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The Light
The Warrior

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 53b
Part 2 of 6

The following week I was sent on a mission to Cuba. My father prepared me by not allowing me to eat for 24 hours prior to my scheduled departure date. This time was much different though. Instead of the little bite sized baggies I had been accustomed to, he forced me to swallow 30 baggies that were maybe 2 inches in length and 1 inch in breadth after spraying my throat with a bottle that read "Cetacaine" on its label.

Before I left that morning my mother took me by the hand and took me to her garden to remove weeds from it. She told me my father is sending me on this very dangerous job, one that he would not do himself because he confided his fears to her.

She was worried for me. She kissed my cheek then turned away to leave. On a second thought, she turned to face me. Tears were flowing down her face. Automatically, I went to my mother and pulled her into a hug. She quietly whispered in my ear, "Son, your father is wrong, very wrong about your ... Be very careful, take no chances, be aware son. You will be in grave danger. We will meet you in Hawaii 2 weeks from today. We will be staying at the Harton Hotel on Waikiki. Go now. God bless and keep you, child."

My father came out of the condo which eliminated any further conversation my mother and I would have. Quickly, I packed a small bag containing only my toothbrush, toothpaste, two pair of underwear and socks, one pair of shorts, one pair of jeans, one t-shirt and my Missal. Father made sure to put my bottle of pepper in it. I went to the bathroom before we left and dumped a big load. After wiping up and washing my hands well I grabbed mamma's cold cream then stuffed it deep inside the bag. I smiled knowing I could not control or stop or put aside my 'needs'.

Father took me to the airport and before our car even stopped he pushed me out and sped off. He stopped about half a block away, got out of the car, slammed the door that remained partially open after he tossed me out onto the street, got back in on the drivers' side then sped off at a high rate of speed.

Tears stung my eyes. While I was scraped on my elbows I was not crying because they stung rather my tears came from a breaking heart caused by my father rejecting me.

I thought maybe he would love me if I brought him a very high mark for my travels this time.

I presented my ticket to the agent. It was registered to a name not mine but my passport and ID card matched it so they let me on without any difficulty. I took my seat way in the back of the airplane.

I resolved in my heart that my father would be proud of me. I must honor, obey and love my father no matter what.


My flight to Havana was uneventful. After arriving, however, I was met by a team of police who quickly whisked me off to an airport security center where they frisked me down heavily. They, too, brought the drug sniffing dog in.

A big burly black haired man with beady dark brown eyes came into the room. The cops definitely knew him. They were shaking hands, laughing and carrying on in Spanish. Once he told them I was with him so they allowed me to go without any further questions.

When we got to the parking garage, he opened the door, ushered me into his vehicle pleasantly. He said, "My name is Juan Cisneros. I will escort you during your visit to our fine city, welcome. If everything goes well, then your trip will be fruitful. We will even give you a cut of the profits. Stay close to me and you will be safe."

"Okay. I will stay close. Thank you. When do I get to unload? I have a stomach ache sir. It is getting very bad."

"My name is Juan. Please call me Juan. Sir makes me feel older than my 37 years of life poco. Soon, very soon young man, I promise."

"Sure. Juan it is then. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Go ahead."

"The last 3 jobs I have done, they were very rough with me during the extraction process. They really tried to hurt me. But then again they did not know what I was made of. I am not threatening you or anything ..."

"Yes, so I have heard. Word travels, Antoine. I will make the extraction as smooth as it can possibly be. The agent will be smooth. It actually tastes pretty darned good if you ask me. I do not do the 'funny' stuff." Juan said looking over at me intently then he nodded. I believed and trusted him. I had never before trusted any 'contact'.

On the way to his place, which he made no attempt to hide, we stopped off at an authentic Mexican food cantina where he purchased many bags of food for us to consume later. Quite frankly, my stomach discomfort was so great that the smell of food nauseated me. His eyes were gentle, kind and caring then he said that I would feel like eating later on this evening.

At about 4pm, some people 'stopped by' his home but they did not stay long. Some money, I did not know how much, exchanged hands after they saw me sitting at the computer minding my own business. The two guys did come over and looked between me in the flesh and a picture. Satisfied, they soon left. They did not set off any warning bells, and Juan had given me no reason to think he was anything more than a fairly decent person.

Right after they left, he led me into the kitchen where he made up a milkshake like drink. He handed it to me after taking a taste of it himself first. The drink was a very good one. Banana and pineapple were the noticeable flavors ... my favorites.

"That will start working in about an hour. Antoine, for obvious reasons, I must watch the results but rest assured I will not humiliate you as you have been humiliated in the past. If you feel humiliated in any way, just say so. I would like to utilize your services in the future."

"Sure. Thanks. I appreciate your hospitality."

About two hours later, my stomach started grumbling. I felt pressure on my left side then down into my lower stomach. Juan was napping in a chair next to me. We had been watching a Rambo movie. I had been into it but he soon fell asleep. Feeling a need to evacuate I said "Juan. Juan."

"Yes." Juan said. He shook the sleep from his eyes then looked at me intently, as if he were waiting for a question or something.

"I think it is time to deliver. Where do you want me?"

He nodded then he led me into a guest room. When I walked in there it reminded me of a hospital exam room. It even had an examining table in the middle of it. The room was very clean and pleasant smelling. I was impressed with the professionalism ... Juan was a professional who took care of his mules.

"Okay, Antoine, I want you to get undressed. Remove your clothes except for your underwear then lie down with your face up on the table. We will cover you up with a sheet to maintain your dignity after I remove your underwear. I trust you are wearing a plug, no?"

"Yes I am."

"Very well, we have time then. Your father said you have 20 packets. They will take about an hour and a half to all pass. If you get uncomfortable, just say so. I can give you a glass of wine to help relax you. I will have a glass from the same bottle should you be concerned of my authenticity."

"No Juan, my father instilled 30. I am in great need to empty Juan." I said while removing my clothes, all of them. I quickly got up on the table. He pulled my hips lower on the table so that my ass was hanging off. Immediately he put a pan on a shelf pulled out from the table. He put my feet into foot rests then said "Okay, this will hurt some. I am just removing the plug from you."

Sure enough, it did hurt a lot as he removed it. Unable to stop myself, as soon as it was out I bore down very hard sending torrents of water and other solid forms out of my rectum into the pan. When that wave passed he looked over the sheet into my eyes. He said, "Okay, that is 8 of them. 22 to go. Did you fast before insertion? I ask only because a lot of waste material passed first."

"Yes, I fasted for 24 hours. He did not prepare me; he never has prepared my bowels."

"Okay. You should be getting another wave just any time." Juan said as he pressed my stomach.

The discomfort was just too great to push down very hard. I felt something at the verge of my anal canal but it would not pass naturally. Juan said, "I will be very gentle. Just relax and let it happen."

I felt his fingers at my back door however he did not insert them. I clamped shut. I was afraid. That was the point where the men had gotten rough with me. Somehow, I trusted this man. I said, "Please sir, do not hurt me."

"I will not hurt you. I am sorry you have been hurt. There was no reason for you being hurt. Please relax. You will feel my fingers near your private place. Concentrate and think that you are expelling a very big natural occurrence. I'm sorry son, the product is much too big for your body. Your father is a very mean man doing this to you. I shall speak with him."

"NO. I must please my father!" I said which tensed me up all over again.

Juan got up from his chair, walked around to my side, pulled my face into his. His eyes were gentle. He was... he actually cared. He said, "Son, this is very wrong. You are too small for the product he gave you. I will not hurt you but you will be uncomfortable until the last one passes. This could be a very long night. Child, I do not give boys alcohol and have my way with them but I need to give you a stiff drink so that passage will not harm you. You have to trust me otherwise you could die."

Juan put his hands on my shoulders, squeezed lightly... I nodded. He went to his bar, returned shortly with a small glass of what smelled like Jose, helped me to sit up somewhat and then held the glass where I voluntarily drank down the substance. It was sweet, pleasant tasting. It went down smooth. After the last swig, I lay back down on the table feeling relaxed.

Still the one bag was stuck. I gently pushed at Juan's urging then I felt his fingers again on my back door. He tugged the bag. I felt it tear open. Quickly, he pulled on the cellophane. I felt it disintegrate.

"Push down child! Now!!!!!!!!! Push hard!!!!!! Don't let up!" Juan said and then began pouring water over my area down there. It was warm. All the while he was rubbing the same area with his hands. I asked, "It popped, no?"

"Yes. These are too big for your system. We must think of something different. These will rupture if you push too hard. Ahhhhh, let me think."

While he was thinking and I was concentrating about relaxation... three delivered in rapid succession. Then a fourth and then a fifth and then a sixth exited.

Two minutes passed then just like that I felt six pass in rapid succession. Juan said softly, "Okay, only 9 to go. I hope they do not rupture."

When five minutes passed Juan said, "Relax now. Don't push down. Don't do anything. Just concentrate on something very good."

I willed myself to relax. I relaxed to the point that a few drops of urine passed onto my stomach but I didn't move, didn't twitch, and didn't react in any way. I then felt something large pass into my rectum. When I felt other fingers close by I knew what he was doing... and because I trusted him...

"I do not feel any others. I will put some warm water into you. Just relax. Let it flow. Do not resist and do push down no matter what you do. Please."

His finger left my cavern filled with drugs. It was replaced by a small tube... I hardly felt it pass inside. Soon though, I felt pressure in my belly, I said, "I've got to go Juan."

The tube was removed... I felt 8 baggies quickly pass. I rapidly counted... only 1 was left. I felt it pushing against my back door... just like that one from earlier had done. I felt it right on the edge. I felt some pressure in my stomach too. I said to Juan, "It is right on the edge."

Juan replied, "Yes, I see it. The wrapping is very thin. This is very wrong, child. This is one is very dangerous. Concentrate very carefully. Relax. Meditate. That's it. That's it. I will help you. Just relax."

"Okay." But I was unable to stop; instead my bowels erupted naturally. Not only did the baggie pass but 36 hours of other stuff passed too. Juan encouraged me to continue until it was all gone, until my stomach was once again relaxed, until I felt empty. The refuse passed quickly. Soon I was finished. I said, "Okay, I'm done. I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry Antoine. But I will deal with your father. This is just wrong." Juan said softly.

I started to get up but Juan said, "Wait a minute." He sat the pan on a table, covered it with a towel, retrieved a wet soapy wash cloth and cleaned my private area then rinsed and dried me.

During his ministrations my snake elongated. Immediately I felt ashamed and embarrassed but Juan didn't say anything. Instead he helped me off the table and then walked me into the bathroom, gathered clean wash cloths and towels. He patted my back and then much to my surprise he urged me into a hug; one that I accepted then we parted. He left, closing the door behind him.

I felt an urge to purge some more. I sat down, pushed down like normal. Among other things another baggie passed. When I was finally finished, after wiping, I fished the baggie out, put it in the sink and rinsed it off well. For some reason I felt comfortable with Juan. Something about him... was honorable even though he was in 'the trade'. In any event, without thoughts of privacy or anything I found him in the kitchen preparing our meal. I felt hungry. He turned toward me. I handed him the baggie wrapped in a clean washcloth. I then felt another at my back door. He grabbed a wad of paper towels. I delivered two more bags but nothing else, thankfully.

My dick had grown to its full length. Juan's eyes never left mine. He did say, "That's 33. Antoine, this is wrong..."

I grabbed two more paper towels and put them against my anus then pushed. Two more baggies delivered. Then one more.

"Do you feel finished?" Juan said very softly.

"I thought I was. My father told me there were 30. I thought I counted 30... But I was wrong sir." I said then felt a foreign object at the back door. Juan handed me paper towel. I bent over and gave birth to two smaller ones. And then three more. I felt finished - again.

Juan took me into the bathroom, had me sit down and push. No more baggies delivered. I truly felt empty. He said, "Antoine, we have to make sure all of those are gone. If one ruptures... it will kill you. I need to irrigate your colon so that we're positive. Can I do that?"

After several irrigations we were assured that nothing more was present. I got into the shower and washed up leisurely. The warm water felt really good. The soapy water felt even better. My dick was unruly. Briefly I thought of what The Padre had told me, of my father's shame of me. Something snapped... at least for the next 10 minutes... they were wrong.

I got dressed. When I went to the kitchen freshly showered and feeling much, much better Juan turned to me, "We're going to save the good stuff for later. Your system has been stimulated enough. I don't want you to get embarrassed if you should have an accident."

I nodded. He handed me a plate containing a club sandwich, some chips, an apple, and bottle of sparkling water. He got his. We sat down at a beautiful oak table and ate silently. I really felt that he cared.

From out of the blue he said, "I'm quitting this business, Antoine. It's not right. Eat up. We have people to see, places to go. We'll get you some more clothes."


My nerves became frazzled when he stopped at a cop shop but relaxed a whole lot when he went inside with me at his side. A desk clerk buzzed us on through. Through a maze of hallways, left turns, right turns, down another hallway, then more turns (I knew exactly where we were in relation to where we came from) until we reached an office. Juan motioned for me to sit down then he sat behind the desk in a way that made me believe it was his office. As if reading my mind he said "Welcome to my office. Pretty soon some gentlemen will be arriving to take delivery. Do not say anything unless they ask you something obvious like what is your hair color, the color of your eyes or the color of your skin. Are we understood?"

"Of course. Hair color. Eye color. Skin color. Simple stuff, nothing else."

Juan looked at me wide eyed until I said "I have been known to be a smart ass on occasion." He grinned and nodded his head in affirmation.

Maybe 5 minutes later, a man in a business suit arrived, shut then locked the door. He sat down in the chair next to me, patted my thigh then said "You are a pretty boy, would you be interested in augmenting your income? We would keep you very busy."

"Hal shut the fuck up. And get your god damned hand the fuck off of him." Juan said forcefully.

Hal was not listening though. Instead of removing his hand from my thigh he moved it up then brushed across my cock and held onto it with his gnarly fingers.

"Sir, Juan has spoken. Take your hand off of my thigh right this moment. You will not like me removing it." I said calmly looking Hal directly in his eyes.

"You're just a fucking kid. Don't tell me what to do. Tell him Juan." Asshole Hal said condescendingly.

Juan said while getting up from his desk, "I suggest you do as he advises."

I reached down with the intent to only remove his hand away from my growing member but he clamped down. He said, "This boy is hung like a horse. Did you get any of it?"

Juan said, "I'm warning you Hal. Let go of him."

"Or what?" Hal said. He then reached, with his other hand, and took hold of the top of my pants where the clasp was located.

"Sir, remove your hands from me." I said coolly, calmly.

The guy wasn't listening but I thought about giving him enough rope to hang himself. I knew the type. I'd been groped before. Previously the slime buckets had removed their filthy hands from my genitals, upon request. This guy was persistent.

Juan walked directly in front of Hal and stepped on his toes with his full weight. That got the guys' attention but was able to break free. I said to Juan, "It feels good. Let him do as he wishes." Hal was intent. He unzipped my pants and released the clasp. He then reached his hand into my member compartment, took hold of my member, squeezed. Although the sensations were pleasurable he did not have permission to do what he was doing.

I looked into Juan's eyes. He said, "Hal, Antoine is going to give you a reminder that he wants you to leave him alone."

"But he's about to jizz. I'm sure the boy has at least a gallon. Bottle it up, Cisneros."

"Sir, with all due respect..."

Very calmly but deliberately I reached for Hal's hand. When he resisted I quickly provided him with a massive orthopedic adjustment. He screamed in pain as his wrist shattered into pieces and it came to rest with his fingers pointing toward his elbow. He rolled to the floor writhering around and around in agony.

I said to Juan, "We tried to tell him. Some people can't hear calm voices."

I then reached for my pants that had fallen to the floor. I was in the process of snapping the snap when a bunch of guys entered Juan's office. One of them reached for me. Juan said "Leave the boy alone. Do not touch him. He is a bit annoyed."

I could not help it. I giggled then shrugged my shoulders, got up, walked across the office until I had a full visual vantage point to the door. The other men that had come into the office left with the injured man.

"Damn." Juan uttered softly.

"What?" I asked then added "I don't like to be played with, not by him or anyone else like him. I'm not a toy."

"No shit." Juan said chuckling.

Pretty soon another man, a different man came walking down the hallway. Juan motioned him in to visit with us.

"Antoine, this is Rufus. He is our buyer. I am the broker and will make the proper disbursements to the parties involved. Rufus if you have something for me then we will deliver the product."

Without saying a word, Rufus got up from his seat then started walking toward Juan's desk with an envelope in his hand then reached into his right breast pocket. "Why is he reaching into his suite pocket?" my mind asked? Immediately, my skin began crawling the back of my neck, my senses became hyper-vigilant, my vision broadened, my hearing became acute, and then I immediately experienced a sense of foreboding; a sense of urgency come over me.

Then I saw it: he was bringing a shiny gun out of that pocket. I yelled "GUN!" then before the guy could catch a breath or even pull back the trigger he lay on the floor flopping like a fish. Blood spurted from his mouth, and his teeth were all over the floor. He was not making any purposeful moves. My Sensei had taught me that move just 3 days ago. What it involves is lightening speed and a well placed foot right into the perpetrators' throat. Essentially the move collapses and fractures the larynx and lower jaw. I had landed on my feet then stood there above him waiting for him to make the next move. He didn't move. I shrugged my shoulders then walked over to Juan as he had motioned for me to do.

"That is very good Antoine, I had not even seen his weapon. Normally, he gives me the money from that side of his chest. I'll take care of this ... get lost for a couple of days. Here is an extra key to my digs, food is in the refrigerator. I'll have a car drop you off." Juan said.

"I'm not really sorry Juan ... he was going to ..."

"I know. Don't worry about it. Are you okay?"

"No, not really but I will be." I sad sadly looking down at the man I just killed in cold blood yet he deserved to die because otherwise he would have killed Juan and probably me too.

About an hour later a good looking (did I say that?) cop in uniform showed up in the canteen where Juan had led me to. The ride to Juan's digs did not take very long. He dropped me off then quickly sped away leaving me standing on the sidewalk with nothing to do. Juan told me to get lost ... so I did just that. I took off toward some shops, eateries and a movie theater. The problem was that I only had pesos on me, and not very many of those. Still, I took off in the direction of the eating place, went to the counter and asked if they would take my currency.

"What do you think we are a fuckin bank?" The gal at the order counter snarled then turned around and walked away before I could say anything to thank her for her kind words and excellent customer service skills, whatever.

I left that place, not wanting to eat there even if they had taken the currency. I was not pissed in any way. It was definitely not a 5 star rated eating place, but then nobody asked me for my opinion.

None of the places, including the movie theater took my currency so I took off headed back in the direction of Juan's home. Arriving there within a half hour I went inside, checked to make sure that I was alone (I was), then sauntered around checking it out. The place was really kewl in that it had all of the latest electronic gadgets, a fully stocked bar, a refrigerator fully stocked, cabinets filled to the maximum, a luxurious bathroom that included a Jacuzzi and walk in shower having 6 heads.

I was definitely hungry. I rummaged around in the refrigerator, found some cold cuts, all types of mustard - I chose Honey Dijon my favorite, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and finally Pepper Jack cheese. When lunch was fixed, oh yea, the bread was pumpernickel that is also my favorite. I ate up voraciously as if I had not eaten in a week.

I cleaned up after eating by putting everything in its rightful place then took off for the game room where I played several games of pool, something I was very good at by the way. Bored I turned everything off then went into the dining room. The bamboo screens on the doors were closed so I opened them up and was greeted with a fully high-fenced in-ground pool. I went outside to check it out then decided what the hell ... so I completely undressed, skimmed the top of the water to remove some bugs that had met their fate by flying into it.

Satisfied that I had waited long enough to prevent the cramps I dove in, swam several laps as fast as I could. Once I'd reached 50, I did a few breast stroke laps then turned over and did a few backstroke laps. I was sufficiently exercised so I got out of the water.

I had forgotten to get a towel so I sat down at the poolside table, stretched out, was thinking of how the nice warm sun felt on my body, and then fell asleep.

Later, I was awoken by a cool breeze, almost chilly, and a loud clap of thunder. A torrential rain started. It was like someone had dumped a pail of ice cold water on my body. I looked at the lone aluminum canopy support and decided that, for sure, I was not in the best of places during an electrical storm. Quickly, I jumped up, ran to the door, opened it and went inside. I realized that I had left my clothes on the pool deck.

I opened the door and stepped outside. The only thing I remember was a bright light...


"Antoine, I'm home." I called out after opening the door and not finding him in the living room where I entered.

That was odd. Maybe he's asleep. I checked my bedroom. He wasn't there. I went to the game room. It too was devoid of the boy named Antoine Garza.

"Antoine, where are you?" I yelled.

No answer.

I walked toward the kitchen and dining room.

Antoine was lying on his back. His abdomen and chest and head were draped on the outside of the condo, the rest of him was half lying inside. The entire entryway was filled with puddles of water; he was soaking wet; he was also unconscious.

I took his pulse. It was normal. I leaned down hoping to find that he was breathing. He was.

I thoroughly felt each and every one of his joints to see if he had fallen and broken something. Everything seemed fine. I then turned my attention to his eyes. I lifted back his eyelids. They constricted when the light hit them. That's good. I ran my hands down his spine from his head to his tail bone. Nothing felt out of alignment.

As I leaned in to pick him up, he sat up quickly. We knocked heads. Antoine reached around my neck... it wasn't a hug that he was planning. I jerked his hands away. He fought for a moment. I kept calling his name. Finally, when he took my wrist in a death hold, I slapped him very hard across his face. His head hit the marble floor. I was afraid I had hurt him. I'm glad I didn't.

I said, "Wake up buddy. You're breaking my calm image. Come on; wake up; talk to me."


Juan was kneeling next to my side with a very concerned look on his face. Me? I was woozy, otherwise disoriented, sore and very disturbed at finding myself lying on the dining room floor more or less unable to move. I felt all wet. My jaw hurt. My head hurt.

"What happened?" I asked becoming more aware of my surroundings, my mind still locked within a whirlwind of haze.

"I don't know ... what happened to you? The dining room door was wide open and you were lying in a pool of water where you are right now. I did not move you. Do you feel like sitting up?"

With my awareness returning I replied "Yes." I was weak as hell. Juan helped me to begin sitting up however when I was about halfway a tremendous urge to toss my stomach contents nearly took me over. I pushed myself out of Juan's strong arms so I could lie back down. After a few minutes the impulse gradually dissipated although my ears were still ringing and my eyes returned to hazy.

"Okay, don't move. I will go get some sheets. We'll put you in one of the recliner chairs."

A minute or two later Juan returned. He picked me up then bodily carried me to the recliner with the back down level to the floor. He covered me with a sheet then sat down next to me and said, "I did not see or feel any burns on you. You must have been shell shocked by an electrical energy. I have a medical doctor friend who I will call right now. He'll check you over and will probably stay for dinner as well."

"Wait a minute. Let me see if my head is okay." I said then raised the back of the chair up but then another wave of nausea washed over me like I had never before experienced. I broke out in a cold sweat, my temples were pounding, my eyes became incredibly dizzy and once again I became disoriented as to time and place. Juan picked up a small trash can off of the floor next to my chair then put up on my chest - thankfully I did not need it. Quickly he lowered the back of the chair back down to where it had been before. After a few minutes the bad feelings dissipated once again.

I hate doctors. Even when I was a little kid they made fun of my maleness. Two even referred my parents to surgeons for a partial amputation.

"Can we wait a while to see if this passes?"

"It is late Antoine. The time is 10:45pm. Where have you been, child?"

I was shocked at the late hour then said "I guess so." No, that's not what I meant to say... try again... "It was in early afternoon when I went swimming. The driver brought me here then drove off. I went looking for some food and for something to do to make the time pass quicker until you arrived home. Nobody would take my form of currency so I came back here, made a sandwich, played some pool then went swimming. I fell asleep but the storm woke me. I came in here then realized my clothes and other stuff was out in the rain. I opened the door and that was the last thing I remember. Until you got here that is."

"You have probably have suffered a concussion. My doctor friend lives in the condo just upstairs. I'll be right back."

"Okay. I won't go anywhere." I replied then Juan chuckled as he left.

A few minutes later Juan returned with a man who identified himself as Dr. Mendez.

"Juan tell me you hurt. I test your senses. Me no hurt you." Dr. Mendez said in a very heavy thick Spanish accent.

Dr. Mendez shone a light in my eyes, moved my head from side to side, tested the reflexes in my arms and legs, listened carefully to my chest, pushed on my belly very lightly then sat down and said "Concussion. Seet child."

Juan said "Doctor, he about vomited the last time he tried to sit up."

"I got really dizzy and disoriented too." I added. Nevertheless I started to sit up then the same symptoms came over me again but this time they were much, much worse, they were much more pronounced. Juan saw what was happening so he grabbed the trash can and made just in time before I tossed my cookies into it.

Mercifully Dr. Mendez laid me back down. He said, "Si. Concussion. I give you shot."

Now I hate shots worse than I hate doctors. But after quickly half-way assessing the situation I relinquished to him my right butt cheek. He drew up a syringe half way full of a medicine then stuck it through my skin. It stung like crazy and remained stinging even after he withdrew then needle.

"I check him in morning. He get very sleepy soon."

The next morning I awoke to birds chirping and Juan singing in the shower. What a combination. Juan cannot sing to save his life but this is his place, his castle, and well he can sing to his hearts' desire.

I needed to pee like nobody's business. I was also very, very elongated that I attributed to needing to piss so bad. My mouth was very, very dry. It tasted like a herd of cattle had driven through it all the while dropping turd bombs.

As I awoke more fully, the sound of the shower stopped ... I realized I was in Juan's bed. Soft silky sheets lie below and on top of me. I was totally comfortable yet I became anxious with the thought that I had once been sleeping in a strange man's bed... until I remembered what had happened last night. My tension released, I relaxed back into the comfortable sheets and soft mattress.

A couple of minutes later Juan came out of his private bathroom totally naked, and his manhood was leading the way, or so it appeared. I could not help it - I stared at its length and girth, I could not take my eyes off of it for several seconds. Juan laughed "You likey? Don't worry, it belongs to someone else. I like yours too. By the time you are older you will be like me."

Without any warning, tears came to my eyes, fell onto my cheeks, drained into my ears then rolled out onto the silky pillow cover lying beneath my head. Juan chuckled then said "I too was ashamed. Don't worry. The right person will come along - believe it. How are you feeling this morning?"

"I don't know. I haven't moved yet." I replied truthfully. Slowly, I turned onto my side then put my legs over the side then just laid there for a moment. No dizziness. No disorientation, so far so good.

The moment of truth was about to arrive. Slowly I brought my head up and off of the pillow then stopped about halfway up to do a sensory check. Other than being slightly dizzy that did not include an urge to puke, I was okay so I rose up to a sitting position with my eyes still closed.

Juan came over, sat next to me after he had put on underwear then put his hand on my back to steady me. Next, I opened my eyes up widely. Same good results. I looked at Juan then smiled happily. He handed me a tissue that I used to wipe my face. I'd slobbered profusely during the night.

"Let's stand you up and see how that goes." Juan said gently. I was worried though, my dick was very, very erect, as erect as it had ever been.

Juan, reading my hesitation said "Stand up. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Do not be embarrassed. I'll wrap the sheet around you if you would feel better, no?"

"No, that's okay. I've got to pee." That said I stood up, and while I felt a little bit woozy I was able to walk into the bathroom where I unleashed the mighty snakes' contents into the toilet bowl.

"Are you okay in there?" Juan said from the other room when my stream stopped.

"Yes, I'm good. What a relief that was." I said.

Juan giggled then said "Go ahead, take a shower, I'll get your clothes out of the dryer for you to put on. I'll be right back."

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