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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 62

*-* Saturday *-*

We arrived at the hospital at 9:05, 35 minutes past the end of visitor's hours... We got out of the limo after seeing a wheelchair just inside the door of the hospital's entryway. Dad told the driver to go get something to eat. So the driver took off.

Jeremy reached for the door handle to the hospital and found it to be locked tight. A sign said all entries and exits must be made through the Emergency Room after 9:00pm.

Dad sighed.

We'd had a long emotional filled day. All we wanted to do was visit Matt and Peter before heading home to crash out for the night.

Dad said, "Stay here, I'll be right back with a wheelchair."

That said he took off toward a sign hanging high in the air that read "Emergency Room" in bright red neon letters about half a city block away.

With a sigh of profound frustration I said "Today has been one shit day, Jeremy. I'm ready for it to be over."

"Hang in there dude. You know you want to see Peter more than anything. Put a lid on your complaining, will ya?"

"No doubt. Okay."

Jeremy was right. I did want to see Peter and Matt too, more than anything.

A few minutes later, I saw dad come out of the ER pushing a wheelchair in our direction. "Come on, let's meet him. Dad's tired too." I said with finality then took off much to Jeremy's consternation and big brotherly admonitions about us staying put, as dad had told us to do.

When we met up with dad, nothing was said. I was glad to get in the wheelchair though because I was definitely sore.

On the way to their floor little butterflies began tickling my stomach... I so much wanted to see Peter, hug him deeply and to feel his arms around me. While deep in thought, my dick grew expectantly hoping against all hope that my husband and I could steal a few moments of alone time.

By the time we arrived at their room, I was in a needy way, and the needy way transcended yet another 10 notches when Peter and my eyes met for the first time in a number of days.

His eyes lit up like a bright beacon, my heartbeat quickened, and the wood south of the border threatened to release its sap inside the bark of my underwear and pants. He didn't help matters, not one bit, as he got up from his bed and walked to me and planted a deep, deep, deep kiss on my lips.

Dad coughed.

We parted.

Peter giggled. I looked down... well there was no hiding the effects our kiss had on me. Peter's gown was tented out by one little knob, its head clearly noted, covered only by very thin cotton.

Matt chuckled.

Jeremy snorted.

I moved around in the wheelchair to get a bit more comfortable and to hide the evidence of my lust for a One Peter Blake, my husband.

Matt made the rounds both giving and receiving hugs, and then we finished our hug fest when dad helped me to stand so that we could have a group embrace.

"Okay, back in your wheelchair young man." Dad said authoritatively.

"Yes sir." I replied.

"What's wrong? Where are your crutches?" Peter asked concernedly.

"Oh, I have a sore." I said pointing at the place where my leg joins the Leg then sat down in the wheelchair knowing that dad was absolutely right.

"How did you get it?" Peter asked worriedly.

"Uhm, well we did a lot of walking yesterday and today. Airports, the funeral, and well I walked hard on it." I said looking at dad, hoping we could just set aside the particulars at least for right then.

Dad shrugged his shoulders slightly.

Jeremy remained quiet even though his lips wanted to say something.


Peter was looking at me intently, expecting a much more clear explanation.

Jeremy retrieved a chair for Matt. Matt sat down, his eyes never leaving mine. He did reach for my hand, took it in his and squeezed firmly.

Dad looked at me when I looked at him asking what I should tell Peter... I received a message back saying I owed Peter a full explanation because he who I love with all my heart was worried.

"Okay, I got pissed today. I took off and stomped around in a temper tantrum. It was ugly." I said as tears began leaking from my eyes.

"What did you get pissed about, David?" Peter asked.

I looked to dad then back to Peter, "Dad made me do something I did not want to do... okay, I had to go see grandpa in the casket, and then my pants tore, and well it was more than I could take so I acted like a damn baby."

Jeremy snickered. Dad rolled his eyes then resumed his fatherly stance.

Peter didn't see anything funny in the whole situation. Quite frankly, neither did I.

Peter said, "I want to see it."

Dad knelt down, looked into my eyes and said, "I do too. If it's bad then you need to be seen in the ER."

They were right... I wanted to see it too so I unbuckled my pants and started to lower them... but as soon as the hem passed over my male gland it flipped up leaving nothing to the imagination. There was an obvious wet spot on the front of my underwear. I offered, "Dad, Peter, I don't think I'll want to put my Leg back on if it comes off. Can we wait until we get home? I mean we'll be back tomorrow morning ... please? I'm not arguing with you, dad."

Matt tossed a towel over my little problem down south of the border and then helped me to lower my pants. He asked, "Where are your crutches?"

I replied, "In the suitcase. I thought I'd be okay. Can I wait, dad, please?"

"Okay, but there's a condition attached... Peggy will check your stump tonight before you go to bed, is that understood. If she says you need to be seen tonight then you get seen tonight. And I will have no arguments... is this understood?"

I grasped the hem of my pants and began lifting them to cover that which designates me as male and at the same time said, "No arguments. Thanks, dad."

"Okay then. It's late so let's talk for a while then head home."

Peter leaned over then kissed me, we kissed, lightly. He then reached up and began rubbing my shoulders caringly as we all talked about grandma, the funeral, the dinner, our flight home and finally the doors being locked and the incredulous experience of seeing the wheelchair at the front entrance, the latter of which elicited knowing smiles and even a chuckle or two at the irony of it all.

As the conversation waned because we were all tired, including Peter and Matt, dad said "Let's go on home. We'll see you bright and early in the morning then spring you from this hospital joint."

That readily met with everybody's approval. Dad and Jeremy began picking up some loose things to take home that night instead of having to take everything home the next morning. While they were doing that, I got up, said to Peter "I've got to pee before we go home" then got up, with help that he offered and headed to the bathroom. When we arrived, Peter said with a smile on his face "Do you need some help?"

I knew that if he came in and 'helped' then the 'helping session' would surpass dad's time line of patience so I said "I'll be okay but thank you, baby".

When I got into the bathroom and closed the door, I let my very hard dick out into the cool air then after quite a bit of coaxing my stream started. When I was finished and my hands were washed I returned to the room, Peter and I kissed, more passionately than when we first arrived, then dad, Jeremy and I headed out.


After arriving home, we were warmly greeted by the gang and Peggy and even Antoine.

Antoine looked different somehow - I could not put my finger on exactly what was different - only he just was. I noticed, too, that he hugged me just a little tighter and for a little longer than he usually does.

Tired, sore and hungry, I excused myself to go upstairs, to get out of my clothes, to take my Leg off for damn sure as it was sore as hell, to take a good dump, to take a shower and then get my ass in bed and go to sleep.

"Are you ready?" Dad asked expectantly.

"Yeah, just let me use the can and take a shower first, okay?"

"I'll be right back. I'm going to go get your crutches." Dad said then took off to get them from my room.

"What's wrong? Is there something I can help with?" Peggy asked concernedly.

"I had a dime sized sore on my stump. I promised dad that I would let you look at it tonight. Right now though, I have to use the restroom" then got up to do just that however dad returned, handed me my crutches.

After arriving in my room, I lay down on the bed, removed my jeans, undid the straps holding my Leg on, took it off, removed the stocking and the extra padding then in shock and anger exclaimed loudly "SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK!"

Angel popped into my room to see what was wrong... he took one look at my stump then hollered, "Dad, Peggy ..."

When they didn't respond, he picked up my cell phone, hit dad's speed dial button and then said, "You guys need to come upstairs; David has a really bad sore on his leg. It is really bad, and I mean bad."

Quickly, dad and Peggy arrived then dad took in a deep breath and said, "Ahhh, David, that's just bad, really bad. I knew we should have had you seen in the ER. Peggy, what do you think?"

"Yes, he needs to be seen, if nothing else he needs to get on antibiotics." Peggy said professionally then put her cool, soft hand on my forehead. Her doing that reminded me so much of when mom did that when I was little to check for fever.

"You're running a very low grade temperature. I'll go get a thermometer out of my satchel. Do you want me to get the rectal thermometer or will you be good and close your mouth?" Peggy said seriously (nah, she had a gleam in her eyes - ahhh, gotta watch out for that look in her eyes I thought to myself).

"Okay, but I really need to use the restroom first. I can't wait."

That said, Antoine quickly walked to me, held out his arms and then in one quick move picked me up and made our way into the bathroom. I had no time to spare... the first one was squeezing through my cheeks. Sensing my urgency, Antoine stood me up and between the two of us got my pants and underwear to my knees and sat down just as I lost all control. Antoine patted my back then made his exit, closing the door behind him.

When duty was finished, I got into the shower where I soaped up good and spent 5 minutes on my dick and brought it to a mind shattering conclusion, all the while thinking of me and Peter kissing passionately, and what I wanted to do to him, and what I wanted him to do to me. That seemed to do the trick because as I recovered my dick descended and rested on my bunched up ball sack.

As I was rinsing off Antoine's voice said, "I've put your crutches by the sink... do you need some help?"

I replied that I did so he dried what I could not reach, handed over my crutches and finished pulling my underwear up and over my butt and relaxed front side.

With that said and done I walked back to the bedroom I shared with Peter and laid down o the bed so Peggy could minister to the sore on my stump.

After cleaning it up good with hydrogen peroxide she applied triple antibiotic cream and a lightweight gauze bandage. When she was finished, she reached down so that we could kiss cheeks, and then she left the room just as Allen, Angel, Jeremy and Antoine were entering. After exchanging hugs and kisses they left but Antoine stayed behind.

I could see in his eyes that he was hurting. I motioned for him to sit on my bed. After hesitating for a moment he closed the door but did not lock it and then came and sat down. I squirmed around so I could sit next to him and put my arm around his shoulders.

As strong as he most often appears to be, he put his head down, and it was then that I saw water droplets landing on his bare legs, both of them.

I pulled him into my chest, kissed the back of his neck, all the while whispering reassurances for him to just let it all out, to not hold back anything.

Once he regained some semblance of control over his emotions, we talked late into the night about what had happened in both of our lives while I was gone to California to attend the funeral of my grandpa. We cried and laughed and spent some time just being silent. At about 4:15am, we were so tired and sleep ready that we went to the bathroom, peed and then went back to my room, got into bed, cuddled warmly and fell fast asleep.

*** Meanwhile in dads' room

Dad and Peggy talked about their ordeals of the day late into the night.

"Jim, David's a teenager. His hormones are raging. His feelings and emotions, well he wears them on his sleeve. You sat boundaries with him. He needed that. Ordinarily, or rather if Antoine had done that to me then he would have definitely been punished. In David's case though, I believe that he is paying a very severe consequence for his temper tantrum."

"That is what I've been thinking too. He and I talked a little bit about it. He's going to lose a lot of freedom with not being mobile with his Leg. I really hate to see it happen. It is what it is though and, as we have done before, we will get through it." Dad said.

"Jim, I forgot to call the medical supply company to get Peter and Matt their hospital beds and other needed supplies, I'm sorry ..." Peggy replied woefully.

"I dropped the ball too. Are they open 24/7?"

"Let me call them in the morning. We should have plenty of time to get things situated before you get home."

That said, they took care of amorous items of business then, totally exhausted, fell deeply into slumber land and were oblivious to the world.

*-* Sunday *-*

... Back in David's room where he and Antoine were sleeping peacefully, cuddled warmly, the only sounds were light gentle breathing noises emanating from their lungs.

The phone rang... groggily I picked the handset without even opening my eyes. Before I could say anything, I heard Peter's voice happily exclaim, "Hello, are you there? Wake up sleepy head!"

At the very same time, as sleep quickly left my brain I realized I was lying against Antoine's back with my hard cock nestled between his loosely covered butt cheeks. Antoine quickly scooted away from our embrace, got up and out of bed, and then headed out with his tube steak leading the way. He closed the bedroom door.

"Hey babe, I love you so much..."

Peter giggled and said, "I thought you went back to sleep... was someone with you?"

"Yeah, Antoine and I slept together after talking all night. He's hurting real badly. It's just going to take time... hopefully the cops will do their fucking jobs. I'd hate to see Antoine have to do what he wants to do if they don't."

"Yeah, I know. I talked to him for a while yesterday. We'll just have to gather around and be there for him... like he's always there for us."

"Sometimes I feel like I'm not giving him enough support. He's been through a lot too."

"Definitely for sure. Dr. Rasmussen was in a while ago and said me and Matt could come home."

"YEAH!" I said loudly, excitedly.

With that said, I got up, grabbed my crutches, headed into the bathroom, peed and then headed downstairs to let everyone know Peter and Matt could come home.

Jeremy was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I walked over and we kissed briefly and then I shared the good news. He told me to go get everybody up, that breakfast would be finished in about 30 minutes so I took off.

The first stop was Allen and Angel's room. Their door was open, and the sounds of their lovemaking filled the airwaves. Just as I turned to leave Angel shrieked that his moment had arrived using a litany of exclamations that neither dad nor Peggy needed to hear that early in the morning... so I shut their door and went to dad's room.

Both he and Peggy were getting up and out of the bed... sans clothing.

Peggy looked deeply into my eyes then turned away but not before I smiled and gave her a thumbs' up. Dad looked at me expectantly ... he, too, received a smile and a thumbs' up then I left.

Antoine was in the shower. I peed, washed my hands then looked into the mirror and noticed that my hair was sticking up and out in every conceivable direction so I got in with him.

After washing up, we were both boned up. To say that I was impressed with Antoine's dick would definitely be a grossly understatement. He was checking me out too.

"You have some good stuff there, Antoine. I mean I am not interested with doing anything because it would not be right, I love Peter and we have committed ourselves to each other ... but we could jack off?"

"I've never done it with anybody, David." Antoine said sheepishly then looked at me, smiled warmly, shrugged his shoulders then took hold of his manhood and began squeezing it thoroughly.

Needing no further encouragement, I sat down on the shower seat then began pummeling my raging hard cock. Antoine sat down next to me, touching shoulder to shoulder.

Soon, very soon, we reached our much needed climactic 'moment' nearly at the same time. When the moments of passion passed, we got out of the shower, dried off and I put my oversized t-shirt back on while Antoine put on his running shorts. Together we took off for downstairs to eat after smelling the wonderful smells of bacon frying, a faint whiff of freshly made pancakes - and, well, having empty tummies did not help any.

After we ate, Peggy and I went upstairs where she expertly treated the ulcer on my stump with hydrogen peroxide and triple antibiotic cream then covered it with gauze bandages.

Once everybody was filled to capacity, once everybody was dressed and ready, we took off for the hospital to get Peter and Matt to take them home, and for me to be seen in the Emergency room for care and the treatment for my ulcer.


Matt and Peter were both more than ready to go. Peter had put on the sweats he had worn into the hospital. They were so very loose on his thin hips and shoulders but while he looked pale and tired he was happy and wearing his trademarked million dollar smile.

Two orderlies arrived with wheelchairs. Matt and Peter got into them then we headed downstairs.

On the way out of the hospital we stopped at the ER so that my stump could be checked out and treated. Dr. Miller was in surgery as was his partner, Dr. Borkwin. I was seen by a resident physician who promptly and professionally evaluated my needs then prescribed appropriate antibiotics to take by mouth after giving me a whopping shot of penicillin, pain pills (which I did not need - and said so) and sterile dressings. Once we had the prescriptions filled at the hospital pharmacy we headed home.

After arriving home we saw that the medical supply company was setting up Matt and Peter's electric hospital beds, putting medical equipment and supplies away then when they were done we put a very tired Peter and a very tired Matt into their respective beds.

I left after Peter immediately fell off to sleep. Antoine and Matt were talking quietly. I went out to the bar where dad and Peggy were seated, talking quietly between themselves.

Dad beckoned me to him, pulled me into a hug that I readily returned then he said "David, I am not going to punish you for your indiscretions yesterday. You're already paying the price in the form of consequences for your actions so I will not add insult to injury just to make a point. In any event, I hope that, in the future, you will air your differences in a more mature way."

"Dad, I'm sorry for disrespecting you. While I feel very strongly about the issue, I had no right to treat you as I did. Please forgive me."

"Okay, I forgive you. Son, I see your side. I had no right to force you to do that which you felt very strongly about not doing. I can and do see now how that you seeing my dad in his casket could be very bad. I have thought about how it affects me too. I will probably join you because I, too, do not wish to have that final picture as my final memory of someone I love. David, just remember to talk about these things. Doing so will prevent a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. You're growing up. Growing up is often painful as we learn our lessons that will carry us through our entire lifetimes."

We hugged tightly. I got up off the bar stool and said "I'm going to swim some laps to get some of this lard off of my butt. I've gained eight and a half pounds while Peter was in the hospital. I don't want to tear any more pants - as if I wear them that often anyway." I giggled.

Dad playfully smacked me on the butt with his open hand then he said to Peggy "What do you think?"

"I think the chlorinated water will be good for his ulcers actually. I'm good with it. We'll redress it when you get out." She replied then had me resume my seat at the bar while she took the bandage off.

That said, I headed out to the pool, undressed completely then got in and swam my laps.

When I was finished and worn out, I went inside after drying off then checked on Peter. He was sound asleep ... so were Matt and Antoine lying cocooned into each other. I climbed in bed with Peter, snuggled in then fell asleep almost as quick as my head hit the pillow.


Several hours later, we all awoke at seemingly at the same time. Peter and I used the restroom then went into the TV room where everybody was sitting and watching TV.

Matt and Antoine headed into the restroom then came back a few minutes later.

The news came on next.

The lead story was about a car accident that had claimed the lives of three teenagers, two boys and a girl. Another patient was in critical condition at University Hospital. He was not expected to survive his injuries despite all medical care that he could possibly expect to receive. Drugs and alcohol involvement were highly suspected. All of their next of kin had yet to be notified so they did not release their names.

The second lead story was about Manual's homicide.

When the newscaster said that a juvenile had been released after preliminary investigations Antoine sat bolt upright and said incredulously and somewhat angrily, "They promised. They said that I was to trust the system, that justice would be served. They said nothing about that piece of shit being freed, or even the possibility that he might be."

That said he immediately put on his socks and tennis shoes, stood and headed for the room separating the TV room from the kitchen.

Before he got too far though, Matt intercepted and despite Antoine's weak protests they hugged.

Dad and Peggy got up and walked to Matt and Antoine. Dad said, "Antoine, I know this is hard for you because it is hard for us too... I need to caution you that talking heads on the TV do not often tell the whole story, or if they do then it is slanted in such a way that the truth is obscured."

I got up, walked over to them and said to Antoine, "You want to put your old life behind you... here's an opportunity. Trust dad because he knows what he's talking about."

Jeremy said, "If things don't work out then I'll be right beside you. We all will, right guys?"

Everybody agreed though dad and Peggy just looked on, watching our bonding moment in solidarity, in brotherhood, though we didn't know it at the time... yet we did, all at the same time.

Very softly Antoine said with tears threatening to spill from his eyes, "He has to pay for what he did."

"You're right, Antoine. He'll pay in all sorts of ways. But let's do this the right way. Right now, the best way to go about this is to make sure Maria's okay. We need to make sure her other sons are okay too." Dad said with conviction.

Peggy said, "Jim, why don't you go call Officer Ramirez. The boys and I will wait here before we do anything else." Then she pulled Antoine, alone, into a hug and held it firm for a few minutes until Antoine calmed down and his breathing returned to normal.

Matt took over from there. Matt put his arm around Antoine and allowed his hand to rest on the top of Antoine's butt. They took off for the restroom next to the TV room and closed the door behind them.

Dad returned a few minutes later. He asked where Antoine and Matt were... just as I was about to reply they entered the TV room arm in arm. The look on Matt's face told me volumes... it looked like Peter's does after we share our love for each other.

Antoine looked to me before anyone else. I slightly nodded and smiled.

Dad, Peggy and Antoine took off leaving me, Allen, Angel, and Jeremy sitting with Matt in our arms wondering what would happen next.

When the Escalade drove off, with tears in his eyes, Matt said dejectedly, "I forgot to tell Antoine that I love him and to come back home to me because I need him more than he knows."

"He'll be back. Count on it." Jeremy said warmly, assumingly.

I nodded knowing, hoping that he would be safe with dad and Peggy.

With absolute conviction Matt said "When? In 30 years?"

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