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My Freshman Experience

by Joel Young

Chapter 15

Trying New Things

Mitch, Peter, Tom, and Adam all thought I had made a big mistake in agreeing to Ms. Sanborn's proposed solution to my problem with Reverend McAllister. They thought I shouldn't be forced into doing more work than the other students.

Tom even said that I was 'knuckling under' to Reverend McAllister. Tom thought that I should meet with the Reverend and try to get him to say something incriminating while I recorded the conversation. "He hit you, Joel!" Tom said. "Get his ass thrown in jail! Make sure he never does anything like that again!"

But, the more I thought about it, the more comfortable I was with the resolution. I liked the idea of competing for scholarship money in the oratory contest. And, if that would let me finish Religion 101 and keep my parents from finding out about what was going on, great! I've never been one to get upset about some extra work, and I was okay with giving a prepared speech in front of an audience.

The day after I met with Ms. Sanborn, I slept over in Adam's room.

"I'm glad you told Mrs. Campbell and Ms. Sanborn about us," Adam said. "They need to know that there are people like us – at this university - who consider themselves to be Christians. We're not all shaped from the same cookie-cutter like they want to believe."

"Yeah," I said. "I think churches should be more open to people who have different opinions, even about religious beliefs."

"Is that going to be the topic of your oratory?" Adam asked.

"Maybe a little," I said. "But, I think I'm going to focus on prayer. The topic has to be about my personal faith journey, and I was thinking of writing about how my views of prayer have changed from early childhood to now."

"And, you can end with your current prayers for a more accepting society."

"That's my plan," I said as I rolled over on top of him. "But, how much should I say about two guys who can't keep their hands off each other and who hop naked into bed together whenever they have the chance?"

"I'm not sure," Adam said. "Maybe you should do some more research."

"So, you want us to strip naked – just for the sake of research?" I teased.

"Yes," Adam said. "You will be conducting research for your oratory. I will be your test subject and allow you to satisfy my wanton lust for your sexy body!"

"I suppose my research should include a double-blind study," I observed.

"Yeah!" Adam said with exaggerated excitement. "Two orgasms are always better than one. I'll get the blindfold!"

I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. Adam slid out from underneath me and stood up. He went to his winter coat which was hanging on a hook by the door. Reaching into a pocket, Adam pulled out a thermal headband that he used to keep his ears warm in cold weather. He put it on, covering his eyes rather than his ears. Blindfolded, he began taking off his clothes while humming David Rose's classic tune - The Stripper.

Just watching Adam take off his clothes in a seductive manner was getting me excited. I knew his drawings were amazing; I knew he had a beautiful singing voice. But, I didn't know that he had the rhythm and moves of a dancer!

Adam did a slow 'bump and grind' as he stripped his way back and forth across the room. By the time he stopped right in front of the bed, Adam was wearing only his blindfold and briefs. He stumbled a bit when his leg bumped against the bedframe. I reached out and took his hand to make sure he didn't fall.

"Don't sit down," I told him.

I lowered his briefs and helped him out of them. He stood before me in all his masculine glory, blindfolded and fully erect.

"Are you sure I can't sit down?" he asked.

"No, don't sit," I told him. "This is a double feature; you won't be standing for the second show."

Adam placed his hands on my head and steadied his balance which was somewhat diminished by the blindfold blocking his eyesight. He moved so that his cock was pushing against my mouth. I opened up and let him slide in. I loved the feeling of Adam's cock filling my mouth. We quickly started moving together, each of us contributing to the sensuous, rhythmic movements of oral pleasure. I looked up at his face. The blindfold covered his eyes, but I saw his smile of sensual indulgence.

I wrapped my arms around him and gripped his naked butt cheeks. They felt firm and masculine. I couldn't help but squeeze the fleshy mounds. Adam used the extra support I provided to lean his head back, stiffen his body and moan.

"Oh, God!" he said. "My cock feels so good in your mouth!"

That music to my ears inspired me further. I slowly moved my hands toward Adams balls. He straightened up. For a moment, I thought he was going to take off his blindfold, but he didn't. I lightly explored his testicles with both of my hands as he continued to slide his rigid cock in and out of the sheath that my mouth had gladly become. I pulled off and kissed and licked him from the base of his manhood all the way up to the head. I swirled my lips around the tip and then filled myself again by enveloping his beautiful erection. I felt his thick, pulsing, hard tube of manhood sliding in and out of me on an unconstrained quest for satisfaction.

"Let go, Adam," I said. "Cum in my mouth. I want it!" I was determined to give him the best orgasm imaginable. He hesitated only a moment. Then, he took a firm hold of the back of my head and slid himself in and out of me a few more times. He exploded with shot after shot of his hot semen filling my mouth and seeping out around the edges.

Adam lingered momentarily. Then, he leaned down and cradled my head in his arms. He kissed the top of my head. "No one has ever made me feel as excited and loved as you do," he said.

Adam lowered his arms and hugged me. "You're still dressed!" he said. His blindfold was still on, and he seemed surprised that I wasn't naked like he was. "I didn't get cum on your clothes, did I?"

"No worries," I assured him. "I caught most of it, and I licked up the rest before anything got stained."

"Don't move," he said. "I'm going to undress you without taking off my blindfold. I might not be as nimble as I usually am, but I think it sounds like fun. You know, relying more on my sense of touch than my sight."

"What if I resist?" I teased. "You might not even be able to find what you're looking for."

"Seriously?" Adam asked. "Why the hell would you resist? It's your turn!"

"Well," I replied. "I guess you have a point. I wouldn't want to miss my turn."

Adam made short work of unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it free from the waistband of my jeans. He slid the shirt off of my shoulders and arms. He leaned in and began kissing my neck. I stretched up and felt his warm, moist lips exploring every taught inch. I felt the blood rushing to my face, neck, and chest. Whenever I become sexually aroused, my upper body turns bright red.

I felt Adam unbuckling my belt. Then, he undid the button of my jeans and pulled down the zipper. He loosened my pants as much as he could. He sat on the bed and pulled me with him as he lay down. I felt his hand slide down and into my briefs. My cock was already hard, and when Adam's fingers made contact, I moaned out loud.

Adam continued to kiss my neck and run his fingers all around my shaft. I was growing more and more excited. Then, he quickly removed the rest of my clothes and resumed kissing and touching me intimately.

"I've got a surprise for you," Adam whispered in my ear. "I think you'll like it."

"Not if it involves you taking your hands off of me!" I protested.

"It'll just be temporary," Adam said. "Then, my hands will go right back where they belong. I promise! The only thing is, I'll have to take off the blindfold."

I was in no mood to play games, so I reached over and slipped it off of his head.

Adam opened his nightstand drawer, and he pulled out a small, foil packet that was a little larger than the size of a take-out ketchup container. It had the letters KY on it.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Lubricant," Adam answered. "It's what the doctor uses when he gives you a prostate exam."

"You mean they sell that stuff?" I said. "Like at Walgreen's?"

"No," Adam said. "But, I wish they did. I had to steal these packets from the campus clinic."

"You stole them?!?" I said with a slightly judgmental tone.

"You worry too much, Joel," Adam said. "It's not like I broke in and robbed the place in the middle of the night. I was there last week to have my medication levels checked, and there was an open box with these packets just lying there on a table in the exam room. I only took a few."

"Have you tried it?" I asked.

"No," Adam said. "I was tempted, but they're for us. So, I waited."

Adam tore the top off of one of the packets and squeezed the clear, jelly-like substance onto his palm. "Are you ready?" he asked.

I scooched around and got comfortable. "I think I'm up for it," I said.

"I can see that," Adam said. "I just want to make sure you're ready. It feels kind of cold."

When Adam began applying the slippery jelly on my stiff cock, it did feel cold. I started to pull away. But then, I stopped. The lubricant warmed up almost immediately, and it felt great! I had never had anything so silky-smooth on my skin before. I looked at Adam with a big grin.

"Is it okay?" he asked. "Better than Vaseline? Or Baby Oil?"

"Better than both!" I said. "Go ahead. You try it."

"I'm still too sensitive," he said. "But, I'll be ready to go again soon. I have another packet for later."

I lay down on my back, and Adam moved onto his side. He began stroking me, and I felt the KY jelly coating every inch of my erection. And when Adam whispered in my ear, I felt myself getting woozy.

"Umm," he said softly. "Your cock feels like a steel pipe covered with velvet! God, Joel! It's so hot."

I wanted to tell him how marvelous it felt, but I was beyond the point of being able to communicate with words. I just moaned. I felt Adam's face coming nearer to mine. I turned slightly and found his lips. Oh my God! His kisses were like a lit fuse about to set off a massive display of fireworks!

I turned total control of my conscious awareness over to Adam. My lips were magnetized to his. My body pulled as close to him as possible. And the complete focus of my reality became the amazing feeling of his hand stroking my slicked-up and erect phallus.

I lingered in the glory of that moment for as long as I could. I felt the firm grip of Adam's hand stroking me persistently. The unfamiliar smoothness of the KY jelly intensified my euphoria. I felt my impending orgasm slowly building to its inevitable crescendo. And then - I came, exploding and propelling volleys of cum onto my chest and neck. I wrapped my arms around Adam and pulled his head close to mine. My eyes were closed, and I felt as if we were floating in space – in a trance-like state of ecstasy.

I slowly descended back to earth. I reached for a tissue to wipe the cum off of myself. I cuddled close with Adam on his twin-sized bed. "Turn over," he said. "I want to spoon with you."

I did as he requested, and he put his arms around me from the back. He pulled me in tightly and began to kiss my ears and the side of my face. "Did I rock your world?" he asked.

My mind automatically tried to think of a witty retort, but I stopped myself. I turned my head toward him and said, "You have no idea, Adam. That was amazing! You're amazing!"

Adam squeezed me even tighter. Then, I felt his cock pressed up against me – and getting hard. I started to move my hips in response to his growing excitement. "I think maybe you're ready for the second feature to start!" I said.

"Okay," Adam said. "But give me a minute. I want to use another packet of the KY stuff. This time, I'll apply it to your – well – your backside."

I knew exactly what he was saying. I thought it was cute and kind of charming that he was avoiding words like 'ass' or 'butt.' He opened another packet and emptied its contents onto his fingers. I felt Adam apply the lubricant to the most intimate part of my body. I was starting to crave Adam's cock inside of me. "Put some on you, too," I said. He lubed up his erection.

When Adam had us both prepared, I lifted my butt up, facing away from Adam. He began rubbing his manhood against my hole. Then, he slid his cock into me – from the back. I had never had intercourse in this position before. The KY jelly made everything different – and better! Adam slipped all the way in - like greased lightning. He began a slow in and out movement. In this new position for us, I seemed to have more control of our contact. I rotated my hips while starting my own back and forth motion. I loved the feeling of Adam's hard cock deep inside of me. And, our slow, sensual, intimate connection was fantastic!

Adam picked up the pace of our carnal indulgences. Fully lubricated, his engorged shaft slid in and out of me easily, and it felt amazing! Adam put both hands around my chest and lifted me up so that I was kneeling but otherwise upright. Adam continued his glorious assault on my ass. He went as deep as he could with each of his tenacious thrusts. I could hear the moans of his escalating excitement.

I managed to take hold of my cock, which was still greased and hard again. I stroked myself while feeling the pressure of Adam's manhood against my prostate. "Oh, my God!" I said breathlessly. "I think I'm going to cum again!"

Although I hadn't thought it possible, Adam began pushing into and pulling out of me even harder – and faster. "Me too, Babe!" he said. "You're driving me over the edge!"

Then, Adam cried out in orgasmic climax as he shot his load into my ass. He kept on pumping me. He held me tightly from the back while still penetrating me. He pushed my hand away from my cock, and he started stroking me sensually. He whispered into my ear. "Feel it, Joel. Yeah! Let me make you cum! I want to watch you shoot!"

My head pushed back against Adam, cradled between his neck and shoulder. I was turned away from him, and he began kissing the exposed side of my neck. I felt the tingles created by his kisses; I reveled in every stroke of his manly cock still sliding in and out of me from behind; I savored the glorious sensations of Adam milking my erection with his steady and skilled hands. I came with such force that I almost knocked Adam over. I spewed my semen for the second time that night.

Eventually, Adam and I lay down on our sides. We held each other closely, our foreheads touching. We exchanged looks of love and devotion. We basked in the afterglow of our fabulous sexual satisfaction. Then, overwhelming exhaustion took over. Adam and I fell asleep – each of us wrapped in the arms of the one we cherished.

For the rest of the week, my friends and I focused on academics. The semester was almost over, and finals week was just around the corner. Adam had some major art projects to finish. And, he was starting to get concerned about his French classes. He planned on spending the Christmas break in Paris with his family, so he had signed up this semester for two advanced classes in French; one in conversational French and the other in French literature. The classes were harder than he had expected.

With Peter's continuing help, I was managing to stay on top of my chemistry assignments. I made sure I read all of the Bible selections from the class syllabus for Religion 101. I aced all of the quizzes I took in Ms. Sanborn's office. My two biggest challenges were a term paper in History and, of course, the oratory I had I to give during church services on the Sunday before finals week.

I was pleased with the first part of my oratory describing my personal faith journey. Writing on the topic of how my views and understanding of prayer had changed as I grew up, I started with observations about the prayers I learned to recite as a preschooler. I didn't understand what I was saying back then. But somehow, kneeling in my footed pajamas before bedtime, with my eyes closed and my hands clasped together, I felt a warmth and contentment that was reassuring and helped me go to sleep. My feelings changed when I was six years old and started to think about the words I was reciting from memory. "But if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take." When I realized that my prayer meant that I might die in my sleep, I was terrified! And, if the Lord didn't "take my soul," would I wake up - burning in Hell?!? I remember reciting the words of the prayer, while my real appeal to God was, "Please! Don't kill me!"

In the first part of the oratory, I also wrote about how I had been taught to pray in Sunday school. I was about seven-years-old. I remember Mrs. Bartell explaining how to structure our own prayers to God. "First," she told our class. "You thank God for all of your many blessings. Thank him for your parents and family; for your teachers and friends, and for the food and shelter he provides to you each and every day. Next, pray for all the people who are in need – for all the sick people in the world; and for those who are poor and don't have enough to eat. Then, you can end your prayer by politely asking God – very humbly – for something you want. But, don't get too greedy!"

That sounded very logical to me at the time, so I mentally outlined it to make sure I didn't forget any part. "Stuff I've already got, sick and poor people - and then the stuff I want. Got it!"

I put my oratory aside, and I went to the library to find some more material for my History term paper. By 10:00 o'clock when the library closed, I was tired. I considered going to the art studio to check on Adam, but I just didn't have the energy. I headed back to Pilgrim Hall to get some sleep.

I was nearing the side entrance into the dorm when I heard someone call out, "Joel! Wait up!" I turned around and saw Tom trying to catch up with me. He had a shallow, flat box in his hand. "Do you want some pizza?" he asked.

The pizza smelled so good! I imagined biting into a hot, cheesy slice, and I literally started to salivate. And, I thought about how good it would feel to crawl into bed, tired and with a full stomach!

But, it was almost Christmas break. I would be going home soon. I wanted my mother to see how much weight I'd lost. "Oh, no thanks," I said to Tom. "I ate dinner late, and I'm going to crash as soon as I take a shower."

"Okay," Tom said. "I was hoping we could talk for a few minutes, but I understand. Could we meet at the coffee shop tomorrow - about 3:30? I mean, if that's all right."

My last class got out at that same time, so I told Tom I'd be there a few minutes after that.

When I was in the shower room that night, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I noticed that my abdomen looked like it was caved-in. Parts of my rib cage were visible.

There wasn't anyone else in the shower room, so I took off the towel I had wrapped around my waist. I saw my full, naked body in the mirror. I looked pale and skinny. I needed to get some more sun and build up the muscles in my upper body. But, until finals were over, I didn't have the extra time to work on getting a tan or starting to lift weights.

I went to the coffee shop to meet Tom a little before 4:00 o'clock the next afternoon. "Sorry I'm late," I said. "I had to run back to the dorm. Mitch locked himself out of our room."

"That's okay," Tom said. "I know you're busy, and I really don't want to impose on you – especially a week before finals."

"Tom," I said. "You're never an imposition! I like hanging out with you."

"Me, too," Tom said. "I feel like I can tell you anything, and you won't judge me."

"That's true," I said. "I hate being judged. I try to avoid doing that to others – especially with my best friends."

Tom was silent. I knew something was bothering him. I waited for him to speak when he was ready.

"Something happened. Something really embarrassing to talk about," Tom said.

"Well, whatever it is, I can tell it's upsetting you," I said. "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"It's about Peter," Tom said. "Well actually, me and Peter."

I looked at Tom, encouraging him to continue.

"Peter's been having a lot of back pain – from working out, I guess," Tom said. "I've been giving him backrubs."

Peter had already told me about the backrubs and how he got hard when Tom touched him. I wasn't sure in which direction my conversation with Tom was going. Was Tom aware that Peter was getting excited? Was Tom turned off by that? Or, was he getting aroused, too?

I decided to help Tom as he struggled with talking about his relationship with Peter. "I bet Peter appreciates a back rub after working out," I said. "Some guys might feel awkward about that, but you and Peter are really good friends. I think it's cool that you can help him like that."

"Yeah, I don't mind helping him relax," Tom said. "And Peter seems to feel better after I've worked on his muscles. But, there's more."

Tom looked up at me. He seemed scared to go on.

After a long pause, Tom continued. "Last week, after a back massage, Peter turned over. I saw that he was hard under his jockey shorts. I tried to ignore it, but it … I mean - the whole situation … it got me excited. I was just in my underwear, and I got hard, too. Peter saw me bone up."

"Was that awkward for you?" I asked.

"At first," Tom said. "But we were both so horny!"

"I guess something more happened," I said. "It's okay, Tom. You can tell me anything you're comfortable with. I promise not to ask a bunch of questions, and whatever you tell me will stay just between the two of us."

"I went back to my bed, but we were still watching each other. We started to rub ourselves -inside of our underwear. God, it made me so nervous to do that in front of someone! But, it felt really good, and I didn't want to stop."

By the look on Tom's face, I could tell that he was truly shaken up.

"Peter took his out and started jacking-off. I knew he was big, but I had never seen him fully hard. He's huge! He puts me to shame."

"Tom," I said. "I'm sure you have nothing to be ashamed about. Really! Just because Peter is … well, maybe more gifted in that department, that doesn't mean that normal guys like us should be embarrassed. I've heard that some guys who are big like that are more embarrassed than we are in the locker room. They don't like being gawked at."

"Yeah, I know you're right," Tom said. "But, seeing how big some guys are still makes me shy – about being naked around them."

"Peter didn't say anything to upset you about that, did he?" I asked.

"No!" Tom said. "Peter would never make someone feel uncomfortable like that."

"That's what I thought," I told Tom. "I just want to be sure - you know that, well, okay, I'm just going to say it. You're a really good looking guy, Tom. I'm sure other guys are jealous of you."

Tom blushed but didn't say anything about my compliment. Then he said, "May I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure," I said.

"No," Tom said. "I mean a really personal question – about you and Adam."

"You can ask," I said. "I'll tell you anything you want to know about me. But just like I won't tell anyone about what we're talking about, I'm not going to share personal things about Adam."

"That's cool," Tom said. "We'll leave Adam out of it. But, it's okay for me to ask you about something personal?"

"Sure,' I said. "Ask me anything you want."

"Have you ever, you know, jacked-off while a guy was watching you? Like to the point of watching you cum?"

"Yes," I said. "Tom, I've done pretty much everything – with both genders."

"Last Wednesday night, Peter and I jacked-off together," Tom said. "And we've done it every night since then."

I nodded my head, not knowing exactly what I could say that would help Tom feel more comfortable about his relationship with Peter. Finally, I came up with, "I hope you're not feeling guilty about it."

"Of course I'm feeling guilty about it!" Tom snapped. "I don't want to be called names. I don't want to be a sinner! I want to get married and have a family someday! I need to stop abusing myself and be a true Christian."

"Tom," I said. "Listen to me. You are a good person. No one has any reason to call you names. You're smart and kind, and everybody likes you. And, just like everyone else, you were born with needs. You're not committing a sin just because you get horny and jack-off. Yeah, the Bible says not to spill your seed on the ground, but if you didn't jack-off, you'd just have a wet dream instead. You can't control that! And, if you fool around with a good friend once in a while – or maybe even every day, as the case may be - you're still a good person. Lots of young guys fool around with their friends – just to release some tension. And they still get married and have families when they get older."

"Do you just 'fool around' with Adam?" Tom asked. "Or is it something more?"

"I'm in love with Adam," I told Tom. "I love being with him. I love watching him draw and listening to him sing. I think about him all the time, and I miss him whenever we're not together. So, yeah. For me, it's a lot more than just fooling around."

"Night before last," Tom said. "I gave Peter a back rub, and we both got hard-ons. But, I didn't go back to my bed. I stayed, and Peter and I jacked each other off."

I started to speak, but Tom cut me off. "Don't get the wrong idea, Joel. It wasn't gay!! I mean, it's not like we kissed or sucked each other off. That would be gay!"

I could see the turmoil reflected on Tom's face, and I wanted to help. So, rather than challenge his questionable logic, I just agreed with him. "Of course it wasn't gay!" I said. "You're just two college buddies looking out for one another. College guys get horny, and friends help each other out. That's all."

Tom sat at our table with his head down.

"You okay?" I asked.

"You know something, Joel?" Tom said as he looked up at me. "Don't ever go into politics. You're a terrible liar! I know you're just trying to make me feel better, and I don't think you believe anything you just said. You think I have feelings for Peter, don't you?"

"Do you want honesty?" I asked.

"Of course!" Tom snapped at me.

"Then be honest with yourself," I said. "Do you have feelings for Peter?"

"No!" Tom yelled. "I wish I'd never met him!" He got up from the table, looking distraught. "Just forget it, Joel! I'm not like you!" Then, he stormed out of the coffee shop.

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