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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 18

Back to the story (David's POV)

Our flight to Oahu was uneventful and arrived on time. After dad hired a limo for the day we took off and ate breakfast at a nice quaint restaurant close to the courthouse in downtown Honolulu where we chowed down on some seriously scrumptious food. The mood was light hearted, the atmosphere festive even at 7:30am after a very short nights' sleep which had followed an even more stressful day.

Peter's guardian attorney as well as our lawyer appeared just as we leaving the restaurant. The lawyer took Peter and privately spoke to him briefly. Peter was all smiles when he walked over to me and took my arm in his then whispered, "Everything looks okay. I'm excited. Is this really happening, or is it all a dream?"

"It's real, babe. It's really happening." I looked deeply into Peter's eyes. He looked deep into mine. We met in the middle. Had we not been in public, a serious kiss and other displays of affection would have definitely been exchanged.

After stopping off at the restroom to drain the can we met up with Ella outside the courtroom doors. She assured us that all paperwork was in order, and that since we the first on the docket there would be little to no wait time since the judge was a stickler on being punctual and 'to the point'. This, of course met our approval. We wanted to get on with our lives, and build a new life for Peter.

The bailiff opened the courtroom doors at 8:45. We entered. Peter was ushered to the petitioner's table by his attorney. Dad and Ella were talking between themselves. Jeremy and I sat down front to observe the proceedings up close and personal. When dad and Ella were finished talking, dad came and sat down next to me, looked over and smiled warmly. He whispered in my ear, "The issues were worked out. We've got the green light."

Another man, Richard Wright, our family attorney, entered, sat down next to dad on his other side then they whispered a few things between them. When Mr. Wright got up, he shook Jeremy's then my hands then went and sat down next to Peter. Peter looked back at dad inquisitively. Dad smiled and nodded.

The bailiff loudly announced "All Rise."

The few of us in the courtroom arose when the judge entered the courtroom through the door from his chambers. Family court is closed, meaning outsiders are not permitted while court is in session.

The bailiff announced, "Judge George Matheson, Family Court for the State of Hawaii, regarding the adoption of Peter Scott Jamison, Petitioner. Case 2010-117."

A man about 50 years old, with salt and pepper hair, thin, wearing horn rimmed glasses and the typical judges' judicial robe sat down and announced for everyone to please take their seats.

Judge: Good morning. Mr. Jamison, please stand and state your name and date of birth for the court.

Peter: Yes, sir. Peter Scott Jamison. Date of Birth August 7, 1994.

Judge: Very well. Relax, Peter. Adoptions are my favorite cases as a judge. Blending adopted into families is a very awesome responsibility, and is very rewarding to me personally.

Peter: Yes, sir. I have never been adopted before.

<Lots of laughter was heard from the tables and in the spectator section, including the judges' bench.>

Peter: What?

Judge: Don't ya just love it? Okay, order in the court. We do have some important business to take care of here today <smiling>.

After Judge Matheson shuffled some papers around on his desk, he said, "Is Mr. Jamison represented by counsel in this proceeding?"

A man, sitting at Peter's table, stood up and announced, "Yes sir. Thomas Silvey. I represent Peter Scott Jamison as his guardian ad litem for this adoption proceeding."

Mr. Wright stood up with Mr. Silvey. Judge Matheson said, "Mr. Wright, for the record, please provide your name and your interests in this proceeding."

"Yes sir. Richard Wright, attorney at law. I'm representing the Blake family in the matter of adoption for Peter Scott Jamison."

Judge: Very well. Mr. Wright, please be seated.

After shuffling some more papers, Judge Matheson continued, "Very well. Mr. Silvey, I trust you have thoroughly investigated this matter. What are your recommendations?"

Silvey: I have sir. Peter has expressed deep affections, loyalties and love for the petitioner and his family. The petitioning family has cleared all security and background checks. All appears in order. As Peter's attorney, I recommend approval of the petition.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Silvey.

Judge: Mr. Wright?

Mr. Wright stood as Mr. Silvey sat down at the table.

Wright: Yes, sir.

Judge: Are you able to support, educate, provide health and dental coverage, care for, love and take care of Peter as if he were your very own biological child?

Wright: Thank you, Your Honor. I wish to defer your question to Mr. Blake, if you please.

Judge: Granted.

Dad: Yes, sir on all counts <chuckle>. Peter's been in our home for approximately 3 months now, and, well he is fitting into our home and our hearts just fine. He's a very loving child and I already consider him family member in every sense of the word. He's in our hearts.

Judge: Yes, I can see it. He seems very happy.

Judge: Thank you. You may sit down.

Dad: Yes, sir. Thank you.

Dad returned and sat down next to me. A tear had formed in the corner of his eye which he quickly dabbed away with his finger.

Judge: Would David Allen Blake, a minor child, please approach counsel's table?

I was anticipating being called to the stand. Dad and Mr. Wright had said that both Jeremy and I would be called to testify.

Me: Yes, sir.

Judge: Please state your full name and date of birth.

Me: David Allen Blake, Date of birth is October 23, 1994.

Judge: Thank you, David. How do you feel? Do you think Peter is a good fit in your family?

David: Well, sir, I love him very deeply. He's really a very kind, considerate and loving person. As a brother, sir, of course <Okay, so I was gushing a little bit>.

Judge: Good. Good. Thank you. Do you see any issues with bringing Peter into your home, and into your family?

Me: Oh no sir. I mean, he has been living with us for several months. We've gotten really close. He's my best friend.

Judge: Okay, thank you, David. You may be seated.

When I was dismissed, I leaned down close to Peter then quickly whispered, "I love you." We then quickly traded a pinky hug then I sat down. Dad patted my knee affectionately.

Judge: Jeremy William Blake please approach counsel's table.

David got up and walked past me and dad then stood at Peter's side of the courtroom next to him.

Judge: For the record, please state your full name and date of birth.

Jeremy: Yes, sir. Jeremy William Blake, date of birth is July 7, 1993.

Judge: Thank you, Jeremy. How do you see your relationship with Peter?

Jeremy: Yes, sir. I too love Peter very much. He's good people, sir. He has already added to our family in a good way. I would be proud to have him as my brother.

Judge: Very well. Thank you, Jeremy. You may be seated.

As Jeremy passed by, I pinched him hard on his butt, unable to stop myself. He glared and gave me that "I'll get you later asshole" look. I giggled. Dad cleared his throat.

Judge: Is Hawaii's Child Protective Services represented in this proceeding?

Ella: Yes, sir. My name is Ella Right, Hawaii Child Protective Services supervisor, ID number 1234567, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Judge: Good morning, Ella.

Ella: Good morning, sir.

Judge: When did CPS first get involved with Peter?

Ella: January 3, 2009. We received him on an emergency basis at the hospital.

Judge: He was hurt?

Ella: Yes sir. May I please give to the court all facts behind CPS' involvement with Peter, and his prospective family?

Judge: Proceed.

Ella: Your honor, I received a phone call from Mr. Blake requesting urgent intervention. Mr. Blake indicated that Peter had many injuries to his body and requested authorization to obtain immediate medical assistance. That request was authorized and funding was made available for any and all medical treatment deemed necessary. Dr. Martin Miller was his attending physician. All medical records, including Dr. Martin's final report have been submitted to the court.

Judge: Yes, I have reviewed them. According to Peter's records, he was critically injured and required emergent surgery. For the record, Peter underwent emergency surgery for a laceration to his spleen and a lesser one to his liver, in addition to bruises to his kidney and intestines. He also had several cracked ribs. It also says here that due to a grievous injury to his right testicle which required removal of it. After pausing for a moment, the Judge continued, "Is it true that the perpetrator of these injuries is confined within HDOC?"

Ella: Yes, sir. She, his mother was arrested that night. She remains incarcerated pending a plea agreement to be completed tomorrow. Let's see, first degree felony assault, felony endangerment of a child, and 4 counts of armed criminal action. The Uncle, Harlan Jamison, was also arrested and the same charges were filed against him. The Feds are investigating the matter of Peter's assault.

Judge: <raised his eyebrows> How did the Federal Government get involved, Ella?

Ella: The Feds are investigating to determine if the assaults were Hate Crimes.

Judge: On what basis?

Ella: Peter identifies himself as gay. The investigation is focusing on statements made by Peter's biological mother and Mr. Jamison, Peter's uncle, during his assaults.

Peter noticeably flinched in his chair, looked back at dad with a haunted look in his eyes, then looked to me for reassurances. I discretely flashed him a thumbs' up sign. Without much if any acknowledgement he turned around and faced forward.

Judge: I see. Go ahead. This may be relevant to this proceeding...

Ella: Sir, we have sworn statements from the jailers indicating her disparaging comments have continued during her incarceration. She blames Peter for her troubles. She's continuously sworn revenge on Peter if or when she is released.

Judge: Very well. Have parental rights been severed?

Ella: Yes, sir. I submit exhibit B for your review and inclusion into the court record for this proceeding.

Judge: Please approach the bench.

Ella: Yes, sir. <Ella approached the judge and handed him the parental severance documents.>

Judge: Very well. Are there any pending legal actions against Peter, or his proposed adoptive family?

Ella: Yes, sir.

Judge: Go ahead.

Ella: Sir, it has recently been brought to CPS's attention that Peter may have fathered a child prior to his placement in the Blake home. A benefits claim has been submitted by a one Dawn Lane who resides in Maui. It has tentatively been approved by our division. She alleges Peter is the father, but it has not been proven out, we are still investigating. In light of those allegations, it is proper to bring them into this action. Our investigation, specifically the Home Study interviews of all parties lead us to believe the sexual encounter was coerced, and not totally consensual.

Judge: Peter, please stand.

Nervously, Peter stood but not before looking over his shoulder at dad. He looked scared and all alone. I started to get up but dad beat me to it. Jeremy also stood. Together we went and stood by Peter.

Reassured, Peter said, "Yes, sir."

Judge: Do you know what consensual means?

Peter: Yes, sir. It means when both parties agree to do something.

Judge: That is correct, Peter. In your belief, are the allegations that you were coerced true?

Peter: I don't know sir. I mean, well ... uhm, we only had sex once sir, and well ... I mean I really didn't

want to have sex with her, but uhm, well ... sir, it just happened, we were standing up, I mean, I didn't

want to, but well, it happened. I guess so. I mean she didn't threaten me or anything, we were friends.

Judge: Did you penetrate her vagina?

Peter: <very nervous> Sir, this is very embarrassing. Uhm, well it just sort of popped in, sir. I mean things were out of hand, she, uhm, moved her body so that my thing just sort of popped into her, sir.

Judge: So ... did you or did you not have penetrative sex resulting in an emission of your semen with her?

Peter: Yes, sir.

Judge: Thank you for your candid reply to an embarrassing question, but the answer is vitally important.

Silvey: I was unaware that Peter has allegedly fathered a child. Further, I was unaware that CPS was investigating my client for paternity. Finally, I was unaware of Peter's sexual preferences.

Judge: Noted. Mr. Silvey, does this change your recommendation to the court approving the petition for adoption?

Silvey: Sir, this whole gay thing. I am uncomfortable with it. I call David Blake to the stand. I have questions regarding his and Peter's 'brother' relationship.

Wright: Objection, your honor. Correlation. Relevance. The Petitioner and his sons have already testified regarding the familial relationship they enjoy, and pray the court will approve.

Judge: Do you, Mr. Silvey, have objections to this adoption going forward? If you have objections then from what legal basis do you claim as your defense?

Silvey: My objections are based solely on the fact that material information was withheld during my investigation and discussions with said minor child. I have concerns that the relationship between David and Peter...

Judge: So what are your legal defenses? Do you withdraw your recommendations that this petition be granted? Yes or no, or state your case.

Silvey: Sir, the facts of this case borderline on perjury through omission.

Wright: Your honor, Mr. Silvey's objection is based purely on speculation. There is no substantiation of his claims. Petitioner objects on the grounds of relevance.

Judge: Objection sustained. Mr. Silvey, in light of the allegations you have brought forward, do you have objections for this petition to be granted?

Silvey: So long as my concerns are made a part of the court record, I have no objections to move forward with the adoption.

Judge: Very well, duly noted. Does CPS have a recommendation for approval or denial of said petition?

Ella: Yes, sir, we do. CPS, without reservations of any kind, recommends approval for this petition for adoption. The paternity allegation should not prejudice this adoption matter before the court today. Should the matter of paternity and paternal support for the unborn child be brought to court, then that should be an entirely separate hearing, pending your approval, of course.

Judge: Thank you, Ella. Duly noted.

Judge: Are there any objections from anyone in this court room?


Judge: Very well. Peter, I would like to talk with you in chambers before I give my ruling. Don't worry; it's just standard operating procedure in my courtroom for adoptions.

Peter: Yes, sir.

Judge: Court is in recess for 30 minutes.


Peter's POV

I was nervous as hell. I felt sweaty all over. Dad pulled me into his arms and held me tightly, then kissed me on the forehead and released me to face my executioner <giggle>.

The bailiff escorted me into the Judge's Chambers. The room was really neat and smelled of leather. Many book cases were in the room adorning the walls. While I was looking around, the judge took off his robe, then said "Be seated, Peter. This is informal in here."

Me: Okay. I mean yes, sir.

Judge: So Peter, do you have any concerns about being put into your new family?

Me: Oh no, sir.

Judge: Have you felt any problems or tensions in your new family regarding your sexual orientation?

Me: No, sir. Not one.

Judge: Good. So many people have prejudices and concerns about someone being different than what they feel people should be. It is really sad, actually. I feel there is plenty of room on this planet for everyone to coexist with each other.

Me: Yes, sir. I agree. Not everybody is like my mom and those boyfriends she had though. I know that now. I just wish people would get along because it is so much easier than being at odds about things that do not even concern them.

Judge: I agree. I've read all of the reports, Peter. I'm really sorry your life up until recently was a shambles. Please understand that none of it is your fault, not the actions done to you, none of it. The things you had to do in order to survive are natural survival instincts, and required you to make decisions to do things that you normally would not do, I feel it in you.

Me: Thank you, sir. I've done a lot of things I am not proud of, have been in some places I would rather not have been in and have said some things I wish I had not said ... but that's changing now. My family is my family. Their love and care for me is taking some getting used to. They do so many things that they just seem to take for granted, or so it seems.

Judge: What do you mean, Peter?

Me: We talk about things. There is just an air of love in their house, I mean our home. It's just kind of weird to me. Don't get me wrong, sir, I LOVE IT! I feel like I can be who and what I am, and that they will help me to be all I can be. What more can a guy ask for? <Tears started coming down my cheeks. I promised myself I would not cry>. See what I mean? I blubbered.

Judge: Yes, I can see it, Peter. Run with it. Support your new family, and let them support you when you need it. Don't be afraid to ask for a hug, or just a quiet moment with them to just think. You're going to be just fine. Are you ready?

Me: Yes, sir.

Judge: Peter, there is one more item I would like to clear up for you, at least for now.

<I nodded. I'm sweating again.>

Judge: Peter, let me assure you of one thing. I'll not retire from the Bench until those criminals who manufactured, made up, distributed and disseminated those pictures and stories of you in compromising situations and circumstances are caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for a very long time. Let me assure you that this court, the State of Hawaii and the United States Government are all over the investigation like a mother cares for its bear cub.

Me: <sniffling> Thank you, sir. That means a lot to me. But I have to tell you that you will have to get in line behind my dad and my brothers. If there is anything left, then I get last dibs, sir.

Judge: I'm sure that can be arranged. But I doubt anything will be left of them. Nonetheless, if there is anything left then I will honor your request <smiling>.

Me: Thank you, sir. Dad told me that many of those pictures have already been downloaded to peoples' computers, and that there is no sure way to sterilize the internet. If there is a good thing in all of this, it would be that my name has not been distributed so far as we can tell, though our location here is pretty obvious as many landmarks to the islands are in the backdrops. I know you guys are all over it, so I'm just not going to worry too much about it.

Judge: The state and the feds are all over this, Peter. You are right on all counts. Just be who and what you are. You'll be just fine.

Me: Sir, I really am gay.

Judge <with a warm smile on his face>: I know. I also know about what you don't think I know, or think that I should not know about, or what you wish I did not know about. Do I make myself clear 'enough'?

Me: Oh yes sir! Thank you, sir. Absolutely, sir. No doubt, sir.

Judge: Oh yes, one last question for you, Peter.

Me: Sir?

Judge: What would you like your new name to be? It can be anything. You can change all of it, or none of it, what it becomes is totally your decision.

Me: Peter Scott Blake ... if it's okay?

Judge: Okay. Fine.

Me: Thank you, sir.

Judge: Peter?

Me: Yes.

Judge: Peter, my son is gay. I love him. I love his partner, my son-in-law if you will, so very much. They're a beautiful couple together. They've been together since they were 12 years old. They're now 24 and 23. They seriously want to adopt children of their own. They just might get those politicians up here to see their side one of these days. And if they don't, then I suspect somebody along the way will.

Take care of David, Peter. I see the same love between David and you. Allow yourselves to be different, too. Each person is different. Allow yourselves to be whole as individuals, this will allow you to be a whole couple. You'll bring strength to David's weaknesses, and you will allow David to bring you strength to your weaknesses. Together you two can be very strong. Good luck to you. Now, let's go out there and present to the world a new and improved family.


The judge pressed a button on his desk, waited a couple of seconds, then instructed me to walk behind them and when he reached his bench, then I should walk over to the table and stand until he says for everybody to be seated.


Back to the story

I had tears in my eyes and was smiling broadly as I walked back to the table to rejoin my dad, our attorneys and Ella. They were smiling too.

Judge: Would James Edward Blake, Jeremy William Blake, David Allen Blake and Peter Scott Jamison please rise and face the court. Counsel may be seated.

I was standing next to Dad. David was on my other side and Jeremy was behind me and David. We all joined shoulders and arms together and awaited the judges' next response in anticipation.

Judge: I have reached my decision regarding the adoption of Peter Scott Jamison, Petitioner; case number 2009-117. Be it known that from this day forward said petition is granted without prejudice. Furthermore, Peter Scott Jamison is now and will forever more be named Peter Scott Blake. Good luck and God bless all of your lives. Case dismissed.

We hooped and hollered our approvals. Daddy held me tightly in his arms because I was crying so hard that I was week in the knees and shaking so bad with joy, and because I now belonged somewhere with people who I loved and who loved me.

Once we regained composure, David held me tightly in his arms and whispered quietly "I love you. I can't wait to get your sweet ass home, love." Then he snickered and had a twinkle in his eyes. My dick responded appropriately and could not wait until we got home.

Jeremy then faced me saying, "Love ya bro. Welcome to the family." We hugged deeply then he kissed me on the forehead meaningfully.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, Ella walked over, stood in front of Peter. Immediately, they reached their arms out and then hugged deeply, "Thank you Ella for everything you have done. I don't know how to repay you." Peter said.

"You just enjoy your family. Make memories of dreams, Peter. I'll see you soon, okay?"

"Deal. Thank you." Peter said then hugged Ella deeply again.

Our return flight home was not scheduled to leave until 5pm that evening. Dad had the limo driver drop us off at Ala Moana Park where we all, including Ella, spent the day walking, eating, having fun, playing around and sitting and talking too. The limo driver picked us up at 4pm so that we would arrive at the airport on time so that we could catch our flight home.

The flight was uneventful concluding with a very smooth touchdown. Arriving home at about 7:30, we fixed and ate a quick dinner consisting of bar-b-q hamburgers with all the trimmings, a salad, a crock of baked beans along with our drinks of choice. We then thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and dining areas, making them spic and span. Shortly thereafter, Ella bade her farewells with hugs and congratulations all around then left for home.

Shortly after Ella left, the house phone rang. Dad picked it up on the third ring then took it to his office. I'll let him take over since I was not privy to the call.


Dad's POV

The phone call was from one of my operatives for the surveillance company I owned and operated.

While we do not have many employees in the overall scheme of things, 315 to be exact, we are second in the US for the services we provide, and third in the world. I launched the business while we were still living in Missouri after we had had three bad seasons in the farming business. Taking forensics college classes, I got interested in the communications industry and how my specialty could benefit Americans. Soon the ideas jumped off the ground and we went into the world markets.

My associate advised me that the pictures of Peter had been traced to a six servers in North America and then were distributed to approximately 800 networks worldwide. Currently, 1807 people were subscribed to the $75.00 a month service. Bank accounts were traced and certified.

We decided to keep the sites up for the time being so as to give US Federal and Interpol authorities' time to secure search and seizure warrants then time enough serve and execute them.

Learning that the camera equipment and all that goes along with it was purchased from my company by Bo and others left me with a tremendous sense of sadness which was soon replaced by anger, not a bad anger, instead it left me with anger and resolves to better screen the purchasers.

A few minutes following the end of the phone call with my associate, I received a phone call from Judge Matheson advising me that he put in a call to the Feds regarding Peter's mother's state case and was pleased to announce that the Feds filed charges under the Hate Crime statutes therefore nullifying the need for Peter to testify tomorrow against his mother. Judge Matheson also requested from the Attorney General and the Department of Justice ... and received assurances that Peter would not be required to testify in person, instead he could provide a sworn testimony via electronic means. I thanked the judge profusely and assured him of our gratitude, and cooperation in any way possible.

After the phone call with Judge Matheson was completed, I went up to Peter and David's room only to find them and Jeremy hanging out together playing X-box Live video games. As I was standing there watching them play, Peter's character got blown to smithereens thus effectively ending his turn, which provided a perfect opportunity to interrupt him so that we could speak privately.


"Yeah, dad. Did you see that? I got blown out of the water, like totally."

"I saw it. You didn't stand a chance with those bad guys." I chuckled looking directly at David and Jeremy as they looked up to acknowledge me. Peter grinned, then came over and wrapped me in a tight hug.

"Can we have a few minutes to talk, alone, just you and me?"

A frightened look appeared on Peter's face. He looked down to the floor. Then he looked back into my eyes and asked "Am I in some kind of trouble, Dad?"

"Of course not, Peter. You're not in any trouble. Actually, I have some really good news to share with you privately. Come on, let's go down to the pool and we'll talk there."

Peter nodded with a smile on his face. I felt that this moment was a turning point in the relationship we were working so hard to build.

"David, Jeremy, would you please give us about 45 minutes or so for Peter and I to discuss a couple of things privately?"

"Sure dad, no problem." David said.

"No prob, dad. We're about ready to wind it down, it's been a long day and quite frankly I'm just about totally worn out." Jeremy said.

Peter put his arm around my waist and together we made our way downstairs then out to the kitchen where we made us drinks. Peter chose a Coke and I chose tonic water. Going out to the pool area, we sat down in our chaise lounges at the table next to the pool.

"What's up, Dad?"

"Well, Peter we received some really good news tonight. Judge Matheson called to let us know that the Feds are taking your case, and that charges against your mother are being taken over by the Federal Government and she will be charged with the Hate Crime statutes in addition to the assault, endangerment and armed criminal action charges at the state level. She looks to be doing a lot of time."

"Dad, you know mom was the best earlier on in my life. That is before she got involved with drugs, alcohol and men. She got in over her head causing our lives to become train wrecks."

"Drugs and alcohol cause good people to do bad things, things that they never would have dreamed of doing had they been clean and sober. My hopes are that, if she is not already incapable, she get herself together while in prison and then wish her all the best for the remainder of her life after she gets out."

"Me too, I really hope she does. She's okay when she's not all fucked up. Uhm, sorry dad, it just slipped out."

"Sometimes one just has to say what's on their mind. Just do not use the F bomb in anger at anyone, or use it excessively at any other time. You have good usage of the English vocabulary, so don't just limit yourself to curse words."

"Okay, dad, I'll try not to use it that often, but you're right, sometimes it just comes out before I ever think."

"Tomorrow we need to determine how you created a separate user account on our system here at home. You're not in trouble, this time. In fact, you identified a serious vulnerability in our system. It's something we will need to deal with sooner rather than later."

"Dad, you don't have cameras in our bedrooms, do you? Sorry, I just had to ask... well, you know... I'm sorry."

"No son. There are no cameras in the bedrooms, the bathrooms, or anywhere else that we consider private space. Our video and audio systems are only in the public areas of our home. The only ones that are turned on, so to speak, are of the pool area, the entrance and exit doors, the hallway upstairs, the dining room, the garage - just the main rooms of the house. The system is 'intelligent' to turn on only when we have guests although the outdoor cameras are on at all times, for obvious reasons. Neither your privacy nor ours are compromised at any time unless we are naked with guests who are not 'registered' with the system."

"I didn't think you would. I just needed to ask."

"I can very well see your reasons for asking the question, Peter. I'd be skittish too, for the same reasons you say."

"Peter, I am telling you to not log into the website where your and others' pictures are, the site you showed to us last night. I can't say too much right now. I will tell you that the site will be taken down soon, and that the person or persons involved with it will be wishing they'd never born."


"Uhm hmm."

"Dad, I downloaded some of those pictures."

"You did?"

"Yeah, there were some fun times, back when I was really free and happy, or when I felt that I was anyway. You see, dad, I have no school or family pictures. They got lost somewhere along the way, probably in one or more of the many moves we made, or they were destroyed, or something. Not all those model pictures are bad, though most of them were when I was naked or not wearing anything other than little underwear. Some I was dressed up in cowboy outfits. Some of the close-ups at the beach, even though I was naked, are not that bad."

"Why don't you show me the ones you down-loaded; we might be able to doctor them up. I could teach you the methods used to alter pictures so that they look natural. I'm just thinking of covering what shouldn't be shown to the world. Tell you what; we'll put the finished products in our family album, would that be okay?"

Peter's answer consisted of a tearful jump into my lap, a bone crushing hug and all sorts of gibberish coming out of his mouth, all of which I took as an unbridled approval.

Returning upstairs, we found Jeremy sound asleep in his room. David was answering some emails to his friends. After kissing both boys, I made my way to my room and laid there for quite some time thinking about our day, interspersed with the sounds of two boys, my sons, celebrating their love for one another in the most intimate of ways.

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