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My Debate Partner

by Joel Young

Chapter 8

An Unforgettable Sunday

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I'm not sure what all happens in the human body while we are unconscious every night, but I believe that something almost magical must occur. After an out of town debate trip on Friday and Saturday that included intense emotional highs and lows, I had gone to bed physically exhausted and mentally shaken. I woke up shortly before noon feeling surprisingly well.

I showered, went down stairs and read a note from my parents. They had gone to a Church Leader's Retreat and wouldn't be back until after dinner. They congratulated me on my 4th place "victory," and they had left me money and one of the cars. Things were looking up. I had wheels, some cash, and the house to myself. "Cool," I said out loud. I called David.

"Are you okay, babe?" he asked me.

I hate the term "babe," but I let it go. After all, I didn't hate the fact that he cared for me. "Yeah, I'm fine," I told him. "How about you?"

"Better," he said. "When can I see you?"

I realized that I had been handed the perfect opportunity for a wanton afternoon of glorious sex with the boy I loved. I almost couldn't believe it myself when I told him I'd see him in school on Monday. Fortunately for me, he wouldn't take that for his answer.

"Okay," I said. "Let's get together tonight. I have some things I need to do. Call me."

"Joel," David said. "I love you."

I said nothing for a moment as I felt my whole being come alive with excitement. David's love for me was like a powerful drug, and I wanted more. "How soon can you get here?" I asked.

"Start timing me...NOW," he said, and he hung up.

David and I lived in the same large subdivision, but on opposite sides. Seven minutes later, and slightly out of breath from running, he came through my breezeway door. I let him in, and he took me into his arms. It was as if we had been apart for an eternity. Our kisses we desperate, passionate and I was once again consumed with my desire for his body. He finally pulled away, took me by the hand and led us to my room.

We lay on my bed fully clothed. We held each other silently, kissing and pulling our bodies close together. I ran my fingers through his gorgeous blond hair, and he closed his eyes and let me concentrate on touching him. I unbuttoned his shirt, and he raised his body just enough so that we could slip it off. I laid him back down and ran my hands over his chest. I kissed his eyelids, his forehead, and his ears and worked my way down to his neck, then to his nipples. I sucked on one, and then the other as my hands explored his naked torso. His loud breathing told me his passions were growing.

I knew what he wanted, and I didn't keep him waiting. I felt for the bulge in his jeans as I continued sucking on his nipples. I ran my hand slowly up and down the long, hard shaft trapped inside and wanting to escape. I undid his belt and zipper, and I ran my hand down the inside of his briefs.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but I absolutely love David's cock. To me, it is the single most exciting vision in the world. I am mesmerized by its shape, its size, its hardness. I feel a burning, empty sensation in the pit of my stomach when I just think about it. I wanted it in my mouth.

We quickly took off the rest of our clothes and slipped back into each other's arms. I felt David's lips seeking mine as his hands found my 6-inch erection. The touch of his hands on my rigid penis sent shock waves of pleasure through my body. I was lost in the passion he was creating.

He lightly stroked me for a long time before I broke away and turned the other way on the bed so I could concentrate fully on his cock. Using both hands, I gently caressed it for several more minutes. I slid one hand down to his balls, and I massaged slowly, lightly and carefully. The head of his cock was purple with excitement and expanded to its full capacity. I raised my head and licked it slowly with my tongue. When he could wait no more, I wrapped my mouth and tongue fully around the head and held it. He gasped. I deliberately went down on the shaft as slowly as I could, one tiny centimeter at a time until I filled the back of my mouth and was partway down my throat. David was going wild. He moaned out loud.

"Oh yes. Oh my God," he said. "Suck me, Joel. Please!"

I picked up speed as I went up and down on his intoxicating manhood engorged in my mouth. I loved giving him pleasure. I was proud that I could create such joy in my lover, and I focused on bringing him to the climax for which he ached.

It didn't take much longer, maybe three minutes. And I heard the breathless words I was waiting for. "Yes, yes, that's it. Oh, yes. I'm gonna cum. Oh my God,"

And then his whole body went rigid, and he screamed out loud. He shot his hot semen in torrents into my mouth and then, pushing his cock in further, directly into my throat. I was determined not to gag, but it was hard. His body was trying to thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside of me, and his cum was still shooting with each jolting spasm. I loved every second of his orgasm, and I didn't want it to stop. I held out as long as I could, trying to prolong his ecstasy. But finally, I couldn't breathe. I choked on his cum and pulled off. I sat up, gasping for air.

When we both had recovered a little, I felt David's hand on my back, and he rested his head on my shoulder from behind.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, taking a deep breath.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Why?" I asked.

"Because you have my cum running out of your nose," he said.

He reached for some Kleenex from the box on my nightstand and handed them to me. As I tried to blow my nose, we both started laughing hysterically until I started to choke again. He backed away to give me space so I could calm down.

A few minutes later, he pinned me to the bed and attacked my body.

Except for raiding the refrigerator downstairs, we spent the entire afternoon in my room, naked. We snuggled, teased and made love two more times. In between, we talked about the tournament, and I told him what Mrs. Weber had said to me after the awards program. He accepted the fact she knew about our relationship, and it didn't seem to bother him.

"I will never be ashamed of my love for you," he said. "If you'd let me, I'd tell everyone we know."

"Oh, yeah," I responded. "As if everyone we know would just let us go on blissfully loving each other completely out in the open."

He thought about that for a few moments. "Good point," he said.

By 5:00 p.m., we decided we'd better clean up before my parents got home. I changed the bedding while he used my shower. After I had showered, we went downstairs and ordered a pizza and some sodas. We picked the food up, brought it back to my house and ate like pigs. I felt completely decadent, and I loved it. I drove him home, and when I got back, my parent's car was parked in the driveway.

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw my mom inspecting the empty pizza box. "You ate a whole pizza for dinner?" she asked with an obvious opinion on the matter.

"David helped me," I explained.

My dad changed the subject. "Give me 10 minutes, Sport," he said. "And we'll go jog off some of those calories." I loved running with my dad, and I headed upstairs to put on my sweats.

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