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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 20

Peter, also being an early riser joined me in the pool about a half hour after mom went into the house. We added 1 to our customary 25 laps just for good measures.

"Thanks for helping me do better and get faster with my laps, Antoine. Correcting my tuck and roll really made a difference."

"No prob, bro. I need to make some adjustments to form so that a couple of muscle groups get stretched better. I taught you and Matt how to adjust to the limitations put onto your bodies by the operations. Now that you're healed and are no longer in pain, it's time to put some pain into the regimen." I said smiling. Peter grimaced. I laughed and added, "It's not that bad, don't worry. Sometimes I go overboard with my body... I'm reevaluating a few things within myself, Peter."

"Like what?" Peter asked curiously then added, "I mean, your body is in really good shape. It's toned and it's disciplined."

"I'll agree, my body is in good condition. <I chuckled at remembering Jesus' take downs since we returned home, but then turned serious> I'm working on my inner being. During our travels, during our meditations I see many weaknesses and holes inside of myself."

"Bro, I don't see you broken. Other than David, you're the strongest person I know... Benji's strong but, I can't put my finger on it, you're stronger. Can I ask you a question about yesterday?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure... I'll answer you truthfully."

"I know you will. Thanks for being open with me. I'm sorry... why didn't you let Jesus avenge his brothers' death? You know... when... when he had the chance?" Peter asked seriously.

I looked into his eyes. It was a question that I'd thought of a few times but didn't really come to a conclusion about until just then... I said, "Because Jesus has seen enough violence. It was not and is not his duty to avenge his brothers' death. I saw that yesterday when I looked into Pablo's eyes. All I saw was evil, Peter. With that degree of evil no amount of love will overcome it. Pablo has many demons inside of his being."

"But Jesus hates Pablo for killing Manual, doesn't he?"

"Yes. I have hate for Pablo too. This is a weakness that I must overcome."

I looked into Peter's eyes. The windows to his soul were somewhat confused about why I didn't take out Pablo when I had the opportunity to do so. Peter put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed warmly.

"So why didn't you?" He asked seriously.

"Because retaliation is not honorable and proper under any circumstance. Retaliation is a sign of weakness. This is one of the holes... Peter I truly wanted to remove Pablo's life forces. I must admit that I wanted to. I fought with myself. I'm still fighting myself and I'm glad you brought your question to me."

"But... you didn't hurt him even though you really wanted to... that shows me that you have great strength, Antoine. I don't think I could have done what you did."

"Yes you could have Peter. You're very strong. I admire your strength and inner beauty. I'm amazed. You should be very proud. I hope to emulate your ways."

Peter's eyes filled with tears. He choked, "David says I'm strong... I just don't see it, is that wrong?"

"No, it's not wrong that we are blind to our strengths. Our soul mates help us to see, and even if we don't see then they see it." I said realizing that one of my weaknesses was slowly slipping away. I added, "I see Matt's strength. He doesn't think he's strong though. I must speak to him of the realization you helped me to see."

With that said, I turned to leave after deeply hugging Peter. He stopped me, "Aren't you testifying today? Mom said something about us staying home today... I don't remember the judge releasing you... you know after..."

I carefully regarded Peter. I realized that all that could possibly be done for Manual was already done. The truth was told... what was done with it was up to mere mortals. They would not require my sperms... my sperms belonged only to Matt... They were not to be nor would they be shared in any test tube or Petri dish or machine or centrifuge. I shared my thoughts and feelings with him, my brother.

He asked, "Aren't you even going to go to court to hear the verdict read and his sentence?"

"I need not be present to hear that which is already known, my brother. There is no punishment appropriate 'enough', including death, which will change what has already been destined. I will not dirty my hands with his scum. Besides, I see no life within the body and spirit of he who snuffed the innocent life of a child. Likely, his sentence is and will be utter darkness. No human punishment can top that, not even execution."

"I never thought about it that way. It makes sense though. So, does that mean you've forgiven him?"

"No. Take note, I am but a mere mortal. I have conflict. Right now, I am not yet ready to release the conflict. Perhaps in time I will."

"Yeah, I'm the same way... with my uncle and to a lesser extent my biological mother although with her my coming to grips was helped by her death in prison. Antoine?"

'Yes brother."

"I'll always be in your corner, no matter what. I cannot not be."

"Thank you. I feel the same way about you. I must go check on Jesus... he is deeply troubled and his spirit is ailing with uncertainties. I must work on teaching him about his mind control, and at the same time help back him to being a little boy again. On the other hand you should have seen him playing with the dolphins. He was a child. I'm afraid that I reverted into childish games... and you know what?"


"It felt good, really good."

*-* Sunday *-*

On Saturday afternoon Father Ben had called and said that his altar boys, two brothers, had unexpected business come up preventing them from performing their commitments on Sunday morning. He asked if I would serve. I agreed, without question, and then asked if I could bring Jesus to serve with me, that I needed something to bring the boy up and out of his profound depression. Of course my idea met high up on his approval list of things to do for the boy.

On Sunday morning, on his way to work, Jeremy dropped me off at Jesus' home. He told me to call him when I was ready to return later that afternoon.

I greeted Maria warmly. She told me Jesus hadn't left his bed since Friday afternoon when Pablo's not-guilty by reason of insanity verdict was announced. I'd not heard the verdict because I hadn't wanted to hear it. Mom and dad knew the verdict, however they respected my not needing to know, and they also did not tell anyone else.

Maria said that Pablo would be transferred to a prison mental health facility on the mainland within a couple of weeks. She wanted to go see him before he was transferred because she'd probably never see him again since her funds would not permit her to travel that far.

I told her of Father Ben's request. While she was cautiously hopeful that Jesus' serving would be good for him she was realistically skeptical that he'd agree, much less cooperate.

Jesus was lying in bed on his stomach with the covers drawn up and over his head. He didn't even move when I sat down and put my hand on his back and ran it up and down his spine. His hair was such that I knew he'd not showered or attended to his other needs, other than to empty his bladder and bowels... but even, as Maria reported, that was scant since he'd not ate or drank anything since Friday morning.

While rubbing the matted hair on his head, I said, "Mi hermano, mi servidumbre, su madre está muy preocupada por ti. Su hermano, AZ, está muy preocupado por usted. Por encima de todo, estoy muy preocupado por usted. Entiendo cómo te sientes. Piense en lo que sucedió así, un poco. Su hermano Pablo, que estaba loco para haber hecho lo que hizo el manual. No hay otra explicación que tenga sentido. Su destino es la oscuridad, la separación y la desolación. Su destino no puede ser nuestro destino, hijo." [My brother, my bonded one, your mother is very worried about you. Your brother, AZ, is very worried about you. Most of all, I am very worried for you. I understand how you feel. Think of what happened like this, little one. Your brother Pablo, he was crazy to have done what he did to Manual. There is no other explanation that makes any sense. His destiny is darkness, separation and desolation. His destiny cannot be our destiny, child.]

Woefully, Jesus replied, the first words in many days, ""Mi hermano está muerto a causa de él. Debí dejar que me follan hasta que ya no podía coger más. Habría dejado mi hermano Manual ir. Es mi culpa. Mi Dios nunca me va a perdonar, nunca. Vaya, voy a morir pronto. Yo estaré con Manual, una vez más. GO!" [My brother is dead because of him. I should have let him fuck me until he could no longer fuck anymore. He would have let my brother Manual go. It is my fault. My God will never forgive me, ever. Go away, I will die soon. I will be with Manual once again. GO!]

I replied, "Obviamente, Jesús, que son incorrectas. El padre de Ben quiere a servir la misa de esta mañana, en la iglesia. Si usted muere, su madre le echo mucho de menos ... que se rompa su corazón, tal vez ella no puede seguir así. Tal vez AZ también morirá ... y luego ¿qué? La familia Moreno, puf, se fue de esa manera. ¿Es eso lo que quieres?" [Obviously, Jesus, you are incorrect. Father Ben wants us to serve Mass this morning, in church. If you die, your mother will miss you very much... it will break her heart, maybe she cannot go on. Maybe AZ will die too... and then what? The Moreno family, poof, gone just like that, is that what you want?]

He replied, "Sí, mi padre nos dejó antes de AZ, mi hermano menor, había nacido. Mi hermano, ese hijo de puta, Pablo mató a mi hermano Manual, y ahora el juez me mató. Por lo tanto, voy a morir. Mi hermano AZ, que es más fuerte que yo, Antoine. Mi madre, que le dan vida a nosotros. Váyase." [Yes, my father left us before AZ, my little brother, was born. My brother, that motherfucker, Pablo killed my brother Manual, and now the judge killed me. So, I will die. My brother AZ, he is stronger than me, Antoine. My mother, she give life to us. Go away.]

"Así que ... si tu hermano AZ y su madre Maria morir ... , no eres mejor que Pablo. Que se han muerto, y tú dices que no te importa." [So... if your brother AZ and your mother Maria die... then you are no better than Pablo. You will have killed them, and you say you don't care...]

"Vete a la mierda ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" [Fuck you... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!] Jesus screamed then before I could do anything, because he acted so very, very fast, his roundhouse kick kicked me to the floor with his foot then jumped off the bed in an arc with his other foot quickly arriving toward my neck for the lethal blow that would send me off to the Promised Land.

I acted very quickly before it could land and connect. I grabbed his ankles and easily tossed him to the floor, his head landing immediately next to mine. He lay limp, although he was not hurt, far from it.

"Jesús, tiene que parar esto. Usted va a terminar haciendo muy lastimado. Usted no puede cuidar pero yo sí. Tu mamá se preocupa. Su hermano pequeño - que le importa. Mi familia se preocupa. Harry le importa. Juan se preocupa. Todo el mundo, pero se cuida. No dejaré que te destruyes a ti mismo, Jesús. Te amo, y lo hace todo el mundo que te rodea. Usted tiene cosas buenas por hacer, hijo." [Jesus, you must stop this. You will end up getting very hurt. You may not care but I do. Your momma cares. Your little brother - he cares. My family cares. Harry cares. Juan cares. Everybody, but you, cares. I will not let you destroy yourself, Jesus. I love you, and so does everybody around you. You have good things left to do, child.]

"¿Cómo qué? No soy bueno." [Like what? I am no good.]

"Niño, si no eran buenos, entonces no se enojara. Su corazón está sufriendo. Su espíritu está herido. Yo le ayudará a sanar, sino que tiene que hacer su parte, un poco. Puede empezar por ayudarme a servir a la misa." [Child, if you were no good then you would not be angry. Your heart is hurting. Your spirit is bruised. I will help you heal but you have to do your part, little one. You can start by helping me serve Mass.]

Jesus shrugged his shoulders. He looked at me. The look in his eyes told me that he wanted to believe my words, yet his struggle was great and very nearly overpowering. His face then took on a blank stare... he was looking straight ahead. He put his hands over his eyes, like he was trying to keep something out, or was trying to keep himself locked inside of his self-imposed prison walls.

That lasted for maybe 2 minutes. With resignation in his young, not yet changing voice despite the dark hairs adorning his pubes, he said, "Manual, me dice lo que usted dice es verdadero y correcto, que debe servir la Misa Él me dice que no es correcto hacer mamá se preocupe más de lo que ya tiene que hacerlo. Sí." [Manual, he tells me what you say is true and correct, that I should serve Mass. He tells me that it is not right to make momma worry more than she already has to. Yes.]

Slowly, weak with hunger, Jesus stood, reached his hand to mine, and although his help was not needed he needed to feel needed by helping me up to my feet.

I squeezed his hand then let go. Piece by piece, slowly, methodically, I took off my shirt, shoes, socks and then my dress slacks. I folded them neatly and sat them on his dresser. Next, I removed my underwear and stood before him naked as the day I'd been born. I took his hand and led him into the bathroom where I removed his dirty filthy underwear, turned on the shower and got the water to temperature while he sat on the toilet, and from the way he looked, took a dump. He tore off a large piece of tissue paper and reached it to me. I said, "Limpie su propio culo hijo,. Usted debe hacer lo que puede hacer y son capaces de hacer por sí mismo. Date prisa, no debemos llegar tarde." [Wipe your own butt, child. You must do what you can do and are able to do for yourself. Hurry, we must not be late.]

With that, after wiping his butt, without a word, without even a glance he got into the shower, wet himself down and then handed me the bottle of shampoo. 15 minutes later he was putting on a clean pair of underwear then smartly dressed in his Sunday best while I finished drying off and did the same.

Freshly showered, we walked into the kitchen area where Maria was early in the process of making a large batch of burritos. Tears came to her eyes when she saw that we were dressed and ready to go out. She said, "Llame a su familia. Vamos a celebrar con una comida de burritos, ¿no?" [Call your family. We shall celebrate with a meal of burritos, yes?]

"Si." I replied.

Jesus, skittish, walked to his mother, quietly stood in front of her for a few seconds then reached his arms toward her outstretched arms. He said, "Lamento que te preocupes, madre. Estoy triste y enojado. Voy a ser un buen hijo para ti, voy a tratar, realmente lo intentaré. Ten paciencia conmigo." [I am sorry to worry you, mother. I am sad and angry. I shall be a good son to you, I'll try, I'll really try. Be patient with me.]

Quickly, with a hint of anger in her eyes, and a bit of sharpness to her tongue, she replied, "Ningún hijo. No voy a ser paciente. Tenemos que vivir. He perdido dos hijos, no voy a perder a otro. Id, servid a misa, voy a esperar a que se levantan muy temprano todas las mañanas. Que servirá misa todos los días. A continuación, Antoine y va a trabajar para sanar su corazón. ¿Me entiendes, pequeña?" [No son. I will not be patient. We must live. I have lost two sons, I will not lose another. Go, serve Mass, I will expect you to get up very early every morning. You will serve Mass everyday. Then Antoine and you will work to heal your heart. Do you understand me, little one?]

"Whoa, sí. Vamos Antoine. Mamá, ella me tiro ... ¿cómo se dice? 'Ass'" [Whoa, yes. Come on Antoine. Momma, she'll kick my... how do you say it? Ass.]

Maria took hold of Jesus chin then used the fingers on her other hand to pinch his lips tightly closed. Maria did not like curse words. Instead of admonishing him she kissed his lips then when he turned to get away from her she popped him on the butt with her open hand. The boy squealed, grabbed my hand then led me out of the house, but Maria followed. She grabbed my chin and did the same thing she'd done to her own son. I said, "Yo le enseñará correctamente para que su boca no se metiera en problemas, y por lo que es honorable y respetuoso, mientras que al mismo tiempo que respeta a su templo. Vamos a ir ahora." [I will teach him correctly so that his mouth does not get him in trouble, and so that he is honorable and respectful while at the same time he respects his temple. We shall go now.]


What that said we took off for church, served Father Ben, and then headed to back to his place, stopping by the ocean to see if our friends, the dolphins were present and accounted for. We didn't see them so without further adieu we went on to his place.

The Escalade was parked in front of his house, as was Jeremy's truck, as was Juan's Toyota SUV, and also Alice and Horace' Mountaineer. Our vehicle, due to the increase in family size and our growth would no longer allow us to all ride at the same time in the same vehicle. Dad had mentioned getting one of those smaller transportation buses to transport us altogether but as of yet hadn't.

The burritos, as usual, were to die for. Even Jesus ate his heart out. The atmosphere was relaxed, jovial and lighthearted. Jesus was busily telling everyone of our experiences with the dolphins with me filling in a few other minor details.

When dinner was completed, Maria gave severe admonishments at our feeble attempts to help with cleanup so we took off outside. Jesus was preoccupied with taking the rest of the guys to where the dolphins had been so Matt and I took off down the beach to the rocks so that we could have some alone time, something we'd not had enough of over the past several days. Sure, we'd had sex a few times but we hadn't had that close, intimate, bonding time that we both loved so much. We climbed up, though it wasn't the most favorite thing for Matt to do since that is where he'd been with his old boyfriend Brad when he was hurt and left alone. He was getting much, much better, relaxed, and like me he found it to be a very spiritual place.

When we arrived up there, we stripped, neatly folded our good clothes, and then just sat on the special seat overlooking the ocean. Far off in the distance, seemingly close to the horizon we observed a bunch of people and they were our brothers and friends. Life was good. We sat there for quite some time just relishing the view, listening to the sound of the waves crashing in, and our company with each other. We didn't talk about anything hot and heavy. Instead, we just spent time getting our individual and togetherness lives together once again.

As it were, after a couple of hours of small talking and stillness we made our way down to where I'd called home for a few months, seemingly forever ago. There we listened to the almost echo like sounds the waves were creating and reinforcing. We'd been there before, just the two of us, sometimes with our brothers, mostly not with them though.

The cave had a number of shelf like outcroppings just before the cave narrowed to a crawling sized space only. That's where I'd kept my provisions and put the blankets to stay dry and away from the spray that occasionally made its way up the sheer rock cliff.

Matt smirked while passing his hands up and over and around my neck, while kissing fervently, chest, back, torso, and well he liked (likes) my butt – in more ways than one. Together, we retrieved the towels and laid them out on the cave floor. The 'bedding' was very hard and quite cool but we made do with its attributes a number of times.

Satiated, and so very much in love, we, while relishing our physical, emotional and spiritual journey into the solar orbits, fell asleep holding each other protectively, lovingly and filled with support. It was a restful sleep... free from the worries of the world, concerns, and whathaveyou, something neither of us had experienced at least from when the trial had begun.

The cave, usually dark, was pitch black when I awoke. No longer did I hear the ocean singing its song, and no longer was the sunshine entering the get-away. Urgently needing to pee, I walked to the mouth and found that the sun was nearly set down on the horizon; just a sliver of it remained.

Now, I'm pretty agile when it comes to rock climbing but I wasn't prepared for doing it in the dark. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we'd never make it down before the sun was entirely set. I'd slept in that cave many times, but Matt hadn't ever slept in it.

"Antoine?" A voice said from the stillness and darkness.

"I'm over here, babe. I'm about 30 paces from you." I said softly then turned away from the ocean and walked to where our nest was. I felt his leg so I sat down and took him in my arms.

"I'm kinda scared up here. I don't know where anything is. And I'm afraid to go looking."

"I've spent a lot of time here, before we met. I know this place like the back of my hand." I said assuredly.

Matt giggled, "I didn't notice any men's rooms around here. Did you see them on our way up?"

I chuckled, "No, this cave hasn't been developed yet, sorry."

"You oaf. What time is it? We should probably be getting back." Matt said into my ear while kissing my ear lobe.

"Oops... no clothes, remember... besides there's no cell phone reception here. Babe, the sun is just about down. We're going to stay put tonight. It's too dangerous to try and make it down. We both know the area but we haven't done it at night, have you?"

"Well, I did it once... anyway, I won't do it again. Will we be okay here?" Matt said cautiously, questioningly.

"Yeah, we'll be fine. We'll want to wrap up in blankets because it gets cold and damp at night. I'm more concerned about mom, dad and everybody worrying about us." I said.

"Yeah, but they know we know this area pretty good, and that we'll take shelter if it was needed, like now." Matt said while patting my back. He added, "Okay, developed or not, I need to use the boy's room."

With that said I took Matt to where I'd long ago designated a bathroom location where we took care of business. Finished, I led us back to our nest then reached into a cubbyhole where I kept toilet paper, and then after taking care of that little piece of business we got two blankets under us and two more on top of us. From our combined body heat, all snugged in and everything, our needs made their selves known. Our kissing became urgent, our maleness grew to attention, and our breathing became somewhat labored and very fast.

Matt made known his desires for me to enter his body in the way that we'd always found gratifying... however, found that without copious quantities of lube I was unable to satisfy his wishes. He acquiesced after promising him that I'd spear him once we returned home. But... that didn't stop us from pleasuring one another through other means. Without any difficulty he was able to, and did spear my inner sanctum and eject his life giving nectars deep inside of my existence. I know this sounds weird, but I was able to expel his love juices in his hand which he used to lube his tunnel adequately. With considerable difficulty, though it was extremely fun at the same time, I was able to give him that which he desired. Because of the serious friction on most of my dick I didn't last long before jettisoning my own desires into his inner reaches.

Even though we'd slept the afternoon away, sleep found us once again... I'd found that cold causes one to sleep soundly once you get to sleep. Such was the case again.

When I awoke I saw some glimmers of light coming from the direction of the caves' mouth. Although my muscles were a little bit stiff and sore, I felt rested and ready to get the day started. I was also hungry. My stomach was growling. But I needed to pee first!

I got up after checking to make sure Matt was okay and walked to the mouth of the cave. The sun was up and shining brightly through the cloudless skies, the trade winds were blowing moderately… it was going to be a nice warm day. Feeling free and liberated, I held out my fully elongated prong and proceeded to send an arc of my pent up urine onto the rocks far below our level.

Just then I felt Matt's presence. His hand found my butt cheek. Lazily, he held on then used his other hand to hold his fully erect wand up and out so that he too could pee off the side.

"Ya ready?" Matt said imploringly.

"No, not yet, the rocks are still wet and slippery, plus we need to first put our stuff away so that it's dry the next time we come here." I said as Matt fondled my maleness (which hadn't gone down by the way).

"That's not what I was talking about studly..."

"Ohhhhhhhh.... okayyyyyyyyyyy... hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well now... woof, woof."

Needless to say... Mm hmmmm... the rocks were dry and warm by the time we headed out into the sunshine, and it was nearly noon before making it home. I'm sure we made quite a sight what with wearing our Sunday best clothes and dirty and grimy from a 'little' hike around the island, sleeping on a cold hard floor all night, and our trudge up the beach, dressing only about a mile from home.

"Go take a shower. You have 20 minutes." Mom glowered as we walked into the house. Dad was none too happy. The guys just looked at us like were Martians from outer space or something. Silently we went to our room, stripped, took a quick shower, and then got dressed in jean shorts and t-shirts before heading for execution.

Matt and I talked... knowing that they would have been worried... and our cavalier attitude toward our 'together' time. With heaviness we went into the dining room where everybody was gathered. They'd been waiting for us, and were loaded for bear, and then lit into us for being irresponsible and uncaring. Jeremy related how he'd drove up and down the beach looking for any sign of us, and how he'd felt when he had to return home with the news that he'd seen nothing of us.

Sheepishly, I explained how we'd fallen asleep in the cave, and that it was too dark and the rocks were too slick to descend from the rocks. That was countered by asking us why we didn't call... and the lame excuse of leaving our clothes above the cave... and waiting for the rocks to dry... and well, a lot was left out but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where our priorities had been during our absence.

Our apologies and vow to not ever do that again without first calling were offered and accepted. No direct punishment was handed down although I wanted to say more than once that Matt and I needed our time alone... but I understood their worry and never wanted them to worry like that again.

*-* David's POV *-*

Once the family meeting was over, I said to Peter, "Let's take a walk. Grab your cell phone while I tell mom and dad that we're going to take a walk down the beach."

Peter smiled. Mom and dad were okay with us taking a walk to just be alone for the afternoon – but to be home for dinner AND to take our cell phones AND use them if we were going to be late.

Jeremy said, "David, I'll take you and Peter down if you want me to... I know your Leg is great and everything... but that's quite a way down there.

I replied, "Thanks bro; we'll be fine. Maybe we'll call when we're ready to come back, okay?"

"Sure thing. Jason and I may head down there later this afternoon... haven't talked to him about it yet."

Peter and I took off for the shore, not 100 yards from our front door, and began aimlessly walking down the beach with no destination in mind. My Leg felt wonderful... it was so much better than even the great one I'd had before. BTW, dad and I worked out my feelings of being ungrateful for the money he'd put out... he was just glad that I had even more versatility, mobility, and freedom. We decided to try to give the other leg to someone who might have needed it.

Peter and I had gone to work with dad one day. Alex's prosthetic shop was less than half a mile from dad's office. Alex, reluctantly, had to tell us that he could not sell an already used prosthetic but that perhaps we could sell it on Craig's list or some other online venue, or perhaps we'd come across someone who might need one and who did not have the money to pay for one, or we could donate it to GAAY, perhaps.

Alex asked if he could see my new prosthesis. He was absolutely intrigued by the apparatus, and had me go through the entire fitting process to see how it worked, and took pictures from all angles so that he could submit its specifications to American manufacturers. He told us that he'd call once he found out something. He was definitely excited, and told us that the design and everything would be a major breakthrough in the world of prosthetics in the US. We told him we'd try to find out where my new Leg had been made.

Anyway, we went walking down the beach just minding our own business. There were still some tourists but we tried to stay away from them as we didn't really want to answer their million questions, and selfishly we just wanted our time alone.

We didn't do much or talk much, other than hold hands the entire way, and stole a kiss every now and again. When we arrived at the isolated section of beach, where Antoine and Matt had stolen away to the previous night, Peter suggested that we go out into the surf since it was shallow and everything.

Stripped of our clothing, and my Leg, we moseyed into the shallow surf, dodged some waves, laughed and carried on, getting some dunks in, and then settled down and just sat still.

Peter sat down behind my back and wrapped his arms around my midsection and squeezed lovingly. I raised my arms up, put them around his neck, brought our faces together and kissed him passionately. He dropped down his hands and grabbed that which designates me male and squeezed. I pushed his hand away because my experiences at jacking with sand and salt on that little fellow had met with much less than desirable results.


Peter, undeterred, grabbed my prong firmly in his palm, began jacking without sliding his fingers over the sensitive surface tissues ON my penis. Before too long, the little fishes were provided a dessert of the human variety. Being totally 'preoccupied' by the experience, we paid no attention to a particularly high wave and got knocked onto our backs with water entering our noses. We came up sputtering, not so much from the water entering our oral caverns but because we were laughing so hard!

When we regained our composure, which didn't take long because we heard laughing in the background, I turned around and saw AZ and Jesus laughing their fool (said fondly) heads off. They were jabbering back and forth in their native language, laughing and rolling somersaults in the sand, pointing at us, and then rolling around some more.

They quickly stripped down naked and joined us. While I had no idea what EXACTLY they had been laughing and carrying on about... heh heh … it doesn't take a rocket scientist to have a good calculated idea about what they'd seen.

After playing with them for a while, David and I sat in the sand, watched the boys for a while and then dried off under the heat of the sun and from the trade wind breezes then got dressed and continued lazily heading down the beach to nowhere in particular, after telling the boys we'd see them later.

It was nice to be alone with Peter. With all that had been going on in our lives, in our family, and with our friends, we just didn't have a problem with being alone for a change.

I love my Peter more than life itself. I was so close to passing beyond... regardless of where my illness might have taken me, I knew he was always there in the present. That was a present in and of itself. I turned and saw Peter looking deeply into my eyes. He smiled then in front of God, the ocean, and whoever else looking on, kissed me deeply, not expecting anything in return.

When we came up for air, Peter said, "Not to worry, babe. We're here because we can't be anywhere else."

I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was right.

I looked back over my shoulder. The boys were no longer in sight. I giggled at remembering their antics, and even knowing that they'd probably seen Peter and me relieving some steam. Peter smiled then trailed his hand down my shorts and rested his fingers within my crevice, pushing in, in, in, until they were stopped by the thin fabric of my shorts. I said, "I gotsa itch babe. You're playing with fire there, buster."

"No worry, I'll hose it down, don't you worry." Peter said, and the same time his eye bore holes into my soul, sending shards of pleasure into my deepest essence. It felt like he was almost 'there', like his manhood was pushing against my pucker. He then slipped his hand inside my shorts but outside my underwear and did the same thing again... I was getting turned on to maximum overdrive, barely controlling my urges to have him poke me right there on the beach in broad daylight in front of anybody who might have been within seeing distance, notwithstanding binoculars.

Just as I reached down to unsnap my shorts to prepare for a proper pegging by he who I love with all my heart a loud truck air horn blasted bringing us up and out of the trenches of making out. Quickly, we looked to our side and saw that it was Jeremy's truck. He was flashing his lights on and off, and blaring his horn.

I pulled my shirt down. Peter rearranged his and at the same zipped up the zipper holding his pants in check, and his male gland in.

Getting your breath back in a matter of 5 seconds is not an easy feat to accomplish... let me tell you. Fluster doesn't easily go away, and a penis does not go down in a heartbeat, or two.

Initially, we thought something was wrong but as soon as he drove up to us and Jason rolled down the window we knew there wasn't anything wrong... both were smirking, and both pulled their binoculars from their laps. Jason, laughing, said, "Geez, go get a room willya!"

Jeremy wasn't any better. Wearing his trademark lopsided grin from ear to ear, he said to Jason, "You know there aren't any rooms down here. Hop in guys. I've got an idea." We got in the backseat. Jason flashed Jeremy a wicked smile and then they both turned around to look at us.

Jeremy said, more seriously and brotherly, "Hey guys, Jason and I came down here so we could go walking like you guys did. Did you know its 7 miles back home?" Not waiting for an answer he continued, "I'm going to park this truck between the dunes... the lube, towels and Handi-wipes are in the console. Have fun."

With that said they got out of the truck, undressed to their skins, tossed their clothes into the front seats and took off down the beach leaving Peter and I looking at each other wondering if we should... Chuckling, I said, "We've never done it on a backseat..."

Peter grabbed my member of maleness, then with a very, very seductive smile and squeeze said, "Not yet we haven't!"

An hour and a half later, asleep in our arms, we were rudely awoken by the opening of the truck doors, snickering, and a chuckle or two.

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