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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 43

After regaining my composure, I said, "I know dad. But that doesn't make it any easier. He's got to get better. He will. I just feel it in my bones."

Glenda returned about 45 minutes later. After sitting down she said, "Matt's stable now. We put him back onto the ventilator just to give him a rest for a few hours. We were able to get a lot of the gunk that was down in his chest out. So... even though it did not seem to be too good at the time, I believe this episode was good for him in the longer run - if this makes any sense to you."

"No. It really doesn't but we'll trust you."

"He needed to get the crap up out of his lungs. You all might as well go home for tonight. The doctors have induced his sleep so he won't fight the tube. You all are welcome to visit anytime during normal visitor's hours. Your name is now in our computer system. Ella spoke to our administration and his name is being changed in our system to read 'Matt Jamison'."

"Is a press release going to be made?" Dad asked concernedly.

"I'm afraid that has already happened. Blood hounds hang out at hospitals, it seems. Be assured that because of privacy regulations our hospital staff did not release any official information. We really cannot do much about leaks though - unless we find out who leaked the information ... then there will be hell to pay for them including termination of their employment."

Just then, Dad's cell phone rang. He got up then left the room urgently to take the call privately. After a short while he came back into the room and said it was time for us to go.

"Dad, can I go see Matt sleep for a minute before we leave? Please."

"Honey, Matt's asleep, he won't respond to you."

"I just want to see him and to just touch him. If it is okay that is."

"I don't see a problem but only if your dad approves."

Dad nodded.

Glenda took my hand in hers, I put mine in David's then together we walked down to Matt's room. Two nurses were doing this and that for Matt as he slept. Glenda let go of my hand then urged me to go in. The two nurses finished their tasks then left the room as we went in.

"We are going to stay out here while you and David see Matt." Dad said patiently.

Glenda closed the glass sliding doors to Matt's room.

Because Matt's bed was so narrow, we stood at his side. I looked into his face... his eyes were lightly closed, his lips were straight lined, his facial features were relaxed, his hair was mussed up, his chest was rising and falling in time with the light hiss of the respirator by his bedside, his belly was also keeping time with his respirations... the rest of his body was covered by a thin sheet beginning between his puberty area and belly button - he too had an 'innie' I noted.

I took Matt's hand in mine; David took his other hand and placed it in.

I bowed my head with reverence and said, "Hey, it's me, Peter. I know we don't talk very often, and I am sorry about that, but this isn't about me, please hold Matt in your arms and take good care of him please. He and I have a lot to get caught up on if you know what I mean. Please heal him and assure him that he has a family to come home to who will love him and not ask for anything in return. Thank you for bringing David to me - I love him so much that it hurts sometimes. Thank you. Amen."

"Dear Lord, please make Peter's wishes for Matt come true. Please heal Matt so that we too can love him and bring him into our family. I promise to take care of him the best I can. By the way, it was Peter who came into our lives. It was him walking up the street, and it was he that knocked on our door <chuckles>. Okay, I'm done. Thank you for everything."

David then walked around Matt's side of the bed, took my hand in his then we kissed tenderly somehow knowing all was going to be okay. As one we reached down and kissed Matt on his forehead then kissed ourselves one more time.

Did the beeps emanating from Matt's heart monitor increase?


The drive home was interesting to say the least. The limo drove around and around and around town until it finally shook off the last of the media vultures. We hoped they had all gone away because there is only one way in and out of our neighborhood which is located in an isolated area of the city.

Arriving home, Allen and Angel greeted us warmly. They were anxious to hear all of the details, and we told them. Once all questions were answered, David and I took off upstairs for quiet time alone. Immediately, we got into bed and just held onto each other. We didn't even say a word, we just laid there soaking in each others' presence and listened to our hearts beat, felt our chests rise and fall with each breath, and our tummies growl as they had not been fed for quite some time. Just as I was falling off to sleep, a knock on the door interrupted our 'do nothing time'.

"Enter!" David said loud enough so that surely it would be heard through the door.

It was dad. He had a warm smile plastered across his face. He walked and kissed us tenderly on our foreheads then said "I imagine that you will be calling Brad. Just assure him that we are maintaining his confidentiality the best way that we can. It is largely out of our hands now what with the investigations going on. I love you boys so very much. The rest of us are going to go swimming. Alice brought some wonderful food over for us to eat. Allen, Angel and I have already eaten. The leftovers are on the kitchen counter so enjoy them."

"Thanks dad. You are the greatest you know."

"I know." Dad said chuckling.

David and I both got up then provided dad with a group hug. Once dad left, we just stood there holding each other and finished off our alone time off with a tender kiss on the lips. "I'm hungry." David exclaimed.

"Starved." I replied.

We stripped down to our underwear, because David did not want to take his Leg off and because we did not have a plan to go swimming, then went downstairs where we feasted (pigged out) on the wonderful bar-b-q pulled pork, macaroni salad and baked beans that Alice had prepared and brought over for us to eat.

After checking on the guys and finding them a-okay, David and I went into the house then sat on the bar stools and called Brad to let him know how our visit went. He could not understand why Matt would have thought he had been killed or was dead. He said a member of dad's company had called asking all sorts of questions. They had met in person at a bistro down in the downtown area where they talked extensively. He felt safe.

While we did not make physical love that night, we did seriously cuddle and fell asleep in each others' arms and slept like babies.

*-* The following day *-*

I awoke early with an urgent need to pee. Knowing I was wide awake, I got up and out of bed after kissing a sleeping boyfriend named David, and put on a pair of white brief underwear, and then headed to the bathroom where I peed, brushed my teeth, scratched my pubes, and then headed downstairs. Nobody was up yet so, after pouring myself a glass of orange juice, I stripped naked then took off for the pool and swam my laps.

On my last return to the starting point, I noticed Jeremy sitting in a chaise lounge drinking MY glass of orange juice... whatever; it was not a big deal. He handed me the empty glass with a smirk on his face. I flipped him with the towel, he groused, I headed into the kitchen and refilled the glass with OJ then headed back outside where I sat down in a chaise lounge opposite Jeremy.

"How was the party last night?" I asked after taking a long healthy swig of the ice cold drink.

"It was so so. I left after people started getting all crazy drunk and fucked up on drugs. That shit isn't my scene. I just had a couple of brews but declined the drugs. They had all kinds of drugs available ... cocaine, Ecstasy, ludes, meth... you know. Some of the younger kids, maybe you and David's ages were huffing shit from a can. That's not my gig so I left and came home."

"Good on you Jeremy. I'm glad you are not a follower into dangerous shit. I love you and don't want to see you hurt or worse. I did some before but don't do that shit now."

"How did your visit with Matt go yesterday? Did it work out okay?"

"Oh yeah, it went major big time fine; we talked as much as he could even though it was difficult for him. Jeremy?"

"Yeah bro."

"He's my blood brother. We have the same mother, or egg donor as the case may be. He looks so much like me even though he is so skinny and sickly looking. The doctors say he is going to die if he doesn't get some fight going on inside of himself. He's so sick and has terrible hurdles to jump over." I said then began crying. I just started crying without feeling like I was going to ... it just came on spontaneously.

Jeremy got up from his chaise lounge then sat down and pulled me into his arms while I cried all of my hurts and worries out. Jeremy is so strong, he just let me cry until the feelings were gone, and at least for then they were gone. "Thanks bro. Thanks for being strong for me."

"Anytime, that's what big brothers are for. Besides that, I enjoy being here for you. You have helped me out too. So... what does Matt need? How can we best help him to get well?"

"He needs our love. He needs people to love him, to give a flying god damned fuck about him." I spat out between sniffles.

"He has a whole family to love him. You know that. What does dad say?"

"That he has a place to come to. Here. Dad says that Matt has a place upstairs in one of the two empty bedrooms. Dad also committed his support for Matt. We probably need to have a family meeting to get everybody on board."

I then went into greater detail about Matt's condition, the doctor's reports and the fact that he needs to have a will to live before he can thrive or even survive his ordeal.

"I'm in Peter. You already know that, right?"

"Yeah, thanks bro but there's one more thing, two more things actually that you need to know about..."

I looked at Jeremy to see his reaction... he nodded for me to continue.

"He's gay, and Brad's his boyfriend. I know you don't have a problem with 'gay' but I thought I should share it with you after what had happened at the party... you know when Brad went 'asshole'."

"You mean the dick weed's a faggot?"

"Jeremy, shut the fuck up okay... I don't like that word."

"Too bad Peter. There are gay people then there are faggots. He's a faggot. I don't like him. I don't trust him. And I damn sure don't want him around here."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Yeah, whatever already. What's the other thing?"

"Matt needs a kidney transplant. They had to remove one of them because it had got broken from his injuries. The other one's failed because of the high powered drugs he has been given to keep him alive and to fight off infections. He requires dialysis four sometimes five times a week. I volunteered to be a donor. I have to do it."

"And the problem is what?" Jeremy said smirking.

"I thought that's what you'd do... I just had to know for sure."

"Sheesh, what a dork you're turning out to be. Like I'd stop you from helping your family... shit."

Once again I towel flipped him but good. He got up, threw me into the water then jumped in, and we got involved in quite a splash war that ended only after we, without saying a word to each other, decided enough was enough brotherly bonding for that moment in time.


David was heading into the bathroom when I arrived upstairs. He motioned for me to join him, and join him I did.

When he sat down on the shower seat, I sat down on his standing straight up in the air prong and gave him the ride of his life. Just as he was heading into the abyss of total and complete surrender to his body's needs he grabbed my member - I joined him on the trip to and from Nirvana. After regaining control of our breathing we finished with the shower then headed downstairs for breakfast.

After a delightful breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes and orange juice we headed over to Alice's home for school.

After sharing the experience of meeting Matt for the first time, Alice brought out the test scores, and since we were all open about everything anyway, she read them aloud. She said I was in the lower 7th grade percentiles but that I should catch up really quick since I would be going to school on a daily basis and in a structured environment. David's testing revealed him to be a grade and a half higher than the freshman high school levels. She is going to push him quite hard because he has the potential and desire to succeed. All in all, we were pleased with our results. We were also pleased that true to her word, Alice assigned no homework, yeah!

After school was let out, David and I were whisked to the hospital for a visit with Matt. Glenda was not there as she wasn't scheduled to arrive for work until 6pm... We'd be gone by the time she arrived.

We checked in at the nurses' station and were given a report of his status. He'd been taken off life support late in the morning and was doing just fine; in fact his lung status was much improved. He was also reported to be wide awake.

Without further adieu we were escorted to his room and were allowed to enter unsupervised. Matt was semi sitting and faintly smiled when David and I entered. I noted that he didn't appear to be as pale and dusky as he'd been the previous day.

The nurse quickly checked him over and then after Matt's assurances that he'd not harm himself she removed his arm restraints and then she took off leaving us alone. Also noteworthy, the beep-beep-beep of the cardiac monitor increased somewhat. He and I then David and he hugged deeply, or at least as deeply as we could without causing him pain.

A few minutes into our visit a nurse arrived and was carrying pans of water for Matt's bed bath. Matt became somewhat agitated and gruffly said that he didn't want our visit cut short because of a 'fucking bath'...

I looked at Matt then his nurse then David then back to Matt... "Matt, if you'll let me, can I? I mean...well... you know... we've got the same junk and everything... sorry..."

Matt's demeanor changed dramatically, in 5 seconds or less, his approval was readily given, and it was evidenced by him taking hold of his sheet and dropping it to the floor.

The nurse took hold of the sheet and was about to replace it to cover up his body but Matt said, "Don't." He then looked at me when the nurse tossed the sheet into the linen basket and walked out after making sure all necessary supplies were present.

Without second thoughts, David and I washed what little hair he had remaining on his head and then his face and then his neck and then his chest. I noted the long surgical scar running from his neck down to the start of his belly. We then washed his belly taking care to stay out of his pubes then his thighs then his calves and finally his feet. David took a toe nail clipper and cut Matt's toenails that were way too long and indented while I rinsed the soap off.

I noted that Matt's junk looked just like mine. Because he was so thin it almost looked longer and meatier than my own - but it was the same size.

Matt caught me checking him out. Our eyes met. He shrugged then looked down at his junk then he looked back at me. Without hesitation, I lowered my shorts and underwear and lifted my shirt for him to see that we were indeed the same. He nodded and then I put myself back together. I then washed his junk with care and concern and gentleness when I reached the area of his catheter entrance and then I washed his testicles. Matt actually had a happy smile... and no it showed no trace of sexuality... I just took it as someone cared enough to wash his area with dignity and respect.

When David was finished with his task we rolled Matt onto his side. I then washed his back and butt. When I gently spread his cheeks open I noted that he had two moles to the side of and above his crinkled entrance (or exit - whatever). David helped me. We both looked at each other at seeing those moles. We both knew that Matt had been indeed the subject of many, many sex scenes in those movies found on the Internet.

I maintained my emotions though it was difficult. Just when I thought I might lose my composure the nurse arrived, helped us to rinse Matt's 'stuff', roll him back over and get him settled. She took some triple antibiotic salve and coated the head of his penis all the while explaining its need to prevent infection in his bladder from the catheter.

When he was all cleaned up, when the entrances to all the tubes running in and out of his body were coated with antibiotics, when his IV was changed, and after he was carefully and calmly covered with a clean sheet he beckoned for me to lean down... I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear but instead he reached up with his weak arms, took my face in his and then kissed me on my lips. He then did the same thing with David.

His bath and kiss was the first of many bonding moments we would have with him.


After arriving home and during dinner as a family, we shared the experiences that David, I and Matt had had today during our visit. Dad shared that partial custody had been transferred to him but because of Matt's hospitalization and staggering medical bills the state would still have the responsibility for his care.

After dinner and after swimming and generally goofing off with our brothers we excused ourselves then headed upstairs to our room. David sat his crutches against the wall next to our bed then crawled into bed, covered himself to waist level then turned away.

I walked over, sat down on the bed then pulled him into my arms. He resisted somewhat. At the same time I had to use the bathroom urgently. "I've got to use the can, do you?"

David weakly shook his head no and didn't say anything. I leaned down and gently kissed his luscious lips. He only halfway returned it. I said, "Be right back. We need some serious alone time, just you and me. I'll lock the door when I get back."

David weakly nodded. I took off for the restroom, dumped a huge load then wiped and then washed with soap and water really, really well because I needed my David to visit one of my love places. By the time I finished, my prong was at the ready. I checked to make sure the coast was clear, and after finding it was, I made my way to our bedroom where I closed and locked the door securely. David hadn't moved.

I tossed the sheet to the floor then lay down, scooted into David's back then whispered into his ear, "David, we need alone time... just the two of us... I'm sorry that I've been distracted... I've not been paying very much attention to you -and- I don't just mean sex. <Sigh>. Don't get me wrong babe... I LOVE having sex with you... and was thinking <I poked my hard prong into his backside to emphasize my point>...

David giggled then turned over onto his back. Little did I know that his prong was also 'enabled' and 'enabling'. He said, "Peter, don't go there, I totally understand. I guess I'm just being selfish and self-centered... like you I miss our alone time. Although we can 'shoot' anytime at any place jacking off or getting a quick screw in is not the same as connecting with you on every level. This is what I miss more than anything... just like we're doing right here, right now - you know... connecting."

David grinned as his hand brushed across my dick that was lying (poking) across his lower belly. He then moved his dick so that we were touching penis to penis, hip to hip, body to body... We then rolled face to face, gently at first, more passionate as time went along, until finally we felt need for our physical connection.

David loves to have his back scratched so with him lying on his side, I slowly and firmly scratched the back of his neck then continued on down across his shoulder blades. He shuddered slightly when my fingernails crossed over his slightly protruded spine bones. He kissed me lightly on the lips. I took it as a signal, a correct one at that, that he approved of my methodology so I continued down the lower sections of his upper back then trailed into his waist, once again paying particular attention to the recesses of where his spine laid beneath my fingers ... but avoided areas where he is ticklish. My hand then traveled down into his lower back region where I firmly scratched all areas down to his crack. He shuddered violently when my fingernail passed by his tailbone, not from pain but from pleasure.

"Roll over baby." I said while reaching onto the bedside table and retrieved the bottle of body lotion.

David fully turned over on his stomach. I squeezed out several dollops of lotion onto his upper, middle and lower back. I laid the bottle down on the other side of David's arm knowing that we'd need it again.

Slowly, I rubbed little circles with my fingers, spreading the lotion evenly all the while rubbing firmly. Those muscles on each side of his spine were very tight and knotted. I paid particular attention to them, and slowly they released their stranglehold on his spine. When I reached his globes, I gently rubbed each one until the lotion was fully absorbed.

Next, I squeezed out one more dollop just above where I knew his boy hole would be then gently rubbed it up and down his crack yet had not yet touched the door to his most tender and intimate inner sanctum. David looked at me with tears once again in his eyes. He just smiled and nodded his head ever so slightly then laid his head back down.

Wasting not a single solitary second, my hand then touched his soft petal like structure that holds things in and provides me with ample pleasures. David shuddered the very second I touched it. Slowly and methodically, I just rubbed over and over his hole door until it relaxed. My finger slipped easily in through his outer ring of muscle then continued its journey deep, deep, deep inside until the web space between my fingers met up with the outer region of his tunnel of joy.

David broke our mood, but only for a couple of seconds while putting his pillow underneath his hips. Just before he was finished arranging his goods, I laid my head down on the bed with my lips held in invitation mode. He took the bait and kissed me firmly, we kissed firmly. Meanwhile, his kiss was exactly what I needed because my little Peter arose to the occasion, he was in urgent need, but he would not be allowed to toss his seed so quickly.

When we finished kissing, at least for then, David lay back down on the bed then urged me up on top of his freshly rubbed back. Quickly, my enlarged prong found its mark and began slowly rubbing David's receptacle until he opened completely. Encouraged, I exerted pressure on my hips and slowly entered without and resistance whatsoever. David winced when my knee slipped on the bed causing me to fall rapidly which caused my dick to enter him completely and fully. I began pulling my hips back but David said "No, it's okay, very okay in fact, just let me accommodate to your poles' presence."

That actually worked out fine because my dick was so extremely sensitive that I thought I was going to lose it right there on the spot.

Feeling him relax around me, I slowly withdrew then slowly pushed back in to the hilt and held it there for a minute as I felt another wave of impending orgasm shake me back to my senses.

"I've got to stay here, David. I'm right on the brink..."

"So what are you waiting on?" David chuckled.

I giggled then very, very slowly sunk my wick to its full length into his hot and steaming and clenching orifice. I held back by moving only very, very slowly - first all the way out into the cold air then deep, deep, deep until my pubes and his butt cheeks met in an intimate way. Our motions were met with total and complete silence... we didn't need to say anything. We were connected - totally - just like we like, no more and no less.

Then it happened. The moment happened surprising me completely. Instead of pummeling, my orgasm was like a far away, low rumbling yet powerful and complete. David squeezed his butt muscles around my needle thus milking each and every drop of my essence into his being.

David then reached down to that area between the pillow and his front side... I'd have no part of it though. An itch developed deep inside of my being... and I knew and he knew there was no other was to satiate it...

Quickly, we exchanged positions until it was I who was lying face down on the bed with the pillow holding my ass cheeks up in the air - just right.

He entered my deepest cavern after some minor coaxing. His entry was slick, unencumbered, deep to the hilt... the itch was scratched then salved with his juices in no time whatsoever as he was ready and primed. I consciously squeezed my butt muscles together as hard as I possibly could. It was enough. David whimpered. David's body was engulfed with spasms and his essence freely flowed totally and completely filling me to the boiling point - during his moment and during my squeezing down with intense pressure... I too ejaculated into the pillow.

Spent, we lay there, unmoving, as a deep satiated sleep overtook us.

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