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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 16

Mom carefully regarded me before saying, "Honey... he went through a prolonged period of having little oxygen to his brain... we're not sure how much of Wayne is left. I'm just being honest. It is a question we are wondering and pondering. We won't know the answer till he wakes up … if he wakes up. His mother is at the hospital camping out. I think she would be glad to see you. She asks about you often."

I barely heard what she was saying... what was I feeling? What was I thinking? What did I really want to do? How would Skeeter feel?

The last contact Wayne and I had had… there … the park … with an old fat fuck … a trick … a drug dealer … he had come to talk to me … I pushed him away… no, not literally – well maybe yeah literally… I mean I'd dismissed him. Past life.

I guess I was staring mom in the eyes even though I had been largely unaware, until she put her hand on top of mine and softly said, "Want to talk about it?"

"I don't know what I'm thinking, mom. I'm confused. Can I see him? I'll talk to his mom… I just need to see him though. We have history… and well it wasn't all bad. I've learned a lot about myself and why I did some of the stuff I did, and didn't do some of the stuff I should have done."

"Sometimes we can't go back and fix things Joey. And even if we do go back to try to fix things… well, the results… well the relationship is not ever what it used to be… nothing is ever the same. Even when a working relationship seems good… it changes over time. Your dad and my relationship has changed a couple of times since we've been married… we survived and grew stronger from each experience."

"Mom, I don't think I want to get 'back' with him. I still love him… I don't think love is enough… no it's not enough… oh God I'm confused… nothing's coming out right."

"Honey, if it's any help, I'll support any decision you make. You have a good head on your shoulders. I'm really happy to see that you're confused because that means you're thinking but most of all it tells me that you are feeling. Once again, you're showing me that you are a very caring, very sensitive, and introspective young man. You've come a long way. We never stop growing."

I opened my mouth to thank her for her support and that... but her pager buzzed loudly. She put her head down but left our eyes connected. "I'm sorry. Hold your thought."

She made a phone call which mostly sounded like Greek then terminated it, "I'll be there in about an hour. Thank you for calling."

I looked at mom expectantly, and waited. She laid her phone on the table, took my hands in hers and said, "Wayne's kidney function is a concern. It's not all that unusual for a patient who's had the kind of injury that he's had to have kidney problems. The shock of the injuries, the fact that he's had so many blood transfusions, the fact that he's been on high powered antibiotics, and other things – well these can and often do cause kidney damage – some reversible, some not, it's still way too early to tell what will be permanent."

"Is he going to die?" I had to ask the question of the year.

"We're doing everything modern medicine can do, Joey. He has every chance to survive."

"Mom, that's not my question."

"Okay, let me set one thing straight: I'm not God. To be perfectly honest, I'm very surprised that he survived what he's been through. Most patients with stab wounds to the heart do not make it to the hospital. For those who do make it to the ER, only maybe, on a good day, 5 to 10% of them survive, at best."

"Can I go with you? I know you have to work... I can take the train home..." I asked seriously, sincerely.

"Okay, I'll have to break some rules at the hospital... I was kind of hoping that you'd stick around home so that Timmy and you can get to know one another... he's got a lot to deal with..."

"I won't stay all day. I just need to see him for some reason. I'd like to talk to Clare... she's gotta be feeling really alone right now."

"I'll call school." Mom said then got up and pulled me into a deep hug, kissed my cheek then smacked my butt sending me on my way.

"I'll take a quick shower." I said from the doorway to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I was showered.

Five minutes after that I was dressed.

Eight minutes later my teeth were brushed and my hair was fixed.

Two minutes to pee and put on a catheter.

Mom was waiting and ready to go. She snickered, "And you boys think us girls take too long to get ready to go somewhere... sheesh."

Mom stopped off at the ER to see if anything was going on that she would be needed for. There was nothing right then so we took off for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Mom gets her exercise in the hospital, that's for sure. We took 4 flights of stairs, not wasting any time.

She checked in at the nurses' station to get a report on Wayne's condition. They were talking mostly Greek though I picked up on blood transfusions, IV fluids, chest x-ray, and then it all went over my head. I pointed to the bathroom when she looked up. I headed in, used the facilities, and met her in the hallway.

We walked to an ICU room at the far end of the hallway and then turned right and stood before a closed door to the room where Wayne lay fighting for his life.

Mom looked into my eyes and said, "Are you ready?"

I nodded.

She said, "There are lots of tubes, wiring, monitors, the respirator, and a whole gob of other medical equipment. I'll explain the big ones. If you have any questions then just ask away… Are you ready to go in?"

"Yup, let's do it."

Mom then opened the door. My first impression was 'horror'. Wayne was not a tiny person, not in any sense of the word, so when I saw him lying in the center of what appeared to be a space center capsule, it was daunting and nearly overwhelming, and he looked so very small. She gave a general overview of each piece of equipment and its intended purpose... the respirator and the tubing going into and out of a machine sitting on a table wasn't all the difficult to make out. Then there was equipment to measure his blood pressure and pulse. Another one monitored his brain waves. Yet another measured the pressure inside his skull. Then there was a machine that circulated air and fluid into and out of what appeared to be a floatation device that he was lying on. Mom explained that one was to keep him from getting bed sores – "oh, okay, I understand that one. Been there done that."

There were too many others for me to remember.

Slowly I walked to the side of the dentist like chair that he was lying on. He was totally naked. There were those lights that looked like those food warmers in restaurants hanging above him to keep his body temperature stable. The tubes and wires and probes and other paraphernalia going in out of each and every orifice (except his eyes) his body detracted from the beauty that I'd long ago found and took 'advantage' of.

Then there was the long dressing that covered his chest and belly all the way from his neck to his penis which had a tube coming out of – I recognized it and knew its purpose.

Automatically I walked close enough to his bed that my pelvis touched it. A small place on his right hip was available so I reached down and patted it tenderly. Unable to stop myself, I traveled up, pushed a few wires aside and kissed his forehead.

The sounds of a door opening interrupted my moment of melancholy and reminiscence about our past life. In her hand she was carrying a clear paper sack like thing that contained even more tubes. Her name tag had Brittany written across its face. She looked to me and then to mom. She then asked me who I was, and why I was in there since I appeared to be under 15 years old, the minimum age that visitors are permitted in to see patients.

Mom spoke up, "He's my son. The patient was a really good friend. I permitted him to be here. Are those the dialysis tubes?"

"Yes doctor they are."

"Okay, get me an arterial tray. I'll perform a cut-down. We need to get him on dialysis."

I'd seen mom operate several times before on interesting cases she thought I might have wanted to see. Deftly, they got everything set up so that mom could and did establish an arterial access. The nurse would occasionally look up and into my eyes to make sure I wasn't ready to keel over from the blood and incision. Mom explained that I'd professed a desire to maybe someday become a doctor and that I'd seen surgery before. This explanation opened her up and began a dialogue of what was being done at various points of the procedure. The whole concept was fascinating.

When we exited Wayne's room mom said she had two other patients to check on before we could leave. She led me to a patient family room just outside the unit. It was then that I saw Clare sitting on an overstuffed sofa with her back to the door. She was knitting what looked to be an afghan or blanket or something big like that. We walked around the chair to face her.

Clare looked up to see who was standing in front of her. Her eyes, dull and gray, lit up in full force and effect when she saw us. I was drawn to her like she was a magnet. I sat down. We hugged deeply without saying a word... nothing needed to be said in that moment.

I could not believe how much weight she'd gained since the last time I'd seen her, yet I did accept it because we were sitting there hugging each other for all we were worth. My chest was getting tight, my throat was feeling constricted, my eye muscles were getting tired from having them clenched shut, and yes they were leaking freely.

Into Clare's ear I whispered, "I'm so sorry mama Clare."

"Me too. Me too." Clare eeked out and then we separated from the hug, "Thank you Joey for coming up to see us. Oh chile dis be hard on momma Clarah. Oh looks at yah. Yah bees getting filled out... uhm hmm. I bees so happy fo ya. Yo momma told me you went to Kansas... howz Skeeter be?"

"He's doing fine. He's really filled out. He's happy and contented. His new family loves him, and he loves them too. He's got 6 brothers and a sister. It's all good."

Mom pulled up a chair and gave Clare an update on Wayne's condition, which from what I gathered was unchanged from the last time they had talked. Mom then said to me, "I'm going to leave you two to talk. I have two other patients to check in on. I should be ready to go in forty five minutes to an hour or so."

"Chile, yous be lookin might fine, yes you is. Momma Clare bees happy for yah, yes she is."

A strange expression crossed her face. She reached into her purse, retrieved a silver canister type thing, opened the cap, and then downed a slug of Something. I smelled the aroma… the smell was distinct: her hooch, The Medicine. She smiled wanly and offered to me the opened container. The smell wafted through my nose, and for a moment the Call of the Wild began requesting my presence. I said to Clare, "I don't do that stuff anymore." She then reached back into the purse she carried around, found what she was looking for, and raised it up just far enough so that I saw what it was. "Clare, I don't do that anymore either. I've been totally clean and sober for several weeks. It doesn't work for me anymore."

"Honey child, dis be the only thing getting mah through dis. I bees proud of ya. Yous scared the shit out of me, yes it did. I thoughts yous beens died. I thoughts yo momma was gonna kills me boy when she finds you all fucked up, yes I did. She was so mad, yes she was. Lardy. Lardy."

Although I didn't think she knew Reggie I went ahead and told her that he'd died the week before during a shoot out suicide by cop. She reiterated Vito's death, and added that she was pretty sure he also died from suicide by cop.

She then went on to tell me that Emanuel and Reynaldo had moved from the projects but didn't know where they went to, or when they'd gone.

We got caught up on some other things then an uncomfortable silence took over. Thankfully, yes I was getting uncomfortable thinking there should have been more for me to tell her but somehow it just didn't seem to be the right time. As it were mom arrived to save us any more uncomfortable silence. Silence. Black silence.

The silence continued through the maze of hallways, elevators, doors, stairways, to the underground parking lot where mom parks. Every once in a while she'd look at me and smile. I couldn't return the smiles, I just had to keep on walking because if I didn't go forward then the waves would just come crashing down and knock me off my feet.

Mom's parking stall has "June Mauer MD" stenciled on the overhang slab of concrete above her car. She clicked the door locks open. As soon as our doors were closed she put the keys in the ignition then turned to me, "Talk to me."

She wasn't angry or anything. She wasn't cold or anything. Those three words were however a very clear signal that we weren't going anywhere until she heard what was on my mind.

I took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, "My Ma got mad at Clare. My Ma never got mad at Clare. They'd been friends for a long time but she was pissed... yeah, Ma told me... she told me... she, uhm... she gave me a bath at Clare's house because I'd gotten so sick that my hair was stuck to the floor... I didn't know I'd got sick... and I don't think I really cared. Ma was talking about the changes we'd be making and stuff... I don't remember how many times she had to change the water because I kept getting sick... she never complained... her hands, they were so soft and gentle yet they were tough too – they had to be, I was really a mess. She was pissed though, God was she pissed. I didn't know why though... not until today."

Mom said, "A mother's healthy love for her child a tough cookie to break."

I nodded, "Do you believe in angels?"


"Me too. You and and dad are angels."

She dropped me off at school so that I could finish the day out, so that I wouldn't get too far behind. She went into the office, signed me in, and then took off after saying that she was going to stop by the grocery store to get the fixings for lasagna for dinner.

They gave me a pass but it was lunch time so I went to the cafeteria where I ran into Nathan. He was with Donnie and Linda so I sat down after getting a tray of food.

I asked where Timmy was. Nathan replied that he was in ISS detention because he was fucking off, bad mouthing and being a general smart ass. I wondered why administration hadn't told mom... maybe they'd told dad and we just didn't know it. Although I'd not been in detention, at that school, I had been close to it when I first began attending. I remembered how I'd back talked two of the teachers because they were dumb asses, in my opinion. Maybe they were but still it was not my place to tell them to their faces. After class I apologized and we'd been okay after that.

Gary and I met up in gym class. Since it was the last class of the day I went to a stall, removed the catheter, peed, tossed the sheath in the trash then dressed out. Warm up and sparring was brutal, plus I had to run the additional 5 laps AFTER all the other stuff. The last lap was the absolute hardest... it was like the whole thing was done in slow motion... which it was because I could only walk the last 500 yards or so.

By then everybody had already showered, changed and left to go to their respective homes for the night.

I stripped to my skin, tossed everything helter skelter into the locker then made my way to the showers where I grabbed a towel and sat it on a bench. I entered the shower, turned on the water which was immediately warm, almost hot. Hot felt good. I sat down on the floor and just allowed the water to spray on my head and run down over my skin. I shouldn't have sat down, not that far down because getting back up took most all the strength left in my body, but I made it, and then soaped up, washed my hair, rinsed and dried off. I was on my way to the locker when Sensei Sanders stopped me and said, "I watched you today, Mauer. I am proud of you for not complaining about the extra laps. Your actions have told me that you've learned your lesson. You've come a long way."

"Yes Sensei. Thank you for your compliments."

With that said I finished the distance to my locker, got dressed, and then headed out to walk home since I didn't have my bike. Going down the hill to the major intersection was a breeze however the hill that climbed up into our neighborhood was just about a killer.

No sooner had I made the last corner, about half a block from home when dad pulled alongside and asked if I wanted to ride. Definitely. We didn't have enough time to say anything other than "Hey."

We entered the kitchen through the garage. The smell of freshly baking lasagna filled the house. The smell was intense. It got my juices to flowing. Nathan was busily cutting up the loaf of French bread so that we could have mom's delectable garlic bread to go along with dinner. Mom made hers special. Not only was it thickly enriched with melted garlic cloves but she also added Parmesan and mild cheddar cheeses to the top. Sheesh, I was starved.

I had no homework other than writing a short story for Creative Writing class. I decided to write an account of my trip to Skeeter's farm, leaving out pertinent details that were best left unsaid, at least for class. I stopped in the bathroom, used the facilities then looked around for Timmy and Nathan. Both were in Timmy's room, working on homework. Donnie was also there. It looked and sounded like they were working on math problems so I took off for my room after they said they understood the problems and would soon be finished. I told them I had a paper to write and then asked them if they would be interested in shooting some hoops when we got finished. By then my legs were becoming alive again. They no longer felt like quivering masses of jelly.

Nathan kicked my ass on the court. I couldn't even make my usual shots so I sat on the concrete decorative cinder blocks that lined the driveway and watched them play. A few minutes later Timmy sat down next to me and looked into my eyes warily.

"Hey bud, why are you in ISS?" I asked calmly, curiously.

A flash of anger crossed his face and then he got up and walked into the back yard. I thought that was like totally weird so I got up and followed him. He walked to the arbor and had just sat down on the ground when I decided to join him thinking that maybe he just needed an older brother to talk with, or someone to just listen.

He looked up, saw me sauntering toward him, and looked down into his lap, picked up a blade of grass that was growing, put it into his mouth and sucked on it.

"Hey dude, what's up?"

"Nutten." Timmy replied cryptically.

"Wanna talk about it? I'll listen."

"If I wanted to fuckin talk then I'd have talked. What's it to ya?"

Okay, well so much for that, he didn't want to talk... I'd been there done that myself, more than once. I turned to walk away but then thought differently. I turned around to face the sullen boy sitting on the ground and said, "Timmy, that attitude isn't going to get you anywhere. Look, I know you had a rough time but we've got a good thing going on here. I think you need to at least give it a chance."

With that said I took off for the house, back to the basketball court. Nathan and Donnie were sitting on those same cinder blocks. They looked up. Nathan said, "He got busted for fighting today. Apparently he didn't like the way someone looked at him. All the kid asked was what brought him to our school... he went ballistic. Luckily for the little kid he was whooping on that there were some older kids around who pulled him off. Unlucky for Timmy, a teacher saw everything that happened."

Donnie said, "I gotta go home. See ya tomorrow at school." To Nathan he said, "Call me later."

With that said Nathan and I took off, stopped in the shower, took a quick one then went to our own rooms. I got dressed in a too-big t-shirt, a pair of running shorts and shoes without socks. My hair ended up sticking out all over the place but I didn't care because we were inside for the rest of the evening.

Dinner was excellent. Mom totally outdid herself. It was the best batch she'd ever made.

Derrick, Nathan, Timmy and I cleared the dinner table, rinsed the dishes in the sink then loaded them into the dishwasher. Timmy took the trash to the garage and put it in the receptacle. When he returned mom handed him her glass with instructions to wash it by hand. Derrick reached for the glass when Timmy took it to him. Somehow they miss communicated. The glass bounced off Timmy's hand then crashed to the floor shattering into a million gazillion pieces.

I will never, ever forget the terror that Timmy experienced. Like a rabbit he jumped back then acted like a caged animal when both mom and dad walked toward him. Little did Timmy know that mom and dad were going to him because he was barefooted whereas Derrick, Nathan and I were wearing shoes. I quickly looked down to Timmy's foot. I was relieved to see that he wasn't cut by the broken glass.

Immediately, I said to mom (she was barefooted), "Don't come in here. There are glass shards everywhere." I then reached into the kitchen utility closet, retrieved the broom and dustpan and began sweeping up. Derrick, meanwhile, lifted Timmy (despite his shrieking protests) off his feet to take him away from the danger. Nathan followed them after making sure that I needed no help.

"I'm sorry your glass got broke, mom. It was totally an accident." I said seriously, contritely.

"It's just a glass. At least nobody was injured, that's what's important. Thanks honey for cleaning up."

I nodded then finished the chore.

Assured that no other shards of glass were hidden I went into the family room where everybody was talking with Timmy, assuring him that the broken glass was an accident, and that he was in no trouble.

When Timmy saw me walk in, he got this very frightened look on his face. He sat bolt upright. He was looking into the dining room… I knew the feeling… he was looking for a way out… he was in survival mode.

Nathan, he too knew the drill. He was looking between Timmy and me.

Nathan said, "Joey's not going to hurt you. Are you Joey?"

"No way dude, you're not in trouble… accidents happen. What's there to be mad about? Mom, you're not angry are you?"

"No, I'm not angry.' Mom said.

Dad said, "Timmy, let's go talk for a few minutes."

Timmy got up then walked to me. He had the tough guy look clearly written on his face. His stance was clearly offensive but I didn't realize it until he got close, and then he lunged knocking me to the ground. He began punching me in the gut, and he got a good one in, one that totally knocked the wind out of me.

Both dad and Derrick jumped up as I writhered in pain, trying to get my breath back. For being a little kid he definitely packed a mighty punch.

Seemingly from instinct, rage took hold of my bones. As I was getting up to pound on the little shit that had just sucker punched me Nathan interceded and pushed me back down to the floor, wrapped his arms around my midsection and forced me to stay seated. Dad, Derrick and Timmy then disappeared into the back section of the house, where the bedrooms were located.

Mom, hearing the commotion, entered the dining room, walked to us, made sure we were okay, and then asked what had happened. I told her that basically Timmy sucker punched me in the gut for no apparent reason.

My anger returned. I got up but not before Nathan did. He said, "Don't. Stop. He's afraid. Chill dude."

I said, "Mom, we can't have that crap happening." To Nathan I said, "It's no excuse, bro. If he's going to go around punching for no reason then he's gotta be prepared for a whooping."

Mom replied, "Not now. He has an appointment with a therapist tomorrow. Instead of reacting back to him with anger and rage, which I am coming to believe that he is used to, we need to find out and come to it with ways to deal with it other than physical reaction."

By then my breath had fully returned but I was left with an ache deep inside my chest and belly. Nathan said to mom, "Mom, Timmy really hit Joey. It knocked the wind out of him."

I started to say something to dismiss the incident as 'no big deal' but mom thought differently. She pulled me into a sideways hug then felt along my ribs and belly. While I was sore I didn't feel that there was anything seriously wrong. I said, "Mom, I need to go for a walk to calm down... I won't go far... I just need to get away for a while..."

Nathan piped up, "Can I go with you?"

I replied, "No. I need to go alone."

Mom nodded.

I went to my room where I put on a pair of underwear and jeans. Dad's voice could easily be heard from Timmy's room. He was upset. I didn't hear anything from Timmy.

Making a concerted effort to find something good, I slowly walked the tree lined streets toward the park. Spring has always been my favorite time of year. The trees were budding out their welcoming to spring. The iris, daffodils, and other plants I could not think of their names were in full bloom. One house was adorned with honeysuckle – its smell was awesome. Kids were playing out in their driveways… some had hot wheels, some had toy tractors, another group of kids in a yard were playing rough and tough, wrestling, just having a good time being happy. At another house a group of guys my age or maybe a little older were playing basketball. A ball got away from them and ran down the driveway to the street… I intercepted it then tossed it back to them. A guy hollered thanks then invited me to play with them.

So much for my quiet solitude.

About an hour later the game ended. Several of the guys gave high fives then took off for their homes, or somewhere else.

Jeff walked to me then said, "Thanks for saving the day. You play really good. They had us outnumbered. They're sorry losers but they were pretty decent today. It's all good. Where do you live?"

I live over on Howell Street.

"Those are nice homes over there. Do you go to school around here? I don't remember seeing you before…"

"My little brother and I moved here this winter. We used to live on the South Side." I replied easily.

"Your little brother and you, where's your parents… oh, I'm sorry. It's none of my business… please delete that last question!"

"No, it's okay… uhm, well our parents are dead. We're doing okay."

"I'm sorry Joey, I didn't know." Jeff said.

"It's okay, you didn't know so don't apologize. We're okay now. Our new parents love us, and we love them, so it's all okay."

"I'm still sorry. Sometimes I butt into things… just tell me to shut up if I go too far."

"I will." I laughed.

"Do you want to come in and get a Coke, or iced tea? We've got water too." Jeff said smiling. He was inviting me… he genuinely wanted me to join him.

"Ah… yeah okay thanks." I replied.

Jeff smiled then turned and led us into his house.

I definitely paid attention. His hair was platinum colored, high and tight. His neck was long and thin in comparison to the rest of his body which was well proportioned to his height. His back? It was strong in that his muscles were well defined, sinewy, and they came together in a nice well-defined V before the point they disappeared into his loose fitting long-legged shorts. While his shorts were not sagging they were somewhat hanging low on his hips. I noticed (how could I not notice) that he appeared to be wearing no underwear because no underwear band was present. The band of his shorts did just barely stop my eyes from seeing the top of his cleft.

His legs… they were like a pair of deer legs… thin but not skinny, full but not fat, muscular but not muscle bound, and he had a very nice plump and defined bubble butt. No jiggle in his buns. No jiggle in my balls either, they were tight, my underwear were straining against the thread holding my junk in place. I reached down and adjusted the pole of pleasure so that it went down instead of up hugging the front waistband of my underwear.

When we entered the kitchen area of his house, he quickly turned around and clearly noticed where my eyes had been gazing to. He had a ready smile on his face… it didn't change any. But I was busted.

He reached up into a cabinet, retrieved two glasses then went to the refrigerator where he filled them with ice cubes. He sat the glasses on the counter then grabbed two Cokes and sat them down too. "Help yourself."

He waited for me to get mine before he got his. I made a mental note of his generosities. Once that was all settled we sat down next to each other at the bar. When he leaned over the counter to retrieve a dishcloth to clean up a small spill because he poured the Coke too fast, I noticed a small tuft of hair sprouts in his pit. More than that though was that his shorts dropped a bit because the material got between his butt and the bar stool thus exposing about half his ass… NICE! NICE! And more NICE!

He sat down facing me then adjusted his shorts so that they rode in their natural position on his hips.

"Sorry, these are my brothers' shorts… they're too big unless you're into sagging."

"Sokay. I'm not into sagging. My hips and butt ,,, well …" I said laughing. He chuckled then we started talking about the stupid prison mentality that bred the sagging generation.

He said, "I saw a picture of JB with his pants sagging off his cheeks. It was kinda gross… but, uhm, he's sturdy enough."

"Really, I hadn't seen that… I just got back in town today though. I went to Kansas to see a friend from the old neighborhood. I didn't get on the computer much so I'm pretty much out of touch."

"Do you like his singing?"

"Yeah, he's pretty cool."

"We could go to my room. I've got his CD's. We could chill down if you want to." Jeff asked more hopefully than just saying.

"Yeah, I guess that would be okay. Let me text my mom and let her know where I'm at first."

TEXT: "Hey mom, I'm drinking a Coke with a guy I met. We were all playing basketball. I'll be home in a couple hours if that's okay…"

We headed back to his room. I said, "Can I use your can first?"

"Yeah, just put it back when you're done." Jeff deadpanned.

"Ah, I see you're a smart ass." I giggled then entered the bathroom, peed up a storm then washed my hands. My dick had subsided to a more manageable level, and after peeing it was near normal.

Mom returned a text message: Okay. See you soon.

Jeff was waiting at the door to his room. He said, "All better now?"

I chuckled, "Oh yeah, much better, thanks."

Upon entering his room, a great big picture of a shirtless JB was hanging on the wall. Ya couldn't miss it unless you were totally dark-blind. He actually has a very nice body … too old … oh well.

Jeff went to a large entertainment center and switched on a CD player. Soon JB's music started playing. Jeff cranked it up just to show how decent his system was. Okay, I was impressed with the quality coming from it but I'm not that much into material things.

He offered a seat on his bed then turned the stereo down to a more manageable level. "I'm going to change, be right back." He entered what appeared to be a huge walk-in closet, switched on a light, and then unabashedly dropped his shorts revealing a totally nude body… a body that I'd thoroughly checked out earlier. I got up, walked over to computer desk, sat down in an impressive office chair, and waited his return. I didn't even know the guy so I felt somewhat uncomfortable with seeing him nude if only from the back side. In my old days, I'd have clearly made it know that I was interested. That said, my dick was still interested but my mind wasn't.

Two or three minutes later Jeff returned. He'd changed into a pair of jean shorts. He looked so totally good in them. He wasn't wearing a belt but his hips and butt fit them perfectly.

"If you want to, I'll pull up those pictures I was telling you about."

"Okay, kewl. I'll get up…"

"That's okay, I can reach the keyboard. Just lean back a little bit, there." He said as I moved backward since he was already leaning forward. His shoulder lightly brushed against my face. He smelled so fresh and clean… uhm, okay, well, err…

As he was opening some folders, some which required entry of a password, I noticed the folder icons had pictures displayed. Hmm, I noted the guy apparently wasn't interested in tits, pussy or female ass... apparently. He flipped through them so fast though that I couldn't definitely make out the male parts. My antennae shot up... "Is it possible he's into guys?"

"Okay, there they are. Go hit the remote on the TV, please."

I got up… the remote was lying on his bed. I flicked the TV on. Instead of cartoons, there displayed in picture perfect cinema was a 52" version of JB with his pants hanging down off the globes of his buns. His shirt was up high enough to not leave much to the imagination.

"Pretty radical, eh?" Jeff said.

"That's pretty kewl. Err, I mean the picture of him is awesome on your TV. I mean your TV is awesome." I stammered thinking that the singer actually looked awesome even though, and in spite of his pants hanging off.

Jeff offered, "I've got concert tickets, ya want to go?"

"JB?" I asked excitedly.

"None other. So is that a yes?"

"Fuck yeah… err, uhm, sorry, I've got to clean my mouth up…"

"Don't give it a fucking second thought. Damn, I thought you were some religious guy." Jeff laughed heartily.

"No way dude. I'm lost forever." I howled laughing.

"Yeah me too, I'm way beyond hope! How old are you Joey?"

"Thirteen but going on 14 pretty soon. How old are you?"

"I'm fifteen… just had a birthday a month ago… that TV is my birthday present for the next 3 years. I don't really deserve it… my parents are hella kewl though. It's not often that a kid says that about their parents, I mean. They've been through a lot." Jeff offered.

"Uhm how's that? No, never mind, I didn't mean to ask that question." I said apologetically.

"No worry… my oldest brother died of leukemia a year ago. My little brother was just diagnosed… in fact he's in the hospital right now. My parents are with him. I go in next week for testing… they're going to take bone marrow for a couple of reasons. They want to test me to see if I have it… then if I don't they're going to see if I'll be a good donor for him. I wasn't a good donor for my older brother." Jeff said sadly.

"I'm sorry, Jeff. Is your little brother doing okay, considering?"

"Yeah, he's doing okay. He's doing better than the rest of us. He's 9 years old. He was never sick a day in his life, now this."

Jeff's shoulders slumped. He looked at me with some pain in his eyes. But then he perked up and said, "I gotta remember to keep it one-day-at-a-time. Today he's doing okay."

"That's the way I have to do it too… just today. I had to learn how to do that though. I got caught up in yesterday which caused me to shit all over today." I offered.

"That sounds familiar. Are you?"

"Do you know Tom B.?"

"Yeah, I've seen him around. He's a friend." Jeff said knowingly.

"It's a small world, Jeff. Tom's a good friend of mine too. We met on Haskell Street."

"Kewl. How long Joey?"

"Two and a half months, how about you, how long do you have?"

"September 20th of last year. I've got to use the bathroom. It takes a while so help yourself to whatever's here." Jeff replied then took off down the hall.

I sat down at his computer desk and opened up Explorer. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement… a naked dude, a naked dude with a full-fledged erection greeted my eyes. And that that completely naked dude with a full-fledged erection was none other than Jeff. In one hand he had a skateboard; his other hand was placed in his groin holding his nuts.

Quickly I X-d out from that page but not before a pop up appeared… the screen was then filled with a nice ass shot – it was definitely Jeff's because I'd seen most of it.

With my curiosity fully peaked, I went into a folder that had appeared to have been of guys. Indeed those pictures were dudes in varying stages of naked, and in varying stages of penile excitement.

Once again my underwear filled with one very excited male appendage. Even though I was wearing underwear my cock was pushing uncomfortably against the zipper of my jeans. I rearranged my male parts so that my cock was largely freed from its all encompassing jailhouse. I looked down… my dick was definitely making its presence known.

Just then I heard the toilet flush so I X-d out of the folder. The sound of a door opening was the next audible evidence that Jeff was finished with his duties. Quickly, I got up from the chair and meandered to the door to his bedroom.

When he arrived, I announced, "I'd better be getting home, it's getting late. Thanks for the Coke. I think we could be friends… we seem to have a lot in common.

"Yeah, I'd like that. You're free to stay here tonight. The 'rents usually stay at the hospital with my little brother so we'd have the house to ourselves."

All sorts of things ran through my mind leaving me very confused. First thought was Skeeter – sorry bud but I wanted to get it on with this Jeff dude. Second, mom and dad were expecting me home. Third, the next day was a school day. Fourth, if I was to fuck Jeff's brains out then, well there was no love involved… I was trying to change my old behavior of sport fucking. Fifth, Wayne was in the hospital – but where were my feelings at with him? Sixth, I was confused on all counts.

Then the words flowed from my mouth, "Jeff, uhm, well, don't hate me … I've got a boyfriend. His name's Skeeter. I love him."

The vibes of disapproval were palpable. The hairs on the back of my neck arose, my gut tightened somewhat, my vision became acute, my hearing heightened, my cock twitched and filled out even more than it had been previously… as if that was possible.

Jeff said after a considerable few minutes of uncomfortable silence, "I wish I had a boyfriend." Actually, I was getting ready to leave because the silence had been deafening.

"You seem to be a nice enough dude. You've got the looks. You've got good taste in dudes… oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it the way it came out… well yeah, actually I did mean what I said. I opened up your computers' Explorer… not bad dude, not bad." I giggled.

"What did you see?"

"You've got a very nice body… duh." I replied lustily.

Jeff turned crimson red, "You saw my webpage?"

"Yeah, it popped right up." I then began laughing my ass off at realizing what I said.

"It popped right up?" Jeff asked innocently.

Somewhat recovered from my giggle fest which hurt my stomach by the way… I'd forgotten about the pummeling received earlier in the evening by the kid that mom and dad were adopting… I said, "You must not have completely X-d out of your previous session. Ha haa, you probably need to be more careful because, I'm sure, not everybody would enjoy what they saw."

After weighing the pros and cons that had passed through my head, I said, "I can't have sex with you… I've got several things to work out… but I'd like to jack off, if that's okay with you."

"Right now?" Jeff asked incredulously.

Without verbally answering his question, I quickly took off my shirt, unbuttoned my jeans… he got the not-so-subtle hint… quickly he unbuttoned his jean shorts, lowered the zipper, and lo and behold his pants hit the floor in one fell swoop. He kicked them aside then walked to me. "You've got a nice body yourself, Joey, don't be bashful."

Encouraged, I slipped my thumbs in the waist band then pushed them down to around my ankles. Jeff definitely had approval written all over his face.

Quickly, I sat down on the floor then removed my shoes, socks and pushed off my jeans and underwear leaving me as naked as he was. My cock waved in the air, it was fully erect, and very desirous to have its tension released… sooner rather than later.

Jeff extended his hand and helped me up. The problem was that he didn't let go and I made no effort to pull away…

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