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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 16

*-* Thursday *-*

The morning was off to a really good start in that the light entering the windows was very bright, inviting, and despite secure triple paned windows heat from the sun was present.

Peter's normally the early riser however for some reason I woke up first. He was sleeping on his back, his face facing mine, the covers riding at belly button level... and well his little man was very wide awake, crawling up his belly and peeking up and out from the covers. I snickered silently... oh my how Peter loves to be awoken penis first... needless to say after exchanging male nectar we got up, took a shower, got dressed and then headed to the hotel restaurant for breakfast with the family. The mood was light, anticipatory and celebratory for the day planned at Sentosa Island, the day before we were to leave for our home in Hawaii.

Dad said that while security would be present the men and women would largely be unseen. Mom told us to just have fun.

Much to our surprise and delight Shoo and Benji joined us. Benji had not ever been to Sentosa Island despite having lived in Singapore for his entire life. He was reservedly anxious to get started. Shoo was also anticipating a day away from all worry and concern. She ventured to say that she was happy for the changes she'd seen in Benji over the past few days.

When dad and mom told her that we'd be leaving the following day, she turned very, very sad and then pulling herself back from that funky attitude she announced, "I have a plan for my son. Please allow me to bring us together for the evening meal. I will announce my plan and will make requests to make it go into place."

Benji looked to his mother modestly concerned with her announcement though due to deeply held customs kept his feelings to himself and blanketly nodded his acceptance. Our eyes met. I motioned toward the bathroom. He nodded. We excused ourselves and made our way to the men's facilities.

I looked to Benji, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am fine." Benji confidently replied. Looking away, he walked to a stall, unzipped, fished his guy out and began peeing forth an urgent stream.

I didn't really need to go but walked to the stall anyway, unzipped and fished my dick out and then pointed it toward the urinal. But... I needed to pee more than I had initially thought. As we stood doing our own thing in companionable silence, he offered, "David, my grandfather is in ill health. He refuses to follow or practice our ways to healing. I'm sure my mother is aware of his failing health though they do not speak to one another, and I haven't said anything about him to her."

"Isn't there something we could do for him? I owe him much... I mean I don't 'owe him' as in an unpaid debt... what I really am really feeling is: grateful... as if I owe him my life."

Benji looked down to his privates, vigorously shook his dick the acceptable number of times then put his nicely sized and shaped pecker back into its hiding place, went to the sink, washed his hands and patiently waited for me to finish.

As Benji turned to leave after I finished washing my hands, I took hold of his shoulder. He didn't resist when I turned him to face me. Gently, softly I said, "Benji, we're brothers. If there is anything my family or I can do please do not deny us the opportunity to pay our gifts forward. It's the least we can do."

Benji thoughtfully replied, "I understand. David, our culture is not that much different than yours when death of a patriarch occurs... all possessions pass from one generation to another. One of my uncles, one of his two sons lives in America and has nothing to do with our family. My grandfather has not spoken to him in twice my years of age. I once asked my grandfather about his son... he told me to never ask about him again. I haven't. I won't. I must respect my grandfather."

"And your other uncle?"

"Be patient David, I will explain."


Benji nodded, continuing, "Neither of my grandfather's sons are 'in' the family. I have met my second uncle but only one time in my life. He came to my fathers' funeral service, as you call it. He told me that I am nothing. He told me that I am not my fathers' son and can prove it. He showed me some papers that meant nothing to me because I am not versed in written French. I asked him for a copy. He refused. He said they would be made known at the time of my grandfather's inquest. I..."

"Did you talk to..."

Benji's brows furrowed, "Please let me finish." Without waiting for acknowledgment he continued, "I had an opportunity to ask my grandfather about my uncle's statements and the paperwork however grandfather ended all conversation by telling me that destiny has been set. That's all he would say. He would have no part of giving me any kind of answer about my parental linage. He only told me that I should not wonder about my heritage, that I am his grandson, that I am my mother's son. That was all he would say so out of respect I never brought it up again. It is not my place to question him. I was disrespectful with even asking him, with even questioning that which troubled me. So, David, I cannot say with any certainty that I know of my mothers' concerns or plans. My mother telling us that she will disclose those plans to your family and to me... is unusual. It is troubling to me."

"Benji, I know that my entire family will support you and your mother no matter what it is. My mom and dad love you and your mother. If there is anything he can do, he will do it or he'll get someone involved who will know. He knows many people all over the world. If nothing else we WILL be here for you and your mother."

Benji cocked his one eye up, in true Spock fashion, "Thank you. You and your family are honorable. And I have a vested interest in your brother Andy and your friend Harry. They have my heart and my soul."

Just then dad, Jeremy and Peter entered the bathroom. Peter gave me a sideways hug looking at me and then to Benji. Dad inquired, "Are you guys okay? We're getting ready to leave."

"Yes, we're just fine. We were just talking in private for a minute or two."

That satisfied dad. He joined Jeremy at an adjacent stall. I said, "We'll wait for you outside."

Benji walked back to our table. Mom looked at me curiously. Shoo looked at Benji with concern written on her face. Benji walked to his mother, bowed respectfully then sat at her side. They began speaking using their native dialect. Matt and Antoine were speaking quietly between themselves.

Mom said to me, "David, let's go up to the room. I want to make sure you're padded well enough for all the walking we'll be doing today." The parental look on her face told me that any objection would be ignored... It was one of those looks that said, "I want to talk to you."

Allen told me that he'd tell the others where I'd be. With that mom and I took off for the room she shared with dad. When we arrived, she indeed told me to take my jeans off so that she could in fact take a look at my stump. While I was stripping she went to the closet and retrieved various supplies.

When she returned, she had me remove my leg. Softly she said, "Honey, Benji is going to have a change in his life today. We have plans to have dinner at the Island today. Shoo will disclose the plan she has. I know what it is. So does your father. We cannot discuss it nor can we tell you about it. Benji does not know. It would not be fair of you and your brothers to know what Benji is not aware of."

"Oh... okay... can I ask if something bad is going to happen? You know how we are." I said to mom knowingly.

Mothers. She shook her head no. She had 'just enough' parental expression on her face that I knew there would be no further discussion at the time. In silence, mom wrapped my stump with ample supplies of padding, but not too much. Unable to just let it go, I said, "Mom, tell me nobody is going to be hurt."

Mom looked at me carefully, "I promise that nobody will be hurt. No more questions for now, put on your leg and let's go have fun."

When I was put back together, we hugged deeply and returned to the restaurant. Everybody was ready to go. Peter and I sat together. Andy, Harry and Benji sat side by side holding hands and touching shoulders. The looks on their faces indicated peace and tranquility. Shoo, though, had a distant look on her face. When our eyes met she immediately averted her gaze to my side however she quickly looked back. She nodded to me then turned to mom. They began speaking, both were smiling, all was back to 'normal'... whatever normal means that is.

About 45 minutes later we arrived at the entrance. I'm glad mom wrapped my appendage because the walk to the park proper was long. I did just fine.

*-* Sentosa Island, Singapore *-*

Because I'm still considered (yuck) a disabled person (dad you shouldn't have said that I was because I really wanted to use my new Leg to its maximum capabilities), we were taken on a shuttle ride across the Boardwalk directly to the ticket booth that would take us into the Festive walk and Maritime Xperiential Museum. The museum was my favorite even though I'm not a museum kinda guy. The Festive Walk was fun too, don't get me wrong.

There was so much to do and see that time flew by. Before we knew it, it was past lunchtime. There were vendor sites all along the way once we got out of the museum. Peter and I chose some Thai food and thoroughly enjoyed its offerings. We stopped in at a restroom, used its facilities then met mom and dad at entrance to the Marine Life Park. That was really kewl. By the time we made it to Equarius Water Park we were all bushed. We hadn't worn swimsuits so the water park was out but it looked like an absolute blast.

Dad made changes to our itinerary. Instead of going to any further sites within the park he made reservations for us at the Spa Villas. That sounded way kewl actually. We were all tired. And despite mom using plenty of sunscreen her neck and arms were quite sunburned. Shoo recommended cool to cold Ala Vera. They stopped at a vendor where mom purchased a supply and then Shoo applied it to mom's skin.

By the time mom was expertly taken care of it was time for our massages to begin. Our massages would be performed by masseurs, and masseuses for mom and Shoo. Dad said we'd all meet up in 2 hours. He paid the premium price for everybody's adventure. Peter and I found a pillar, hid behind it and kissed quickly but passionately – that is until our dicks began their ascent at which time we parted and went our separate ways.

A very young man... he introduced himself as Minh... no older than 16, maybe 17, but then again most Asian men appeared much, much younger than they actually are... led me to a private sauna suite.

From a cupboard he retrieved and handed me a Fundoshi which is basically a string with a pouch in its center. He instructed me to disrobe and put on the garment. When I told him that my leg was a prosthetic he said its absence would present no problem. He then walked out to give me privacy.

While getting out of my clothes, my cock was about half hard and still rising. What with the cool air blowing through the open air facility and the fact that I was fully naked, and it had been several hours since Peter and I had had our way with each other the erection was inevitable. The string was impossible.

Minh returned about 5 minutes later. He took one look at me, smiled and then said, "We have 1 hour 50 minutes remaining. There is no hurry." He left me to my own devices. 15 minutes later, deed done, he returned. He didn't say anything else. Nothing needed to be said.

He urged me onto a pad covered slab. He cleansed my body, front and back, side to side, using special soaps and rinse solutions. Never before had I felt so clean and relaxed. He turned away while I used those same solutions to my private areas including my anal region.

For the next hour he used very hot, but not burning hot, heavy oils to thoroughly and expertly massage each and every square inch of my body less my cock, balls and the inner crevice dimple deep inside of my butt cheeks. His methods were too ruthless to provide any sexual pleasure, not that he tried in any way.

When his massage was completed, he washed my hair and the rest of my body free of the oily mixtures. He then handed me the wash cloth to wash any remnants from my dick, balls, perineum and crack. He then rinsed me with a hose like thing with a wand on the end and then urged me out of the cloth like thing I was wearing thus exposing all to him. He was respectful and maintained my dignity by covering me with towels which he used to dry my skin.

Our time was up so I put my leg on, made a few adjustments and then got dressed. He led me into a private alcove that had a mirror and other items needed to dry and brush out my hair. It even had a brand new tooth brush and pleasant wintergreen toothpaste.

I got to keep the Fundoshi. I hoped that Peter got on too.

We bowed respectfully and then parted ways.

Mom was waiting and said that the others should be joining us very soon.

I asked her, "Did you enjoy your massage?"

Smiling, she replied readily, "I wish we had one of these back home. You look nice. You smell good."

"Thanks mom. You look good wearing a smile. I love you. Thanks. I think we all needed this."

Over the next 10 minutes or so everybody arrived and appeared refreshed and smiling. Even Benji was radiant despite the slight skepticism he'd displayed prior to going in. He informed us that most of the masseurs were in fact Boys from the hospital augmenting their salaries.

It was late. The next item on the agenda was dinner at an exclusive restaurant on the Island. Shoo protested because the place was so expensive, that she could not possibly pay for both ours, hers and Benji's meals. Very respectfully dad shared with Shoo that in American culture it is both right and proper for those persons invited to a meal to simply accept the generosity and to not worry about cost. Mom indicated that if she chose to then Shoo could tip the wait staff. She was agreeable.

We took the tram to the The Mega Tuan Siang Hot Pot Restaurant, a popular eating establishment. The place was packed to the rafters yet we were seated in less than 20 minutes. The maître-d was extremely apologetic because we were delayed. We were led to a table overlooking or would overlook the entire island being that it rotated on its axis every 30 minutes.

Both Antoine and Benji were familiar with the cuisine. They suggested several appetizers and main entrees. Dad announced that price was no cause for concern, to order whatever we wanted.

Benji said, and Antoine interjected at times, "Chongging food is known for its spiciness; dishes are flavored with red pepper, sesame, fermented black beans, scallions, ginger, garlic, wind and soy sauce. The unique feature of the Szechuan cuisine is 'Ma' – the feeling of numbness in the mouth. The Szechuan red peppercorns, known as 'Huaijiao', give Szechuan food its distinctive taste and create a sudden numbing sensation in one's mouth. Another distinctive feature of Szechuan dishes is the use of nuts. Often cashew nuts, walnuts and peanuts are combined with chicken, mushrooms or bean curd to attain the all-important 'texture' which is crucial to all Szechuan dishes. I recommend Szechuan hotpot. This allows us to cook our own food. But menu selections are plentiful."

I like spicy food so I ordered, from the menu, Jiangtuan Fish. Peter ordered a pork leg cooked with candy. Dad and Jeremy ordered Camphor and Tea-Smoked Duck while Andy and Harry ordered Pan-Fried beef slices. Allen and Angel both ordered Squash with Meat Filling while mom ordered Meat with Crispy Rice.

Shoo ordered the Meat with Crispy Rice. Benji and Juan ordered the Squash with Meat Filling.

Dad ordered two bottles of an expensive vintage white wine to go along with the meal since none of us exhibited any signs of alcohol or drug abuse. Matt, Peter and Andy shared bits and pieces of their story with Benji and Shoo. Soon the main courses arrived and were served. Shoo was curious about their experiences of having been drugged during certain times of their abuses. Although graphic details were omitted we felt she had a better idea of where Matt, Peter and Andy had been in their earlier lives. She seemed satisfied. Soon the conversation changed to lighter and more festive topics. I got to thinking about how many changes they'd made in their lives, and in ours too. Peter's eyes were happy, dancing almost. Gone were the worry lines.

When the wine had been served, dad raised his glass and then proposed a toast to our family, "May our lives be happy and prosperous." Following mom and dad's lead we took a sip then clinked glasses together. Mom and dad did their own toast to each other and then sipped from their goblets. Peter and I did likewise, as did Angel and Allen, as did Andy and Harry and Benji. Jeremy quipped, "This isn't fair. My boyfriend isn't here." He playfully pouted, but for just a moment. Nevertheless, Jeremy was missing his Jason. I really felt for him.

Next, Juan stood and announced, "Harry, please stand. I need to tell you something very important."

Harry had been sandwiched between Andy and Benji. Dutifully he got up and walked to and stood before his father.

"Harry, I know that I've done some things in your life that left you behind. You need to know that I've loved you from day one, that I currently do, and that I always will no matter what."

"I already know that dad. You're not telling me anything new. I always knew you were there, I just couldn't see you is all." Benji replied knowingly.

Juan swallowed deeply. He bent his head down. Obviously he was retrieving control over his emotions. After wiping his eyes with a napkin, he looked around the table. Unshed tears once again were apparent. He started to speak a couple of times but was unable to say any words because of his overwhelming emotions.

Jeremy was closest, he handed Juan another cloth napkin that hadn't been used. Juan thanked him then turned away and wiped the tears from his eyes and cheeks. Harry had wrapped his arms around his dad. They had their moment.

Juan then made his announcement: "Harry, Jim and I have talked and negotiated extensively. Now you may not like what is going to happen..."

Harry's jaw dropped to the ground. My concerns increased exponentially. Andy and Benji, clearly upset began getting up from their chairs but Juan motioned for them to sit down – the bastard was smiling. Quickly, to literally save his bacon from a mob of definitely upset teenagers threatening to pounce him, he said, "Harry, Jim made an offer and I accepted permanent employment in... Maui... I hope you find the arrangements satisfactory."

What happened next can only be described as bedlam. Whoops and hollers and cat calls and increased decibels definitely drew the attentions of those around our table. All except Benji. Benji's eyes narrowed, his lips pursed, and he dropped his arms and his shoulders. Then he recovered, albeit slowly. Then it was Andy and Harry's turn to steal away from their initial exuberance. The boys looked at each other back and forth and back and forth as the realization dawned on them that Benji would be remaining in Singapore thus separating them from their life as soul mates.

Andy being the more vocal one of their triangle stood and looked at dad then Juan. He was just about to unleash when both Harry and Benji stood and joined him, each taking one of his arms and held on for – dear life.

"Did I say something wrong? My son, I thought you'd be more receptive..."

Harry spoke to his dad in such a way that clearly indicated his displeasure though respect and dignity for the man who'd fathered him was evident. He said, "Dad, Andy, Benji and I bonded."

I noticed that Benji, with the first clear emotion to pass through his eyes – alarm – looked to his mother. He broke the embrace with his life mates, turned to her, bowed fully and then said, "Mother, it is true. We have bonded at the highest, lowest and deepest levels. I am sorry to disappoint you. I do not know what to do."

Shoo visible swallowed deeply. Together boy and mother continuously and constantly looked at mom, dad and Juan and then back to Benji then back to mom and dad.

Dad nodded to the maître-d then said to us, "Boys, we're going to a room in the restaurant where we can privately talk amongst ourselves. We have some things to take care of."

Slowly, methodically, we all arose from our seats. I felt like we were being herded to the gallows for a verbal slaughtering... but then again I knew dad, mom to a lesser extent, and Shoo not at all. I could only imagine how Andy, Harry and Benji felt. I knew how I would feel if Peter were being plucked away and forced to live half a world away. Peter, walking behind me reached for my hand, took it in his and squeezed firmly. He was feeling the very same way. Allen and Angel, walking ahead of me and Peter had tears threatening to fall from their eyes. They shared our concerns... everybody was on the same page.

When we entered the banquet room, we were more than surprised to see Benji's grandfather, Antoine's Sensei seated at a very large table located in the center of the room. He looked up and then quickly stood and welcomed us in though he didn't say a word. Benji quickly walked the man who'd sired his father, bowed respectfully and fully. Benji was visibly shaken though he valiantly tried to suppress his emotions. While he largely succeeded his demeanor had dramatically changed from where we'd sat in the main part of the restaurant to the room we had been and were being guided to. The suspense and silence in the room was deafening to say the least.

Uncharacteristic for a woman located deep within a patriarchal society, Shoo arose from her chair. At the same time, mom, dad and Juan stood and flanked her side while Benji's grandfather remained seated.

Shoo, clearly uncomfortable, in broken English said to all of us paying particular attention to Benji, "My son, I have known certain things about you since your birth 13 years ago, 14 come November 17th. Your father knew these things also, though not as strong as me since I carried you in my womb for 9 months. You and I too are bonded, obviously, and our bond is stronger and will remain stronger than to anyone present in this room, or anywhere else in this world."

Benji nodded knowingly. He stood but Shoo motioned for him to remain seated. This is highly uncharacteristic because even male children hold a higher caste than she who gives her underlings birth. Antoine and Benji would later explain this relationship between mother and son.

Shoo continued, "My child, your father and I, we loved you deeply. Your father was a good man. Excuse me; your father had many difficulties inside of his temple. But he was an honorable man despite them. He only meant well."

Again Benji nodded hesitantly. He alone would later discuss with us in private things that he himself would have to be aware of later in life.

"Your grandfather, your father's father is ill, his time is limited. <Benji's grandfather silently and barely nodded his approval>. A very difficult situation exists in that his remaining sons are estranged both paternally and legally. Your grandfather's castle has been overtaken by litigation. His castle was designed to be yours however that tradition cannot and will not be honored. I am sorry; I had great plans for you despite our homeland tenants. I will now defer to Mr. Cisneros."

With that Shoo sat. She looked to Juan and bowed from her seat.

Juan stood, looked around the room. Then he did the absolute worst thing that could ever be done to a child who felt as though his life was ending. He smiled wicked big and chuckled.

He assessed the mood in the room, and finding it hostile quickly turned to Harry and said, "Son, I am very aware that you are gay. We've talked about it. You were very, very worried that you'd never find a mate and felt that you would never be happy. I was very proud of you for coming to that acceptance. But, as I told you then... you were dead wrong and still are dead wrong if you believe it. Your acceptance was bold and complete. To that I accepted your fate knowing that you would have to find out for yourself."

Quickly, Harry stood and walked to his father. "Dad, I was dead wrong. You were right." With that Harry and his father hugged deeply.

"Okay, now that we have that straightened out... I have accepted a position with Jim's company so that I can be home. Your mother and I will work something out so that we all win. I've spoken to her and she is amendable to modified custody arrangements. The important thing is that you and Andy will be able to be a couple in a way that I hope is acceptable to you."

Andy got up, walked to Juan and Harry, all the while looking intently at Benji. Without worry, Harry added, "Dad, Andy and Benji and I are a bonded triangle. Our bond is deep and everlasting... we have no choice... our triangle is complete."

Andy said, "Benji. We love you beyond words. Please join us. We are us."

Benji quickly looked to his mother. She nodded. He got up and walked to the two boys and Juan. She said to Benji, "Your triangle is complete. I found it odd yet I was not and am not surprised, and I am not distraught. Quite the opposite is true, my child. We will be traveling to America."

Benji's eyes lit up. He visibly shook as a chill passed through his body. Andy and Harry, in tune with Benji's emotions, body and spirit quickly took hold of Benji's hands. They looked at each other with wonder and hope... and yes with questioning in their eyes as well.

As if perfectly orchestrated, Juan said, "Boys, Shoo has agreed to travel to our country. She has accepted a position in our household for as long as she wants it. Harry, she will be our housekeeper since domestic engineering is not particularly in our blood. She will also assume all our cooking."

Harry, clearly elated yet reserved in his thoughts asked in wonderment, "Does that mean Benji will live with us?"

To his son he said, "That's correct. I hope this meets with your approval."

"So... mom, dad, does that mean... that we can, you know... visit most all the time... you know..."

Benji and Harry both looked at dad expectantly but remained silent. Mom nodded. Dad said, "As much as possible but you know there is school to think about."

Andy said, "But dad, Alice could home school Benji too, and Harry too... couldn't she? I mean, well you know..."

Harry smiled. Then a look of alarm quickly took hold, "Dad? Can we, I mean me, well you know... can we?"

Shoo quickly answered for Benji, "That is acceptable, my son. I cannot speak for Mr. Cisneros though."

Harry jerked his head toward his father. Juan smiled again, "I hear the Hawaii school system sucks... somehow we'd make the school system work for you... hmmmm... we'll have to see... what about Alice... doesn't she have a say so?"

Okay, I couldn't take it anymore. I said seriously, "Alice has a great big table. There are two or three chairs... you know... I don't think she would have a problem. Mom please help us out here."

An ornery smile quickly appeared on mom's face. "Honey, I think we missed an important detail... we'll have to ask Alice. We don't want to burden her..."

Dad smiled at mom... they were definitely fucking with us... how can you deny someone an education for fuck sakes!

Juan, playing into the situation said, "There's only one way to know for sure."

With that a large curtain opened which revealed a very large in-wall screen TV monitor. An aide entered the room with a console and sat it in front of dad. He pressed some buttons. Within seconds the monitor came to life. Jason, William, Horace and Alice appeared onscreen. After greetings were exchanged, mom said, "Alice, we seem to have an issue. It seems that Andy will be bringing two people home to Hawaii... you know... well Juan and Harry are going to be living in Maui on a permanent basis."

Alice said, "And you want me to add two new students... I don't know about that..."

Meanwhile Jason was doing everything in his power to gain Jeremy's attention. Jeremy meanwhile was doing the same thing to Jason. Their affections for each other were very evident. The only thing they didn't do was to whap 'em out for each other, and everyone else to see. Whatever :-)

William meanwhile was looking with absolute "duh" written all across his face. He said, "Mom... you know we have plenty of room."

Jason, with baited breath added, "Mom, you used to teach 25 students at a time back home in Missouri..."

Seriously, Alice said, "Sure. We'll manage. We'll resume classes on Monday... Harry, Benji (how did she know their names?) I'm a stickler on being on time... do you think you could make it on time... if you can't then the arrangement won't work out."

Simultaneously, Andy, Harry and Benji gave their most innocent answer: "YES!"

Both rooms then got deathly silent – we were waiting for THE word.

Juan said, "I'll make sure my son, at least, is on time. I can't speak for the others... but I think we can work something out."

Slowly, as to edge that sword deeper... our room waited for the adults to give their approvals. Mom said it all, "Then all is set. You boys will have to behave and do all that is required to make it work."

With nary a second of hesitation... the room erupted in loud cheers... surely the noise was loud enough to gain the attentions of those in the main restaurant... if it did nothing was said.

Once the connection was disconnected (oh yeah, Jason and Jeremy made it known that they'd call later on to go 'over the details'. I knew, as did Allen, Angel, Andy, Matt and Antoine, Harry and Benji just knew exactly what those 'details' were. I chuckled but didn't say anything. Peter grabbed hold of my finger and rubbed my bird in such a way as to create a massive bone in my pants. I looked at him... he had a definite bulge tenting out the zipper of his own attire.

Benji went to his grandfather, urged him to stand and then they headed to a dark corner of the room. They spoke for maybe 20 minutes before returning to the table. Benji was smiling, his grandfather amused... he had a hint of a smile on his elderly face. He said to all in attendance, "Blessings my grandson. Be happy. Be well. Be prosperous. Worry not about me; my life is full... and yes, it is complete."

Suffice it to say... many celebrations were held that night. There was very little sleep to be had but there was one hell of a lot of celebrating. Poor Jeremy. Poor Jason.

*-* Friday *-*

We were awoken at an ungodly hour... 4:30am to be exact. Peter and I had had only about an hour and a half of uninterrupted sleep and were quite grumpy. Andy, Benji and Harry, later on told me that they had completely consummated their love, commitment and bonding... up until dad rang their room for 'wake up'. They were the last to arrive for breakfast... in fact they were 5 minutes late.

Needless to say, as soon as the plane took off, we piled into the king size bed located in a fully equipped bedroom... and promptly felt asleep oblivious to the storm on the distant horizon.

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