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The Chocolate Fantasy

by Kyle Martin

The current emperor is much kinder and more compassionate than the old one. Ho-Ho-Kum was very cruel. His own pleasure was all that mattered to him. He was thirty-eight when he mysteriously died. Very few mourned his death; most were quietly celebrating.

Actually the reigning emperor is a boy of only seventeen, three years older than I am, and is the eldest son of Ho-Ho-Kum. He is now reigning in his second year as our esteemed and infallible sovereign. His name is Foo-Kin-Goot. Amongst ourselves we palace boys call him emperor Fuckin' Good or FG for short.

I have been a palace boy for almost four years now. I can still remember clearly the day the palace guards appeared at my house. I had just turned eleven. My folks told me that emperor Ho-Ho-Kum's guard had come to take me to live in the palace. The emperor had so ordered and if I refused they had orders to kill me and the rest of my family, also. I really had no choice. Sadly I kissed my parents goodbye realizing that I would probably never see them again. With tears in my eyes I was taken to the palace where later that night my virgin ass was no longer virgin, thanks to Ho-Ho-Kum. I am glad that he is no longer alive to torment us boys.

There are 20 of us 'palace boys' ranging in age from eleven through fifteen. We serve as pleasure boys for the emperor.

On our sixteenth birthday we are released from our 'palace boy' duties to either go home or become a permanent member of the emperor's household staff.

Each night he calls for one or more of us to serve or service him in whatever manner he chooses. Claudio is our headmaster and tutor. He has served our emperors for over fifty years. He is part man and part eunuch. Let me explain: Having once displeased Ho-Ho-Kum he was, under the pain of death,compelled to lay perfectly still on a table with his legs spread while Ho-Ho-Kum himself sliced Claudio's ball sack and cut out one of his testicles. The man's nut was preserved and strung on a leather thong which Claudio was required to wear around his neck as a constant reminder that another slip-up would make him a full eunuch. But that was all before FG came into power. Now he wears his amulet with pride for all to see.

By the way, my name is Luca. Each morning we are trained on ways that FG might be pleasured with our sexual service. We begin our training each morning upon awakening. We pair off and practice sensual kissing. This is followed by nipple care, oral sex, and finally anal sex. You can imagine that we are a close knit group.

For this training the younger half of our group draws a token out of a bag. Each token is inscribed with the name of a boy in the older half of our group. That way the older boys can initiate and train the younger boys in the pleasures of sex. Each partner is chosen at random daily.

We then head to the gym for exercising our remaining muscles. This is followed by free time as we all bathe, swim, and play in the palace's common bath. We are then free to 'practice sex' with a partner or partners of our own choice.

We do not have to worry about covering our bodies as we are required to be completely naked at all times. The only 'apparel' I am allowed is my butt plug which I am required to wear six hours a day, the same as all twenty of us do.

"Slave, prepare the boy Luca for my bedtime pleasure."

"Yes, most noble one. Is there anything in particular that you would most find appealing tonight?"

"Surprise me, but it had better be a good . . . or you know what!" FG chuckled at the threat. He would never maim anyone. "Now go and get Luca ready." Claudio's hand fingered the globe hanging around his neck. He knew full well what or else meant.

The slave Claudio bowed and made a quick exit. He rushed to the far side of the palace where the young boys were sequestered. "Luca! . . . Luca come quickly! The royal emperor commands your presence this evening. Hurry now; proper preparations must be made." The other pleasure boys bid best wishes to Luca and each of them sighed with relief that it was not them that the emperor had called for that night.

Fourteen year old Luca had been in the palace for almost four years now and knew from first-hand experience how demanding emperors could be. In former times boys would be ushered back to their quarters with heavy bruises or blood dripping from their bums. Those boys would be given the special and tender attention that only Claudio could provide with his healing ointments and salves. Years ago the lifeless body of one 10 year old boy was brought back, he having suffered atrocities that could only be imagined. But that was before FG.

Claudio took the boy Luca by the hand and assisted him into the bath. Luca stood erect as he was scrubbed from head to toe. Special attention was given to his genitals and his anus. In spite of his efforts he felt his penis expand as Claudio carefully cleaned that special area of his body. Claudio paid no discernible attention to Luca's full mast salute.

Claudio led Luca out of the bath and dried him with soft towels. The other boys looked on, the younger ones with fear in their eyes and others with anticipation, to see how Lucas would be prepared for the emperor. What would the ritual be?

Three eunuchs wheeled in a large basin party filled with warm brown syrup of some kind. The sweet aroma of chocolate filled the air. Naked Luca was instructed to climb in and be seated. Luca removed his butt plug and handed it to his trainer. Claudio then warned Luca that this might be very uncomfortable but for him to be brave. The goo he sat in was extremely warm. He vowed to himself to be brave tonight no matter what was required of him.

Other eunuchs brought urns filled with melted chocolate and their contents poured over his head and upper body until his entire body was covered.

The basin was wheeled through the palace and came to a halt at the entrance to FG's room. Luca was instructed to stand straight and tall. The boy stood knee deep in the chocolate which was beginning to harden on his body. Whipped cream was liberally applied to his nipples and genitalia. FG's favorite fruit – two skinned juicy peaches -- hung from his penis giving Luca the appearance of having two very large testicles. A peeled banana was placed into his open mouth. It too was covered in whipped cream. Lucas was cautioned to remain perfectly still for the ordeal that was about to begin. If he didn't the chocolate mold would be broken too soon. The living statue was then rolled into the bedroom.

The young emperor lay stark naked on his bed. His eyes opened wide as his evening entertainment was rolled in. Immediately he jumped out of bed and danced around the room clapping his hands with joy.

(Claudio's one remaining testicle appeared safe, at least for the night.)

Approaching the living statue, the emperor broke a chunk of chocolate that had run down from the chocolate penis. It resembled a string of precum trailing down toward the basin of chocolate. He popped the string of chocolate in his mouth while imagining that it was actually the boy's precum.

"Claudio? Where are you, slave? I thought I ordered you to bring me Luca tonight."

Claudio's answered from outside the bedroom "But your royal highness the statue is Luca!" The surprised emperor carefully examined the chocolate boy. He reached and took hold of the chocolate penis and began nibbling on the peaches. FG pulled too hard on the chocolate penis trying to break off another morsel. The response was immediate. "Ouch!" Lucas reacted by biting down on the banana that was hanging from his mouth. It dropped down into the basin of chocolate. The seventeen year old emperor began to laugh and tears rolled down his cheek. He knelt down and began to suck on the penis that had begun to expand. It became hard and stuck straight out. The whipped cream was smeared around a good portion of the emperor's face.

Momentarily Lucas felt that familiar feeling that boiled up in his groin and he began shooting his cum into the emperor's mouth. What wasn't swallowed dribbled down his chin. He swirled his tongue out and around drawing in the escaping cum along with a husky dose of the cream.

The emperor stood and began to lick the whipped cream and chocolate that had hardened on Lucas's nipples. As he did so the covering melted in his mouth. He continued sucking on the boy's nipples which became hard and erect. Soon Luca's penis was getting hard once again.

The emperor then deep kissed Lucas on the mouth and pulled him close to his own naked chest with giant bear hug. Now they were both covered in patches of chocolate. FG dipped his finger in the chocolate and stuck it in first his own mouth and then into the boy's mouth. Luca could taste his own cum as he sucked on the emperor's finger.

Luca was happy that he was pleasing his emperor. The chocolate began to melt between them as they ground their stiff cocks and bodies together. Luca was ordered to turn his back to FG, bend over, and grab the rim of the basin. The boy obeyed and the emperor felt in the butt-crack of Luca's chocolate bottom. He wriggled his finger in and out and around the boy's sacred hole. When he was satisfied that Luca was prepared he withdrew his finger and licked the chocolate off. FG's cock was two inches longer than and half again as thick as was Lucas's pride and joy. FG aligned his stiff boner with Luca's tunnel of love. Luca relaxed his ring muscle as he had learned to do in practice sessions. He was especially glad that he had been wearing his butt plug most of the day.

The young emperor easily slid his chocolate covered erection into Luca's tunnel of love stopping only when his pubes rested against Luca's chocolate covered cheeks. Finally FG began to slide in and out of Luca's love canal.

Luca really loved this part. Each time the emperor pulled back and then pushed in again Luca felt the head of FG's penis stimulate his prostate and it was all he could do to remain quiet and still. The emperor let out a shout as his cum began to fill Luca's cavity. Again and again he pumped hot cum into Luca, mixing cum with chocolate. As FG became soft he pulled out and there was a hollow popping sound. The blend of cum mixed and chocolate began to leak out of Luca's boy hole. FG spread Luca's butt cheeks and sucked Luka's ass hole clean. The emperor loved the taste treat it presented to him.

Luca stood when instructed and the boy emperor noted the long line of precum that stretched down to the basin of chocolate. The emperor reached and caught the string before it broke and lifted it to his waiting mouth.

Luca's dick was sticking straight out and once again he felt a warm mouth closing around its head. The tongue swirled round and round lifting him to new heights. He ventured a satisfying aauuuugggggghhhhhhhh as his orgasm erupted. It was his way of showing the emperor that he had performed a great blow job on him. The boys were not allowed to directly address the emperor and Luca hoped that this response was not out of line. The smile on FG's face told him that all was well.

"Claudio! Return sweet Luca to his quarters. You have done yourself good tonight. If I had it in my power I would restore your missing testicle."

Three eunuchs entered and wheeled Luca back to the other boys. Reaching into the basin Luca smeared fresh chocolate over his body. He climbed out of the basin and lay down on the cool tile floor. "Boys, be my guests; enjoy a special treat tonight, my good buds," Luca offered as he displayed his chocolate body to his friends. All nineteen of the boys masturbated on various parts of Luca's body mingling their cum on the chocolate boy. They then set to work licking Luca's body clean . . . of cum and chocolate . . . a very tasty meal.

When their appetites were satisfied they all pitched in and cleaned up the mess that had been made and then adjourned to the bath for a final rinse for the night.

After the other boys were all sleeping Luca crept over to Claudio's bed bringing with him a cup filled with warm chocolate. He climbed between his tutor's legs, poured the chocolate over Claudio's penis and ball sack, and pleasured his tutor with a thank offering. Carefully he fingered the lone testicle in Claudio's ball sack. Luca sucked it into his mouth, savoring the chocolate treat. He rolled it around with his tongue. He released the sperm maker and paid close attention to Claudio's stiff penis. Claudio orgasm spewed a thick rope of cum into Luca's throat and he swallowed. For only one testicle it was a massive load. He completed his task by licking Claudio clean. Claudio reached down and pulled Luca up on top of him enclosing him in a warm embrace as they both drifted off to sleep. Erotic chocolate visions filled Luca's dreams that night as he dreamed of pleasurable encounters that might lie ahead.

The End


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Chocolate Spread
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