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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 19

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

"I'm sorry Joey. I didn't mean to say that I wouldn't help you. I've just never really helped you before cuz you wouldn't let me. You always helped me but I couldn't help you. So it just kind of weirded me out is all. How do we get you up?" I said.

Joey turned to me, "Nathan, you are my brother. I need to admit something to you..." I nodded. He continued, "You've helped me more than anyone else, really. You were my constant in life. Why do you think I came home so often? I mean, sure there was Ma... Nathan, you probably saved my life... here at home... you know... when I was about to use drugs again and I was bringing those guys in, and stuff."


"Yeah, really. I'm going to be glued to this seat. Tell ya what, I'm going to lean forward. Just steady me... I think we can do it... we'll do it."

"Red-Eye. Okay here we go... one... two... three... oomph!" I replied happily knowing that I was finally going to get to help my big brother. Our relationship had pretty much all been one sided. Joey always protected me and kept me out of harm's way. I know he did a lot of bad things to make his money so that we could eat and everything. His friends were not really friends at all. Joey has a great big heart – he always thinks of others before himself. I wish I could say the same thing.

The move went well. He was kind of wobbling around on his feet so I quickly turned around to place my arms around his belly just to steady him until he was sure of his footing.

Never letting go of his one arm I quickly got the shower water running after we decided that a bath was not such a good idea. Oh it was a good idea but the thought of getting him up and down was the deciding factor to take a shower.

My bro used the shower wall and my neck to steady himself as I washed him from top to bottom, taking care around his sore spots. I couldn't help but to feel some pissed off at all the bruises he had everywhere, especially his chest and belly areas.

"Go ahead." Joey said to my hesitation toward his genitals. His maleness was full and plump but not erect. I noticed that Joey straightened up a bit. I said, "Feel good?"

"Yup. That's probably the only part of my body that doesn't hurt. Okay, okay, finish up."

"Whew, I feel better now. Nutten like a good hot shower. I'll just step back so you can soap up."

I made a quick deal of washing myself. I didn't want him waiting on me. Little Nathan was interested but I paid it no mind. As tired as I was when I originally went to bed there had been no play time. Maybe that was why I had slept so fitfully. Oh well.

Got him and me all dried off. He brushed his teeth and then we were set and ready to get back to bed... we went to his room where he gathered up a pair of Snoopy sleep shorts and then sat down on the bed so that I could put them on. He eyed his bed and pillows. I said, "I'll help you in if you want to sleep here? You smell better... you were pretty funky..."

"Remind me to not take a bed bath again." Joey semi-snickered. "Okay... yeah... I'd... like to..."

"Okay... I'll go get some of the pillows... be right back."

Off I went and fetched up several pillows from dad's recliner and then slowly, carefully and meticulously we got him into bed and pretty much comfortable. "Do you want some pain medicine? I'll get mom if you do."

"Nah, I'm going to be okay... I don't like that stuff... I don't like how it makes me feel." Joey said assuredly.

I replied, "Don't be a hero. Mom says pain's a bad business."

"Yeah... if I can't go to sleep then... mom's tired. She needs her sleep."

Once I was certain that Joey was comfortable, he looked comfortable anyway, I stripped off my underwear and got into bed with him, snuggled up as close as possible but not close enough to where I thought it might hurt him.

"Crap. I didn't flush the toilet. Be right back." I exclaimed in exasperation. Quickly I got up, peed and flushed. Returning, Joey was idly rolling his male gland in his fingers. It appeared at least semi interested.

He looked up, saw me looking down south. He looked down south, realized what he was doing and pulled his hand away. I snickered, "Hey, that is a pleasure center directly wired to the brain... I learned that in science class."

I got into bed, rolled onto my side to face my brother. I looked at his profile... it was the same as mine only his was a little more mature and sharper, and his eyebrows were a little bit more bushier than mine. He turned toward me. When he saw that I was looking at him curiously he said, "What?"

"You've got dad's forehead and bushy eyebrows. Your nose looks a lot like mom's. I don't know why I said that... sorry..."

"They gave birth to us. We can't change that, besides they are where our roots were planted. We're transplanted here. Not to get all horticultural and stuff... but mom and dad are giving us good soil to live in. I like it here. And I'm really growing to love mom and dad. They really want the best for us... up until tonight... actually since I've been back things are different around here... what really happened last night?"

So I told him. I didn't leave anything out.

Tears sprang from Joey's eyes, "I'm sorry I wasn't here. Actually, Jeff and I were just about ready to get it on. I really wanted him to fuck me... and we were just about ready..."

"Don't. Don't go there... I mean don't start beating yourself up. We can't be here all the time... besides I messed Timmy up pretty bad..."

"That's what mom said. Nathan, we have no more free passes. I want you to see that head banger. There is a lot of shit inside of you that needs to come out. I told mom that if the violence happened again then it is either us or Timmy cuz I won't live in that shit. Most of all, I won't have you living in it."

"Joey, something actually changed inside of me last night... and it isn't something that I did … I saw mom and dad deal with the situation. Did mom tell you that I was going to blow that motherfucker's head off..." I said assuredly.

Joey flinched, violently, and then went into a coughing fit, which caused muscle spasms and tears to fall from his eyes. He groaned, "Pull my legs up, hurry!"

I did. I raised his legs so that the flat part of his feet was parallel with the bed. That relieved the spasms a great deal.

"Nathan, don't you ever do that again... it will FUCK you up. Jesus Christ." As much as it hurt him to roll over onto his side he did so anyway. He looked into my eyes, his had fire in them, "Nathan, go to the fucking head banger. Deal the fuck with it. I'm going to go too because I, too, sometimes, have nightmares. Do you?"

I nodded, "Sometimes... I had a bad one last night... I had blown that cop to bits. Dad had to calm me down. I didn't tell him what the dream was about. Okay, I'll go. Don't worry so much."

"You ARE my little brother so I worry about you, okay? There's nothing you can do to stop me from watching out for you. I've got your back just like you've got mine. Let's go to sleep. Nathan, if you have one of those dreams come get me... promise."

"Okay. Do you mind if I jack off?" I said rolling back onto my back and reaching up with my hand to turn off the light on the head board.

"Go right ahead... I'm going to try too. Ugh... oomph... easy does it..." Joey said to nobody in particular as he grunted and groaned to roll over onto his back.

Before I got started I reached down and pulled his legs up so that his feet were flat on the bed... that's the way he usually does it, and it helped his muscle spasms relax.

I reached my moment in about 10 minutes. Joey was still working on his... he'd speed up but would have to slow down or stop because a muscle spasm developed from the exertions. After wiping up I reached down to his prong, pushed his hand away, and then proceeded to jack him softly, all the while reassuring him to just have one of those rolling orgasms, and to not jerk and tighten up.

Easier said than actually done... but he did pretty good and was fast approaching the moment of no return when he began to tighten up and groan and moan and twitch and finally he pulled my hand away, "Hurts dude. It hurts. Let me relax first."

I gave him about 30 seconds to relax... maybe he wanted longer but I wanted him to have his moment, and I wanted to go to sleep... yes, selfish me.

But I took a different tactic. Instead of reaching my hand to his maleness I worked my way between his legs and then in one fell swoop engulfed that which stood tall. I went slow but just fast enough to give him one of those low rolling rumbling thundering moments. Yeah, he tensed up, and yes it hurt him a little bit... but he wasn't complaining, not one little bit.

Joey quickly fell asleep. Hearing he was breathing okay, I reached across, kissed his cheek then closed my eyes and fell off to la la land.

I was awoken at 4:45am by Joey thrashing his arms and legs, groaning, moaning, attempting to scream from deep within his throat, calling someone a 'fucking asshole' and other such things.

I called his name over and over and finally on about the 5th time he awoke – terrorized and in horrific pain. I wrapped my arms around his arms, leaned in and kissed his cheek, and kept whispering it was all a bad dream, that he was safe, that I was there for him, and that I would get mom and dad if he didn't settle down.

"I'm sorry Nathan. I was having a bad dream. They were, they were… uhm… that cop… well he was on top of me, and he was hurting me." Joey said then raised my hands which had fallen into his lap up to his shoulders and urged me to hold him firmly, but not tightly.

"You're safe now Joey. Nobody's going to hurt you. Dad's in the next room and Derrick is right next to them. And I'm right here."

Joey shuddered violently for just a brief second or two but that sent him into a spasm of pain. He was writhering around trying to find somewhere comfortable but couldn't.

"I'm going to get mom. Be right back." I said then without waiting for an answer I stole into mom and dad's room. I shook mom a time or two. She awoke startled until I said, "Mom, Joey's having spasms. We're sleeping in his bed."

"Okay, I'll get him an injection. Is it bad?"

"Yeah, he's hurting bad."

"I'll be right there."

"Thanks mom."

I returned to Joey's room, laid down, held his arm firmly, whispered that mom was on her way and that it was going to be okay.

Dad entered Joey's bedroom, sat down and started rubbing his shoulders and arms while I rubbed his feet and legs soothingly.

Mom injected the medicine into his IV. Immediately, he got his breath back, and then started crying softly. He said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake everybody up. You guys have to work and go to school."

"Stop crying dufus. You're just making yourself tense up. Besides we love ya." I said then kissed his cheek in front of everybody.

I hadn't known that Derrick had entered Joey's room until he said softly from behind me, "That's what families are for. We're here for each other day or night, rain or shine, good and bad, and everything between."

Dad got up, reached down, kissed Joey's forehead and then my cheek.

Mom checked Joey's vital signs and much to our relief found them to be within normal ranges.

"I think I'm okay now. God, I love you guys. Nathan we're really lucky you know."

Derrick piped up. He said intensely, "We're the lucky ones. I was nothing more than a spoiled brat before you two came along. I've been learning that everything is not all about me."

Dad spoke up, "Derrick, we're all here because we're supposed to be here right now in this very home with those who we love and cherish. It's that simple. Don't question it. It just is. And what is… is."

Mom said, "We're all very blessed." She then started fussing with our covers; covering us all up and making us feel all snug as a bug in a rug. It felt weird to be doted on like that but at the same time I loved it, and I felt that Joey felt the same way.

Dad and Derrick then left the room after giving us their good nights leaving mom alone with us. "You boys get some rest now." She said while injecting the rest of the syringe of medicine into Joey's IV. He relaxed, sniffed twice then his breathing became regular and easy and then he fell off into a restful sleep. Mom kissed my lips, saying softly, "I love you. Thanks for being there for me, and for Joey."

I nodded then lowered my head so that it rested on Joey's shoulder and fell asleep.

I opened my eyes only to see Joey staring into mine. I rose up to see what time it was... 9:20am but then I felt an arm tugging me back down to the bed. Those were little hands and little arms. The owner of those smaller sized appendages just happened to be Timmy. Joey smiled peacefully. I wiggled my eyebrows then turned over onto my back causing Timmy's arm to land on my chin. He was staring me down, looking for any trace of disgust or anger or other negative emotion. "Hey." I said without conviction... I wasn't sure what to think.

Joey, ever the big brother said softly, "Chill dude. There's plenty of room for all of us here.

I wasn't sure what I was thinking... I was somewhat angry over the whole mess that he'd gotten us into yet I wasn't really pissed at all. Without hesitation I got up, padded into the bathroom, peed, and returned to find Joey and Timmy talking quietly.

Timmy got up. His underwear were tented out... the boy was definitely loaded. He then took off for the bathroom but before he passed me I stopped him and said, "Sorry. I've got some shit to work out... it's not your fault now. We're all out of free passes so we might as well get along."

With that said I helped Joey out of bed. When we got to the door of his room, Timmy returned and together we took Joey to the bathroom for him to pee. It was then that I noticed that Joey wasn't wearing a catheter. Not knowing what Timmy did or did not know about Joey's condition I didn't say anything, not right then. Joey however did say that he hadn't had an accident since he was down at Skeeter's farm. Timmy looked questioningly at his older brother, but didn't say anything. Joey then explained the short version of what he meant by 'accident', and why.

Timmy... here was this kid that had instigated war listening to his brother speak with rapt attention. He asked a couple of good questions.

Something came over me... I said, mainly to Timmy, "You need to get a move on it. So do I for that matter. Go ahead and get the water running... I've got to sit for a minute or two."

Timmy said, "I'll take Joey to the kitchen... she's fixing breakfast... take your time."

Joey looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. He seemed to be feeling better. As soon as they exited the room I sat down and took care of business then went to Joey's room to get him a pair of shorts to put on. I ran to my room and got myself a pair too, and put them on.

I entered the kitchen to find Joey leaning in for a piece of bacon... he grabbed two and shoveled them into his mouth hoping mom didn't see him. Moms hear everything; there is very little that gets past them, especially when it comes to kyping fried bacon. He already had a pair of shorts on... I looked to Timmy... he shrugged his shoulders then got up and with great hesitation walked to the plate of bacon and eyed it very carefully. He looked to me then to Joey then to mom's back. Joey guided Timmy's hand to the pile and helped him grasp two slices, and then Timmy grabbed two more pieces and brought ALL of them to me. I took two and urged him to get them into his mouth before mom turned around and 'caught us'.

Mom turned around just in time to see both Timmy and I put those pieces of bacon into our mouths.

"Boys!" Mom said with the 'evil eye'... no she wasn't serious... her glare and "Boys!" was the typical reaction of us getting into breakfast before it was all ready. Timmy thought it was serious at first until Joey and I began snickering.

"Where's Derrick?" I asked curiously, as a matter of conversation.

"He's already left for school. You guys need to get a move on it. The bell will ring in 40 minutes... showers... dressed... get with it."

We started to help mom clean up but she shooed us away to get ready for the day.

Time was running short so we all three headed for the bathroom. I helped Joey sit on the can while Timmy got the shower running and to the proper temperature. Once Joey was situated I entered the enclosure where we washed up quickly. Timmy was about three fourths erect... I was impressed with the size of his gland... it was really a contrast to his body size. I was also very concerned about how damned skinny he was. Without even thinking of what I was doing, I took my soapy washcloth and soaped up his back... I was shocked at how bony he really was.

Finished with his back I turned into the water and began rinsing off however I felt my back being rubbed with a soapy washcloth. I didn't turn around but I consigned his actions into memory.

I got out, dried off while Timmy was rinsing, and then helped Joey to finish his business. Between times, I handed Timmy a towel and then Joey and I went to his room and told him what Timmy and I had done in the shower. He only smiled. Then I took off because time was running out to get ready and off to school.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

The first order of business was to find my phone. I looked all around except for getting down on the floor. Nevertheless, with my foot I felt along as far under it as I could. Nothing. I sauntered out into the kitchen. I used our house phone to call my cell phone thinking I could hear it. Nothing. It went to voice mail on the 5th ring.

After shooing Nathan and Timmy out the door mom came to me and asked what I was doing because I was looking all over the place here there and everywhere. "I'm looking for my phone, have you seen it?"

"Where have you been?"

"Just here and my room, and the bathroom... I called it and didn't hear it ring."

Mom went into deep thought then said, "Honey, they cut your clothes off in the ambulance. I didn't pick them up. Usually the ambulance crew puts them into a bag and leaves them in the ER. I need to go to the hospital to make rounds. I can check then. Why don't you call him on our house phone?"

"Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks." I said then with minimal help got up then headed into the living room where a phone was located but then I stopped knowing Skeeter would be in school. I didn't have his cell phone number memorized – it was on speed dial #1. Speed dial #1 input into a telephone I didn't have doesn't do much good. I vowed to call him when I knew he'd be home. Then again, I decided to call his mom to let her know that I'd been trying to call, so that she could give him a message.

With that, I called their number. Vera answered on the 3rd ring, "Hi June, I was going to call you later on."

"Hey mom, this is Joey. I'm sorry I haven't called. I can't find my phone after yesterday."

Vera ,chuckling, replied, "Now Joey, your phone is exactly where you left it. Don't give me that cock and bull."

Her response annoyed me. I'm not in the habit of losing things. I replied back, "It's not like that. I had to go to the hospital yesterday. I'm sure it was in my pants pocket… and well, my pants were cut off, and we're not sure where my pants went."

"What happened to you? Stephen's been worried sick."

"It's a long story. Basically I got kicked and had to go to the hospital. I've got some broken ribs, nothing serious. I'm just sore."

"I'm really sorry to hear that. Is everything else okay? I mean, well, you know… Stephen's been wondering about several things in your relationship with him."

"Yeah, I think so. At least I don't know of any problems. We were just fine the last time we talked. Anyway, would you let him know I called, please? Mom's going to the hospital, duh, she'll try and run down my phone. I think insurance will replace it if it's lost."

"I'll sure give him the message. I know he's real anxious… you know how he gets."

"Okay, I'll call him later on, promise."

"That sounds good. You'll make his day. You get well real fast. Can I talk to your mother?"

"Sure. Hold on."

I returned to the kitchen and gave mom the phone. I then went to my room, got on the computer. There were 6 email messages from Skeeter, 4 from Jeff, 2 from Tom, 14 spam, and 3 from Nathan.

The 4 messages from Skeeter had two things in common: first, CALL ME, and secondly, he attached a picture of himself in compromising positions. I thought, on the fourth email, "Damn, he's horny!" I saved all those emails in a password protected folder then went on to the other emails, Nathan's first.

Nathan said that he loved me and thanked me profusely for letting him help out. I got to thinking about what he'd said and did for me. Tears came to my eyes. What he said about me always being the strong one in any given situation or circumstance was true. I made a vow to myself to involve him more in my life, to talk to him more, and to let him do things that would make him feel useful. I've always looked for some way to be useful but I've also blocked out other people's help and assistance in one way or another.

The next one I opened was from Tom. He was concerned that I hadn't called him in several days, and he hadn't seen me where our friends meet.

I replied:

Hey Tom, I'm okay. I had to go to the hospital yesterday. Some dickhead kicked me in the ribs, cracked several but nothing inside was broken. I lost my pubes – they had to do some special x-rays to check my blood vessels.

Uhm, they had to give me a bunch of Morphine for the pain. Mom and I talked about it seriously – I think I'm going to be okay now. I don't want to get all fucked up and everything but the Morphine did get me drug sick. Mom said that's pretty normal when I need a dose because of the pain. Anyway, I'm toughing it out. It's hard.

I lost my cell phone. It's probably at the hospital somewhere. They had to cut my clothes off. God only knows where they're at now. I'll call you later.

((( Hugs )))


Jeff's emails were inquiries only. I'd call him later on after he got home from school but I did send him a short note:

Hey Jeff,

Got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon... bummer for being there. Call ya later as soon as I find my phone! :-)



With great difficulty I got up from my computer desk chair, walked to the door, closed and then locked it. I went back to the computer, turned on the webcam, dropped my shorts then stroked my dick into a hard state of affairs then clicked a picture and then attached it to an email to Skeeter. Quickly, I reassembled myself then opened the door to my bedroom. I made sure to take the message I'd sent to Skeeter out of my Sent Folder and put it into the password protected folder.

Mom was getting ready to head to the hospital but she wasn't in any hurry to go… I knew she still had something on her mind…

"Mom, is everything okay? Something's wrong. Wanna talk about it?"

Mom looked at me pensively. She then replied, "Yes, okay, Dr. Joey Mauer, I do have something to say."

Ahhh... mom has a lopsided grin also... I see. Unable to contain myself I laughed, and then my body tightened up, a spasm rocked my world, and I coughed and sputtered which made it severely worse. No matter what I did, it wouldn't pass. Mom reached across and rubbed my neck and shoulders tenderly. "Maybe if I stand up… sometimes that helps." She helped me to stand. It helped yet I still felt like I'd been run over by an 18 wheeler.

Mom said, "I'm going to get you 2 milligrams of Morphine so you can relax. Honey, don't be a martyr, you have a seriously painful injury, probably the most painful of all injuries."

I nodded. She took off and was back shortly with a hypodermic. She then injected the medicine into my vein. That helped enough to make the spasms go away enough to be able to move again. Mom then led me to bed where we sat down. She looked directly into my eyes then began to say… but then her pager went off. It has an obnoxious sound – almost like fingernails on a chalk board. "I'll be right back." She said then got up and went to the kitchen.

*-* Mom's POV *-*

I leaned over and kissed Joey's forehead then got up and went into the kitchen where one of three of our house phones was located. I called the switchboard at the hospital:

"This is Dr. Mauer. I was paged."

"Yes, just a moment please. I'll connect you to the ICU."

"ICU. This is Nurse Rudkin, how may I help you."

"This is Doctor Mauer. I was paged."

"Yes, of course. Dr. Mauer, we received Wayne McDonald's final laboratory results back. Cocaine levels in his body were very, very high. I've cross referenced his medication history… he hadn't had a pain injection for several hours. His induced coma state had been reversed three days ago. By law, we were required to report his cocaine levels to the authorities. Since he's unable to self medicate, that means he was injected. We've got him on the mandatory 5 day retest protocol. Today's levels were one fourth as much lower from yesterday's levels."

"Okay, thank you. How is he doing today?"

"Dr. Mauer, this is between you and me, please."

"Go ahead." I replied.

"I believe his level of awareness is markedly improved. His neurologist hasn't yet been in today. So what I say is just an observation."

"Okay, thank you. I'll maintain your confidentiality. I should be into the hospital in the next hour or two."

*-* Joey's POV *-*

I checked a couple more places where my phone could have landed but that search was all to no avail. At the same time I felt my stomach grumbling and letting me know that it was once again in need so I headed into the bathroom. Mom was on the phone sipping a cup of coffee. I didn't want to bother her so I went on in and managed to get sat down at which time nature took over. When everything was finished I thought what a dumb ass I'd been... I hadn't even thought about going in from the front rather than going around from the back side. Mission accomplished.

Getting up was another matter. I got locked up into a muscle spasm from hell... and I mean total hell on earth. It would not quit. I tried to keep my voice quiet, and for the most part I did but the groans and moans were unmistakable. All for a fucking pair of shorts.

Mom entered when I called her name. She put the phone on the counter and came to my rescue by sitting me fully upright and telling me to breathe deep but slowly. She then grasped my shorts and brought them up to my knees, easily reachable. I was able to do the lean forward thing to get up on my own, and then pulled up my shorts, and then flushed and washed my hands while she took off and began speaking on the phone again.

I went into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of milk then put some Hershey's chocolate into it, stirred it up and then sat down at the table opposite mom. She was just hanging up. The look on her face spelled trouble... she was upset about something... she was thinking...

*-* Moms' POV *-*

I reached across the table, picked up Joey's glass of milk and saw the heavy thick conglomeration of chocolate settling down to the bottom of the glass. I smirked then took a swig... I'm a sucker for chocolate milk.

I then turned serious as I handed the glass back to him. I said, "Joey, do you need some pain medicine... if you don't right now then I'll give you some before I leave for the hospital."

Joey readily said, "I can wait. What's up mom?"

I had to decide what the right thing was to do... do I circumvent privacy laws for my child or do I keep that information to myself? What would be the benefits? Do I trust my son to not distribute the information?

The answer to the latter question made up my mind...

"Joey, what I am about to tell you is privileged information. Please do not repeat it to anyone."

"Of course... mom, I still hold myself to the Code in one respect... when someone tells me something in confidence then I do not repeat anything... I'm also learning that with my new friends in a different way."

"Honey, it's not because it's secret... it is confidential medical information. I could get in a whole lot of trouble if word got out... I'm not going to worry about it. Okay, it is about Wayne..."

I stopped to gauge Joey's reaction before going any further. He looked up. The look on his face was interest, and detachment to a degree. He nodded.

"I have good news and I have bad news. I'll go ahead and give the bad news first. Clare was arrested yesterday for possession with intent to inject Wayne with cocaine. Both are Class A felonies... she's looking at some serious prison time. She also had a loaded weapon in her purse."

Joey looked down to the table then raised his head to look into my eyes. I saw happy, sad, anger, and finally acceptance pass through them. He said, "That doesn't surprise me. When I saw her last we didn't have much to say to each other... it was really uncomfortable. Clare had never been a quiet one... and well... my life has changed... mom... Clare and Vito were my main suppliers... don't worry, I'm not blaming them for my getting screwed up..."

"I disagree. You are a child. They are or were or were supposed to be and act like adults who had the interests of their children first and foremost. You may not understand that yet... I hope you are learning though." I said then got up, walked to my son and hugged him.

He reached his arms up and put them around my waist and buried his head against my tummy. I know that had to have hurt him but he held on. Quietly he said, "Nathan and I were just talking about you guys this morning... we're learning. Mom, I never want to return to that life ever again."

"And you don't have to." I said patting his back very gently.

A couple of quiet moments passed before Joey said, "I'm stuck here. I can't move. Mom... I really don't want to move... is that okay?"

I put my hands around my son's head and just fell into the moment... not wanting our moments to end either.

Quietly Joey asked the question I didn't know the answer to, "So what's going to happen to him?"

"From a social services standpoint I don't know what's going to happen. From a medical perspective... as soon as we get him off the respirator he'll be ready to transfer to a rehabilitation institute... he's got a long recovery ahead of him."

Joey stayed quiet for a moment then said, "Mom, he can't come here, right?"

"Yes honey, his coming here is not even an option. He will need foster care from people who can and are able to closely work with him... he's got a long hard road ahead."

"Good... he and I have a lot of history... I mean we did some really, really bad stuff together... and we, uhm, we did a lot of sex... you know... stuff that I don't do since I'm straight and sober." Joey said then shuddered which subsequently set off a minor spasm attack.

I upped my attentions to his back to help him relax.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked simply to provide him with an opportunity to say what he needed to say without fear of rejection, or shaming from me.

"Uhm, not really... you're my mom... uhm... I talked to Nathan this morning. I think we both need to see that head banger... is it okay?"

I kissed the top of my son's head and whispered, "Yes it is very okay. I'll make you and Nathan separate appointments. They will want to do separate intakes and evaluations. I would just imagine that you and he will want to do most of your counseling work separately. You have a lot inside of yourself that Nathan doesn't know about, stuff that you might not want to talk about with him in the same room. I'm sure he has some stuff that he needs to talk about without you present also. Then I would guess that you two will need to work through some issues that the two of you have. I'll make those appointments today."

"Thanks mom. I don't want to tell you some of the stuff... only because I don't want it to hurt you or dad, or even Derrick, and especially not Timmy." Joey said seriously.

"That's just fine. If you ever want to talk about it then I'll listen, okay?"

"Yup. Okay, I'm still frozen... HELP!" Joey yelped... his yelp didn't sound painful, only that he was stuck to me... quite frankly, I didn't mind him being stuck that way! But, okay...

With that said we slowly, delicately, yet assuredly disentangled the boy from my clutches heh heh heh.

My son looked into my eyes, "Mom, can I go to the hospital with you? We need to try to find my phone, and maybe I'll want to see… him. I mean he needs to know that somebody is rooting for him regardless of our history."

"Oh honey... I don't think you're up to that much all at once... are you really feeling up to it?" I asked seriously, concernedly.

"No, not really, but I don't want to be here alone either. Maybe we could go to a meeting... you know, me and you?"

*-* Joey's POV *-*

After mom approved because we both thought the idea to be okay... she gave me 2 milligrams of Morphine in the IV then went to my room where she helped me change into street clothes. My t-shirts were out of the question so she got one of Derrick's button-up shirts which worked out okay.

We found my clothes under the receptionist's desk in the Emergency Room. My phone was in my pants pocket. There were 25 unanswered text and 14 unread voice mail messages – all from Skeeter. My heart went to him... I knew he had to have been frantic... hopefully his mom relayed my message... no doubt she had, or would.

My clothes were useless so I gathered up my belongings, including a pack of cigarettes (mom frowned severely, she'd thought I'd quit) and a flick a Bic lighter, a pack of matches, some change, my wallet with $27.00 in it, a special coin, and other small and inconsequential items not worthy of mention, here.

Much to my consternation, but not much actually because it was a long way to the SICU, mom commandeered a wheelchair, pointed to it, and then when I 'complied' we headed upstairs. Once we got past the busy part of the ER mom casually said, "Joey, I don't want you smoking. It's bad for your health and all the other stuff that doctors tell their patients, and mothers tell their sons... if you HAVE TO smoke then please do it at home, outside, out by the arbor, once in a while. Don't ever ask your father or me to buy or lend you money for them. By the way... who buys them for you since you're under age?"

I didn't answer.

She really didn't want an answer.

I didn't want to rat my oldest brother.

She knew.

That was all there was said about it.

As we got closer to the SICU I started thinking long and hard about Skeeter. And yes, my dick got hard all on its own but that's beside the point... the thoughts going through my mind went along the lines of feeling peace in my heart knowing that Skeeter was always and forever available as a friend, as a confident, and as the person who really mattered, someone who I could really, really love and allow to love me as I was, with no strings attached other than to our heart strings.

*-* Meanwhile at school, Timmy's perspective *-*

Everything started happening too fast...

The principal...

An armed policeman... two of them...

The teacher registering shock...

The students gasping and having worried looks on their faces...

*-* Simultaneously, Dad's Office and POV *-*

I was in a planning commission meeting, going over the final plans for a new park complete with a playground for youths of all ages to hopefully enjoy and take care of was being presented when my secretary, Bonnie, entered the conference room, got my attention then motioned for me to join her... the look in her eyes was that of concern, and fear, too.

"Excuse me for a moment please. I'll be right back. Please take a break. Thank you." I said to the group of 30 people of high ranking financiers who would privately fund the project.

Bonnie said, "There is a detective in your office. I don't know why he's here... he wouldn't say... I'm sorry."

"Okay, thanks. Hopefully this will be real quick because I need to get back in there... this is a huge project for us."

I entered my office.

"Mr. Mauer, my name is Detective Adam Garrison. I am here to inform you that your foster son, Timothy Wesley Jenkins, age 12, is, at this very moment, being arrested for felony assault on your person and on your son Nathan Lawrence Mauer, a minor child."

Enraged I said, "Mr. Garrison, my son had better be safe. I swear to you that there will be a whole bunch of heads rolling if he's not safe. My family is not filing charges. We have worked those issues out."

"I'm sorry sir. This is a state's case. My notification is only a courtesy for you, sir. The boy is being booked into the Cook County Juvenile Division, downtown Chicago. I would suggest that you retain counsel for him. I'm sorry to have brought this news to you."

"Mr. Garrison, I swear... if so much as one little hair on the top of that boy's head is mussed up there is going to be hell to pay. Take that to the bank. Thank you. Now excuse me."

*-* Timmy's POV *-*

The principal, the officers, both of them walked to my desk and jerked me out of my seat, put me to the floor with my hands behind my back, the handcuffs – small ones that fit my wrists, being jerked up to a standing position, looking at the kids in class... seeing their total shock and disbelief before I was roughly taken from the classroom, through the halls, past the office, outside, jostled into a patrol car, taken downtown the Cook County Justice Center where I was booked in, and then taken to a holding cell with at least 18 people in there, all at the same time, eying me hungrily, and then the guards left, all but one of them anyway... and then my initiation into Cook County's prison life began.

After the 16th guy in our 'dorm' area had his way with me, I was sore, raw, bruised and spent. Long before the 'last' one my thoughts were "once a fucking slut always a fucking slut." The very last thought that passed through my bran as I fell off to sleep was "This isn't so bad after all… is it?"

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