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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 26

*-* Chicago *-*

(Previously (Joey's POV)) On the second refrain, as Timmy walked to mom and dad, I realized I had picked up on the song and was singing along. Nathan looked at me real strangely. I cleared my throat at hearing Timmy say to mom, "I don't know what to do. But I'm here. Now what?"

For the first time since we'd known him Timmy was carrying on his shoulders a heavy weight of cautious vulnerability. I didn't know it until I felt a pair of hands wrap around my stomach that Nathan had walked over. He was watching the scene unfold. Nathan hugged me from behind then wrapped his arms around my waist. I shifted my gaze to him. His hair was blowing lightly in the breeze. He turned to me then wiggled his eyebrows. As one we walked over and stood behind Timmy. I don't think he realized we were there; we didn't bring attention to ourselves.

Mom cleared her throat and reached her hand out to Timmy. She glanced to me and Nathan. Timmy turned around first looking at Nathan then to me. I nodded to Timmy then Nathan and I walked up to Timmy and put our hands on his shoulders.

Timmy was clearly confused. He really didn't know what to do. He looked to mom then back to us.

I leaned into his ear then whispered, "The first step is always the hardest one to take … it's a leap of faith."

Timmy reached his hand toward mom but held short by a couple of inches. He looked at dad very, very hesitantly. Dad said very softly to Timmy, "I know this is very hard for you. Maybe we could try this all together. I'm taking a leap of faith too, so are my wife and sons."

Without saying a word, Timmy placed his hand under mom's then reached his other hand toward dad and put his hand likewise. Dad looked at mom, mom looked at dad then together as one they clasped Timmy's hands. They stood there for a minute, maybe two then Timmy, after putting his reserves behind, allowed mom and dad to take him into their arms. Hesitantly he looked back at me then Nathan then Derrick. We all nodded then walked to the newest member of our family and joined into a group hug.

Our family bonding moment was broken by Adam, "Okay, it's time to take care of business. Remember boys, don't offer anything; just answer the questions, and remember that you're not on trial."

As a family with Adam walking beside us we made our way in the courtroom and took seats at the prosecution table or immediately behind it.

After the judge entered the courtroom and resumed the hearing, he granted the Prosecution's motion to immunize me from prosecution pending my completely honest testimony. All were agreeable except the Mr. Kent, the defense attorney who seriously objected to most everything. The judge overruled each and every one of them.

Just before adjourning, Adam said to the judge, "Your Honor, I will be speaking to the federal prosecutor first thing tomorrow morning. Timmy is prepared to testify that Mr. Williams, the defendant in this matter, repeatedly took said minor child to New Orleans and other cities outside the state of Illinois for purposes of sexual favors and child pornography. I will copy this court on those proceedings."

Judge: Very well. Mr. Williams, the charges against you have enough evidence to bind you over for trial. You shall remain in custody. Bond has been denied. Trial is set for July 21st at 9am. Court is adjourned.

*-* Meanwhile back in Kansas *-*

(Previously (Skeeter's POV)) I bent forward lightly touching my forehead to the front of his bib overalls, my eyes went closed but not so tight that they hurt, but not so tight to keep any tears that needed to fall from falling... no tears were falling, "Dad."

"Yes son."

"Go ahead and look at it. You're my dad."

Just then we heard Kevin squealing and mom calling after him. I stepped away, picked up my phone, then just as I was about to close it I showed dad the picture. He nodded that he'd seen it. I closed the lid then laid the phone back on the workbench and turned my attention to Kevin's squeals of happiness to see us. Mom was catching up to him. Damn, Kevin can sure run fast. He attacked my leg (ha haa) and held on tight. I paid him mind while mom said to dad, "Dan, the insurance adjuster called... they'll be out tomorrow. The Wilson and Schneider places got hit just as hard. They're okay. Two of their horses didn't make it though."

They then turned their attentions to Kevin and me. They smiled.

I asked mom, "How's James?"

"He's in his room. I'm just letting him be. Stephen, Coltrane was James' first and only horse. Anyway, come on Kevin let's go back to the house." Mom said looking me then dad. Without warning, she walked to me, drew me into a hug then whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry to have bothered you and your dad. You've been crying... is there anything I can help with?"

Kevin for the most part was contented that I was rubbing his little back.

I shrugged. Dad nodded. I reached for the phone, opened the picture back up and handed it to mom along with the picture dad had had of her and him when they were little kids.

Mom looked up at me disapprovingly but then smiled warmly, "That's your dad and me when we were little. I loved this man before we were ever out of the crib. You guys look happy together."

Feeling reassured I flipped through the pictures until reaching the one where Joey and I were sitting on the creek bank. Although nothing was showing it was readily apparent that we hadn't any clothes on our backs. I showed it to mom. Her facial expression changed to concern, "Stephen, don't confuse the physical feelings with what you're feeling on the inside about him. Your body is changing rapidly however your mind, right now, is often times that of a 12 almost 13 year old. Time will tell."

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. Kevin was becoming restless. He was pulling on my pants leg causing them to pull down just enough so that I had to reach down and pull them back up. I gave him an admonishing look. Although he didn't let my leg go the tugging ceased. I then picked him up, kissed his cheek then to his delight I slung him over my shoulders with some difficulty. That set him off again. Childish screams and squeals broke the semi-quiet atmosphere.

Dad said, "Stephen is there anything else pressing that we need to talk about right now?"

"No dad, I think we're okay for now. Thanks. Mom, thank you too, I'll think about what you said, you know, about the sex stuff cuz I've wondered about, well, you know."

Mom nodded. Kevin was about to squirm out of my grip so dad took hold of him then slung him over his shoulder and playfully spanked Kevin's butt a couple of times. Kevin then urged dad to let him down. Dad would have no part of it. Kevin knowing dad wouldn't let him down (not that that bothered him, not in the least) said, "Hurry up, Daddy, I found a lizard, it's a big one too! Stephen, are you coming to see my lizard?"

"A lizard..." I started to say not believing a lizard could be in Kansas... mom looked at me. Her nonverbal cue was to let Kevin have his lizard.

I smiled then looked at dad and said, "Let's go see a lizard."

We then took off heading toward the house.

At Kevin's urgings dad put him down then the happy little boy led us to a window well, got down on his little hands and knees then reached into it, totally unafraid, pulled his lizard up (it really was actually a small lizard) in his hand and stuck it out for dad and I to see.

Dad looked at it carefully then confirmed the critter was indeed a lizard, a small one but nevertheless. He was totally amazed. Dad told me to look it up on the internet to find its kind, and to read it to Kevin. I agreed. Kevin is a live wire that's for sure. He was so excited. I think he was more excited that we paid mind to him and his discovery than anything else. I suddenly got this warm feeling deep inside... I can't describe it but I felt okay, I was where I belonged, Chicago didn't even come to mind.

I had to use the bathroom so I excused myself and went in the house, upstairs, peed then wandered down to James room. His door was closed. I knocked. He immediately responded by opening the door. His eyes were red rimmed; he'd been crying. My heart hurt because I knew he had to be hurting inside though he'd let on that he was okay.

I reached out my arms to give him a hug. He thought for a second while looking down at the floor. He was at that juncture point. I stepped in, pulled him into my arms and then we stood there not saying anything. For a little while he had his arms down at his side but then wrapped them around my waist and squeezed.

"Come on, Kevin needs to show you his lizard." I said softly, assuredly.

He looked at me totally amazed, like he didn't believe me. I squeezed him firmly then let go. With disbelief clearly in his voice he said, "I've gotta see this."

I said, "Dad confirmed it. We'll look it up on the internet."

"Holy shit, okay, let's go, come on, already."

When we got back outside Mark, Eric, Luke, the others and even Stacy were checking out the creature. James peered at it closely. He shook his head in utter amazement.

Kevin, seeing James' bewilderment, out of the blue said to James, "You're sad Jimmy (Kevin is the only person that James would let call him Jimmy). Here, take him, you take care of him, okay?"

If there was dry eye I didn't see it.

Brokenly, James replied, "I'd love to. Thanks. You can help me. Let's get Stephen to show us how to take care of it, okay?"

"Okay." Kevin said exuberantly.

With that, Kevin led us into the house. He was holding my hand firmly as we went in case I changed my mind or something.

We easily found the lizard on the internet and read up on it. James and Kevin took off to find the necessary stuff so that it could be taken care of properly.

After dinner, I went outside after receiving permission to go down to the duck pond. I told mom I had some things to think through, that I needed to be alone for a while. On the way, I stopped off at the creek, climbed the rock, and then sat watching the water trickle, just like Joey and I had done a few weeks prior when he was visiting.

While the trees had a lot of damage done to them they still stood and afforded plenty of privacy for those times when I just needed to get away from it all. Don't get me wrong, I love my family with all my heart... but sometimes a guy just has to get away and regroup.

Lost in my thoughts, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket then pulled up our pictures and then one by one looked at them very carefully. Yeah, of course, I pronged up. My cock strained inside its tight confines. I even thought about pulling it out and jerking off... achieving orgasm would not have been an issue... but then what? A rock with cum on its face; a limp dick; but what else; what would it all mean?

Shuffling through each and every picture, some with him only in it and some with us both in it, I simply, for the life of me did not see what I saw in mom and dad's picture. But what did that mean? I loved Joey, right? Too heavy for my mind so I stood up, looked all around through the trees and after not seeing anyone I sat the phone on the rock, took off all my clothes, sat down, set up the phone to record video then went to work on my cock. When the sensation nearly overtook my body I rearranged the phone for a full side shot that would show my seed flying all over the place.

After the moment I saved the video then sent it to Joey via a text message then entered his number and waited for him to answer it. It went immediately to voice mail meaning that he either had it turned off or was talking to someone else at the moment.

I decided to go to the creek where I could wash off the evidence. God damn the water was still cold. Despite the feeling of having my nuts around my neck I went ahead and got in, splashed around for a few minutes then got out and went back to the rock where I waited to dry off. Using my underwear for a rag I dried my hands then tried calling Joey again. That time the phone rang its normal number of rings before going to voice mail. "Call me." was the only message I left before hanging up, dressing and heading back.

Dad was heading into the chicken coop but stopped when he saw me running toward him. He put his hand on my back. Together we went in and began my chores – him starting on one side and me on the other. When we met in the middle, I said, after thinking about what he and mom had told me, "Dad, Joey and I have good sex. He makes me want more. And more isn't enough because I still want even more. It's like I can't get enough."

"Stephen, you're at the age when sex is all you're thinking about. It's normal. Your body is preparing itself for mating. Right now your hormones are running the show. The urge will settle down in a few years. You have time. Enjoy. I'm convinced that our sex powers were given to us... not just because we need to procreate but because it feels good. Stephen, here's what's important; it's something I've found out over the years: sure the moment feels good but what's even more important is the mental, emotional, and spiritual connection with the person who lay with you. Tell me something."


"Tell me why you took the picture of you lying on top of Joey... I have my ideas. I have no doubt what you were doing..."

I felt my heck and face fill with extra blood because all of a sudden it got really hot in the chicken house...

"Uhm, well dad, we save a lot of pictures... most of them I didn't show you." I said looking down at the floor, looking for a spot on my shoes to hone in on.

"That's okay; I don't want to see them. I won't embarrass you. Son, you are embarrassing yourself. You're ashamed of yourself, of Joey, and the relationship you and he have. Am I pretty close?"

I shrugged my shoulders. I hadn't thought of it in that way. I said, "I guess."

"Son, there's nothing at all that I'm ashamed of in the relationship with your mother. We both have cell phones and neither of us would ever think about taking pictures of one another while in compromising positions. What would you think, what do you think your brothers and sister would think if you found our phone with those kinds of pictures?"

"We wouldn't like it. I know I wouldn't. Okay, dad, I understand what you're saying. I guess I have a lot to learn, huh?"

"You're still young." Dad chuckled, put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight for a quick hug.

We finished gathering up the eggs, washed them off, and then put them away then dad headed for the barn after telling me to check on Luke and see if I could do anything to help him. I ran into James on the way. He had his head down and was slowly shuffling along not paying any attention to where he was going.

"Hey James, whatcha doing?"

"I've gotta finish up my chores. Whatcha doing?"

"I'm going to check on Luke. Wanna go with me? We can help him finish up then we'll help you, okay?" I said assuredly.

He looked up but only shrugged his shoulders. Together we walked up the lane to the goat pen. Luke was once again huddled with his babies. He looked up to see us walking toward him. He was smiling, and he wasn't smiling only because he saw us... he was in his element and happy because he was simply happy.

I said, "James and I'll help you finish your chores then we'll help with his, okay?"

"Okay, kewl. I'm just about done."

With the three of us helping, Luke's chores were completed quickly. We then headed to the horse barn to work on James' chores.

When we arrived, James hesitated but then squared his shoulders and led the way. We helped him fill buckets of oats and straw and dump them into the bins. James avoided Coltrane's stall altogether. Coltrane had the largest stall in the corner so I just figured there was no need to even walk over there so I understood why James avoided the area.

Finished with feeding the horses we each grabbed the shovels and began shoveling horse shit... we each took a stall. Luke walked in the stall where I was working, he said, "James just walked out. He said he had some things to think about. He was about ready to cry but held them in."

I asked, "Where is he?"

"He's sitting outside. I don't think he knows that I saw him."

"I know he's hurting. Mom says he has to work it out though. I told him that when Gerta breeds then if dad will let me then I'll give him the offspring."

"That's cool. Their mating season is coming up real soon so hopefully by winter he'll have his horse. He really loved Coltrane. He and Kevin made the lizard a new home. It seems happy there but we'll see. This isn't its natural habitat."

"Yeah, let's just hang around James, you know be a pest so that he's not all alone. That's some bad shit he went through bruddah."

That said we headed outside. James was sitting on the horse tank. He was deep in thought. He looked up, Luke and I saw he'd been crying quietly so we sat down next him, me on one side and Luke on the other then put our arms around his shoulders to let him know we were there for him during his time of need of brotherly love, support and companionship.

After several minutes of silence James said, "Coltrane was a funny horse. He and I fell in love the very first second our eyes met. Dad had been having shit loads of trouble taming him down enough so that he would get a halter on... he never could get him settled down long enough. Every time he'd come up to him he'd whinny and take off. Dad told me to absolutely stay away yet it was Coltrane that came to me. He nuzzled my chin then stood by me when dad came walking toward us. Coltrane snorted and tamped his foot in the dirt warning dad to stay away, or at least this is how I took Coltrane's reaction. We were by the fence so I climbed up on it then Coltrane moved right next to it then looked at me and in his own language told me to get on, that I was safe. With no further encouragement I mounted him. Dad was frightened... that's the only time when he gets mad – when he's afraid that mom or us kids might get hurt. Anyway, Coltrane began walking around the corral, slowly and surely and carefully... he knew he didn't have a saddle and that I could easily slip off and get hurt. After we'd walked around three or four times Coltrane stopped in front of dad. I easily slid off. I put dad's hand on Coltrane's muzzle and they were fine after that though he wouldn't let dad ride him."

"I remember when you showed me how to ride him. He kinda knew I was fucked up. He was really gentle. I loved him. But he sure didn't like Thomas, did he?" Luke said knowingly.

James laughed out loud, "Hell no. Stephen, Thomas tried to ride him when I wasn't home. Dad was off in the fields working as he always does. Anyway, Thomas bridled him up, swung a leg over but Coltrane didn't want to ride... he knocked him into the dirt. He did that two or three times. Coltrane got fed up so he let Thomas get up and mount then she took off with him. They, I mean, he, I mean Coltrane took off for the rock but instead went through the briar patch – twice <James fully giggled)."

I asked, "Did he get hurt?"

"You mean Coltrane? Hell no his coat was strong and beautiful. Thomas on the other hand… well let's just say: mom spent several hours picking out the thorns in his legs. To my knowledge he never tried to ride him again. Coltrane hated storms. He was afraid of them. He'd go to the creek and hide out there. He felt safe there. I don't know why he didn't... you know."

Luke said, "Stephen said you get Gerta's first sired offspring. Gerta and Coltrane were brothers, right?"

"Right, Stacy's horse is the mother and mom's horse is the daddy." James answered factually.

Luke bantered back, "Yeah, Stacy is a horses' ass that's for sure."

We all laughed hard knowing Luke wasn't all that far off. Yet, I knew she had a soft side too. She just didn't show it very often.

The dinner bell rang. Although we'd already ate dinner hours before, it was a sign that everybody was to come home and inside.

In brotherly solidarity we got up then walked to the house, me on one side of James and Luke on the other, arms around James' shoulders. He continued to say good things about his horse... he was mostly laughing at remembering Coltrane's antics and swore that horse had intentionally played pranks on him. His mood, much lighter than before excused himself to his room. Mom had something for Luke to do and she shooed me off to the bathroom to get my bath and ready for school.

As was the usual theme, Kevin joined me. I washed most of his body, leaving his privates private, and then he 'helped' me wash up that which wasn't 'private' on me. We then played with his floating toy animals for a few minutes all the while keeping in mind not to splash around else mom would get irate over having water on the floor. Finished, I dried him off and he dried my legs off. That kid is hard to keep clothes on so he went streaking downstairs while I finished drying off. I checked the coast... finding it was clear I streaked to my bedroom where I put on a pair of underwear and socks then headed downstairs myself after grabbing a pair of underwear for Kevin from his room. Mom was appreciative, and said so. Of course I tickled Kevin unmercifully until he threatened to pee himself and me – I knew better since he' already did his business before we took our bath. Stacy was dishing up the rest of the homemade ice cream – black walnut – my undying and forevermore favorite of all time.

Once the ice cream was finished and we were excused we took off for the living room where we turned on the boob tube and watched some idiot cook on TV screaming and cussing... it was some kind of reality show or something. Kevin kept asking what he was saying... dad just told him to never mind. Kevin's incessant demands got him a trip upstairs to bed.

Luke ripped a huge juicy fart which earned him a "Good night son" from mom. Eric trounced on my back which created a small but quick wrestle war between the two of us. Mom severely admonished us for rough housing in the living room. Dad said to take it outside but mom said there were laws about indecency. Dad giggled, saying, "Well mom, if that were the case then we'd be at the jailhouse all the time!"

"Oh Dan, you're something else! No wonder these kids … are just like YOU!"

Dad of course came back and said something else. Finally they just giggled and went back to watching TV. I didn't watch all their animations but had paid very close attention to their words. I smiled inside.

*-* Meanwhile back in Chicago, Joey's POV *-*

We stopped at a nice restaurant to eat dinner since it was so late in the evening. I had crab legs and a wonderful macaroni and cheese pasta side dish. The meal was wonderful. We had pleasant, meaningful but not entirely serious conversations. The mood was definitely relaxed and as the meal went on the relaxation was serious. We were all tired but still had a huge piece of chocolate mousse for dessert.

Timmy needed to use the restroom. Derrick and Nathan and I followed him into the john, peed then were washing our hands when a man probably dad's age walked in. I noticed that Timmy cowered behind Derrick. I don't know why... but I stood by on one side of Derrick. Nathan, seeing us standing there, looked at the man who was walking to the urinal where Nathan was still standing emptying his bladder. He looked back at us. He quickly shook his cock the requisite number of times, zipped up quickly then came and stood on the other side of Derrick.

Derrick said, "We're all done, right?" Then he herded us outside the bathroom and we quickly made our way to the table. Mom and dad were just getting up.

Derrick said, "Let's sit back down and wait here for a few minutes."

Timmy, after he sat down, said, "That guy was a paying customer. He's a cop. He treated me okay... I mean he didn't hurt me, well, not very much."

Dad looked at Timmy with alarm clearly written on his face, "Are you positive?"

"Yes sir, I'm positive."

Dad immediately pulled out his cell phone. He called 911.

Timmy, seeing dad enter the numbers immediately said, "Don't dad. He's a cop. They won't believe me. Come on; let's just get out of here. Forget it. It's my word against theirs."

Dad regarded Timmy carefully.

When the 911 operator answered, Dad said, "I'm sorry ma'am. I believe we have this situation under control. Can you please tell me if Officer Stonegate is on duty tonight?"

"Are you sure sir? Where exactly are you located – I have your location down to within 200 feet?"

"We are at the Barns restaurant on I-90. We're okay. It's imperative that I speak with Officer Stonegate..."

"Yes sir, I'm checking."

A minute later the operator replied, "Yes sir, he's on duty, he's in your precinct, and do you want him to stop by? He's free right now."

"Yes, would you please, we'd appreciate it?"

That said, dad hung up, looked at Timmy, "Officer Stonegate is a family friend. He's one of the good guys, trust me."

Reluctantly, Timmy nodded. The waitress refilled our drinks. And we waited.

About 45 minutes later, an officer in uniform arrived and began looking around then walked to the bar area and then sat down and chatted with the bad cop. The bad cop shook his head no. Dad got up then walked into the bar after telling us to sit tight.

Both officers looked up professionally when dad approached them. The good cop shook hands with dad. Though dad didn't really want to he shook hands with the bad cop. The bad cop then got up and left the restaurant, hastily I thought. Dad and the good cop then came to our table. They were talking. Officer Stonegate then looked to our table then he and dad arrived. Dad offered Officer Stonegate a seat next to Timmy. Timmy squired nervously. I recognized Officer Stonegate. He was an officer who'd chased after me after arriving at the scene where the really bad cop, the one who'd raped me, the one that Buzz had blown away had died.

He didn't recognize me though. Thankfully.

Officer Stonegate then looked at Timmy, "Your dad tells me that you know Officer Hood, and that it isn't good, that he's not a friend. Can you tell me about it?"

Timmy, looking at mom then dad, "Is he really, really, really a good cop?"

Dad replied, "Yes, Officer Stonegate, Steve is his first name by the way – and I grew up together. He's one of the good guys, for sure."

Steve said, "Timmy, the department is all shaken up right now. There's a massive internal investigation happening right now as we speak. If you have some information that might be helpful then I'd appreciate you talking to me. Can you do that for me?"

Timmy was reluctant. Derrick said, "I know Steve too. He was my soccer coach. He has a son my age, Jarrod, he's a good guy. I emphatically trust his family. When dad says he's a good guy then he's a good guy."

Timmy relaxed somewhat.

Nathan said, "Leap of faith, do you remember?"

Timmy looked at Nathan then turned to Officer Stonegate, "Sir, the other guy, your friend... well he was one of my regular paying customers. I'm a boy whore... you know..." Timmy then clammed up waiting to be beat or something.

Dad said sternly, "Timmy, I do not want you to refer to yourself like that. You're changing so allow yourself to change."

Timmy nodded woefully, not quite believing everything yet. I related to him.

Officer Stonegate's appearance dramatically changed. He replied, "What do you mean 'I'm a boy whore'?"

Dad spoke up when Timmy climbed into his hole, "Steve, Timmy was living the streets. He sold his body to survive."

Dad then filled Steve in on the court hearing and Officer Williams' involvement with our family. He told him how I'd been arrested, and why, and what had happened. Mom filled in places. Dad then said, "Timmy and Joey are going to testify against him. They both know him, and others."

Finally Steve said nondescript but meaningfully, "I've known Officer Hood for a while now. He's an oddball of sorts but I'd never have guessed. Timmy, I'm sorry this has happened to you... especially from law enforcement officers charged with protecting little kids, and others. Joey, I've seen you before <he looked me directly in the eye; I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably> Internal Affairs will be in contact with you too."

Turning to dad Steve said, "Dave, I'm going to give this information to the chief investigator. He'll be in touch very soon. Timmy, you've been very brave. I appreciate you telling me this information. Joey, you've been brave too. I'm sure something can be worked out."

I felt myself tense up. My tummy rumbled. I'm glad I peed because I felt my urinary bladder sphincter relax – thankfully only a drip or two escaped from my dual purpose nozzle.

Then I sat up and took a leap of faith as we'd told Timmy to do, "Sir, I'm one of the guys you chased that day a few months ago. I'd been raped. I was also in a bad life, and well I did what I did well back then – run."

Dad interjected, "Steve we know Joey's history. Joey and Timmy had a long conversation with Adam Weeks, the prosecuting attorney today. He knows all about his history too. The judge granted a motion to immunize Joey from prosecution in return for his testimony."

Steve relaxed considerably. He nodded to me, "I'll check it out, I have to, I'm sure you understand."

I nodded.

The restaurant was close to our house so we arrived home in short order. I took off for the bathroom, exploded the stool because I'd gotten so nervous and afraid. After finishing up, I went to my bedroom where I shucked my clothes and put on a pair of bright green running shorts, commando.

We went for ice cream. I declined a shower that night and instead went to bed and then fell right to sleep.

Sometime later, my phone rang. In a fog I answered it without even checking caller ID.

Me: Hello.

Skeeter: Hello there Mister Sexy. Did I wake you?

Me: Yup, but I'm glad you called. Sorry I haven't called too much. It's been crazy around here...

For the next two hours or so we got caught up. Timmy, meanwhile, had come to my bed, and after receiving permission to sleep with me, he curled up in a ball and quickly fell to sleep. Skeeter and I ended the call on a 'light' note after exploding our pent up desires while urging each other on. Timmy didn't budge even though I'd had a significant spasm during the moments of climax.

After wishing each other good night and an "I love you" once, twice, three times then four we hung up. I went and peed then returned to bed and quickly fell back to sleep.

Sometime later, the sun was in full force and effect, Timmy woke me up as he crawled out of bed. He'd thrown some big time major wood, and I needed to pee like a race horse. Under my own power I crawled out of bed myself. When I arrived in the bathroom he'd already finished his business so I did mine then headed into the kitchen to see what was cooking – bacon, eggs, hash browns, fresh fruit – the usual. My tummy growled its emptiness, appreciations and anticipation for the good stuff to soon come. Mom, of course, growled in her motherly way when I reached into the bacon pile, extracted 2 slices and quickly put them in my mouth. I grabbed two more pieces and quickly snarfed them into Timmy's mouth. He smiled and languished into the wonderful tastes. Of course, mom playfully swatted us both on the butt and told us to finish setting the table.

During the meal I offered, "I talked to Skeeter last night. We're good. I can't wait for him to get here tomorrow. I'm going to clean up my room today, change my sheets. Mom, can we go to the mall on Saturday? I want to get Skeeter something... but he's gotta be here because... well he's just got to be here."

"I don't see that being a problem. I'm on call this weekend... maybe Derrick will take ya in case I get called." Mom said factually.

Despite my mild protests, Timmy helped me clean my room and change my sheets and stuff. When we were finished, we went to his room and did the same to his.

Mom announced that she was going to the hospital and that she'd be working the second shift and probably wouldn't be home till the middle of the night sometime. Nathan had left for Linda's house, Derrick had gone to his friend Steve's, and dad had gone to work but that he'd be home around 6pm, or so.

Timmy and I found some Superglue and put some of his things back together after his rampage from a few days prior. We talked about a lot of things, and we wondered why we'd not met previously, you know during our days on the streets. We came to the conclusion that our territories had simply been different though the times had been mostly the same. We decided solidarity was the best way to handle the courts, and how the police internal affairs division wanted our information. After all, we no longer had anything to hide.

For the first time, I felt a bond with Timmy. I felt he was loosening up, allowing himself to trust us, and that we weren't going to give up on him or worse toss him in the garbage.

After making his bed, we fell asleep. Somewhere during our nap we had migrated together. He had his arm around my waist and was holding me firmly even though he was sound asleep. He had his front to my back. I felt his erection poking me in the butt. It felt good. It stirred an itch deep inside of my bowels. My first thought was that I couldn't wait for Skeeter to arrive so that he could scratch the itch. I knew he would take care of it well. I fell back to sleep with those thoughts running through my mind.

Sometime later I awoke to find Timmy had brought his body closer to mine, so close that we were actually sandwiched together. He felt good... once again my thoughts turned to Skeeter, knowing it would soon be his body I'd be nestling.

Slumber took over once again. The next time I awoke, halfway anyway, I felt my cock being continually squeezed. I looked down. Timmy had my elongation firmly held in his hand. By the sounds of his breathing, he was asleep, and he had his own boner pressed against the thin fabric of the running shorts I was wearing commando style. I reached down to take his hand away from my dick because it was on a track to where relief would be necessary. His hand was around it tightly. It seemed to get even tighter when I grabbed his wrist... finally, he awoke at my urgings. He didn't let go right away. My needs were building rapidly. I looked down and saw a wet spot forming.

When he realized where his hand was he withdrew it. I rolled onto my back and looked into his eyes. He said, "Sorry about that. I was dreaming." When he realized the gravity of his actions he went to get up but instead I pulled him into my arms. He seemed to melt then he relaxed and just enjoyed our closeness, as did I.

He then stretched widely then laid his hand on my bare stomach when he came back. I know how good that feels simply because I hadn't been able to stretch out since the injury.

"Joey, is Skeeter really your boyfriend?" Timmy said from out of the blue.

"Yeah, he sure is. He's the one and only – Skeeter." I giggled while at the same time wishing it were he that was cuddled against my nearly naked body.

Timmy replied, "Yeah, LaShawn and I were boyfriends too. He's the only guy I've ever loved. We made beautiful music together even though we had to hide. Then he went away. Then I went away. And we didn't even know if we'd ever see each other again. I came back to Chicago and we were taken wherever." Timmy sniffled and then got really quiet. We just lay there quietly. Every once in a while when he'd sniffle I'd rub his back in tight little circles.

"Joey, do you ever get an itch way deep inside of you? I can't really explain it. LaShawn always knew where the itch spot was. When he'd go inside of me, you know when he'd fuck me, the itch would go away – for a while that is. Sometimes, when were together at the same time and place, it itched even more. Ha, when we did those movies they didn't know we were really making love, they just thought we were just into fucking for the camera. They had us fucking a lot. A lot of days we were just fucked out. We'd sneak off to one or the others' bedrooms at night and just sleep together. He'd hold me in his strong arms. He'd tell me that sometime we'd be together for the rest of our lives. Sorry. I didn't mean to... uhm... well you know... anyway I was dreaming that I was stroking his cock... he loved it when I'd hold him firmly."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. Thanks for telling me about your boyfriend." I replied softly.

Thinking solely about Timmy's AIDS, I said, "I hope you two get back together. Maybe my parents can locate him. I think they'd probably try. Do you know his last name? Is LaShawn really his name – it's not really common you know."

"Joey, I think he's dead. I don't feel like he's in my heart anymore. Even when we were apart, I always knew he was Somewhere. His heart stopped beating in mine a couple of weeks ago."

With that, Timmy laid his head on my chest only to weep bitterly. I put my arms around his frail young body and pulled him in as close as I could. I decided right then and there that I'd help him find his boyfriend LaShawn... I'd talk to mom and dad about it because I knew Timmy wouldn't bring it up to them, not at that stage of his relationship with them.

After think about it for a little while, I asked Timmy, "Do you want to jack off? I mean we don't have to... maybe it's not a good idea. Let me up, I'll just go to my room."

With that, I sat up on the side of Timmy's bed then hit my feet. Timmy meanwhile took hold of the back of my shorts and pulled them down. He's quick. My cock jutted out... it was like a concrete pillar. When I didn't move Timmy ran his finger down my crack and on up into the area between my balls and butt hole. I shuddered. I thought of Skeeter. I had some conflicting feelings going on then Timmy trailed his finger up and back until he reached my butt hole. He teased it by sticking his finger into me up to the first joint.

He then removed his finger. I looked back toward him. He lay lying with shame written all across his facial expressions. I said, "We can jack off, okay?"

Timmy nodded. I dropped my shorts off and kicked them aside. Timmy meanwhile had his shorts off quicker than I had mine off. He then raised his legs up high thus fully exposing his nether regions. My cock twitched. Then I thought of Skeeter when he did that – when he'd do that I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that Skeeter's hole was mine, that he had that itch that Timmy just talked about not 3 minutes before.

Timmy said, "I've got the itch Joey. When I get it and LaShawn isn't around sometimes I can jack off and shoot two or three times within 15 minutes."

"Timmy, I can't fuck you. My cock is for Skeeter only, and my butt is only for him to have. Maybe I can finger fuck you... would that help?"

"I guess, maybe so, we can try it. And no, you can't fuck me. I swore solemn oaths that LaShawn would be the only guy, when I had a choice, I'd allow to do me – because he was so gentle and loving. He actually gave a fuck about me."

"Do you have any lube?" I asked.


"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

"Uhm, I've gotta go take a dump... but I'll wash up real good... okay, is it okay?" Timmy asked sheepishly, like he was waiting for my approvals.

"You don't have to ask me, Timmy. You just do what you need to do. I'll be here waiting for you."

That said, I got up, went to my room, retrieved the bottle of body lotion, returned to Timmy's room, lay down on his bed and waited. I heard the shower running... he was singing and sounded very happy.

A few minutes later he returned then closed the door behind him. He stopped in front of me then turned to the side. His cock was slightly bobbing to his heartbeat. Unable to stop myself, I leaned over and kissed his little head then lay back down. Timmy joined me lying down on his stomach.

I thought one more time that I probably shouldn't do it but I understood the itch and how when someone had something in me the itch went away.

Carefully I scooped some of the lotion out and then rubbed it up and down his sweet smelling crack where God split him in half. Brazened, I stopped at his hole then when he totally relaxed I inserted my middle finger to the hilt and wiggled it around. Timmy meanwhile was groaning. His physical responses and verbal cues told me that he was enjoying my ministrations immensely. I was enjoying it too knowing that he liked it, that perhaps it was helping his itch in some good way.

Timmy said, "Keep your finger in there, and don't let it out. I'm going to roll over on my back... I'm about read to shoot. Okay?"

Rather than say anything, I helped him to navigate his legs so that my finger remained imbedded. After a few trial and errors we made it. He then took hold of his prong, jacked it a few times then sprayed his neck, chest, belly, and then he drizzled the last remaining bit into his sparse pubes – all the while lost in his throes of passion, his butt muscles clenching and releasing with each pulsation.

As he came down, he urged me to lie on my back then he jumped up and fully engulfed my rocket in his oral cavern. Before I could react he began rapidly bobbing his head up and down. I lost my composure as I began jettisoning my fountain of youth into his resource pool.

One second before I was going to pull him off me because my head was so sensitive he released my dong and then lay down beside me and we held each other quietly.

*-* Meanwhile back in Kansas, Skeeter's POV *-*

At some point during the night I awoke to a person climbing into my bed. From the fresh, clean aromas emanating from every pore in his body... I knew exactly who it was and why he was there. Not wasting one precious second, I tore my underwear off, reached for the lube, greased up quickly then in one painful fell swoop I was filled to capacity but not to excess. Soon, very soon he began whimpering uncontrollably. As hard as I could I bore down and tightened up. In the process of undeniably pleasing him I began spurting which in turn set him off on his own roller coaster ride to Nirvana and back.

When our breathing returned to some semblance of normalcy; when we returned to earth he pulled out, laid beside me, took me into his arms and I took him in my arms, we kissed delicately but not necessarily hungrily.

Just before falling asleep I said, "We'd better put our underwear on. I'm all sticky <giggling>."

"Me too. I'll go get us some washrags, be right back."

"No wait, I'll go with ya... I'm kind of leaking if ya know what I mean."

After getting up and out of bed we joined arms and bodies in an embrace just one more time all too well knowing we'd be part for over a week.

After eating breakfast, we went to the chicken coop, gathered eggs; shoveled shit then went and helped Luke and James with their chores.

At about mid morning, the insurance adjusters arrived. Dad, Thomas and the man from the company went up on the roof of the barn.

Mom, Eric, Luke, Mark and James went into town to purchase groceries and supplies. I decided to stay home. Stacy was watching over Kevin so I took off and mowed after dad had given me permission to use the small tractor to cut the grass in the yards around the house.

The guys had gotten down off the roof. My stomach felt queasy at watching them throw their legs over the ledge to mount the ladder. When dad arrived on the ground he turned to me and said, "Stephen, I trust you … how about firing up the tractor then go mow the hayfield to the edge of the tree line. Be careful though there's a rut at the far east end of the pasture – leave that for me or Thomas to do. I'll be down in a second to hook up the blades."

"Thanks dad, I'll do a good job, I promise."

Excited I took off for the barn where we kept the tractors and other large equipment. She started right up. I positioned her in the middle of the barn right next to the mower then shut her down and waited for dad. While I was waiting I walked over to the great big tractor, looked it over then hid behind a wheel and peed. While I was peeing dad entered the barn. I was hard as a steel pole but got my bad boy in its cave just as dad walked around the tractor. I quickly zipped up, grinning ear to ear, I'd been busted.

Dad picked me up 'sack of potato' style, slung me over his shoulder then sat me in the tractor seat. When he hooked up the mower, he said, "Be careful son. Heavy equipment such as this tractor, while fun, is a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. Don't screw around. Just do your job. Do NOT mow the rut. Leave it for your brother or me to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir. Do not mow the rut. Do not fu- I mean freak around with the tractor, it is a dangerous machine."

Dad regarded my near slip up but didn't say anything.

I fired up the tractor and headed to the field where I'd get to cut hay for the very first time by myself. I was both excited and cautious.

The morning sun was hot. Within 1 hour I had taken off my shirt and put it under the seat then continued. I really enjoyed feeling the first summer temperatures on my head, back, chest and neck, and the wind blowing.

During the occasionally monotonous times, my thoughts would go to thinking about the relationship Joey and I had, and what mom and dad had both said about watching out for confining our relationship to sex only.

The more I thought about it the more I started thinking that our relationship was mostly sex, though not all. I remembered how Joey had helped Luke pass through many of his demons by sharing his own. I remembered, in vivid detail, how together we'd helped Luke through his sex abuse by making love to him, telling (and meaning) that he's a worthwhile person, capable of loving and being loved.

Yes, admittedly, Luke and I had had sex three or four times since Joey had left. There was something different between me and Luke and me and Joey. I mean with Luke there was something there that was much more satisfying – I mean, well it was different... I was thinking of that strongly when dad came through the hay field with the gasoline truck. I stopped the tractor and shut it down after disengaging the blade. I hopped down then met dad half way. I grabbed him up and hugged him deeply. Tears were freely flowing at knowing dad trusted me enough – nobody really trusted me like he did. A tidal wave of love and appreciation and warmth overshadowed all else.

Dad put his strong arms around me and just let my emotions pass in their own time. The enormity of everything overtook my usually cool and calm demeanor. When they passed, I separated from dad, wiped my tears away with my wrists. Not having a Kleenex available I did the 'farmer' nose blowing. Both dad and I cracked up laughing at my futile attempt that ended up with a huge lugie landing on my jeans. I reached down, gathered it up then wiped it in the grass. Dad said laughing, "Ya gotta lean over and away from your body, boy."

With that dad fueled the tractor, told me to wait until the gas spillover dried up. After it dried I got back on, fired it up, engaged the blades... but before I put it into gear, I jumped down on the blade housing, ran to dad and hugged him deeply.

He pushed me away then ran to the tractor, disengaged the blades, and shut the engine down. He then came to me, he was HOT!!!! He grabbed me by the shoulder ferociously then lit into me.

"Don't you EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER do that again! You broke all safety rules. You never ever jump onto or off of a moving piece of machinery. You could slip and fall. The Greenfields down the road had a young son about your age die last summer after he did the same thing you just now did. Have you ever seen me or your brothers do that?"

"No sir. I didn't know though. Now that I think of it... I understand. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry I disappointed you." I said then turned away and started walking in the direction of the house.

Dad stopped me, "I'm not done yet. Don't walk away from me, boy."

When I turned around, dad was taking off his belt. He folded it in half. When I arrived in front of him, I turned around and lowered my jeans because I knew what was coming.

He gave me three hard licks on my backside. When he was done, I raised my jeans and fastened them then turned around and looked at him. While the tears were ready to fall again they didn't. I was looking at the ground and found a place on my one boot – it was the remnants of a lugie. I smiled. I couldn't help it.

Dad said, "You turned your back on me when we were talking. Now you didn't know about the safety precautions about a running tractor. You told me of your fears yesterday. I get afraid too – what you did scared me. The last thing in the world I'd ever want to happen is to lose one of my sons. Lastly, you apologized for something you didn't know. I accept your apology. The last thing is you never leave a tractor in the field unless it breaks down. If it breaks down then come get me or Thomas. We'll tow it back to where it belongs. Son this tractor cost over twenty thousand dollars. Not only that but what would happen if one of the younger ones came down here... and the tractor wasn't broken down, not really, and their curiosity took over causing them to start the darn thing up... Stephen, look at me when I'm talking to you. This is a very important lesson."

"Yes sir. Sorry sir. I screwed up. I'll not do it again. Is there anything else I need to know sir? I don't want to screw up again. This is a piece of dangerous equipment."

"Come on; let's go see where the rut might have extended to after the heavy rains the other day. I do not want you anywhere near it. The hay is probably still wet. The tractor could slip into one of its branches."

That said we walked about 50 yards north from where we'd been standing. Indeed the area had washed out. We walked back to the tractor. Dad properly fired it up then ran a row to let me know the parameters to not pass. He then brought the tractor to me, disengaged the blades then shut the tractor down completely.

"Thanks dad for doing that. I don't want to get hurt. And I don't want you to worry about me. I've learned my lesson."

Dad patted my shoulder. I got back on the tractor, brought the engines up to speed then engaged the blades. He motioned for me to take a couple of swaths along the perimeter then when he and I were assured the perimeter was well delineated he got in the gasoline truck and took off.

By the time the job was halfway finished, I was scratching and itching like crazy. If you've never experienced chaff then you're missing something – NOT. I was also hot and sweaty and thirsty and needed to take a dump in the worst possible way.

I stopped at the entrance to the trail leading to the creek where I shut the tractor down and dismounted. It felt good to stretch my legs out and walk around a bit. The urge to dump was becoming overwhelming. The itching was fierce. I debated on leaving the tractor alone while I went into the woods and on down to the creek to take care of business and to wash the chaff off. My butt was squeezing down tight.

The need for relieving duty prevailed. I took the keys out of the ignition and put them in my pocket then quickly headed to the creek. Upon arriving, I couldn't get my pants down too fast. I then leaned over and let loose with a torrential downpour of refuse, immediately experiencing relief.

When all was said and done I stripped down and jumped into the deep end and quickly washed off in the still freezing cold water. I didn't dawdle around – just rinsed off then got out, grabbed up my clothes then headed through the woods back to the tractor. Upon arrival I stood in the sun and wind which dried me off in no time. I got dressed and resumed my job, finishing up some time later. I headed back to the tractor barn. Dad and Thomas were just climbing down from the roof of the hay barn. We met in the middle.

Dad looked at me. Immediately, I got frightened. There was something about the look on his face. I said, "Dad, I had to take a shit and I was badly chaffed. I stopped the tractor at the edge of the field. I shut it down properly then removed the keys from the ignition and then went to the creek where I took care of my business and rinsed off quickly and got back to the tractor... I wasn't gone more than 15 or 20 minutes at most."

"I know; we were watching you. You did right. Thanks for telling me. As I said yesterday, it takes quite a man to tell on himself." Dad said. Thomas nodded.

I was relieved.

Later that day, mom and the guys returned home with the supplies. With some help and a lot of guidance I tore down what was left of the machine shed and stowed the remnants onto a wagon to be taken to the far reaches of our property to be disposed of.

I was hot, I was sweaty, I was tired, and I was already sore from the heavy work I wasn't accustomed to doing. But it was a good tired mind you. I felt as though I'd accomplished something for a change. Dad said I'd done good and left it at that.

After dinner, Thomas, James and I drew up detailed plans for the new machine shed. Easily, I calculated the needed materials then checked our needs against what they'd purchased and found the supplies to be adequate. We showed them to dad. He made a few very minor adjustments – mainly to add a work bench.

I dragged my tired butt upstairs, ran a bath then luxuriated in the hot water to relax the muscles in my arms, chest, back and legs then washed up. I was too tired and too sore to worry about who did or did not see me pad to my room naked as a jay bird. As it were, mom was coming out of her bedroom but paid my nakedness no mind. My cock was as limp as a rag doll so there really wasn't anything to worry about. She'd seen me before. She said, "Get some underwear on then meet me in the bathroom."

I did as was instructed. Mom was waiting. She then applied moisturizing lotion to the upper part of my body all the while talking to me about wearing a long sleeved shirt and wide brimmed hat to save myself from skin cancer on down the road in life.

When she was done, I thanked her profusely because not only had my sunburn been treated, the remaining itches went away. From out of nowhere, I said, "Mom, Joey and my love is different than yours and dads. I mean I feel good when I'm with him. Our relationship isn't ALL about sex... but mom... and I can't even believe I'm talking to you about this... I mean... uhm... we have a lot of sex... I guess I need to figure it all out but I don't know where to start."

"You've already started Stephen. I've had to figure many things out too. Sometimes we have to do them alone. What I suggest is to keep evaluating where you're out and then talk to Joey about it. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing, or something similar. Work it out. Your dad and I are here to support you but we can't do it for you."

"Okay mom. Thanks. I love you."

"I love you too. I'm going to tell you one more thing... your dad and I - we dated a few other people when we were juniors and seniors in high school..."

"You did?" I asked flabbergasted. I'd thought they'd been together forever – from hearing their conversations.

Mom picked up on what I was thinking, "We always came back to each other. Finally, we gave up trying to please our folks and just followed our hearts. Your dad's family and mine – well they had had some long standing feuds. We made up our own minds. Here we are some 25 years later. The family still doesn't like it but they've grown to accept our marriage – though what they thought didn't rule our lives... thankfully. I just want you to know that because you'll experience opposition to your relationship with Joey. A lot of people will think your relationship isn't right because they're tied into bias and discrimination."

"Okay mom, thanks. I'm going to bed now, okay? I'm beat."

Mom chuckled, "Welcome to farm life son."

*-* Meanwhile … back in Chicago, Joey's POV *-*

I went to my room after Timmy had fallen back to sleep. I picked up my phone then after finding no new messages called Jeff. He wasn't doing anything so I invited him over. He said he'd be over after taking a shower and changing clothes.

I had a domestic streak fly up my spine so I made batter from scratch for sugar cookies. Just as I was ready to put them into the oven the doorbell rang. Knowing it was Jeff; I dropped what I was doing and went to answer the door.

Jeff stood there smiling. I let him in. We did the 'guy hug' but when we separated I looked deeply into his eyes. I was drawn to him; he was calling yet he wasn't saying a word – he didn't have to say a word. I shivered as my reserves were slipping.

Jeff looked mighty fine in his white tennis shorts and purple pocket t-shirt. He was also wearing those cute ankle socks. His smile was infectious. I sorta kinda felt under-dressed what with only wearing my running shorts commando style, and no shirt or socks.

Thankfully I was wearing Derrick's running shorts because that which designates me male went absolutely rigid. After making sure Jeff was comfortably seated I took off for my room and put on underwear and a pair of jeans.

Jeff smiled guiltily when I returned wearing clothes. I shrugged my shoulders but at the same time smiled warmly. "Come on; help me put the cookies on the sheet... wait, let me get the aluminum foil." Despite my cool outsides I was reeling on the inside from our brief but intense contact.

Thankfully, the dough was ready so we made flat, run of the mill cookie forms. When I bent over to put the cookies into the oven I had a minor spasm. Quickly, Jeff took the pan out of my hands and closed the door so I wouldn't burn myself. He then sat them on the counter and watched me get my breath back.

Feeling better, I offered him a Coke, he accepted. I took one out too, slammed most of it down in one sitting then a huge belch escaped. At the same time I experienced another but milder spasm. Jeff walked over then put his arm protectively around my shoulder. I wasn't all that much in a hurry for the spasm to go... but it did leave very quickly... leaving us standing there with Jeff's arm on my shoulder and my arm around his waist.

Breaking the moment, Jeff said warmly, caringly, "I'm sorry you had to go through that Joey. By the way, the prosecutor contacted my folks. They have me scheduled to give a deposition tomorrow afternoon."

"Thanks, Jeff. I really appreciate your being there. I'm sure your testimony will be crucial to nailing that fuckwit. Sorry, my mouth gets away from me every now and again."

Jeff, looking into my eyes said, "Don't fucking bother, no fucking big deal, o-fucking-k?"

That cracked us up... unfortunately I had another spasm that was worse than the one before – I'd forgot... but the look on his face as he said what he'd said just cracked me up.

Jeff helped to the table where I laughed and couldn't stop. The pain be damned I thought. It felt so good to just laugh. Tenderly yet firmly Jeff began rubbing my shoulders with his strong hands and then progressed down into the middle of my back. It felt good. I felt myself relaxing under his touches.

When we stopped laughing, at what I don't know... we were just spontaneously laughing... my quip had not been THAT funny, I was wore out so he put the cookies into the oven then set the timer for 35 minutes.

"So when does your company arrive?" Jeff asked smiling. His teeth were perfectly straight and very white. I'd neglected my teeth during my previous lifetime. Mom was going to take me to the dentist once my chest healed up.

"Tomorrow afternoon."

"Kewl, maybe we can all get together and do something; he's staying through spring break, right?" Jeff asked hopefully.

"Yup, it sounds fun, sure."

Just then a very naked Timmy walked into the kitchen from his bedroom. He smiled at me then regarded Jeff. I said, "Timmy meet Jeff. Jeff meet Timmy, he's the newest addition to our family."

"Hey Jeff. Whatcha cooking Joey?"

"Sugar cookies; they'll be ready in half an hour or so."

"Kewl." Timmy said sitting down at the table with us. He wasn't at all bashful. I noticed Jeff giving Timmy the once glance over, as Timmy gave to Jeff.

Jeff said, "Timmy, you have a rash buddy. Does it itch?"

Timmy replied, "No." Then he began checking himself out. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

I got up, walked around the table then looked carefully at Timmy's skin. He did indeed have a faint rash on his cheeks, neck, chest and the insides of his thighs and into his groin. I turned him around into the light then checked his back. The rash was more prominent on his lower back and upper butt cheeks. I spread them apart and noticed that he had dried blood around his hole. I asked, "Timmy, do you remember seeing any blood on the toilet tissue?"

"Nope, oh look, I've got a rash on my arms too."

Jeff said, "Timmy sit down then put your feet in my lap." Timmy did so then Jeff added, "He's got a different kind of rash on his feet. Look."

I looked then Timmy spread his legs, lifted his scrotum and peered at it closely then did the same for his penis. "They're fine."

I looked for myself but Timmy resisted a bit since his penis was growing. Jeff assured him it was okay, that he was a guy too and had them 'occasionally'. Timmy looked at him then grinned widely... he'd been had and he knew it.

I said, "I'm going to give mom a call. You didn't have the rash before... you know when we were talking and stuff. <I chuckled> ... and go get some shorts on for Pete's sake. What do you think? You think we want to see a hard cock?"

"I don't know about Jeff... but..." Timmy started to say but I playfully covered his mouth with my hand. He got up from his chair then slapped me hard on the butt then took off for his room.

Chuckling I said to Jeff, "He's gonna fit into our family just fine. You'll have to excuse me; I'm going to call our mom."

"I've got some stuff to do around my house. Give me a call, okay? Let me know how Timmy is."

I led Jeff to the front door to let him out. When I opened it... we kind of had a pregnant pause then it happened.

Our lips touched softly then on a second impulse we kissed very meaningfully. We then separated and Jeff took off. I closed the door then turned around to walk back in the kitchen to call mom. Timmy was standing in the entryway to the kitchen with a very surprised look on his face and a very noticeable tent in the front of his underwear.

Timmy walked to me and I walked to him. When we met his eyes were filled with wonderment and bewilderment.

I leaned down and kissed his lips – meaningfully. He pulled me into his arms. I didn't resist. He said, "I love you Joey … but … do you kiss every swinging dick that walks by?" Then he broke out laughing.

God, it was good for my heart to see him laughing.

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