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Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 4

On Monday Billy was at his locker when Rachel walked up to him.

"Hey Billy, did you have a good time with Kate Saturday night?"

"Yeah, I did. She was really nice. I didn't like the idea of getting fixed up but I did it to help Lance so he could be with you. I'm glad I did."

"Lance and I both appreciate it. We had a good time too."

"How come you and Lance don't date more often? You two seem like a good couple."

Just then Lance joined them.

"How are my two favorite people in the whole world doing this morning?" Lance asked.

"We were just talking about the dance last weekend and how much fun we all had," Billy answered.

"Glad to hear it. I have to go drop off some papers in the office for my dad. I'll catch you in math class, Billy."

"So, like I was asking before he came along, why don't the two of you date more often?"

Billy was curious to see if Rachel had any idea that Lance was gay.

"We have been really good friends since grade school and we both care for each other but he and I aren't that kind of couple."

"Oh, I see. No spark between you two?"

"It's not that, I don't want to lead him on and then let him down."

"I'm not sure I understand?"

"This may sound corny but I don't want to have sex with anyone unless we both truly love one another. It might happen before I graduate or it might not happen until I get married."

"You and Lance don't have that kind of love?"

"Lance is a very complicated person. On the surface he seems like a happy go lucky guy, in control of his life and everything around him. But deep down he has a lot going on, as you well know. I don't think he is ready for a serious relationship, at least not with me."

Rachel was also trying to find out if Lance had revealed any facts of his personal life to Billy.

"None of us are what we appear to be on the surface," Billy commented.

"If I didn't want to end up like my older sister, I'd ride Lance like Freckles Brown riding the bull Tornado at the PBR Finals and damn sure make it last longer than 8 seconds," Rachel laughed.

"What happened to your sister?

"She went to a party her freshman year of high school, got drunk and lost her virginity. She enjoyed the sex so much that she wanted more. She didn't have to get drunk after that, just find a horny guy and get it on. The guys all nicknamed her 'Debbie the Doorknob, she would give anyone a turn'. She still that way in college today."

"So you let you good friend suffer with blue balls?" Billy laughed.

"Oh, he has his ways to get relief. You would know about that, wouldn't you?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" not sure what she meant by that.

She was actually trying to judge Billy's reaction to her question after she had revealed so much personal information about herself.

"You know, all boys do it," she replied making the universal hand jerking motion.

Billy's face turned red and changed the subject, not sure if Rachel had any clue if Lance was gay or if she suspected anything between himself and Lance.

"Does Kate come to visit you often?"

"She will be back around the holidays to visit. Should I tell her you want to see her again?"

"Yeah, sure, I'd like that."

"I will do that for you. Good talk." As she leaned in and hugged Billy.

Fred came around the corner of the hallway and saw Rachel hugging Billy. 'This is perfect' he thought to himself. 'I can tell Lance I saw his good friend hugging his girlfriend. That will turn him against that asshole and I'll be back as his best friend again'.

Mike happened to be right behind Fred and saw the hug as well. Lance came jogging back from the office visit and caught up with all of them as Billy was closing his locker.

"Didn't take as long as I thought. Let's head to math class," Lance said.

"Hey Lance, I just saw you girlfriend and this jerk hugging. I think he's trying to steal your girlfriend," Fred said as he stepped up to confront Billy. "Mike saw them too."

Lance looked at Fred, than Mike, then Billy.

"Yeah, I saw them but it didn't look like a romantic hug, just a friendly hug," Mike told Lance.

"It was nothing, Lance, I swear. We were talking about the dance and she was so happy that I got along with her cousin that she hugged me. I would never steal anyone from you," Billy professed.

"Sure you would. You stole him from us, didn't you?" Fred blurted out before he thought how that would sound.

"Relax Fred, he isn't trying to steal Rachel. You said yourself he's a fag, didn't you? He wouldn't' know what to do with a set of soft tits and a hot pussy," Lance laughed.

"Hey, I'm not a fag!" Billy protested.

"Don't mind Fred, he's just jealous," Lance giggled, not knowing how true his joke really was.

"Oh, fuck you guys. Fuck all of you," Fred said and turned to storm away.

"Well damn, Fred, if you want to fuck all of us then you must be the queer," Lance got in one more jab at him, bringing out a round of laughs and jeers from everyone in the hall who overhead the conversation.

"But Lance. . . ." Billy started to say.

"Chill, guy, I know Rachel is a hugger. No worries from my end."

The rest of the day was a typical Monday, with the exception of Fred not sitting with the rest of the crew at lunch. He got some food and then retreated to the library to eat by himself and try to come up with a plan to eliminate Billy from his world.

"Hey Billy, you want to go to the park after school and get in some runs?" Lance asked at lunch.

"Can't, I have to clean the garage today. I was supposed to do it this weekend but my dad told me with the dance and all that I could do it today instead. Maybe tomorrow."

"Okay, you can't piss off your dad, if that would even be possible," Lance laughed.

"It might be but I'd rather not find out."

If Fred had been at lunch instead of sulking in the library he could have offered to go with Lance. Opportunity lost.

Billy went straight home after school and changed into some torn jeans he had for doing dirty chores. He went out to the garage and laid out his plan of attack. He had no sooner started organizing than he heard a voice from the driveway.

"Aren't you done yet, Murdock? You're as slow as molasses going up hill in the winter."

It was Lance walking into the garage door.

"I told you it would take me all afternoon."

"I know, so I'm here to help. Nice jeans by the way," pointing to Billy's torn and holy pants. "Shows enough flesh to keep me motivated," Lance laughed.

"Well get your ass moving then and hang up all the gardening tools."

Lance jumped right in and went to work. He would occasionally glance over at Billy and smile.

"What's with the stupid grin?" Billy finally asked.

"I'm just happy. Can't a guy be happy?"

"Your happy getting dusty and dirty while working up a sweat cleaning? I'm not going to offer you a shower when we're done so get that thought out of your head," Billy smirked.

"No, I'm just happy to be spending time with you, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. A hot shower together would be nice, but that's not what I'm looking for."

Billy took Lance at his word and went back to cleaning. He would glance at Lance grinning and couldn't help but grin back.

"I understand you and Rachel had a heart to heart talk in the hallway this morning," Lance said.

"Don't believe that bullshit that Fred was trying to start. We were just talking, mainly about you acutely. I think she suspects you're gay by the way she was talking."

"I know, she and I talked at lunch. She was trying to see if you would out me as being gay."

"She knows?"

"I told her last summer. I was worried that I was going to have a bad time freshman year here. She told me she'd be right by my side to make sure I was okay. I told her I had come out to you and she was worried you wouldn't be discreet about it. She laughed and said you were doing more dancing around the subject this morning that you were dancing with Kate last Saturday night."

"Have you told anyone else?"

"No, just the two most important people in my life. She said she was happy for us."

"For us? We're an 'us' now?

"Maybe not officially yet but hopefully soon," Lance smiled then went back to work.

It was almost 5:00 when they swept the floor and were done. Billy's dad pulled in the driveway and walked to the garage. His dad usually didn't get home until at least 6:00 but he came home early to help Billy clean.

"Wow, you are done already?" his dad said as he looked around. "Great job! Looks like you didn't need my help."

"No, Lance came over to help so it went quicker than we figured."

"Thank you Lance, You're a good friend to give up your afternoon to help."

Billy's mom came out and saw the clean garage.

"You and Lance really worked well together. Lance, would you like to stay for supper as a thank you? We're having pork chops and baked potatoes."

"Thank you. I've never had pork chops before so I'm not sure if I'll like them."

"Believe me, you'll like anything my mom cooks," Billy threw in.

They went in the house to clean up and get ready to supper.

"Lance, call your mom and make sure its okay to stay for supper," Billy's mom told him. "Then you two can go take a quick shower and get all that dirt and grim off of you."

He went and picked up the phone and dialed. Unnoticed by everyone but Billy, Lance didn't dial all the numbers to complete the call. Then he had a one-sided conversation pretending to ask his mom for permission to stay, which of course she agreed to. Then the boys were sent up stairs to wash up.

"What with the phone call?" Billy asked.

"What? Your mom told me to call and get permission to stay for supper. I was just doing as I was told."

"Funny, everyone else I know has seven numbers in the phone number and you only have six?"

"Oh, you saw that did you? No way in hell I was going to take a chance that my mother was sober enough to answer the phone and tell me to come home. I didn't want to spoil a perfect day. . I'll square it away with her later if I have to."

Billy understood Lance's reluctance to go home but felt guilty about him lying.

"If you want to take a shower, you can go first. I'll get a sweat suit you can wear instead of getting back into your dirty clothes"

"Do you want to shower together? Your mom suggested we shower. It would be more fun," Lance smirked.

"You and me alone and naked in the shower so my mom or dad can come up and catch us? No thanks. Go get cleaned up." Billy smiled at the thought of the two of them showering together but knew it was dangerous.

Lance finished his shower and came back to Billy's room. Billy had stripped down to his underwear and headed for his shower. He finished and wrapped a towel around his waist to return to his room. He came into find Lance lying naked on the bed.

"I wasn't sure if that sweat suit on the chair was for me or you so I waited for you to come back."

"You're hopeless, you know that. I left that one for you. Now get dressed so we can go down for supper."

Lance didn't move and smiled at Billy, waiting for him to drop his towel. Seeing Lance's naked body make Billy chub up. He faced Lance, pulled off the towel and swiveled his hips to make his cock swing around in circles.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"It sure is. Bring it over here," Lance licked his lips.

"Tomorrow afternoon my mother will be working. We can meet up here and have some privacy."

Lance bolted off the bed and grabbed Billy, rubbing their bodies together as he kissed him passionately. Both boys were stiff as nails by the time they broke the kiss.

"Until tomorrow," Lance smiled and reached for the sweat suit.

There was a knock on the door with Billy's dad telling them to hurry up and come down for supper. Both boys turned their backs to the door to hide their boners in case his dad came in.

Billy's mom served the food and the boys dug in. They were hungry from all the work they had done and the supper smelled delicious. When Lance took his first bite of pork chop, he closed his eyes and held it in his mouth.

"Is everything all right, Lance? Don't you like pork chops?" mom asked.

"This is delicious. I've never tasted anything so good."

"It's nothing special really, just an ordinary pork chop."

"Ordinary to you maybe but a bite of heaven to me. I never had pork before."

They finished supper with Lance savoring every bite of the meal. He complimented mom again before dad offered to give Lance a ride home. Billy and Lance said their good byes. On the way to drop Lance off, dad struck up a conversation.

"You know, Lance, you're nothing like your father."

"Thank you, sir, I appreciate that."

"When Billy told me he had made friends with you I was concerned. Your father will try to strike up a friendship with someone if he thinks he can get something from them. I don't mean to be insulting, just speaking the truth."

"Oh, believe you me, I know he's a two faced bastard. He won't do anything for anyone unless he's going to come out on top. I really like Billy and he and I have become close friends."

"Yes, I can see that. Billy has always been very shy and introverted but his friendship with you has made a big change in him, for the better. I hope the two of you remain close," he said looking at Lance and smiling.

Lance could have sworn he saw a wink, but he wasn't sure. Did his dad know what was happening between the two of them?

Rachel went to Billy's locker the next morning before school.

"I hope you're not mad about our conversation yesterday. I just wanted to make sure Lance was protected."

"I was trying to do the same thing with you," Billy laughed. "We're all good and Lance has nothing to worry about from either one of us."

"He just has to worry about you."

"Me? I would never out him."

"No, I mean he has to worry about losing his virginity to you instead of me," Rachel laughed.

Billy's face turned bright red and he didn't know what to say.

Fred came around the corner and saw them talking. Lance had to see this and know what Billy was up to. Lance came up from the other direction and joined Rachel and Billy. He put his arm around Rachel and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I hope the two of you aren't ganging up on me, are you?" Lance chuckled.

"You wish," Rachel said as she left for her homeroom.

Fred saw the kiss Lance gave Rachel and knew his hopes of Lance and Billy having a falling out over Rachel would never happen. He was pissed and knew he had do to something big to get Lance back with him.

Lance and Billy walked to Billy's house after school. They had the house to themselves for several hours and Lance planned to make the most of it. As soon as they were inside and the door was closed, Lance grabbed Billy and kissed him deep, his tongue invading Billy's mouth as far as it could reach.

"A little horny are we?" Billy asked with a grin.

"No, a whole fucking lot of horny," as Lance put his hand on Billy's crotch. Feeling a stiff bulge, "I think you are as well."

"Let's take this upstairs."

Billy had been thinking about Lance and his feelings for him. He still wasn't convinced that he was gay, not like Lance, but being with Lance was his new happy place. It used to be the solitude and the solace of the skateboard park in the early morning when no one was there but him. Now it was being with Lance, whether cleaning a garage, boarding, at school or holding his naked body tightly next to him. Not being sure if he was in fact gay or even in love, Billy didn't care. Being with Lance was all he really cared about these days.

All this was running through Billy's head as Lance was removing Billy's clothes, one piece at a time. He pulled off his shirt and licked and played with Billy's nipples, bringing Billy's mind back to the business at hand. Lance's hands were massaging Billy's back, going lower on each pass until he gripped his ass cheeks. Lance moved his hand around to the front and unbuttoned the pants, lowered the zipper and slid the pants down his legs. Billy picked up each foot one at a time and flung his pants to the side. Lance was kissing his way down Billy's stomach, rubbing the hard bulge in his underwear. He was about to pull the underwear down when Billy commanded him to stop.

"Is something the matter?" a confused Lance asked.

"Damn straight! You've got too many clothes on," Billy laughed as the two of them worked together to pull Lance's clothes off, underwear and all. "That's better."

Lance yanked Billy's underwear off and took hold of the hard cock that sprung loose. Billy grabbed Lance's shoulders and pulled him to the bed. They fell on the bed on top of one another and began to kiss as they rubbed their naked bodies and stiff cocks together, smearing precum over each other's stomachs. Lance broke the kiss and moved down Billy's chest, licking his nipples then moving lower, placing gentle kisses as he went. He got to Billy's leaking cock and licked the precum off the tip and the shaft where it had dripped down. He opened his mouth and slid the wet slippery cock in his mouth in one smooth motion. He went as deep as he could and held his mouth still, wiggling his tongue ever so slightly. Billy had thrown his head back and closed his eyes. He put his hands on Lance's shoulders and enjoyed the flesh on flesh contact. Lance started to move his head up and down, putting his hands behind Billy.

Suddenly Billy hollered 'Stop'.

"Did I do something wrong?" a confused Lance asked.

"No, not at all. But if I cum I'm going to loose my nerve."

"What nerve?" Lance asked, still confused.

"To do this," as he moved around and positioned his head at Lance's crotch.

"You don't have to do this you, know. I enjoy doing you," Lance said softly."

"I know I don't have to but I want to. Now shut up and let me do this."

Lance smiled and put his head back. Billy put his hand around Lance's cock and pulled it upright. This was as close as he had ever seen it. He took his time examining every inch of his manhood. The bulging vein running up the side, the taunt skin of the shaft,, the ridge of the head and the piss slit wet with precum. He stroked it a few times and squeezed more clear liquid out then brought his tongue to taste it. He had actually tasted his own once and this wasn't really much different. But it was. It was Lance's precum and it was Billy's to lick and enjoy. He swirled his tongue around the head, listening to Lance moan and cuss with encouragement.

"Oh fuck yes, do it!"

"Don't rush me, I want to make the most of my first time."

Billy lowered his mouth over Lance's cock and took half of it in before it hit the back of his throat, stopping before he gagged. He had planned on holding still like Lance had done to him but the excitement of sucking his first cock got the better of him. He bobbed his head up and down while pushing the cock against the roof of his mouth with his tongue.

"Damn, Billy, you're doing an awesome job for your first time as a cocksucker." Lance said between breaths.

Billy almost stopped but kept moving with less enthusiasm. Was he a cocksucker? For sure he was giving another boy a blowjob. He had always heard the term 'cocksucker' used as an insult, a put down meant to insult someone or demean them. Is that what Lance meant? Was he nothing more than a run of the mill cocksucker? Definitely not! He wasn't just sucking Lance's cock, he was actually making love to it with his mouth. This wasn't forced on him, he was doing it of his own free will. Moreover, he had been looking forward to doing it and pleasing Lance the way Lance had pleased him. This was more than just two buddies helping each other out. Thus was emotional, done with feelings. Did that make it gay?

Lance snapped Billy out of his train of thought when he announced he was getting close. Coming back to reality, Billy went back to paying attention to the task at hand, or in mouth as it were. He gripped the base of Lance's cock tight to make the head swell up then lapped at it vigorously with this tongue. Lance arched his back and grunted as he sent spurt after spurt of warm creamy cum into Billy's mouth. Billy took several quick swallows trying to keep up with the amount of sperm Lance was releasing. When Lance had stopped Billy kept his mouth in place and ran his tongue around Lance's cock..

"Shit! Cut it out, it's really sensitive," Lance said as he tried to push Billy away from him.

Billy had his hands on Lance's ass and was holding tight. Lance tried to curl his body into a fetal position to get his cock away from Billy but he stayed with him. Lance was laughing as tears rolled down his face.

"Stop, stop, you're killing me!"

Finally Billy relented and lifted his head.

"I just wanted to get it all in case there was any more."

"You're a rotten vindictive son of a bitch, Billy Murdock. What until I get a hold of your cock and see how you like it."

"I like it just fine."

The two boys laughed and lay quiet.

"So how was your first time?" Lance asked.

"With anyone else it would have been disgusting, but with you it was awesome. How was it for you?"

"It was my first time too and I loved it. You're right though, anyone else sucking my cock would have just been a wet sloppy hand job. I'm glad you were my first."

"Think we'll do it again?"

"We've got an hour and a half before your folks get home so I would say we are damn well going to do it again . . . and again . . . and again," Lance laughed.

And they did until they were both spent and sore. There was no more cum left in their balls but plenty in their stomachs.

"So does this make up boyfriends?" Lance asked breaking the silence.

"Whoa, not so fast. Who said anything about boyfriends?"

"Well. I just thought . . . "

"Then don't think. We're not boyfriends," Billy said emphatically.

As soon as he said it, he saw the look of disappointment on Lance's face.

"We're not boyfriends, we're not gay or at least I'm not, and we're not going steady. We damn sure are lovers though if you need to give this a label and I can't get enough of you."

"I can live with that. As long as I have you with me, in bed, in school and in my life in general, I'm a happy camper."

The boys kissed, still tasting each other's cum in their mouths.

"We better get cleaned up, my parents will be home shortly."

"Yeah, and we better use some mouthwash too. We both have cum breath." Lance laughed.

Billy watched Lance as he skipped down the front walkway when he left, turned onto the sidewalk and took off at a dead run. When he got to the corner, he did a jump in the air as high as he could and threw his fist into the air, what we now call a cum induced fist pump.

Billy was overly cheerful and boisterous during supper.

"Have a good day, son?" his dad asked him.

"Of course. It's Tuesday. Why wouldn't it be a great day?"

His parents looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and went back to eating their supper.

That night as Billy was in bed, his mind couldn't slow down and relax. He was so happy but still trying to convince himself we wasn't gay. After all, he didn't lust after other boys, just an occasional peek in the locker room to compare like every other teenager does. Having feelings for Lance did complicate things, however. He had feelings for his dad, he loved him for sure. There is no way he every think of sucking his dad's cock. Ewww! That would be totally gross. So maybe there are different kinds of love. Yeah, that's it. There is love of family and love of friends. Male friends too. He was content he had justified what he felt for Lance.

Billy's cock had gotten stiff from all his thoughts. He reached down to satisfy it but realized not only was it too sore but the tank was probably still dry. He closed his eyes and thought of Lance being naked beside him in his bed this afternoon and all the fun they had together. He rolled over and hugged his pillow, imagining it was Lance still in bed with him.

Rachel met the boys at Billy's locker the next morning. She looked at them both then pursed her lips and smiled.

"You boys did it, didn't you? You hooked up yesterday!"

Lance smirked and Billy's face turned bright red as he looked down at the floor.

"Well, we went to Billy's house and . . ." Lance began but was stopped by Rachel's hand in the air.

"I don't want details, I'm just so happy for the two of you."

She leaned over and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. Of course Fred saw this and was beside himself. 'They're going to have a fucking threesome. It was bad enough that Billy had taken over Lance but now they're going to get Rachel in on the action? I've got to do something, something drastic to get myself back where I belong, right beside Lance.'

Fred was walking past the three of them when Lance noticed him.

"Good morning, Fred."

"What's so fucking good about it?" as he stormed by.

Rachel leaned over to Lance and whispered,

"Shall I tell him?"

Billy's face got even a darker shade of red ad he glared at Rachel.

"Don't worry, Billy, all secrets are safe with me. And I do mean all."

The rest of the week was just an ordinary and boring week. The boys didn't have a chance to play again and were really getting horny to find some privacy.

Fred had read in the local paper that construction was to begin the following Monday to repair the washout. This gave him an idea. Billy jumping the washout was what impressed Lance so much. Fred had tried and failed because he hadn't taken it seriously. He had less than a week to practice and this time get it right. Making the landing without smashing his board would make jump even more impressive than Billy's. His plan was to go to the washout every morning and really study the approach, the take off and the landing. He would make practice runs stopping just short of the take off to make sure he had it figured out. He would make the jump on Sunday morning when there wasn't much traffic to worry about. He would have Mike bring his father's Polaroid camera to document the jump and show the pictures to Lance to prove who was the better man.

Fred told Mike on Saturday about his plan. He didn't want to tell Mike earlier in case Mike let it slip out to the crew. Mike grudgingly agreed although he did try to talk some sense into Fred.

They met at the top of the hill at daybreak on Sunday. The sun was just starting to come up but was obscured by some clouds. Plenty of light to get some good pictures, however. Mike picked his best vantage point to document the jump as Fred put on his helmet and pumped himself up.

"This is going to be so awesome! I'll be the talk of the school on Monday, you wait and see. Then Lance will dump that little jerk Billy and we'll be best friends again. Are you ready, camera man?" Fred asked as he got in position to start his run.

"I shouldn't be but I am," Mike said, bringing the camera up to his face.

Fred took off down the hill, gaining speed quicker than he had on his first attempt. He reached the halfway point and was going much faster than Billy had in his jump.

"The crazy bastard might actually make it this time," Mike commented to himself as he took his first picture.

Mike took another picture as Fred approached the turn to make the jump. He was taking the next picture, the actual lift off, when the clouds moved and the morning sunlight blinded him momentarily. He had pushed the shutter release so he got the picture he wanted but when the clouds moved back to cover the sun. he had missed the shot of Fred in the air. The rays of the sun that blinded Mike had also blinded Fred just long enough for him to be thrown off his timing for the jump. Mike looked at the last picture he took and was horrified at what he saw

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