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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 38

*-* Thursday evening, Nathan's POV *-*

Privacy was not much of an issue between Derrick, Joey, Timmy and me, so I entered the bathroom to take a dump. Immediately, it was not heard to discern that there were two people in the shower having a really good time. I mean get real, the slap, slap, slap of wet skin on skin, in a rhythmical fashion, kinda sorta gives those carnal actions away. Nevertheless, I needed to use it so I did. I was long finished by the time they slowed down the pace. "I'm flushing the toilet." I said loud enough for them to hear. All they did was giggle, and then Timmy squealed… I knew that squeal, and I knew what brought it on. I gave them 30 seconds. Joey poked his head out. He had a shit eating grin plastered on his face, nodded then closed the door. I flushed, got them towels, laid them on the vanity thing and then took off, went into the kitchen where Mom was preparing dinner.

"Hey, honey, would you please grab me the big frying pan? It's on the bottom shelf, way back in the back."

Fetching that for her earned me a hug, a special mommy smile and a peck on my cheek.

"Mom, can I go down to Donnie's or can he come here and stay all night? I'll make sure he gets up on time. Please… please… mommy… you're the greatest!" I said, thinking a bunch of flattery would make some special inroads to be together with my best friend and lover. I leaned up and kissed her cheek, wrapped my arms around her, and panted like a little puppy dog does for his treat.

"I don't know about that. It's a school night. Tell ya what: ask your dad. I'll go along with whatever his decision is. And, I love you, too." Mom giggled, nuzzled my nose with hers and added, "Your flattery is turning into bribery… go ask your dad."

Just then dad entered the kitchen. He said, "Ask your dad what?" I turned to him. He was smiling.

Now, mind you, I don't get all huggy wuggy with dad, when I want to do something, but he's the first person I go to when I've got something on my mind. With that, I walked to dad after pecking mom's cheek one more time, and said, "Dad, can I go down to Donnie's, or can he spend the night with me tonight? I promise I'll have him up in time for school… please…?"

"Oh, I don't know about that… it is a school night… honey, what do you think?"

Mom turned toward us. She winked then returned to dinner preparations, leaving me and dad standing there not having an answer – YET!

Dad said, "I want to talk to Chet or Irene before I say yes or no. They may want Donnie home to their selves tonight.

Dad walked to the table where the house phone sat. He asked if I knew their number from memory. I pulled out my cell phone, punched speed dial #1. Donnie answered it on the second ring, "Hey, lover boy. Wanna come down tonight… mom and dad said it's okay…"

"Dad wants to talk to your dad or mom."

"Dadddddddddd." I heard Donnie say over the open connection then he came back, "He's on his way."

I handed dad the phone. I then smiled my sweetest smile, put my arm around his shoulders, squeezed, and began rubbing little circles, hoping to relax him, and to give permission!

So much for sweet stuff... I wasn't all that good about bribing the 'rents anyway.

He took my phone and walked out to the deck. I thought correctly that I should leave him be… I didn't want to push the issue, cuz that could possibly turn things in a bad way. Snicker.

A few minutes later, he returned and handed me my phone. He said, "Chet and Irene want Donnie home tonight. You can go, but be back early. You can walk Donnie to the corner but you are not to be on school property. Remember, we have the meeting with them at 11 tomorrow morning. We'll be leaving here by 10:30."

"Okay, I can do that. Thanks, Dad. I love you." I said then gave him a good, deep, genuine hug, and then headed for my room to pack an overnight bag with some clean clothes, tooth brush and hair brush.

As I exited my room, I literally ran into Timmy who was walking down the hallway, wearing nothing but a short t-shirt. We both ended up on the floor, and then we began wrestling, just a little bit, not too much because he still had those scabs from his bike accident. All was well until he landed a punch in my gut, not hard mind you, but it was enough to get my attention. That was war. Sweet and simple. I was putting my little brother into a head lock when dad said loudly, "That's enough rough housing in the house, take it outside!"

Joey, from his door, snickered loudly. Dad gave him a 'dirty' look… you know the kind of look that says I don't need your opinion… yeah, one of those looks.

Dad walked back into the kitchen. I grabbed Timmy, held him tight, then gave him a noogie, but then Joey gave me a wedgie… we then took it to his room, closed the door, and wrestled, and fought and hooted and hollered until we'd had enough. Nobody claimed victory, cuz the results were about equal.

Joey did say, "You're getting strong. You ought to go out for wrestling next year."

My brother and I love each other to the ends of the earth, but, our compliments are far and few between, so when he said that, I felt all puffed out, and decided that I would probably go try out.

When he turned to the computer and began sitting down I grabbed hold of his chest and wrestled him to the ground, and before he knew what was happening I had him pinned to the floor, just like that. Just as quickly as he'd let me up I got up and off him, but stayed seated on the floor, and put my arm around his shoulders.

He smiled, "That was a lucky break. Hey, Nathan, I'm sorry you're missing out on school. I didn't think it would go this far."

"Hey dude, this is for our brother. We can't have people fucking with him. If you go down then I go down, and if I go down you go down... it's pretty simple actually."

"Yeah, well, I'm still sorry. Nathan, this doing it the right way is hard."

"I know it's hard for you, but you're a good brother, you're trying, and you're doing a really good job." I said totally seriously.

"Thanks." He said then leaned over, laid his head on my chest, unspoken. I put my arm around his neck, patted his chest, and kissed the top of his head.

Just then mom knocked on the door, her knock was trademark, "Come in." Joey said as he got up and off the floor, reached a hand for me and pulled.

Mom said to me, "Donnie's waiting. Just be back early, and don't make him late for school."

"I won't. Thanks mom." I said then turned to Joey, leaned in and quickly kissed his cheek... simply because I loved my brother with all my heart. Yes, we'd been intimate, unlike most brothers, but we also had very strong bonds, bonds that could not be broken, ever. He kissed my cheek then sat down at the computer and booted it up.

"Do you want your door closed?" I asked as mom walked on down the hall toward the kitchen.

"Yeah, please, thanks. Love ya, bro. Have fun."

"Love you, too. Always. See ya in the morning." I replied then exited his room pulling the door closed behind me, but without locking it.

I walked into the kitchen to give my affections before heading down to Donnie's.

As I walked down the hill toward Donnie's house, my ardor rose. I wanted some attention, some loving, some sharing of spit, and my backside filled to capacity, and my front side buried to the hilt in his soft yet firm and tight butt, attention. By the time I arrived, my little man was fully at attention. Just before knocking on the door, even though his parents said I didn't need to make my presence known, I adjusted things down south of the border, hoping against hope that my 'need' was not terribly noticeable.

I raised my hand to knock, and at the same time the door opened, and Donnie grabbed hold of my hand and yanked me inside. He said, "Mom and dad are outside working in the garden..."

Two minutes later we were in his room.

One minute later, we were naked as the day we'd been born.

Three minutes later, I was buried to the hilt in Donnie's behind.

Fifteen minutes later, Donnie was buried to the hilt in my behind.

Ten minutes later, we lay side by side, sucking tongue, rubbing our arms across the other's naked skin, reveling in our trip to and back from Nirvana.

Fifteen minutes later, we were drying off from taking a shower.

Three minutes later we were headed back to his bedroom.

Ten minutes later, with glasses of lemonade in our hands we sat down at the picnic table and watched his parents doing their thing in the vegetable and flower beds.

When they were finished with their chores, Irene and Chet walked to the table and sat down.

"Your gardens sure look nice."

"The roses will be blooming soon. Their buds are very close to opening up. This is my favorite time of year... everything is coming back to life after their dormancy through the winter time." Irene said fondly.

Chet said, "Donnie, the yard needs mowed. It's supposed to rain tonight. I'd like to get some seed and fertilizer put down after it's mowed and trimmed, and before it rains.

Two hours later, we were hosing off the lawnmower. I got out the weed eater and began trimming around the gardens, patio and driveway. The day had been hot and humid, and we were sweating like pigs. Finished with that chore, while putting everything away, I walked to Donnie, pulled him into my arms, hugged him tightly, and kissed his lips like there was no tomorrow. Donnie reached into my shorts, rubbed his hands along the curvature of my butt, and then headed inside the crack and began toying with my rosebud. I reached in, grabbed hold of his dong, and began stroking it.

Just then we heard a sharp intake of air and a clearing of the throat.

Immediately, we pulled apart, looked toward the door to the back porch area and saw his dad standing there with a shocked look on his face. His wife, Irene, then walked into view and took her husband's waist in her arms. She looked to him then back to us. She said, "What's wrong, Chet? Are you okay?"

"Uhm, yeah, I'm okay." He replied, never letting his eyes leave me and Donnie. He then turned to his wife, "Why don't you go make up some hamburgers... we'll get the grill going?"

Irene looked toward us, reached up, kissed her husband then disappeared into the house.

Chet said to Donnie, "Donnie, go ahead and get the grill going... Nathan, I'd like to talk to you... alone..."

Donnie walked to his dad, "Dad, Nathan and I are in this together." He then looked to me, reached out his arm and motioned for me to join him. I did.

Although we weren't close enough to touch, I nevertheless felt the warmth emanating from his body. Chet replied, "So it appears... Nathan, I'm surprised..."

"Yeah, me, too." I quipped then continued, feeling ready to put it all on the line, to be perfectly honest, "Sir, I really didn't love Linda. I liked her but then that all changed... you know... when she kicked me out of bed..."

Donnie said to me apologetically, "She's a bitch. I should have warned you about her."

Chet's focus changed dramatically. He said, "Donnie, Linda is your sister. Respect her."

Donnie nodded then said, "Dad, she's my sister... but trust is earned, right? I mean, you know what she did to Nathan... and well, she tried to get me interested, too... she's crazy Dad."

Chet said, seriously, "You know your mother's going to have a stroke, right? Sorry boys, I shouldn't have said that... Nathan, Irene is very fond of you. I am, too."

That made me feel a little better, knowing what he said was true and knowing that Irene was pretty well level headed. I opened my mouth to say something but Chet cut me off with the question of the day. First he looked to Donnie then to me and then back to Donnie, "Is it safe for me to assume you guys are sexually intimate?"

"Dad, don't go there. You and mom both say that what goes on in my bedroom is private and personal... we have a closed door policy... but since you're my dad... hold on for a minute..."

Donnie took hold of my hand, led me into the back yard, looked deeply into my eyes, and said, "I'm only thinking of you, Nathan... I don't much care if they know I'm sexually active... hell, they've both caught me jacking off... I was a dumb ass... my door wasn't shut all the way... but I don't want to say the words that we're having sex unless it's okay with you."

I looked down to the front of Donnie's shorts... from the tent totally obvious one does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we found each other exceptionally attractive. Donnie chuckled, "Well... yeah... that too... you're not much better, oh horny bodied boy."

I thought I'd had things south of the border pretty well under control, yet when I looked down, I blushed fiercely, looked back into Donnie's eyes, shrugged my shoulders, then looked to the ground, hoping to find a place on which to stare... I was also looking for a crack in the ground so that I could slink into it. Instead the freshly cut lawn showed no such crack. Donnie put his arms around my shoulders, pulled me up and into him, and then hugged me deeply. Automatically, instinctively, I put my arms around him and let them trail down and rest on the top of his buns. I said, "Okay. I love you Donnie. You're nothing like your sister, but your dad is right, you should at least respect Linda enough simply because she is your twin. I don't hate her anymore, but, I don't want to be around her either."

Donnie's dad took the news well, and even said something to the effect that he'd been young long, long ago, so he knew about the male hormones all too well.

Chet said to me, "There's nothing wrong with being bisexual... besides, you've got plenty of time before you even need to deal with whether or not you are gay, or straight for that matter. Just be yourself. Honestly, I don't think Irene's going to hate you... although, you must admit the situation with Donnie AND Linda is kind of out of the ordinary..."

"Yes sir, now that you put it that way... I have to say one thing: Donnie treats me different than Linda... it's like we're okay with each other, no matter what. Yeah, I have a choice about whom I sleep with... but I've chosen to be with Donnie... he's really good people... kind, gentle, and smart, too."

With that said, I put my arm around Donnie's waist, and let my hand trail down to its favorite resting place, just atop his buns. I firmly squeezed the one closest to my hip. Donnie tightened his cheek, then reached around and removed my wandering hand from his crack. It just seemed normal and natural, I hadn't even intended on doing 'that' to him.

"Okay, boys, no more third degree. Thanks for talking with me." Chet said then walked to us and pulled Donnie then me into a hug, squeezed tightly, then released, then said to Donnie, "I bet you boys are hungry... get the grill going so we can eat! I can't be accused of starving two hungry teenagers, now can I?"

Irene had made several 8 inch kabobs. Add to that a freshly homemade potato salad, green beans with bacon pieces, and a Dutch apple pie, made from scratch, was in the oven driving our olfactory senses absolutely bug fuck with desire, even though we were actively eating. What's a guy to do?


As soon as the meal had been consumed, Chet took hold of his wife, poured them a glass of wine, each, and then headed outside to sit on the patio. Donnie and I made fairly short order of cleaning up the kitchen. Of course, we played some grab ass, finding several pleasurable hot spots on our bodies. Neither of us were 'ready' to answer Irene's call to join them, what with obscenely tented out shorts and wet underwear, not from cum, but, from precum. Had he grabbed me one more time I would have made a mess in my shorts. From his appearances, the same was true for him.

"We'll be out in a few minutes. I've got to use the can... be right out." Donnie said, then grabbed my hand and led us into the bathroom, put down the toilet lid, then urged me to sit on it. He then deftly, without delay, pulled out my shorts, led my dick into the open air, and then closed his luscious lips around its circumference, and quickly brought me to a successful conclusion.

While I was still seated on the toilet, he pushed his dick, pressed it against the underneath part of my nose and then with 'some help' guided it into my mouth... I was soon rewarded with a protein rich milkshake, and he was rewarded with multiple muscle spasms as he climbed the ladder to Nirvana, and points beyond.

"Yummy." I said while pulling away and lifting up his shorts to cover his manhood, and sweet cheeks. I stood, washed my hands because my finger had found and played with his 'mark'. He, meanwhile, put the seat up and took care of business, noisily.

Finished with our fun time and Donnie's business time we headed to the patio where not only Irene and Chet sat, but mom and dad were also there, enjoying a drink with their friends. I was a bit surprised that mom and dad were there, but, all was good. Everything was kewl, relaxed and fun – at our expense, and then theirs, too, when Donnie and I caught on to what they were doing, or trying to do.

Irene then served the apple pie with vanilla ice cream to top it off. To say it was the best apple pie would definitely be the understatement of the year, possibly even the decade. Irene was delighted with all the compliments paid to her for both a great dinner and the topper of apple pie.

Donnie gathered up the plates, took them inside to rinse off, and to unload the dish washer.

Irene, after a few moments of comfortable silence, looked to mom... mom smiled, looked at me, clucked her tongue, and then said, "Nathan, we came down here to talk about something, something that needs to be talked about."

Immediately I tensed up and felt my cheeks and neck flush with a bad case of the nerves, hoping against all hope that we didn't have to talk about 'that'.

Mom smiled.

Huh? What was she smiling at and about? My sense of doom?

I said nothing.

She continued, "Your dad and I were talking this afternoon, after you left to come down here... we got to thinking that maybe you would like to take someone with you when we go to Hawaii next month... Joey and Skeeter are going to be together..."

Oh oh, here it comes...

"We thought you might want to have Donnie come with you. We've booked enough rooms so that Joey and Skeeter can have a room of their own... we thought it might be nice if you and Donnie shared a room... it's just a thought."

I looked to Donnie then rapidly to his mom then his dad then back to Donnie, and then finally back to mom. They were waiting for a response. Dad's eyes were dancing... he was trying oh so hard not to giggle, or outright laugh his ass off.

Hell, even Irene had a smirk on her face, faint, but, nevertheless it was definitely there. Chet, he looked totally amused. What the hell was going on?

Donnie said, "Kewl. I've always wanted to go there... what island are we going to?"

Irene spoke up, "Now, Donnie, don't assume anything... you haven't asked permission, now have you?"

Donnie squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, turned to me, raised his eyebrows, and waited.

I got up from my chair, walked to Donnie's, pushed his legs apart and sat down between them. I pulled his legs around my torso and said, "I don't know what's going on here... but I would love to have Donnie come spend the week with us. Can he please come with us?"

Before anybody answered, Donnie squeezed out from my arms, and then joined me so that we were sitting side by side. Looking at Irene, I put my arm around Donnie's shoulder and pulled him in. Donnie turned his face toward mine. I wanted to kiss him so bad that it wasn't even funny. I started sweating like a pig, my world started closing in, my hearing became acute, my vision became tunnel – all I saw was Donnie sitting next to my side.

Unable to take it any longer, I said to Irene, "It's true. Donnie and I are lovers. I love him. I made a choice to be with him."

"And I made a choice to be with Nathan, mom. Can I go to Hawaii with them, please?"

To me Irene said, "Nathan, I'm sorry that Linda hurt you so bad... there was no excuse, but she's getting the help she needs..."

Mom came to the rescue, "Irene, yes, Nathan was hurt, but this is a decision he came to on his own. We've talked to him to make sure he wasn't hurt so badly that he was running away, thinking that all girls did those kinds of things. We're convinced that he's following his heart."

"I know June. I just had to say that. I had to know for myself. I need to know one more thing..."

I nodded. Donnie said, "Mom, we're an open book now. We don't need to hide anything. Nathan's my man... there's nothing we can't get through... so long as you guys are behind us, that is."

Chet said, "We've got your back, Donnie. Don't you ever doubt our support. That goes for you too, Nathan. Do we understand each other?"

"Thanks." I replied.

Dad said, "That goes for us too. So long as you two are together... well, Donnie, we consider you our son-in-law, and with that comes all the rights, privileges and responsibilities to one another, and to us too."

"Thank you, Mr. Mauer. I'll try not to let you down. Sometimes my mouth gets the best of me."

I snickered and lightly pinched Donnie's butt cheek to let him know that I was glad his mouth gets the best of him, at times.

Irene asked, "May I be excused for a moment? I'll be right back."

Without waiting for an answer to a question I was surprised that she asked, she took off, grabbing mom's hand. As they disappeared into the house, I leaned in and kissed Donnie's neck. It sent a shiver through him; he shuddered, almost violently, but not quite.

I looked to Chet for any sign of disapproval. There was none.

Donnie, meanwhile, took hold of my chin and pulled my lips toward his... quickly, our lips came together. In an instant, for only an instant, Donnie snuck his tongue through my lips, and then retreated.

Shortly thereafter Irene and mom reappeared. Irene walked to us, me and Donnie, and then dropped a box into my lap. "Use them. Every time, use them."

She sat down. I felt my temperature rise at least 50 degrees, and was sure that I would spontaneously combust right then and there, but thankfully I didn't.

Meanwhile, Donnie opened the package, and immediately turned crimson red, and squeaked out what sounded like a painful moan, "Mommmmmmmm!"

Irene, indignantly said, "You boys use them each and every time you are intimate... Donnie, young man, we do not want you coming up pregnant."

I looked to mom then to dad then to Chet then to Irene... Donnie snickered... I was about to spontaneously combust – yet again – but, again, thankfully I didn't.

Donnie then did something I never, ever though he'd ever do in a million gazillion years. He said, "Come on Nathan, let's go try them out."

"Oh. My. God." Mom exclaimed then she bowled over in total and complete hysterics. Dad joined her. And even Chet laughed loudly.

Irene said, "Well... I never..." And then realizing what she'd said, her face turned crimson red. She nervously fingered her dress, trying to get it just right. And then she looked at Donnie, and began cackling uncontrollably.

Once everybody got their composure returned, Chet said seriously, "Boys, we're okay with you being a couple and all... but you need to be discrete. Donnie, and you, too, Nathan, we will respect closed doors. We will not bother you unless there is a fire or medical emergency, or if we think you two are being hurt or harmed in some serious way. In return, I hope that you respect us by not being totally up front and personal with your physical signs of love. A chaste kiss every now and again is okay, but leave the slobbering spit sharing kisses to your privacy, please."

We both agreed. I put my arms around Donnie, squeezed him tight, and whispered into his ear, "I love you. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Donnie agreed, took my hand in his and squeezed firmly. "Mom, dad, can Nathan and I go for a walk, maybe walk into town and get a Coke?"

Irene replied, "Honey, we've got plenty of pop in the refrigerator... why don't you two stay here? It's getting late. Besides, tomorrow's a school day."

Dad said, "Nathan, we have a meeting with the principal and a representative from the board tomorrow morning at 11. I'd like for you to be home, showered, dressed and put together by 10."

"Yes sir. That's no problem."

Donnie said, "Speaking of showers..." He sniffed his armpit, "Yuck... speaking of showers, I need one. Okay mom. Come on Nathan."

I walked to mom and dad and hugged them individually, and then together. I whispered into mom's ear, "Thanks for asking Donnie to come along... I love you." We touched our lips together, and then I kissed dad's cheek and thanked him, too.

"You boys are excused. I was going to tell you guys to take separate showers but I'm sure you need to wash one another's backs..." Irene said hesitantly, and then snickered, "And whatever else you can't or won't reach..."


"Mrs. Clemson … PUHLEEZE stop it...!" I droned, thinking I'd blow up right then and there from embarrassment.

To add insult to injury, Irene got up, fetched the box of condoms from the patio deck and handed them to Donnie. Donnie quickly got up, grabbed hold of my hand, and jerked me into the house, away from the 'rents.

The box contained various brightly colored condoms. Some were even flavored cherry and strawberry.

I used two red ones.

Donnie used a dark blue one and a purple one (yes, he did it to me twice).

*-* Joey's POV *-*

I like sleeping through storms, and the previous night we'd had a doozie. Some of the thunder shook the house... but I found it relaxing, and in fact jerked off with the low rumbles after the main part of the storm passed.

At some point during the night, I was kind of aware, but not really, of someone crawling into bed with me. By then, I was quite used to either Nathan or Timmy, but not both of them, YET, coming in to sleep with me, because they were scared or something, perhaps, even, they just needed to cuddle up with someone. It was all good with me. We enjoyed open relationships, and while we had 'added benefits', occasionally, we just liked to sleep together.

*-* Friday, early morning *-*

I awoke before the 8am alarm. I was lying on my side facing Timmy who was lying on his back with his mouth wide open, sound asleep. I watched him sleep. The peaceful look on his face made everything worthwhile, and it was then that I really realized that I loved the boy almost as much as I did Nathan. I wondered why he'd been treated so badly during his few years on the planet... yeah, our relationship started out very rough, but I knew deep inside that he had been just as afraid to come 'here' as I had been. I also understood his way of thinking, in the beginning... you know the 'push people away before they could get close to you' thinking. I had been pretty damned good at it. But when I really realized that mom and dad did truly love us, me and Nathan, I started to let go of that way of thinking. I saw that Timmy was doing the same thing, albeit slowly and cautiously. I reached in, kissed his cheek, put my arm across his chest and squeezed lightly.

I needed to piss like a racehorse so I wormed my way out of bed, being careful to not wake him, put on a pair of underwear and trodded into the bathroom, peed and blew a great big fart, giggled, shook it the requisite number of times, flushed, and despite my morning wood went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of orange juice, and then walked to the deck and sat down in a chair after making sure none of the neighbors on either side were out.

The sky was a crystal clear blue, washed by the overnight rains. The air was cool and crisp, typical of late spring, when the seasons of summer and winter clashed with rumbles of thunder and natural light shows. I remembered Skeeter telling me how petrified James was of storms. Skeeter didn't much like them either, but, he didn't go ballistic.

I was just getting ready to head into the house to take my shower when Nathan arrived. He said, "Sheesh, I didn't know you were an exhibitionist..."

Just as I was getting ready to give him a retort he quickly pulled off his shirt, shoes and shorts and sat down on my chair and weaseled his way in to sit beside me.

He talked about his 'coming out' experience with the Clemson's the previous night, and how Donnie was going to get to come along with us on our trip to Hawaii. I thought that was major kewl and reminded myself to thank mom and dad for thinking of my brother and his partner. He then reached down into his shorts, retrieved a package that I recognized as being for a condom. He pulled the tab open and then showed me a bright red balloon that he blew up seductively. He then licked one side and then handed it to me. I looked at it. He said, chuckling slightly, "That one's cherry flavored."

I licked it. Indeed it had a very strong but pleasant cherry flavor.

Then Nathan turned serious, "Joey, they're too big. I tried to use one but it fell off… actually… oh my God, I can't believe I'm telling you this – but the condom, it got pushed up into Donnie… we didn't realize it had fallen off… sheesh…"

I giggled loudly. Nathan saw the humor in it but then turned serious again, "Is it going to hurt him? I mean… well, you know… it's inside him…"

I smiled. Nathan wasn't sure why I was smiling. I said, "It'll come out with everything else.  What color was it, I mean the rubber?"

Nathan snickered, "Red."

"No problem, he's going have a red turd… heh heh heh."

"Very funny." He said then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, hit the speed dial, Donnie immediately answered. Nathan said, "You're going to have a red turd… you know…"

He looked into my eyes as Donnie was talking to him. He cracked up laughing. "Donnie's taking a shit right now… oh my God."

They went on and on so I got up and went back into the house. I had goose bumps all over my arms and legs. I went to my room and put on a pair of sweats, and then headed for Timmy's room… I then remembered he was in my room… but I hadn't seen him, but then again I hadn't looked for him… he was in my bed with the covers all wrapped around him… he looked like a mummy like that. I walked to my bed, leaned over, and much to my surprise he rose up, put his arms around me and squeezed like there was no tomorrow, and then he kissed my lips, and said, "Love you, bro!"

The look in his eyes confirmed his statement. His eyes were alive; they were happily dancing; the little bit of light in the room penetrated those orbs of flesh that give him sight. I don't know what came over me … it was love actually … I got up, walked to the door, closed it, locked it, stripped off my sweat suit and got into bed with my brother who was untangling the covers and making room for me to join him.

We cuddled. We kissed. We hugged. And then we shared our fluids, and experienced one of the most fulfilling sexual moments – ever, to that day.

Nathan's trade mark knock on the door interrupted our post orgasmic interlude. Timmy bounded out of bed while I covered up with a blanket that had caught one of my spurts, one that Timmy had missed.

Nathan just wanted to let me know that Donnie's 'little problem' worked itself out, just fine. Timmy related several similar incidents. With a trace amount of indignation in his voice, Timmy told Nathan that if he had any questions, to come to him.  Timmy was serious. Nathan and I both took note, and I realized, once again, that Timmy had a story to tell, and even though he was a little kid he was strong in heart and mind, and I loved him for that, for who and what he was and was going to be.

Nathan looked into my eyes. They said volumes, they expressed nothing but love. Unspoken, without being asked or even eluded to, I got up, walked to the door, closed and locked it, then returned to bed, and then Nathan and I gave Timmy a huge healthy dose of love and gratitude. Nathan and I tag teamed on Timmy. One would suck his penis and the other one would be working on his butt, the boy just loved to have his rosebud tongued and licked. Because Timmy is Timmy, he's a giver in every way, he managed to join me and Nathan together… yeah, he was sucking us both like there would be no tomorrow. He managed to swallow it all, despite us cumming into his throat at the very same time.

When all was said and done, when we were lying still and quietly cuddling, Timmy asked wistfully, "I love you guys… ermmm… does your boyfriends know that we play around, you know, sex and stuff?"

Nathan was the first to answer, "No. No, Donnie doesn't know. I need to tell him… ya know, I really don't think he'll mind… he may even want to join us… I just don't know. Yeah, I don't think he'll mind. I really don't want to fuck with you two, but I like our bonding moments like this. Speaking of bonding, Joey we need to go bond with that fuckhead principal…"

I looked at the clock… it read 8:55am. I smiled, then without a second's hesitation I wormed my way down Timmy's chest and tummy, found his soft noodle, and coaxed it into a fully upright position, and then went to town on it while Nathan raised up Timmy's butt and began giving it a serious amount of attention, finishing off with a good finger fucking. Timmy didn't shoot much but he sure enjoyed a colossal trip out into outer space, and beyond.

By 9:30, we were in the shower. We then took off for our rooms to get dressed for the meeting with the principal, to get my expulsion reversed, hopefully.

We then met in the bathroom, attended to our hair, brushed our hair, and then I spent an inordinate amount of time pulling a pubic hair from between Nathan's two front teeth. It had really worked itself into that tight place. Of course, our laughing and carrying on didn't help the cause any. Finally, it came loose, and just as it did mom entered the bathroom and put on the finishing touches. All the while, she gave us plenty of encouragement and said that things would work out just the way they were supposed to, and that her and dad would support us in every way because we hadn't done anything wrong. Although I knew we were in the clear it was still good to hear her give their support.

I don't think Mr. Stanberry anticipated all of us attending the meeting. He had to go fetch two more chairs so that everyone could sit. Me... I would have been just fine standing. I think better on my feet.

A man, I'd never seen him before, began the meeting by saying, "My name is Denton Shaver. I am the vice president of the school board, and I'm here to represent the district. Mr. Stanberry has briefed me about the situation of Timmy's assault, and the assault of another student. The way I understand the chain of events is that the second student was assaulted because of retribution, retaliation would probably be a better word to use. We are here to hear your side of the story, so that all the facts are known, so that a final decision can be made regarding expulsion. As you are all aware, we have zero tolerance for physical altercations of any kind, at any time. Timmy, since you are a victim of an alleged assault, I would like to hear from you first. Just tell me what happened."

Timmy looked around the room, first to mom then to dad then to me then to Nathan, and then turned his attention to Mr. Shaver. He said, "Uhm, well, I was supposed to meet my brothers at the bike rack. It was my second day at school... and well... I got lost inside... so I went outside figuring I could find my way better that way. When I went outside, I figured out where I was. I started walking around the back of the building thinking that would be the fastest way... they were waiting..." Timmy looked at me then to Nathan. We nodded in harmony. He continued, "There were two guys walking toward me. I got scared shitless <he looked to mom because of his choice of words. When she didn't respond negatively, he continued onward>... I dropped my book bag and took off... but I don't run so fast... the biggest dude caught me. He pounded my ass into the ground... see?" He showed Mr. Shaver his bruised face, and lifted his shirt to show him the bruises on his chest and belly.

"Uhm... those scrapes... my brothers and I were racing down the hill when we left... and well... I went sliding... my bike got a flat tire..."

Mr. Shaver, clearly taken aback by Timmy's openness said to him with a very kind and reassuring voice, "I have a 12 year old daughter. She's a tom boy. She suffered a similar fate on her bicycle just this past Saturday. Okay, son, I've seen enough. I'm sorry about your spill, and I'm very sorry to know that you were bullied. Please accept my apology for your most unfortunate turn of circumstances. I see that you are new to our district, and to this school, so let me emphasize that this is not how we treat our students, new or old. Timmy, can you identify the person or persons who attacked you on school grounds?"

"Yes sir. I learned his name is Larry Johnson. He's a 10th grader. I didn't do anything to him. I swear."

"Son, each student is unique in his or her own way. Each student is afforded the opportunity to get an education in a safe manner. I do not like the thought of my kids, the kids in this school and in this district having to go to school with fear on their minds, not knowing what will set someone off. Unfortunately, not every student is here to learn what they need to learn, so that they are successful in life. We deal with them by showing them different ways to channel their negative behaviors and attitudes, and only on rare occasions do we expel them from the environment. I would like to advise you and your parents, and brothers, that we have ordered additional security cameras that will be placed at strategic places, including the rear of this building. Quite a few kids go out there and smoke cigarettes, and other things, on school time."

Mr. Shaver looked at me for a brief moment. My blood pressure went up a notch or two, but seeing that his point was made, he continued, "Timmy, you are in no trouble. From your testimony, and from Mr. Stanberry's testimony, you did nothing to warrant the attack on your person. With that said, you may go to class right now."

Timmy looked to dad then to me then to Nathan... then to mom. Mom said, "We would like to have Timmy here while we take care of the other issue we're here for. In the short time that we've had Timmy living with us, his bond with his brothers, my sons, has grown. They are here to support him, and Timmy needs to be here to support his brother. We wish to get this matter resolved today, and to get our boys back in school on Monday. Mr. Stanberry has refused to allow our boys to have their homework... in fact, Joey and Nathan's access to the student website has been blocked. As you said, education is vitally important to each and every student. In our society, innocence is the rule until guilt is proven. Mr. Stanberry, you have yet to prove my son, Joey, had anything to do with the second assault."

Mr. Shaver turned to Mr. Stanberry. A look passed from Mr. Shaver to Mr. Stanberry – Mr. Shaver looked none too happy. He turned to me, "Do you prefer Joseph or Joey?"

"Joey is fine." I replied.

"Joey, Mr. Stanberry has shown me the pictures he and your dad took of your hands, arms and legs. They clearly fail to show any offensive or defensive injuries one might expect to see had you gotten into a fight. Unless you are martial arts expert, and your records do not indicate such, and the fact that the boy you allegedly fought was much, much bigger than you, I see no hard physical evidence that you did, in fact, engage the other boy."

I nodded. He then said, "Mr. Stanberry has been very clear about his telling you that if that other boy received any physical retribution that you would be suspended, even expelled from this district. As I said before, we have a zero tolerance for physical altercations on school property, period. I would like to hear your side of the story. We are here to get the facts. Whatever decision is made here today is final."

"Sir, I did not put the word out to have that jack ass hurt, but I did make my friends, and Timmy's friends aware of the assault. Everybody was told, and they volunteered to watch his back. He's my brother. I cannot be at all places at all times. I will tell you right now that if Timmy gets bushwhacked, and I see it, then there will be hell to pay. I will not go hunting for a teacher, Mr. Stanberry, or you, if my brother is being beat up. I won't sit back and watch, would you?"

"No, I wouldn't let my children get beat up with me standing there observing it. By Timmy's account, you and Nathan were at the bike racks waiting for him, correct?"

"Yes sir. We saw Timmy walk around the side of the building. Immediately, I knew something bad had happened. When I got to him he collapsed. Nathan ran to us when he saw us sitting on the ground. <Nathan nodded>. We went home... Timmy already told you about the spill on his bike."

Mr. Stanberry, with chagrin clearly written all over his face said, "By your own admission, Joseph, you put the word out... and as a result of that another assault occurred on school property. That child was injured severely. He has admitted that there was a misunderstanding with Timmy. He's sorry about it... he never meant for the situation to go as far as it did..."

"Bull crap." The words, they escaped from my mouth. "It's already known around this school that he's a bully; that he preys on little kids... Timmy, I'm not saying you're a little kid, but he's much bigger and stronger than you are..."

Mr. Shaver broke in, before I was about to tell Mr. Stanberry to take the look on his face and shove it up his fucking ass, "Joey, I have reviewed his records. Yes, he has been suspended from school for bullying, to the extent of physical interaction with those he bullies... so, Joey, answer this question... have you had an altercation with the Johnson boy? Did you order him to be beat up?"

"No sir. Not that I didn't want to. Like I said, Timmy's my brother..."

Nathan, who had been quiet throughout the meeting, said, "He's my brother, too. The same goes for me. If I see someone pounding either of my brothers, then they have me to deal with. I can hold my own, if need be." Nathan looked at me and said, "Joey, I had my friends looking for Timmy, too." He turned to Mr. Shaver, "Sir, I didn't have anything to do with the fight. He brought that on himself. He was trash talking Timmy, and well, he trash talked to the wrong people."

"Okay Nathan, thank you for clearing that up. I do not see anything wrong with defending your brother. I see your point." Mr. Shaver said then turned to me, "Do you know who assaulted the Johnson boy?"

I looked to dad then mom then back to dad. Dad said, "Sir, Joey has told me and his mother, and now you, and once again to Mr. Stanberry that he had nothing to do with the second incident. Whatever he would say about naming the attackers would simply be hearsay. Moreover, my son, Joey, wasn't there when it happened... whatever he heard was third party. Our counsel has told us that we hold no legal right to bring other people into this matter. He's in court this morning but will be available to sit down and talk to everybody this afternoon, if need be."

Mr. Stanberry spoke up. The look on his face told me that he was going for broke, "Mr. Shaver, did you review Joseph's past history, specifically his legal run-in's. He seems to have a problem with authority figures."

I scooted to the edge of my chair, opened my mouth, but dad said, "That has nothing to do with anything here today. You acknowledged the fact that he's a model student around here, that he's making positive life changes, that he's a decent person to have on campus, that he has no teacher complaints... what is your point for throwing his past up in his face, at every opportunity?"

"Mr. Mauer, as we spoke before, children emulate their old behaviors when they are put into a situation they do not know how to handle. It is second nature to them."

Mom, her jaw set in stone, or so it appeared, said, "Mr. Stanberry, did you or did you not expel my son from this school, for fighting, or ordering a fight... this is the question we are asking and answering today. Joey's life has dramatically changed since he came into our home. His marks here at school are impeccable. He has had no other disciplinary actions taken against him. Yes, he has my authority to defend his brother, either one or both of them. I believe him. I do not believe that he was directly involved in this incident. I see that you are very concerned about the safety of your students here on this campus... where were you when Timmy was assaulted?"

Dad brought out the shotguns, so to speak. He said, "Mr. Stanberry, did you notify the police? Did you show them the video and pictures taken of Joey the last time we sat in his office, talking about this very same issue? Did you?"

Mr. Shaver looked at Mr. Stanberry, like he didn't know about the picture taking thing. But he'd already said that he saw the photographs... something was up. Mr. Shaver turned to me, regarded me for a second then said to Mr. Stanberry, "Let's look at the video and photographs right now. I have enough information to make a decision... I need to see those photographs for myself."

Reluctantly, Mr. Stanberry turned on his computer, fiddled around with punching buttons, then put onto the display screen above the table the video and photographs they'd taken of me, my hands, and even my testimony about the whole thing two days previously was heard.

Mr. Shaver's demeanor changed, dramatically. He said, "I am sorry for intruding upon your privacy. It is the policy of our school district to use video recordings to substantiate abuse that our students may be experiencing in their lives. This issue, the issue of the assaults is more criminal than anything else... with your statements, which I assume you would swear to, these pictures and videos should never have been taken. I am ready to make my decision."

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