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Sea Creatures

by Larkin

Maybe I was twelve, I don't remember. It was high summer on the rocky Pacific coast. Crumbling yellow cliffs reached out to the churning kelp filled sea.Together we searched the tide pools for the miniature octopus, the sea bat and the inky sea slug.

The same age as me, Paco was dark, Native American, Spanish and entirely happy. His smile and spontaneous laugh was frequent and infectious. Just being around him made me feel free and happy.

Paco was never very serious about anything and everything was fun. The sun beat down on both of us making me dark and Paco darker. I wanted to be just like him.

We ran from the cool water up to the hot sand and buried ourselves like lizards.Behind us, tall cliffs and in front the vast ocean with sea birds flying by.While we had been playing, the tide had come up and cut us off from the rest of the world. We would be trapped here for three hours or more.

Knowing this, Paco lifted both legs in the air and pulled off the old worn pair of underwear he swam in. With a bigger smile than ever, he displayed his naked self to me. This city boy was embarrassed to see another naked boy.

Paco laughed and taunted me. "Come on, take them off and get naked with me. No one can see, no one can see except me and anyway, who cares? Come on, show me. Get naked with me."

We wrestled in the sand and he tugged my cut-offs lower and lower. My resistance made it all the more fun for Paco and all the more exciting for me.When he finally got them off of me I had no choice but to chase him. Soon we were running, racing and tumbling together.Eventually I forgot all about my cut-offs.

Paco fell down laughing. He pointed at me and said, "Look, look." I became insecure. "Look at what?"

Paco laughed more, "Look how white your culo is."

He patted his own to show me he meant my behind. He was right, it was snow white and now I am embarrassed again. He laid out flat on his back facing the sun to catch his breath. I did the same.

We were both quiet and I watched while he handled, pulled and squeezed his cock until it stood up on its own. I don't ever remember seeing anything more fascinating. He was proud of it and made it move up and down without touching it. Paco encouraged me to imitate him but I was too enthralled to focus on my own.

He put his arm around me, hugged and then he laughed. "Come on kid, don't be so white. You and me are the same inside. You just don't know it."

He tugged on my cock. At first I pulled away a little.

Paco said, "Don't you have brothers or uncles? They are supposed to teach you all this stuff. If you leave it to the girls, you will be a slave to women your whole life."

I didn't have any brothers or uncles so day after day; he taught me how to love myself.

At the end of the summer I returned to the city with my parents. I never saw Paco again but I have never forgotten him. Today, I have children of my own and I will release them down onto that rocky Pacific beach. If they are left alone, they might hunt for scallop shells and sea stars.

If they were very lucky, they might meet a boy like Paco.

© Larkin 2015 All rights reserved

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