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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 9

"Hey, guys." Jeremy said flashing us his trademark smile as he walked into the waiting room.

Peter said, "Hey Jer... David's getting ready to get his Leg..."

"Yup. I wouldn't have missed the moment for any amount of money... well, that's not true <giggles>, everybody has their price tag."

I looked at Jeremy, and noticing that dad was paying attention to something else for that brief second, I flashed him the bird. He was getting ready to retort when dad looked over at us shaking his head and giving us that "BOYS!" look he is famous for.

In any event, Jeremy walked over, pulled me into a hug and said "I'm with ya all the way. Just do it."

"Okay. I can do that. Thanks for busting my nuts, bro."

"Nah, Peter does that for you, little brother." Jeremy whispered in my ear.

Feeling a wave of embarrassment about to overtake me, I didn't say anything but did allow him to squeeze his hug a bit tighter. Dad and Pete walked over and joined in for a group hug.

After taking a deep breath, I broke away from the hug and walked over to Alex but not before saying to my family, "I love you. Thanks."

Alex and I, alone, walked through the door and then, arriving at the fitting room soon thereafter, began the process of getting me mobile once again. I was both exhilarated and afraid... little beads of perspiration broke out on my forehead, nose and cheeks, and I felt my pits become moist.

"Ya ready?" Alex asked professionally.

I nodded. "This is the moment." I thought silently to myself.

Just then, a warm enveloping presence and a smell of a perfume that I quickly recognized as belonging to mom had worn so often, and then she was rubbing my neck, her fingers going underneath my hair massaging my scalp. Immediately, any tenseness flowed out and away from my body, leaving me calm and reassured.

"I love you, mom." I whispered.

["I love you too, son."]

Alex looked at me strangely but did not say anything but then smiled and nodded.

"Okay, let's do it. I'm ready." I said filled with renewed confidence and calm.

Alex pointed to the stretcher bed, indicated for me to lie down and relax.

"David, I'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish, step by step. Observe. Pay attention. Ask any and all questions that you may have. Treat our time together today as another learning experience."

Carefully, Alex removed my right shoe and sock, inspected my foot to make sure that no abnormal callous formations were present that may have been caused by using the crutches incorrectly. Once satisfied, he unbuckled my jeans, unzipped them and then began lowering them. He quickly reversed his actions after realizing I was wearing no underwear. "Zip up." He said quickly.

I did then he said, "You must always wear underwear when wearing your prosthetic because otherwise the straps will severely chaff points south where you do not even want to be chaffed."

"Sorry. I usually always go commando. I didn't know I was supposed to be wearing them. The idea never came to mind, sorry."

"No problem, we'll have to reschedule. I won't cut any corners. Can you come back tomorrow afternoon, say at 3pm?" Alex asked after pulling his calendar up on the computer.

"Wait. I've got an idea. Stay right here. Don't go anywhere." I said remembering Peter was wearing the needed supplies.

He nodded. I got up off the bed then took off down the hallway. After arriving in the waiting room, dad, Jeremy and Peter put puzzled looks and questions on their faces. Peter walked over... I whispered into his ear: "I need your underwear..."

Peter giggled. Together we walked to the restroom, closed and locked the door and then took his shoes, jeans and underwear off and handed the latter to me as I sat down on the toilet and removed my tennis shoe and jeans.

Meanwhile, I had sprung a bad and unruly case of wood to which he giggled wildly at.

I saw nothing funny about the situation knowing I did not want to go back to the fitting room in 'that' condition.

Peter leaned down, kissed me on my lips and then said, "Got a little problem there David? Well maybe I can be of some assistance. oh horny boy."

"Funny, very funny; just what do you have in mind?"

Without another word, Peter got down on his knees and quickly used his expert talents to quickly and decisively take care, to a dramatic conclusion, of the little problem. My dick quickly deflated, at least for that moment, and we went our separate ways.

After arriving in the fitting room, I quickly said to Alex, "Problem solved. I'm ready now."

I quickly shed the tennis shoe, pushed it under the bed, and then took my jeans off and hung them on the hook hanging on top of the door.

Alex nodded then retrieved my new leg, brought it over where he removed the wrapping covering it.

"Awesome." I said. Tears quickly moistened my eyes and then they started spilling without reservation, running down my cheeks and landing on the sheet.

Alex put his hand on my shoulder and softly said "It's pretty neat. I hope you like it."

He then showed it to me and explained its parts, what those parts did, and why.

I was awestruck with the detail paid to it during the manufacture processes, "How did you make it so perfect, Alex? It looks exactly like my other, my real leg; I mean it even has little hairs on the calves... and the color, I mean..."

"During the first consultation, we took pictures, remember?"

"Okay, yeah, duh." I said sheepishly after remembering that he had indeed taken pictures with his camera and then uploaded them into the order.

Over the next few minutes, Alex, for lack of a better word 'attached' my leg up and over my stump, carefully explaining and showing me how the straps and wires worked and then gaveme basic lessons on how to raise it up and lower it down using my existing thigh muscles and electrical impulses.

"How does it work, Alex? I mean you are teaching me to use my thigh and butt muscles, but how is it really moving? It doesn't make sense."

Alex explained to me that the leg has computer assisted 'motors', for lack of a better word, that kick in when their sensors are stimulated which enable the knee to bend, the ankle to work as a normal one would. He then went on to say that I would have full control once my thigh and butt muscles were 'trained'.

"Okay, David. Let's get you up and see how it feels, okay?"

"Okay. "Let's just do it."

Alex showed me how to get down off of the bed while using my crutches as guides and support. After 'walking' over to the parallel bars, I sat them aside while holding on to the cross bars and walked, yes I walked!, back and forth several times.

"Okay, David. You have that down well. That's very good. That's very good indeed. You are a quick learner. Let's try something new then."

"What's that?"

Without saying a word, he took two or three steps back and away from the parallel bars and then stood there, "Are you ready?"

After nodding, he said "Steady yourself, David. Get your bearings. Concentrate on balance. Pay attention to where your head is, where your hands are, and where your feet are right now. This is called centering yourself. Let me know when you are centered, David."

Looking down, both legs in position, feet flat on the floor, balanced, I know where I'm at. When I was assured of my centeredness, I nodded.

"Remain centered. Remain balanced." Alex said soothingly.

I became frightened. My grip on the bars became so tense that my arms began aching, and trembling their exertions.

"Okay, hold on a second, don't go anywhere..." Alex said and then reached in his desk drawer where he retrieved a wide belt. He put it on me securely and then took firmly hold of it in front.

"Let go of the parallel bars, David. Just stand there, centered and balanced."

"I'm afraid. I don't want to fall."

When I realized that he was not going to, could not do this for me, and that we were just waiting for me to take the next move, I very slowly and carefully concentrated on moving my new Leg outward using the muscles on my lower belly to guide and direct its forage into the first step. It worked. Quickly, my good leg met up with my new one. I stood there, alone, unsupported for the first time in a couple of years. I was standing upright.

Overcome with emotion, I began sobbing uncontrollably. Quickly, I reached for the parallel bars to steady me as I let my emotions travel from the center of my being up and out of my eyes and breathing.

Once I regained my composure, which took a while, Alex got my crutches and we walked back over to his chair where he removed the Leg and assisted me with putting back on my jeans, sock and shoe.

"What are you doing, Alex? I wanted to walk out of here today." I whined.

"Your turn, David. I'm here but I am going to watch you like you watched me. Lesson number 2: I'm going to watch you do it yourself. I'm here to give guidance, encouragement and instruction - the rest you have to do on your own. You can do it."

After a few attempts, I got the darned thing on and got up on it, negotiated the distance to the parallel bars with my crutches and then went through the process without any problem. I did the bars several times. The final time, I took an actual unaided step and stood in front of him.

"You're going to be fine. You've a lot to learn but I you are learning quickly. I want to see you every day for a week or so to teach you how to fully use your Leg, and to negotiate many different situations the 'normal' <he laughed> folk take for granted. Turning is a trick to learn. Negotiating stairs is a difficult one to learn. Practice and use those isometric exercises I taught you to strengthen the muscles we have talked about." Alex said.

"Can I ask you a question, Alex?"

"Anytime, no question should be left unasked, okay David?" Alex replied.

"How do you know all about this stuff? Did you go to college to learn it?" I asked looking directly into his eyes.

"Yes, I went to college. The best education I received though is the same one you are learning right now." Alex replied with assurance.

"Really? You had an amputation?"

"Yes I have. My amputation is actually much higher than yours, David."

"Whow! I would have never known, you walk so smooth and easy."

"I've had my amputation for about 15 years, David. I've had a lot of practice." Alex smiled.

"See you tomorrow, Alex?"

"Same bat time, same bat station, same bat leg." Alex giggled.

Then Alex looked at me real seriously and said "Are you ready, David?"

Smiling, I looked Alex right in the eyes, like I saw his soul and then nodded affirmatively, confidently.

Slowly, using my crutches as guides, I walked to the reception area, with Alex at my side, and stood in front of the heavy oak door separating me from the inner sanctum of safety of his office to the outside world.

"Are you ready, David?"

I nodded then handed him my crutches. He then pressed a button on the wall. It opened the door to the waiting room where my family looked up only to see me standing there on my own, unaided.


After a delightful celebratory dinner at my favorite restaurant, we took a drive up the coast and watched the most spectacular sunset I'd ever seen. Peter was sitting next to me in the back seat, and well, we got into a quick bit of tongue battle that got us hot and bothered to the max, but we, somehow, held off on having an all out orgy, much to our dismay, right there in the back seat of the car on our way home. I think I heard Jeremy say something along the lines of "Get a room guys!" but I can't say for certain, call it a memory block.

Arriving home, Peter and I bade our good nights with hugs given and received all around. Being that I was already so tired, dad carried me up the steps to the floor our bedrooms were located on then pulled me into a deep hug and said "Son, I am so proud of you."

Peter and I then headed into our room where we stripped down, headed off to the bathroom where we prepared our love canals for some anticipated serious love making later while the other took his shower. We did not trust ourselves from spewing our love potions prematurely since we were both exceptionally randy.

As soon as we got into bed, Peter took off onto my body like a mad man, pulling me into a lip lock where we once again got involved in a heavy tongue battle looking for each others' tonsils with fervor. Pulling away from my lips he then placed butterfly kisses on my neck and chest before moving down my torso and giving it plenty of loving attention as well. My dick was raging as hard as I have ever known it, yet I was far from orgasm because I wanted to see where this was going, even though I was barely conscious and had no idea where we would end up.

Lying down on his side, he continued to pay some serious attention to my now pulled up tight love nuts, first the left one, then the middle space between them and finally my right one.

Simultaneously attacking his ball and ball space on the other side with loving care and concern, he soon was writhering in his moments of pre-ecstasy. Backing off because I did not want him to cum too early, I paid attention to his upper thighs and the crease between his nut sac and where his leg joined his torso which resulted in a tickle to him. Gently he pushed my face away from that area as he had began the process of wilting - can't have that.

By this time, Peter's dick was leaking copious amounts of a clear like fluid which caught my tongue's attention then I lapped up each and every drop. Next thing I knew Peter was moaning against my ready and willing cock, sending me into shivers of excitement.

Instinctively my mouth took in his entire length and I started bobbing my head up and down sending his body into a total and complete spasm of orgasm filling my mouth with jet after jet of hot molten nectar of his essence. Swallowing each and every shot, missing none, my dick exploded its own white hot boy-jizz into his waiting and delectable mouth. As I came down from my orgasmic high, I collapsed onto him and took in the smells of his post orgasmic body aroma. It was like an aphrodisiac to me and I could not get enough. Once again I jumped my mouth onto his cock, however, he quickly pulled me off and away then said "Too sensitive, David. Let's recover first before attacking each other again, please."

Returning to our lips, we kissed passionately but not urgently with pent up need.

Over the next several days, my visits with Alex were spent learning the adventures of walking on two legs, placing less and less dependence on my crutches. I learned how to walk up and down stairs, how to turn without falling, and when I did fall in different positions I learned how to fall with control, recover and once again become upright.

Peter and I became even closer, as if that were possible - yes it was and is - making mad passionate love with each other in a variety of ways.

Peter was also getting closer to dad and Jeremy, which lifted my heart. Over time, Peter was also becoming much more comfortable with being nearly nude in public areas of our home when Jeremy was home. He had no problem with being naked with dad around, however he had not entirely made the journey with Jeremy and instead wore my string bikini that covered his bits though not by much.

One day Dad announced that he would be home schooling Peter, Jeremy and I. Dad had performed quite bit of research into the public school system, and found it wanting to say the least for no particular reason. We would, however, be retrieving various classroom materials from the local high school and would be attending their social functions such as assemblies, dances and the like. One other thing he thought of doing, but had not done so yet, was to contact other home schooling parents for networking and socialization, the latter of which met readily with our approvals.

That same day, during our family meeting time, Dad announced "Peter, we have received a summons to appear in court at your mothers' trial for her abuse to you so that you can testify and have her punished."

Immediately, I felt Peter tense up and he got this haunted look in his eyes, as if he were reliving the abuse all over again.

Noticing the change in Peter's demeanor, "Peter, there is no chance in a million that your mother will be released nor is there any chance that she will beat the charges. There is just no way that her release anytime soon will happen, so do not become frightened at the prospect of her getting out because it will not happen. You will, however, be required to testify though it should be brief, and we will be there with you all the way."

"I'm still scared of her, Dad, I mean Jim." Peter said, with a blush at his blunder.

"Peter, you can call my anything you like - just don't call me late to dinner, please." Dad said with a smile on his face.

"I've never had a dad before. I hear David call you dad all the time, and well my saying it just came out unintentionally. I mean you're the only man who has ever given a flying fuck, I mean flip about. You're the only man who has treated me with respect, and has not wanted anything from me, if you know what I mean. I just want to say that I have grown to love you. Thank you for opening your home to me but I will understand when I have to leave to go somewhere else, when the trial is over and your guardianship is completed. I just hope I can remain on the island so that we can keep in close contact. I don't know what I will do without you guys because I love you so much." Peter sniffed then broke down into sobs, leaning into me for support.

"Dad, Peter isn't going to have to leave is he?" I asked, quietly and inwardly sobbing at the thoughts of him possibly leaving.

Jeremy sat up and then said "Peter, you are as much a part of our family as David and I are. Dad's ... is there a chance that we, I mean you could adopt Peter to keep him in our family? What I am saying, Peter, is that I love you like I do David even though you have been here only a short period of time. You are such a support to David, and I can clearly see that you love each other, and I don't want to see you hurt by having to leave."

"Peter, would you like to live here on a permanent basis, to become my son, and to become a brother to both Jeremy and David?" Dad said looking directly into Peter's eyes, with all the love, care and concern that Dad shows us.

"Is that possible, Jim?" Peter asked through tears in his eyes.

"I think it's more than possible. I know that I would be honored to be your dad. If you would like, I'll contact our attorney and ask him to begin the process, but only with your permission."

Peter looked around the table, only to find us all nodding in support for him. I got up and moved around the table to stand behind him and then held his shoulders with my hands to show my solidarity for him. He looked up at me and smiled, then said "You really would do that for me?"

"Absolutely!" Dad said, looking at all of us who only gave him nods of approval at this pronouncement.

"Okay." Peter said, still not quite believing what he had heard, until dad looked him straight in the eyes and said "Okay, Peter. Regarding this Jim thing, I will require you to call me dad since that is what sons call their dad. Calling me dad keeps it simple." Dad chuckled.

"Calling you Dad, well that is not a problem." Peter said with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

We all jumped on him congratulating and welcoming him into our family. The rest of the legal mumbo jumbo was just going to be a formality as far as we all were concerned.

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