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Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 2

Billy Murdock and Lance Habershaw are two teenage high school freshman boys that circumstances bring together. Billy is quiet and reserved, coming from a modest household while Lance is an outgoing and personable and immensely popular.

Chapter Two follows the development of their relationship. The sex tension builds between the boys as their friendships grows.

This is a fictional tale of sexual relationship between two teenage boys. You must be eighteen to read this story. If it is against the law where you are to read stories like this you are kindly requested to leave and not read this story. It is only a fictional story for your reading pleasure.

While some of the geographic names and place may be real, none of the names or characters are real or based on anyone real. I have never visited the great state of Texas but hope to some day.

I appreciate any comments or feedback, good or bad. Send to I try to reply to as many as possible.

Boarding with Friends

Copyright &copy Jonahan Perkins 2023 All Rights Reserved

As Lance and Billy were passionately making out, Lance's mother came out into the back yard.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!" his mother screamed at the top of her lungs.

The boys quickly broke their kiss and moved away from each other to opposite sides of the hot tub. Before the boys could say anything, she started screamed again.

"It's bad enough I have a cheating scum of a husband but now I have a god damn faggot for a son!"

"You knew Dad was cheating?" Lance asked in astonishment. "How did you know?"

"A couple of months ago I had decided to surprise your father and I went over to Winnsboro to take him to lunch. When I parked across the street from his office I saw him coming out the door with his am around some woman who looked young enough to be his daughter. They embraced and kissed before he walked down the street to his car. I just left and came home and cried all afternoon."

"Why didn't you confront him?"

"If I did he'd divorce me and leave me with nothing. I just have to live with it. And now I have to live with a queer son. By the way, how did you know about your father?"

"Billy told me. He and his Dad saw the same thing you did when they went to pick up some truck parts."

Billy just hung his head, not knowing how she would react.

"This is Billy, I take it?"

"Yes. He and I are in the same classes in school."

"And do those classes teach you about gay sex?" she asked in disgust. "You get your scrawny ass out of my hot tub and out of my house and don't ever show your face around here again!"

Billy started to stand up then realized he and Lance had taken off their Speedos. He quickly sat back down and frantically searched around the bottom of the hot tub for his Speedo.

"Oh my god, the two of you are naked? What the hell else were you two doing? No, don't tell me, I don't want to know what kind of depraved things you were doing. Just be gone before I came back!" she yelled, turning and going into the kitchen to pour a large glass of wine.

Billy found his suit and slipped it on.

"Lance, I'm so sorry. I knew this was a bad idea. I've totally fucked up your life. Is your mother going to throw you out of the house? Or worse, tell your father?"

"No, it will be the same as knowing my Dad was cheating on her. She'll just have another glass of wine and drown her problem in a wine bottle. I don't think she'll tell my Dad either. That would fall back on her for not keeping tabs on me."

"I don't think this will blow over so easily. We can't see one another any more. I won't be able to tutor you and you can keep the skateboard."

Billy looked in the house to make sure Lance's mother wasn't in sight as he ran to the stairs to get to Lance's room and get dressed. He was pulling on his clothes when Lance walked in, still naked.

"Are you nuts? Your mother is on the warpath and you walk around the house naked?"

"What's the matter, you don't like what you see? Give me a second and I can improve the view," as Lance grabbed his limp cock and began to stroke it.

"Cut it out! It's not me you should be concerned about, it's your mother!" Billy growled as he hurried to get dressed.

"She's already seen me naked. And you too," Lance giggled.

"Shut up! This is so embarrassing."

"Em-Bare-Assing did you say?" Lance laughed.

"Laugh now, but this is not going to end well for either of us. She's probably down stairs calling my parents. Or maybe the cops to have me arrested," Billy worried.

"She won't call anyone. If she did she have to admit that you and I are boyfriends."

"We're not boyfriends! That was just, . . . I don't know what, but it doesn't make us boyfriends."

"I said I loved you and you said you loved me back. I think that would make us boyfriends," Lance reminded Billy

Trying to deny his feelings and justify what had happened, Billy looked at Lance before responding.

"I meant I loved what we were doing. I have never had another guy touch my cock and it was awesome. I like you, but I'm not sure my feelings for you reach the level of love."

Feeling crushed, Lance flopped on the bed and started to cry softly.

"You better go, Billy, before my mother comes up here."

Billy looked both ways up and down the hallway then walked quickly to he front door. He walked home deep in thought. How could he let Lance manipulate him that way. or did he? He had willingly let Lance take a hold of his cock and he had willingly done the same to Lance. So Lance hadn't really manipulated him. But he did start the whole thing by making him wear the Speedo. He liked Lance and he liked what they had done. Was he being too whimpy by freaking out now? No, he was being practical. If this got out, they would both be ruined. Fuck! What if everyone at school found out? Lance's family could afford to send him to a private school to get away from the harassment and bullying they would endure. But he would be left to deal with it alone. No way his parents could afford a private school. Shit! His parents! If they find out they might disown him and throw him out of the house. At least then he wouldn't have to worry about school.

Billy had been walking aimlessly towards his house. He had walked right past his house without even noticing. When he got to the next corner, he realized where he was. He turned back and went to his house. When he entered the front door, his mother greeted him from the kitchen.

"Hi Billy, you're home early. Did you finish giving that boy Lance a hand with his homework?"

Did he finish giving Lance a hand? Oh yeah, he certainly did. Hell, did Lance's mother already call his mother? Paranoia is setting in.

"Yes, Mom, he feels he's all set and I don't have to meet up with him anymore."

"It seemed like the two of you were getting along as friends as well. I hope you continue your friendship with him. Supper will be ready in an hour."

"Okay, Mom, I'm going up stairs and take shower."

Billy got in the shower and turned the water up as hot as he could stand it. He was not only trying to wash off the chlorine from the hot tub but also wash off the guilt and the dirty feeling from stroking off with Lance. After a lengthy shower he dried off and had cleansed himself of the chlorine but not the shame. He liked Lance, no doubt about it, but he was not gay and didn't like Lance in that way. Or at least didn't think he did.

Billy came down stairs when his mother called him for supper. His conversation during supper was limited to a few short yes or no answer with an occasional I don't know from Billy. He finished his supper and excused himself to go up to his room and study.

Billy couldn't concentrate on his homework. He kept thinking about being with Lance in the hot tub and how awesome it felt. His cock would start to chub up but then his mind flashed to Lance's mother screaming and cussing at them. Instant limp dick. This back and forth went on for an hour until Billy finally gave up trying to study and crawled into bed. He tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position. Lance was still first and foremost in Billy's mind. His cock went beyond chub and got rock hard as he lay on his back, naked as the day he was born.

Billy was usually too tired to jerk off at night from getting up so early each morning and then skateboarding for an hour or two. Once in a great while he would stroke one out in the shower but he seldom had the extra time to spare. For a healthy teenager in his prime horny years, he wasn't very active.

He moved his hand down to his crotch and wrapped his hand around his boner. He just held it, imagining it was Lance holding his cock in a grip then flipping the scenario to be Lance's stiff manhood in his hand. He started to stroke it slowly, the weight of the covers on the bed simulating the resistance of the water in the hot tub. He increased his speed, pulling the skin harder over the tip of his cock. Billy was circumcised but there was enough loosed skin to move back and forth freely. He felt the pressure building and threw the covers off just as he shot his second load of cum for the day. Jets of cum were firing off as he called out Lance's name. He lay still, trying to catch his breath and listening to see if he heard his mother or farther coming to see what he was yelling about. Nobody knocked on his door so he assumed he was safe. He reached over the side of the bed and grabbed a dirty shirt to wipe the cum off his crotch and his stomach. He was spread eagle on his back, his cock still semi erect, his breathing was slowly returning to normal. The feeling of euphoria quickly faded to guilt and shame. He wasn't gay. He didn't like boys. So why couldn't he get Lance out of his fantasy? Was every orgasm for the rest of his life going to involve Lance, either in his head or, god forbid, in person?

Eventually Billy fell asleep. He had horrible nightmare about being at the skateboard park with everyone watching him. Then he dreamt he was naked and Lance was the only one there cheering him on. Then Lance was naked and boarding right along next to him while all the kids from school were laughing and jeering at them, with Lance's mother leading a cheer.

"Faggots! Queers! You're going to rot in hell!"

Billy shot up in bed drenched in sweat. He looked at the clock and it was 2:00 AM. He walked down the hall to the bathroom to get a drink of water. His father poked his head out of his room.

"Billy, are you okay? I heard you moaning and talking in your sleep. Something about the skateboard park."

"Just a bad dream, Dad. No big deal."

"Dreaming about the accident when you broke your board?"

"Yeah, the accident, that's it. Good night"

Billy went back to bed and back to sleep.

He didn't wake up the next morning in time to have breakfast with his Dad. Taking his morning shower he chubbed up again when he soaped his cock and balls. The wetness and the hot water brought back the hot tub memory.

"What the fuck! Am I going to have a boner every time I take a shower? Every time I think of Lance? This shit has to stop!"

He turned the water to cold to drive away the stiffness in his cock. He finished his shower and went down stairs for breakfast.

"Your father thought it was best not to wake you up this morning. He told me you had a bad dream."

"He still should have woken me up. It's how I like to start my day."

His normal routine was broken. All because of his damn nightmare. All because of that asshole Lance. But he's not really an asshole. Maybe I'm the one being an asshole. He told me he loved me and gave me handjob. Then he came out to his mother and I just bailed out of there. Shit, I wonder what kind of dreams he had last night.

When Billy got to school, he kept his head down and walked quickly to his home room, hoping to avoid Lance, or anyone else for that matter. He was almost to the door of his room when he heard Lance call out to him.

"Hey, Billy, where you going in such a hurry?"

Lance and his followers where right behind him, calling out to me.

"There's the Man. The king of the skateboard. What's your next big jump?"

Billy was tired and aggravated and wanted to yell out "My nest big jump is to jump Lance's ass and fuck the hell out of him."

Whoa! Holy hell, where did that come from? Billy shook his head to clear his mind and just answered that he hadn't planned anything yet.

"Billy and I have to pow wow and see what we can come up with. I'll see you guys at lunch," Lance told his crew.

"Billy, you look like crap. What gives? My Mom didn't call your parents did she?" Lance asked nervously. "she got pretty drunk in her room and passed out early so I didn't she had a chance to even if she wanted."

"No, I just couldn't sleep last night. Had a bad dream about breaking my board."

"I know what you mean. I had some dreams last night. At one point I woke up hugging my pillow and it was all wet where I had been kissing it. In my dream it was you I was holding, not my pillow," Lance laughed.

"Shut up! Somebody might hear you. What happened yesterday is over. Done! It was a horrible mistake!"

"Man, I've never felt so good about making a mistake if that's what yesterday was," Lance grinned.

The first bell rang so they had to get to their respective home rooms.

"Maybe you can come over Thursday and we can have another mistake?" Lance smirked.

"No! Absolutely not. Never again!"

Billy walked into his homeroom. It wasn't until two of the girls looked at him and snickered to each other did Billy realize that he had a bulge in his pants. A fucking hardon just from talking to Lance, or more correctly, yelling at him. Was he right when he asked himself if he was going to get stiff every time he thought of Lance or was near him?

When the next bell rang for the start of first period, Billy ran out of the room before the hallway got filled and ran to the men's room by the library. It was empty as usual so he just went into a stall and hung out until he figured it was almost time for the next bell to ring. He ran to his first class, hoping that Lance was sitting with his crew and not saving him a seat. He quietly slipped into the room and took a seat in the back of the room, away from where Lance was sitting. Lance looked over and gave him a quizzical look. Billy just gave him a head nod and took his notebook out to get ready for the class to begin.

Billy had his notebook in his backpack and ready to bolt as soon as class was dismissed. He went back to the bathroom and did the same thing for all his morning classes.

In his math class, the teacher gave them a pop quiz and would grade them as they were doing class work. Billy left at the end of class and went to hide again. At lunch, walked the long way to the lunch room so Lance would be sitting with his crew by the time Billy got in line. Billy got his food and saw Lance sitting all by himself at one of the smaller tables in the corner of the room. Billy stood for a moment and saw that Lance had his head in his hands, a piece of paper on the table, yet no lunch tray. As much as Billy wanted to keep up his avoidance, he had to go check on Lance.

"Hey Lance, what's up? Not eating today?"

Lance looked up, his eyes red and watery.

"I lost my appetite," he said as he pushed the piece of paper towards him.

It was the math quiz. On the top of the page, in bright red ink, was the letter "F".

"I thought I had this aced. Instead I fucked it up totally. I asked the teacher if I could take a make up quiz and he said there was no need. I'd flunk that as well."

"How the hell could you flunk? We had gone over this and you knew it backwards and forwards."

"I know, but this morning I was . . ."

"You were what? Stupid?" Billy laughed trying to lighten the mood.

"No. You've been avoiding me all morning and I was so upset I couldn't concentrate. Yeah, maybe I was stupid. Thinking a hot guy like you would be into me and love me the way I love you. But I understand. I have such a fucked up family that I'm probably just as fucked up and you could see that. Go eat your lunch before it gets cold."

Billy was dumbstruck. How could Lance Habershaw, the coolest, smartest and best looking guy in school be so upset thinking Billy didn't like him. But Billy did like him. Very, very much. As a friend for sure, as a lover or a boyfriend, who knows. Billy didn't. This was all new to him.

Billy set his tray down and sat in the other chair. Lance stared at him, not knowing what to say. Finally he spoke up.

"I didn't ask you to sit down at my table."

"I know. And I didn't ask you to get naked and play with me in the hot tub yesterday. But I liked it so I hope you like me sitting at your table."

With those words, Lance wiped his eyes and smiled.

"Okay, but for the privilege of sitting at my table, you have to share your lunch."

"Sure," pushing the tray between them," take what you want."

"Take what I want?"

"Yeah, I'll share"

"What I want is to climb under the table, pull down your pants and suck your cock. That's all I want to eat," Lance said with a leer,

"Whoa, big fellar, not so fast. I don't think that would go over very well. Not here, not yet."

"Not yet??" Lance replied

"Shut the hell up and eat some lunch before the bell rings," Billy smiled at Lance.

The boys started eating and Fred walked up to the table.

"Lance! What the hell are you doing eating with this asshole? You should be eating over there with your kind," Fred told him and waved his hand towards the table where the crew was sitting. "Let this faggot eat by himself, like he deserves."

Billy's temper had been ignited and it was burning white hot. He had clenched his fists and was ready to jump up and fight Fred. It would have been a very unfair fight and Billy would have come out the worst for it. Lance noticed Billy's clenched fists and his posture, like a Texas mountain lion getting ready to pounce on his victim. Lance reached out and put his hand on Billy's arm, holding it tight so Billy couldn't stand up. Billy froze in place.

Lance's touch on Billy's arm sent shock waves through his body. It also sent blood flowing to his crotch. Once again, an interaction with Lance is giving Billy a boner, right here in plain sight in the lunchroom. Thing is, Billy didn't much care if anyone saw it or not. Lance was still holding his arm.

"You get your dumb ass back where you came from and tell the rest of those fake friends to leave me alone. I'll sit wherever I want and with whomever I want. Got it!" Lance growled at Fred.

Fred's face turned red and he started to sweat. Lance was his hero and had no right to talk to him like that.

"What the hell do you mean, fake friends?" Fred asked.

"No one came over to see why I was sitting here all by myself, did they?"

"I did, Lance."

"Only when Billy sat down and you thought you could start some shit with him. I don't need those kinds of friends."

"Oh, big bad Billy made a stupid jump and now he is a super hero? He's still just a skinny little faggot"

This time is was Lance who made a move to get up and fight with Fred. As Lance let go of Billy's arm, Billy grabbed Lance's hand.

"Lance, he's not worth it. You'll get in trouble and you know how your father needs you to maintain your image," Billy said with a chuckle. "How would it look if you were to beat up a mentally deranged student?"

Lance relaxed, looked at Billy then Fred, then laughed.

"You're right as usual, Billy. Fuck off Fred."

"Oh, Lance and his boyfriend are holding hands. How sweet. Why don't you get under the table and suck his cock, lover boy," Fred taunted them.

At his mention of exactly what Lance had said earlier sent the two boys into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Fred shook his head and walked back to the crew.

"Oh, man, thanks Billy. I really owe you one for coming over to sit with me."

"No way, I was the one acting like a jerk all morning. It's just that I don't know how to handle what we did yesterday. This is all new to me."

"I sorry for that. I shouldn't have pushed you. I thought you might like that but I guess I was wrong."

"Not really. I liked it but I'm not sure where to go from here. You told me you're gay and as far as I know I'm not. I don't want to stop being friends with you but the other stuff? We'll have to go slow and see. Okay?"

"As long as I still have you as a friend the rest of it can wait, or not, or never happen again."

The bell rang and the two boys got up to leave the lunchroom. Billy was holding his backpack in front of him instead of putting it on his shoulder. When they got to the hallway, Lance looked own at Billy's pants and smirked.

"You're hard, aren't you?" Lance giggled quietly.

"Hard as a fucking Union Pacific railroad spike, thanks to you, you asshole," Billy smiled.

"Me? What did I do?"

"Let me make a list. First, you looked at me. Second, you smiled at me, Third, you stuck up for me. But the biggest thing, you grabbed my arm. From that touch on my cock has been trying to bust out of my jeans. Oh yeah, and you and Fred talking about you sucking me under the table. What did you think would happen, I'd fall asleep or something?"

"There is hope yet," Lance said as he turned to go to one of the few classes he didn't have with Billy.

"There is definitely hope, Billy Murdock." Lance said to himself.

Billy was headed to his next class when he ran into Mr. Wilson, their math teacher in the hall.

"Congratulation, Billy, you got an A on your quiz. Of course that is no surprise. I was shocked that Lance didn't get a single one right. He usually does much better than that. He had really been improving lately"

"Yes sir. Don't tell him, or anyone else, but I've been tutoring him two days a week. He's finally catching on."

"I'm proud of you for helping a fellow student. He is very lucky to have a friend like you. I won't say anything so keep up the good work."

"Actually, I'm glad you brought that up, sir. Lance had a big fight with his parents this morning and his mind was not on the quiz. I told him to ask you if he could take it over but he was said you wouldn't. If you could give him another chance I'm sure he'd do better."

"I noticed you were sitting with him at lunch today, away from his usual group. I had a feeling something was going on. I tell you what I'll do. We have the weekly test on Friday. If Lance scores a B or better, I'll wipe out his quiz grade and count the test grade for both. How's that sound?"

"More than fair. Thank you sir, and Lance thanks you."

"I suppose if you're helping him so much, I can as well."

Billy started to skip to his next class then caught himself and dropped to a brisk walk, humming to himself. Not only was his friendship with Lance stronger than before, but he had saved Lance from a bad grade. Lance had stuck up for him with Fred and almost got into a fight. And what's with this blowjob thing? Oops, can't think about that or . . . shit, too late.he was boner bound for my next class.

Billy's last class of the day was gym, a class he and Lance also shared. Billy couldn't wait to tell Lance the good news about the quiz.

"You're bullshitting me! You got Mr. Wilson to agree to that? How"

"I told him you couldn't concentrate on the test because I wouldn't let you suck my cock and you were totally despondent," Billy laughed.

"Well, I guess we have to take care of that before Friday."

Lance opened his mouth and formed a circle with his lips then wiggled his tongue in and out.

"Fuck off, pervert. I think what we should do is meet on Thursday for another tutor session. Question is, where? You want to do it at my house?"

"I'll do it with you anywhere you say. Right here in the locker room if you want."

Lance was laughing as Fred walked up to them.

"Oooh, are the boyfriends going to kiss?" Fred started in again.

Lance was slightly smaller than Fred but he had the anger factor going. He grabbed Fred's shirt and slammed him against the lockers and held him there.

"I'll hold him, Billy, you beat the shit out of him!" Lance instructed Billy.

"You'll do no such thing, Mr Habershaw!" the coach bellowed as he came around the corner of the row of lockers to see what all the commotion was about. "If you beat the shit out of poor Fred, there will be nothing left of him. I need him back on the football field once he is cleared to play after that stupid stunt he pulled with his skateboard."

Lance laughed a nervous laugh knowing he had barely missed getting an ass reaming from the coach. He let go of Fred who glared at Lance and Billy.

"This ain't over yet, pussies," he mumbled as he walked away.

"Why is it every time I'm around you, someone is yelling at us?" Billy asked.

"Guess I'm just a likable guy."

"I'll check with my Mom and make sure we can study at my house on Thursday."

"Or we could study at my house."

"I don't know what makes me more nervous to be at your house, your mother showing up or being alone with you."

"When I told my mother we were studying on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she immediately joined another book club that meets from 2:00 until 6:00 so she won't be around. And if she does come home, she'll be so drunk by then that she won't know who is in the house. So I guess its just me you have to be nervous about."

"Yeah, maybe your mother would be the lesser of two evils."

Lance slapped Billy on the ass and smiled.

"No need to be nervous and just go with the flow."

"That's exactly what I'm afraid of."

The coach hollered into the locker room for the boys as soon as they got changed, come to the gymnasium for a talk from the school nurse about hygiene. The lecture consisted mostly of keeping their bodies and their private bits clean. It was all good until she started talking about those who were not circumcised and the importance of rolling back the foreskin to wash underneath. Normally talking about a boy's cock would have gotten a group of teenagers excited. But coming from a 62 year old nurse made the boy's faces turn red and get totally embarrassed. The other point she stressed was showers were required of all boys taking gym class, no exceptions.

That made Billy nervous. He had no problem with seeing any of the other boys naked in the showers but Lance? That was another story. Billy would chub up just being around Lance. If he ever threw a boner in the showers, Fred would never let him forget it.

After the talk, coach had the boys doing calisthenics in the gym until the class was over.

"Okay, everyone hit the showers. There are towels and soap right outside the shower room. Hop to it. I don't want anyone missing their bus. And NO fooling around, no towel snapping or no ass grabbing. Anyone caught will get detention for a week," the coach admonished the class.

"Excuse me, coach? I'm going home right after this so I can just shower at home," Billy tried to weasel out of taking a shower.

"You heard the nurse, NO exceptions. And that means you!"

Billy and Lance went to their lockers to change out of their gym uniforms.

"Lance, I'm afraid I'm going to get hard. I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school. You know Fred will never let it pass."

"Don't worry, I got you covered. Just hang a towel in front of you while we head to the shower room and follow my lead."

Billy wasn't sure what Lance had in mind but he had no choice but to go along.

"Hey Billy," Lance began to talk loudly as they got to the shower room entrance, "Did I tell you about my date with Cindy last weekend. Man, she has the softest tits and ass. I had my hands all over her. She was kissing me so hard I thought she was going to swallow my tongue. Then when I put my finger in her pussy, she started bucking and jumping around. Her juices were flowing twice as much as my precum."

Lance's plan was to make up a sexy story and get everyone else horny. He stroked his cock a few times to get it semi stiff and kept going,

"I fingered her to her first orgasm then she took my leaking cock out and put it in her mouth. No foreplay, no stroking, just swallowed the whole thing and sucked me until I shot my load down her throat."

His plan worked perfectly. There was hardly a limp dick in the whole place. Made Billy wonder if the few guys that were still soft might be gay. No matter. He tried not to look at Lance but still let himself chub up a little to be one of the guys.

Lance looked at Fred and saw he was uncut.

"He Fred, you better grab the head of that snake while it's poking out so you can wash it up good and clean. Just don't take too long soaping it, if you know what I mean," Lance took his cheap shot.

Fred just gave Lance the middle finger salute as everyone in the room laughed at him.

They dried off and were getting dressed when Billy thanked Lance for his plan.

"Won't Cindy be pissed about you telling all the guys about her?"

"There is no Cindy, I made the whole thing up. Worked too, didn't it."

"You're a sneaky son of a bitch, you know that?"

"I sure do. Let me know where you want to study Thursday. I'll behave if you want to come to my house."

"I'll let you know tomorrow. Probably be at my house, though"

"Sure, where ever you'd feel more comfortable"

The boys met at Billy's house after school on Thursday. Billy's mother had baked some home made cookies before she left for the day.

"Damn, Billy, you're Mom is awesome. I hope you appreciate how good she is to you."

"Her and my Dad. They are pretty special people."

"My Mom wouldn't even bother to buy store bought cookies if she knew you were coming over."

"If she did, I wouldn't eat them. She'd lace them with rat poison."

Billy and Lance both laughed at that comment and got down to work. Billy had written out some math problems for Lance to see just where he was having problems. He had made them very similar to the ones on the quiz.

Algebra can be a very difficult subject for some people. You have to look at an equation, then visualize how to make it look like one of the formulas so you know to solve it, adding or subtracting from one side and the other, moving numbers and variables around, multiplying or dividing each side. Then when you have it manipulated, you apply the right formula and solve the equation. Billy was very good at seeing any equation and working his way through changing it. Lance had been getting better but somehow failed an easy quiz.

"Here's some problems to work on. Try and solve them, showing your work and how you got the answer so I can see where you went wrong," Billy instructed Lance.

Lance went right to work, writing non-stop, until he had solved all of the problems correctly. He pushed the paper back to Billy for him to check over.

"You did all of these perfectly. You knew what you where doing and didn't need me to help you."

"Remember the Cindy story in the showers yesterday?"

"Yeah, that line of bullshit you fed everyone."

"Being too stupid to pass a simple quiz was another bullshit story," Lance giggled.

"What the fuck? You flunked a quiz on purpose? Why?"

"You were avoiding me all morning and I figured if I made it look like I needed your help so more, we could get together again outside of school. You're not mad at me, are you?"

"I'm fucking furious! You lied to me, you scammed me and you even ate my mother's cookies!" Billy yelled. "Get the fuck out of my house!"

Lance stood up, his eyes starting to tear, hung his head and apologized.

"I'm so sorry, Billy. I couldn't think of any way to be able to get back together with you. I know it will be hard, but please try and forgive me."

Lance headed for the kitchen door. He had just opened it when Billy cleared his throat.

"And one more thing,"

Lance turned to face him, "Yeah?"

"That was my bullshit story."

Billy burst out laughing so hard he almost fell out of his chair. Lance came running over and gave him a shove on the shoulder that did knock him out of his chair.

"You fucking turd! You beat me at my own game! No one does that to Lance Habershaw and gets away with it."

Lance jumped down on Billy and tickled him ferociously, not letting up no matter how much Billy pleaded.

"Okay, okay, enough. Now we're even."

"We're done studying so now what?" Lance asked with a smirk.

"Well, my tub is too small for the both of us so we can't get in the tub here," leaving the door open for Lance to suggest going to his house.

"We could go to my house, if you want."

"Yes, I suppose we could," Billy said without showing too much enthusiasm.

Lance picked up on that and didn't want to press Billy too hard yet.

"Or we could go to my house and get my board and the board you have earned and head to the skate board park until supper time."

"Great idea. Let's go."

Billy would have gone with Lance to the hot tub but was still not sure if that was something that he wanted to make a habit of doing. He would have to think more about doing that again.

The boys went to the park and found all their friends there, including Fred.

"Well, look who is here, Mr and Mrs Lance." Fred commented

One or two made a suggestion that Fred should 'grow up' while the rest of them just ignored him. That really pissed him off. He tried to show off and crashed on his next jump attempt.

"Hey, Billy is here, you want the master to show you how to jump?" someone hollered out.

"He's a master-bater, nothing more," Fred growled. "You know what, I'm tired of his bullshit," as he walked toward Billy with his fists clenched.

Lance stepped in front of Billy and gave Fred a menacing stare.

"Maybe I better go before there is any trouble," Billy offered.

"No, I think Fred is going to go," Lance said with determination.

"Oh yeah, who says?" Fred snarled back.

All the rest of the kids at the park walked over to stand with Lance and Billy.

"We say so!" they all shouted in unison.

Fred shook his head and cursed, picked up his board and left.

"Okay, now let's get jumping," one of the boys said.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly as they all had a great time together.

"We haven't seen you here in a while, Lance. It was great to see Billy come and board with us, too," Mike said as they were getting ready to leave. "Hope we see more of you two."

"That was fun, we should go there more often," Billy said to Lance as they walked home.

"Yeah, more fun that sitting around in a sweaty old hot tub."

They looked at each other and grinned.

"We can save that for another day," Billy said

Billy had supper, showered and went to bed early. He was tired from all the boarding and wanted to get up early to have breakfast with his Dad in the morning. He lay in bed and realized he hadn't popped a boner all afternoon with Lance. Maybe they could be friends after all without the sex thing getting in the way. Of course, naked in the comfort of his bed, the thought of watching Lance as displayed his athletic style at the park brought Billy's cock to full attention. Maybe he should have gone to Lance's house and got in the hot tun with him? He took a hold of his cock and smiled as he worked it nice and steady to bring on his orgasm. He cleaned up his cum and went to sleep, happy, content and looking forward to tomorrow.

Friday! The weekend was here. The morning classes went quickly, Billy sitting in the middle of the room with Lance and his crew in each class. Billy was now an accepted member of the Lance Habershaw fan club, much to the chagrin of Fred. He was moody and silent most of the time Billy was around. He knew he couldn't get back in Lance's good graces if he kept harassing Billy. He had to think of something to change things.

Lance aced his math test with a perfect score. He showed the paper to Billy and smiled. He mouthed the word 'thanks' to him. Billy smiled and mouthed 'anytime'. 'Now?' came Lances silent response with a laugh. Billy shook his head side to side and smiled.

At lunch they all sat together at Lance's usual table in the middle of the lunchroom. Mr. Wilson came by the table and congratulated Lance on his test results.

"Billy told me you would do better. I guess he was right."

Everyone at the table looked at Lance and then Billy.

"How did Billy know you'd pass the test?" Mike asked.

Before Lance could answer and say anything about the tutoring, Billy spoke up.

"I knew he could pass. I've been cheating off him all semester. I knew he was a smart son of a bitch."

"Right!" Mike said out loud. "Maybe Lance cheating off you but you two were sitting in opposite corners of the class."

"Mental telepathy. Lance would think the answers and I would read his mind and then write the answers on my paper. I been able to read his mind for months."

"Really? Then what is he thinking right now?"

"He's wondering why I don't have brown eyes, I'm so full of shit!" Billy giggled.

Everyone got a good laugh before the bell rang and lunch was over.

The boys got to last period gym class and changed into their uniforms. Just blue shorts and a blue T-shirt provided by the school. The coach handed out two different colored slip over shirts, one set red, the other blue to designate two different teams. They went outside to play touch football. Halfway through the game, the skies opened up, torrential rain flooding the field and soaking the boys. The coach hollered for the boys to pick up the cones they used for goals and get inside the building. They were playing on the dirt field, having to save the turf field for Saturday varsity games. Lance and Mike ran for the north end of the field while Billy and Fred ran towards the south end. Fred tired to grab the cones without stopping to get them before Billy could get them but slipped in the mud, falling face first. Billy stifled a laugh knowing Fred wouldn't appreciate being the butt of a joke. Instead Billy stopped and extended his hand to help Fred back on his feet. The mud was so slippery and Fred so much heavier than Billy, made Billy slip and land on top of Fred. He rolled off and was waiting for Fred to explode. They looked at each other, covered in mud and the rain pouring down on them. Spontaneously they both started laughing, quietly, then growing to a straight out belly laugh. Lance and Mike saw the two on the ground and assumed the worst. Fred must have thrown Billy on the ground and they were screaming at one another, being too far away to realize it was laughter. They bolt the length of the field to save Billy. They got closer and heard it was laughter so they slowed down before they too slipped in the mud. The rest of the class saw the four of them wrestling in the mud and couldn't resist the temptation not to join them. The coach was blowing his whistle so loud it must have been heard in the next county, yelling for them to stop horsing around and get in under cover. Whistles and shouts were ignored and the fun continued. A loud clap of thunder brought an abrupt halt to the fun.

The coach yelled at them to take off the team shirts but keep their uniforms on and get into the showers to wash off the mud. They were instructed to drop the colored shirts at the shower room entrance. The coach decided that Lance and Billy were the instigators of the mud fight so they would rinse out all of the colored team shirts by themselves.

"You two trouble makers will stay after school and get those shirts washed out. Then hang them on the towel rack to dry over the weekend."

"But coach, we weren't the only ones, everyone was wrestling in the mud. Why doesn't everyone wash out their own shirts?"

"Because you two jerks started this and you gonna learn a lesson. Get in the shower and wash off your uniform then wash the shirts. I have a teacher's meeting upstairs. I'll be back in an hour and you better be finished by then or it will be detention all next week."

The rest of the class hurried through their showers, razing Lance and Billy as they dressed and left for the day.

"This is another fine mess you got me in, Stan," Lance quoted a line from an old Laurel and Hardy comedy short film.

"It is a mess alright," as Billy rubbed a handful of mud off his chest and threw it at Lance.

"Quit screwing around, we need to get everything cleaned up before coach gets back."

The boys washed off their uniforms while still wearing them, same as the other boys did. Then they grabbed a handful of colored shirts and brought them into the shower room. Trying to wash them was splashing mud all over themselves and their rinsed uniforms.

"This is pointless. I have a better idea," Lance said and stripped off his uniform. "There now I can keep my uniform clean until we're finished."

It made sense to Billy so he stripped down and hung his uniform on the towel rack. He felt self conscious being naked, but it he didn't know why. They were all naked in the shower room after class when they had to take the mandatory showers. Still, it felt weird that just he and Lance were naked with no one else around. Billy started to chub up but tried to keep his mind on the chore at hand and not his naked friend not more than five feet away from him.

"This mud is splashing right back onto the clean side. I have another idea. Here, put this shirt on."

Billy wasn't sure what good this would do but he followed orders. Lance put one on and grabbed the bar of soap. He moved behind Billy and started washing the back of the shirt.

"I'll wash the back and you wash the front, then we'll turn around and wash my shirt the same way."

Standing there with a shirt on and no bottoms felt even weirder than being naked. Billy went from chub to hard as Lance hands rubbed all over Billy's back. The fabric of the shirt prevented any skin on skin touching but the Lance's hand on his back was enough.

"Okay, now turn around and wash my shirt," Lance announced.

Billy was hesitant to turn around and let Lance see his stiff cock pointing straight out. He waited until Lance had turned around before he dared to turn. They washed Lance's shirt and then exchanged the clean ones for another set of dirty ones. When Lance returned with the two dirty shirts, he laughed at Billy's boner then pointed down to his crotch.

"Got to you, too, huh?"

Billy was embarrassed so he just nodded. Now this was totally weird. Two half naked guys all by themselves, soaping each other with stiff cocks. O hell, please don't let anyone come in here now.

"We better hurry. I don't want coach to see us like this," Billy worried.

"We've got plenty of time. He won't be back for an hour and he's never on time."

They continued to wash all the shirts and hang them on the towel rack. Lance looked at Billy's body and then down at his own body.

"The shirts are clean but we're a fucking muddy mess again. Same as with the shirts. You wash my back while I wash my front then I'll wash your back while you wash your front."

Lance turned his back to Billy, soaped up his chest and handed the soap back to Billy.

"Do a good job back there," he smirked.

Billy froze as he stared at Lance's backside. His wide shoulders, muscular back and his ass. Oh hell what a beautiful bubble butt. He was hesitant to put his hands on Lance but Lance turned his head to urge Billy into action.

"Take a picture, it will last longer, Lance laughed as he wash his front side.

Billy put the soap to Lance's back and started washing, the soap in one hand and his other hand running over Lance's skin. He washed his shoulders the down his back and stopped when he got to his ass.

"Don't stop now. I don't want to get any mud on my towel when I dry off."

Billy worked up some more lather and used both hands to wash Lance's cheeks. He began to rub then massaged the smooth flesh. Lance moaned quietly and pushed his ass back towards Billy. Billy ran his finger up the ass crack, quickly sliding over the pucker.

"Oh fuck yeah, get everything good and clean," Lance mumbled.

Billy's cock was so hard at this point he was afraid if would break and fall off onto the shower floor.

"The legs too, if you would," Lance asked.

Billy bend down so he could wash Lance's legs and was mere inches from the tender butt cheeks he had just had in his hands. Billy finished washing the legs and stood up before temptation overtook him.

He's not gay, he's not into guys at all so why is the sight and touch of Lance's body having such an effect on him. He wanted to get finished and get dressed and get home. He needed his safe refuge of his bedroom.

"Okay, now turn around, it's my turn."

Billy turned around quickly so Lance wouldn't see how red and swollen his cock was. It was twitching on it's own, waiting for some relief that Billy wasn't about to give it.

Billy went to washing his front in a frenzy of flying hands, wanting to get done and get out of there. Lance began to soap Billy's back, causing Billy to momentarily stop and take a deep breath at the sensation of Lance's hands on him.

"Damn, you're tense. Relax and enjoy the moment," Lance advised him'

He wanted to but he also just wanted to go.

Lance kept washing and got down to Billy's ass cheeks.

"Nice. Firm but supple. You're in good shape for someone who doesn't do sports."

Lance moved his hands around Billy and pulled him into him, his chest tight against Billy's back. His hands moved up and down Billy's chest, tweaking his nipples.

"I've got the front, Lance. Thanks anyway," Billy tried to move way.

Lance held him tight, his own still cock pressing into Billy's ass. Lance lowered his hand to Billy's cock and moved is soapy hand up and down the shaft. Lance jerked off Billy while pressing his cock in between Billy's legs, sliding it up and down his crack then back between his legs. Billy was in heaven but suddenly felt Lance's cock run across his hole.

"This feels so awesome but I don't want you to fuck me, okay?"

"I would never do that unless you begged me. You're no where near ready for that, if ever."

"Just keep doing what you're doing. Does it feel good for you?" Billy asked between moans.

"Fuck yeah! My cock buried between your legs, your cock in my hand and our bodies tight against one another. It couldn't be better."

Lance started to pump his cock between Billy's legs like he was fucking him, his cock slamming against the back of Billy's ball sack. Billy clamped hi legs together as tight as he could. Lance timed his thrusts to coincide with his strokes on Billy, making Billy feels like he was fucking himself. It didn't take much of this and Billy yelled out and shot his load across the shower room. His grip on Lance's cock tightened even tighter as his orgasm peaked, his balls being coated in Lance's cum as he unloaded. Both boys dropped to the floor, out of breath and laughing at the absurdity of what they just did and where they did it.

"We better get cleaned up and dressed before the coach gets back."

"Yeah, we wouldn't want him to catch us like this."

"YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT YOU WOULDN'T WANT ME TO CATCH YOU!" the coach's booming voice rang out.

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