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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 41

*-* September 10th Dad's office *-*

I had just picked up the phone to call Ella when a knock on the door interrupted that plan. Not to worry though, David and Peter entered after I acknowledged their presence.

Both boys hugged me. Peter held on for an extra moment while David sat on the edge of an overstuffed sofa. Peter said, "Hey dad, sorry if we are interrupting anything. Do you want us to come back later? Sorry dad, my mind's elsewhere and I'm stressed out."

I hugged him a little harder then led him to the sofa where he and I sat down; Peter on one side and David on the other. "Peter, David, the wheels of progress are turning as we speak. Resolutions are just going to take some time to put into place. Tell ya what, I've spoken to our Chief of Security. I've been assured that external security is being beefed up. This will require us to have escorts wherever we go. I'm also going to call Ella to see what information she can provide from her side."

Peter found an imaginary place on the carpet to affix his eyes. With my hand, I gently raised up his chin so that he could see that I understood his dilemma and powerlessness. When his attention was refocused, I said, "Try to find Matt's birth certificate. Vital statistics should be online. This would be a good place for you to begin. Try using 'date of birth' as your search criteria. That way everybody who was born or died on that day should come up."

"Okay, thanks Dad." Peter said proudly with appreciation that he would now be a part of the research team. To David, Peter said, "Okay. David, come with me please? You might have some ideas ... in case we hit a road block or something. Just don't do it for me, please?"

David smiled. A look of contentment flashed across his face. "It's all going to work out, I just know it will. Are you ready to get busy?"

Peter nodded enthusiastically then said "Thanks Dad. Oh Chad said that the GAAY organization has resources to help us if we need them."

"Okay, good, I'm glad to know that."

With that said and after a round of exuberant hugs they took off. My mind went back to what needed to be done and before I could call Ella, she called me, apparently because I had left a message during the night for the agency to call me at their earliest convenience.

Me: Good morning Ella. How are you this fine morning?

Ella: Over worked and under paid as usual. How are the boys doing?

Me: They are okay under the circumstances. Peter's unsettled right now because of all that's going on. He's going to be okay though. We've had many conversations over the last couple of days, and, well, we mostly have the bases covered, at least for now which brings up why I called you.

Ella: Okay, what's up?

Me: Ella, a few months ago I heard a breaking news story on the radio while traveling to work. It was about a young man found on some rocks down the coast a ways from us. The report was that he had been severely injured, that he had life threatening injuries and had been transported to University Hospital. Is your agency involved with him?

Ella: Yes we are. It's been a difficult case. No parents or other relatives have come forward. We have put the little information that we do have out nationwide. Other than two or three unfounded claims nothing has come up that we can use to identify him.

Me: That's sad. Every child should have someone they can call theirs. Anyway, I have some information that might help you along. Our knowledge has not yet been proven. My investigative team is working on several leads to corroborate our intelligence source.

Ella: You have my attention. I'm listening.

Me: The boys' name is Matt Jamison. Our Intel source deems to be reliable and dependable. I'd not met him before but the boys seem to know him. He's a pleasant young man of 15 years old, and is reportedly Matt's boyfriend. We have every reason to believe Matt may very well be Peter's brother, perhaps even a twin brother at that. We have a picture of Matt taken shortly before the accident. He looks so much like Peter. I can transmit the picture to you.

Ella: Would you please? Wait a minute ... Jamison ... that was Peter's former surname. I'm pulling Peter's case up ... Tanya is his err was his mother. No other children were in the case. Could Matt be a cousin? Unfortunately, we've not been able to interview the boy. Our searches haven't found any close relatives. So, yeah, let's see his picture.

Me: I'll be right back. The pictures are on Peter's phone... I'll transmit them to you.

Ella: Okay. If I'm not on the line, I'll be right back. Meanwhile, I'll make some calls.

Me: Talk to you in a minute or two.

I got up then went to find Peter. Both he and David were in the TV room working with the laptop. They looked up when I walked into the room. "May I have your phone for just a minute or two? I need to upload Matt's pictures to our system. Ella wants to see them. Fugi needs to have them also."

In response, he handed me his phone. After giving each other a hug, I returned to my office then uploaded the pictures onto our systems. I then transmitted them to Fugi and Ella. After thinking for a moment, I sent Officer Ramirez a classified intelligence email with the pictures as encrypted attachments.

Ella came back on the line about fifteen minutes later and said, "Wow, Matt's resemblances to Peter are astounding, Jim. Wow! I've ordered DNA testing to look for a match between Peter, Peter's mother and Matt. The results should not take very long, maybe a few days since their DNA is already on file. We had also transmitted Matt's DNA profile to law enforcement agencies nationwide. I think Peter's dad is in prison in Nevada ... I have not heard from Nevada. I'll follow up."

Me: Okay. I sent Officer Ramirez a classified document containing the pictures. We're very anxious. <Pause> Ella, I have a very large favor to ask of you. We'll owe you big time.

Ella: Oh boy, this outta to be good. <Chuckles>. Go ahead.

Me: Is it possible for Peter to visit the boy, Matt, in the hospital?

Ella: I don't have a problem a visit however the hospital will have issues with authorization with a visit from a person who is not a known relative. I'll push the obstacles out of the way since the boy is a ward of the state and we are officially his custodians. I'll transmit the necessary authorizations to the hospital. Just let me know why you want to visit, okay?"

Me: Good, I'll get the boys know. Okay, now onto another subject. Do you know a guy named Donald Sandstone?

Ella: He's an asshole. We've had nothing but trouble when dealing with him. But we're not alone. He gives the judicial system pure hell whenever he deals with them too. Judge Matheson has held him in contempt a number of times. Have you had the displeasure of meeting him? How did he get messed up this?

Me: Matt's boyfriend ...

Ella: And ... ahhhh Jim, please don't make me guess...

Me: Ella, I need your assurances that what I'm about to tell you is held in confidence.

Ella: I can't promise...

Me: I know. But please...

Ella: I'll try.

Me: Understood. Thanks. The boyfriend is Mr. Sandstone's son Brad.

Ella: Oh no, fuck me twice. No shit?

Me: No shit. Ella, please keep this as quiet as humanly possible.

Ella: I can't promise you that. I like what I do here ... I've wanted to get that motherfucking douche bag for as long as I can remember. This is very complicated. What else do you have on this scum sucking son of a bitch?

Me: My Intel says that Matt was doing the same thing Peter was, that he was in the porn trade, and was literally forced to be in it. His situation is a bit different from Peter's in that Peter was involved mostly passively, though not always. Matt however was treated very aggressively by those fucking assholes. I can't prove it yet, but I am feeling that a linear line exists between that idiot 'The Boss' or 'Bo' and both of the boys ... who knows the whole fucking thing might be ... gag me with a spoon ...

Ella: Since talking to you, I began seriously suspecting that he was too. Matt had a sexually transmitted disease when he came into the hospital. It was a nasty one. The medical report called it 'Fulminating Syphilis Encephalitis'. Ohhhh Jim, that boy had the holy fucking hell beat out of him before he was dumped. Okay, here is my immediate action plan: First, I will order the DNA testing to be performed expeditiously. Secondly, I will authorize Peter's visit, in an official capacity. And third, I'll request a medical progress report from his doctors. As soon as I get something, I'll call you. By the way, the locals have a murder one pending Matt's death, attempted until then.

Me: By the way, the perp 'Bo' or whatever the fuck he is called bailed ... I don't know the exact date but we'll know shortly.

Ella: This is getting better and better each moment. What else do you have?

Me: You now know what I know. My people should have something within the next few days.

Ella: Okay. We need to work together on this. I am officially retaining your firm to aide us in our investigation. Fuck the politicians and their fucking spending. This one will be for a good cause. Fuck 'em. Have the invoices sent to me. Bleed 'em dry because this never should have happened.

Me: Oh shit.

Ella: Whatever. <Chuckles.> Bye for now.

Me: Good bye Ella. Take care.

I wandered into the TV room. Peter and David were still working away. Peter's brow was furrowed and his tongue was pointed out of corner of his mouth. Both were deeply concentrating on what they were doing so they nearly jumped out of their skin when I said "Hey guys. How is it going? Here's your phone back son."

Once their composure returned Peter replied as he took his phone from me "I haven't found anything yet. O ther than my amended birth certificate and some people that have no resemblance to us, we are coming up empty handed. We are still looking though. Did you talk to Ella yet?"

"Yes I have. She has no problem with you visiting the boy in the hospital although the hospital may very well have an issue because of privacy concerns but she will be working through all of that because Matt is in state's custody. The hospitals are very careful to maintain and protect confidentiality for all of their patients, as they should do. She also knows of Brad's father." I said withholding Ella's opinions about him although I had a hard time doing it!

"When can I see him dad? We are family. I mean I think we are to him." Peter asked hopefully.

"Ella said she will authorize a visit. By the way, the DNA testing will be performed expeditiously but it will still take a few days for the official results to come in."

"Dad, Nurse Glenda said that we could call her at any time. She works in the ICU. She took care of Peter. She also worked on the pediatric oncology floor when I was there." David said assuredly. Peter nodded hopefully.

"Okay. But be careful. Don't put her into a difficult or illegal position. And do not demand anything from her. These are the conditions to follow when you call her. Are they clearly understood?"

Both nodded their understanding then as I turned to leave Peter said "Thanks dad." After hugs were exchanged between us, the boys went back to their research and I returned to my office to take care of some other business on my plate unrelated to our family's challenges.


As soon as Dad left, Peter and I deeply kissed then broke away. "Do you want me with you when you make the call to Glenda or would you like to do it yourself and in private?" I said hoping against hope that I could be part of his discussion - however he was right... he needed to do it for himself with me as a strength support.

Quickly, we joined hands. Peter said, "Dude, I love you so much. You're a part of me, and I'm a part of you. I just get confused because everybody does everything FOR me all the time. Just be with me. David, you're my rock. I can't do this all alone. I get scared sometimes."

"You're stronger than you believe you are Peter, trust me."

That said, nothing more needed to be said right then. We leant in together, our lips touched, and that set off a fire... despite being in a public place within our home, our hands made their way to and clenched onto that which designates us as male. Peter pushed me back onto the sofa then arranged his body so that it was over mine in a very compromising position. Hungrily, I gobbled his up while he took me to the root. Less than 5 minutes later we'd exchanged fluids orally.

Our first conscious thought or awareness was that somebody had giggled in the foreground. Quickly, leaned around Peter's fine ass then urged him off when I saw that Allen and Angel were observing Peter's and my 'position'.

They were giggling wildly while Peter and I were rearranging ourselves to sitting positions. Angel walked over then without incident took his finger and wiped the cum-trail from my lower lip while Allen did the same for Peter. "You guys are bad." I chuckled nervously.

"Not to worry. What would guys do without us?" Angel quipped.

Peter and I groaned... which cracked us all up.

We showed Allen and Angel what we'd been doing prior to getting side-tracked then they left. We went back to our research. Nothing of any significance was found.

I reassured Peter that dad had some seriously dedicated individuals at his place of work and that Ella was the best when it came to ferreting out information for her clients.

With that we told dad our findings. "We'll find something, don't get discouraged. You guys get out of here <dad was grinning widely>. Go swimming. Have fun."

Allen and Angel were already swimming laps. After making sure I was okay, Peter my crutches against a chair then dove in and swam across the pool to the wall. I positioned myself then dove in and joined him. When Allen and Angel arrived, they smirked and pushed off. Peter giggled. I laughed.


They finished their laps before we did, of course. Noting their very erect prongs as they got out of the pool, Peter said, "God, you guys need to find a room." As we were gigging, Allen turned around and flipped us the bird then took off after his boyfriend, who was also in need of some serious attention.

We got out of the water, dried off then sat down on the chaise lounges. Peter entered Glenda's number on his phone then put it on Speaker Mode so we could both listen and talk to her at the same time.

She answered on the fourth ring. Hello.

Peter: Hi Glenda. This is Peter Blake ... uhm; well actually you may only remember me as Peter Jamison.

Glenda: Oh hi Peter. Yes, I do remember you ... how are you? Hearing your voice is a very pleasant surprise.

Peter: I'm fine. I'm really good. How are you?

Glenda: I'm good, really good. Thank you for asking. How's David?

Me: I'm fine too. Yeah, hearing your voice is really good too. It has been a while since we've seen you.

Glenda: Kewl. Are you guys happy and healthy?

Peter: Yep we are. I had my implant done a few weeks back. It's cool.

Me: My last checkup was perfect. No sign of any cancer at my last visit. I'm due for another appointment soon.

Glenda: Glad to hear your last visit went well. What can I do for you or ... <giggles> is this a purely social call?

Peter: Well, it started out as a social call <giggles> ... but now that you mention it ... I need to ask you for a big favor. I'll owe you forever and ever. Please.

Glenda: That sounds pretty big Peter ... shoot.

Me: Are you busy?

Glenda: I'm never too busy to talk to my favorite patients. Today is my off day. It's nice to not have to plan something to fill my days. What's up honey?

Peter: Okay. Here's the deal. Are you ready?

Glenda: I'm ready anytime you are.

Peter: Okay ... I'm going to send you a picture.

Glenda: Do I need to hang up first?

Peter: No, here it goes.

Peter: Done. Did you receive it yet?

Glenda: No, not yet. Oh wait, here it is. Oh, what a nice picture of you. You look so healthy, peaceful and serene. Oh my, a second one came in <Glenda wolf whistles loudly over the phone then giggles heartily>.

Me: Peter, you dufus you sent both pictures! <I was giggling nearly out of control, but not quite>.

Peter: Glenda that is NOT me. Never mind David, okay? <Peter said trying to sound sarcastic through his giggles>.

Glenda: Then who is it? I'm dying to know. He's pretty darned cute. A little young for me but I could possibly make an exception. <Glenda is giggling like crazy>.

Peter: You don't recognize him? <Peter's smile is gone>.

Glenda: No honey, I don't recognize him as being anyone other than you. Should I?

I shrugged my shoulders looking at Peter. He nods then the tears start leaking out of his eyes and onto his cheeks. I pull him into me then hold him tightly. Quickly he recovered then I wiped his eyes dry with a towel lying on the table.

Glenda: Peter. Are you there?

Me: We're here Glenda. We are pretty sure that the boy in the picture is a brother that Peter didn't know he had. We just found out about him a few days ago which is a very long story. The bottom line is that guy is our friends' boyfriend. His boyfriend took those pictures. And well ...

Peter: That guy, his boyfriend who is possibly my brother, is a patient at your hospital in the ICU. They say his name is known as John Doe.

Glenda: Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh my ... <pause>. I am about ready to break every rule in the book you guys. There is such a thing called patient confidentiality. <Glenda paused>. What do you need to know boys? He's very, very sick - he was on our critically ill list for several weeks - he still isn't out of the woods.

Peter: Can we come see him? Can I touch him? Dad said that DNA tests are being performed ... and well ... he needs family to help him get well. Can I please?

Glenda: Well Peter, actually there is good news to report: the nurses and some doctors, including me, have been talking between ourselves about this boy. We still do not think that he will make it. We simply think that he has given up because, once again, he is going downhill ... tell you what ... this week I'm working the first shift 6am to 6pm. I'm off work and will be going to Oahu this coming weekend. Can you come up after school tomorrow? That will give me time to talk to those of us who are taking care of him.

Peter: I'll talk to my dad but I don't anticipate him saying no.

Me: We'll be there one way or another, Glenda.

Glenda: Now, David, do it the right way. Don't get into trouble because that could complicate matters tremendously.

Me: Don't worry Glenda. We'll do it the right way. That is why we called you <snickers>.

Glenda: Oh you are soo bad. Just wait until I get my scrawny hands around your neck <giggles>. Okay boys, I have to go now. I'll make some phone calls. Meanwhile, you guys relax. I talk to John all the time. Patients in comas often recall hearing people speaking to them.

Peter: Try using his real name. I'm sure it's Matt Jamison. See what happens.

Glenda: Okay. That's a very good idea. I'll do it. He wakes up every now and again. Hmm, on second thought I'll continue to call him John and let you break the news to him. It may very well have a greater positive impact on him.

Peter: Is he still in a coma then?

Glenda: No. I don't think so. He arouses easily.

Me: That's a Jamison for you. I mean, yeah Peter wakes up easily too.

Glenda: That's what I thought you meant. You are really bad David. Poor Peter - is he corrupted yet?

Peter: Totally. Never mind what David said ... he's insatiable in his own way. <Peter snickered>.

Glenda: Okay, this conversation is going down the tubes real fast already. <Peter and I both snicker - it was true>.

Me: It's going to be good to see you again, Glenda. Thank you so very much.

Peter: Me too. Thank you, Glenda.

Glenda: Okay, you guys take care of each other. I'll plan on seeing you tomorrow. Gotta go for now.

Peter: Good bye. Thanks again, Glenda.

Me: Good bye, Glenda. It was really good talking to you.

Peter took me into his arms and shuddered very nearly violently. He was crying again though his tears were happy ones and nervous ones too...

We shared Peter's news at the dinner table that night. Of course dad gave Peter permission to visit the mysterious boy lying in the hospital, a boy who might be Peter's brother, or a cousin, or some other relative. Dad assured Peter that progress was being made but that he couldn't say anything else about the investigation.

Later that evening, Peter called Brad and got him caught up to date by sharing the most recent information that we had available to give. Naturally, he had more questions than we had answers to give him. Peter assured him he'd call the next day to report on the visit.

Later that evening, after we'd made love, Peter lay awake tossing and turning and unable to fall asleep. We talked for a while though Peter was not real conversational. In the end, I gave him a full body massage... during it he fell asleep.

Later we were awoken by an intense thunderstorm. The lightening was brilliant, the claps of thunder loud, and it rained a lot. Those kinds of storms were rare in Hawaii but were frequent during the spring and summer times back on the farm in Missouri. We fell back to sleep as soon as the main part of the storm passed by.

*-* The following day *-*

The sun was brightly shining through the floor to ceiling windows as the alarm clock began its nasty and unwelcome clattering, clanking and generally obnoxious reminders that it was time to get up. Much was planned for the day so we really didn't have any trouble getting a move on it.

After peeing, we stole a few laps out in the pool then returned upstairs and took our shower and got dressed.

Peter chose a pair of black bikini underwear and a loose pair of plain white jean shorts and a bright orange Polo shirt.

I chose a pair of purple jean shorts over a pair of black plain briefs. Peter picked out a yellow-tan button up shirt for me to wear.

Dad was off to the office early and the rest of us took off for Alice's house where we'd be home-schooled.

Since Alice had no idea where we'd left off in school or what our abilities were she administered comprehensive exams in all main subject areas. That took the entire morning. She would tabulate the results later on in the day then provide the results the following day.

As we would have every day while under Alice's watchful eye we'd have a general sharing session about anything and everything that came to mind. Of course, Peter shared about his upcoming visit with a boy that may be a relative. Everybody was anxious to hear about the visit and its results. We were all supportive as Peter shared his fears, and even anger because of what some nimrod did the boy... even if the boy wasn't Peter's blood relation.

Angel had to leave because dad was taking off work early to take Angel to an appointment with Dr. Borkwin to check his blood sugar and the glucose monitor.

The rest of us left shortly after Angel's departure. Within 5 minutes after arriving home clothes were removed, and heard were many splashes in the pool.

Peter went upstairs, called Glenda at work, verified that the visit was 'on', and then came downstairs and told us that we were to be there early because she'd arranged a staff conference to get us all 'on the same page' regarding his conditions.

Dad and Angel arrived home at about 4:15 then we took off for the hospital. Peter was a bundle of nerves. Dad had to stop twice so that Peter could run into a quick-needs store and a restaurant to handle his lower stomach upsets. We learned over time and experience that his bowels were and are the first thing to notify him that the stressors are building. Thankfully he made it in time both times.

When we arrived at the hospital security personnel were awaiting our arrival then quickly ushered us to the area where Matt was being treated.

After several turns, twists and switchbacks we arrived at a pair of large daunting hardwood doors. The inscription read:




Peter took my hand in his. Dad took his other hand in his. We stood waiting for Peter to take the first step. He then squeezed very firmly then reached to the bright shiny steel plate on the wall that had a wheelchair insignia on it. He pushed it then stepped back as the motors began to do their job of opening those huge doors.

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