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M Is For Mac

by Joel Stronach

It was the Middle of July and the last day in school when Michael Macgregor finally cracked. The school had closed and only the last few teachers were left inside when Mr Fraser, head of Science, was about to leave for the summer. He pushed open the door that led to the rear car park and almost knocked Michael Macgregor off the step.

"Hello Mac (everybody called him Mac)." Mr Fraser said. "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing." Mac replied, sitting himself down on the step again.

"Well, why aren't you doing 'nothing' at home then?" Mr Fraser asked.

"I daren't go home." Mac told him.

"Why not?" Mr Fraser asked, concerned.

"Mr Charles gave me a grade C in sports." Mac explained.

"Well, that's still a pass so what are you worried about?"

As far as my dad's concerned, anything less than an A is just not acceptable.

Dick Fraser looked down at the boy, remembering that he sometimes came to school looking bruised and dishevelled. "Mac, is there something you need to tell me?" He asked.

"No." Mac replied, looking away.

"Mac, does your father ever hit you?"

"NO!" Mac shouted.

"Are you sure Mac?" Fraser asked.

There was no reply, but the boy's shaking shoulders were enough to tell Dick Fraser that the boy was crying.

"You'd better come back inside Mac." The boy shook his head. "Come on, I have somewhere private where nobody will disturb us and we'll talk about this in private."

"OK." Mac managed to say between sobs.

Fraser led the boy gently back into the building and up to the top floor where they entered Fraser's classroom. Mac had often noticed the door off to the side of the room, but had always assumed it was a cupboard, but when Fraser opened the door Mac could see that it was a small triangular space furnished with a small desk and chair and also a comfortable sofa. It was fairly light inside as there was a small window overlooking the car park. "These classrooms used to be laboratories before the new science block was built. When they carved up the old labs to make more suitable-sized classrooms, this little area was left so I claimed it for myself. I come here when I can't be bothered with the rest of the staff, and you didn't hear me say that." Despite his mood Mac smiled. "That's better." Fraser said. "Now, what are we going to do about your little predicament?"

"I suppose I'm just going to have to go home." Mac said sadly, sitting on the sofa

"He does hit you, doesn't he?" Fraser asked.

Mac began to shake his head, but then looked into Fraser's eyes and saw the kindness there and changed to a nod. "Often?" Fraser asked.

"Every time something I do isn't perfect." Mac replied. "He's been like this ever since Mum walked out on him."

"So my guess is that that's pretty often. I've never yet met a teenager who can be described as anything like 'perfect', and my guess is that you're about as close to it as anyone will get."

"But that's not good enough for him." Mac said.

"Do you want me to talk to him?" Fraser asked.

"NO" said Mac forcefully. "That would make it ten times worse." As Mac said this a car was heard to screech to a halt in the car park. "That's probably him now." Mac said. "He knows I've failed again because I haven't gone straight home."

"Mac, you have NOT failed." Fraser said.

"I have in his eyes. He's probably come to search the school for me."

The pair stood and watched Mac's father stride towards the main entrance to the school. "You're perfectly safe in here." Fraser said. "Stay on the sofa and I'll go back into my classroom and pretend to do some marking. If he comes in I'll say that I haven't seen you."

"But that will only delay things. I'd rather get it over and done with." Mac said,

"Mac, if I could find somewhere safe for you to live, either temporarily or permanently, depending on whether your father sees sense, would you like to get away from him?"

Mac thought for a moment, but when he heard his father's voice in the distance calling his name, he nodded.

"OK." Fraser said. "Stay here and keep quiet."

Fraser went into his classroom and closed the door behind him.

Half a minute later Mac's father came into the classroom and looked around.

"Can I help you?" Fraser asked him.

"Have you seen Michael Macgregor?"

"Sorry, can't help you." Fraser replied and looked down at the exercise books he was pretending to mark. Macgregor left his classroom and Fraser heard him striding down the corridor, rattling doorknobs as he went. He left it a full two minutes before he opened the door to his 'snug' as he called it. "We'll wait until his car has gone, then I'm taking you home with me." Fraser said. He took out his mobile phone and called his wife. "Hello darling." Mac grinned. He would never have imagined Fraser calling anyone 'darling'. "I'm going to need you to wave your magic wand a few times. I have a waif that I'm bringing home with me. He'll need feeding and then some arrangements made to keep him safe from his violent father." Fraser paused and listened to what his wife had to say. "What's your full name Mac?" Fraser asked.

"Michael James Macgregor, sir." Mac replied, and Fraser relayed this to his wife, then obviously answering a question added, "No, he's just about average size for a fourteen year-old." After making the usual 'good-bye' noises, Fraser turned to Mac and said, "We'll sort everything else out when we get home. You'll soon learn that my wife has some friends in very high places and she's very adept at pulling strings when necessary."

They were alerted that Mac's father was leaving the school by the slamming of a car door and the screeching of tyres as the very pissed off man drove away.

"OK Mac, we'll give him five minutes to get away and then we'll make our move. Have you got a coat in the cloak room or anything?" Fraser asked. Mac shook his head.

"Why are you doing this for me Mr Fraser?" Mac asked.

"Because you deserve a better life than the one you've got at the moment, Mac." Fraser replied. "And if anyone can get that sorted out for you it's my wife."

Little was said in the twenty minute drive to Fraser's home, but when Fraser opened his front door two red-headed bundles of fun ran towards him screeching, "Daaaaddddyyyyy!!" Mac was a little overwhelmed by this, but smiled when Fraser scooped the two children up into his arms and kissed first one, then the other. The children were obviously twins, one a girl and the other a boy.

"Who's this Daddy?" The little boy asked as Fraser put him down.

"This is Mac. Mac, this is my son Aaron and my daughter here is named Alison. Alison smiled shyly at Mac, but Aaron took him by the hand.

"You have to come and meet mummy." Aaron said, leading Mac towards the back of the house where the most delicious smell was wafting from.

When he entered the kitchen Mac could see where the twins got their red hair from. Aaron said with great seriousness "Mummy, this is daddy's friend Mac. Mac, this is Mummy."

Mrs Fraser smiled at Mac as she tended the food on the stove and said, "Hello Mac."

"Hello Mrs Fraser." Mac replied.

"My name is April. If you call me Mrs Fraser it will make me feel old."

Mac smiled. "Nice to meet you April." He said. As a voice piped up behind him:

"And while you're in my house you'd better call me Dick." Mr Fraser said.

"OK Sir … … sorry, Dick." Mac said, blushing.

"Aaron, will you show Mac up to his bedroom please. Mac, there are a couple of sets of clothes up there for you. I think they'll fit you OK. They're not new and they're not fashionable but they're clean, and I'm sure you'll want to get out of your school uniform." April told him.

"Thank you Mrs … … April." Mac said.

Once again, Aaron took Mac by the hand and led him up the stairs. "This is your room Mac. Mummy says that when I'm five next year this will be my room, and then I won't have to share with Alison." Laid out on the bed were a pair of Jeans, a pair of brown corduroy trousers, a couple of T-shirts, some boxers and socks and a pair of pyjamas. Mac took off his jacket and hung it on the back of a chair.

He looked at Aaron, who showed no signs of leaving, so he took off his shirt and put on one of the T-shirts, a yellow one that went quite well with the brown cords that he planned to wear.

Aaron still stood watching him, and he felt quite exposed as he undid his belt and lowered his school trousers.

"Have you got a big willie like daddy's?" Aaron asked.

Mac was flabbergasted at the question. "I don't know. I've never seen your daddy's … … willie." He was blushing wildly as he said this.

Aaron was staring at Mac's crotch. "Well, it looks as though it's pretty big to me."

"Mac, I must apologise for my son's curiosity. He has a thing about the human body." Dick said from the doorway.

Mac quickly put on the cords. "That's alright sir … … Dick." Mac said.

"I hope the clothes are OK." Dick said. "It's the best April could do at short notice.

"They're fine thank you s... Dick." Mac said, "But I don't usually wear pyjamas."

"What do you wear in bed then?" Piped up Aaron.

"I don't usually wear anything." Mac replied.

"Oooooohhhh Daddy." Aaron whispered. "Can I go to bed with no pyjamas on?"

Dick smiled at his son. "If you really want to sweetness." He said. "See what you've started now?" He said to Mac.

"I'm really sorry, sir." Mac replied.

"No need to apologise. April and I like the children to experience anything they want to try as long as they're going to be safe. Sleeping naked at home is definitely safe." Dick told him.

"Thank you daddy; wait 'til I tell Alison." Aaron said as he ran from the room.

"Are you OK?" Dick asked Mac.

"I think so sir." Mac said. "Sorry, I mean Dick; it's just so different here to the way it was at home."

"Different I what way?" Dick asked.

"Well, at home dad is always shouting, and if I don't do things straightaway I get a slap round the head, and he's always shouting at me. Don't you ever shout at your children?"

"Only if they're about to do something dangerous and I need to get their attention." Dick said. "They're only children after all, and they'll always be children to me. Come on downstairs now. Dinner is almost ready and if I'm late at the table April might give me a slap round the head."

Mac looked at Dick askance. "I'm only joking Mac." Nobody in this house will be punished in that way, no matter what they do. On the very rare occasion when my children have needed to be punished, only once have I slapped them, and that was very gently on the legs.

"Don't all parents hit their kids then?" Mac asked.

"Some do, some don't. Opinion is divided. Personally I believe that it should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Now come on downstairs." Dick said.

As they went downstairs Dick asked Mac whether he ever saw his mother. Mac explained that he hadn't heard from her since she left.

Mac was amazed at the meal. There was a huge home-made steak pie in the middle of the table with a dish of creamy mashed potato on one side and a dish of piping hot vegetables on the other. April divided the pie and dished it up on to the plates, giving the first to her husband, then the second to Mac. "Help yourself to vegetables Mac." She said. Mac took a spoonful of mash and a few vegetables and began to eat. "Surely you can manage more than that, Mac." She said. "Come on, take as much as you want."

"These vegetables taste different to what we have at home." Mac said. "We only ever had microwaved and frozen food. It's all dad could do."

"What about your mother?" April asked. "Mum walked out on us a while ago. I think dad used to knock her about and she just got fed up with it." As Mac said this the telephone rang and April went to answer it, so Dick dished up the twins' meals. April was only gone for a minute or so, but when she came back she was smiling and said to Dick, "All fixed." Before she tucked into her own meal. Mac was in heaven. He had never tasted pastry like it before, and didn't have to be asked twice when second helpings were on offer. When everybody had finished he helped Dick to clear the plates away while April went to the oven and took out a large dish of rhubarb and apple crumble while Dick took a bowl of thick whipped cream from the fridge. Once again, Mac couldn't believe how good home-made food tasted and took every opportunity to tell April just how good it was.

After the dishwasher was loaded and switched on, April sat the twins in front of the television and put a cartoon DVD on while Dick sat Mac back at the dining room table. "April has been pulling a few strings and in a minute she'll be in and will tell you what has been arranged.

"You really shouldn't go to all this trouble just for me." Mac said. "I should really go home."

"And have your father knock the living daylights out of you? I don't think so." Dick told him.

April joined them at the table and told Mac that she had arranged for him to go and stay with her sister, who was a registered foster carer. The local childcare officials were in agreement, and as soon as they could get a slot, he was going to be made a ward of court and an injunction would be served on his father prohibiting him from contacting Mac or from coming within five miles of him.

"Where does your sister live?" Mac asked. "She lives in Middlebury." April replied. "You might know it. It's a small town about twenty-five miles south of here. Like me, she has twins but she also has another foster son of about your age. I hope you won't mind sharing a room with him."

"Actually, you know her foster son Mac." Dick said. "Do you remember James Rix?"

"Rixie? Of course I do." Mac said. "He got into a row with his parents and came into school with a black eye."

"That's right. Well, the headmaster brought him to me because he knew that April might be able to help him." Dick said.

"There was a rumour that he came out and his dad didn't take too kindly to it."

"Well, you'll have to ask him about that yourself." Dick said.

"Oh, it doesn't bother me if he's gay." Mac said, then he blushed and looked down at his feet.

"Mac, if you're gay it's not going to make any difference to me, or to April or her sister, who is called Anna, and she is April's twin by the way. Her twin boys are Alan and Adrian who are twelve years old and identical. If you haven't guessed by now, twins run in their family, and also names beginning with 'A'. Their brother, Andrew, was gay and the sisters were very understanding and protective of him. They even used to vet his boyfriends, but it was only a joke really."

"You say he was gay. Is he straight now?" Mac asked.

Dick smiled. "No. I believe that you're either gay or straight when you're born. No, Andrew died two years ago. He was in his bank depositing cash when there was a raid. Andrew was the only one to stand up to the robbers and he got shot in the chest for his trouble. He lived long enough to give the police a full description of the robbers, but the bullet had damaged blood vessels very close to his heart and although the paramedics did everything possible, he died on the bank floor. That's why it annoys me so much when people say that gay men are weak and prissy."

"I think I am gay." Mac said. "That would just about be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as my dad is concerned. He would never accept it, and I don't know what he'd actually do to me."

"Well, it looks as though you'll never have to worry about that." Dick said.

"What about Anna's husband, Dick? You haven't mentioned him."

"Anna was never married." Dick told him. "Anna was madly in love with the twins' father, but as soon as he found out that Anna was pregnant he disappeared and was never heard of again. Fortunately Anna makes a very good living as an author, so she can support the twins and a couple of foster kids, so don't worry; you're not going to be a burden to her." Mac yawned. "I'm not surprised you're tired." Dick said. "It's been a rough day for you, but things are going to change now. There was a jostling outside the door before two freshly-scrubbed kids came in and crawled into their dad's lap. "Good night my loves," Dick said as he kissed first one then the other.

Aaron slipped off his father's lap and came and gave Mac a hug, whispering in his ear, "I'm going to take my pyjamas off when I get in bed."

Mac smiled at him and whispered back, "Only if you won't get into trouble." Alison shyly gave Mac a kiss on the cheek before she followed her brother out of the room. "If it's OK with you Dick, I think I'll turn in too. I'm whacked."

"OK, Goodnight Mac."

"Goodnight, sir." Mac replied.

Mac thought that he wouldn't sleep a wink, but as soon as his head hit the pillow he drifted off into the most restful sleep he had had in weeks. Sure, he woke up a couple of times during the night, probably because of the strange bed he was sleeping in, but when he remembered where he was he drifted off again. The next morning he knew something was different. He could feel someone's breath on his face, and when he opened his eyes there was Aaron staring straight back at him. "Hiya Mac." Aaron said.

"Good morning Aaron." Mac said with a smile.

"You've got a much bigger willie than me, especially when it's hard, but it's not as big as daddy's." Aaron informed him. "Look, I've only got a little one."

Aaron threw back the covers revealing his little naked body and his typical 'little boy' penis.

"You've been spying on me." Mac said accusingly but smiling, because he couldn't be annoyed at the young boy.

"No, I only looked at your willie. Sometimes mine gets hard like yours is." Aaron explained. Well, if that didn't make Mac blush, nothing would, and he was doing a passable impersonation of a beetroot.

"Well, little fella, I have to get up now and get ready for the journey to your auntie's house." Mac said, hoping for a little privacy to take care of what a boy has to take care of most mornings, but Aaron was having none of it. He followed Mac into the loo and watched as he peed, and didn't take his eyes of Mac while he washed. While Mac was drying himself Aaron went to the small pile of clothes that Mac had been given and pulled out what Mac had previously thought was a pair of cargoes, but when Aaron put them on the bed he could see that they were beige Bermuda shorts. Mac grabbed them and started putting them on.

"You're silly, Mac." Aaron said.

"And why is that, little man?" Mac asked.

"You haven't put any underpants on."

"Well, when I wear shorts I like to freeb… … I mean I don't usually put underpants on." Mac stood and looked in the mirror. He was still pretty hard, but thought the shorts looked pretty cool.

"I'm going to ask mummy if I can do the same as you." Aaron said, running out of the door before Mac could stop him.

Mac decided not to 'take care of business' that morning, but went straight down to breakfast. April had cooked a full English with eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes. Just looking at it make Mac feel full up, but after he had taken the first delicious mouthful, he cleaned his plate without difficulty. "You'd better pack your bits and pieces ready for the journey to Middlebury. Once you're out of the area Dick will be going to see your father to let him know that you're safely in care, and that he will be in serious trouble if he tries to contact you. Is there anything in particular you want Dick to get for you?"

Mac thought for a moment before he said, "To be honest, I don't think there's anything there that I want. I'd rather just make a clean break." April nodded. "Will I ever have to go home again?" Mac asked her.

"Your father could make an application to the court to have you returned to him, but if you make it clear that want nothing more to do with him when you have your Ward of Court hearing, even though legally you are under age, at fifteen most courts would consider that you know your own mind. I'm pretty certain that you'll never have to go back to your father, although if he gets nasty about things you may have to see him in court at a later date."

"Thanks April, that puts my mind at ease somewhat." Max said.

"Now then," April said. "It's about time we set off, so get your bits and pieces together and say your goodbyes and we'll be off."

"Can I come with you please mummy?" Aaron asked.

"Sorry darling, not this time." April told him.

Mac sought out Dick and thanked him for all he had done, and when Mac offered his hand to be shaken Dick pulled him into a goodbye hug. Both twins gave him a goodbye kiss, Aaron enthusiastically and Alison rather shyly.

Mac put his things into the boot of April's car and they set off for Middlebury. Although the journey was comparatively short, Mac got the feeling that he was making a clean break, putting some distance between him and his father in more ways than one.

When they arrived in Middlebury April turned into a prosperous-looking road and pulled up outside what looked like the smallest house in the road. It seemed to be little more than a shack; a brick-built shack, but still a shack with a name outside, 'The Wee But and Ben'.

"Is this it?" Mac asked.

"Don't be fooled by appearances, Mac." April said. "It's like the Tardis inside!"

The front door was wide open and April just walked in calling for Anna, her sister. There was a sound of laughter from somewhere at the back of the house and April carried on walking towards it, still calling her sister's name. "We're in the conservatory," came a voice in reply. As they walked through the house Mac could see what April meant by being a Tardis. The house seemed to get wider as they went further and further back, and Mac wondered whether it would ever end.

When Mac saw Anna he did a double take as she was identical to her sister. "Mac, this is my sister Anna and her twin sons Alan and Adrian. Don't ask me which is which, I never can tell." Mac shook hands with Anna and touched fists with the twins.

"Welcome to the madhouse Mac." Anna said. "I think you've met my foster son, haven't you? He's out in the garden fixing up some goalposts if you'd like to go and see him. Boys, will you show Mac where Jimmy is please?" Mac realised that Anna and April needed to chat, so he went with the twins into the garden. They walked around to the side of the house, chatting to him all the time, and then Mac spotted his old friend at the far end.

"We'll leave you two to get reacquainted," one of the twins said, and they disappeared back around the corner of the house.

Mac walked towards his old friend and when he got closer he called to him; "Wotcha Rixie."

James stopped what he was doing and turned around. There was a huge grin on his face as he replied, "Macca!! He walked towards Mac and it was the most natural thing in the world to hug. What didn't seem so natural, but on the other hand didn't seem wrong, was the briefest kiss that followed. "It seems funny to be called 'Rixie again."

"So what's your nickname at the new school?" Mac asked.

"I haven't really got one. You see, I'm not known as James Rix at school, although it is still officially my name. Because Anna is going to adopt me, I'm known by Anna's name, which is Jackson. A few of the kids call me 'JJ' for James Jackson, but not many. Mostly I'm just called 'Jimmy' James Said.

"Wow, I didn't realise that Anna was adopting you." Mac said. "Is there no hope of going back to your parents?"

"Even if there was, I wouldn't want to go back after the way they treated me. No, they've had a restraining order slapped on them, so they can't come near me even if they wanted to."

"How about the twins?" Mac asked.

"Alan and Adrian are great." James said. "They accepted me as a brother as soon as I came here and they've been looking forward to you coming since we heard yesterday. They're also really intelligent, but they're randy little buggers too."

"Randy?" Mac said. "How old are they?"

"Twelve, but going on sixteen if you ask me. Adrian already has a girlfriend, and I don't think he's held himself back."

"Dirty little bugger." Mac said. What about Alan?

"Alan got caught with another lad in French class. They both had their cocks out and were so interested in themselves they didn't notice Miss Granville creeping up on them. Apparently she sent them to the headmaster, but she could hardly keep a straight face."

"Did he get into much trouble?" Mac asked.

"No, just strict instructions not to do it again on school premises. But I know that the two of them give each other a lot of pleasure." Jimmy said.

"Have you been spying on them then?" Mac asked.

"No, but they're not exactly quiet about it. I get off sometimes just listening to them."

They heard Anna calling them back into the conservatory. "Boys, April is off home now so say your goodbyes, then James, maybe you'd show Mac up to your room. Mac, I'm sorry but you'll have to share with James for the time being until we can get a bedroom set up for you."

"Oh, I don't mind sharing so you don't need to get a bedroom set up just for me … as long as Rixie doesn't mind sharing, that is." Mac replied.

"Well, according to the fostering rules you must have your own room, so we'll get one set up for you. Where you sleep is actually up to you." Anna said.

Mac said his goodbyes and thanks to April and gave her a hug, and then James took Mac upstairs to his room. Mac was astounded to see that there was a sound system, computer system with printer, flat screen TV with a PlayStation wired up to it. The bed was a double, and when he looked at Rixie out of the corner of his eye, he could see a little smile on his lips, and pretty luscious lips they were. He decided it was time to take the bit between his teeth. "Rixie, you are gay, aren't you?" Mac asked.

"I was the last time I looked." Jimmy replied. This seemed like a bit of a non-sequitur, but Mac assumed James meant 'yes'. "Are you?" He asked.

"I think you know the answer to that." Mac replied.

"Yes, I think so too, but it would be nice to know for certain." James replied.

"I was the last time I looked too." Mac said with a grin.

"Touché." James said.

"Mac, don't feel obliged to … … …" James began.

"Rixie, let's play it by ear." Mac replied.

"Ear? Well, whatever turns you on." James said, laughing. As he said this there were giggles from outside the door.

"Alan, Adrian, get in here." James called out.

The twins appeared around the door looking sheepish. "You have to watch everything you do with these two around." James said.

"If you didn't do anything you were ashamed of, you wouldn't have to be afraid of being found out." Adrian said.

"Never mind that," Mac said, "How do I tell the difference between you?" He asked.

"It's easy when you know how." James said. "Although they are identical twins, they are actually mirror images of one another."

"Yea." Said Alan. "I have a mole on my right arm, but Adrian has a mole in almost the same place on his left arm.

"Yes." Said Adrian, "and the little finger on my left hand is double jointed, but with Alan it's his right hand."

"I see." Mac said.

"Not only that," James said. "Alan is normal with his left ball hanging lower than his right, but Adrian's right ball hangs lower,"

There was silence for a moment. "No, you're having me on." Mac said.

"No, I promise you it's true." James told him. The twins looked at one another and nodded as they lowered their trousers, clearly showing that what James had said was true."

"Bloody hell!" Mac exclaimed.

"See, I told you." James said.

Mac made sure he got a good look at the twins while their trousers were down. Although only twelve years old, they were well into puberty and certainly not shy of showing themselves off.

Anna called up the stairs to say that she was going shopping, and asked whether there was anything in particular that he didn't like, or whether he had any favourites.

"No, I eat pretty much anything," Mac told her, "and my all-time favourite food is bangers and mash."

"Well, you're easily pleased." Anna said, adding that the boys should behave themselves while she was out, and that she would have a word with Mac when she got back. While she was out James and the twins showed Mac around the house and rather large garden, and when they heard Anna hoot when she returned from the supermarket they went out to the front of the house and carried the shopping in for her. The twins made sandwiches and snacks to see them all through until dinner time, them Anna took Mac into her studio for the private chat that she had promised him.

She told him that she would be taking him shopping for clothes and anything else he needed. She also told him that she had had a call from Dick while she was shopping, and that he would be bringing Mac's bits and pieces that he had left at the house within the next couple of days, but that there wasn't much of it. Dick had told her that Mac's father had been threatening and belligerent towards him, but once he had proved that he could take care of himself, Mac's father had soon backed off. Anna closed the conversation by saying that there were very few 'rules of the house'. Basically it was common sense; no booze, no drugs (including tobacco), and no fighting. "Finally Mac, I know that there will be interaction between you boys, and yes, I do mean sexually. I can't stop you and, quite honestly, I don't think I'd want to. The only thing that I do insist on is that everything must be consensual. Do you know what that means, Mac?" Mac nodded. "So nothing that makes anybody uncomfortable, definitely nothing that is likely to hurt or injure the other boy, and please, I don't want to know any details." Mac nodded. "Now, is there anything that you want to ask me?"

Mac thought for a moment and then asked, "Is it really as easy as that? You're my foster mother and I have a home here until I'm eighteen?"

"Basically, that's right. April did a lot of work and pulled some strings so that it would happen smoothly, and there will still have to be a court hearing where you'll have to say that you agree to my fostering you."

"I think I'd be daft not to agree." Mac said.

"The other thing you should start thinking about is whether you really want to stay with us for that long. Though I say it myself, the twins and James have a pretty good life here, but if you're unhappy about anything my door is always open, and if you decide that this is not the place for you I will understand, but if you do decide to stay you might possibly want to think about adoption. James has decided that he wants to be adopted, and I would really like him to be a permanent member of the family. When you and I get to know each other better, we'll decide between us whether you would like to do the same, but that's in the future. For now just settle in and don't be frightened to ask for anything you need, or anything you want to know. The twins are very easy going and so is James.

"I've thought of one thing already Anna, James told me that he's known at school as James Jackson. Does that mean I'll have to be Michael Jackson? I think I'd have the piss taken out of me, if you'll forgive the expression."

"Mac, I want you to be who you want to be; you can decide for yourself when the time comes in September. In any case your name will remain as Michael Macgregor until any adoption takes place, but if you want to be known by any other name, it could probably be arranged. Now come on, let's get back to the family."

Anna disappeared into the kitchen to get a meal ready assisted by James while the twins agreed to show Mac around the local area while they got to know him a little better and he got to know them. By the end of the afternoon he could easily tell one twin from the other and looking at them as individual boys rather than a unit made them seem less threatening, although he hadn't realised that he felt threatened by them until the threat had passed.

Anna proved to be just as good a cook as her sister and the meal was wonderful. The evening was passed watching television, and Mac was made to feel like a full member of the family, something that he had never really experienced before.

Bedtime was something else. Once he had bid Anna and the twins goodnight, there was just him and James. Mac was feeling as nervous as a kitten. James had seen him naked hundreds of times in the school changing rooms and showers, but always with other boys around and never before they were about to go to bed together. Despite his nervousness, Mac was horny. "Spin a coin to see who showers first?" James asked. Mac nodded and pulled a coin from his pocket. "Heads I go first." James said as the coin fell to the floor. "Heads it is. I won't be long; I'll leave the water running if you want to get stripped off."

James disappeared into their bathroom. Mac cast his mind back to the last time he'd seen James naked, and remembered that he was a bit of a late developer. Although he was tall for his age he'd still had a small cock and balls. He began to get undressed and wondered whether he should take off his underpants and decided that he would keep them on until James came back into the room, and if James was covered up, then he would go into the bathroom with his pants still on. If James came back naked, he would have to make a last minute decision. He wondered whether James wore pyjamas. There was no evidence of them anywhere in the room so maybe James slept in his underpants, or even naked like himself.

After his shower James came back into the bedroom with his damp towel over his shoulder. "Bloody hell Rixie, where did you get THAT from?" Mac asked.

James grinned "it just grew and grew."

"Are you half-hard?" Mac asked.

"No, I promise you I'm not even a quarter-hard." James told him.

"Shit, I think you're even bigger than me." Mac said.

"Come on then, let the dog see the rabbit." James said.

Mac was still feeling a little shy, but he lowered his underpants and stepped out of them.

"You're just as I remember you." James said. "Maybe a little bigger, but only a little."

"No need to rub it in." Mac said with a grin. "I didn't know you watched me anyway."

"Oh yes, I always wondered what it would be like to … … …" James blushed.

"Yea, me too." Mac said. "Even though you were only small down there, you always had a great body."

"You go and shower and I'll see you in bed." James said. "I hope you don't mind, but I usually sleep naked, but if you don't like that idea I'll put some boxers on."

"Don't you dare!" Mac replied with a grin and disappeared into the bathroom.

Mac showered thoroughly, but as quickly as he could, but could only find a small towel in the bathroom which would hardly cover his erection let alone dry the rest of him. He went back into the bedroom and James had put some dry towels on the storage box at the foot of the bed. "That's a nasty swelling you've got there." James said with a smirk. "Need a hand to sort it out?" Mac blushed. "Mac, if you're going to survive in this house, you're going to have to get used to remarks like that. The twins are always saying things like that, and not only saying them, but acting on them as well. Don't be surprised if you wake up in the morning with four of us in the bed."

"Are they really as randy as that?" Mac asked.

"Worse." James said with a grin. "But if you want to be on your own just tell them. They'll certainly tell you if they want to be alone or just the two of them. They have a very special relationship, like most twins do. It's not that they don't love you or me any less, it's just that there will always be something special just between the two of them." All this time Mac had been drying himself and trying in vain to get rid of his hard-on. "Now come to bed," James said with a grin, "and let me take care of that swelling."

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