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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 7

"Jim. David. Peter went through his surgery just fine, he is stable and will be moved to the recovery room in just a few minutes where he will be for a couple of hours and then he will be moved to Intensive Care Unit for the rest of the night , and probably tomorrow.. He's breathing on his own very well. All of his vital signs are stable and we did not need to give him any blood transfusions. His spleen was injured but was not ruptured. We were able to repair it. He also had a bleeding spot on his liver that required nothing special done. There were no other abnormalities in his abdomen, and we looked at everything. While we were in there his appendix was also removed incidentally so that appendicitis will not be a concern for him in the future. We were able to do the surgery laparoscopically, meaning we did not have to cut him wide open. He will recuperate much more quickly."

"We did have to remove his testicle and a very large blood clot in his scrotum. His left testicle was damaged beyond repair, and his right one is severely bruised. Most likely it took a direct hit from some very hard object. We took pictures of his injuries so that they are be documented for law enforcement. While we had him under the bright lights, clear indentations of belt buckle marks were seen. Jim, I hope the child does will not return to the environment where his injuries were sustained."

"We are concerned with his blood sugar. It was quite high when the lab work was drawn, however when we retested it in the operating room, it was better though not quite normal. It is nothing to be alarmed over. We will just need to keep an eye on it."

"Will he be in a lot pain, Doctor?" Dad asked.

"No, but he will be very sore. The laparoscopic method is much less traumatic than the open surgical procedure. He will, of course have access to pain medication as he requires. As far as his testicular incision, I am positive a few stitches being there is much less uncomfortable than the pain from the severe damage that ruptured his testicle. We did put a tube through his urethra after we put him to sleep so he can pee. We will take that out tomorrow afternoon and go from there. We do that because not being able to pee is a common side effect, for a day or two, and is quite painful when it happens."

"Thank you, doctor. Thanks for taking good care of him. We appreciate it." Dad said. I nodded enthusiastically.

Peter's main issue during the immediate postoperative period was the absence of his pubes that were shaved off in the operating room right before they did the surgery.

Peter's blood sugars were normal throughout. Dr. Miller attributed their highs due to the trauma.

The next three days went as predicted. He continued to get better day by day. On the fourth day he was discharged with no real instructions other than to not lift anything for a couple of weeks.

Arriving home a little after noon, the first order of business was to get Peter's clothes off of him fast. Dr. Miller had recommended that he wear snug underwear to keep things 'together' for the trip home but suggested that he would, more than likely, be more comfortable wearing nothing once he had settled in.

Peter chose the TV room to get comfortable in. I carefully removed his running shorts and underwear, leaving him in a long t-shirt and pair of socks.

Dad made a light lunch of turkey sandwiches, orange jello with fresh fruit and glasses of low fat milk all around. Once it was consumed and the kitchen cleaned up, dad went to the office since clients were in from out of town. Peter and I retired to the pool where we sat for a couple of hours then went back inside and picked out some movies to watch. Poor Peter had picked out a comedy as one of his choices - we had to turn it off because it hurt him so bad to laugh.

About 7:30pm Peter asked "Can I go to bed, David? I'm very, very tired, and am really, really sore all over."

"No problem. Dad, can Peter have a pain pill? He's really hurting." I asked.

"You haven't had a pain pill today?" Dad asked.

"No. I probably should have but did not ask for one. Thanks." Peter said, as dad got up to get one.

"One or two, Peter?"

"Can I have two? Jim, I'm frozen here. My butt won't get up out of this chair, sorry." Peter said to dad discomfort clearly showing in his face.

"Sure thing. Let me get you a glass of water to take them with." Dad said.

Once they were taken, Dad carefully picked him up, gently carried him up the stairs and then dropped us off at the bathroom and said his good nights on his way out since he had received assurances from Peter that we could make it the rest of the way by ourselves.

"Good night, Dad. I love you." I said then walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you too, son. Have very pleasant dreams."

Peter also walked slowly over to dad and said "Good night, Jim. Thanks for everything, okay?"

"You are very welcome, Peter. I am so glad you are home now. You sleep tight, okay?" Dad said as he leaned in so that they could both kiss cheeks.

"I will. I'm so tired. Thanks for everything, I really mean it." Peter said.

After taking a good pee and washing up, we headed to my bedroom when we met Jeremy coming down the hall who said "Good night, LOVEBIRDS."

Peter jerked in fright causing him to spasm in pain from the sudden movement. Thankfully Jeremy saw Peter go into a pain spasm, caught him and then carried him the rest of the way to bed where he laid him down carefully.

"I'm sorry, dude. Really I am." Jeremy said then arranged the covers comfortably.

"What do you mean 'lovebirds'?" Peter asked quietly.

"Well, maybe 'lovebirds' might not be the right word to use. I just see you guys being very tight and all. I know that David cares very deeply for you. He was so scared for you the night your operation was done. The way you two look at each other tells me a lot, and you don't even realize it. Don't change. Just let it happen. You have nothing to be afraid of here, or with me, however it turns out, okay?" Jeremy said.

Seeing that Peter was still very uncomfortable, I put my pillow under his knees. He sighed contentedly then closed his eyes. Soon, his breathing became smooth, rhythmical and deep then emitted a very light nasal snore every now and again.

I smiled at the peace and contentment on his face.

"Dad gave him two pain pills because he was hurting so bad from his incisions. Anyway, he's out. I'm glad he's peaceful now." I said to Jeremy.

"Yeah, he looks comfortable. Dad left the pain pills on the kitchen bar if he needs them tonight."

"Okay, thanks Jeremy. Hopefully he will get a good night's rest here at home. Those hospitals are no place to try and sleep with any kind of quality to it."

"I've never been in one. As a patient, that is."

"Take care of your boyfriend, David. He's a keeper. I can just tell it." Jeremy said as he leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"You're the best, Jeremy. Don't believe what those other fools tell you." I chuckled.

Once Jeremy left, I tossed the t-shirt off, got settled into bed then kissed Peter softly on his lips after saying "I love you." Then went off to la la land myself after thinking "Thank you, God."

When I awoke, Peter was lying on his side, spooned into my side as I lay on my back. His arm was draped across my chest. He was lightly snoring rhythmically with his deep breaths. He looked so peaceful just as he did last night.

Having to pee like a race horse, I disentangled myself from his arm and leg then got up and headed into the bathroom after assuring myself that I had not disturbed his slumber. God he was beautiful laying there. He looked like an angel.

When I got back after doing my business, he had rolled onto his back so I spooned in to him as he had done to me during the night and fell back into a deep sleep.

"David. David! David, hey wake up man!"


"I gotta hit the can. Like yesterday, already."

"Okay, dude. Hang on to your britches."

"I got no britches on. Come on dude, get up, I gotta go pee, bad."

"What time is it?" I mumbled.

"It's almost ten o'clock."

"Okay, I'm good." I said then moved over and out of his way.

"You need some help, Peter?"

"I've gotta pee so bad, just let me out. Oh hey, little Peter is awake too. A little bit anyway, not much though." Peter giggled. "Ouch, that hurts, don't make me laugh."

Pushing my leg aside, Peter got up rather quickly, and while he winced noticeably, it was abundantly clear that he was a man on a mission. A mission for sure, he was out of our room in a flash. Okay, maybe not a flash.

Little David was wide awake, moreso than I was actually. Lazily, I ran my hand down my belly and into my pubes brushing my cock lightly. It twitched in anticipation. I wasn't sure what he was anticipating because I did not feel comfortable jacking with Peter, but I gave him a light squeeze. A droplet of a clear liquid came out from the piss slit causing me to wonder what that was because I did not need to pee.

"Playing with it, are you?" Peter said with a warm smile on his face.

"Ha haa. Yeah a little bit. You okay?"

"I'm sore, but not like last night. Those pain pills worked wonders. Geezus I slept about 14 hours."


"Are you coming back to bed?" I asked hopefully.

"Uhm hmm. Be right back."

While he was gone, I turned over on my stomach and was about half way back to sleep when he came back to bed.

I felt him sit down on the bed beside me. I started to turn over but he stopped me by saying "No, stay there David so I can rub your back."

After I settled into the soft bed Peter squeezed out a liquid onto my back which startled me because it was pretty cold.


"No problem. What is that?"

"Some body lotion. I got it from the bathroom. Just lie still."

"I should be doing that to you, you know."

"Just let me do this for you now. Shush."

"Your muscles are tight, David. Just relax."

"Doesn't that hurt you to do that, Peter?"

"Not too much. I feel much better this morning. I just need to use the bathroom sometime today."

"Didn't you just get back?"

"I peed, but I need to go the other way. Hurts too much to push down if you know what I mean, well you know."

"Sorry about that. Maybe you can try again later?"

"Yep. Duty will call when it is ready."

Peter continued his light little strokes. I felt myself relaxing under his touches. He continued on down into the small of my back to just above my 14 year old globes used to sit on then stopped and sat down beside me against the headboard.

"Thank you, Peter. That felt wonderful. Are you okay?" I said with concern as his eyes had filled with tears that had not yet made their way down his cheeks.

Quickly, I sat up next to him then put my arm into his after I covered my bone with the covers.


"Uhm hmm."

"Can we talk?"

"Sure. Sup?"

"Last night. Was I dreaming or was I fucked up from the medicine? Did I hear you say 'I love you'?"

"You were asleep Peter."

"Oh, okay. That's what I thought. Never mind then."

"Yes, I did, Peter. I said I love you. And I say it again, right now. I love you."

"I love you too, David. I just haven't heard or used those words for so long, maybe never really. I just feel good being with you next to me. I was so afraid in the hospital and you were my strength. I didn't feel afraid with you and your dad around."

"Peter, when you were in the operating room dad and I talked for quite a while. I was trying to figure out what I feel deep inside for you. I kind of feel like you do. I mean I feel safe with you, just like you do with me. It's hard to explain. Ya know?"

"Yeah. We could just keep going wherever it is that we are going, couldn't we?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Your arm is kind of laying against my groin down there. Can you move it please?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I said while moving my body around so that I could face him then giggled and added "Well, it is good that Little Peter is awake and well."

"Yeah, well, I didn't think he would ever wake up."

"Did you try and jack it when you went to the bathroom this morning?"

"Yeah, that and trying to take a crap is what took me so long. It wouldn't shoot. Uhm, things jiggled around too much. I couldn't get comfortable."

"How long has it been, Peter?"

"Uhm, I don't know, maybe a week or so ago. I didn't do it very often. They watched me like a hawk. About the only time they left me alone was when I took a crap which was only every two or three days or so."

"I could help you out ... but only if you want to."

"Nah it hurts to bad to jack it. Jacking it bounces my nut up and down too much. I tried already."

"I have an idea to help you out where it would not jiggle around too much, I think."

"Okay. But this is pretty gay and all. Are you okay with it, David?"

"Peter, do you have a problem with gay people?"

"No. I don't have a problem with them. I mean shit. That is one of the biggest reasons they beat me." Peter said then became racked with sobs shaking his body.

"Ah, I'm so sorry." I said while pulling Peter into my arms and holding him tightly around his shoulders.

"It's okay. Dad and I talked about it. We talked about my feelings and everything. I told him that I am gay. He is perfectly fine it. I'm telling you that I am gay. I've never been with anyone. I'm definitely not into girls 'that way'.

"You are? Really?"

"Mmm hmm. Definitely."

"Me too. Girls don't do anything for me either. Not in a million years."

"Lay down, Peter." I said gently while pushing the covers off of us.

"Oh, this isn't a 'little problem'." Peter said huskily as he complied with my request.

"I just imagine we can take care of it, don't you worry any about that." I said helping him to lie down flat on the bed with a pillow under his head, neck and shoulders so as to take any pressure off of his sore tummy.

"What are you going to do?" Peter asked softly in wonderment.

"Shush. You ask too many questions." I giggled while kissing his innie belly button softly.

Moving on down his torso, flicking my tongue out here and there, seemingly on its own volition, I arrived at his distended and very bruised maleness. I kissed it. Tentatively, I flicked my tongue out and rubbed it across the little slit. He jumped but he didn't push me away, "Oh my God, David. You are licking my cock ... ahhhhhhhhhhh."

"Uhm, hmm. You don't like?" I said in between flicks of my tongue on his velvety corona and on upwards into his piss slit.

"Geezus, I'm gonna blow a load if you don't stop thattttttt." He groaned out as I continued to lick the entire length of his now straining cock.

"David STOP!" He groaned louder as I continued to assault his now profusely leaking dick stalk.

"David, I'm tensing up - it hurts!"

"Let <glug> it <glug> go <glug glug> Pe <glug> ter <glug>. I tried to say bobbing on his now ready and willing member. Peter gave one more voracious pound into my mouth and then spewed his hot molten jizz into my waiting cavern sreaming "OH MY GOD, THAT FUCKING HURTS SO GODDAMNED FUXKKKKKKKKKKKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. OHHHHHHHHHHH, DAVID, THAT HURTSSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking good. Oh, David. Oh my God. Please stop, I can't take it anymore. Oh my God, that feels so fucking good. Ah David. Geez. Oh mercy."

I could not make out anything else he said as only mutterings and other grunts were heard, none of which made any sense.

Satisfied that he was still alive and breathing, I turned over slightly and then took a hold of my own raging cock and on the third stroke my dick too exploded steamy hot jets of white hot molten lava all over us and onto the bed. It was, by far, the most explosive of any orgasm I had had up to that point in time.

Once I somewhat recovered, I saw that he was looking at me in awe and amazement. I started giggling when I saw that he had a rope of cum drooping from the end of the hair on his head.

"What?" He said still unaware of anything that just might have clouded his vision.

"Nothing." I said amusingly then reached over and kissed him lightly on his lips while, at the same time, brushed a cum contrail off and out of his hair.

"David, that hurt so bad yet it felt so good. You don't know how bad that hurt when I tightened up. But the pleasures in my dick far outweighed any pain - believe - u - me. Fuck, I have never had something like that happen before now. I'm not so sure I want to experience that pain again but, the pleasure, hella yeah!! Dude, that orgasm was the best ever, and I mean ever! Thank you. Little Peter says thank you, too!" Peter chuckled then said "OUCH. Don't make me laugh."

"Dufus." I said leaning in for a passionate kiss with a little tongue action added in for good measure.

We laid there quietly for a few more minutes, kissing softly and whispering sweet nothings into each others' ears while feeling our closeness and warmth.

"Well, my love, I need to get up and pee. Why don't we both get up, take a shower, and then I'll put a new bandage on your incisions...?

Kiss. Kiss.

"Okay, let's go. I'm hungry too." Peter said.

Kiss. Kiss.

"Toss that shirt, dude. Can't have you all clothed taking a shower, now can we?" <kiss> <kiss>

"Nope." Peter replied tossing his shirt onto the bed.

Kiss. Kiss.

With great difficulty, he got up and off the bed, stood there a moment while I joined him and put my arm around his waist, "Are you okay?"

"Just give me a minute."

Suddenly, Peter said, "I've got to go, and I've gotta go now. My tummy got all jiggled up and stuff."

Arriving in the bathroom, he headed for the toilet, sat down grimacing with pain etched all over his face and his eyes were open like saucers.

"I can't push. Whatever it is ... whatever... it's going to kill me. Don't ever make me pregnant dufus."

"Just relax, don't push down whatever you do. If you do, it will rip you in half. Here let me sit down next to you, hold my hand. Relax, baby. Just relax."

"It's not going, David. I gotta push, but can't. It hurts too much!!!" Peter panted.

"Don't push. Just relax. Take a deep breath. Relax and let it out. Don't fight it."

I reached up into the medicine cabinet and found a jar of Vaseline and brought it down. Opening it up, I retrieved a dollop then sat the jar back on the back of the toilet, dropping the lid along the way.

"Just relax now, Peter. I am going to put some Vaseline around your hole. It will help things slide out. Just relax." I said.

He sat forward just enough to let my fingers glide between his globes. When I arrived at his exit point, "Relax now, just relax and take slow deep breaths."

That said, he allowed my middle finger to invade his sanctuary to the first knuckle. I met a natural resistance and then withdrew, and then reinserted, a few times.

"That's just gross. But I'm relaxing, I think."

After a few more times of in and out, I removed my finger just in the nick of time.

"I have to push but it's stuck."

"Just push lightly, and don't try to force anything because you will seriously hurt yourself if you do. I know because I've been there, done that, and it ain't pretty."

That said, Peter relaxed considerably but then scrunched his face up in agony as the first one escaped his neither regions and splashed into that which receives various and sundry items exiting the human body.

Assured he was well on his way to relief, I washed my hands, got into the shower, set the water temperature to a comfortable level and then waited his arrival.

Soon he entered, "My tummy does not hurt anything like it did before but I sting back there like hell."

That said I washed his body from the tip of his head down to the base of his toes leaving his back side for last.

I don't know what happened then... I just stood there looking and admiring his body, naked and dripping water, "What's taking you so long, dufus? Admiring my butt or something?"

His words brought me out of my trance, without any other provocation, I washed his globes, thoroughly, and then soaped up his crevice. He winced as I trailed my fingers across his back door. I quickly finished and he then turned around and rinsed.

I was very concerned when I looked down and noticed my prong standing out and away from my body at full attention. I looked up from my shower seat - he was looking at me and smiling, "Like what you see? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. My mouth gets me into a lot of trouble, David."

"I like your mouth, Peter. Here, you missed a place." I said after getting up and looking intently at his lips. My body reacted normally and naturally - it moved on its own volition and brought our lips together in a warm and deep kiss.

A look of contentment passed across his face and through his eyes. His eyes were warm and glowing. While I was admiring the site, he took hold of my appendage and quickly brought my needs to a fulfilled state.

After our shower, we got out and dried off, "I'll be right back. I'm going to get the hydrocortisone cream."

When I got back, I deftly inserted an ample supply of the medicine into his receptacle to the level of the third joint on my index finger. As I was exiting, I found this little hard place inside his otherwise soft velvety tube that caused him to jump and clamp his anal lips around my finger. I didn't say anything, neither did he, but I made note of its presence. What with his reaction, I would visit there again someday.

When I opened the door widely so that we could exit, Peter covered his midsection with the wet towel and followed my naked body to our room. Quickly, he ducked in and closed the door behind him.

When he saw that I made no motion to get dressed, he said "Uhm, I'd prefer to wear something. Do you have another t-shirt I could wear, and maybe a loose pair of underwear?"

"You can go natural if you want to? We do it all the time, no big deal, okay?"

"I'm not used to running around, uhm, naked, if you know what I mean... I've just never done it."

"We're alone. Both dad and Jeremy, I believe, are at work. I'll check. Be right back."

I went downstairs and found neither of them anywhere in site. I opened the door to the garage and found the Escalade to be gone as was Jeremy's clunker.

Returning to my bedroom, "We're alone."

Peter shrugged his shoulders, "Are you sure it's okay to run around, well, you know? I mean I'm just not used to..."

It's fine. I'll get you a t-shirt if you would prefer... nobody forces anyone to do anything they do not want to do, okay?"

He nodded and then we took off for Jeremy's room. When we were about half way down the hall, he took my elbow in his, "Okay, I'll do it."

That said, we went downstairs, fixed up some breakfast and then headed out to the pool where we sat, talked about just about everything yet nothing at all really serious. Peter was easy to talk to, and he listened, and I easily listened to him.

"I kind of like this, David." Peter said wistfully.

We settled in on the lounge chair with Peter lying in front of me in my arms after I had sat back all the way against the back of the soft padding. At some point, we fell off to sleep with the warm sunshine shining on us and the light breeze blowing across our bodies.

An hour or two later Dad returned home. I sensed a presence as I was coming up from a deep sleep. When I opened my eyes, dad said softly, "Definitely a Kodak moment, David. You guys look good together."

After seeing and feeling that Peter was still very much asleep, I nodded and then whispered "He feels real good next to me, Dad. It's like we are supposed to be together. I don't know how to explain it dad, but I love him."

"I can tell. I understand what love is and I have seen it between you and Peter, and it warms my heart. I never get tired of seeing people in love."

"Hey dad, would you get Peter a towel? He'll be embarrassed to know you are here, and well, he's just not comfortable with being naked...

That said, dad left for the pool room where we keep towels and other supplies. While he was gone, Peter whispered, "I gotta go pee."

After he got up and headed into the house with his half-hard leading the way. While I was reveling in the sight of his naked backside walking away, dad chuckled and handed me the towel. I, after a delay, followed Peter into the house where I peed in the bathroom located next to the TV room.

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