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This is Just the Beginning

by Junco

This story has become more sexual in nature, and it is up to you to determine if it is suitable to read. It may also be against local laws in your area, or you may need to be 18 or 21 years old. So I am making it your responsibility as the reader to make this determination. BE WARNED, this is a gay love story, and is very explicit at times, and describes physical interaction between two boys, some of which are sexual, and it is up to YOU to make a decision, what you should do next. If this type of material offends you, or if you choose not to break any laws, you should stop now, and go on to something else.

From the previous chapter

"Did you like being in me?"

"Like? I love that little ass of yours."

"Yeah, I got that feeling you loved it," he said. "I can't wait to get in yours."

"Soon sweetie. When I saw you earlier, I was thinking I wanted you in me too."

"I know it's going to be good," he said, as he reached out and ran his hand down my leg. You're an excellent lover. I mean you wore me out"

"I sure had fun."

"I need to go take a shower."

I looked down at him. "Can't argue with that. You got cum all over you."

"And in me too."

I always liked the way Hunter looked. He was cute as ever, but now he was naked, lying there so peacefully. Even naked he was cute, and having just been in him and making love to him, allowed me to adore him even more. My attraction to him was still growing, and so was my love.

This is Just the Beginning

Taking a shower with Hunter was fun too. I watched the water beads as they drifted down his back, and when he turned to face me I saw them trickle down his chest and stomach. It was a very sexy sight. I got wet, then Hunter took the soap and cleaned my entire body, but took extra time with my precious parts. I just had him and should have been spent, but his fingers touching me there got me excited all over again. After I rinsed, it was his turn and I did his front side, then his back. He had such a nice looking ass and I couldn't keep my hands off of him.

Hunter was rinsing off, when his hand reached out and started playing with me. He moved toward me and I toward him and we hugged.

"You feel so good," he said.

"You do too." It wasn't a lie. Two wet naked bodies, both of us pressed close to each other. Hunter had his head resting on my shoulder, while the water was hitting his back. His mouth was right there at my ear and I thought I heard him moan very lightly.

"You feel good, don't you?" I asked.

He looked at me. "Yes I do." He got the water a little hotter, and positioned his body so the stream of water was hitting his ass, but he was leaning more toward me. He put his head back on my shoulder as I held him and listened to his moans get louder. It was like he was having sex all over again.

We got out and dried each other off.

"What was that all about?" I asked

"You mean you've never tried that?"


"After sex the hot water really feels good. Especially when you get fucked the way I just was."

"I'll have to try that. I know I've always felt real good after I get me some. Sometimes it goes on for an hour or two."

"That's afterglow baby."

"Okay. I never had a name for it, but always welcomed that feeling."

He looked at me with dreamy eyes, "I'm still feeling you."

"Cool. I know I let you have it pretty good."

"Yes you did," he said. "I think I need to go sit down for a minute."

I saw a big smile on his face after he sat down on the couch. I got us both a beer and put on some music.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.


"I'm so glad we made love."

"Me too," he said.

"Sorry it took me so long."

"That's okay," he said, and turned to me and kissed me very softly. "I don't think I've ever been so interested in someone before, and held off having sex. But ya know, I think it made our friendship stronger."

"I was thinking that same thing just the other day."

"What about you?" He asked. "Ever date anyone for a long time before having sex?"

"Well, Shelly and I dated for a while, and we never had sex. Then there was James. I wasn't sure about him, or me and had no idea about what was going on. That was such a confusing time."

"So when did it hit you?"

"I think first I had a dream about kissing him, then the next day I saw him come out of the shower, all wet and wearing only a towel. That's when I knew."

"So James was your first boy?"


"And you fucked him?"

"No never did. He always had me. I didn't complain at first, but I wanted to show him love the same way he did for me."

"That's interesting," he said. "Poor James didn't know what he was missing. You make love so well."

"Thank you baby."

"You said you like to do both," he asked in a seductive way. Then he asked, "Do you have a preference?"

"Um...yeah, I like it when a boy takes me," I said softly. "There's something about it that makes me feel real special."

"Really?" That's cool. I like both too, but I do prefer the top just a little more."

"Well alright for us. I know when I saw you naked, I wanted you in me then. Then I felt you with my hand and you were so hard. I wanted you in me something awful."

"I really didn't care which way we went," he said. "You've been through so much, and if you were going to take me first that was okay with me. But the first time I saw you, I knew I had to have you. You looked so fine, and that ass of yours was something else."

"And you're going to get some of my ass soon. Maybe after the club tomorrow." He gave me a look, like he was going to hold me to my promise.

"So how did you deal with James being just a top?"

"It was a little tough. He made love to me so well, but I wanted some of him too, only he wouldn't go for it."

"Well that's not going to be a problem here."

"I guess not," I said. "I loved being in you tonight. It was awesome."

"I liked it too," he said as he rocked back and forth a little. I knew what he was feeling.

"Was James a real masculine guy?"

"Oh yes."

"Let me ask you a question."


"Let's say you knew James was gay from the start. How do you think you would have reacted to that?"

"Um...that's a good question. It might have turned me off, cause I was really attracted to him being a boy."

"Was he built?"

"Oh yes. He had big muscles."

"So he was bigger than me?"

"Yes sweetie. But I like your size. I could barely get my arms around him, cause his chest and back were so big. Actually he was kind of thick."

"Thick headed if you ask me," Hunter said. "How could he walk out on you like that? You are so beautiful."

"And you are sweet." I paused, "um...actually he did leave, but I sort of kicked him out."

"Wow. See, you are a strong person when you need to be, but I thought you said he left you for some girl."

"He was seeing her, and still living with me. When I figured it out, I told him it was time to go. I do feel sorry for him though. He lost his parents at an early age, and all he wanted was a family. There wasn't much I could do about that."

"I see your point," he said. "But he's going to have problems later on, trying to cope with some girl, when he really wants a boy."

"I know what you mean," I said. "I'm so glad you're a boy." I got the biggest smile from him. He knew exactly what I meant, and I knew he felt the same about me. Even though Hunter had a feminine look to him, he was still all boy. Everything about him was boy, and seeing him cum tonight drove that point home. It was like I got this boy, someone I could be crazy about, and yet he had such a soft side to him. In his actions he was always showing me a caring and gentle human being, and tonight I saw another side of him. I guess I always suspected it, but hearing his squeals, and seeing his submissive nature, attracted me to him even more. It brought out a side in me I hadn't felt before. I knew he was for me, and I felt it more with every day.

"What are you thinking about," he asked.


"What about me," he asked.

"Just how much I love you."

He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I feel my love for you growing all the time."

"Exactly," I said, "cause I think how in love I am with you. It's like I couldn't be any more in love, than I am at that moment. Then I turn around, and feel like I love you even more, and I don't know where it's all coming from. It's like my capacity to love you grows, all the time."

"It's incredible," he said.

"I know. Have you ever loved any one like this before?"

"No way," he said. "I thought I was in love before, with other guys, but there was always something missing. I have a soul connection with you."

"Yeah, and a best friend connection, and an awesome physical connection. Now that you mention it, I do feel a strong connection with you, and I can't explain it in words. I guess it is our souls."

"How old do you think your soul is? He asked.

"I use to think I was just my age. Like everything I knew, I learned growing up, but I have other thoughts, things that seem to have always been there. Like they've been there forever, and that I'm much older than 18 years old."

"I feel that way too," he said. "I have a strong connection to the earth, like I've been here a long, long time. It's weird, cause I can't explain it, and don't have any proof. It's just a feeling. Kind of what I feel with you. I can't put it into words, but I do feel something bringing us together, like it was meant to be."

"That is so cool," I said.

Hunter looked straight at me and said, "Nothing else compares to what I have with you. Everyone else I've ever known before was just a building block and not the real thing."

"I know what you mean," I said quickly, as I gazed back into his eyes. "Looking back, my time with James was building something for later. I think I must have been building a launch pad though. You and me have kind of taken off."

He giggled for a moment. "I love you so much," he said.

"I feel it. Everything you do, stuff you say to me, it's always there."

"I told you," he said. "I'd always be there for you, and I meant it."

"I know sweetie."

"You just wait," he said. "This is just the beginning." I turned toward him and gave him a big hug. We didn't let go as I shifted around to face him on the couch, and gave him an even bigger hug. I was amazed at the power of love. I never knew it could be so strong. I had never been this much in love before, yet I knew Hunter was right. This was just the beginning.

We had our shorts on, but not our shirts, and we were chest to chest, arms around each other. He felt so good to me. I pulled back, and put my arm on his chest as I looked into his eyes. He put his hand on my arm and began squeezing it.

"Your arms feel good," he said. "I can tell you've been working out."


Then he put his hand on my chest and felt that too. "Even your chest feels bigger."

"And I'm just getting started too," I said.

"You are one hot little boy, and you get hotter all the time."

I put my arms around him, and hugged him tight. He was making me feel so good. I was feeling good about me, and about us.

"I didn't know it could be this good," I said.

"Me either." We held each other a long time till the phone rang.


"Hi. Is this Shawn?"


"Hi. I'm Hunter's mom."

"Oh, cool. How are you Mrs. Ross?"

"I'm fine. It's so good to hear your voice. Hunter has told me all about you."

"All good stuff I hope."

"He said he's never met anyone like you before. He said you were real sweet and a lot of fun to be with. You sound like such a nice boy. I can't wait to meet you.

"Yes. I'd like that too."

"You've really made him happy. I haven't seen Hunter this excited about another boy. Is he there?"

"Yes just a second."

"It's your mom," I said.

I sat on the couch thinking about Hunter while he was in the kitchen talking to his mom. They were on the phone for some time. The one thing that stuck in my mind was that I made him happy. I was committed to him and wanted to work at making him happy, but the work was easy. Trying to make him happy took no effort at all.

It was Friday night, and the next night we would be going to the club. I had to think of something to wear. I wanted to look good for my boy. I wanted something sexy, like the tight fitting shirt I had seen Hunter in. My mind wandered till he came back.

"So how is your mom?"

"I still have her on the phone. She wanted to Fed-Ex a check to me, but I don't know my work address yet. Um...would you mind giving her your work address?"

"Not a problem." I talked with Mrs. Ross and came back to sit with Hunter.

"I'm curious about this check thing," I said.

"It's like this," Hunter said. "Apparently my dad has been negotiating their divorce settlement with her. He didn't want to sell his other business, so in return he bought her out."

"Wow, that's cool. How much is she going to get?"

"She wouldn't say, but it sounded like a lot of money. Here's the best part. Because I had to put up with so much shit from my dad, she's going to send me half of the money. Oh, and she also said she was proud of me for passing my course and for getting a new job, so she wanted us to celebrate."

"That's excellent news. How much are you going to get?"

"It's a surprise. I guess I'll find out next week when the check comes. Speaking of next week, I start my new job on Monday."

"I know. Are you excited?"

"Yeah, I am. I'm a little nervous too."

I hugged him again, and it felt so comfortable there. It was so right, like I was where I belonged.

When we went to bed that night, all our clothes came off. Wearing a pair of shorts to bed wasn't going to work anymore. I was fine with that because I liked the feeling of his body against mine. I spooned Hunter at first, but then we both turned to lie on our back, and just held hands. I was so pleased with him, and just holding his hand was very sweet.

After working all week, we finally had a chance to sleep in. I woke up and it seemed like it was time to get out of bed, but I was laying next to my love and didn't want to move. I must have stirred, and Hunter became aware that I was waking up. His hand was already on my thigh, but started to inch it's way toward the inside of my thigh. His hand started moving, and made it's way between my legs. I felt myself getting harder and my breathing was becoming more rapid. Just knowing he was lying next to me turned me on, but now he started rubbing me in some very sensitive areas. If waking up next to him was this good, I wanted him to be there every morning. We both kept shifting, and moving, and feeling each other. It wasn't easy getting out of bed because I didn't want our play time to stop and neither did he.

After breakfast I went to go answer the door. It was officer Mark and another guy he said was the detective working on my case. Mark was in his street clothes and off duty, but he still looked very sharp. The detective said they had fingerprints from the phone, and DNA evidence from his blood and saliva. He said they would have a strong case, but so far they couldn't find Scott. Had his fingerprints or DNA been on file they would know who he was, and have a better chance finding him. We went back over some of the details, but nothing new surfaced. On their way out Officer Mark asked if Ethan was home. I saw the two cars out front, and the both of them chat for a minute. I watched the detective get into a Crown Vic, while Mark walked back toward the house.

"Don't worry, they'll find him," Hunter said.

"I hope so."

"Was that hard talking about all that stuff again?"

"Yeah. I was looking forward to going to the club tonight, but I'm just not so sure now."

"Maybe you would feel better if we went to CC's instead of Legends?"

"That's a thought," I said. "Ethan goes there all the time."

"I've been there a few times," Hunter said. They play good dance music and we can still have a good time."

"Okay, let's do that. I'll call Phillip and see if they want to come with us." I explained everything to him over the phone, and he said they would meet us there at 11.

Hunter and I went out shopping and noticed the Audi still parked out front when we left. Apparently Mark and Ethan were having a good time together. While shopping, I found a shirt I liked and Hunter said it looked great on me. He insisted on buying it for me even though I told him he didn't have to. It was the first thing he bought for me. It was a nice shirt, but because it was bought out of love it felt real special to me.

It had been a warm day for wintertime but any sign of heat was long gone as Hunter and I stood outside the club waiting for Phillip and Trent. We saw them across the street, and Phillip walked toward us, while Trent continued down the street toward the other club. Hunter and I were keeping each other warm, and I kissed him just as Phillip approached.

"Looks like you two are having fun," Phillip said.

"We've had a wonderful day," Hunter replied.

"You didn't tell me you got earrings," Phillip said.

"You like them?"

"They look good on you."

"See my shirt. Hunter bought it for me."

"You both look great," Phillip said.

"Thanks. What's up with Trent?" I asked.

"He still wants to go to Legends," Phillip said. "We've been arguing all day, and it doesn't seem to matter what I say. He's just stubborn."

"That's okay," I said.

"No it isn't," Phillip said in a strong tone. "That's no way to show our support for you."

"Don't worry about us. Hunter and I will still have a good time. Really we'll be okay."

"I feel like coming with you anyway," Phillip said. He looked dead serious. "He's nothing but a spoiled brat."

I couldn't take his attitude; it wasn't at all like Phillip. I gave him a hug, and just held onto him.

"You need to go with Trent," I said softly in his ear.

"But you're my friend," Phillip said strongly, as he let go of me.

"And I'll still be your friend tomorrow no matter what you do."

It was Hunters turn to speak. "Relationships are a lot of give and take. Right now you have to give, but Trent will see that and give to you next time."

"I guess you're right," Phillip said, but his tone was still sour.

"Shake it off," Hunter said, as he put his hand around Phillips arm. "Just let it go. It ain't worth getting upset about. Go have a good time, listen to the music, and try to get into party mode."

I could see Phillips face soften, and he turned to give Hunter a big hug. "Thank you," he whispered into Hunter's ear. Phillip turned to me and gave me a hug next. "I love you," Phillip said to me.

"Love you too," I said back. "Now go and have a good time." He seemed reluctant to leave us, but I did see him smile.

Once inside the club, I noticed the crowd was different, and it took me a minute to figure why. There was less cruising, and more talking. The atmosphere was friendly and made us both feel at home. There were some boys our age, but most everyone was older. The Black and Latino boys mixed with the crowd, and gave the club a more diverse look. Hunter and I got our beers and stood at the bar talking while we looked around. I caught my lover's eyes and we kissed right in front of everyone. I felt the freedom to be myself and enjoy the party. That's what I noticed more than anything. Everyone that was there was there to party.

We made our way to the dance floor at the far end of the club. The two rooms of the club opened up to the dance floor, and it felt like center stage instead of being tucked away off the side like it was at Legends.

"They look really good together," Hunter said. It was still early and there were just two other boys up on the floor with us. One of them was black and the other boy was white, but with a good tan.

"They look happy together too," I said. Hunter smiled at me, and moved in for a kiss. I got lost in his sweet lips as we attacked each other's mouth. There was something about a club kiss, something so different from kissing him at home. I think it was all the activity around us that seemed to fade away as I lost myself in him.

We both started getting into the music, and the next song that played got us to dancing. The other two boys danced very well, but the black guy was an excellent dancer. I liked watching him move around the floor. Apparently I got caught up in them both and didn't notice that Hunter had moved in behind me. I felt his hands on my sides, then his arms moved around to my chest. He was locked up tight against me and for an instant I thought about later that night. I was looking forward to us being naked together, but more than anything I was looking forward to feeling Hunter inside me.

Either side of the dance floor had large boxes, possibly speakers turned upside down, and they made a great place to sit down, so we took a short break. Hunter sat down first and moved back, pulling me with him as I sat in between his legs. He put his arms around me and pulled me up close to his body. I liked the feeling of his chest against my back. He started kissing the back of my neck and I became completely lost in his passion. The power of his love was overwhelming me as I moved back toward him. My eyes closed, and my mouth opened as I began to breath harder to the point where his kisses were driving me insane. I started squirming up against his chest, feeling him as he continued to kiss me. He started kissing more toward the side of my neck and I threw my head backwards toward his shoulder. My breathing became harder and I heard myself moaning, but because of the music no one else except Hunter could hear me. Finally he stopped, put his arms around me and held me tight.

"Lets go get a beer," he whispered into my ear. My mind was still mush and I couldn't say anything. Instead I slid off the speaker and turned toward him, rubbing his legs and licking my lips. We kissed before heading for the bar. The tan boy we saw on the floor earlier was in line in front of us. The bartender brought him two beers, he handed the bartender his money and turned to us and gave a big smile.

"You two are so cute," he said.

"Thanks," Hunter replied.

"I was watching you kiss his neck," he said to Hunter. "That was a hot little scene."

"I know. I am all about this boy," Hunter said. "We were watching you guys earlier too. You look so happy together."

"We are. I've never been this happy before," he said looking at me. "It's like we grow closer to each other all the time." The tan boy was speaking to me and because it was so loud Hunter put his arm on the boys shoulder, drawing closer so he could hear. "I was so crazy about that boy when we first met and it just gets better all the time."

"You look so good together," I said, slipping my arm around the tan boy's waist as he put his arm across my shoulder. "How long have you two been together?" I asked.

"Two years," he said. "And it's been the best two years of my life."

"I haven't seen any interracial couples before," I said, "but you two look so natural together."

"When I first met Steven, I looked right past his color and saw him for the person he was. As I got to know him, I got more and more and more into his color. Now I like seeing my white hand on his arm, or seeing his black fingers on my leg. The only disadvantage is he's hard to see in the dark."

We both giggled at his comment. "This is my first time here," I said. "I really like it here."

"We're here every Saturday."

"I hope we get to see you again," I said. The tan boy leaned toward me and kissed my neck and turned to Hunter and gave him a hug.

"We'll catch you later then," he said. I knew from the tone of his voice, that everything he said he meant. Love had brought them together just like it had Hunter and I. I caught a glimpse of the two of them dancing, then later kissing. It was easy for anyone to see how happy they were together. I wondered if Hunter and I looked that happy together? Were we as real as they were?

There were times when it felt so good being with Hunter that I thought it was like a fairy tale. I put my arm around him just to make sure he was real. He smiled at me, then pulled me out to the dance floor. Yes, he was very real and I was all about him.

All through the night, Hunter was looking at me, staring and sometimes looking me up and down, scanning my body with his eyes. I knew he was in love with me and it was obvious. I also knew Hunter was going to show me his love in a different way. Lucky for me I loved to dance and got caught up in that, otherwise the anticipation would have killed me.

I loved kissing Hunter, and we did plenty of that during the evening. Even as the dance floor became more crowded, our kisses continued. It didn't seem to matter who was watching. Somehow I really didn't care, and I guess that's what gave me so much freedom. The freedom to be myself and love the one I was with, even if both of us were boys.

That evening I danced more than I had ever danced before. I had an awesome time, not only with Hunter, but also with everyone else.

When we got home I had to peel my clothes off me. Both of us had sweated like crazy and ended up taking a shower together. I washed Hunter first and felt his smooth skin. I liked how his muscles felt and the shape of his body but now I really enjoyed how hard he was. I found it difficult to leave that part of him alone. Hunter was into me too, and kept playing with my ass. I think he washed me better than I washed myself.

We kissed in bed, but it was nothing like the kisses at the club. It was just the two of us and now we were naked together. His warm body felt so good next to mine and I could feel both of us getting harder by the second. He kissed me again, stronger this time as his hands moved up and down my back. In no time his hand drifted down to my ass and my body instinctively twisted at the waist, giving him better access. I don't remember thinking about it, or telling myself to do so, it just happened, like I was naturally submissive to him.

He kissed my neck, shoulder and moved around toward my back as I turned to lie on my stomach. It amazed me how much I liked him kissing my back. He slowly moved down my back and when he got to my ass he kept going. It was strange because no one had ever kissed me there, but I had just taken a shower so it was okay with me. He was off to the side, working his way down toward my leg so it really didn't matter. He started back up the inside of my leg and when he got to my ass I felt his tongue move right up the center. His tongue ran across my little hole I let out a squeal like a puppy would make. I lifted the top part of my body and turned to look at him.

"You liked that," he stated to me. It wasn't a question but I replied anyway in a positive tone. He kissed his way up my back till he was lying on top of me, kissing my neck. I felt him, the part of him I wanted inside me and he was right there where I wanted him to be. He was so hard, but all I could do was squirm and wiggle underneath him. My desire for him had been building all day and now I was contemplating begging him for it. Before I could though, he was off me and we were face to face kissing each other. Our kisses were always hot but now I was kissing him like never before. Hot just wasn't a good enough word to describe what I was feeling at the moment. He had me so revved up that when he kissed my neck it took the breath out of me. He kissed his way down to my nipple, then his hand moved down between my legs. I opened my legs giving him better access which he took advantage of by moving his hand further back past my balls till he was rubbing my ass. His mouth, tongue and teeth were working my nipple and at the same time his forearm was rubbing my whole crotch area, and his hand was on my ass. I didn't think it could get anymore intense till his fingers started working their way between my cheeks. I felt his finger as he grazed a very sensitive spot and I let out a cry, almost a whimper. I wanted him so bad, I would have walked through fire to get to him.

I was talking to him, telling him how good he felt to me, hoping he would take me soon. The only thing I could do is wiggle around and moan at him. My hands were on his head, but then I started pulling on his hair and I knew I had to have him then.

"Please. Please baby, I want you so bad." He ignored me. If anything he went at me harder. I was practically yelling at him and when I thought I had taken as much as I could, he rolled me onto my stomach again, got in between my legs as I spread them wide. He reached for the lube and started putting some in me with his finger.

"I can't wait to get in you."

"I'm ready sweetie."

"You feel really good," he said. I felt his finger still working me and I felt something heavy hitting my butt. "Feel that?" He asked.

"Yeah. Is that what I think it is?"


"It feels so heavy baby."

"And it's going to feel even better in you." I turned to watch him for a second. He was lifting his hard dick up with his hand, then releasing it and letting it fall and hit my ass. It felt so heavy, so big and I knew it was going to feel big inside me too.

I felt his finger go inside me again and my body started shaking with anticipation. I begged him again and this time he listened and lay down on top of me. He started kissing my neck as I felt his dick sliding back and forth across my ass. I knew he was still playing with me, not really trying to get in till he lifted his body off my back. Then I felt him. He was opening me up as he went in, moving with exact precision. I was being stretched but it didn't hurt. He knew to take his time with me and he did just that. I knew I was tight and that he had to push hard to get in me, but I wasn't aware of the building pressure. Once the head of his dick got in, the pressure released and I felt him shoot right in.

"I'm sorry," he said pulling out of me. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I'm okay," I said as I exhaled. I didn't make a sound when it happened, but it did hurt. My muscles must have tightened up too because when Hunter kissed my neck and back I felt a lot of tension travel down my arms and right out my finger tips. My whole body suddenly relaxed and I felt like I was ready for him and he sensed it too. It was easier this time, no sudden movement, just steady and slow. I wasn't making a sound, just breathing hard and trying my best to accept him inside me.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No," I said, but it was a lie. If I had said yes, it would have made him feel badly and he would have pulled out of me. I was doing my best to work with him.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Um...just don't move a minute, let me get used to you."

I lay there feeling better by the second. Pain was a strange thing because a little bit of pain could feel good, but there was a fine line between pain and pleasure. Once you crossed over that line, the feeling good part went away quickly. At the moment I was in different, not feeling bad, but not good either. I could feel Hunter inside me pressing up against every side. He started kissing my back again and I relaxed and the pressure inside me subsided. I was feeling good again and wiggled around feeling him even more. That was his cue to continue. He pulled back, then in, but he went no further than he had before. Each time in, he stopped at the same point when I knew there was a lot more of him to go in me. I had a lot of respect for Hunter taking his time with me, but perhaps he was too patient. I was ready for more of him but he wasn't giving it to me.

His movements became quicker till he stopped, then slowly went in me. I felt more and more of him just a millimeter at a time. He got to the point where he had been stopping at but kept going further. He seemed to keep on going and I wasn't sure when he was going to stop. He was filling me up till he was all the way in. He lay still for a second, as I had to get use to his size all over again. I felt him inside me, hard and throbbing.

Hunter started moving again, sliding in and out, slow at first but his tempo picked up. That's when I really started feeling good. I think he started feeling me, knew what I was ready for and delivered everything I needed. I was still on my stomach and couldn't move much, but he was providing plenty of movement. Not only did he move faster, he started hitting me harder, going in just a little bit more. He was reading me so well and seemed to know how I was feeling. We never crossed over that point from pleasure to pain, but he took me too the limit and I got the best of him. He felt so good to me that I started to drool and had to suck it in several times. I thought I was ready to cum and very surprised when I didn't.

He stopped, put his hands under my hips and pulled himself back, taking me with him. Now I was on all fours and could move back toward him while he was coming toward me. Movement was a wonderful thing and soon a rhythm began to set in. He was slamming into me, and once again I felt like I was ready to cum. That intense feeling continued to get stronger till I was ready to explode, only I didn't. I hadn't noticed how tired Hunter was till we stopped, lay down and turned me on my side. He was spooning me, still inside me as I felt his chest expanding and contracting, breathing hard for oxygen. It took us both a few minutes to catch our breath.

After he had recovered, I felt him slide out of me, then slowly turned me over onto my back. I was certain the love he had just given me was the ultimate, that it couldn't be any better than that. Once on my back and I felt him go in me again, I discovered that idea was all wrong. Soon I was crying out all over again as he started slamming me again. Momentarily he slowed down while I put lube on my hand so I could stroke myself. Soon as I was done he went right back to it, hitting me hard. Once again I felt myself coming, or getting very close, only I was much more certain this time. That feeling kept building, getting stronger, but still I hadn't cum yet.

Sweat was pouring off Hunter as he went at me harder yet. I could tell he was about to cum and so was I. It was so intense, like it couldn't get any better, yet it still did. By this time I was yelling continuously. Hunter went just a little faster, and hit me a little harder and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I came hard and kept on coming, then it was his turn. He came just as hard as I did, and then collapsed on the bed next to me.

I looked over at him while he was looking at me. We didn't say a word, just looked at each other in awe of what just occurred. Hunter had shown his love to me in so many ways with each demonstration of love becoming stronger than the last. The last hour was the finest expression of love I had ever felt; yet in my heart of hearts, his words still rang true. This was just the beginning.

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