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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 14

*-* Singapore, David *-*

Tzu left during our congratulatory celebrations. Benji explained the man was not used to watching such displays as we had been showering on him, dad and our families. Benji, as soon as the guy left joined in, somewhat reservedly at first then when we began hugging him with all earnestness he let down his reserves.

But the celebration ended soon after announcing he had to leave to greet his mother and walk her home from the factory job she'd held for a number of years. He explained that the walk was dangerous for a woman to do alone but that it was different when a male of any age escorted her.

Dad offered to take him to his mothers' place of employment however Benji scoffed saying it was his duty and obligation, and because he wanted to escort her himself.

Dad asked Benji several questions about the journey, the length of it, the conditions he had to walk through, etc. He asked its location and precisely when his mother got off work. Poor Benji had no idea what dad did for a living... but he answered each and every question. I learned later that Benji felt forever obligated to dad and to us.

Reluctantly, but with dad's gentle urging he agreed to have us accompany him and to meet his mother since we'd get the honor and privilege to meet her anyway – the sooner the better.

Dad and mom decided that Jeremy, Peter, Antoine, Matt and I would accompany Benji to his home using the public transportation system as is the method he usually returns home from a long days' work at the hotel.

Jeremy and I, after moving from the farm, had always lived in an upper class home... with a swimming pool, multiple rooms, multiple bathrooms, multiple closets, good healthy food to eat, the latest clothing, adequate privacy, good schools... basically anything we needed, and wanted – the latter within reason.

We'd known some seriously lean times on the farm however. We'd eaten beans, cornbread and Spam more than once, returned to school in late summer wearing last springs' clothes – or garage sale hand-me-downs. It really wasn't a big deal. We did fine. What we didn't have we didn't need. The most important commodities were: family and plenty of love to go all around with buckets overflowing.

With that in mind, seeing where and how Benji and his mother lived created an ache in my heart that I'd never known or felt before. My life changed forever. Benji showed us around the two roomed flat. He was exceptionally proud of what little he had. He had them because of gifts given to him from his ancestors... what he had wasn't new, they were not even recent. Despite the, my opinion – 'deplorable conditions' everything was clean – the walls, the lone small box shaped kitchen counter and sink, the dual hotplate... he was very, very proud to show us the school books he was using to keep current on affairs of his country, the world, and life in general.

His bed consisted of a thin well worn straw flat lying on a bare hardwood floor. A single threadbare and tattered on the ends but clean sheet was all that covered his body from the chill at night during their winter times, and was the sole source of privacy to him since the rooms were open. His mother's straw mat was fully filled. She had a beautiful hand woven wool blanket covering it.

I looked at Benji. He smiled, "That is my mother's bed. She works very hard. She deserves it. We often fight <he giggled> about who is going to get the best... she allows me to treat her well because I'm her son. She wins all arguments <giggles>."

The bathroom consisted of a single toilet with a broken lid tossed aside. The porcelain base was cracked. The bowl could not have possibly held more than a gallon of water. The back probably had maybe at most a 3 gallon tank. A single worn sheet hanging from hooks attached loosely to the ceiling provided the only real privacy in the entire flat. As was everything else, the toilet was clean despite hard-water staining.

Peter asked, "What do you eat? I see no food."

Benji smiled, "We have no food in our flat. To have food here means rats. I'm afraid of rats < giggling>. I usually stop by the market on the way home from work to buy vegetables, fruit and rice. Sometimes we have no money to buy stuff. Our neighbors, I don't like them, they are Evil, sell drugs... sometimes they offer us their leftovers, they offer me drugs all the time."

Antoine walked to Benji, drew him into his arms, hugged him tightly and said knowingly, "Your home is beautiful, Benji. It's warm and cozy, and all it takes is you and your mother together to bring beauty to it. I'm so happy that you did not turn to selling drugs or using your body to have more."

Benji replied hastily, "I would never do such things. My body is my temple for it carries my soul. My grandfather would disown me if I were to do such things."

Peter asked, "Does your grandfather know of these conditions?"

"No. He must not know. My mother and he have Conflict." Benji replied factually.

Benji urged Antoine to release him. Benji then walked to his mat, got down on his hands and knees, lifted it and then removed a small floor slat. He reached inside of the old worn floor and retrieved a small a box. He opened it, peered inside and then got up holding the box in his hands. He walked to us, looked me intently in my eyes then opened the box. "This was my father's. It is made of gold and silver. It is now mine."

The rest of us took turns carefully looking at the fine gold and silver chain and solid gold ring sitting by its side. Benji said, "If worse comes to worst I can always sell this on the street. It will bring us much money."

Antoine said, "If you sell it though the transaction would dishonor your father."

"Yes. I will not sell it. I loved my father even though many did not. His spirit lives on in memory."

Antoine said, "Your grandfather has many riches. Is it not proper that he share them with you?"

"Yes, it is proper. In order to inherit his riches he would require me to live with him. I cannot do that for it would dishonor my mother. She would never live under those conditions. We are fine. With our new jobs we will have plenty. I will be able to share the gift with many. Please excuse me."

Benji returned the box to its rightful place and replaced the floor slat. He then stood, dropped his clothing and walked naked to the toilet, sat down then wrapped the sheet around his body. We walked over to the door leading into their home and began talking amongst ourselves to give Benji his privacy. The sheet actually worked well... all that was visible other than the outline of his form was the skin below mid calf.

When he was finished, the toilet actually flushed. What happened next shocked me beyond belief. Not paying us any attention he walked into the kitchen then hoisted his body up to the kitchen sink, started the water and then proceeded to wash his backside taking great care to avoid touching his moderately elongated appendage. He then jumped down, retrieved his clothes and put them on.

Benji walked to us, smiling lopsidedly and said, "Oh what a relief that was!"

He then stopped smiling when he looked me intently in the eyes, then took my hand in his and said, "You have Conflict, David. It is fine here. We prepare no food. Rest your spirit. Thankfully we have water. Not all homes in our area have running water... we are very blessed."

Just then a car was heard racing down their narrow footpath width street. Benji's normally jubilant demeanor turned terrorized. He screamed "GET DOWN!" He then started pushing us to the floor then laid his body across mine. Gunshots were heard. People were screaming... some were screaming blood curdling screams... then it would stop.

The car drove past Benji's house at breakneck speed with guns firing in and from all directions. One of the bullets struck the door jamb sending shards of shattered wood all over us. When the vehicle passed and could no longer be heard Benji got up and off of me then checked everybody to make sure nothing bad had happened to us.

Thankfully everybody was okay. Benji then stood at the doorway and listened carefully, he said, "Sometimes they come back. They're gone. Come we must go to my mother."

With that, with no time for any discussion Benji stepped from their flat and looked up and down the street. He was fidgety, nervous, and white as a sheet despite his dark Oriental colored skin. He urged us outside saying, "Come. We must go. We must be with her. She cannot be alone."

Jeremy was the first one able to speak, "Okay Benji. We're right here. Show us where to go."

The dead and injured were quickly being taken into the 'places of residence' next to where they were mowed down, shot down, or both. Little children were crying and screaming and running around. The whole thing broke my heart. I resolved that as soon as we got Benji's mother safely from her workplace I'd call dad on my cell phone to send the fucking limo to pick us up.

Benji turned around, "NO. We are safe now. We need to go now." He was looking at me. I hadn't said a word.

My inwardly directed feelings of terror and panic dissipated. He kept walking quickly, quicker than I could keep up using my crutches as walking aides. Peter hung back then put his arm around my waist to help guide me over the rough terrain. I only tripped and fell (on my own) 3 times during what seemed to be 2.5 miles to the factory where his mother worked. During that trip I had been tripped at least 10 times, I'd lost count. I would get up and then would keep going, perhaps a little faster than the last time I'd gone to the ground.

We received many stares, much taunting, and had many small objects thrown at us as we walked through those streets. There were so many people milling about, going here, going there, doing this, doing that, not doing this, not doing that... etc.

Just as we made our way out of the throng, a young child, maybe 9 years old, walked up directly in my path then grabbed my nuts hard as I walked by. With his other hand he grabbed Peter's and twisted hard causing Peter to yelp in pain. Antoine threw the kid to the ground but didn't hurt him. The little boy got back up and yelled some things that I didn't want to know about. We kept going. Antoine was doing everything he could possibly do to keep people off and away from us but he was but one and was paying more attention to the adults walking toward us. The adults, thankfully, left us alone though they muttered things under their breath as they walked by us.

When we arrived at the gate to the factory, we huddled together. We didn't say anything, we didn't need to but then after a few moments of silence Benji said, "Racism and terrorism is prevalent in our country.

It was then that I realized we were different than 'that' humanity because we wore Dockers' shorts, Nike shoes, varying colors of button down shirts, and our skin color. God forbid had they found out we were gay, or in Benji's case – gay tolerant and loving...

Just then, even though we were looking all around us, Antoine exclaimed, "The Calvary is here, hey Juan, what's up?"

I had just looked left before turning right. Juan was standing to my left side and a little bit behind. I felt my anal sphincters pucker up and hold in those things that were threatening to escape...

Juan said, "Antoine, you're coming with Benji and me to escort your mother <looking at Benji> from her job to your place. The rest of you... Jeremy here's the keys to the Humvee, meet us at <Juan gave directions>, do not unlock the doors, wait there for us, and don't move. We'll meet up in 35 minutes."

"Yes sir, permission to act freely, sir?" Antoine said at attention.

"Denied. This is a diplomatic mission." Juan replied seriously.

Antoine nodded his understanding and loyalty.

Allen and Angel, Harry and Andy, Peter and I, and Jeremy headed to the Humvee. My stomach rebelled because of my nervousness, unrest and anxiety... by the time we got to the vehicle I hid behind it and just got my pants down in the nick of time before exploding bits and pieces onto the ground. Jeremy stood watch while the others got into the Humvee.

Peter came walking around carrying a roll of paper towels. Jeremy chuckled, "Juan thinks of everything... come on hurry up."

We arrived with 4 minutes to spare and then waited.

5 minutes later, Juan, Antoine, Benji and a lady were quickly walking toward us. When they arrived, Jeremy climbed over the seat so that Benji's mother would be able to sit up front with Juan. Using a clicker Juan unlocked the doors then assisted Benji's mother into the front seat. Benji quickly introduced his mother Shoo Minh... funny; we didn't know his last name until right then.

His mother spoke English fluently. She lavished praise on her son but then turned serious as a heart attack, "Why are we here?"

"Mother, we have new jobs. You won't have to work so many hours. We will have time together." Benji said excitedly.

Shoo regarded us carefully. She was sizing us up one by one, and as a group, not knowing exactly what to think about Benji's and our excitement. I offered, "Ma'am, mother of Benji, my father will explain everything to you. Do not be afraid. I owe Benji my life. I had cancer... I was close to dying. Your son... you should be very proud of him."

Shoo bowed her head. I think she understood though we didn't talk about it any further, not at that time.

Juan maneuvered the vehicle down the street that Benji and his mother lived on, stopped in front of their place and then checked their place before he'd allow them to enter. They retrieved a few belongings then were quickly back in the Humvee and then like a bat out of hell Juan pushed his way through the crowds making people move out of the way. That kept them from blocking us.

Traffic was a nightmare going back to the hotel.

Benji was cautiously experiencing, seeing, and feeling the comforts of the vehicle that we took for granted. His eyes were as big as saucers. He said to his mother, "Someday, I'll have a car like this. We can take long trips, yes?"

Shoo turned around in her seat. Seeing Benji's exuberance... she smiled, "We'll see."

The staff began giving Shoo and Benji a really hard time when we arrived at the hotel. Jeremy and Antoine explained to them the arrangements and jobs Shoo and Benji were to assume. Juan made some phone calls then with a wholly total different attitude they were not only permitted in but they were allowed to come to our secure suites. Dad had arranged an additional room to be added to our party.

Dad suggested that we meet in the restaurant in an hour to discuss the details of Shoo and Benji's jobs, to get to know one another, and to celebrate. Shoo was hesitantly cautious... it was just all too much to take in all at one time.

Mom and Shoo were about the same height and weight so mom took her to hers and dad's suite to find something for Shoo to wear.

The rest of us took off for Andy and Harry's room. Andy and Benji were about the same size so Andy offered to give him some of his clothes. Benji would have no part of it – until we reminded him about the Realm of Receiving.

Benji wasn't all that concerned with modesty but we were intent on giving him privacy... something he'd not known too much of in his life... we urged him into the bathroom to take a shower then closed the door. He started beating on the door as soon as it was shut. When I opened it for him he was totally terrorized.

Brokenly he said that he'd never been closed and locked in a room before – could we please leave the door open?

Andy stayed with Benji, with the door open. We heard them talking... Andy was teaching Benji how to use the faucets, and other little things like a toothbrush and a hair brush. The rest of us went and turned on the TV – there wasn't anything on that we could understand.

Andy came out of the bathroom after a couple minutes. He came to me, took my hand in his, and as soon as I got on my crutches he led me to the entryway to the hallway where the bathroom was located. My heart sunk. Benji was washing his arms in the little sink. Andy whispered in my ears, "He's afraid of the shower. He's never taken one before."

See what I mean – we take so many things for granted. I replied, "We're going to take care of that."

With that said I went around to each of the guys and told them of the situation. Within 5 seconds, 8 naked dudes were entering the bathroom. With all the loving kindness possible, we as a group, gently but continuously urged Benji to at least try to take a shower... that it was a new horizon for him, and to take another step into the Realm of Receiving.

Since Benji had helped me beyond words, the guys formed an unspoken ring around me, held me up while I accustomed Benji to his first shower. He, at first, resisted my tokens of appreciation but then would relax.

Peter assisted. While I was washing Benji's hair with my finger tips, Benji's eyes closed and he got this most peaceful expression on his face. Peter, meanwhile, was keeping any soap and water out of his eyes. Together, Peter and I then rinsed his hair and Peter blotted it dry with a towel handed to him by Allen.

Next, Peter washed Benji's face, ears and neck. I was afforded the opportunity to rinse same with a wet washcloth. With the same washcloth I soaped it up good then went to work on his chest and belly down to his pubic thatch while Angel washed his back from the neck down to the top of his globes, not wanting to go any further for fear of violating Benji's most private of places. For being a small person his thatch was, although soft and downy, plentiful yet his testicles were clear of hair and had no upward trail. My brothers and I are all cut so seeing Benji's partially outstretched manhood and hood was a new experience - and no our ministrations were not sexual though they were very intimate.

At the same time, Andy began washing Benji's legs from just below his scrotum extending down to his feet.

As one, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, Antoine and Matt lowered me to a sitting position on the floor as I'd expressed the desire to wash his feet and toes.

Angel handed me a fully soaped washrag that I used to wash his ankles, arches, and toes. His toenails were hideously long, dirty, curled under, and appeared to be very uncomfortable. Without speaking Allen got out of the shower and then returned a minute or two later carrying a manicure set in his hand. Expertly, carefully, cautiously and expeditiously Allen trimmed and cleaned Benji's nails.

We were finished save for his most private areas. The guys stood me up. I soaped up the washcloth and then reached my hand out to Benji. He looked at it and then averted his attentions to deep into my eyes. He nodded and at the same time raised his arms.

I quickly washed his pits with utmost attention and care because he was very, very ticklish despite his attempts to be strong. I then trailed the washcloth down his smooth flat tummy and hesitated and looked into his eyes when I reached his thatch. He nodded for me to continue.

Starting at the outside of his hips I then progressed to that which designates him as a male and then scrubbed his thatch. Once again I looked him in the eyes because his maleness was erect and pulsing in time with his heartbeat. His eyes were closed. His expression was clearly calm, serene, and anticipatory. "Go ahead David. I'll restrain myself."

He then said to the group, "I do not engage in self pleasures. I allow my Temple to purge itself during my sleep. Nobody has ever touched me in a sexual way. I will maintain."

Jeremy and Angel meanwhile had shifted so that they stood behind Benji. They put their hands on his shoulders to provide any necessary support since he once again closed his eyes.

I decided to, with Benji's approval, go ahead. I started with his testicles – first his right and then the left. Benji slightly jolted when I touched the cloth to the base of his most likely 5 inch erect penis. The touch made his penis pulse stronger and more often. The moment I trailed the washcloth up his shaft he took in a deep breath, shuddered, jutted his stomach out and hit my tummy with a burst of seed, and then another, and then another, and then one last time before any remaining nectar dribbled off its end. With one last deep breath his inspirations and exhalations returned to a more normal rate and depth. I washed his globes and then the crevice where God had split him in half and spent a little extra time and energy deep, at the door of his sphincter.

Meanwhile, Peter, being behind me, reached forward, grasped my massively hard cock in his strong hands and within 5 strokes I sent my offering onto Benji's lower regions. My orgasm was quick, powerful, and seemingly unending. Peter, at the same time, soaped my nether regions well and then urged his penis deep within my own crack and pushed... sending his spear of love deep within me – to the hilt – I felt his pubes against my cheeks.

I opened my eyes just long enough to see Allen enter his own spear through Angel's back door. At the same time, Antoine was working his love tool into the love of his life Matt. Andy began rapidly stroking his own tool – he tossed his head back. His eyes were closed and he was grimacing profusely... his orgasm imminently approaching. Jeremy was doing likewise.

Peter, meanwhile, was doing a job on my love canal. In, out, in, out, and then he sighed deeply, pulled my body into his even tighter that before. I knew his orgasm was close to the horizon so I squeezed my muscles down as hard as possible – he squealed, I felt his offering jettison pulse after pulse. I saw Jeremy blast his spermies into the shower wall like a madman.

But then something caught our attentions... Andy and Harry... Andy the boy who had vehemently pronounced his preferences for the female designation, the same boy who had strongly pushed away any natural givings from Harry, were coupled front to front, grinding, grunting, groaning, gyrating, undulating … and kissing. Their moment transcended rapidly, reached a plateau, and then they collapsed to the floor following their coupling. Both lay prostrate relishing the aftershocks.

Andy reacted first. Quickly, he disengaged by removing his hand which was casually draped across Harry's maleness, removed his arms and legs from the embrace, quickly stood, turned to the jets of water exiting the shower head and began washing away all evidence of his needy and wanton coupling with Harry.

Harry, clearly embarrassed, and shattered, quickly exited the shower, dried off then ran into the hallway within our suite of rooms.

Spent, satiated, and somewhat weak in the knees we reveled in kissing our mates with quieted passions. With much less passion and with considerable restraint I took Benji's face into my hands, lifted it gently to my level then kissed those thin lips adorning all features of his face. With gentle urging, my mate Peter and our brothers also conveyed to Benji their love in the same manner.

Benji took hold of and began gently jacking my fully erect and elongated penis. When my moment was near and his pace did not pick up I gently took hold of his hand and urged expediency.

Then it happened. A second time arrived within moments. Shards of pleasure blasted through my body at break neck speed, and with an intensity that I'd only known with the love of my life, Peter. I looked down... my momentary concern that someone other than my beloved had brought me to that moment was quickly erased when I saw Peter's hand wrapped around my maleness.

"In our traditional culture we rarely touch, and we are never sexual until we are committed and joined in sacred ceremony. I have often wondered since beginning the journey to manhood why the tradition exists. As I said earlier, I have not masturbated, not even once. It is our culture to allow our Temples and Spirits to guide the young male in his quest for satisfaction. I came very close to not participating in your healing ... but I was wrong in my assumptions that you were wrong for celebrating your True Nature. True Nature is the sum of the whole."

I started to say something. However, I noticed Benji entered into deep contemplation so I remained silent, as did my mate and brothers.

Benji then said, "I do not know that I am attracted to male or female. Please do not disclose my disclosure." Without waiting for anyone to acknowledge or say anything otherwise, he continued, "During my dreams I am often with males a little younger than or at my earthly age. Sometimes I am entered with female. Both are pleasure and lead to physical manifestation common with the male Metaphysical Self. I feel very guilty. "Gay" is not a part of our culture and is admonished severely. Boys with propensity toward boys are rejected as are females in general. You were right: I suffered Conflict within that which is my True Nature. Your generosity has taught me, shown me that my True Nature is just that – True Nature. I am greatly relieved. Thank you from my being for releasing the Conflict from my soul."

As we rinsed off, dried off and headed into the bedroom where we all sat down, each of us, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, Peter and I shared our experiences of coming to grips with and acceptance of our chosen sexual identities.

Benji, after hearing our stories, said, "You did not choose your True Nature. Your soul, your True Nature is what it is, and it is good. I an envious of your ability to Be. Be is much more peaceful than Do."

Andy started to speak but a knock on the door interrupted his train of thought. He answered it. The visitor was Harry. He was fully dressed in shoes, socks, Dockers' shorts and a bright yellow Polo shirt. He wore a perfectly reserved but bright smile on his face, his hair was meticulously brushed and combed to near perfection. He smelled mighty fine – all fresh and clean.

Andy, clearly upset, looked at Harry. He said, "I'm sorry. We were just talking about Conflict. Benji just said his desires have been both toward male and female. I'm not gay but then I am Conflicted with my feelings toward the female."

Benji nodded.

Harry replied, "Andy, I have no conflict within myself about my sexuality... you erased any doubts about my being gay. I mean I had no doubts. I just am. It's the way I was born."

Sheepishly, Harry continued, "I'm not really sorry that we, well, you know. Thanks."

Harry took a deep breath, as if to cleanse his spirit from moment, and said, "I just talked to my dad. The adults are coming up with something to do tomorrow."

I looked to Andy for his response. His eyes caught Harry's. I then looked to Harry to see what his expression was. His face softened and his eyes were staring straight ahead... I then looked to Andy... his were staring straight ahead... I did a simple math computation and came up with the conclusion they were staring at each other.

Harry's face was on the verge of breaking out in a full fledged smile. I had no idea what those two were up to. Until Andy said, "You're way overdressed dude. You're making me feel naked and stuff."

Harry replied haughtily while outstretching his arms in submission and having a naughty smile emanating from his perfectly straight and white teeth, "And... I'm not sure that I know how to make myself presentable..."

Andy shuddered but remained sitting cross legged on the bed with his hand casually draped across his maleness that was quite... uhm, 'inviting'.

Angel giggled, "Hey dumb ass <looking at Andy> if you don't know what to do then I guess I'll help him get comfortable, is that okay with you, Harry?"

Harry laughed hard then blushing furiously he nodded.

Andy looked at each of us then his and Benji's eyes locked. Something passed between them. After only a few seconds, Andy closed his eyes; his facial features relaxed noticeably, his hands raised away from that which designates him as male then he got up and walked to Harry, took his hands in his then softly said, "Harry, would you share with me?"

Harry smiled warmly then clasped Andy's hands. Andy turned around to face us. He was nervous, scared, concerned, and worried. I received a sense that he was embarrassed – Conflicted and reserving his True Nature.

Andy's stature and reserve was passing through to Harry because, for a moment, Harry's expressions turned serious but then he smiled. Harry whispered something in Andy's ear. Andy, in turn whispered something in Harry's ear.

Benji got up from where he was sitting and walked over to the two boys, put his hands on the backs of their necks, closed his eyes, mediated (or so it appeared) for a moment, and then sat back down next to me.

Harry and Andy stood there looking deeply in the others' eyes, and then putting aside their concerns and worries – they kissed… chaste to begin with, hungrily at the end.

Andy then sat Harry down on the bed and then removed Harry's clothes... shoes, socks, shirt, shorts then stopped at Harry's underwear that were standing out over a certain segment of Harry's anatomy.

With the utmost care, concern, and tenderness, Andy slipped his hands down into the back of Harry's underwear, ran them down to the exit points and lifted them out and then down Harry's soft appearing yet muscular buns. At nearly the same time he raised his fingers, grabbed hold of the waistband then in one fell swoop dropped them to where Harry's globes were exposed - and then with his other hand, pulled the front out and over and down so that Harry's underwear rested at his ankles. He quickly kicked them aside. He and Andy embraced, pulling each other in close... so close, in fact, that you could easily see their penises enmeshed together, appearing as one. Andy's arms went around Harry then grasped his cheeks in his hands.

They kissed quickly then both looked at us, asking for permission I suppose. Without hesitation, with assurances given them by us they moved to the bed. The rest of us moved around so that an empty place was available in the middle of the bed.

Andy and Harry walked over and sat down. Andy said to Harry, "Harry, I've been with another guy. We fucked together, you know, I mean – butts. He was inside me and I was in him. I'm not gay... someday I'd like to fuck a girl, maybe get married and have kids. Benji talked to us about his Conflicts concerning who and what he is, and who and what he's not."

Harry thoughtfully replied to Andy, "I've never been with anybody... you know, I've never had sex with someone else before. I know I'm gay. I've never thought about messing with a girl... but yeah, I'd like to have children someday... you know when I get older and stuff."

Andy said, "Uhm, well it kind of hurts... you know... I mean... okay, when a guy puts his penis in back there... it kind of hurts... but then the hurt goes away..." Andy shrugged his shoulders.

Harry said, "That's what I've heard too. I read about it on the Internet. It says if you're really relaxed and lubed up good then it works okay."

Both boys looked at Peter and I. Simultaneously, we nodded and added, "It helps a lot if you're clean and <I chucked> uhm, empty, if you know what I mean."

I said, "Accidents will happen at some time - the thing is to just clean up and put it behind you, and then keep on going. Just remember that your partner will be embarrassed so don't embarrass him anymore than he already is, okay?"

Both boys nodded their understanding.

Benji asked, "What's on your mind? Do you want us to leave? We probably should."

"No, it's okay. I mean... well, if you want to leave then go ahead."

Angel and Allen, with Angel speaking said, "We're going to turn in. This horndog wants my body. Good night you all. I love ya."

Allen shared his same exact sentiments. They left the hotel room.

Jeremy, after giving hugs and kisses left also.

Benji got up and headed toward the chair that held his clothes. Andy said, "Benji, could you guys stay... maybe... no, never mind, sorry."

Andy was frightened. Harry looked at Andy. They both looked at Benji.

Peter said, "Andy give me the key to your room... we'll just stay there tonight. Everything you need is inside the bedside cabinet... we'll see you in the morning."

With that Peter handed the crutches to me then as we walked by each of the guys, Andy, Harry, and yes Benji too gave and received hugs and kisses goodnight. Before we left, Peter picked up a change of clothes for us then we took off for Andy's room. It had been a long day so we fell asleep quickly and deeply.

All Andy would tell me the following morning was that they did a three way but only he and Harry had penetrative sexual relations, that it was all good, and that he was okay, and that his and Harry's friendship relationship blossomed.

Both Peter and I told him to be careful so that neither he nor Harry got hurt. We explained that Harry, by his own admission, is gay, and that him going and finding a girlfriend right away was probably not something he needed to do right then but that it would eventually happen, and that we'd help them deal with that possibility then. He said that he'd be okay with being Harry's partner for as far as he could see.

Harry was well aware of the very real possibility that Andy might stray out and beyond. He was okay with it, and was satisfied that he and Andy would be long-time, hopefully lifetime friends and confidantes; a win and win situation.

When I talked to Andy alone some time later he disclosed that he and William had messed around … to the point of sexual intercourse... but it was only a 'feel good' situation, curiosity more likely.

I asked him specifically if he'd physically hurt Harry. He assured me he hadn't, and was quick to point out that Harry hadn't hurt him either.

When I specifically asked him, alone, about how Benji took the whole thing he said that Benji didn't want anybody to know what exactly happened, about how he'd responded.

(I asked Andy to write a segment of this story to describe precisely what happened ... he responded by smiling and walking away. Okay, I tried).

I then went down to Benji and his mother's room. They weren't there so I joined Peter and the rest of the gang in mom and dad's room. Benji's mother and he were there chatting away animatedly.

We then went to breakfast, had a wonderful meal and companionship. Benji told us that Tzu had given them a week off in order to get settled in and to do what else was necessary to get ready for their jobs, and to relax, and to have fun because while their hours would be considerably shortened they would nevertheless be demanding. He wasn't worried about it. Neither was his mother.

Benji's mother insisted on paying the bill but mom would have nothing of it because the bill was just over $275.00 for the whole bunch of us. Her eyes got as big as round saucers. Reluctantly she acquiesced.

Mom and Benji's mother then took off for clothing stores to purchase for both her and Benji everyday wearing apparel. Mom took Benji's measurements then they left. Dad, meanwhile, ordered haircuts for everyone... he didn't want to put Benji on the spot. He was amendable to the idea since his hair was long, shaggy, and largely unkempt though he'd ran Harry's brush through it just that morning.

We all decided on short, short haircuts. If I may say so myself, Harry and Benji looked so cute in their styles. Peter, well Peter's a hunk with or without hair.

When we returned to the hotel dad shooed us all away... he stopped near a tourist island close to the elevators. He gave us the 'look'. Benji was sure that he and his mother would join us if at all possible. He, Andy and Harry took off to do whatever we wanted to do.

Peter and I had just completed a long (for us, maybe 1 hour) lovemaking session when a knock on the door interrupted our post coital interlude, 'near sleep' state. Peter got up, tossed on a pair of running shorts while I scooted into the bathroom to take care of some essential needs after having been stuffed with Peter Sausage. I heard Peter kinda sorta tell dad that I was in the bathroom and would be right back. Peter came running into the bathroom all excited... he couldn't contain himself, "David, dad has a big box. Benji and Dr. Wong are here – they actually came HERE to see us... hurry up!"

I was in no position to just 'jump up' and go running besides that I wasn't finished yet. Since we had company, when I finished doing the duty I got into the shower and cleaned up and then dried off.

Uhm, okay, well I hadn't taken any clothes along with me... "Peter, bring me something to put on." I called out into the room.

Peter poked his head around the corner and said, "Everybody's seen us. They're waiting dufus."

Whatever. I wrapped a towel around my midsection, tied it securely,grabbed my crutches and then walked into the suite living room area. Indeed, there was a large box sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. Dad motioned for me to sit down. When I sat down he pushed the box in my direction and said, "Open it. There's something in there for you."

Another knock on the door interrupted the otherwise anticipatory and quiet atmosphere. Dad answered the door. Mom and Shoo then entered the room. Now mom had seen me naked many, many times but Shoo had not. She immediately covered her eyes and very quickly stepped back outside. Mom joined her, closed the door. Peter handed me a pair of Dockers' shorts but Dr. Wong took them away, saying, "There seems to be concern about your attire young David. Give me a moment please. Our customs are sometimes antiquated. I will return shortly."

Because I had made Shoo uncomfortable I insisted that I be allowed to put on at least a pair of running shorts. Dr. Wong deftly removed my towel and laid it over my lap to cover my wilted penis. She then walked to the door and beckoned mom and Shoo back into the room.

Dr. Wong stated to Shoo, "Please understand we are about to conduct a medical procedure on David <I looked up not knowing anything about any such medical procedure. Dad smiled>. It is necessary for his body to be shown."

With my efforts to open up the box, the towel fell away from its mooring more than once. The last time it fell, Shoo smiled broadly then bowed twice. Her eyes didn't linger but she'd checked me out and looked to Benji. He rolled his eyes … <isn't that a teenager trademark … glad to see that it had crossed the world!). His mother began speaking to him in their native tongue... Benji's eyes went wide open when she pointed her finger toward me, and it appeared to be south of the border. Sheesh, I blushed furiously. Both mom and dad had amused smiles running across their faces. I stuck my tongue out at dad – he giggled.

Okay, what was in the box? That was the question.

Finally, with the lid pried off, excitedly as if it were Christmas or something, I pushed the newspaper and other packing materials aside. My breath caught in my chest and a lump rapidly formed in my throat. I sat there with my head hanging down in disbelief. After a minute or two elapsed I looked up. Dr. Wong was smiling as were mom, dad, Peter and Benji. I'd been had... the element of surprise was definitely on their side.

Just then there was yet another knock on the door. Peter answered and opened the door. It was a man that I didn't recognize... yet dad showed the gentleman in. I reached for the towel and got it in place just as dad brought him to me. He respectfully bowed to dad then me then Peter then Benji but ignored the women in the room. I found that quite odd.

Dad walked over and sat down next to me. He drew me into his arms and whispered in my ear, "Happy 15th birthday son. You're going to need this at least for the next couple of days."

He then reached into his back pocket, retrieved a bunch of brochures and stuff. He handed me tickets for public transportation and a brochure to Sentosa Island. He said, "We're all going there tomorrow and the next day before we fly home."

Benji walked over and said, "Happy birthday, David. I hope you enjoy your present. Use it wisely but often."

Shoo then came forward, bowed very reverently and said, "David, there is no way to repay all that you and your family has done for my son and me. My son is so happy. He talks about you frequently. I'm sorry to have made you uncomfortable in your own place of residence. Our culture does not permit a female viewing of a male person's body other than our husband and male children. I am afraid that you have, what's the right word Benji?"

Benji smiled, "Warped."

"Right, warped... you have warped my son. Before you came to our Country, Benji – he was down and depressed. He would not accept his male side of True Nature. I must tell you that I am not used to seeing him in his Natural state 'so often' <Shoo looked at Benji. Benji's eyes averted, and I could swear that the carpet very nearly caught fire>. I am so happy to see his Nature shining and free. Thank you. Please accept our gift."

That said, Shoo retreated and stood next to Benji.

Next, mom walked over to me. Peter helped me to stand and balance. We embraced warmly. She kissed ny cheek and whispered, "Happy birthday, my son. A lot has happened since we've grown to know and love each other. Thank you for welcoming me into the family."

By then the towel was forgotten. I saw it lying on the floor then looked at Shoo. She was smiling. Benji nodded that all was well.

I sat back down after releasing mom. Between Peter and me we got the present out of the box and then leaned it against the sofa.

I nodded toward Dr. Wong. Both she and the man approached then knelt down on the floor in front of me.

The man, I never did know his name – an angel perhaps -, unwrapped the protective layer of plastic wrap covering the most kewl leg I'd ever seen off a human body.

Dr. Wong then began massaging my stump, beginning at the tip traveling upward then hesitated at my left testicle. I reached down and pushed it center allowing her to continue her ministrations.

The man, meanwhile, was putting some substance on the inside of the Leg cup. When Dr. Wong was finished the man put the Leg on my stump then jiggled it a few times to make sure it was seated properly. It felt perfect. He then firmly tightened some Velcro straps around the uppermost part of the prosthesis. I said to Peter knowing that other straps would be necessary to keep the darn thing on, "I need some briefs, please."

The man said, "No, that's not necessary. Okay, David, I want you to slowly stand up. I need to check some measurements to make sure it is just right. He then reached into the box and retrieved a smaller box, opened it up and into his hand fell a remote control looking device.

Mom said, "Oh good, we can turn him on and off with the flick of a button."

I tossed one of the paper thin but sturdy form fits at her. She fended mock attack and threw it right back.

Dr. Wong and the man were patiently waiting for me to stand. When my muscle contracted, I felt energy flow. Although I was unable to stand up alone … once I stood I felt balanced. What was really weird was: the sensations I'd felt in my thigh, calf, and ankle and foot before my leg had been amputated. I said mysteriously, "I feel my leg."

Dr. Wong said to Peter, "Walk with him around the room. We must watch his gait."

We did walk around the room and then into the kitchen area. Peter and I hugged deeply. Tears sprang from my eyes. He pulled me into him and let me express my emotions unabated. That was just our moment. Nobody came in. It was just he and I. When the moment passed we went back into the living suite. I remained standing. The thing felt so, what's the right word? Natural? Yeah, it felt like it was a part of me. I was amazed that the leg moved with me naturally... and I moved with it naturally.

Assured and confident, I went to kneel down next to Peter but lost all balance, ending up on my ass. The leg made some motions. I realized it was moving because I was moving in all different directions to get back up. The man said seriously, "Your flesh is in training. Give it some time. You will be accustomed to each other within two weeks. When you are fully trained then when you fall it is because you fell... just like any other person."

Peter, being the more mechanically inclined of the two of us, asked, "How does it work?"

Dr. Wong replied, "It is governed by David' energy impulses. Although your leg was amputated, all nerve impulses above the abuse are intact. The electrical impulses travel from strategically placed electrodes on your leg to and into the apparatus which reads those messages and transforms them into action."

I scooted to the edge of the sofa then hoisted myself up. Peter put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. The man looked at Peter then to me... he busily gathered up loose ends, bowed to Dr. Wong, looked at dad with disdain clearly etched in his face and quickly exited.

Dr. Wong looked at us with surprise on her face then she softened, "I'm sorry. Our culture, though progressive, is still behind the times in some ways. Worry not. He has performed his duties well."

She then went on into discussing and instructed me on the care of my Leg. She suggested that I not swim with it but that I could shower and walk in the rain, etc.

Easily, the leg went off as soon as I relaxed my thigh muscles and she undid the straps. I then put it on by myself then felt the slight electrical impulses as it acclimated itself to my thigh once again. I properly fastened the straps then took off across the room and then back. I walked all around the suite, back and forth, back and forth, and all around.

I went into the bathroom to the toilet and started to sit down. My leg didn't know how to do that so I plopped down rather hard. Benji came in to see what was taking me so long to return. I giggled then with great concentration and effort from my right leg I was able to get up and off the toilet on my own power. I guessed they built the toilets so low to the floor for little kids, or something.

I heard the front door open then heard the song "Happy Birthday" being sung by my family. Tears once again sprang forth from my eyes, and then freely flowed down my cheeks and onto my chest and then ran down my belly as they kept singing the refrain.

Naked as I could ever be (except for Peter's ring and necklace, of course), and not caring one bit, I walked out into the living space where the family was all gathered together waiting for me.

I walked, on my own power, to dad. He pulled me in for a tight, tight, tight hug then kissed my cheek. Mom was next, and then Peter, and then Allen, and then Angel, and then Jeremy, and then Andy, and then Matt, and then Antoine, and finally Harry. With not one trace of bashfulness I then enveloped Harry into a deep, deep hug and kissed his nose tenderly. He grinned then snuck a kiss on my lips. I then walked to Benji, stood in front of him, bowed before him with total and complete reverence then offered my hand to him. He took it. We both bowed deeply and reverently then without aforethought, advanced planning, or any other restrictive thoughts or measures joined together in a deep, deep, hug and held it for quite some time. When we slightly parted, our lips touched for a brief instant then he stepped back and stood beside his mother.

Since I was the only naked person in the room I started feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the arrangements. I walked to the bed, sat down then pulled on the running shorts Peter had offered to me earlier.

Just in time because another knock on the already open door revealed a whole team of people in aprons, tall cook hats and other custom regalia just waiting to enter the room but not before being formally given permission.

They entered the room then with great ceremony escorted me to the kitchen like dining table in the center of the food preparation area. One of the gentlemen had me stand just so so, so that I was in the center of the cake. A photographer entered, snapped off several shots then waited as another guy centered the family behind me and then he snapped off some more shots.

As soon as the photo session was finished a prim and proper Chinese lady approached the table... however Shoo, God bless her heart, stepped up, took the cutting instrument from the one lady then began cutting the cake into serving sized squares, and then gave me the first piece. I, in turn, handed the 'first piece' to each of my family members, with Peter first.

The team excused itself. Dr. Wong soon excused herself but not before I broke all traditions, went across culture boundaries, tossed aside restraint, and gave her, without abandon, a hug she'd surely not forget for a very long time. Although at first Dr. Wong stiff and sharp, she soon relaxed and permitted my hug and even joined in herself. When we broke away, then with all the reverence and sincerity I could muster at the time I bowed toward her and said deeply, "Thank you."

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