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The Light

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 77

I took care of a few other matters, still surprised that the president would call soliciting me to venture out to Cuba.

I never eavesdrop on my children and their private activities in their rooms but since I was laid up, and could not negotiate the steps upstairs, I turned on a video feed to Antoine's room to see how he was. He was asleep so I immediately disconnected the connection then headed to the kitchen, poured another cup of coffee, sat down and pulled up the news. I found no new personal information leaks so I popped a pain pill and went to bed and fell immediately to sleep.

Sometime later I was awoken by someone sitting on my bed.

My visitor was Antoine. He was smiling yet his eyes gave away his inner pain, likely from his broken ribs.

"Hey buddy. Boy, aren't we the pair?" I chuckled, hoping to break the ice.

"Yeah, I guess we are. Dad, I need to speak to my Sensei. I am having much pain. My meditation technique is not working sufficiently no matter how hard I try. I'm sure that he'll teach me a technique that will work."

"That's fine son. Antoine, you do not need to ask permission to speak with your Sensei, or anyone else. Okay?"

"Thank you dad."

Antoine got up and headed out but he stopped when I said, "If you find out something, please let me know."

He smiled through his obvious discomfort, walked back to where I was lying, kissed my forehead then took off for the pool.

I got up, got some steaks out of the freezer and began their marinade process.

Antoine entered the kitchen through the door from the pool and told me that he'd forgotten his phone in the room he and Matt shared.

*-* Antoine's POV *-*

I got my phone then hit the bathroom where I worked very hard to eliminate that which needed eliminated. Mom had told me that because of the pain medicine and inactivity that I may very well experience great difficulties. She was right. I had never realized how many chest muscles were involved with taking care of the basic human need of elimination … but I managed.

I needed a shower in the worst possible way. After wiping up carefully, I dropped my shorts and underwear and took a shower. I learned that washing one's body required more muscles than I had thought. I found it easier to use the shower seat that dad had installed for David.

With meditation I was able to bring Matt into full Technicolor which enabled my slow but steady progress. My amorous needs were great and since Matt and I were incapable of copulating in the manner we so desired I slowly milked that which designates me as male to a soft rolling yet definite conclusion.

With those needs met I returned to the room Matt and I shared and put on a pair of loose fitting running shorts, retrieved my special phone then headed to the pool where I sat and made the phone call to my Sensei.

I remember very little of that conversation but when I emerged my body no longer hurt so badly that it was difficult to move. Instead, I felt invigorated so much so that I went upstairs, put on a shirt and shorts, socks and shoes, then went to Alice' house and sat down at my desk much to everyone's amazement. I was amazed.

Dinner was short and sweet since we had arranged to meet with Father Ben, Maria and the boys at a certain time.

To say that Jesus was excited to see us, especially me, would be an understatement.

Father Ben said a special mass just for the family. Jesus and I dutifully and reverently served the service. The main course, if you will, was when we walked to the remnants of Maria's home, said some special prayers requesting happy, harmonious, safe, and prosperous lives in our new home and land.

Father Ben requested that mom, dad, and each of us younger folks take a shovel and turn over a scoop of dirt to initiate the building of our home.

When it was my turn I chuckled and said to all, "To health." Dad and I appreciated those words more than anyone.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Father Ben gave his blessings and sprinkled holy water on the ground. We then went inside the church, received a sacrament of healing then went into the rectory where we had cake and ice cream and fellowship.

Once dessert was finished AZ and Jesus insisted that I alone go to the beach with them. There they stripped naked as the day they were born and Jesus showed me his progress with what I'd taught him about his body, and even his mind control showed much progress.

I was careful to teach him about accepting his weaknesses, working with them but in the end to just recognize and respect them.

Much to my surprise, something I was not ready for was AZ stripping down to his skin. Gone was his shame for his markedly obese body structure. Although I could not tell for sure, it appeared that perhaps he had lost a few pounds. He then went through a recital of his learned skills... I was so proud of him, and said so. He beamed his appreciations for my approvals, which were many.

The boys, with all modesty shed led me to the garden area where Mildred had left this lifetime and showed me their hard work at getting her pride and joy into tip-top shape. The flowers were beautiful and in full bloom which sent shards of pleasant aromas into the air, enveloping us with their sweet smells. We then sat in the steel glider chair and talked between ourselves for quite some time.

Our conversation about anything and everything was pleasantly interrupted by mom and Maria bringing us each a bowl of apple strudel topped with ice cream. Mom went back inside Father Ben's home but Maria held back. Jesus quickly relinquished his seat to his mother. She sat down next to me while Jesus sat on the ground, still very naked, and very erect. I was happy to see his inhibitions slowly washing away.

Maria said, in her native language, translated, "My boys are different. What did you do to them? I do not understand."

I thought for a moment, trying to put my feelings into words, something I was not really used to. Finally, I said, taking no credit for their transitions, "Maria, they did it on their own. I had nothing to do with their transformations."

Maria chided me, as I knew she would, "That is incorrect child. My boys were hopeless in our situation. Much of them passed away when their big brother Pedro was led away that one cruel day. Much of them died when my son Manual was taken from us by his older brother. What happened, why are they like they are right now? I do not understand."

"Maria, they are healing. I am but one boy. I do not take any credit for their healing. The only thing I have done is to teach them to believe in their selves and the world around them. Jesus has been taught very strict control through meditation, physical exercise, and he was also taught how to release his physical tensions when going to bed at night."

Maria smiled, "Yes, he does relieve his tensions... you should hear him." Jesus looked up at me and smiled broadly.

My face turned ashen, I'm sure, because it felt like fire had set in.

When the heat dissipated, I asked, "Maria, does he permit you to observe his rituals?"

"No, he goes away early the morning for 2 hours. I have walked to where he is many times. Each time I find him sitting on the sand staring out over the ocean. He responds to me but will sit still until I leave. Recently, he has permitted his brother to join him. In fact, Jesus demands that AZ accompany him."

"Yes, I can see that. Your youngest son, AZ, he is coming along very nicely. You should be very proud of your sons and how they are becoming close."

"Yes. Yes. I am very proud. Thank you for bringing my sons back to me."

With that said Maria went back into the rectory leaving Jesus, AZ and I alone with our thoughts. Few words escaped our lips as we watched the sun set over the horizon in the west. The view was spectacular, majestic, and relaxing. While it was setting I taught the boys a new meditation, developed by and previously known only by me.

My pain was rapidly returning with vengeance, so much so that I was unable to initiate meditation. The pain became so overwhelming that I got sick to my stomach, losing ice cream and strudel to the ground.

I recall Jesus running into the house while AZ continued to hold my head tenderly, caringly, and with great reverence because any motion would set the chain of sickness back into motion.

I vaguely remember my Matt coming to my side and whispering soft love words into my being.

*-* Matt's POV *-*

I ran to my Antoine when Jesus said that my baby was sick and not responding to him and his brother. My baby was lying on the ground writhering in pain, holding his chest, and not responding to my repeated efforts to wake him. I even reached down and squeezed his maleness hoping against all hope to bring him around, but that was all to no avail.

Mom and my brothers arrived momentarily, as did dad despite mom telling him he shouldn't be walking in the grass for fear that he'd fall and hurt himself even more.

Mom said Antoine needed to go to the hospital because he was likely in shock from his rib injuries and the pain.

Jeremy, Allen and Angel, without difficulty, picked Antoine up and carried him to the Escalade where mom put down the seats thus making a bed for him to lay on. She then drove us to the hospital.

A resident doctor initiated pain medicine in his IV and then they took him to x-ray where they performed many tests. All test results came back unchanged from when he'd been there before, after he'd first been injured.

The doctor wanted to admit him however I told them, in no uncertain terms that I would care for the love of my life. And I did. And I will continue anytime he needs me. After all that he had done for me – I owed to him my life. And my life I would give to him if he needed it.

I had to smile a lot. I had to wear those puppy dog eyes. I had to keep talking to convince them that I was his best medicine.

It worked.

Antoine got to come home.

And I got to nurse him.

And I got to give back just a little bit of what he'd been giving me all the time – love, care and devotion. I realized just how selfish I'd been and how much I'd taken him for granted. He was so patient with me.

But he was afraid... why hadn't I seen it? Why hadn't I picked up on it?

I had no clue about what to do for him.

When I asked mom for advice... she'd just said to wing it, to do what I thought was right, to not think about it all that much... just do what came naturally.

Allen, Angel and Jeremy essentially carried Antoine up the stairs and put him on the toilet and left while I stayed with him. I held his hand as he struggled oh so hard to do what comes naturally. Tears streamed from his eyes. I felt his pain. I sent to him my love, encouragement, and willingness to stick with him no matter what. When he'd strain I'd strain right along with him. When he'd breathe a sigh of relief, I'd breathe right along with him.

When he nodded I understood that he was saying 'done'. I got to clean him up 'that way' like he'd done for me so many times, just because he wanted to, just because he could, and just because he loved me.

I had to leave him for a couple of minutes while I got Jeremy and Allen to help me get Antoine in the shower and seated on the shower seat.

I got to wash and rinse his body, slowly, meticulously, carefully, gently, and with all the love I could put together.

You know what his response was?

A smile. In the middle of his pain – he smiled.

When we got him to bed and in the 'right' position so that he was maximally comfortable I got into bed and melded our bodies together. He would move a little bit. I'd move a little bit. Finally, we were connected. I was in a position to take the body lotion and massage his neck, shoulders, the front of his chest and abdomen leaving his bad side alone. My baby fell off to sleep without the pain medicine mom had offered several times, until she felt comfortable that her son, my baby, was okay without it, at least for the time being, at least for as long as I was lying next to him, observing, loving, and just being.

At some point during the night I fell into a twilight sleep... you know that kind of sleep where you're kind of asleep yet somewhat awake at the same time. Since his sore side was up I had to be very, very careful to not toss and turn, and the hardest thing was not to let my arm do its most natural thing – wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. God, not doing that was so hard.

I guess I'd really fallen asleep because I was awoken with a startle. My baby was pulling my arm around his stomach. He squeezed it and held my arm firmly. He soon was asleep. I stayed awake... I couldn't miss that experience. I wondered how many times he'd done that to me without my knowing it.

Since I was awake and had no plans to go back to sleep, I worked my way out of our cocoon, went into the bathroom, peed, retrieved a full bottle of body lotion, went back to bed and instead of melding into him I began rubbing his entire back, butt, legs and feet – careful to not cause tickling. I couldn't stand the thought of tickling him... that would be the worst possible thing in the entire world to do.

His muscles relaxed, even though he was already asleep. His breathing was rhythmical, deep, and plentiful... so I kept massaging knowing that it was doing some good.

Mom came into our room at 4:15am to check on him. She said his pulse rate was 52, which for most people was very low, but she also said that the low pulse rate indicated deep relaxation. She told me that I needed to get some sleep else I'd be no good for him during his waking hours. She kissed me good night with a reminder to get some sleep.

After mom walked out I got up, used the restroom again. While I wasn't hard I wasn't soft either. For about 5 seconds I debated but decided that I just wanted to physically feel better for temporary sake. I went back to bed, cocooned Antoine and was soon into deep sleep.

Sometime later, I don't know how much later because it didn't matter, I awoke to movement in our bed. I woke up quickly, looked all around, and after finding nobody in the room released it was Antoine moving... back and forth... he was rocking... and I felt pleasure... and then realized that my male gland was nestled deep within the area where God split him in half. My little head was nestled right at ground zero. Though I was not inside of his tube, getting there would not have taken any effort. Quickly, through the din of the bathroom light I could see that his eyes were open, and he turned to face me... he was smiling. He pursed his lips... I kissed them once then twice and then thrice. With the position we were in more pressure was being applied to his love place. Our eyes never wavered, not for one second. Seemingly without any effort, my penis slid in like it had its own mind. Antoine smiled then he relaxed. A look of total and utter peace crossed his face.

Meanwhile, my body was screaming for release... but I just let my male gland enter on its own pace, without much effort at all on my part. When my pubes were against his smooth strong cheeks I relaxed and just let my hardness slide out. And then I slide back in, unencumbered without so much as a twitch from his not-so-virgin muscle laden entryway and exit point. My love took my hand with his good one and laid it very gently across his member that was not all that hard but then again it wasn't soft.

Lazily he said, "I need your nectar in me, Matt, please."

"I'll hurt you. I'm afraid."

"Just keep doing what you're doing. Just enjoy, don't rush it... you feel so good. Matt, because I am concentrating on relaxing my sphincter I can relax all over... relaxation, it is coming naturally. This is a new experience for us."

'Yeah..." I whispered.

I laid my head down on the pillow, squeezed his elongated love thing in time with my in-thrust... no it wasn't thrusting at all. It was sliding, as if it had its own mind or something. I felt my body tensing up, slowly yet the tension was becoming more and more with each passing moment, with each stroke in, with each stroke out. It was becoming unbearable.

Antoine said, "Let your body relax. Do not fight your urges. I'm trying hard to not fight mine. It is very hard to hold back."

Something came over me, I said, "That's just it – don't hold back. I'm having thousands of orgasms in my mind... being with you is like a constant orgasm. When we're ready, and we may be ready at different times, just think of your cum drizzling out, nice and slow, easy, relaxing, together, just in the moment right now, not in any other moment..."

Gently, caringly, softly I would squeeze my love's member... not hard... not urgent... I'd just squeeze and release... not too fast... not too slow...

My penis, very softly yet assuredly felt like something was coming out from its end... my body became alive but not urgently... I became numb... my loins felt like they were on fire... they were burning... yet I just thought of a gentle river flowing in its natural habitat... flowers were all around... pleasant smells were all over the place and inside of me... and at the same time I felt the same thing flowing back from my love, my soul mate, my mate, the person I loved with everything that I had.

At the same time my hand was wet and getting wetter and wetter. I settled into the feelings coursing through my veins... and at the same time I felt Antoine's passing into me.

When the feelings passed and the aftershocks ceased we were lying quietly, breathing in time, deep, rhythmical, purposeful... yet our breathing was simply on autopilot, as was our life in that slice of time.

*-* Saturday, Antoine's POV *-*

The sun was up, a gentle breeze was felt to be blowing, and the shower was running, I felt warm but not hot, the covers were soft, the pillow was fluffed just right, and the smell of fresh clean soap wafted through my nasal passages – these are what greeted me that morning... without even opening my eyes.

What opened my eyes was the sense that I wasn't alone.

Alone I wasn't.

Mom was entering through the doorway to the room Matt and I shared. Several bodies lay on my bed... I saw the tufts of hair on the top back of Angel's head, Allen lying on Angel's chest, Andy and Peter snuggled face to face and Peter snuggling David from behind, Jeremy lying on his back with Jason's head in Jeremy's armpit, and then there was William and Andy snuggled together lying on the pillows next to my head.

The beauty of it all created tears in my eyes that freely fell down my cheeks.

The shower water turned off, the door clanked open (along with the word 'shit' coming from he who loves me and whom I love with all my heart and soul), and then stillness.

Mom and I then caught movement. That movement was from none other than Matt walking into our room with a towel over his head, and his maleness standing at a 90 degree angle from the tracings of his returning pubes. He walked to the dresser drawers, dropped the towel to the floor, scratched those burgeoning hairs, and then purposefully stroked his penis 5 or 6 times before reaching into the drawer and retrieving a clean pair of bright yellow silky nylon running shorts. It was then that he turned around only to see mom and me smiling.

His face turned a brilliant shade of red, the one or two 'smile' wrinkles on his face formed, and quickly he put on a trace amount of clothing which did nothing positive to put away the tent obviously formed by that which designates him as male.

I snickered then looked into mom's eyes, her face still pointed in Matt's direction – they had rolled up into her head then she looked at me. I was smiling sheepishly, and at the same time had to adjust my wares as it was rising to the occasion.

I also needed to pee with absolute certainty.

Matt smiled warmly as he adjusted his package. His efforts weren't all that effective, doing little to 'hide' his very erect tissues. I easily managed a giggle because the more he attempted to put it away the more it argued.

Mom giggled and said, "Having a bit of a problem there?"

From the look on Matt's face, clearly he wished for the floor to open up and swallow him completely.

Mom turned to me, "How are you feeling this morning?"

I hadn't even thought about that. There were too many other observations that took precedence. Quickly I did a spot check inventory. Although it was still very sore the shards of pain that had racked my body the previous day were no longer present. I could breathe without difficulty, and could take a full intake of life-sustaining air without difficulty.

My belly decided to let its presence be known. I also felt hungry as a bear cub.

Mom giggled then said the magic words that created motion on my bed from the previously quiet, still and sleeping bodies lying close by, "Maria's fixing breakfast."

"I feel pretty good actually." I replied. At the same time my tool was growing to full staff. I added, "Uhm, I need to use the facilities... err, uhm..."

Just then the covers went flying as the others, having heard the words that will wake a teenage boy from the dead, were in various stages of getting up and out of bed thus exposing everything to everybody. Mom smiled, got up and quickly exited the room.

Slowly, meticulously I rolled onto my side; put my legs down and finding they worked managed to get into a sitting position without too much difficulty and with a helping hand from Allen. A small wave of dizziness passed through my brain but soon it was gone.

With urgent needs, with minimal assistance I got up and was escorted to the bathroom where I stood before the porcelain gawd and relieved that which needed relieving. David giggled, said, "Ah what a relief!" and then released his own torrent of liquid into the bowl.

With that said and one (YEAH!), Jeremy, Andy and Angel took me into the shower and observed that I could mostly wash myself though they washed my back for me. Matt arrived and dried each and every pore as the others left one by one.

I sat down on the closed toilet lid and urged Matt, still hard, to stand before me so that I could share with him, in a most intimate way, how much I appreciated his ministrations of love and assistance throughout my ordeal. I swallowed his nectar fully and completely not leaving a drop behind for dessert.

"Ah, just what the doctor ordered." I exclaimed readily as he knelt down and enjoyed a concentrated milk shake from my dairy teat.

With our morning fluids exchanged we headed downstairs to enjoy a wonderful breakfast burrito prepared by Maria.

Horace, Alice, Jason and William arrived just before noon to be present when the architects arrived at 1 to go over the finalized plans for the new house. Most but not all of our individual requests would be fulfilled as specified.

The architects were gone by 2:30 which left the rest of the afternoon free and clear of commitments so we went to the pool, undressed to our skin and then went swimming for a while. Matt and I held back and just spent companionable silence watching the others play and or swim laps.

The water felt really, really good. It was warm but not hot, cool but not cold, and clean, sparkly from the sun directly overhead.

After an hour or so I'd had enough and wanted to get out and just enjoy the day while sitting in one of the lounge chairs by the pool with dad on one side and Matt on the other. We shared small talk then an urge to urgently evacuate took hold. With some assistance from Matt, I got up and headed to the john. I told Matt that I'd be just fine because I did feel just fine... a little soreness was present however it was not so much so that I couldn't fiend for myself for a change; at least let me try; let me ask for help – and I said so, with somewhat of an irritated voice. I immediately realized the words, and the way I was saying them as they were coming out.

Matt, hurt and dejected quickly walked away and headed upstairs. My needs were urgent so I went on in the bathroom, closed the door and did what needed to be done, all in short order. Taking care of the final act took some effort but I found a way that worked without too many or too strong of spasms which were, much to my dismay, becoming more frequent.

With that finished I flushed, washed my hands and walked into the kitchen. Matt and mom were sitting at the bar talking between their selves. My boyfriend, my soon-to-be-husband, my love and confidant looked up and saw me. He got off the bar stool and started to head outside though he stopped when I said, "I'm sorry."

He replied, after thinking about what he was going to say for a moment or two, "I was just trying to help. Why do you push me away? You've... oh never mind."

Matt then turned on his heels and left the room and went outside to be with the rest of the family, leaving mom and I alone.

I looked to the floor hoping to find a speck of dirt to hone in on then looked into mom's eyes and said, "Mom, I'm not used to be doted on. This is all new to me. I'm used to taking care of my own needs, whatever they might be."

Mom stood and walked over, softly pulled me into her arms and said, "Honey, Matt needs to feel useful to you. He and I were just talking about this very thing when you walked in. He gets frustrated. Think of it like this: you have an intimate need to help him meet his needs. Please allow him the same pleasure to give to you. This is something you and he need to work out though. There are compromises within every relationship. Do you see your dad sitting at the table?"

I looked outside and saw dad sitting in a chaise lounge talking to Angel. I could easily tell that they were having their very own father-son talk.

Mom continued, "Honey, your dad got onto me pretty good for doing everything I could to make him comfortable. He was frustrated and said a couple of things that he really didn't mean. I know he didn't mean them so I rethought what I'd been doing and realized that I wasn't allowing him his independence. I shared this with Matt but I think he needs to hear it from you so that you two can reach a compromise. David has an appointment with his prosthesis therapist to get his Leg replaced because he's growing out of his old one. Think about what I said, okay?"

"Okay. I must think about the right words to say."

She got up, headed outdoors to get David. I took off my shorts and underwear then joined my brothers and friends all gathered around dad. They were laughing and cutting up at watching a bug trying to climb the pole holding the umbrella in place. The poor bug was not having much luck. I sat down next to Matt and put my arm around his shoulders. At first he flinched but somewhat relaxed when I kissed his cheek.

Mom and David took off as did Horace and Alice though their sons stayed. Jason was sitting on Jeremy's lap and Jeremy had his arm around the love of his life. They looked happy and contented.

Quite unusual for me, and I had concerns that I hadn't cleaned well, I put aside my 'always' need to be the caretaker, got up and sat down on Matt's lap. Automatically, he put his arm around my lower waist, pulled me into his chest then whispered, "What's this all about?"

I whispered back, "I need you."

Somewhat stiffly he replied, "Get up. I'll give you sex." He scratched my pubes and then with his hips urged me to stand. I held steadfast however. It was then that I realized he gave me his sex whenever I wanted it... so it made sense why he said what he did.

I got up. He took my hand and together we walked into the house but I stopped us and urged him onto a bar stool. He took hold of my tool and began working it. I pushed his hand away and said, "I said that I need YOU Matt. We have good sex. Thank you for putting up with my selfish needs. I didn't even really realize that I had those needs until you gave me your love. Now... I need you. I am not used to having people watch over me like you have tried to do so please be patient with me. I sat on your lap because I wanted us to be close in other ways. I'm trying Matt."

"I'm sorry too. Look baby, it's like this, or at least this is the way I see it – you gave to me all the time. You gave me a reason for living. I feel your love... so please just let me give half as much, okay, please?"

"I will try. Please be patient. This is all new to me. I'm learning what it is like to have family. I've never been a boyfriend before <chuckle>."

"See Antoine, that's just it. I've never had anybody give a fuck about me... so I'm getting used to it too. Sure, I've had lots of men and other guys who told me that they loved me... but they had their price tags too. Like if I'd put out they'd love me... until we were finished. Then they'd be gone. I'm sorry; I really shouldn't be telling you this shit. I'm sorry I did tell you."

"I'm sure many men wanted me too. I know that at least one of them tried to take me. Look Matt, my deal wasn't sex. I pleased my parents with other things, and I made a lot of men a whole bunch of money... I guess I was a drug whore... yeah, that's it."

"You ain't not no fucking whore Antoine Garza so stop saying that shit about yourself."

"Ah, so that means you are not a whore either. Am I hearing you correctly?"

Matt looked at me with shock in his eyes. He started to say something but then a dawn of awareness took hold. He smiled and said, "So you ran your body to make money for you and others... just like I did. I guess I said some pretty mean things to you..."

"No. You just said it in a way that I understand. Do you remember us making love early this morning, when it was still dark?"

"Yeah, how can I forget it? I, I mean us, we've never before experienced 'that'... that's what I'm trying to say how I feel about you. We weren't just fucking this morning. We were so in-tune with each other that it wasn't even funny. That's how I feel about you all the time."

"Yes, me too. I feel the very same way as you do. We've got it good, Matt. We just needed to talk about what we're feeling deep down inside. I'm not used to sharing my deepest feelings... but with you I feel safe."

As if we were one our lips touched. Our kiss was passionate yet not completely sexual. Something passed from Matt into my being.

Matt pulled away quickly. He had a surprised look on his face but then smiled and we kissed again.

We returned to the pool and assumed the same position that we'd left earlier. I liked having Matt's arms around my midsection and holding me securely.

The conversation with the family was lighthearted yet meaningful. We were interacting as I'd only seen in the movies.

*-* David's POV *-*

"You guys are exactly what Antoine needs." Mom said after several moments of silence as we made our way through busy traffic slowed down by those proverbial orange barrels that signify the 'change'. Before it gets better it always seems that it needs to get worse.

"Yeah, well, we were just doing what seemed to be right. I've been cocooned during some dark and dreary times. The funny thing is that we had no plan."

"Well, just keep it up."

Just as we were getting ready to take the turn onto the street where the Leg Shop was located a huge crash happened just ahead of us. Mom stirred right and onto the shoulder. In the process she glanced off a light pole, drove down an embankment and then up again to where we were sitting on the road we were going to turn on.

Frigging traffic was everywhere. At the same time as we were gathering our wits about us we were slightly tapped from behind. It seemed that many other people were taking the same route we had taken.

It was too dangerous to get out of the vehicle to assess damage so mom foraged on. We arrived about 20 minutes late for the appointment but Alex was standing outside smoking a cigarette as we drove up.

Mom and I jumped out of the vehicle and found but only minimal damage, the worst of which was broken headlight, a scraped up fender and a dent in the rear view mirror on the passenger side.

The important thing was that we were okay. Mom relayed the story to Alex.

Mom said she was going to call dad while my new Leg was being properly fitted.

"So, how are you doing David?"

"It's all good. I've only had one really bad sore and that was because I was pissed off, being a baby, and walking all wrong. But it healed quickly enough. So how have you been?"

"I've been good. A few weeks ago a guy named Richard came in here looking for something that would work better. He's a biker. He was having quite a few problems 'feeling' his bike so we worked on several models and finally found one that works just fine. Although it isn't perfect he's now a happy camper. Anyway, to make a long story short, we are leaving town next week to go to Iowa and get married."

"Whoa, that's kewl. I didn't know you were gay..."

Laughing Alex replied, "Neither did I. Ya just never know. By the way I didn't know you were gay until you told me. I mean it's not like we go around wearing feathers and tutus, ya know."

"No. No we don't." I laughed heartily.

"Okay, off with your shoes and pants. Leave on your underwear and socks. I'll be back in a few minutes."

An hour later mom and I were walking out of the shop when a motorcycle came roaring into the parking lot and stopped just a fraction of an inch before hitting the curb. We were far enough away to avoid any sense of danger.

I giggled. It was the same biker that I'd see when dad and I had first gone to the shop. I said to mom, "I'll be right back."

With ease and comfort I walked to the biker who I assumed was Richard. I said, "Hey Richard."

Richard looked up and at first didn't recognize my face but then looked at me curiously and then recognition took hold. He said, "Hey... weren't you here with your dad a few months ago?"

"Yup. So what are you up to?"

"Oh nothing much, just came from work. I've been hanging around here quite a bit lately... you know, getting adjusted and everything. So... is that your mom?"

"Yeah. We were just heading home so I came over to see ya. My name's David by the way."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, David. My name's Richard... oh you already knew that... how do you know my name?" Richard asked curiously.

I smiled and said, "I have a boyfriend."

His mouth dropped almost to the pavement at the off-the-wall comment but then he quickly recovered and said, "Oh, so you and Alex have a conspiracy do ya?"

I laughed and he smiled.

He got his bike parked properly and I headed to the Escalade for the trip home. I yelled, "Congratulations!"

Richard gave me a thumbs up and then went into the shop.

"Who was that?" Mom asked curiously.

"He's Alex' soon to be husband. They're going to Iowa next week to get married... isn't that kewl?"

Mom's jaw dropped, "He's gay?"

I snickered, "Yeah, we come in all sizes and shapes, mom!"

Mom laughed and then we took off for home, and had a much smoother trip that we'd had going into town. The traffic was heavy yet most all of the construction was in the opposing lanes.

When we arrived home everybody exited the house through the kitchen-to-the-garage door and surveyed the damage done to the Escalade.

Jeremy snickered and said to mom, "I didn't know you were a stunt driver."

"Very funny but not very much. Don't quit your day job." Mom said semi seriously.

Jeremy started to apologize but mom smiled and walked into the house. Jeremy had been had which caused us to laugh at his expense. Dad called the insurance company and was assured that all the damage would be covered, and that they were glad nobody was injured, or worse.

The guys were curious to see what the new Leg looked like so we all took off upstairs. I undressed to my underwear. It looked much the same as the old one but the new one had a few new hairs and a little wider distribution of them. And, oh my, it felt so much better. I hadn't realized that my extra 5 pounds of weight and growth of 2 inches had so much to do with how it operated and felt.

Peter said happily, "It's kewl, wish I could get a new leg." He finished the last part of his statement with an impish smile... he was joking, obviously. The guys laughed. I was apparently the last one to figure it out. Then they laughed because it took me so long.

Yeah... that's how they are; always picking on me.

When the rest of the gang took off... Peter closed the door and 'helped' me to take the Leg off. I like how he takes my leg... get it?

*-* Antoine's POV *-*

We left David and Peter's room and went back downstairs to the pool area. I was feeling okay so with Matt's 'help' to get undressed we got into the water and lounged around for a while.

While we were all messing around, Jesus and AZ entered, quickly shed all their clothes then, together, jumped in doing a cannon ball and drenched everybody to the maximum which of course led to a splash fight between willing participants.

An hour or two later mom told us to come in, take our showers and get ready for dinner. Maria was making a mess of tacos, guacamole and a special blend of her chili conqueso and salsa and homemade corn chips perfect for scooping.

After dinner Matt and I took off upstairs to take care of some of our chores such as remaking our bed with clean sheets and blankets. I started to help out because I was feeling pretty good but Matt gave me 'the' look which I would later learn to call his 'trademark' sign telling me to butt out.

So I butted out and instead went into the bathroom where I butted into the toilet the remnants of dinner. Finished, I tore off the appropriate amount of paper was ready to reach behind but then felt a twinge of a muscle spasm coming on.

I sat there and thought for a moment or two while the spasm calmed down. Finally, I called out loud enough for him to hear, "Matt."

Later, the guys got into a game of Charades, sans clothing, out on the back lawn. Mom, dad and I sat in the spectators section cheering them on. I couldn't help but to break out laughing when David lost his balance that sent everybody sprawling on top of each other. They, of course, were laughing hysterically, as was I.

Immediately, I was totally and completely overtaken by racking spasms of pain from the broken ribs. Add to that a violent, or so it seemed, coughing attack which left me on the ground writhering in pain, and laughter... I couldn't tell which was worse, probably and more likely both.

Thankfully my clothes were off because I peed myself unable to stop because of everything that was going on with my body.

Everybody rushed to my side and laid their hands on my body, somewhere. Matt was frantic with worry because even his touch would not and did not help.

Finally, the coughing did stop but I was left in a heap gasping for air. All I could do, all I wanted to do was to lie there, not moving.

Meanwhile I was sweating profusely, shaking, and making motions like I wanted to throw up, but couldn't because I did NOT want to do that, ever, in that condition. When I tried moving my head in any direction, especially up to look into Matt's eyes, I got dizzy and shaky.

Mom left to retrieve the blood pressure cuff. Soon she was back and after taking my vitals said that I was going to be okay, that I had just had a pain shock response because my vitals were then normal by the time she took them.

With their hands on me I was able to go into a short but deep meditation which cleared away the remnants of the experience.

Slowly and carefully the guys assisted me in getting to a standing position. With certainty and gentleness they got me to bed to lie down to rest for the rest of the evening.

I could not get comfortable that night, despite spooning gently with my man, so upon Matt's insistence, mom gave me a pain shot in the butt that sent me off to la la sleep land.

*-* Monday, Dad's POV *-*

We had a bit of a dilemma. I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Palmer on Oahu while Matt and Peter, and Antoine had appointments on Maui. I decided to cancel mine at the last minute so that I could accompany the boys on theirs.

Dr. Miller said that Antoine's left lung was collapsed about 10 percent. He also had a fairly large blood clot behind and outside of heart. He suggested that we watch and wait even though surgery was warranted, but not required. We and he agreed that we didn't want to put Antoine through the ordeal of such a radical surgical procedure.

Next was David. Dr. Miller was pleased to say that he was doing just fine. After the many lab tests and physical exam we hurried to Matt and Peter's combined appointments.

Dr. Rasmussen was pleased with Peter and Matt's progress. Their incisions, despite all that had transpired since their last examination was remarkable. He then had a blood test ran STAT to determine if there were any signs of rejection of Peter's kidney. The test result came back perfect, as expected.

Next, because we could get concurrent appointments, we returned to Dr. Miller who thoroughly checked Peter over. My son was still somewhat sore and swollen in his rectum. A repeat scope examination revealed he was healing as expected and that nothing severe and out of the ordinary was found. Dr. Miller repeated a test for sexually transmitted diseases. The results would take a few days to return. He was concerned because Peter disclosed that he had initiated and carried out sexual intercourse as the giver. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't all that concerned at the same time.

In any event, Dr. Miller cleared Peter for relations as the receiver but that they were to take it slow and easy.

Even with the easy and fully disclosing relationship we had with Peter and David, both they and I and Peggy were a bit uncomfortable yet they wanted us to stay during the examination and counseling.

The last appointment of the day was a 2 hour visit for David and Peter with Dr. Choi.

The rest of us went to the courtyard and had an ice cream cone and engaged in some relative small talk about this, that and generally anything that came to mind.

I noticed that Antoine was intensely looking across the street. I followed his gaze. I saw a boy sitting on the concrete sidewalk. He had his head hung low, almost in his lap.

Antoine got up from his chair and said, "I'll be right back."

He took off across the street after asking Matt to wait with us.

*-* Antoine's POV *-*

As I strode toward the guy sitting on the hard concrete floor with his back up against the stone building, I saw that he was crying in that tears were freely flowing down his face and his shoulders were heaving heavy sobs.

He didn't even notice that I had arrived. I sat down on the park bench and said, "Hey, my name's Antoine. Is everything okay?"

When he didn't acknowledge my presence or look up I said, "I just came to see if I could help you." Slightly, I giggled and continued, "I'm not here to hurt you. If you want to talk then I'm here, okay?"

The guy looked up.

My blood ran cold.

I recognized him as one of the dudes who tried to fuck me up on the beach the first day I landed in Hawaii. Although he wasn't the ring leader he was definitely one of the guys (assholes) who had greeted me in a most unfriendly and unwelcoming way.

I felt myself tensing up. I felt my senses becoming more acute than normal. Yet I couldn't help but think this guy was hurting. He wasn't intimidating or anything.

Quickly, he wiped the tears from his face using his index finger like a squeegee, and then he stood up, said, "I'm sorry." Then he walked away, blending into the crowd of tourists and locals.

I watched him quickly walk down the sidewalk then disappeared.

I walked back to where Dad, mom and Matt were sitting. Matt looked at me questioningly while mom and dad looked at me with wonderment. I said, "I didn't know it but that guy was one of the butt heads who greeted me in a most unpleasant way the day I arrived in Hawaii."

Within the hour David and Peter emerged from the building where Dr. Choi had his office. We loaded up to head home when, as we were exiting the parking garage, a figure was barely seen from my peripheral vision. He was running, and he was running very fast. Before mom could react the boy smashed into the side of the Escalade, and then disappeared from view.

Quickly, I exited the vehicle and accidentally kicked a pair of legs that I didn't know was there. I recognized the tennis shoes, Van's, and the black jeans from the kid who had been sitting across the street.

David, Peter, mom and Dad exited the vehicle at the same time. Soon we were all gathered and hunched down over the person. His head, torso and most of his legs were underneath the vehicle so it was hard to tell if he was okay or not.

Slowly, carefully, after calling for him to respond, and he did respond, we gently pulled him out from under the huge Escalade. Immediately, he stood and began shaking the fogginess from his head.

Quickly, he looked up. I looked up and saw 4 policemen running down the sidewalk. The guy tried to run away but the cops quickly detained him in plastic restraints.

When dad asked the one cop what was happening the policeman replied that the suspect had robbed a shop of $30.00, a misdemeanor, but he was also reported as a runaway in their computer systems. They were going to take him to the juvenile detention center for processing since he had just turned 17 years old.

Mom gave the officer her name, address and phone number at his request. We were then free to leave.

The last I saw of that guy was him getting into the back of a police cruiser.

We then headed to The Mission to pick up Maria, Jesus and AZ. Father Ben had other engagements for the evening so he was unavailable to accommodate our request to join us in the evening meal.

*-* David's POV *-*

Maria made up a wonderful meal of carne asada, salsa for the main course and fresh sopapias for dessert.

She smiled lovingly as we slowly got up from the table moaning and groaning silently complaining that we'd eaten too much of her most excellent food, as usual. For a while we went into the TV room and halfheartedly engaged with playing one of Andy's favorite video games. Even he wasn't all that excited. He really looked tired so Peter and I took him upstairs and tucked him into bed.

After kissing his lips and sharing a hug goodnight he reached down under the sheet and began to practice the age old self-pleasure tactics. We quickly left his room to afford him privacy.

Matt and Antoine were heading to their room as we walked out of Andy's room. Assured that Antoine was doing okay, under the circumstances, Peter and I entered the bathroom where I sat and downloaded refuse into the sewer system while Peter got the water in the shower to temperature. After finishing up I went to our bedroom, removed Leg, grabbed my crutches then headed back to the bathroom where we showered each other.

Peter urged me to sit on the bed while he closed the door. He smiled... then locked it.

My heartbeat immediately surged life into that which designates me as male, hoping against all hope that we would yet again consummate our love since Dr. Miller gave his approvals for free unrestricted, within reason of course, 'play time'.

In therapy, Dr. Choi had no time-line as to when we would, or if we would, resume our total and complete physical coupling. We accepted that, and had been fine with it, so I was not anticipating anything different than our routine of masturbating, and occasionally Peter would insert his love into my waiting receptacle of his nectar and sweet stuff. That night was no different -yet- I wondered why he locked the door.

I shucked off the pair of bright red bikini underwear I'd put on after our shower and tossed them to the opposite side of our room. Peter laughed nervously when I made a point to raise my legs above my head, an invitation for him to fuck the hell out of me, simply because I needed his love inside of me.

I caught him looking between me and the bottle of body lotion that we usually leave on the bedside table, and then he settled on intently looking into my eyes... was he asking for permission? Was he facing something within himself? I didn't know because he didn't say, despite my asking if he was okay.

His guy had a definite bulge in those bright yellow string pair of underwear he was wearing. My anal canal twanged with readiness.

I used my index finger to point toward my hole and tried to make it wink at him. Whether or not I succeeded remained to be seen. I then reached for the bottle, poised it in such a way so as to squirt into my waiting and willing hand -but- he took it from me and put it back on the table.

As if he was doing a striptease, slowly and seductively he lowered those thin threads until his penis exited the confines and flopped against his stomach sending an audible slap throughout our room.

I eagerly licked my lips with anticipation. Peter then slowly lowered those same threads over his butt, thighs, and calves and then finally flicked them across the room, landing near mine.

I'm not sure that Peter even knows he's doing it, and I don't have the heart to tell him, but when he's ready for some one-on-one time with me within his sanctuary, he wiggles his eyebrows in the most seductive way I've ever seen. Add a little smile to the eyebrow thing, and well it gets me very excited.

I wondered.

While I was in that twilight wonder state, Peter turned away and exited our room. The bathroom door closed.

I got to thinking... hormones be damned, Peter was, continues to be and likely will forevermore be the initiator for all carnal desires within my physical body. Even my dreams, when I remember them, are consumed with thoughts of my Peter, my lover, my confidante, my husband, as are most of my daytime, awake hours.

He owns my brain, my heart, and my body... every cell, every dendrite, every synapse. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that if my Peter were ever to leave this plane of existence then those cells, those dendrites, and those synapses, and my male organ would dry up, die, and be scattered about in the wind. I have no doubt.

As I was musing, Peter reentered our bedroom and once again closed and locked the door, wiggled his eyebrows, came to bed and then lay his body against mine, lengthwise. Hair tuft to hair tuft, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, lips to lips – oh God lips, his lips, chest to chest, belly to belly, thigh to thigh, knee to knee, calf to calf and our feet lying beside his, and then there is of course our penises and testicles. His testicles were hanging low and nestling my appendage.

Peter's breathing quickened. His body twitched. I thought he was going to eject right then and there but instead of ejaculating he quickly arose and placed his thighs beside my hips. He then began rubbing, slightly grinding his posterior against my rigidity, and then stopped that too.

He reached up and turned off the light. I heard the bottle open and that little squishy fart like sound when both fluid and air escape a closed container.

I felt the bed move a little bit and then the bottle was placed back on the table.

Next... I nearly blew it right then and there... his wet not-so-virgin place of enjoyment passed across my cock, sending a nearly orgasmic spasm in and through my entire body.

But he wasn't done yet. Not by a long shot.

He sat up and with his hand guided me against his hole then he sat down, and in one fell swoop engulfed that which designates me male – to the hilt. He did not stop descending my fire station pole until his cheeks rested on my pelvis.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I couldn't stop it from happening.

Peter mashed down on my hips and at the same time I felt his legs squeezing me tight and I rode out the storm, a storm to not be frightened of – far from it.

My baby then collapsed forward. I thought something was wrong but then he began gyrating, and then after no more than 4 or 5 strokes I felt a very warm fluid like feeling passed onto the skin of my stomach. Peter was taking very purposeful deep breaths, one at a time but in very rapid succession. I found his lips and began licking them, and once again we went together looking for tonsilar tissues – gentle like not thrashing around trying to obtain supremacy... just gentle yet passionate.

Then we just rested, enjoying our presence together. Peter's breathing turned to deep, rhythmical, purposeful and gentle... my baby was asleep. As I laid there participating in his respirations by meeting his with mine in harmony I drifted off.

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