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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 21

"Will you guys be okay until I return with Allen and Angel?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said "I guess, dad. But I won't have him talking to Peter like he was. If he starts it up again then I'll take Peter upstairs. He doesn't deserve this shit."

Dad nodded then said "Peter?"

"Dad, I've got nothing to hide. Don't talk at me or act like I'm not even in the room. You guys know my past... I'm ashamed... Goddddddddddddddddd. I'm pissed. Why???????????"

Dad regarded Peter carefully, "Peter, I understand. I'll handle it... trust me."

I looked at Peter. He was still looking at dad. He kinda looked like he was deciding whether or not to really trust him.

"Okay, I trust you. Just, let me know what you're doing. Please."

"Okay. Just understand there may be some parts of the investigation that need to be kept quiet. I want to help you, not harm you. Some pieces of it could get pretty nasty. Otherwise, I'll tell you what I know. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know. I'll talk to you before anyone else in our family."

Dad looked at me for my approvals. I nodded then added, "Dad, if it's anything really bad... if you're going to talk to Peter about it, I'd like to be with Peter when you tell him."

"That goes without saying, son. If we're all agreed then let's go get dinner ready. After we eat we'll all sit down to talk this all over."

"Okay." I said. Peter nodded.

Before we broke up, dad brought us into a 3-way hug then kissed us on the forehead.

(I'm going to turn this over to dad now.)


Dad's POV

This is definitely one of those moments when I wished against all other wishes that my wife were alive. She'd know precisely how to handle this in a calm, reassuring and firm way. Oh, I seem to handle things okay, but she gave me a strength and assurance second to none.

Look at it this way: I know what the facts are, and I know what my feelings are, now, just how does one put them together without my feelings and the facts overweighing one over the other? That's the question, and the challenge.

*** Flashback

Immediately following Peter's sharing of his story with Ella, Jeremy, David and myself a few weeks back, my company, local authorities, the Feds and I launched an extensive investigation into Peter's history and the websites (and branches) shown to us by him and found them to be not only real and authentic, but that his pictures had been distributed throughout the web. Many had been altered to include him actively engaging in sex with men, women, children (both boys and girls). Videos had been made and distributed from still pictures replicated.

Our investigation also found the kingpin websites were domiciled in the states of Hawaii and Texas as well as Beijing, China but Honolulu was the parent location.

As we got deeper into the investigation, we found that Peter was not the only subject whose pictures had been taken in variously compromising positions. We found that most of the boys had their pictures taken on the beach with surf boards leading us to believe that pictures of various swim teams, surfing teams, boy scout camps and other such public and not-so-public events had been taken, harvested, distorted and placed on various unsavory public bulletin boards, blogs and pay-for-view sites.

More disturbing, as if that were possible, is the fact that there were many bedroom, private bedrooms; not just hotel rooms which had been serially violated.

Key operatives and their locations were identified. Photographers were located via electronic imprints. We also were able to determine that our equipment was used to capture live shots (can't tell you how or what because of trade secrets and intellectual ownership of the technology, sorry).

The distribution kingpins were identified to be a parent of one of the boys staying here for the weekend, and a hot-shot, high-profile criminal attorney... more on this later.

Federal indictments as well as Chinese government equivalents were being executed as of this very moment, arrests were imminent.

The main difficulty present is determining the exact location and pathways used for distribution so that sites could be taken down en masse. The other thing that is bothersome is to locate those who have downloaded actual and depicted media.

Where my wife comes into the picture is the support that only she could provide, or perceptions that only she can provide in this instance.

*** End Flashback

The boys, Allen and Angel, were sitting on the bed deep in thought and having a quiet discussion when I walked in and greeted them with a cautious smile and said "Hey."

"Hey." Angel said. Allen nodded.

"I didn't mean to push Peter into the pool, Jim. Honest. I mean I didn't push him at all. I guess we just got tangled up." Allen said.

"That's what it looked like to me, but I'm glad you spoke up. You need to say that to David and Peter."

"Yeah." Allen said.

"Are you okay, Allen?"

"Not really. I just don't want David hurt. There's a lot about Peter that David does not know." Allen said.

"Allen, Peter is not knowingly or willfully withholding information from us, David in particular. He's got a clean slate here, Allen."

"What do you mean 'knowingly or willfully', Jim. It is what it is." Allen said.

"Not everything is at appears, Allen. Just keep an open mind."

"I'm trying." Allen said.

"I know. Just remember this as if your life depended on it, okay?"

"What's that?" Allen asked.

"David loves Peter to the ends of this earth and beyond. Peter loves David in the same way, if not more. This is Peter's first 'real' home he's ever had."

"I don't know him." Allen said.

"That's the point, Allen."

"Okay, here is the deal. I made the same deal with David and Peter. They agreed. We're going to have dinner. We are all hungry. Don't talk around Peter like he's not in the room. He needs us. We need him. Don't get angry. Just listen because one learns a lot by remaining quiet."

"I can do that, Jim." Angel said.

"Me too. They're pissed though. I can understand why..." Allen said.

"I'd say they are more hurt than anything else, and they're wondering what the hell is going on, and so am I, actually. But I understand you're concerned for David. Please extend that concern to Peter, okay? He's one of us, not one of them. We'll sit down after dinner. We have a lot to talk about... some of it applies to you and Angel..." I said wading out in the waters but not too far.

Both boys looked at me carefully but didn't say anything more. Both nodded their understanding of what would be happening. That said, we went downstairs and began dinner preparations.


Back to the story


Peter and I got our shit together by drying off, using the pool vacuum to clean it up good, gathering up our towels and other such things, and putting them into the laundry area located directly off of the kitchen, then headed upstairs to take a shower and to change into dry clothes. About halfway up, dad was coming down then he intercepted us, "Boys, Allen and Angel are showering and getting dressed for dinner. They are agreeable to what we talked about. Let's all have a relaxed meal and then when cleanup is completed, we'll all go into the TV room to talk amongst ourselves. I think things will work out although I have some very disturbing news to share about the investigation. Allen and Angel will need your support, and they'll require mine too. Go on. I'll see you in 30 minutes or less. The steaks won't take very long to cook."

That said, we took off for the bathroom where we showered without any messing around then after brushing our teeth and combing out our hair we went to our room and got dressed in running shorts and t-shirts, commando style.

Allen and Angel met in the hallway as we were headed downstairs. The interaction was quiet but amicable. We traded pinkie handshakes and nods of understanding.

We all headed downstairs... on the way down, Allen commented, "It's really kewl to see you walking again, David. Peter must have been a great inspiration for you. Thanks Peter. You did what we couldn't do."

"I love him with all of my being." Peter said assuredly.

"I know you do. It shows, and you guys wear it well." Allen said meaningfully.

Peter added after a moment of thought... "Just don't talk about me behind my back, or act like I'm not even in the room when you are talking about me, okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry we did that. It's a bad habit. I'll be very careful from now on."


Dad made up some killer steaks, cooked to perfection, juicy, tender and flavorful as he always does. We assisted by making the crisp green salad, cut up papaya wedges, pulled the baked potatoes out of the over then carried it all out to the table in the garden area. The weather was perfect; the sun was still high in the sky, a light trade wind breeze was blowing softly, and although there was a certain pensive attitude overhanging the table and its occupants, we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

After all was cleaned up and put away, dad said to make fresh drinks, use the restroom if needed and then we'd meet in the TV room off the kitchen.

David and I hit the bathroom, and while David was adding to the sewer system I brushed my teeth then when he was finished I peed and freshened up while David took care of his freshening up. Finished with our tasks, we embraced and kissed warmly then went into the TV room where dad was waiting. He looked deep in thought but smiled when we entered. As soon as we sat down, Allen and Angel arrived and took their seats opposite us.

Dad looked to Allen and Angel, sitting side by side, then said, "Do you really know anything concrete about Peter's past? We all need to get it straightened out to everyone's understanding before we can really talk about the investigation."

"No. We only know what David's told us ..." Allen said then he was interrupted by Peter who said heatedly, "You know about me and my past? <looking at me angrily> David you TOLD THEM?"

"No baby. I haven't said a word about anything other than you are my boyfriend, and that I love you so much, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life, and that we can work anything out that needs worked out... I'm sure we can."

Allen said, "No, David didn't tell me much of anything other than what he just said. One thing about David is that he's not a gossip shit bag, he doesn't talk about peoples' relationships behind their backs. He's always open and 'available' with people. Besides that, David's not ever been in a relationship that I know of... if he would have been I'dda known about it, seriously."

Angel piped up, "He did send a picture of you to us. Don't worry, you were fully dressed."

"I'm sorry David... this stuff is all so raw. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions." Peter said while deeply looking in my eyes.

God, I loved him so much, my heart went pitter patter at an accelerated rate. I reached over, brought our heads together then I kissed him warmly. Then another thought ran through my mind, I giggled then whispered very quietly into his ear, "On one condition... <Peter shrugged his shoulders>... the only condition is: you must jump my bones until we're both raw tonight!"

Peter pulled away with incredulous written all over his face then he said loud enough for everyone to hear clearly, "Maybe I should apologize more often... dad, David wants to... <I put my hand over his mouth to keep him from telling the whole world what I wanted us to do that night then I tickled his ribs just enough so that he would lose his train of thought! It worked.>"

Allen rolled his eyes. Angel put his head down in his lap giggling. Dad crossed his eyes not believing what Peter and I were talking about verbally, and what we were staying to each other subversively.

When we regained a modicum of composure dad said, "Peter, do you feel like telling Angel and Allen your story? I'm thinking that you may want to clear the air about what did or did not happen. I think, in a very big way, they'll better understand what David, you and I talked about earlier. You don't have to, of course, it's totally up to you."

Peter took my hand, pulled me up to a standing position then urged me to walk with him into the kitchen. He said, "What do you think? Are they really, really good friends? Will they keep their mouths shut? Do you trust them with your life?"

I pulled him into my arms, held him just so so, so that I could look in his eyes when I replied, "Yeah, they are both good guys. They won't say anything to anybody about anything we talk about. And yes, I trust either one or both of them with my life."

With hesitation, Peter then asked, "David, have you, Angle or Allen ever..."

"No way, while we love each other as friends, that's as far as it gets. We haven't even circle jerked or anything." I replied knowingly, truthfully.

Reassured, Peter and I walked back into the TV room where Peter sat quietly for a few moments, every once in a while squeezing my hand. Then, without batting an eye, told his story with few interruptions from the rest of us though we did surround him during the bad parts, particularly the experience with his mom and uncle that brought him to live with us.

When Peter was finished talking, he got up and quickly left the room. The door to the pool area opened then shut closed. I got up with the intentions of going out there to be with him however dad said gently, "David, I think Peter needs a few minutes alone to process."

"I guess." I replied. Dad and I then answered a couple of minor questions that Allen and Angel had. After about 45 minutes, I got up and went outside to be with Peter. Dad didn't object whatsoever... in fact I didn't even look at him when I got up.

Peter was sitting in a chase lounge next to the pool. His hair was dripping wet as were his shorts. He had taken his shirt off... it was lying on the table next to his chair. I went into the pool pump room where I retrieved two towels which I took to him. I wiped his face then dried his hair so that the water would not continue to run into his eyes.

"Honey, this will all work out. I'm sorry that stuff happened to you. I'm here with you all the way. Don't even think I won't be. I love you too much. You are a part of me, and I'm a part of you. We're bonded mates. I'd writher away and die if you weren't here."

"I've done so many bad things though, David..."

"No. Stop. Those bad things were done to you. You had no choice. A lot of those things you didn't even know were happening... if you didn't know they were being done then how could you have done anything bad?"

"I don't know. Sometimes I just feel filthy dirty... like I should have stopped it but didn't. Like I didn't have to suck those dirty fuckers dicks... I didn't have to do a lot of things but I did them anyway."

"Well think of it this way: what you and I have is love. When we express ourselves in bed... that is our physical way of cementing what we already have in our hearts, and in our minds. By the way, I was as serious as a heart attack when I said I wanted you to jump my bones until we were both raw. We're going to be okay... hell, we already are okay, what was I saying anyway?"

"Goofball... is sex all you think about?" Peter asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Just about."

That earned me playful slap up the back of my head. But that wasn't all bad. The next place he put his hand was in my crotch. He squeezed me once then got up, pulled me up and then we went back into the house.

Dad, Angel and Allen were in the kitchen refilling drinks. When Allen turned around and looked at us, he had tears freely flowing down his cheeks. Angel had this ghost like expression on his face. Neither were saying anything.

Dad handed Allen a Kleenex. Allen wiped his eyes dry then blew his nose. He walked over to Peter and I then said, "Peter, can we talk for a little while, alone?"

"Sure, no problem, do you want to go out to the pool? We can be alone there." Peter replied sincerely.

Just as they were getting ready to walk outside after picking up their glasses of ice tea, dad said, "Allen, do you feel safe in your home?"

Angel looked at Allen then walked over to him, whispered something in his ear then Allen looked at dad and said, "No, not really. That's kinda what I was going to talk to Peter about. Why?" Allen's gaze turned to the floor. A fresh set of tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

Dad walked over to Allen, stood there for a moment. Allen then accepted dad's outstretched arms with passion. He buried his face in dad's chest. His shoulders were heaving as he silently shared his pain with dad.

Peter took my hand in his, squeezed firmly, looked me in my eyes questioningly, I shrugged my shoulders.

Just then, Angel's phone began to ring. Angel pulled his phone out of his pocket. Just as he was about to lift it up, dad said, "Angel, don't answer your phone right now. We have some things to discuss first. In fact, turn it off, please."

Almost simultaneously, Allen's phone rang. Allen quickly looked to dad then he fished his phone off the bar and handed it to dad.

"What's going on Jim?" Allen asked wearily.

"Yeah, what's happening? Allen, we need to talk to Jim about what we've been worried about." Angel said calmly as he stroked his boyfriends' back with his hand letting it rest on Allen's wet and still dripping ass cheek.

Taking the initiative, I walked into the laundry room, retrieved a towel and a pair of running shorts then took them to Allen. Angel took them from me then he walked Allen into the bathroom. Next, we heard one stream hitting the toilet then two. The bathroom faucet then ran, they were talking but I could not understand what was being said.

Allen said hopefully, "Okay. We need to talk."

Without ceremony, we all gathered in the TV room. Dad pulled out his laptop, plugged it into the big screen TV then said to Peter, "Peter, please log in using your personal ID."

Peter got up without hesitation then sat down next to dad and logged in. After the welcome screen came up, dad said, "Thanks. I'll do it from here."

Peter and dad exchanged a knowing look. Peter, without invitation went first to Allen, hugged him deeply, whispered some words in his hear then performed the same with Angel. He then came back over and sat back down next to me, took my hand in his then whispered in my ear, "Dad's going to show them their pictures..."

"Oh shit." I replied then dad said, "Boys, come sit down next to me, this is going to be tough. We're all here for you. Peter, the pass codes for the information have changed. I'm going to go make a phone call. I'll be right back."


Dad's POV

After assuring the boys I would be right back, I went into my office, made a call to Officer Ramirez to advise him that our home computer would be logging onto the mirror sites we had created from the real ones being investigated. He gave his approval.

I then called my company to talk to Rick, our chief investigator to also advise him that we would be logging into our database and why. He approved but asked me to give it an hour so that he could call our Operatives to advise them, then he gave me a rogue user id to use. After thanking him, I hung up, shook my head then went back to the TV room where everybody was anxiously awaiting my return.

"Allen, Angel?"

After they both looked at me, I asked "Are you guys into internet pornography of any kind?"

"Not really. I mean we've gone out and viewed some of it, but we found it quite boring actually." Angel responded.

"Uhm, well, I've been reading some Nifty smut. When Angel and I first got together... I mean when we decided to well, uhm, you know, have sex and stuff, we looked for some information so that we would not hurt each other, you know." Allen said bashfully.

"Uhm, yeah, Peter and I did the same thing. We found some good information but then there was a lot of bad information too." David said. I nodded, knowing that they had indeed been on the internet looking at various sites... some of them pornographic but I didn't say anything. The web surfing was sporadic, and they didn't stay on them for any appreciable length of time.

"Dad, what's going on here? I don't think I like it." Peter said pensively.

"Yeah, what's happening?" David asked.

"Okay. I'm going to answer your questions. But don't get onto me for asking you questions, sometimes people get more gut level answers by asking questions to answer questions."

"That's what you did to me. It brought out a lot of my story." Peter said.

"Right." David said.

"How do you feel at home, Allen?" I asked.

"What do you mean? I mean its home and everything." Allen stated as a matter of fact.

"Did anything feel odd?"

"Odd?" Allen asked.

"Yeah, odd. Like something isn't quite right?"

"Yeah. Uhm, Jim, well dad's drinking again - like that kind of odd?" Allen asked.

"I'm sorry, Allen, I didn't know that. Are you going to support groups?"

"Yeah. I've gone back. I'm okay, I know I can't change him no matter how hard I try." Allen said.

"How's your mom?"

"Crazy again."

"Addictions are very powerful. They get in front of and in the way of families all too often."

"Is your dad back to being mean?"

"Not really. He's just changed a lot. He's here, but not all there ... does this make sense?"

"Perfectly. Anything seem out of the ordinary, Allen? Are there things that make you feel uncomfortable, yet you can't quite put your finger on?"

"Talk about questions." Allen mused, though not looking too amused anyway.

"Well, actually since he stopped working, he's been spending a lot of times with us kids. Not really bad, I mean. He is taking us to competitions, up to the North Shore, the younger ones to scouts and stuff." Allen said.

"And that's odd?"

"Not really. He's just hanging around us a lot more. Sometimes it's weird though. I mean he sticks around when he doesn't need to."

"Sounds like a dad thing." I chuckled yet I was serious. Even David and Peter chuckled a bit, but nothing from Allen and Angel.

"No?" I asked.

Observing them, I saw their minds churning but nothing made it through to their mouths, in fact they shrunk down into their chairs just a tad bit more, as if they were uncomfortable.

Peter spoke up and from nowhere said "Bo was like that, Dad. Just hanging around."

"Come on Allen, we've had zero privacy at your house. Remember, we've been hanging mainly at my place." Angel said.

"What do you mean 'zero privacy', Angel?" I asked.

Both Allen and Angel looked at each other then Angel nodded slightly to his love.

"Something's just weird there, at Allen's house I mean. It's like we're not alone even when we are. I can't explain it." Angel said.

"Allen, is there any of the 'old stuff' going on?" I asked.

"NO!" Allen bristled then calmed immediately and said "No. He hugs me a lot. We've never really been close you know. It's just weird sometimes, Jim." Allen said quietly.

"I felt that way, guys." Peter said quietly.

"Dad, what's this all about?" David asked.

<By now, about 45 minutes had passed since I got off of the phone with my security operant.>

"Okay, Peter, I want you to go into 'the website' . Use this passkey to get in instead of your own. The site is an exact mirror image of the real site as of about 30 minutes ago. Even I don't know what is out there now... what I mean is that I haven't been online 'there' since yesterday morning." I said.

Peter shut down the laptop then rebooted it. When the login screen came up he entered his account information then signed onto the site using the IE browser. He signed into the website using the id I had given him for this session. Peter navigated around the sites showing Allen and Angel the pictures he had told them about. Then Peter found another site... the one that Allen had told us about... the one where Peter was having full penetrative sex with a whole bunch of different people.

"Dad, those aren't me. I mean they are but I never did those things." Peter said embarrassed. David put his arms around Peter and hugged him tightly. They whispered back and forth quietly... I couldn't figure out what they were saying, but then again, I didn't know what they were saying in their own privacy. One thing I've learned about them is that they will tell, and have told me everything they wanted to say... sometimes very graphically.

"I know, Peter. If you guys look closely enough, it's easy to see where the pictures have been fabricated and cropped one on top of or beneath one another."

"Daaad, that's just gross. Even David and I don't do those things!" Peter said heatedly after several pictures showing Peter on the receiving end of scat activities.

Seeing my son or his likeness in those pictures began to really start getting to me. In fact, my stomach was beginning to leap into my throat. I had to swallow deeply to keep dinner in. I maintained however, and tried to not show the boys my illness feelings.

Without prompting, Peter X'd of those pages then clicked on another link to go into another site. As soon as the site came up, Angel gasped and shouted, "Allen, those are the guys on our team... there's Jason, Andres, Stephen, Pedro and Jacques... oh... my... God... look at what they're doing..."

"Jim, those guys aren't gay... they each have girlfriends... they're having sex... err, uhm, what I mean is that they are having sex with their girlfriends... but that looks like they are really having sex together." Allen said incredulously.

"A lot can be done with graphics." David spoke up quietly.

As Peter went through some different embedded sites (linked) we saw scout pages where the boys were filmed swimming in the buff and diving off of diving boards and laying out in the sun.

Peter continued to navigate around. Some of the stuff I remembered from our investigation was gone, but then quite a bit had been added too. Just when I thought we were about done, Peter landed on a page that changed Allen and Angel's lives forever... and ours too.

Many of the pictures clearly showed Allen and Angel in various states of dress and undress, kissing, fondling, and various other intimacies that were occurring in a darkened room. Even fabricated porn does not show that level of detail. One of the pictures, when clicked on, took the viewer to a video shot from all sorts of different angles... Allen and Angel were definitely making love with their young bodies coupled together in the most intimate of ways.

Allen screamed in terror, "That's my bedroom! They're showing US..."

"What? How? Why?" Angel screamed, clearly hysterical.

Allen and Angel then clung together as they screamed hysterically at what they, and the rest of us, just saw.

I got up, pulled the video plug then said to Peter, "Turn it off. Turn it off now. Enough." I said loudly.

"Jim, that's my fucking house. Please no, not my house." Allen cried. "Not my bedroom." He wailed.

I was leaning into both boys as they cried out their pain, embarrassment, shame, and any other feelings they could make no sense of. The bile reached the back of my throat... but thankfully it did not spill. Inwardly, I was pissed... actually, I was fucking mad. It was tough to not allow that feeling of rage to permeate into the boys who were nestled safely in my arms.

Just then my encrypted satellite phone made the noise indicating an incoming call. Rick, my chief operative showed up on the special caller id channel.

David and Peter took my place as I got up and quickly made my way to my office. After closing the door, I answered, "Yes. We have made positive identifications. Proceed with Operation Breakthrough execution."

"Operation Breakthrough is operative." Rick confirmed back.

"How old is the evidence?" I asked.

"Two hours four minutes, five minutes."

"Very well. Upgrade."

"Upgrade acknowledged.

"Bear engaged?" I asked.

"Bear engaging. 15 minutes."

"Very well." I replied.

"Anything else, Jim?" Rick inquired professionally.

"Smash and grab."

"Smash and grab; acknowledged." Rick confirmed.

"Keep me informed. Thank you." I said.



Back to the story

We all got on the floor so that hugs could flow freely. Allen was wailing in agony, crying uncontrollably. He was releasing his pain.

"Let it all out, Allen. Don't hold back, dude." I said after pulling me in to hold him. Peter sat down on the other side of him, and Angel sat down astraddle Allen's legs facing him, upset himself.

When Dad came back in the room, he had a grave look on his face.

Meanwhile, Allen and Angel's cell phones were buzzing incessantly indicating incoming text messages - and phone calls.


Dad's POV

This is where I wish my wife was here. How do you tell anybody their father is doing what he has been doing to them, the invasion of their privacy, blasting away into cyberspace their most precious and intimate moments? It was then that I realized the extent of Allen and Angel's love and commitment to each other. I then knew that I would do something to affect their lives as well as those of my sons form that moment forward. With full knowledge on board, I knelt down on the floor and then pulled Allen and Angel into my arms fully then let them fully express their anger and pain for as long as it took to get over and past their moments of utter devastation.

After about 30 minutes, the pain and angst left their souls. All said and done, they were exhausted and limp as rag dolls. Allen, with tear stained eyes and cheeks asked painfully, "Was it my Dad? Did he take those pictures?"

"I'm so sorry, Allen. The house pictures, definitely. He also took a lot of the pictures out in the public. Other photographers were involved as well though. I'm sorry." I said quietly.

"Angel and I locked my door, Jim. We never do anything out in public." Allen sniffled.

"I locked my door when I'd jack off and stuff." Peter said.

"God, we don't lock our doors around here. We learned that jacking off and stuff is normal. Dad has always respected our privacy, too. He still does. There have been a few times when we were caught making love or something, but that was our own fault because we left the door open. The rule around here is that if a door is closed then it's off limits, unless it's a fire, emergency, or something like that." David said.

"The only time we got in 'trouble' was when we did it in the pool. That was just stupid on our part. We never thought it through. We just got caught up in the moment." Peter said expressively.

"That incident was the turning point between my dad and Peter." David said.

Just then, Allen's cell phone rang with an incoming call. "That's my mom's ring tone, I have to answer it." Allen said.

"I wish you'd hold off for a little bit, Allen." Dad said reluctantly handing Allen his cell phone.

"Why?" Allen asked.

"No !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please no." Allen said as he looked into my eyes then took his phone and flipped it open.

"Hello." Allen deadpanned.

"What the hell? What are you doing? You call us your parents and you do this to us???" I heard through the phone assuming it was his mother.

"Your mom?" I mouthed.

Allen nodded.

"Mom, I seem to have been the center of attention, but I didn't rat anybody out!" Allen screamed.

"You little fuckwit. I'll get you, you little faggot fucker." The voice from the phone screamed.

"I loved you and dad with all of my heart. I TRUSTED YOU!" Allen said then slammed the phone down on the bare granite floor shattering it to pieces.

Then Angel's phone rang.

"That's my dad's ring, may I answer it?" Angel asked meekly while holding Allen in his arms at the same time.

I handed him his phone. On the fourth ring he answered it, "Hello, dad. What do you want?" Angel asked sarcastically.

I shook my head no and mouthed the words "Respect, Angel." He looked away, then turned back around and was looking at me with tears freely flowing from his eyes.

"Dad. Please don't do this. What am I supposed to do?" Angel said.

Allen pulled my ear next to his mouth "Angel's dad doesn't know about us, being gay and all of that stuff, Jim. We were afraid of him and his mom, so we didn't say anything."

I kissed the top of his head then said, "It's going to be okay, don't worry right now, okay?"

Allen pulled me into him and wrapped my arm around his chest, and then said "This is so fucked up, Jim." Then he broke down crying again.

Peter touched my arm and scooted around to see my face, then leaned in and whispered in my other ear "Dad, we have to do something. They need our help."

I nodded.

David, meanwhile was pacing the floor. He's not a pacer unless he is in deep, deep contemplation and when he does not know what to do. I was worried. Hell, I was worried about everything going on.

"Daddy, please!" Angel said then dropped his arm by his side with the phone still in his hand and hung his head in defeat. Slowly, he reached his hand to mine and dropped the phone in it, then said "Here, he wants to talk to you, but he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, I am not his son, I'm dead in his eyes."


"Who the fuck are you? Are you a faggot lover?" Angel's father yelled into my ear.

"I know of no people fitting your description in or around my home." I asked calmly.

"You are a lying motherfucker. How do you think my son turned 'that way' if it was not for your faggot son." Angel's father wailed on me.

"You could be no further from the truth. I do not have any sons fitting your description, and I have three of them." I said calmly.

"Fine then. You can have him. Tell him to fuck off and die. No son of mine is a fucking faggot." Angel's father said.

"I will say no such thing. But I will tell him you do not wish to speak with him. Is that correct?" I said.

"Fuckin A." Angel's father screamed in my ear.

"Good. We've reached a mutual agreement then. Do not call or fuck up his life anymore than you already have sir. Good day." I said.


"Hey, what's going on in here?" Jeremy asked from the doorway.

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