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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 22

*-* Joey's POV *-*

Mom ran everyone out of the kitchen. No, she wasn't mean or anything but she did mean business. No, not really, usually when she ran us out she was preparing something really special for dinner.

Timmy had immediately taken off for his room after we'd arrived home from the courthouse, and the hearing to determine if he was going to be formally charged, or if he was going to come home with a new lease on life.

I took off for my room, stripped without too much difficulty, scratched the skin beneath my absent pubes because they were beginning to itch like hell, walked into mom and dad's room, entered the bathroom and retrieved baby powder from their medicine cabinet and applied it to the itchy area after pulling out my briefs.

Dad entered, asked what I was doing and if he could help out. I showed him the irritated skin. He gave me some steroid cream to put on after my shower and said that the powder was a-okay.

"Dad, I think everything's going to work out okay. I'm sure that I wasn't all that great to have around... you know..."

Dad smiled, hugged me softly and then sent me on my way.

I put on a pair of shorts then took off for Timmy's room to see what he was up to. From the hallway I saw that he was standing lost amidst the rubble that was once his kewl crib. Lots of things were broken and damaged beyond repair. Others were bent and twisted but with some elbow grease could be fixed or repaired to a useful condition.

Timmy quickly turned around to see who had come to see him. He had tears in his eyes but was not crying per se. He really looked all lost and alone. Although there were many things both in his mind and in his physical setting to fix they were things that only he could begin to repair. But... he wouldn't have to do the repair process alone. Mom was careful to point out that Timmy needed to come to us when he was ready... not being a person easily able to just sit idly doing nothing, neither was Nathan, only time would test the waters on how much Timmy would permit us to help out.

I was too damned sore to physically help out very much.

"Where do I start?" Timmy asked clearly perplexed.

I started to say something but Nathan appeared in the doorway to Timmy's room. He said, "Joey, mom and dad have given me permission to go stay at Donnie and Linda's house tonight. Did you want to take a shower? I'm headed in there if you do…"

I looked to Timmy, "Why don't you start with what's most important for you? I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?"

I then turned to Nathan. I nodded affirmatively then went to my room, retrieved a pair of underwear and socks then went looking for dad to see if I could borrow a long t-shirt to wear around the house.

Dad and mom were both in the kitchen. Mom said, "I just put the meatloaf in the oven. It'll take about an hour to cook. Are you on your way to take a shower before dinner?"

"Yeah, Nathan's going to help me. Dad, can I borrow a big t-shirt from you?"

"Sure, no problem, I'll get you one and leave it on the vanity. It'll be a few minutes."

"Okay, thanks. Mom, can I get a little shot of medicine? I've not had a dose all day and I'm hurting." I replied.

"Sure, it's okay Joey. Come on back to your dad's and my office."

With that said we went back to their office. Mom said, "I'm going to give you 3 milligrams then I'll wrap your arm with cellophane before you take your shower, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine. Thanks."

With that mom drew up the medicine and injected it. The effects were immediate. I got a bit sleepy. It helped ease the grating pain in my chest.

After getting wrapped up I headed to the bathroom. The door was shut. I heard the shower running so I went on in. I got as far as unbuttoning and unzipping my pants and then shoved them down about halfway to my knees then had to stop because the exertion caused a cramping muscle spam. I felt an urge to take a dump so I sat down and let them fall.

Nathan opened the door to the shower. He looked around then saw me sitting on the toilet. He raised his eyebrows as to ask me if I were finished. I nodded. He retrieved a towel, dried the running water off his body quickly, stepped out then took care of my business. He then helped me out of my clothes. With the same loving care he washed my body thoroughly and completely. By the time he finished I was like totally relaxed. While he was washing the rest of me I washed my private areas then rinsed off. He helped to dry that which I could not reach then helped me get my underwear on and finally the t-shirt dad had promised to bring and put on the vanity.

Before we opened the door to leave, Nathan, serious as a heart attack turned to me and said, "Are you going to be okay? I'll stay home… well, you know."

"I'll be okay. Thanks for asking though. Go have fun, okay? You need to get your mind on something else. Tell them hi for me…"

"Are you sure? I mean it's no big deal if I stay home…"

"Go Nathan. Have fun. I'll be okay. I love you."

"I love you too. I wish I could hug you but it'll hurt too much."

Knowing that we could hug, and that Nathan needed a hug I stepped into him then put my arms around his chest. I then realized that he was growing up. He was getting taller. He was putting some meat on his bones. He was getting strong. He was also getting self assured and confident. He took the hint then put his arms around my upper shoulders and neck then we hugged without incident. Our lips gently and quickly touched then opened the door after brushing our teeth and hair. He sprayed a little bit of dad's cologne about his neck and upper chest.

I smiled. "Be careful, okay."

"Always. Hey Joey?" Nathan asked mischievously, subdued.

I looked into his eyes then put my hand on his shoulder.

He whispered in my ear, "Are you sure you're going to be okay? Can we go to your room for a minute before I go?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Let's go."

We walked down to my room. He shut the door but didn't lock it then came to me and said, "Uhm, Joey, the last time I was at Linda's, well we kinda, I mean we didn't have sex, not really. Well, we rubbed against each other… and well I made a mess in my pants. I was wondering if… can I have some, well, you know."

Knowing exactly what he was referring to I went to my dresser, got into the bottom drawer then retrieved the box of condoms and handed them to him. I said, "Have fun."

Nathan smiled clearly embarrassed. I said, "Don't be embarrassed little brother. I'm serious. Have fun if that's what you and Linda choose to do. Just be safe. I don't really want to be an uncle quite yet."

"Thanks Joey. I love you. I don't even know if we'll do 'that'. I mean I don't know if I want to… you know… fuck her." Nathan said wondering.

Easily, I said, "Don't just fuck her for the sake of fucking. As long as it's fucking then it's just a fuck. Nathan, I'm not going to tell you what to do… I'm just saying that every time I just fucked I felt lonely inside, like I'd done something wrong. Make sure both of you are ready."

I couldn't believe what I had just said. The words took me by complete surprise. I added, "Nathan, you're not like me in that way. Don't do what I did. You've got a good head on your shoulders, better than I do in that regard. Love you. Go have fun. Talk to me tomorrow and tell me all about it."

Nathan then hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Thanks. I love you too. Call me if you need anything, promise?"

"I promise. Now go." I chuckled which sent a shard of pain through my rib cage. Luckily it quickly passed.

After Nathan gave his goodbyes to mom and dad he was out the door trotting down the street happily.

I returned to Timmy's room. He'd cleaned his room up pretty good, good enough. He was remaking his bed, making sure all corners were tucked in neatly.

"Hey, it looks good. You did okay. The shower's open and all yours. Go wash your stinky butt. Dinner will be done in about 20 minutes or so. Hope you're hungry. Mom makes a killer meatloaf."

"All I've got left to do is to hang the curtains on that window. I can't believe, I mean I do but don't, what got into me. I mean I really fucked up."

"Yeah, you did. But let's get busy living today, okay?"

"Yeah, okay. Joey thanks."

With total seriousness in my voice I replied, "Anytime. Anytime."

He knew what I meant by what I said and how I said it. He nodded then took off for the bathroom.

I stood standing there for a couple of minutes until I heard the shower turn on. I then remembered he'd not taken any clean clothes so I got into his dresser, retrieved socks, a pair of baby blue brief underwear and a pair of bright yellow running shorts.

The bathroom door was open a couple of inches so I went on in and … he was sitting on the toilet. That embarrassed him so I put his clothes on the vanity and said assuredly, "We all do it. Sorry I intruded. If you want privacy then just close the door completely shut, okay?"

He nodded then I exited and closed the door behind me. I then went to my room, carefully sat down on the computer chair, booted up the machine and opened my email client. There were two emails from Jeff and three from Skeeter.

Of course I opened Skeeter's first. It read:

Call me.

The second read:

I don't know why you're not talking to me. Call me. We'll work it out.

The third one tore my heart in half – the email arrived the previous night at 11:38pm:

Dear Joey,

I don't know what I've done to make you hate me. I thought we had a really good thing going. That's okay, I understand, it's not like we can just go to each others' house very easy and work things out.

Give me a couple of days. I'm on my way. Don't tell my mom and dad.

Love you forever and ever.


*-* Timmy's POV *-*

After Joey left and shut the door closed tight, I sat there thinking and wondering why they were being so nice to me after what I'd done to them. Surely, they have some angle that I didn't know about, and couldn't figure out.

The truth of the matter was that I was scared half to death to do the most needed thing for the human body. Eating is necessary... and well so is relief.

Steeling every ounce of courage and strength I could muster I leaned forward and then shoved down with hopes that 'it' would pass by quickly. You know those road graders, the ones with the teeth to break up asphalt and concrete? That's exactly what it felt like... I thought I was going to literally die.

I didn't scream, not out loud anyway. I don't think anything would have come from my vocal cords even if I could have said anything. I was not able to hold in the tears that came flooding freely from my eyes – despite my best efforts to hold them in, to be brave, to be strong, and to just suck it up.

That was the second time I'd cried in a single day. And because I was crying again it made even more tears flow... and they did not feel good. I got angry as hell and then pushed down as hard as I could over and over again until my stomach felt empty. Then I just sat there and permitted consciousness to return, for awareness to become real, and with reality came pain... fucking white hot searing pain.

Almost like a mummy I went through the ritual of cleaning up, not even paying attention if there was blood or not because I didn't care. All I had on my mind was taking a hot shower and sitting on the floor with the water running under and between my beaten and battered butt cheeks.

The cold granite tile felt really, really good, so good in fact that most of the stinging pain became manageable. I loved having the hot shower water cascading down onto my body... it was relaxing to me. I closed my eyes and was just about asleep when I heard the bathroom door open. I saw a lone figure walk to the sink, deposit something and then the person left the room. Warily, I slightly opened the shower door, and peered out to make sure I didn't have to endure yet another poking. The coast was clear, nobody was in the bathroom but me, but the moment of relaxation was finished, gone just like that.

I made quick business of washing up, rinsing off, and using their big soft bath towels to dry with. I then rummaged around and found a jar of cold cream that I gingerly applied to that which provides relief and under the right circumstances... pleasure.

Joey had, as he said he would, deposited a pair of dark maroon sleep pants that fit me just right.

I then reached down into the cabinet under the sink where I found Comet, liquid bathroom cleaner and toilet flush stuff... I got busy cleaning everything in sight to where it appeared that I'd never even been there. During my cleaning I vowed I'd never again live in the filth found at my old home, and in jail.

I took my dirty clothes to my bedroom and carefully folded them up and put them under my bed, out of sight. I then looked down to make sure my dick was out of sight... it wasn't so I put on a pair of briefs and then pulled the sleep pants on over them – success.

Seeing that I was as presentable as possible, I headed to the kitchen. The smells were wonderful. I was totally and completely starved – but then again I was used to always being hungry. No big deal. I then headed into the family room. Dave was watching TV while June was darning something. Her hands looked soft yet they looked strong too. They both looked up and smiled. June patted the sofa. I sat down on the other end. Curiously, I leaned over to see what she was making. My first mom used to do that too. She'd made me an afghan that somewhere along the way got lost.

June said casually, "This should be done by the time cold weather sets in. It gets really cold up here. Are the colors okay? Do you like them?"

While there wasn't much of the thing made there was enough to tell that it was going to be something like a checkered flag or something. Anyway, the background was a deep burgundy with bright yellow insets. I liked it. The scheme was kewl. I replied, "Yeah, that's kewl."

"Thanks. I've got about another 150 rows until the color scheme changes. It'll have a theme but it won't show up until it gets done toward the center. Are you ready to eat? Dinner is just about ready. Go get Joey and tell him we're going to eat real soon."

With that, I got up and headed into Joey's room. When I arrived, my entrance startled him. He jumped then winced in pain. I went and stood by him until the muscle spasm, or something, passed. When it did he said, "You scared me. Whatcha need?"

"I just came to tell you your mom said dinner is being served."

"Wow, who is that?" I exclaimed after seeing a really, really, really hot looking guy in the background of the email that was open on Joey's desktop. The guy had on a really, really, really skimpy pair of bright red bikini underwear, and that's all he had on. Oh yeah, he was wearing a big toothy grin. The guy's penis head was definitely stretching out the fabric, and the tip of it was showing just above the hemline.

Joey saw me looking at it then he turned back around and quickly closed the window. He said, "That's my boyfriend. He lives in Kansas."

"What's his name? I mean forget it, it's too personal."

Joey shrugged then quickly answered, "Skeeter. Actually his name's Stephen but we call him Skeeter."

"He's very attractive. He's got a beautiful smile, and well he's easy on the eyes. He looks like a nice guy. Anyway, dinner's ready."

Dinner was fantastically good, no it was excellent! I'd never every ate a meatloaf made like that. It had bacon on top, plenty of tomato sauce, and the flavor – holy shit, and I can't believe I'm writing this – but it was almost better than an orgasm – but not quite. One of those deals.

I'm not a taker. I hate handouts. So, and June didn't complain, I helped with kitchen clean up. She said something about being thankful I took the initiative to help out when I hadn't been asked to be.

Derrick took me to his room where we go involved in a Scrabble game and raced cars on his x-box. I'd never played on an x-box or any other kind of electronic console. He was surprised, so was I that I'd caught on really fast. In fact, I caught on good enough to crash his car into the wall and win that round. Of course, he came back and whooped my ass. It was okay, we were actually having fun – something he suggested that I may not have had enough experience with doing.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

After reading his last email time and time again, another email came in. It was from Jeff. It read:

Hey Joey…

How are you feeling? Better I hope. I'm really sorry that happened to you. Seriously man, I hope you're doing much, much better. I'm thinking of ya.

Can I stop by and see you?


I replied:

Hey Jeff,

Yeah, I think I'm doing better. I'm not requiring as much pain medicine which is a really good thing if you know what I mean.

It was a fiasco today. We went to court for Timmy's court hearing. He got to come home. He's really trying.

Nathan went down to Donnie's house. I think he's got a girlfriend – good for him.

Yeah, sure, come on over. Just give me a call first, okay.

I've gotta scoot; gotta work through some troubles in paradise.

See ya soon.


After hitting the SEND button I picked up my phone. There were 17 voice mails from Skeeter, Jeff, a kid from the Kai team and 3 from Gary.

I answered none of them. Instead I called Skeeter. He answered, "What the fuck are you calling me for. Don't you listen to your voice mails? I've gotta go."

I replied, "Hey bud, I happen to love you. Things have been crazy fucking nuts around here."

"Can't you at least take my fucking calls?"

"No, I couldn't. Skeeter, can I make one thing very clear to you?"

"Too late. Too little."

"Just like that? Well, here's the deal. Just fucking listen for a second. I know you're mad, and you have a right to be. Are you listening?"

"Joey, you're a fuckwit. But yeah I'm listening."

"I love your terms of endearment. I love you too." I snickered lightly.

"Yeah, well fuck you anyway." The tone in Skeeter's voice changed from anger to … well I didn't know… but at least it sounded like he was ready to listen.

"We had a big fight at home yesterday, that Charles Williams motherfucker tried to arrest me, the kid who we took in about killed dad, Nathan about killed the kid, I got ribs busted, I went to the hospital, we went to court today, I ate, I shit, I ate some more, I shit some more, Nathan had to wipe my ass because I can't reach it, he had to give me a shower because I can't reach very far, I read your emails, I enjoyed your pictures, and I so needed to hear your voice, if I were going to break up with you then I'd do it in person, I'm not going to break up with you, if you want to break up with me then get your skinny ass up here so we can make love then break up, where the fuck are you, I read your email where you were coming here, so answer me oh lover boy."

"Jesus Fucking Christ… go back to the … ah, fuck I don't know where you need to start over again."

"Where are you?"

"In the loft."


"No. Mark's here. We've been talking. He caught me packing a bag. I was leaving, Joey."

"And just where were you going?"

"To kick your ass."

"I wish you would… are you on speaker phone?"

"No. Should I be?"

"No. Can you talk?"

"Why? What's there to talk about?" Skeeter said forlornly.

"Because I was going to do phone sex with you... Oh hi, mom. You didn't hear that?"

Mom rolled her eyes. I felt a flush rise from my… well, never mind. Mom said, "Do you want some ice cream? Dad's dishing it up."

Skeeter said, "I heard only the cream part… is there something you're not telling me?"

"Then you didn't hear the ICE. Yeah, please mom, I'll come get it."

"Is that Skeeter? Tell him I love him."

"Mom says she loves you. So do I."

"I love her too."

"Skeeter says he loves you too."

"I'll bring your ice cream to you."

"Mom, thanks, I love you. You're the greatest." I said as mom made her exit. To Skeeter I said, "Sorry babe."

"What's there to be sorry for? You didn't call me. Were you THAT busy?" Skeeter said sorrowfully.

"Are you listening?" I replied.

"Yes, I'm listening. It better be good."

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

After hugging and kissing mom, and hugging dad, I took off down the street for Donnie and Linda's house. The trip was quick.

Linda opened the door then looked at me with much appreciation. It was obvious that she was stripping me naked. I shivered.

After greeting her parents and Donnie they offered me dinner. They were just sitting down to eat. I declined but did sit down and her mom fed me a Coke. We talked about various things. I intentionally left out the sordid details but their mom asked me why all the cops at our house.

I didn't tell them very much other than to say that everything was pretty much worked out. I said we'd been to court that day and that things seemed to be working out, as they truthfully were, I'd hoped.

After dinner their mom shooed us away from HER kitchen so we went and played some Super X-Box online. Donnie beat us to death with his excellent agility, quickness, thoroughness and yes, skill. It was all in fun though, we had a great time, and he was happy to beat his sister. He was good, no doubt about it.

We then went to Linda's room and listened to some Bon Jovi. Donnie wasn't interested in that genre of music so he left after about 30 minutes. I lay out on the floor while Linda lay on her bed.

A few minutes later, Donnie came back, "Are you ready for bed yet?"

"No, not yet, I'll be in after a little while, okay?"

He nodded then took off and went to his room and shut the door.

Linda said, "You have a secret admirer. He talks about you a lot."

I giggled, "All good I hope?"

"Of course you dork."

"Ahhh, terms of endearment cometh from your mouth." I said happily.

"You're really a dork." Linda said laughing.

I stone-face replied, "Well, you have gotta be one to know one."

She gave me her most hurt look but then smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Donnie arrived back to Linda's room. He was wearing only his white brief underwear. He stood and looked at me wondering when I'd join him for slumber.

Linda got up off the bed, went to Donnie, whispered something in his ear then gently kissed lips. He whispered something in her ear. They both giggled.

Then Donnie did something totally unexpected, Linda was grinning… Donnie came to me then held my face in his hands then kissed my lips hard and then scampered away giggling.

All Linda said was, "I told you he liked you."

I wasn't sure whose guest I actually was since they both asked me over to spend the night. It was nice to just be chilling and away from the drama at home. There had also been a certain air of tension in the house. While I was very comfortable on their deep piled carpeting Linda did pass a pillow and made sure it was under my head properly then she fluffed it up even more.

She got up and turned the music down but left it on just enough to hear it. She then started a question and answer session, and when we were finished the entire story of the past two days came rolling out off of my tongue from my voice box. I didn't realize that everything had actually gotten to me as much as I had thought. With valiant efforts I was able to maintain my composure, although it was hard when I told her about Timmy hitting on dad.

"I'm adopted too, Nathan. I understand the violence and shit. It was an everyday occurrence in the house. I grew up scared."

"Did they take their violence out on you Linda? If I'm being too nosy just say so, okay, please?" I asked softly.

"No. But they did take it out on my older sister and brother. They protected me as best they could. My ex-mom was fucking crazy… she was certified. To my knowledge she's still in the nut house down in Springfield. My ex-dad, well he married some fucking bimbo from Little Rock. He took off and left us high and dry, and alone."

I took her hand in mine because I saw tears forming in her eyes.

I asked, "So what happened to your brother and sister… forget it if I'm getting too personal. I mean…"

"No, it's okay. I feel that I can really talk to you. There's something about you… uhm, David, well he moved to California. He's gay… the last time I talked to him which was about 2 years ago; he'd met someone and fell in love. The guy he fell 'in love' with, well he's no good. He won't let David talk to his family, or anybody else. I think he's into power trips… what do they call that?"

"How old is the guy he fell 'in love' with?" I asked seriously.

"He's like 15 to 20 years older than David."

"Ah, sounds like a father-son relationship. Usually there's bondage and shit involved. Kinky. So long as they're okay with it, weird as it may be, they'll probably be okay, sometimes not. The dominant partner who does not permit family contacts is usually no good though. They're too much into control shit, I mean stuff. So what about you, how did you get here?"

"That's easy. Donnie and I were panhandling in a mall. CPS took us into foster care. It all happened very quickly... here we are. We were adopted a year ago in June. We're okay though it's strange not having people screaming at you and shit. And no I wasn't molested. I've never been with anybody 'that' way. I guess I'm too ugly or something. I'm a little bit overweight, as you can tell."

"Really, I hadn't noticed. Linda, if it makes any difference to you I think you look mighty fine. I mean you're cool and everything, and well it shows that you're taking care of yourself."

Linda lay back on her bed. She put her hands over her face and then made motions like one would do when a cobweb or something had gotten stuck, or something like that. I got up on my knees then leaned over the bed, took her hands in mine then lowered them to where they were resting on the bed. She smiled. Her teeth were perfect in every way. Her skin was soft and smooth and pretty, like it was made of silk. Her eyes then moistened as she said, "Nobody's ever told me that before. Thank you. You made my day. Uhm, let's go check on Donnie. He gets lonely but doesn't say anything yet he smiles and laughs a lot when people are around."

Donnie was lying on his bed reading a comic book. His face lightened up as we walked in and sat down beside him. He told us all about the story being told. He showed us the various cartoon pictures, the characters, and gave us a blow by blow account of the story being told, and how he thought it would probably end. He was quite knowledgeable about comics, especially the Spider Man series he was currently reading.

When quiet overtook the room… we were all talked out, he smiled and said that he was sleepy and was going to bed. He took his shirt off then waited for us to leave or stay… it didn't really make much difference to him.

Linda said, "We'll tuck you in, okay?"

He smiled broadly. That made his day. Without any inhibitions he stripped off his underwear and jumped in bed and pulled the covers up. He had a totally impish smile. Linda asked, "Since when did you start sleeping au natural?"

"Oh I don't know. Maybe a few months ago; it's kewl; it feels free. You do too don't ya?"

Linda giggled then replied, "That's for me to know and it's none of your business, okay buster?"

Donnie giggled then reached both hands down under the covers. By the location of where his hands stopped I said knowingly, "Come on Linda. Donnie's just about ready to call it a day and go to sleep, right Donnie?"

"Yeah. Okay, good night you guys. I love ya."

With that, Donnie removed his hands and reached out his arms to Linda who hugged him fiercely then kissed his cheek. He then turned his attentions to me by holding his arms out for a hug. I hugged him – he about choked me with his brief hold. He then kissed my cheek and said good night and then turned over on his side away from us. His hand then went down. I looked at Linda then motioned toward the door.

After we left his room and I closed the door she asked, "Why are you closing his door?"

"Uhm, well, he needs his privacy, trust me. He's growing older, and well guys need their privacy."

Linda looked at me curiously… for a moment then took my hand and led me to their bathroom. It was large, spacious and brightly decorated. She said, "The towels are under the sink, help yourself. When you're done I'll take mine."

Just then her mom came walking down the hall. She looked happy and contented. When she arrived she said that her and Linda's dad were going out for drinks and would be back in a couple of hours or so.

I went with Linda to see them off then went to take a quick shower… didn't take long since I'd already taken one with Joey but what the hey. Much to my surprise, somewhat, Donnie came into the bathroom – I heard him peeing then the lid slammed down and the toilet flushed – which sent scalding hot sending me scurrying away from the spout. Quickly, I opened the shower curtain… all I saw was plump boy butt scurrying from through the bathroom door. He also left the door wide open. I'd have to get out of the shower to get to my towel.

When I finished rinsing off, I looked to make sure the coast was clear. It was. So I got out and reached for the towel on the ring. Linda went walking through the hallway – there I was. Quickly, I bunched the towel up and applied it to my front side. She smiled then walked on. I thought what the hell anyway, she'd already seen everything so I dried off as normal then wrapped the towel around me and went to her bedroom where my clean clothes were located.

She was just coming out of her bedroom when I arrived. "My turn." She said then walked to the bathroom. I went on into her room, dropped the towel then quickly put on my sleep shorts.

When the bathroom door opened a few minutes later I got up off her bed then quickly walked to the hallway. She was wearing nothing but a large fluffy towel. I got really nervous and my dick twitched. She looked down at my front. I'd not paid too much attention to it. I did look down to see what she was looking at … my shorts were tented out. It was then that I realized I was hard as a missile. As if I were in trouble or something I said apologetically, "Sorry. I think I'll sleep with Donnie if that's okay. I mean, uhm, I should sleep with him. Good night."

Linda walked to me. She said, "I'm sorry… well, you know the other day when we were downstairs… Nathan, I'm usually very straight forward… I was thinking that we could do that again… maybe? You were nice to me."

"Yeah, I liked you too… I mean I still do. Yeah, it felt dynamite. I mean, can we? What about your parents, and well, like, yeah, what about Donnie? Uhm, we might get caught…"

"Donnie's no problem. He's kewl for a brother. I can set my alarm clock…"


Two hours later, her alarm clock went off… it was 1:30am. Without even really thinking about it I rolled over toward her. She too was still very sleepy. After what we'd done a few short minutes ago, I was primed and ready to go again. Together we rolled as one. I guided my prong into that deep dark very pleasant and velvety place. I'd been worried about my size but we worked together very nice. That time I held it back until she had her moment then at nearly the same time I experienced happiness, tranquility, serenity, and, well I was like totally satiated.

Well fell back sound to sleep lying in each others' arms, with her breast nestled against my cheek, with my hand brushing her pubes, and with my finger pleasantly touching her twat muscle.

At 4:30am we were awoken by the covers being pulled off the bed. Immediately I jumped out of bed and reached for my running shorts. But there I was… naked as the day I had been born. So was Linda, and well, it was a very awkward and embarrassing moment or two.

It was her mother. She was looking very, very angry but didn't say anything – I'd wished she'd screamed or something but all she did was look between Linda then me and then back again. Quickly, I gathered up my stuff making sure that my elongated prong was covered adequately then seeing Linda lying there naked, I reached down, gathered the blanket and covered her up and headed to the bathroom where I quickly put on my clothes, closed the nap sack and then silently left their house and headed home at a run.

I let myself in with my key then padded my way to the bathroom, took a quick shower to get all the largely dried juices off my body then headed to my room naked and still dripping. Dad intercepted me, "Whatcha doing home... I thought you were staying at Donnie's... is everything okay?"

"No dad, not everything is okay…"

Just then the house phone began to ring. I hurriedly said, "Linda and I had sex tonight. We fell asleep. Her parents got home. Shit."

Dad's eyes opened wide, "Oh okay. We'll talk in a little bit."

With that, dad took off for the phone but it was already answered. I overheard mom talking. Her voice got a bit louder and louder. Not pissed louder, just louder. Probably because she was just waking up… then I heard her feet hit the floor… I thought I was surely dead meat but then she told dad, "That's the hospital. I've got to into work."

I put on a pair of underwear and crawled under the covers. Mom seeing that my door was open and the lights were still on came in and hugged me deeply, kissed my cheek, and said, "See you later sweet cheeks." Then she was off.

Dad entered my room. I was scared that he'd be pissed or disappointed, or something.

Dad asked, "Was the experience as good as you had hoped it would be?"

I was shocked by his question… I thought surely I'd be in trouble… the love in his eyes was unmistakable. He was simply asking me to share my feelings…, "Yeah dad, it was even better. I mean, wow. You're not mad?"

"Oh, of course not, why would I be mad? I'm a little concerned though. Just remember that I was a boy your age… of course that was way back in the before dinosaur days <chuckle>. I know how hormones dictate our bodies. Anyway, were Linda's parents upset? I would imagine they were."

"I don't know. I left. I panicked. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do…"

"No, I don't think so either. I don't think it was fair to Linda."

"No. Dad, I need your advice. What should I do now?"

"What do you think you should do? What is your heart saying? I'll support any decision you make."

"Will you come with me? Her parents know."

Without waiting for dad to answer right away (nanoseconds), I stood up and reached for my pants. Dad said, "I'll get dressed."

I got dressed in my jeans and a nice t-shirt and my good shoes. Dad was waiting for me in the kitchen. I grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator then we took off. The Clemson's lights were still on when we arrived. I knocked on the door. Linda's dad opened the door. He looked at me for a minute then at dad. He said, "Did your father bring you here?"

"No sir. I was wrong to leave Linda alone, sir. I'm sorry."

Dad extended his hand to Linda's dad and said, "My name is Dave Mauer. I'm Nathan's father. Nathan, himself, made the decision to come to your house and face what he needs to face. I'm supporting his decision."

Just then Linda's mother arrived and stood next to her husband. She was none too happy. I said, "Ma'am, I was wrong to leave Linda alone. I wasn't very responsible, I'm sorry."

"Young man, you don't owe me an apology. Linda's beside herself. She's feeling mighty betrayed. Quite frankly young man, I think you should go home. Now's not the time."

"Ma'am, I have to make this right with Linda. I was very wrong to hurt her like I did, please ma'am."

Linda's mom regarded me for a very long moment. Dad said, "Ma'am, Nathan knows he did wrong. I'm bringing him up to be accountable and to make amends for when he makes mistakes. He's very upset. I think it would do your daughter well to hear him out… but I'm not saying what you should or should not do. She's your daughter. You know her better than I do."

"Please excuse my rudeness. I'm very upset because my daughter is upset. She's had enough bologna to deal with in her life, and the last thing I want to do is to upset her. Please come in. Nathan, you know where her bedroom is… and please leave the door open."

With that, I took off for Linda's room. She was lying on her side facing away from the door, I said, "Linda, I'm sorry. Can we please talk?"

"There's nothing to talk about, Nathan. You made your decision."

"May I come in? I'm here to apologize. I was dead wrong to leave you alone like that. I'm sorry."

"You walked away at a time when I needed you the most. Get out of here. Go home. Forget about me." Linda said, more hurt than angry, or at least that is what I thought.

Linda's mom put her hand on my shoulder then turned me to see dad standing there. She said, "Let me talk to my daughter, alone."

I walked to dad. He looked me sternly then asked, "Have you done all you can do to make your amends?"

"Yes sir. I think so. I don't know what else to do."

Linda's father spoke up, "My name is Chet. Nathan, Dave let's go into the family room. I think I may have some insight. For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing, young man."

After we sat down, Chet looked at me seriously, "Nathan, we are not mad that you and Linda were intimate. I do hope that you two used protection, did you?"

"Uhm no sir not exactly, I mean this is embarrassing, uhm, we did it three times… the first two times, yes I wore protection but the last time we, I mean I didn't, so no sir."

"How old are you Nathan?" Chet asked.

"I'm 12, almost 13 in two more months." I replied solemnly.

"Okay, so you're 12. Nathan, I will be very, very upset if Linda becomes pregnant. She's my daughter after all."

"Chet, I will be very upset also. Should your daughter become pregnant then I hope our families will come to something we can all live with, hopefully we'll not have to cross that bridge. I will not permit my son to shirk his responsibilities, not now, not then. Nathan, you will be in no trouble. You will not be grounded nor will you be punished. You'll have to face your responsibilities both now and then, and every day of your life. Chet, Nathan came to this decision himself. He asked me for advice. I gave him none other than an assurance that we'd support him."

"I understand dad. Chet, I'm really sorry I tore out. I guess I was afraid of what you might do to me. I didn't even think."

Chet said, "If it makes any difference, Nathan, then I think you've done the right thing. You're more of a man than I was at your age. Dave, you can be proud of your son."

From our back we heard, "Dad, I'm not proud of him. He left. Nathan, why did you leave?" Linda said.

I jumped up, walked to her then took her hand in mine and squeezed gently, "I was afraid. I was wrong, very wrong. I'm sorry. There's one other thing… Linda, I'm not going to say this right… but let me try, okay, please?"

"If you, I mean, if we get pregnant then I'm here all the way okay. I promise. Linda, I don't make promises to anybody for anything but I promise you I'll be here. I can't believe what we did was wrong. I'm ashamed that I didn't man up to your parents as I should have."

Linda's mom walked over to me, she said, "Nathan, my name is Irene. Come on kids, let's go sit down. It's time we talk this through. You need to understand where we adults are coming from then you two can make your own decisions. Linda, your dad and I will support whatever you decide to do. I just think you and Nathan should make it together. I feel that Nathan is genuine. He screwed up. He knows he did. And now he's here to apologize. I think we should give him benefit of the doubt."

Linda looked at me. Her eyes had softened considerably. Gone was her anger and a majority of her hurt, though not completely. I understood. I'd have been angry and hurt too.

"Linda, I would have been hurt and angry too. I've been hurt and angry at what people have said and done, especially when what they said wasn't what they did, if that makes any sense. I'd never intentionally hurt you. I'm not like that. I know some people who are like that. I don't respect them."

Linda said, "I was afraid too. Mom, dad, sir, Nathan – I'm not ashamed of what we did. Nathan, nobody has cared for me like you did. It wasn't all about sex. You really cared. So when you left my world fell apart. Mom, dad, I'm ashamed. About 6 months ago… do you remember Rusty?"

"That little weasel. He's nothing more than a thief." Chet said seriously.

"Yeah, well, I didn't realize that at first. I made a mistake, and I disrespected you and mom, dad. I'm sorry. Uhm, well, I went on birth control at the free health clinic. I really wanted to have sex with him but didn't know how to approach you. Nathan, I won't get pregnant. I've taken the pills religiously. So don't worry. Nathan, I need to say something to you… you're different. You're the first guy who actually gives a shit about me, sorry for my mouth you guys. You and me, we may only be 12 almost 13 but you're a man in my eyes. And no I'm not only talking about your junk… you're a real man – kind, sweet, caring, considerate. Mom dad, sir, meet the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Irene said, "Linda, we'll talk about this later."

I got up, walked to Linda, took her hand in mine, lifted her to her feet, and then we hugged warmly, seriously. I then turned to dad, Irene and Chet then reiterated that I felt the same way about Linda as she felt about me.

Chet said into the silence then turned to Irene, "Irene, we were 9 years old when we made the same profession. I thought your dad was going to shoot me. Here we are 27 years later, still together and going strong. Let's leave the kids alone and not do what our parents did to us. We hated them, don't you remember?"

Irene stood up then said, "Linda, I'm disappointed that you did not come to me. I have not been raising you with a noose around your neck. I'm disappointed that you're taking medicine without my knowledge. Just to clear the air, I'm going to make an appointment with Dr. Timbers so that he can properly monitor you. I'm going to say one more thing, and then I'm going to leave it alone."

I nodded. Linda walked us to her mom where she put her arm around her waist. Irene continued, "I do not condone your sexual relationship. I'll not approve of it until you're married…"

"Oh Irene, give it a rest will ya. We're here to lead by example."

"You old goat… don't interrupt me when I'm talking. You, old man, are on the couch for the night."

"Well, you know as well as I do, we've been there done that, that when the love bug bites… all reason and parental advice, dictates and dogma go out the window. As long as they're responsible… are we going to make them be together behind our backs? What kind of parents would we be?"

"Chet, Irene, I need to discuss this with my wife… while we do not necessarily condone our sons' active sex lives we do not want them to feel that they have to hide the facts of life from us. As long as they're responsible and discreet, and do not cross our boundaries, then I feel safer knowing they are at home rather than in the backseat of some car someplace where they aren't safe."

"Dave, I need to speak with your wife… apparently this old goat here hasn't kept me up on the latest stuff."

"Ah Irene, but you love this old goat. And this old goat loves his younger counterpart. Always did, and always will." Chet said fondly. Irene smiled.

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