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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 57

When we were dismissed from classes at Alice's home schooling, Jeremy escorted me home, taking care to help me negotiate the steps down to street level. Horace and Alice had recently terraced their property that included many stair steps.

Arriving home, after using the facilities, we met at the pool, stripped down and went swimming until it was time for dinner preparations to begin. After playing a game of water soccer, we got out, took showers and then began making the tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients for dinner.

Dad called during dinner, said that he had arrived in California on time and that grandma said hello. Though grandma wanted us to be there earlier she understood why we wouldn't. The funeral arrangements were set for 11:00am on Saturday, that we'd be leaving after school on Friday, and would return the following Monday.

He then asked if we'd seen Peggy because he had been unable to contact her. When I said that we hadn't seen her since morning, he asked to speak to my brothers.

"Love you too dad, here's Jeremy."

After the kitchen was cleaned, I went to my room where I got dressed in all black, Peter's favorite all-time attire for me.

The limo took us to the hospital. When we arrived, Peggy and Antoine were just leaving. After sharing greetings, they took off and we went upstairs to see Peter and Matt.

Their eyes lit up, happy to see us, as we were them.

I softly whispered into Peter's ear, "There's a guest room where we can be alone... if you want to."

Peter, liking the idea, said to Jeremy, Allen and Angel, "David and I are going to have a few minutes of alone time. If anybody needs us then just hold it."

Seeing the irony of his statement, I giggled. He was slow to 'get it' but when he did his face turned all shades of red from embarrassment. Of course a few snickers were heard when they understood the undertone in Peter's voice and statement.

After arriving in the room, Peter insisted that I stand in front of him. He proceeded to unfasten my pants, and with some (though not much!) encouragement I was stripped naked.

He reached in to take my cock in his mouth however I suggested we lie down and get comfortable.

He readily agreed.

Comfortable, our lips found each other and we went looking for, valiantly searching for tonsilar tissues all the while grinding our cocks together as we renewed our strengths and vulnerabilities. I knew things were about to happen so I got up and locked the door then returned, got back into bed, and our ministrations increased to new levels of excitement.

I kissed my way down his body, settling into his private area, lapping away at his shaved smooth balls and perineum.

Peter, loving the attention began writhering his body to get "more". And more he got, in spades, and then some.

His body began tensing up in preparation for orgasm but I pulled off, much to his consternation, let him relax, and then would return taking him to new heights. During our forage into love making, we moved around in such a way that we were doing the sixty-nine, and he returned that which I was doing to him.

Soon, too soon, we were ejecting our love essences into our loved one. All at the same time, Peter was writhering in obvious pain -and- ecstasy.

Early during our return to Earth, a knock on the door interrupted our journey. I guess we didn't respond soon enough because the next sound was a key entering the keyhole, and then Peter's nurse, Glenda, entered the darkened room. She gasped at seeing our naked bodies intertwined in the most intimate of ways then backed away and out of the room but not before smirking and reminding us to not put too much pressure on Peter's incision.

Busted. I helped Peter into his gown and then got dressed myself. We walked into the hospital room and immediately received standing ovations, hoots and hollers, and even a wolf whistle, or two. It was all given in good fun, and we took it that way, joining in the celebration.


After arriving home, Antoine and Peggy were nowhere to be found so I went upstairs and found them talking quietly in Antoine's room. When they looked up I asked, "Have you guys eaten yet?"

"No, not yet, we've been talking, I'll be down in a few minutes to warm things up."

"Don't worry, I'll warm up something and we'll bring it to you." I replied.

Peggy chortled. Antoine jumped out of bed and began getting dressed. I left and went downstairs where I snagged Jeremy.

Soon, we had the meat warmed and the cold food preparations sitting on the bar. They arrived, ate their fill and suggested we go swimming for a while before bed.

We went to our respective rooms, stripped and donned swimming suits, returned and went swimming for a couple of hours, had fun and unwound from the days' events.

All of us, except for Peggy, of course, congregated in the main bathroom and showered together, washed backs other than our own, played some friendly grab ass, got out, dried off then headed to our respective rooms - stark ass naked - including Antoine.


I heard the boys in the shower. They were having some serious fun amidst skin-to-skin slaps, hoots, hollers, and other exclamations. They sounded good. I was happy that they appeared to be bonding as fast friends. Smiling, I took the satellite phone into the TV room where I called Jim.

Groggily, on the third ring Jim answered, "Hello."

"Hi Jim. It's Peggy."

"Oh hey." He replied. I heard sheets in the background and a light switch turning on.

"I'm sorry for waking you. I didn't realize you were asleep."

"That's not a problem. I arrived here just fine. With everything that's happened, I conked out early."

"How's your mother?" I asked caringly.

"Oh, she's okay, despite the circumstances. We've been busy getting things together, making business calls and notifications... you know, just getting things taken care of so that mom's well taken care of."

Jim added, "Mom's thinking of selling her and dad's home here and moving to Hawaii, but I've pretty much talked about doing anything right now."

"Many people make life changing changes right after they lose a loved one that are not really in their best interests."

"Uhm hmm. By the way, I missed your call today. Is everything okay?"

"We had a snafu that messed some things up but I think we've worked through the major parts. Some difficult lessons were learned as well."

"Oh, what's that?"

"The short version is that after Antoine and I rode to the hospital this morning I let him go on his own down to the mission where his priest friend lives ... well, he got jumped by some idiots who claimed the beach as their own because Antoine is of different color. During the scuffle, though I believe it was more than a scuffle because Antoine was shot at with a pellet gun and he put them into the hospital with varying injuries, he got roughed up pretty hard. He's okay, just sore, and the other guys will survive their injuries without life changing disabilities."

"Antoine took them all on?" Jim asked incredulously.

"Yes he did. He came out on top though. The other boys' injuries were much worse than his... I am grateful he was not hurt worse than he was but I am also troubled because he's holding back. He doesn't know it yet, but we're going to sit down and have a serious pow wow, sooner than later. I'm concerned, Jim."

"Oh... do you want to tell me what you're concerned about?"

"Jim, it would be better, I think, if we talked together. One thing I'm concerned about is Antoine's body image, his being uprooted - which is right... don't get me wrong... we're eternally grateful that you're family's taken us in. You should have heard the boys, what's the right word? Bonding, yes they were bonding as they all showered together tonight. Even Antoine was laughing as he just let himself go."

"Well, that's kewl. That's really kewl. I'm glad they're becoming friends."

"Yeah, me too. Uhm, the other thing, the thing I really need to talk to Antoine about is that he and, well, Matt seem to be getting very close to each other, especially since Matt's regained consciousness and he's rapidly recovering from his most recent operation. I can't swear to it but I believe the boys, Antoine and Matt, find each other... what's the right word? ... Okay, I think they're attracted toward each other, if you know what I mean."

Jim laughed, "I've noticed it too. I've not said anything to them because they need to figure it out for their selves. I think they'll talk to us about it when the time's right, if the time's ever right. Maybe there's nothing there. I think the important thing is for us to not say anything that would push them ahead, or slow them down."

"I have a lot to learn about parenting..." I said, trailing off into my own thoughts, thinking if I were equipped to meet my sons' needs.

Jim replied, "You're just fine. He's having adjustment issues of his own. I tend to think he's missing out on having someone actually care about him without expectations on what he could always bring to his parents."

"Jim, Antoine's fiercely independent. You're probably right about his parent's stuff." I said seriously.

Jim caught on to the other comment I made. He said, I've been thinking very hard about what my boys have been telling me. Allen and Angel felt chained - they still do as their competitions and practices rotate around security. All the boys are feeling held back. Let me think about this. When I get back let's you and I talk about it. Is this okay with you?"

"Okay. Changes need to be made."

"Yes, they do. I'll talk to each of the boys during my daily phone calls then we'll have what we call a 'Family Meeting' ... say on Tuesday ... will this work for you?"

"That sounds fine. By the way, Matt and Peter are going to be discharged from the hospital probably on Saturday. <I chuckled> They're growing on me, Jim. You have some really fine sons.

"They tend to do that, no doubt <giggles>. And yes, they are good kids."

"Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Sleep tight. I wish you were here ... or I was there ... <giggle>."

"Oh yeah? Well that feeling's mutual. Okay. Good night."

*-* Thursday *-*

During breakfast, during a quiet moment, I said to Peggy, "I forgot to tell you last night ... Alice's giving us tomorrow off so we can get ready to go be with dad and grandma ... anyway, Alice is going to take laptops to the hospital for Peter and Matt to use while they're there. We've been doing some easy stuff so Peter won't be too far behind. She is going to test Matt to see where he's at."

"Thanks for letting me know, David. I talked with your dad last night. You guys, everybody listen up for a minute ... pencil in a family meeting for next Tuesday evening. Antoine we need to be here for it because it affects us too."

"What's it about, mom? Why do we need to be here?" Antoine asked curiously.

"There's some things we need to talk about. Some of those things affect you and I... we'll talk about it later, when we're alone. Other things need to be talked about as a group. Jim, David and Jeremy will be home by then. And... Peter and Matt should be discharged, maybe as early as Saturday."

That definitely met with everyone's approval. I couldn't wait to get Peter home. Sleeping alone, at night, has been a drag.

Just before breaking away, Antoine softly said to Peggy, "Uhm, mom, can we go home today... my plants..."

"That's a good idea, actually. We can get some more clothes while we're at it." Peggy said assuredly.

Jeremy said, "Bring them here."

"Yeah, bring them here. There is plenty of room. That way you'll be able to take care of them anytime you want or need to." Allen chimed in.

"We like you here. I understand how you want to go home though ..." Angel said.

Antoine's eyes brightened considerably. He looked to his mother, "Maybe you could pick me up from the mission... then we could go home?"

"That'll work. How about I pick you up around 3?"

"Yup. Uhm, Peggy, do you remember me wanting to talk to you? Maybe we could talk later?" Antoine replied.

Peggy nodded, "I think that would be a good idea. I'm here for you anytime."

Antoine kissed Peggy's cheek, stood and pulled her into a hug. Their interaction was 'sweet'.

Jeremy said seriously, "We'll be fine Peggy. Don't worry about us. Well, we'll try to be okay. You know how these guys are..." Then he broke out into giggles and we all looked at him and chortled back and forth that it would be him who gave us the most trouble.

"Don't worry boys ... I've taken note of your attempts at guilt trips .... You'll have to get up mighty early in the morning to pull them over on me successfully." Peggy bantered back.

"Yep, she's smart. Don't ever doubt it, not for a minute." Antoine plugged his mother. She just smiled, nodded then said "I'm training you well."

Everybody cracked up, including Peggy.


David then Jeremy then Allen then Angel took off for their home school at the neighbor's house. Mom playfully patted my butt then grabbed me into a stranglehold hug and wouldn't let go. I didn't want to be let go. We enjoyed a few moments of silence, until I said, "If it's okay, I'm going to go talk with Father Ben. I'm confused about a couple of things that I need to talk to Father about, man to man stuff."

"I know you do. There are just somethings a boy needs to talk over with a man. Let me get ready. You can ride with me to the hospital then go from there."

We hugged deeply then went to our respective rooms.

I went to my bathroom, disrobed to my skin then sat down on the toilet, provided deposits to the sewer system. After cleaning up appropriately, I donned bright yellow running shorts after putting a jock strap under snug brief underwear, and a bright yellow pullover jersey shirt, white socks and my running shoes.

Mom was ready so we rode the limo to the hospital.

Instead of immediately leaving for my run I accompanied mom to the nursing directors' office, waited in the office while they talked. When their conversation was completed mom and I took off for The Suite.

Matt was exceptionally happy to see me, as was I to see him. With reserve we hugged lightly then Matt took my hand and led me into the game room to show me his high score on a game he had been playing to master. I put my hand on his shoulder when we sat down. He smiled. I smiled.

I knew I shouldn't have touched him. My body responded accordingly. I felt the blood pounding in my temples, I got light headed - not too much but just enough to notice it, and well, I mean, err, uhm ... okay, I'll just say it - I felt the blood go to my dick. Because of my attire, its elongation was not all that noticeable.

"Okay, dude, I got to get. I'm headed down to the mission this morning to talk with a friend. I'll be back later on today sometime." I said, wanting to go yet I didn't want to go. Matt's eyes, his dark windows to his soul were calling. His invitation was troubling yet at the same time, inviting.

Matt got up from the high centered chair he was sitting in, went over and closed the door then came back and stood in front of me. There was no place for me to go. I did not want to go anywhere even though I did want to go somewhere ... but where would I go if I did want to go somewhere?

Automatically, surely from their own volition, instinctively perhaps, my reached toward Matt. When we touched I found myself wanting to snuggle him into my arms, and did do exactly that. We held onto each other, as if we were locked.

My body reacted accordingly... leaving me yet more confused, but not confused at all. My breathing became ragged and shallow, my forehead began perspiring, my dick grew to epic proportions. We both looked down: Matt's gown tented his approvals at our closeness, and mine, well it had grown in such a way as to be 'noticeable'.

Confusion won. I broke our embrace, stepped back clearly ashamed at my reactions.

Matt's face though, broke my heart in that it registered dejection and rejection, shame, guilt, and yes, even confusion.

Unable to stop myself, I reached for Matt however he pushed me away, walked to the door and quickly exited, stopping only in the room he shared with Peter and then shut the door.

Tears quickly replaced what was once happiness and peace in my heart but what had been replaced by the same emotions Matt had experienced - dejection, rejection, shame, guilt, and yes a tremendous amount of confusion - my brain clearly differing from what my body was displaying.

Without so much as a single solitary delay, I found my way through the maze of hallways, doorways, more hallways, more doors ... until I got outside where I took off to the ocean. Along the way, I dodged cars, pedestrians, more cars then I got knocked off of my feet by a speeding car - either it was speeding or I was not paying attention ... I wasn't paying attention actually. A quick inventory revealed only a few bruises since the vehicle didn't directly hit me - I hit it, if that makes any sense... I basically ran into its side and bounced off.

The driver stopped his vehicle and called to me to stop however I was already gone, sprinting toward the ocean, that place where I felt safe and calm.

Arriving, I sat down at waters' edge and just let the water run over my legs and through my shorts. My mind, in its confused state, said that I wasn't wet enough, that I wasn't feeling the ocean enough.

I stripped to my shorts, tossing my shirt, socks and shoes into a pile, and then quickly made my way through the surf, not caring one bit that the waves were repeatedly battering my body. I went out probably 500 yards where I actually played, somewhat, dodging and jumping each wave as it broke.

Eventually, I tired of that and started the journey back to shore, all the while being carried down the beach, far away from my clothing pile. When I arrived at the shore I walked back to my clothes, at down on the warm sand, and although I was still troubled, the physical exertions did indeed remove a great deal of melancholy.

As I was sitting there watching and listening to the waves come crashing in and more gently retreating back into the vast ocean I felt a pair of hands gently but definitively rubbing up and down my back descending to the place where my butt cheeks were sitting in the sand. I immediately recognized those hands and leaned forward to give them full access. I didn't hear anything other than the ocean yet I heard in my deepest being that all was going to be okay, to just roll with it, and to not fight that which I cannot change. Then they were gone. It was like they disappeared. I look around and found no sign of any person, or anything else that would have explained the experience.

After drying sufficiently, I got up, brushed the sand out of my clothes, put them back on then jogged easily down the shoreline to the mission. On the way to the mission to see Father Ben, Manual came running at me with full steam. He didn't stop, instead he took a flying leap landing against my body. He wrapped my body with his arms, and because of the momentum I fell flat on my back. He thought that was funny, as did I.

He began exuberantly kissing my forehead, each cheek and then my neck and then he looked deeply into my eyes, into my soul. Without hesitation, once our eyes were locked, he reached down and quickly joined our lips in a brief yet passionate kiss. During our brief but powerful interlude, his very hard cock pressed into my own. Mischievously, he ground us together a couple of times then rolled off the front of my body.

"Antoine, Antoine, te extrañé. ¿Dónde has estado?" [Antoine, Antoine, I missed you. Where have you been?]

"He estado muy cerca. Yo no te dejaré. Estás haciendo bien, tiene a su hermano, Pedro, te dejaban en paz?" [I have been close by. I will not leave you. Are you doing okay, has your brother, Pedro, left you alone?]

"Si!" [Yes.]

Manual turned serious, like a heart attack. Softly, just over the roar of the ocean, he said, "Te vi salir herido ayer, ¿estás bien amigo?" [I saw you get hurt yesterday, are you okay my friend?]

"¿En serio? ¿Qué estaba haciendo en la playa tan lejos de casa? Usted debe haber estado con su madre." [You did? What were you doing up the beach so far away from home? You should have been with your mother.]

"Sí, pero te he seguido. Te amo. Sentí el peligro, por lo que le siguió." [Yes, but I followed you. I love you. I sensed danger, so I followed you.]

I had to turn away because tears were filling my eyes. The love of this child was so innocent, but very, very strong. Manual, however, would have no part of me turning away. His little hands supped my cheeks and then looked deeply into my eyes, into my soul like nobody had ever done before, not even Matt.

In his soul I saw that his pain was deeply embedded, almost hidden away, but not quite. A sense of dread took hold of me. I grabbed him into my arms and began tickling him without mercy. I need to see him smiling, and I needed to hear his shouts of happiness and joy.

Seeing my own troubled thoughts and feelings he jumped up and then began pounding the air as if he was a guy pummeling those who'd hurt me. While his antics were seriously funny they also drove home to me his fierce loyalty. When finished he sat between my legs and wrapped my arms around him protectively.

While happily sitting just taking in the sights and sounds, his mother approached. Her smile was deep and meaningful. She said, "Buenos días, Antonio. Manual me habló de sus dificultades. Esos chicos son muy malos. Ellos son malos. Ellos han luchado a mi hijo Pedro. Que hizo que mi hijo muy, muy enojado." [Good morning, Antoine. Manual told me of your difficulties. Those boys are very bad. They are mean. They have fought my son Pedro. They made my son very, very angry.]

I replied, "Sí, pero estoy bien. No me haga daño. Gracias por preocuparse por mí, Momacita." [Yes, but I'm okay. They did not harm me. Thank you for caring about me, Momacita.]

She smiled then said "Gracias por todo lo que hiciste por mí ayer y Manual. Manual que te perdiste. Él es feliz ahora." [Thank you for all you did for Manual and me yesterday. Manual missed you. He is happy now.]

"Momacita, me encanta tu hijo. Lo protegeré y mantenerlo a salvo. Ahora tengo que irme. Tengo que hablar con el padre de Ben, pero voy a pasar por el camino a casa, ¿sí?" [Mamacita, I love your son. I will protect him and keep him safe. I must go now. I must speak with Father Ben but I will stop by on my way home, yes?]

Manual looked into my eyes. Happily he said, "¿Puedo ir contigo?" [Can I go with you?}

"No, un poco. Tengo que hablar con el Padre. Pero voy a parar y hasta luego, te lo prometo." [No, little one. I must speak with Father alone. But I will stop and see you later, I promise.]


When I got up off the sand, Manual took my hand in his and then walked me to the rectory, and then took off after kissing my cheek.

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