectful, and in fact it could be considered an insult. He was very gentle down south. Once he was satisfied we moved on to the next cubbyhole.

In it was a single commode. He nodded, "Please evacuate your functions. I will prepare your bathwater."

Although I really didn't need to I sat down and was quite surprised at having such a massive download. When the last one fell I noted that there was no toilet paper in the vicinity. I did see a pipe like spray nozzle thing running along the wall behind me. I wondered what the heck that was there for. I got up then went looking for a toilet paper or paper towel dispenser. Chu was headed back to check on me, we nearly ran into each other.

Reluctantly, I said, "Uhm, do you have any toilet paper... I can't seem to find it."

Respectfully he said, "Come."

I followed him back to the commode. He said, "Let me show you."

Much to my chagrin, almost embarrassingly, Chu pointed the nozzle thing into the toilet then pressed a button on it. I nodded. He took off and I cleaned up though I was still dripping water.

He returned a short time later then led me into a very warm and humid room. The heavy air was almost breathtaking.

I'd never seen a 'bathtub' like the one he motioned me into. It was very shallow, no more than 2 inches deep. The water was continuously running. It had two drains, one at each end. It also had a hand held wand rising on a pole inside the tub.

I got in then laid down flat on my back. It was actually quite comfortable. He then proceeded to wash each and every square inch of my body, including my personal area which he treated like any other area not lingering in any one place any too long. When he did the final rinse after washing my hair I felt totally squeaky clean.

The final room of the preparation process was a bright yellow room with a table with a mat on top of it. He invited me to lie down on my stomach which I did. He then brought over a tray on wheels. It contained many different little jars of various substances. Expertly, like a professional masseuse he performed deep muscle relaxation massage on all my major muscle groups. Although he got very close to my rosebud he left it alone.

He did the same thing on my front side. While he lightly massaged my scrotum and perineum he left alone my penis and rosebud once again. I was totally relaxed.

On our way out of the preparation area we stopped at a booth where an elderly Chinese woman fitted me with a pure white garment and then Chu and I headed out into the main inner sanctum. Not 30 seconds later the rest of the guys, dad and mom entered, escorted by their servant for the day.

My eyes immediately riveted toward he who is my husband. He was sitting at about a 45 degree angle in a very comfortable appearing chaise like lounge chair. He immediately smiled at seeing us return to him. I sat down, immediately leaned into my babe and kissed him tenderly but surely.

Andy filled with exuberance, approached David, "Dude, that was awesome. I mean, no, sorry, I didn't mean it like that... I'm sorry."

David said, "Come here bro, it's okay, it's all good. Tell me about it."

Andy shared of his experiences. His experience matched my own.

About 15 minutes later, Sensei and Dr. Wong arrived and greeted us warmly.

Sensei said to David, "Young David, you are ready, no?"

"Yes, I'm ready. As long as my family's ready then I'm ready. I can't do this alone." David replied while squeezing my hand tightly.

"Very well. Young Peter, are you ready?"

"I am. I love you David." I said then before he could say anything I covered his mouth with mine then gave him a brief but very intense tonsil search.

I stood up. Chu was waiting. He untied the garment covering my body, removed it then neatly folded it and sat it on a table next to David. I was seriously, seriously erect with no end in sight. Nobody paid any attention. It was then that all issues with my body image went away, and that I was a guy just like the rest of the guys. While I was and am gay, the restraints were gone. I no longer saw myself as being an abused person, raped, and tossed to the garbage can.

He led me into the water then we stopped at the head of the marble granite altar like thing in the middle of the pool.

The same process was performed for Matt and Antoine, Jeremy then Andy, Allen and Angel. Last but certainly not least mom and dad were escorted to their places at the head of the altar. Mom was placed on my right side, and dad on my left side.

From a distance we saw Sensei and Dr. Wong, flanked by Drs. Miller and Borkwin, attending to David. I couldn't see his face but I did see his feet gently twitch then they went limp.

Four very large adult men arrived. Gently, as if David was a delicately blown glass figurine they lifted him from his bed in perfect harmony and then carried him to us. We were instructed by our boys to interlace our fingers slightly below the surface of the water, and to firmly hold onto our partner's hand but not too tightly. I had no partner. I would be supporting his head. Chu showed me how to hold David so that his face did not submerge. He also showed me how to cradle David in a comfortable position so that I wouldn't strain my muscles in a bad way.

Each servant boy stood next to his master offering quiet support, gentle guidance, and reassurance. Once everybody was comfortable with their assigned, safely accepted no less, role the boys then exited the pool but stood at the ready, in formation, eager to lend assistance at any opportunity.

The men, reassured that David was properly supported, exited the pool. They stood behind the boys, paying very careful attention to all that was about to happen. I felt safe. I felt that David was safe and sound, and most of all that he was why we were all there surrounding and supporting him.

Sensei and Dr. Wong entered the water. They were escorted by the intern and a boy appearing to be about 15.

Antoine then Matt then changed positions slightly causing the water to slightly ripple. I looked up, as did everyone else in the family. Antoine was smiling, as was Matt.

Antoine and Matt's boys entered the water and quickly made their way to us. Antoine whispered in his boys' ear, as did Matt to his boy.

When the boy escorting Sensei got closer I recognized him.

Sensei said casually, "This is my great grandson Benji. He is learning The Ways. With my guidance, direction, and support he will lead us today. Are we ready to begin?"

The room was utterly silent. I leaned down and kissed the guy I love the most in the whole wide world.

To Sensei I nodded.

*-* David's POV *-*

Radiant sunlight permeated my eyes, Peter lying in my arms permeating my sense of undying love for this most beautiful person both inside and out and throughout. His breathing was deep, rhythmical and peaceful. He smelled so sweet and fresh like he'd just gotten out of a bath. I stole a simple movement – I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair expecting it to be wet but no it was dry and neatly combed. I leaned in and kissed his forehead that was pointed up and into my face, only scant millimeters away.

My Peter's face is so peaceful and serene when he sleeps. I could lie for hours observing, listening, admiring, and loving this creature, so help me.

Movement in the room caught my attention. The interruption to my thoughts, hopes and dreams was slight yet it riveted my attention. I cautiously looked around. A boy was standing at the foot of our bed. He was observing. As soon as he saw that I saw him he said softly, "Welcome back Young David. Did you have a nice rest?"

I recognized the boy but I couldn't place a name to his face, and body. He was standing there wearing nothing more than a thin white silky g-string. He smiled warmly. I didn't feel threatened nor did I feel aroused by him. I just marveled over his beauty. As if reading my mind he said, "My name's Chu. I'm Peter's servant boy. I was with him the entire time giving him support, encouragement, and guidance. When your ritual was completed I bathed him."

I whispered, "Thank you for taking care of him. He smells so nice. Thank you."

"You're welcome. How do you feel, Young David?"

"I'm peaceful. It doesn't get any better than this, truly it doesn't."

"Do you feel Young Peter waking up yet?"

"No, he's sleeping very deeply." I said then to prove my own point to myself I lowered my arm down then with my hand stroked his bare bottom then wiggled my middle finger into his crevice and found his petal pusher. No response. I giggled, "Nope, he's asleep, dead to the world asleep."

I removed my fingers from his crack but left my hand draped over his soft but firm butt cheek. I felt my maleness stir.

"You two love each other very, very much, Young David." Chu said sincerely.

"Yes we do. Without him I'm nothing. The sun wouldn't shine if Peter weren't here with me."

"Do you need anything, Young David?"

"Uhm, yeah I do actually. Would you please hand me my crutches?"

"Sure. They are in the facilities; I'll be right back in a flash." Chu replied happily.

I needed to pee.

Chu returned, "Here. Let me help you."

"I can get it... I just need to rearrange Peter. He'll probably wake up when I start moving around, he usually does."

Peter didn't wake up, not one bit did he wake up as I laid his head on our pillow. Nor did he wake up when I got out of bed and padded into the rest room. Chu was by my side at all times though I didn't feel woozy or anything. I actually felt really, really, really good. It was nice. As soon as my stream started Chu stepped away and turned around to afford me privacy. That was kewl.

Finished with that task I went to the sink, washed my hands then dried them on a large fluffy pure white beach towel. When I turned around I saw that Peter, still asleep, was searching the bed for me. Tears came to my eyes. For a moment I was mesmerized then I quickly made my way back to bed. While Chu helped me negotiate I was busy pulling Peter up so that I could hold him in my arms again. When Peter realized I was back in bed with him he once again fell into a restful, deep, deep sleep. His lips were so close to my very own that I couldn't ignore them. I looked at Chu who had retaken his position at the foot of our bed. I did not feel threatened by him or ashamed of my nudity and growing male member. He walked to the window where the sun was brightly shining in and lighting the room. He looked almost like an angel – the light was striking him in such a way... it was uncanny.

Just then another presence made its debut. It was Benji. The sun brightly shone in his eyes. The sun lit up the thin as paper material covering his body. I guess I was horny or something because other than his eyes I noticed that he wore nothing underneath... the fabric, seeing it from a distance, appeared to be very thin linen... but who was paying attention to that anyway.

"Hey Benji."

"Hey yourself, David. How do you feel?"

"Great. So what's the verdict?" I asked, the words tumbling out of my mouth before I could think of anything else to say... actually they just popped out. As great as I felt with Peter lying in my arms... my condition was the first thing that came out – how selfish.

Benji giggled, "My great grandfather is teaching me to answer a question with a question – what do you think, what do you believe?"

I wasn't prepared for that question. I looked down at Peter. While peaceful, his face was slack, his eyes looked tired but he looked happy all at the same time, contented.

Tears suddenly sprang from my eyes. I wasn't crying, crying, I didn't feel like sobbing though I was close. I answered Benji's question positively, "For Peter's sake I hope I'm okay. I feel okay. I feel really okay. Is that the answer I'm supposed to give because I'm overcome with emotion?"

"Then so be it and it shall be." Benji replied seriously but gently.

"Benji, where is my family? Are they okay?"

"Yes, they are okay. They are very tired. They are resting. I expect them to emerge within 3 hours; Peter will emerge within 5 hours. Are you hungry?"

I actually felt VERY hungry, starved would be a good word to use. I was hungrier than I'd felt for quite some time. I nodded, "I don't want to leave Peter though. He might wake up... I want to be here when he does."

"He will not 'wake up' while you are away gaining sustenance."

Chu, meanwhile, went to an open closet, retrieved a garment similar to the one that Benji was wearing. Both Benji and Chu helped me to reposition Peter so that he was comfortable. I then put the garment on, went and peed again then we took off for their eating establishment.

Benji departed after reassuring me that he'd be present for the family reunion, and that he'd frequently check on Peter, and that he'd notify me if need be.

Chu chose my food for me. I can't tell you what I ate. I can only say that it looked awful but tasted wonderful. Chu said that the food all consisted of their native fishes and rice and pastry, that it was healthy. He related that Chinese people have the lowest incidence of cancer than in any other country in the world.

Chu continued to dutifully stand next to my table. He was very patient with my limited ability to use the chop sticks. He taught me and taught me again techniques to be successful. By mid-meal I had them down pretty well. He always had a clean linen napkin at the ready and used it frequently to wipe up my drops and spills and drips.

Toward the end of the meal I saw Dr. Miller walk into the eating area. He spoke to a cafeteria worker. She then fixed him a plate. He looked over and saw me sitting at the table. He waived. I motioned for him to come join me when he was ready.

While his plate was being prepared he did walk over. Chu pulled out a chair for Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller graciously accepted his hospitality. After they bowed respectfully, Dr. Miller sat down. Both were smiling. Gone from Dr. Miller's face were the worry and exhaustion lines. He actually looked rested and fresh.

The lady brought Dr. Miller's plate to him and sat it down. Dr. Miller picked up the chop sticks and then deftly and expertly he used them to consume his sustenance.

Amazed, I said, "You use those like a pro. How do you do it?"

Dr. Miller chuckled then responded, "Lots of practice. Lots of practice. I kind of like them actually. My wife is purchasing a truck load of them <chuckles>."

After that we talked about many things, all the while avoiding 'shop talk' as he termed it. I found that he's really a kewl guy, knowledgeable about many things other than medicine. I know he'd always been an easy person to talk to but I was most impressed with his altruistic work such as going from country to country performing life saving treatments for patients that he'd never again see, most likely. He shared of his experience with going to Bosnia, Haiti, and New Orleans during their disasters.

I shared with him my old desires of being a doctor some day, that that day would probably never come, and that I'd have to do something different for the rest of my time left, but whatever I did would have to include Peter so I had to make Peter's interests a priority.

We both finished eating at about the same time. Dutifully, Chu removed our plates and utensils from the table and took it to the kitchen. When he returned he changed our linens and brought Dr. Miller a cup of decaffeinated coffee and me a cup of cinnamon green tea.

After we finished drinking them, which were perfect to temperature and very tasty too, he looked me in the eyes seriously then said, "Come on, I want to show you something."

Because I'd dropped, dripped on and splattered the extremely thin, snow white gown (for lack of a better word), Chu took me back to the room that Peter and I shared. Gently, politely, professionally, and respectfully, he took the stained one off and exchanged it with a brand new clean one. Dr. Miller then led the way to the hospital section of the complex. Chu followed at a respectful distance. He took us to the x-ray department, showed a hospital worker his credentials then he offered me a chair in front of a computer terminal then he sat beside me. After entering some data the screen filled with images, numbers and equations. He then rearranged the windows so that identical pictures could be seen side by side.

He spent some time instructing me about various organ structures, tissues, blood, vein and lymphatic vessels, bones and ligaments and tendons and muscles.

He asked, "Do you see any variations between this side <he pointed to the left side> and this side <he used his index finger to point to the right side>?"

"Yeah, this side <left> has all kinds of white places, and this side <right> doesn't have them. Did they use different strengths of x-rays or something?"

Dr. Miller carefully and professionally explained, "No, the pictures are from the same patient just at different times. The settings were computer calibrated so they're of the same intensity and depth." I then saw my name at the bottom of the screen in small print.

After seeing so many differences, I asked cautiously, "So what do these mean? Why is one side so white and the other one isn't?"

Dr. Miller replied, "That's a good question. Two days ago, you had the CT scan before you were taken to the lab?"

"Uhm, yeah but that was this morning."

"No Peter, this <left> CT scan was taken two days ago <he showed me the date>, and this one <right> was taken this afternoon just before you were bathed and brought back to your room in the other wing. Regardless, these white splotches on the left side are tumors that invaded your body."

I said, "So... the right side has only dark places. I assume the white places are my bones... but the same organs don't have white places. Does that mean the tumors are gone?"

Dr. Miller looked at me with absolute seriousness. Carefully and decisively he replied, "That's pretty amazing, huh?"

"Yeah, definitely."

Dr. Miller went on, "I see no tumor masses on these latest films. I had blood drawn from you - I watched them draw the samples myself, followed it to the laboratory, and double checked to make sure no switch ups occurred. All of your cancer markers are within acceptable limits. I say acceptable limits because there are always artifacts present that trace false positive and skew results. Anyway, when the first set of results came up, I had your blood samples tested first once and then when the results were the same I had them tested one last time. I also had the lab director verify and authenticate their results. With all data present I see no tumor growths. Every conceivable test confirms my conclusion."

"But how? Why? What happened?"

"I don't know David. I was present during your treatment. No surgery was performed. You received no injections – though Dr. Wong was highly pissed that I prescribed you Morphine for pain. Nothing invasive was performed. By non invasive please understand that I mean that nothing from the outside was done to you."

"But how did the tumors get removed... I don't understand."

"I don't entirely understand myself. Dr. Wong, Dr. Borkwin and I had a long conference. Dr. Wong described a process very similar to what we call ablation and then, at the same time, as you heard about for Peter, tissue regeneration."

"So, you mean that the cancer tumors were what, destroyed and then replaced with normal healthy cells, but how?"

"Pretty much. I don't understand how it was done or the sequence of events of when things happened but I find the process extremely interesting."

"But what about the dates; I mean we started everything early this morning... it's 11:30am right now?"

"No David, your treatment started on Tuesday and ended late last night, Wednesday. I or Dr. Borkwin was with you and your family at all times. Sometimes we were both with you. Your family was with you at all times. They never left. They supported you, always."

"Where are they now? Peter didn't wake up, not even when Benji or Chu I were talking, or when I moved Peter around so I could get out of bed."

"They are very tired. The process took a lot out of them but I've been assured they are well and will wake up soon."

"Yeah, Benji said Peter would wake up, I mean emerge within 5 hours, and then mom, dad, and my brothers would wake up, I mean emerge, in 3 hours. They're okay, for sure?"

"I'm sure. They're just tired."

I turned to Chu, "Can I see my family? I've got to see for myself that they're okay."

"Your wish is my command. Are you ready?"

I looked at Dr. Miller. He said, "Go. You need to see for yourself. My wife and I are leaving the hospital for several hours. Peter, I wouldn't leave if I thought there was a problem. Dr. Borkwin is assisting with a surgery. He'll be close by until I return tomorrow morning."

Over the next hour or so Chu took me to see mom and dad, Allen and Angel, Jeremy, Andy, Matt and Antoine to check on them – Antoine was waking, or at least he was stirring. Chu summoned Benji who confirmed that Antoine would soon be awake, and that he would make sure he came to see me and Peter."

As we were leaving Antoine and Matt's room, Sensei came walking down the hall. We greeted each other warmly. Sensei and Benji bowed respectfully toward each other then left.

When they were out of sight Chu said, "Come, let's prepare you for your reunion with Peter."

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