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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 24

*-* Timmy's POV *-*

"Timmy, I'm glad we have this opportunity to talk." Adam Weeks the prosecutor said casually as we walked down the courthouse steps.

"Really? You really want to talk to ME?"

"Yes, of course I do. You are just important as anyone else, why wouldn't you think so?"

I wasn't sure what to think about his question. I'd heard it before but then when they got what they wanted from me then they were gone. Some of them came back for more of what they wanted then went away again. This guy surely had an angle. We were even walking toward the tree secluded area of the park. Okay, whatever.

I boned up anticipating an encounter be damned that he was the prosecuting attorney for the county. Law enforcement had been a source of income. Generally speaking they paid well. Sometimes they tried to blackmail me with threats of great bodily harm should I snitch them out however they didn't really go to those extremes because they knew I held the trump card to their future.

Knowing all too well from lots of experience I knew that adult tricks generally liked and were drawn to my youthful cock, and sometimes spunk. They liked the taste of it. When I offered that which provides me both relief and pleasure many of them took me up on it.

With that thought in mind I casually placed my hand in the pocket of my jeans and urged my male gland into Customer Mode. I made no bones about hiding the growing bulge below my belt. By the time we reached the picnic table at the far end of the property I was primed and ready to go. I was even anticipating the encounter as I'd not brought myself to a successful conclusion that morning.

At the picnic table he urged me to be seated while he rifled through his satchel bag like thing. I thought that to be a bit odd since most of the time the trick is looking down into my lap, alternating with my face, sometimes my eyes. But then maybe he was getting a rubber, and or lube.

I usually didn't fuck around with business so I reached down, jostled the zipper to my jeans down, and then reached inside and casually freed that which they wanted out until it sprung up and out. He still was paying no attention so I said, "Ten bucks for a sucking, twenty five if I do you, fifty if you want it all."

He turned to me and looking into my eyes, like what the fuck are you talking about. Half a split second later he saw that which I was offering to him. His face then transitioned into terror. Quickly, he closed the satchel, grabbed it up and backed away. Angrily he said, "We're wasting our time here. You have solicited. As soon as I find a law enforcement officer I will personally file charges. Good day."

He turned and headed to the table where 'they' were sitting... however Joey, Nathan, Derrick, and their dad was running toward me. Joey was hot on his heels – he was hurting so bad... you could see it on his face. Their father growled to me, "What the hell are you doing? Timmy, what the hell is he doing to you?"

Quickly I zipped up, turned away for a brief second to rearrange 'things' so that its state wasn't all that obvious then I turned back. Joey grabbed hold of my shoulder. He knew what I'd done and why. It was then that I truly understood that he hadn't been bullshitting me about his history. I didn't know what to think or do.

Adam replied, "Mr. Mauer, I assure you that I did not initiate any contact with your child. I am in a very dangerous situation here. This situation is so dangerous that it could destroy my career, my family, and I could even lose my law license. I'll see you in court."

With that, Adam turned away, took one step then Joey said, "Please. Wait for just a minute. I think I can explain what happened."

Adam said, "You have no clue young man. I have half a mind to amend the charges by adding a solicitation charge. If you try to stop me then I'll charge you with obstruction of justice. Now, good day."

"Sir, please listen for a minute." Joey said then turned to me, "Timmy I understand. I've done the same thing. I too was a boy whore – and a drug dealer and a drug user. Ask mom. Ask her how she caught me with a john in our own home. Ask her how she caught me dealing drugs out of our house. Dad, Mr. Weeks wasn't molesting Timmy. Timmy was doing what he knows. I understand because I've been there. Timmy, you don't have to do that ever again. Don't do that ever again. It disrespects you as a human being. We're kids for Christ sake. I'm learning a different way. So will you."

Joey wasn't pissed at all. I could tell that he knew what he was talking about by the words he was saying and how he was saying them. He was looking me square in the eyes, eyes that showed only love and understanding.

"Dad, Mr. Weeks, would you guys let me stay with Timmy while we talk? We have some stuff to talk about that we'd feel more comfortable talking about if… well, we'll talk to you later, okay, please?"

Dad's eyes softened. Mom's look of unbridled concern slowly dissipated. Nathan looked at me and nodded. Derrick, really, was clueless. Mr. Weeks still appeared angry and disgusted by the incident yet his stance became much less threatening.

Dad said calmly, much more relaxed, "Mr. Weeks, I'm sorry I drew incorrect conclusions. This is all new to me. I didn't know."

Mr. Weeks replied, "I understand. I've not been an attorney all that long, and I've only been a prosecutor for a few months. I have a lot to learn. I'm totally open to discussing this matter so long as you are present."

Joey stepped up, "Mr. Weeks, my mom and dad don't know some of the things I had to do out on the streets. I need to tell them in my own way, please not now. I'll stay here. Please."

Mr. Weeks sternly looked at dad. They'd reached an understanding. Mom, however, said to dad, "Dave, we need to step back. There are times when somebody from outside the family can help more because they're objective. Joey says that he'll talk to us. It has to be in his time and in his way."

Dad looked at mom. Mom looked at dad. They were speaking inaudibly.

Dad said gently, "On one condition… we're going to head over to the hotdog vendor. I'll get everybody lunch. We'll bring it to you and then we'll sit at a picnic table close by but not close enough to hear what you are talking about. This is our only option."

I looked to Joey. He readily nodded affirmatively. Dad then looked at Mr. Weeks. Mr. Weeks replied, "Your condition is acceptable to me, thank you."

With that their parents, Derrick, and Nathan headed to the hotdog vendor next to the street that ran in back of the courthouse. I shuddered as a chill overspread my body. The goose bumps caused the hair on my arms stand up and made my neck tingle. Although I had only a few hairs on my lower legs I felt them stand up too. I adjusted my penis because it was still hard and because my underwear was not put on right causing my penis to brush against the cold hard metal zipper that held my pants together in front. I had to do something about it because it hurt.

I stood up, turned toward the woods then pulled the front of my jeans out and worked my underwear so that they were between my cock and the metal. That accomplished, I sat down and looked at Joey then shrugged. Joey smiled and rolled his eyes. Mr. Weeks squirmed uncomfortably but gave a weak smile of his own then walked to the other side of the table and sat down. He looked all around... I knew what he was doing... he was casing the neighborhood so to speak... I'd seen johns do that all too often. My pulse rate quickened... maybe he would want to do both me and Joey...

Joey, being the quick one, yet once again solidifying that he understood took my chin in his hand and swiveled my head so that we were looking at each other. He said, "Don't... you don't need to worry about tricking this guy... once you realize that stuff is in the past then you'll understand what I've only been talking about – your life will change."

With that said he turned to Adam, "Mr. Weeks, I've never talked about what I'm about to tell you. I don't know. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'll have to leave my family. No, I don't mean that I'll run away…" Joey began to say then tears started to well up in his eyes then he sat bolt upright, looked at me then began speaking directly to Mr. Weeks. Somehow I knew he was talking to me too because every once in a while he'd look to me.

"Mr. Weeks, before the adoption my name was Joseph Lee Walker. You may or may not know that. I didn't have a social security card or any other identification other than my birth certificate. This is hard. I don't want to hurt my family. They've been through so much. Also, I don't want to hurt my boyfriend…"

Mr. Weeks said gently, "Joey, being gay is not wrong. Love takes many forms."

Joey nodded then continued, "I don't want to leave them. But I've got to clean my soul because the stuff has been eating away at me. I hope it helps Timmy."

When I saw total and complete understanding in Joey's eyes I said, "Joey, I don't want you to get in trouble over me. I'm not worth it. Nobody's ever done something like this for me. Adam, I've been here before with johns. They usually suck me off then I rub them off, but not always. They've taken me into the woods, had their way then told me to stay put. I thought that was what you wanted."

Mr. Weeks spoke up, "You could not be further from the truth. Timmy, it's wrong. I'm sorry that happened to you. Using boys for an adults' sexual satisfaction is criminally wrong. That's why we're here."

I nodded but still didn't believe that he was genuine and sincere. Well, I did but not quite. I wanted to believe him yet...

They brought the trays of food to our table then sat them down. They soon left after Mr. Weeks assured them that all seemed to be well at that point in time.

While we were eating, Joey gave the highlights of his story, what it was like when he was living with his mom down on the south side. He was telling the absolute truth, I just knew he was. When his tears began flowing I got up and sat next to him, pulled his arm into my chest then simply held it as a token gesture that I was listening, and supportive, and that I understood what he was talking about, and why.

He opened up. He told us how he'd done and sold drugs to supplement income for his family despite his mothers' pleadings to not do it, that they'd make it somehow.

He stopped speaking, took a deep breath, held it in, looked at me then said to Mr. Weeks, "Mr. Weeks, I was raped twice. May I have your permission to speak freely because in the time I've had to think about this I've not yet come up with a pretty way to get it out?"

"Of course, speak freely, don't hold back." Mr. Weeks said as a matter of fact.

"Mr. Weeks, I promised myself that nobody would ever fuck me. I had another boyfriend then and I'd promised myself that he'd be my first and only and last person I'd give permission to. That didn't happen."

"Mr. Weeks both of the people that raped me are dead. I killed both of them. Williams said I had an outstanding warrant for murder one. He might be right, I don't know for sure because I didn't go looking. I did know that cops were looking for me – but they were looking for Joseph Lee Walker. I kept running and running and running. I'm not proud of what I did although I was at the time. They took something that I'd never get back. Williams isn't one of the cops that raped me but he just about did until I kicked him so hard in the nuts…" Joey then went silent.

Mr. Weeks said, "Mr. Williams didn't rape you, okay, I get that part. Explain what you mean that he's not 'one of the cops' that raped you."

"Okay, Williams was one of my regular customers. He was usually satisfied with me sucking him off. He really liked sucking me off, and he was good at it, sorry. Although I tried to stop it he'd hold me down and stick his fingers up my ass. It was like he was getting me ready… he did that several times over time… until that day he just about got his dick in me."

"I was 'working for' some other cops… they too were paying customers. Some I sold drugs to, mostly they wanted me for sex. One of the two people I'd taken out was a cop. He raped me. He was a slimy motherfucker. He got pissed off because I didn't give him my entire take for whoring around that particular night. He was going to show me that he was boss and shit. He tossed me around, slammed me on the bed then ripped off my clothes and then raped me. My friends arrived. We had to do what we had to do and then when he was dead I shit in that hole where his head had been."

Mr. Weeks retrieved a notebook and a pen from his brief case, sat it on the table then began taking notes. He said, "Joey, I'm going to need names, and dates or approximate dates."

Joey then recited 5 names. I recognized their first names. Mr. Weeks looked at me, I nodded then he turned his attention back to Joey after making some additional notes.

"The other rapist was a guy in a bar on the southwest side of the south side. He took me while I was taking a piss in the restroom. He had a gun. As he was fucking me I was able to get loose and then I blew his head off. When I was able to get out of there, I went looking for the bartender. I found him behind the bar. He was dead. He was an okay dude."

"Joey, I have to ask you a question. The guy that raped you in the bar, was he ever a 'paying customer'?"

"No. I didn't know him. I'd never even seen him before."

"Were you drunk or on drugs at the time? Had you used that day?" Mr. Weeks asked Joey.

"No. I didn't get fucked up until that night. I told my boyfriend about what happened – and well that is an entirely different subject. Let's just say we had sex for all the right reasons."

Mr. Weeks asked professionally, "I'll need his name and address."

Joey gave Mr. Weeks the information. I sat up because I knew Wayne. We'd shagged a few times but mainly we ran the streets for a while. I kept my mouth closed.

Mr. Weeks asked Joey several more questions. Joey would answer them then looked to me for support and or collaboration. Most questions I had no information. Some I did. Some I didn't want to hear.

Mr. Weeks then turned to me, asked me some questions about this, that and another. Finally, after evading many questions, my stomach churning, Mr. Weeks said, "Timmy you are not being entirely truthful with me. If you are to have the best chances at not being charged with perjury then you need to get entirely honest, right now. Do you understand?"

I decided to stop hedging around after Joey said that we were on the prosecution's side. Mr. Weeks nodded then said, "The judge is deciding on a motion to provide Joey with immunity from prosecution. I think we'll get it. I'm sure that you could be exempted also. I'll just have to submit a motion. Now, tell me the truth about Officer Williams."

"I'm afraid. He said he'd kill me if I ever told anybody. A couple of the other cops threatened me with their guns. The others got really rough with me. I had no doubt they'd hurt me, maybe even kill me."

"I need the names of the people who threatened you. Threatening a child with bodily harm while performing illegal acts with the child ups the charges and puts us on a whole new playing field." Mr. Weeks said while taking notes.

When the questions stopped, I added, "Uhm, Officer Williams was the first one. I think I was 10 or 11. He was really nice to me. I felt like he really loved me. He was always doing good things besides the sex stuff, you know, taking me to the park. He even took me to Six Flags. That was a blast. After a while the sex really felt good. I mean I liked him inside of me. Before everything changed he'd suck me off. He'd really make me feel good, like I was loved or something."

"What happened to make all that stuff change, Timmy?"

"I don't know. One day we met in the park, as we always did, back there in the woods <I pointed deep into the woods behind where we were sitting>, and well he got really rough with me. Long story short I had an accident..."


I looked at Joey. He said, "It happens sometimes, Adam."

Adam, clearly perplexed, "I don't understand..."

I replied, "I shit... I guess I didn't clean myself out very well because he got madder than hell and started beating me. I grabbed my clothes and ran like hell. After that I stayed public except when I was taking care of another customer somewhere else. That was the last sex we had.. well... then anwyay. He went away. I didn't see him for a long time."

"Then what happened?" Mr. Weeks looked at me intensely.

"I stayed away from this park for a long time, and even when I had to go through here I went during the daytime. Anyway, one day I was walking through here on my way to a customer's loft apartment. We always had lot of fun. He'd give me drugs. I don't like drugs but with him they were okay."

"That one day, naked as the day I was born, I ran to a friend's house not too far from here. He holed me up for a few days. I was really messed up... Williams beat the holy fuck out of me... I couldn't work. I couldn't even move very well for the first two days after that happened. His name was Arturo."

"Arturo... do you have his last name? Where does he live?" Weeks asked.

"I don't know. I do know that he and his family moved to Springfield. His dad got a job down there, and they wanted to get their kids away from here."

"So then what happened?"

"Like I said, I stayed away from here for several weeks. One day I was doing one of my cop friends, the only one I could really count on to treat me right. He never fucked me. He was more into pleasuring me. I'd suck him off or I'd jack him off... which was fine for him. He paid my 'fuck 'rate'. He'd buy me lunch over at the vendor <I pointed to my hotdog and chips and drink>. Anyway, I stayed in the woods until he was out of sight – that was our deal... uhm, you know... it protected him and he was concerned that I'd get busted for prostitution."

"I got dressed. I wasn't paying attention thinking that I was safe. Anyway, when I was putting on my shoes Williams grabbed me from behind, slammed me to the ground, ripped off my clothes, and raped me twice. As he dicked he beat the holy fucking hell out of me. I couldn't move. I noticed another kid, maybe a little older than I was. He was taking his clothes off. Anyway, yeah, he fucked me too... Williams made him do it even though the kid didn't really want to. Then Williams got really pissed off."

Joey was paying rapt attention. Although his tears had stopped dropping, something came over him. I saw the transition... so did Adam.

Adam asked, "Did you see who the boy was? Can you identify him?"

Joey took in a deep breath, shuddered, and then his tears started again... they were freely flowing. He put his head down on the table, just missing a smudge of mustard. He then angrily looked up. He put his arm around my shoulders. He looked into my eyes with a degree of hurt that I'd never ever seen anyone have, ever. He sobbed then looked at Adam, "That was me. Sometimes Williams would take me on his hunts for other guys... sometimes he made me talk the boy up and bring him here or other places... I tried Timmy... oh God I tried... I'm sorry. I didn't know..."

Then he turned to Adam, "That was the day... Williams took me home with him... that was the day that he just about got me. That was the day when I kicked the holy fucking shut out of him, trying to get away. I got away... and I didn't see Williams for a long time after that..."

I nodded, "I didn't see him either... but then I stayed away from here. I never came back until today, right now."

When Adam finished writing his notes, he looked at me, "So what happened after that?"

"I didn't work for a while. I couldn't. I had some money stashed away. What I couldn't buy I stole, you know like cigarettes, food, and even some Preparation-H because he, his dick, well it hurt me. I couldn't trick so I had to do something..."

Speaking of cigarettes, Joey reached into his sock, retrieved something. He looked back toward his mom and dad, raised the package (it was a pack of Kool Menthol Lights)... I looked to them... his mom nodded... he pulled one then two out of the package... he offered me one... I took it... he lit our cigarettes.

Adam looked a bit surprised but continued, "So what happened after that?"

"I went back to work. I had to. I ran out of money. I had nowhere to go... it was getting cold... so I started tricking again. I even cut my rates in return for a place to stay at night. Everything was going okay... I mean, well, I hung out around the convention center... and well... you know... I stayed away from here, and I stayed away from the beat Williams worked... I was very careful... then one morning a couple or three weeks ago I ran into him at an ice cream place. I had a pocket full of change. I got a room at The Star... they didn't care if I was a kid or not... they rented me a dirty, filthy room. The bed was broken down. The rats were the worst problem. I couldn't keep any food around. Anyway, one morning, I ventured out... there was this donut shop about 2 blocks away... anyway, Williams came driving down the street... but I didn't know it was him. I hid because... well just because. Anyway, he saw me... he grabbed my hair and then handcuffed me and arrested me for solicitation... even though I wasn't working... you know... not then... not that morning."

I looked to Joey. He put his hand on mine, squeezed lightly... then a look of recognition passed through his eyes, "Was that was the day we found you?"

I nodded then continued, "He took me back to my room... he'd raised his fist. He took a different tact though. He pulled his gun. He said that he had 4 hollow point bullets in the clip. He held it to my head and clicked twice... nothing happened. That's when I took him to my room... that convinced me that I had to do what he said, no matter what it was. We had sex... ermmm... he dicked me and then we took off. I was sick... anyway he drove me around town... I had no idea where we were... I think that's what he wanted... anyway, we drove down an alley. We stopped at a dumpster. He fucked me again then we drove some more... that's when he opened to the door on my side... just a little bit... and then he went down another alley … he shoved me out when we were still moving … and then he drove off. That night, late, is when you <I pointed to Joey> you guys found me."

I stubbed out the cigarette, picked up the package, and retrieved another one. Joey offered his cigarette for me to light mine with... I lit up and then handed it back to him.

To Joey he said, "I'm going to need the names and addresses of your friends."

Joey nodded then looked into his phone and recited the names and phone numbers of the guys that were with him that night.

Adam turned to me, "Okay, I have enough information for right now. I need you to go on the stand to testify. Joey, I also need to put you on the stand again... probably right after Timmy. I need to warn you that the defense will grill you without mercy... they will try to make you into the bad guys... is there anything else that I need to know about?"

"Well... uhm... sometimes he'd take me on trips. When I was younger, and even last summer, he took me to different places... like New Orleans... we went there a lot... then sometimes he took me to Phoenix.... we went to LA once... when he stopped loving me... you know... I didn't go on any more trips."

Joey said, "I'd heard of that but he never approached me. If he took Timmy to New Orleans that would mean that this stuff is federal, right?"

"Yes. Go ahead Timmy. Tell me what happened." Adam said.

"Okay, we went to New Orleans maybe 7 or 8 times. I think the guys were cops too."

"In New Orleans?"

"Yeah. Anyway, they were mostly cool. Sometimes some of the guys were really mean... they'd threaten me and shit... they never beat me though. They even got onto Williams when he'd be mean and shit... with those guys... well, I just learned how to work them."

"Work them?" Adam asked curiously.

"Yeah... I'd give them anything that I thought they wanted. They'd look out for me."

"Can you give me any names?"

"I didn't ask and obviously they didn't tell... I couldn't push it... ya know. There was one guy though... his name was Don. He'd bring his kid... oh wait... a guy named Al was one of the guys, he did me the most. There was also a guy named Don. I think he was the boss or something. Sometimes he'd bring his kid or something – the kid was a real jackass. He threw me in a canal. Some passerby saw me almost drowning. Anyway the jackass jumped in and 'rescued' me, in front of everybody."

"Do you know the name of the jackass?" Adam said.

"Uhm... no, it started with a B I think. Oh yeah, he always had a fucking camera with him, always."

"A camera?"

"Yeah. You know those things you take pictures with? One of those. A camera. Sometimes he had a recorder."

"I know this sounds dumb Timmy but I need as much information as you can give... and it needs to come from you. I can't go making assumptions, okay?"

"Okay, sorry. I just thought that was dumb ass stuff. Yeah, that B guy took pictures, and well like I said sometimes he pointed that camcorder while some of the other guys and I had sex and shit."

"Did he say where he was from? Did he live in New Orleans?"

"He didn't say but he had a nice tan... uhm, well... he was tanned all over, I mean his cock and butt were tan too."

"What kind of sex did he take pictures of? Tell me specifically."

"Like I said... there were other kids my age there too. They'd make us have sex, real sex, you know – fucking and stuff. We sucked too. Ha haa, they used to call me the Energizer Bunny, I could go all night."

Joey snickered. I smiled, "Well, they did, and I could!"

Adam looked at Joey and me like we were like aliens from outer space or something. What happened was true.

Joey got really serious. He said, "I had no idea that he was involved in that shit. I had heard about it through the circles but I don't have any details. Adam, I've been thinking about this whole situation. I have to do the right thing and can't let my fear of going to jail keep that bastard on the streets. What do I need to do?"

"Just tell the truth. I'm pretty sure the judge will grant my motion to immunize you from prosecution. You do know that I can't promise it right now though. When we go back into the courtroom, if the judge hasn't made his ruling then I'll request a continuance." Adam said.

"A continuance, what's that?" I asked Adam.

Joey replied, "It's where they delay the hearing or trial until another day."

"That's right. Okay boys, I think we have enough for now. When we get into court, let me ask the questions. Don't jump ahead, and don't volunteer any information that is not relevant to the question."

After nodding and verbalizing our understandings, Adam said, "Okay, let's go back to your folks. We still have another hour or so. I'm going to make some phone calls. Don't leave the courthouse property under any circumstance."

Adam looked at Joey then to me. He said, "Shit is about to hit the fucking proverbial fan. Let's kick some serious ass in that courtroom this afternoon."

Joey grinned, "Now you're talking my language. Timmy let's go kick some serious butt."

Mr. Weeks headed toward Joey's dad. Joey put his arm around my shoulders, he said, "Are you okay? We've got to do this together. He can't get away with it."

I replied, "I think he's shitting us, Joey. No lawyer talks that way. I'm scared."

Joey replied, "They're bad cops. They have to go down. I didn't know about any of that movie shit. That's just fuckin sick."

"No, Joey, you can't go to prison. You've got a good life here. I see how your family loves you... I mean they really love you. And they don't demand sex and shit from you?"

"Yeah, I've got a good life now. Tell you what... and I promise... if the judge doesn't give us immunity, both of us, then I ain't talking. You shouldn't say anything either... we're either in this together or we're not." Joey said determinedly.

"Deal." I said then we shook on it. Joey then loosely put his arms around my shoulders and then firmly held me to his chest. In turn I put my arms around him then trailed my hands down his back, cupped his cheeks then squeezed them firmly.

Joey quickly pushed me away and then I was hit from behind with a full body slam. I had no clue. Joey didn't either. I was wrestled face down to the ground. I was eating grass.

Joey meanwhile was screaming to let me up. I then felt a fist crash into my upper back near my neck. My bones popped. I fought back and fought back hard.

Then another pair of hands, big hands removed the dead weight from my back.

Nathan then screamed, "You keep your motherfucking hands off my brother, you fucking pervert."

"NATHAN THAT IS ENOUGH! STOP IT RIGHT NOW." Dave said firmly leaving no doubt whatsoever that he meant business.

Derrick then helped me to stand up. His eyes were rabid. He looked at Nathan, "What the hell got into you?"

"I saw him feeling up my brother. You keep your fucking hands off him, DO YOU HEAR ME?" Nathan screamed at me.

"Yeah, I heard you. Look, I'm not here to cause trouble." I said then took off running for the trolley car on the corner.

Before I could take 10 steps, Dave was hollering at me to stop right then and there. I kept on running, and did not look back until someone grabbed the neck of my shirt and yanked it, tearing it. I turned around ready to rumble. It was Dave. He looked very angry. I started shaking knowing he was going to beat the hell out of me.

"Timmy, don't start running because if you start running now then you'll be running for the rest of your life. Somebody will always be after you. It'll never stop; you can never stop. Once you start you'll have to keep going."

"I'm going to die anyway. I don't care no more. I don't deserve you guys. I keep fucking things up. I don't know how to live any different."

"Where are you running to? Where will you go? How will you get there?" Dave asked seriously.

"I'm going to New Orleans. They'll take care of me." I said defiantly.

"That's clear across the country. What are you going to do, walk?" Dave said heatedly. Yet... his eyes were soft.

"Yeah, I'll walk. There are clubs in St. Louis and Kansas City. There's a really big club in Oklahoma City. Or I can go to LA... I'll get to New Orleans, don't worry. They'll help me get there. I can get a job anywhere. This thing will pay my way. Now let me go." I said grabbing my cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joey approaching, Nathan was with him, and so were Derrick and June. They looked determined. I peed my pants. I couldn't stop. They were going to kill me.

Nathan walked to me then held out his hand. He said, "I'm sorry. I reacted. I'm grounded to the house. Mom explained what happened. I shouldn't have reacted."

Joey said to Nathan, "You moron. We're done fighting. If I could I'd kick your ass... I promise you an ass kicking when I'm able to."

"Boys, stop your fighting right now. I've had enough of it. Turn your anger into something positive. Timmy, don't you ever force your sex on our family again. Do you understand?" Their mother said seriously, looking at Nathan then to Joey.

Dave said, "He's hell bent on going to New Orleans. Let him go. If he wants it that bad then all we're doing is holding him back. He might not leave today but he'll be gone soon. Isn't that true Timmy?"

"No he's not going anywhere. Come on big man; grow some nuts... sorry mom... you and Joey are the only ones who can stop that dipshit... sorry mom... cop. Are you going to do it or are you going to run?" Nathan said looking into my eyes. He meant it. It was my turning point. It was decision time.

After an undetermined period of silence... they were waiting... I said, "Look, I have a friend in New Orleans. His name's LaShawn. He took care of me when I got sick... but nobody's taking care of him."

Joey walked to me. So did his mom. Nathan said, "Go ahead, nobody's gonna get mad at you. Is he your boyfriend or something?"

I looked up. Nathan was serious yet he was calm. His mom had her hand on his shoulder.

I looked down to the ground, "He's different. He's one of the guys... uhm... we made movies together but he was different. They made us do sex stuff together... but we enjoyed it. They didn't know though, not until they caught us, well, we were making love in the hotel... I mean we weren't working, and well, I mean I really liked him and he liked me too."

Dave asked, "So what happened to him... you said you were caught..."

"I don't know. I never saw him again. That's when Williams got really mean. He said I fucked everything up."

Nathan gave me a disapproving look, as did Joey and Derrick. I said, "Sorry... anyway, Joey, that's what really happened. I need to find him. I've never said this before right now..."Uhm, I love him. I'm pretty sure he loves me too."

Dave said, "We've got about 30 minutes or so... Timmy there are other ways of handling this situation. We can talk about it later... or you can go ahead and leave. If you leave then the cop may very well walk."

Joey spoke up, "No, dad, he won't walk. If the judge says I'm immune from prosecution then I'm going to tell the whole story. You and mom don't know everything that happened. You may not want me around when you hear it. I would rather tell you at home, you know where we could sit down and talk about it. I really don't want you to hear it in a courtroom." He had tears in his eyes. His mom took him into her arms then she very gently pulled him into her bosom.

June looked at her husband, she said, "Dave, we're either in or we're out at this point. I'm in. Joey's my son. Nathan's my son. Derrick's our son. And Timmy... Timmy you need to decide, you need to decide right now. You're either in or you're out. It's your choice."

I peed some more. All decisions had always been made for me. I either had to put out or be put out. But these people were giving me a choice... I had to make a decision.

Before I could decide though, Adam came walking to our group. He said, "We've only got a few minutes before court resumes. What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

From the background, way off in the distance I heard a song being played and sang... it went like this...

You want to know it's guaranteed before you take a chance

You want to know how the song will end before you start to dance

Well I can't foretell the future

but my heart clearly sees your hand in mine for a long, long time

if you could just believe

Take a leap of faith

Cast away your doubts

Darlin come one day

We can work it out

Love that's real will always find a way

If you'll trust in me

Like I trust in you

There's no rain or fire we can't go through

The first step is always the hardest one to take

It's a leap of faith

I understand all your doubts and fears

of putting your heart on the line

But aren't you afraid of going away

A love like yours and mine

I know your heart's been broken

You've been let down before

Though the stakes are high

Give it one more try

This time you can be sure

Take a leap of faith

Cast away your doubts

Darlin come one day

We can work it out

Love that's real will always find a way

If you'll trust in me

Like I trust in you

There's no rain or fire we can't go through

The first step is always the hardest one to take

It's a leap of faith

If you'll trust in me

Like I trust in you

There's no rain or fire we can't go through

The first step is always the hardest one to take

It's a leap of faith

It's a leap of faith.

(© "Leap of Faith", Lionel Cartwright, 1991)

Leap of Faith (Lionel Cartright)

I found myself singing along. LaShawn and I used to sing it together. Even though we couldn't carry a tune to save our lives, we sang when we lay down to relieve our heartaches of the day.

I walked to June and Dave. They were standing together holding hands, wondering... I looked into their eyes. With fear coursing through my veins, I said, "I don't know what to do. But I'm here. Now what?"

*** To be continued

Author's Note: It has been brought to my kind attention that there could very well be a mix-up of three distinct characters named Jeff or Jeffrey in this story, The Redemption.

To clear that up:

In chapters 3 and 4 there was a character named Jeff. This Jeff was a barber. He invited Joey and Nathan to his home where he took pictures, for money, of Joey and Nathan. This Jeff is gone.

Secondly, In Chapter 6, Skeeter has a brother named Jeff. He's cool.

Third, on the night when Timmy had his first official 'flame out'... remember when Joey took a walk and saw some boys playing basketball? One of those boys was named Jeff. Joey and Jeff are becoming friends. This same Jeffrey observed/witnessed Joey's arrest. This Jeff character was first introduced in chapter 18.

I hope this explanation clears up any confusion.


Joe Writer Man

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