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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 36

*-* Monday, Nathan's POV *-*

I'd lain awake most of the night. The last time I'd looked at the clock it read 4:15. I awoke with severe dread of going to school. Even though I'd received encouragement and assurances that all would be okay... I still worried anyway. I still couldn't get over that Linda cunt bitch doing that... even if nobody gave me any shit about it – they would still know the intimate details of what she and I had done in our 'spare' time. Geezus.

And then what would they think if I told them, or if Donnie told them that we'd become an item in every way.

So... when the alarm crashed through the silence at 6:15 I was not a happy camper simply because of the early hour. The first thought was that passed into my mind, and stuck there, was the dread... it wouldn't go away.

Between when the clock first buzzed my ass awake and the first snooze my belly began doing flips and flops... there was no time to waste!

Joey entered the bathroom to take his shower and get ready for school while I was sitting taking care of a bad case of massive nerve damage. He frowned and then started the reassurances that all was going to be okay. I whined that while I may not get any shit (he grinned) from the lies Linda told... I still didn't want everybody to know what she and I had done, and not done. I mean, cripes, that's personal and private stuff.

Oh yeah, I'd heard some of the guys talking about their triumphs with the opposite sex like getting some represented a trophy or conquest... but I wasn't like that.

Then, of all people, Donnie came waltzing through the door all happy and shit... I mean, give me a break... there is absolutely that dang happy at that hour of the morning, with the disaster surely looming ahead that would destroy my world... in a matter of a few hours.

He was not to be deterred.

When I was finished wiping he literally yanked me up off the toilet by my hand. He then pushed me into the shower, closed the door, and told me to get a move on it, that we didn't have all damn day for me to mope around like I was waiting to be executed, or some shit.

I washed Joey's back and he washed mine... that finished him off so he got out to dry off. He was gone by the time I got everything washed but Donnie was waiting for me with a big fluffy towel.

Let's just say that my day got much, much better with many, no, most tensions released.

Just as we were leaving the bathroom Timmy entered. He asked me to put the medicine in his butt. I told him I'd be back once I got dressed and he had had his shower taken.

While I was feeling much, much better I still wasn't in the mood for anything to eat, not even bacon. Okay, well, I ate a banana and drank a full glass of chocolate milk. Well... not entirely true... mom was making pancakes so I had 'just one'... sheesh.

Once breakfast was eaten, Donnie and I went to my room, gathered up my books and shit and then put them in my backpack, and then remembered that I hadn't done the book report for Creative Writing. I knew that I'd get a zero because the teacher did not accept late homework. Mrs. Greer only accepted late assignments when someone was broken, bleeding and hospitalized in ICU with mortal wounds and a breathing tube... even then I wasn't so sure...

Right after breakfast... it was time to get going so we loaded up our bikes and headed for the dungeon... I just knew that the end of the world was just about ready to happen.

David Keen, one of my best friends at school, dismounted his bike, walked to me and said, "Hey dude, did you have a good time away from school?"

David is a good guy. He was one of my very first friends at the new school when I'd come onboard earlier in the school year. We'd talked about several things, including a little bit of my history though, although I told him that my birth mom and dad were dead I didn't tell him any of the circumstances that lead up to their deaths. I didn't figure it was necessary to go into that much detail, and he didn't press me. If he would have pressed me then likely we wouldn't be friends.

"Yeah, sort of, how about you, did you have fun?"

"My family had a blast. We went to New York City and goofed off the entire time. We didn't get back until last night. By the way, Jason called and told me about what happened between you and Linda. That's too damn bad, dude. Trust me, she showed her ass in the worst possible way... come on, we need to get inside, the last bell is about to ring."

I debated for a few seconds. I looked into his eyes... I saw truth there.

Then Jason rode up on his new Schwin bike... it was totally kewl, and he was a neat guy too. He was probably my second new friend. We'd talked about changes of schools... he'd changed schools over last summer so he knew all about the new place worries and whatnot. He walked to me, took me aside and said, "Don't worry about today. Everybody's okay. I'll meet up with ya in class." With that he took off heading to and inside the school building.

Donnie, being the perceptual one, calmly and assuredly said, "I talked to some people last night... everything's kewl... Nathan, just remember that it was my dumb ass sister who fucked up... she's the one that made the calls and sent the emails, not you. You'd never stoop to that level, and everybody knows it."

So we went inside the building side by side. I needed to pee so he followed me in. As were standing at the sink washing our hands he pulled me into a really quick and passionate kiss, and then we went our separate ways to the first classes of the day.

Classes that morning went smoothly, nobody said a word, and it was like what had happened didn't actually happen. Nobody acted one bit different than usual. I started to relax but then in 4th hour I started to get worried again because lunch was next, and then to top that off, the Creative Writing class followed that.

As if I were headed to the gallows, I dropped off the morning class books into my locker and then headed to the cafeteria to surely receive my execution. As I passed the restroom doors, Donnie popped out from nowhere, grabbed my arm and forcibly pushed me in. The restroom was empty and devoid of people. He led me into one of the stalls. No sooner had the door closed than he grabbed me into a tight, tight hug, and then went looking for tonsilar tissues – now that was something I could and did get into, no holds barred.

I was only vaguely aware that his hand had grasped hold of my snake and began stroking it through the cloth material of my jeans... that is until I felt those feelings of impending...

Donnie sensed it also. Quickly, he unfastened my jeans, pushed them down and then coaxed my dick into his mouth where his expert oral muscles took over, rapidly taking me to a fit of spasms, much like an epileptic experiences at the peak of a seizure. Despite my best attempts at staying quiet, I failed utterly when the most powerful moment took hold and held me in its grip.

Just then we heard the bathroom door open, footsteps walk to a urinal and then the tell tale sounds of urine hitting the back of the porcelain apparatus. Quickly, Donnie got up on the toilet while I rearranged my pants and zipped them up.

A few seconds later, those same footsteps walked to the sink, the water turned on, and then the hand dryer went on. Somewhere during its cycle the bearer of those footsteps left the room because by the time the machine went off there was not another sound to be heard.

I opened the door to the stall, peered down the row and saw nobody, but just to make sure I walked to the sinks then said to Donnie after verifying the coast was clear, "It's okay, nobody's here."

While Donnie was washing his hands I rearranged his penis so that his erection was not 'all that' noticeable. "Come to my house after school, I'll take care of your unfinished business. Thanks. I love you."

Needless to say I was in a much better frame of line so we headed into the cafeteria, got in line, retrieved our food then made our way to the table where our 'friends' were sitting, already eating the nasty ass food prepared by someone other than the kitchen staff. Yes, our food is prepared and shipped in.

Dana Bright, the big mouth of our group, said, "Hey stud. How's it hanging?"

I just knew it. I just knew that things would go to hell in a handbasket.

Donnie said to Dana, "Hey dude, how about shutting the fuck up already."

"Damn, I was just saying... lighten up." Dana said to Donnie then he turned to me, "Sorry dude. I have this habit of inserting foot before thinking... everybody got the email from she who's in the nut hut. Tell us what really happened, not that it makes any difference, you're a regular dude who's in like Flynn."

I said, "It's really none of your business what Really Happened... some things are just best left unsaid."

With a quizzical look on his face, Dana said, "So... at least part of what she said is true?"

I looked all around. Nobody at any of the other tables away from us were paying us any mind, however, my friends were sitting with quizzical looks on their faces. I looked to Donnie... he shrugged and started to say something but before he could say anything I said after quickly thinking of what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, "The only thing that's true is that things happened too fast and she literally kicked me out of, uhm, okay, well she kicked me out of, well, you know... out of bed, and out of her life."

Donnie spoke up, "My sister's a cunt, what else can I say?"

Tracy Atwood, a guy on the basketball team, spoke up and said, "I can believe it. Sorry, Donnie, but the same thing happened to me. She waited up for me after practice, got me all worked up under the bleachers and then pushed her pants down and invited me in, so to speak, but I blew it as soon as her hand touched my main squeeze. She made some snide remarks and then was gone, just like that. She called me everything but a white boy."

The table erupted in voracious laughter.

Tracy's black.

I took the zero in Creative Writing. Mrs. McEachern looked at me weird like... like she was mad that I didn't turn in the assignment yet I'd always done good in that class, pulling in A's consistently... like she was disappointed, or something.

The last class of the day was PE... a no brainer. It was the only class Donnie and I had together. I could tell that he was concerned as we walked to our lockers that were located in an alcove where nobody else dressed out. I looked down to see his jeans tented out in the vicinity of where his maleness resided. It was then that I realized he hadn't received the same love and attention he'd given me at lunchtime in the bathroom.

"Sorry... come over after school... we can help each other do 'homework'." I said seriously.

He smiled knowingly and proceeded to completely disrobe. He tweaked his hardness with his fingers... and naughty me, after looking around to make sure nobody could see anything, reached down and tweaked him too before we got dressed out. Thank God for jock straps. Yeah, his bone was a bit noticeable but not too much.

We both made sure to take showers before leaving school. Quite a few of the guys were sporting boners so Donnie's was largely ignored though, as guys will do, were checked out, as we checked the other guys out too.

At the bicycle racks, Donnie received a phone call. It was his mother telling him to come home and that I could come with him and have dinner if I wanted to and if it was okay with my parents.

Neither mom nor dad answered their phones so, thinking they'd have no problem, I told Joey that Donnie and I were going to his house before coming home. He thought that would be okay so Donnie and I took off for his place.

We sat down at the table and did our homework. His weakness is history and mine is math... so we helped each other out in our weakest subjects, and we just finished as Irene told us to wrap it up because she was ready to set the table for dinner.

The pot roast, potatoes, carrots, onions and spices were wonderful!

Mom called at about 7pm. She asked when I was going to be home. Mrs. Clemson asked if I'd be interested in staying the night. Mom approved though with hesitation since it was a school night. After reassuring her that we'd go to bed early and that I'd be home early in the morning to get showered and dressed she approved.

At about 8:30, Donnie and I excused ourselves and went to bed after using the facilities and filling their sewer systems with presents, and taking a quick shower.

No sooner had we entered his room than we were both naked as the day we'd been born, and within 30 seconds we were a tangled mess of intertwined legs, arms, pubic hairs, and tongues fighting for supremacy.

Without hesitation, Donnie found my ass crack and began assaulting (heh heh heh) it with his tongue, expertly parting the petals and entering as far as he could. In any event, with all his slathering and expert ministrations I was fully relaxed and naturally lubricated. Even after his expert ministrations, his entry was painful so he slowed down, and went at me with much more care and tenderness. When I was fully relaxed and non-pained, I started meeting his down thrusts with my own up thrusts. With all the friction and everything he didn't last long and soon, very soon he was filling me to capacity with his love nectars.

He insisted that I fill his hole just as he had done mine. I'd never before rimmed him, and was seriously hesitant with doing so... I liked his butt... so, okay... I decided to go for it.

Donnie lay on his stomach after putting a pillow under his hips. Tentatively, carefully, and curiously, I sniffed his back door area and found its aroma to be only that of soap and his normal everyday smells that had turned me on and which continued to turn me on. I separated his cheeks thus exposing those rose petals fully to my eyes and senses. I leaned my nose deep into the crevice and smelled once again. It seemed pleasant enough, and did not contain the smells I'd concerned myself with.

Chuckling, Donnie said, "Don't worry it won't bite you."

I grinned and replied, "I was wondering about that."

After sniffing him one last time, I tentatively stuck my tongue out and touched his back door. He reacted with a moan and a push back toward my nose. I spread his cheeks fully, and after sniffing one more time, and remembering how he'd done me I took the plunge, found it titillating and inviting... nothing like I'd ever imagined... add to that his muffled moans and groans and his butt pushing into my face with vigor. With that, I let him know that I loved him and dove in with full force and effect until he was relaxed and fully slathered with my saliva.

I kissed one butt cheek then the other before sliding up onto his back. He pulled one cheek aside as I posed my prong above his entryway and pushed forward putting a lot of pressure on his back door until the head of my cock was fully embedded.

I pulled out until just the head of my fully expanded cock was inside of him, and then started the descent back into his waiting cavern when a knock on the door interrupted our interlude into a full and complete coupling.

Donnie muttered, "Shit."

I withdrew my cock, grabbed the pillow and put it under our heads just as Donnie said, "Come in."

His dad, Chet, opened the door and said that they were going to bed and for us to be quiet, and to get to sleep because morning would come very quickly.

We both assured him that we'd comply with his requests.

Once the door was closed, Donnie said, "We ain't finished yet <he squeezed my still very hard erect cock to prove his point> but we've got a bit of a problem. I'm dry, and you can't lick my butthole until I wash it... germs, dude."

I was not about to deny him.

Without another word I urged him onto his stomach and once again sniffed around for any unpleasant or repugnant smells. Finding none of either I once again dove into the door to his innermost self and then once again relaxed and slathered it and entered.

Slowly, inch by inch, I snaked my prong deep inside and began a ritualistic rutting. The friction was too intense to last long, and on the 10th descent I erupted in a showering of sparks and filled his essence with my nectars.

*-* Tuesday *-*

After sucking Donnie dry one last time before heading home he once again slathered and relaxed my hole allowing his prong to once again find its way into my not-so-virgin tunnel of love and filled me completely with his essence leaving my bung hole feeling definitely loved.

We threw on underwear and padded to the bathroom where morning rituals were performed. In the shower, Donnie lathered his hole and invited me inside to relieve the erection I was sporting and which had not gone down after the morning piss.

Once we were dried and dressed I headed home just in time to sit down for breakfast with the rest of the family. Although Donnie and I had had a late night of lovemaking I, surprisingly felt rested and relaxed, and satiated if only for a little while.

*-* Timmy's POV *-*

"Joey, hand me the biscuits, please. Mom the gravy is wonderful... you're a really good cook." I said with certainty.

"Thank you, Timmy. I aim to please. Eat up. It's almost time to head off to school for your first full day."

Joey, Nathan and I then took off for school on our bikes. Upon arriving, Joey showed me how to do the bike-lock thing until I could do it on my own with proficiency.

He made sure I made it to my locker and to the first class at which time he hurriedly took off just as the first bell rang.

Most of the morning was spent doing testing to see where I was at in my knowledge of several subjects. At lunch time I saw Donnie first then Nathan. They waived me to their table and I was introduced to their friends. I was included into their conversation and joined readily as I really had no friends.

They asked some basic questions but I evaded most of them because I'd had no real family after all was said and done. Joey saw my discomfort and directed the conversation away from the questions and deflected answers regarding my past, and said that what mattered the most was the present and the future. I nodded to him as his words took the heat off.

I had an appointment with the counselor at 1:00pm. Once again Joey showed me where the counselor's office was and then headed off, running to his next class.

The receptionist was nice and directed me to sit until Mr. Meigs was available. Ten minutes later an older balding man entered the waiting room and invited me into his office.

He made introductions and put me at ease. He asked a few generic questions and then advised me of the score results. My education levels were grade appropriate, in fact he said I'd done really well on all subjects, and added that I'd do well if I put my mind and study habits to good use.

He was easy to talk to. He wasn't pushy and didn't pull the 'adult knows all' crap onto my shoulders. Instead he pretty much let me lead the conversation after the test results had been given. He asked a few pointed questions about my new family and reveled in my saying that they were, by far, the best thing that had ever happened in my life, and that I was finally happy and contented with their love and support and loyalty.

Our meeting ended when the bell rang for the end of the day. I made it through the maze of hallways to my locker just fine. I didn't see Joey anywhere, and I knew that Nathan and Donnie's lockers were upstairs on the opposite side of the school so I put away the books and grabbed two of them for homework.

I did get screwed up leaving the school, and despite going around and around the hallways, I simply exited through a door on the lower level and the back of the school thinking I could find my way to the bike rack outside better than I could inside.

As it were, I ended up taking the long way around and about halfway around there were two guys out smoking cigarettes. I knew neither of them but was impressed with their physical attributes.

One of them, a big boy, said, "Hey faggot, what's up?"

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about." I said then continued on my way but before I passed them the guy who'd asked me the question stepped in front of me.

A cold shiver ran up and down my spine... the look on his face was menacing.

The other guy said to the first guy, "Leave him alone. He ain't done nutten to you. Come on, the bus will be leaving soon and I don't want to walk home."

The bigger of the two said, "Go ahead, I'm going to have some fun."

"Larry, don't. Leave him alone."

I looked all around. Seeing nobody I turned and headed the other way, the opposite direction that I'd been going, not paying any more attention them.

But then I heard footsteps, and they were getting closer. I looked back and saw the bigger guy closing in fast. I tried to read him however the expression on his face made me start running. I'm not a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination, and knew, absolutely, that I'd never outrun him no matter how hard I tried.

I stopped running, dropped my books to the ground and waited for the inevitable crash to happen, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it... he was upon me before I could say "oh shit!"

Everything then happened in slow motion... the crash, the falling to the ground, the pain throughout my body as unabated contact was made, and the panic of being unable to breathe no matter how hard I tried. In the background I heard laughing, sinister laughing, sickening laughter. Then there was deafening quiet. Then there was blackness as a chill settled over my body.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

On my way to the bike rack to meet up with Nathan, Timmy and Donnie, I received a text message from Skeeter. It was his first full day back to school also. My dick twitched twice then thrice as his picture was coded into the special ring-tone indicating an incoming text message or phone call. I smiled... I couldn't help myself.

Instead of answering his text message, I pressed speed dial #1 to call him. I needed to hear his voice, simply because I hadn't heard it for so long (okay, well 3 days to be exact).

Me: Hey.

Skeeter: Hey yourself, lover boy. Whatcha doin?

Me: Going to the bike rack to meet up with Nathan and Timmy... whatcha up to?

Skeeter: Oh, about five inches. <Snickers>

Me: I wish. How's everybody back there?

Skeeter: We're fine. Look, I'm getting on the bus... call me later, okay?

Me: Sure will. Love you!

Skeeter gave me a long, saucy smooch over the phone and then disconnected the call. I smiled, and then discreetly rearranged my bits so that they weren't all that noticeable.

Nathan and Donnie were walking down the sidewalk toward the bike rack. Nathan lightly sucker punched me in the gut, as he usually does. He loves me. Heh heh heh.

"Have you seen Timmy?" Nathan asked once I got through with a well placed retaliatory noogie on the top of his head.

"Nope. He's probably still in at the counselor's office... you know how they are."

"Yeah, definitely for sure." Nathan responded quickly.

The counselor spent several hours with us, together and separately, when he and I first came to the new school so we weren't all that concerned.

Donnie needed to leave as he had a dentist appointment so he took off on his bike and was soon out of sight, riding as fast as he could down the hill. Inwardly, I hoped he slowed down for the big intersection at the bottom. Nathan watched him too until he was out of sight. Nathan then looked into my eyes... they registered concern. I patted him on the back then turned to our bikes and lazily checked the air pressure in the tires, tested the play in the chains, and made sure the handle bars were tight... just normal everyday stuff that didn't get done every day.

I looked at my watch... it read 3:30. It had been 20 minutes since school had been released for the day.

Nathan was getting impatient. I have to admit that I was too. Just as I turned around, away from the building to replace the bike locks Nathan said, "There he comes... holy shit, Joey..."

Quickly I turned around to see Timmy walking along side the building carrying his book bag and walking very slowly, like he was limping or something. We were too far away to see him adequately. Yet a foreboding sense of something wrong overtook my senses.

"Watch the bikes." I said then took off to meet up with Timmy. Before I got to him I saw the pain and terror in his eyes. When our eyes met he dropped the books to the ground and looked down to his feet. His nose was bloody, his hair was disheveled, and his demeanor was defeat.

I poured on the steam and stopped right in front of him. He weakly stretched out his arms and began softly crying. I pulled him into me and said, "What the hell happened to you?"

Without waiting for an answer I got into my backpack and retrieved several Kleenex and applied them to his hose to staunch the blood that was not then flowing... it had stopped but still it was very, very moist. His shirt was fucked up in that one sleeve was hanging off and the other side was torn in the crease of his pit. His jeans were grass-stained though they weren't torn. The most noticeable attribute was the sad expression on his face... like he'd lost his last friend.

His only response to my question was a defeated shake of his head and a deep shuddering sniffle in, and then a labored breath out.

He then released his hold, bent down to pick up the book bag, and then sat down on the ground and put his head between his arms and shuddered.

"HEY NATHAN!" I shouted.

Nathan looked up. Seeing me sit down next to Timmy put Nathan into gear... soon he was at Timmy's other side where he put his arm around Timmy's shoulders, and said, "What's up, bro? Where'd ya get the bloody nose, Joey?"

"Timmy, what's up dude?" I said concernedly.

"It's the same old fucking shit from my old school. Come on, let's go."

With that said Timmy got up and started walking toward the bicycles, by then the only ones in the rack. I looked at Nathan. He looked at me. And then we took off following Timmy, and soon caught up to him. Without a word Timmy lugged the book bag onto the handlebars and then pulled the bike out of the rack and waited for us patiently.

On the way to the racks David Gloshen, a dude a year ahead of me called my name. He came running toward us.

Timmy immediately turned around, and once he saw David he jerked his arm out of Nathan's grasp and took off down the hill.

"Nathan, catch up with Timmy, I'll be right there."

Nathan took off.

I turned to David, "S'up?"

"Sorry dude. Uhm, Timmy got blindsided by Larry Johnson. Timmy got smacked down hard, I'm sorry... I had to go inside the school... I got out too late, sorry."

"What do you mean 'Timmy got smacked down'" I asked concernedly.

That fucker, Larry Johnson had always been a bully around the school, picking on the younger kids, bullying them, calling them names, and beating them up.

Just the sound of his name pissed me off. And he hurt my little brother? Timmy?

Right then and there I decided there was going to be some serious hell reigned on his sorry fucking ass. I turned to David when he said, "I don't know exactly what he did... I only saw Larry running away and Timmy walking over there by the corner..."

"Okay, thanks. Gotta go to see what's up. If you see him before I do tell that maggot that he's at the very top of my shit list."

"I'm sorry, Joey."

"Why the fuck are you sorry? Did you do something to Timmy?" I said angrily as I put down the bike and got into David's face.

"I should have stopped him. We were out smoking a cigarette, and well, Larry called Timmy a faggot. I thought he was done... and I didn't wait to find out because I forgot my math book." David explained humbly.

"Give me a damn cigarette." I ordered. He gave me one and then held the lighter to light it. For some reason I believed him but that still didn't do anything to squelch the burn in my gut. I willed myself not to pee because all of a sudden I'd felt a bit of a dribble trying to escape.

I believed him. "Okay, just the same, if you see Larry then just tell him that he's on the top of my shit list."

With that I took off on my bike and headed home. Just as I entered the house, I heard a bedroom door slam. Nathan was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a worried look on his face. I related the story of what David had said. I saw something pass across Nathan's face, a look that I'd not seen for a long, long time.

"What's up, bro? Timmy didn't say anything, nothing!" Nathan said abruptly.

When I didn't answer fast enough he said angrily, "What the fuck... what the fuck happened to Timmy? He ain't talking!"

"It's handled. The word's out. Larry Johnson... he's mine."

"What the fuck do you mean? Larry Johnson's yours?"

"That's just what I said – his ass is mine." I said while sitting my book bag down on the floor, next to the dining room table.

Nathan knew better than to argue with me when my mind was made up about something. Just then the bedroom door opened and Timmy silently walked from his room to the bathroom. The door shut and the next sounds we heard were of the boy retching.

Without saying another word, together we went to the bathroom, entered then went to Timmy's side while he tossed his cookies into the bowl. I put my arm around him for support, and Nathan wet a wash cloth and began wiping Timmy's face with it, between exertions.

After a lull, Timmy reached up and flushed the toilet and allowed Nathan to wipe his mouth and nose free of remaining stomach contents. He permitted me to remove his shirt and jeans which had … well they needed to be taken off. His briefs were okay. He slid down the wall to the floor and put his head between his knees. That just pissed me off... just when I thought he was turning the corner – that fucking happens, he get fucking beat up. He's family. Don't fuck with my family, ever. You WILL pay with your motherfucking life, or else you'll wish you'd never been born.

With that thought firmly etched in my head I sat down next to Timmy and pulled him into my arms. At first he resisted but gave in when I started checking his bruises and stuff out carefully. My anger dissipated as it would do Timmy no good if I was all tensed up and largely emotionally -gone-.

In the moments of silence that followed Timmy would look first at Nathan and then to me. He was trying to say something. Finally, dejectedly mixed with a bit of anger and mixed with defeat he finally said, "I didn't do a fucking goddamned thing. I didn't say a fucking thing. I got lost. I thought if I went outside... I could find my way..."

"You didn't say anything at all to him?" Nathan asked seriously then looked to me. Nathan was angry too... he and I'd had our spats... the most notable one was when he punched me in the gut at the park in our old stomping grounds... but even then we ended up rolling around on the ground just messing around. I knew he had a hard punch... my attitude started changing because I didn't want him to get to the level of anger that I'd experienced in my life, the level of anger that he didn't know about.

While I wanted to pound the guys' ass that hurt my little brother I started thinking and feeling somewhat differently in that the situation might best be handled by mom and dad. I was trying to leave my old life behind. Tom had told me about anger before, and how it could take us back to the problem, and how it probably wasn't the right way to handle things.

Timmy replied, "Fuck no. I didn't say a fucking word to him other than to just leave me alone. He jumped my ass even though I was running away."

Nathan growled, "The fucking coward... let's get your face cleaned up. Your shirt is toast."

Timmy's eyes then lit up. "I'm going to call Jack." Immediately he got up and headed out the door but I grabbed hold of the back of his underwear and pulled him back down to the floor where we were sitting.

I said, "No you aren't going to call him. It's like this: anger and rage only breed more anger and rage... somebody'll end up hurt, or worse. Nathan, we're going to tell mom and dad about this... I know what I'd do. I've got a good idea what you'd do. Timmy, not all the cops are bad... maybe Officer Chatley, you met him, can help you... I don't know but it's worth a shot."

Both Timmy and Nathan nodded their understanding.

I looked at Timmy, "Don't worry... he'll get his own, one way or another. Are you okay now?"

He shrugged his shoulders, got up, dropped his underwear, walked to the toilet, and sat down...

Nathan and I left Timmy to his business and closed the door because I didn't want him to say to Nathan, "Nathan, if something doesn't get done then I'm going hunting. He's had more than enough in his life... if they don't do something about it then I will... it's as simple as that. Period."

Nathan replied, "Get in line. Timmy and I had a rough start but he's coming along... until now... I'm your brother and he's our brother... we're in this together."

I dropped off the book bag into my room, booted up the computer, got on my homework and got it done pretty quickly. Formatting a book report, and sending it in an email to the teacher was all that needed to be done for American History. I then spent an hour researching the fucking sex life of a fruit fly for a science project due the following week. I sent my notes to Sharon, my project coworker. If I were so inclined she would be hot stuff to take on a date, but since I'm not we won't, but still she's kewl people.

Finished with homework at last I headed to the kitchen to get something to drink but before I went that way I checked on Timmy. Timmy was feeling no pain... I didn't have the heart to interrupt his moment or two of quiet solitude. My dick twitched. For a moment I thought about going to my room but when I pulled out my phone to see what time it was... it showed that mom or dad would be home at any moment.

Nathan was busy with his homework. He looked back when he heard me at the door. I helped him to figure out two history questions and then headed on to the kitchen, grabbed up a Coke, slammed about half of it down in one gulp then ripped a hella burp that could be heard throughout the house. Good thing the 'rents weren't home. I did hear a young voice laugh. That voice belonged to none other than the youngest brother in the house. Comforting. I finished off the can and then tried to belch again – but no go.

My stomach was grumbling so I took off for the restroom and took care of that business. That was noisy too. I didn't realize Coke went through the body that fast... perhaps I'd do a research project to determine the length of time it took for a substance to enter the mouth and then exit. I giggled.

Mom was just entering from the garage into the kitchen when I appeared, finished with the task at hand. We hugged and she kissed my cheek, "Where's Nathan and Timmy?" She asked inquiringly.

"Nathan's doing homework. Timmy is too. Mine's finished. Hey mom..."

She looked at me and waited, "Mom, Timmy got jumped at school today. Nathan and I weren't around... I think his counseling session went past the end of school. He got lost in the building so he went outside and was coming around it when he got beat up."

Without hesitation mom took off for Timmy's room, as I knew she would. I followed. Immediately she went to Timmy and took him in her arms, checked his nose because its bruising was the first evidence that he'd been in a fight or had been attacked.

She asked him, "Who did this to you? I'll not put up with this."

I said, "Larry Johnson. He's a bully who likes to pick on little kids."

Mom quickly checked Timmy over, and after finding nothing else terribly wrong other for quite a few bruises and abrasions, said to Timmy, "We're going to get this straightened out. There's no excuse for the bullying you received. I'm not going to have you kids going to school having to look over your shoulders every step you take. Dad and I'll talk to the principal in the morning, and if need be we'll contact the police."

The whole story was repeated to dad when he got home from work. He wanted to call the police right away but we all talked him down into at least giving mom's plan a try.

After dinner, Derrick called me into the hallway. He had the same anger and resentment toward the Larry Johnson kid that Nathan and I had. He knew Larry's older brother and said he was pretty much the same kind of dickweed jerk that his younger brother was.

The problem is that Derrick is not a fighter, and I explained that fighting the situation probably would not work anyway, that it might actually intensify the situation.

Reluctantly, he agreed to let mom and dad handle it... but we made a pact that if the legal system didn't handle it then we would.

I then went to my bedroom and sent out a bunch of emails to various friends and acquaintances telling them of the situation, and that we would all need to keep an eye on Timmy, from a distance so as to not think we were fighting his battles for him... that was a delicate line though: he needed to know that we'd protect him yet we didn't want him to feel that we were meddling... there's a fine line in there somewhere, and sometimes that line wiggles.

The rest of the evening was pretty relaxed. We got into a family game of Scrabble though it was not as fun because we had to completely go by the rules – meaning we couldn't use curse words, slang, sexual innuendo, and the like. Oh well, we had fun.

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, brushed my hair and teeth, pissed, and then went to bed, closing the door behind me as I was going to call Skeeter before I went to sleep. The nads were full... hopefully his were too.

I tossed my underwear, got into bed, rearranged the covers and pillows like it was when he was sleeping with me, and then called him.

He answered on the first ring: Hey studly.

"Hey stud." Skeeter answered.

"What's up?" I asked.

"About 5 inches... what's up with you?" Skeeter replied, giggling.

I grabbed hold of my wand and began stroking it, much to its delight. When it was fully elongated I said, "Same here."

"I'm naked."

"Me too."

"Beat ya."

"I wish you could."

Snickers were heard from the other side of the phone line.

I won. By only about 5 seconds... but still... ego stroke.

I then went on and told Skeeter about what had happened to Timmy. He was pissed, and swore if he lived anywhere close to here then some serious ass would be kicked. I explained to him that mom and dad were going to take care of it, and if they weren't successful then he'd have to get in line or get a GPS finder to locate the bits and pieces that would be left behind after we got finished with the jerk.

Right after making that proclamation Timmy entered and looked at me expectantly, like he was waiting for me to give him permission to enter. The clock read that it was time for him to close his eyes and get some shuteye. I waved him to come join me. He did without hesitation. I got him snuggled in and then returned to my call with Skeeter. Meanwhile Timmy rearranged his body so that he was half lying on my chest and tummy and the bed. I rubbed his back using my fingers in little circles. His muscles began relaxing noticeably so I kept rubbing so that hopefully he'd quickly fall off to dreamland, and even more hopefully that he wouldn't have nightmares of getting beat up, once again.

Skeeter and I got into our usual argument about who loved each other the most. Timmy looked up. The expression of his face clearly said that Skeeter and I were 'weird'. Okay, he was smarter than I'd given him credit for being. Chuckle.

Timmy was not easy to go to sleep. He'd toss and turn this way and that way, turn the light on, turn the light off, go to the bathroom to pee, come back, get settled in, nuzzle, de-nuzzle, and whathaveyou.

Finally, using every trick to not sound annoyed, I asked, "Have you jacked off tonight? That might help you get to sleep... it's late."


I reached down under the covers, slipped his underwear down and off then put his hand over his cock and urged him to take care of business.

He did.

I kissed the top of his head tenderly and whispered, "We've got your back, bro. Rest easy."

I laid awake going over and over and over again what I was going to do to that motherfucker Johnson if I had to put my hands on him. The last time I looked at the clock it read 5:15, one hour before having to get up to start a new day, or continue the previous day.

*** To be continued

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